Field Report! Moviethon Video in Union, NJ by RRoddy2304

Doc here with a Field Report concerning Moviethon Video in Union, NJ by first time contributor RRoddy2304.
Here we go...
I've driven by this place for many years, but it always seemed like it was closed or abandoned, so i never stopped. Recently I noticed that the parking lot out front was almost full. The parking lot is small, probably holds about 8 or 9 cars, but I'd never seen a car out there before. I couldn't stop that day but went back a few days later.
Last Wednesday I pulled into the once again empty parking lot. The sign in the window said that it was open, so I decided that even though it was most likely empty that I'd just go ahead inside and see what was up. I walked to the door, pulled, pushed, pulled some more, and it was locked up tight. I tried the door again, looked through the glass to see if i could spot anyone, and after a minute of this I just returned to my car. I had received a text as i was trying to go in and was answering it in my car when a second car pulled up with a single guy in it. I watched him go to the door and pull on it without any success either.
But as I sat their texting, someone opened the door and let him in... I was now sitting there trying to decide If I should bother going in or come back on a busier weekend evening when he hurried back out, got in his car, and just left. A total two to three minutes had passed between him going in and coming back out. He didn't carry anything in, and he didn't carry anything out. I thought that all of this was kind of odd, so I left with the intentions of coming back a few days later.
Tonight I decided to drive out there again and as I passed the place going West on route 22 I noticed that OPEN sign was lit up, but the rest of the building was dark, as was the interior. I assumed it was closed even though it was only about 9 PM, but I took the next U-turn and pulled into the lot to make a phone call. I pulled into the empty lot and made a K turn so that I could be ready to just pull out when I finished the call. So I'm sitting in front of the tattoo parlor, facing the highway, making a call, when I noticed that the lights inside the theater were now on. That's also when I noticed a fairly attractive woman in a very short sundress standing across the street in flip flops. She was on her cell phone and was pacing back and forth while looking in my direction.
This is a mostly residential dead end street, and she was standing in a large driveway to the building that sits opposite the theater. I made my call and watched her for a couple of minutes as I debated whether to try the door again. But at that point two guys came walking out and she started walking off down the long business driveway as the guys just sort of milled around the parking lot as if they didn't know what to do. It all just felt way too odd for me to stick around, so I left without ever getting in this second time either. The girl was obviously a prostitute, and the guys might have been suspicious of me sitting in the middle of the empty lot the way I was, but it's probably fair to say that nothing worthwhile is going on at this place if there were no cars outside at 9 PM on a Friday. Especially when the sign on the door says it closes at 10. You'd think it would be packed.. or have at least a couple of cars out there an hour before closing.
I may try to go back one more time, but again, if it's ON a major highway, in a major metropolitan area, and it's dead on a Friday night, then something isn't right. Especially when you consider that they don't appear to be too interested in letting people in that they don't know..
Doc here again... I guess it's time to take this location off the active roster in the dB. Thanks to RRoddy2304 for the report.
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