Smut for a Sunday Evening: Green Jacket Edition

Doc here with this week's edition of Smut for a Sunday Evening.  My name is Emilio, and I will be your caddy today...

What better way to round out your Sunday night than to drool over some filthy images from The Good Doctor's archive of real pics, from real people, that were sent in to accompany their own adult theater reports.

So kids, I suggest you pop open a Fanta, prop your feet up, and enjoy these naughty folks enjoying the best that this thing of ours can throw at them.



Smut for a Sunday Evening (Click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE)

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Call For Reports! The Well Is Dry!

Doc here, your humble resort waiter, with a Call for Reports.

Reports from across this thing of ours have dropped to record low levels, despite very busy activity in Portland, both Chicago-area adult theaters, Hartford, Toledo, Tampa, and San Diego. 

I encourage first-time reporters to seize this opportunity to become a reporter here at The Journal.  Submit your report, along with a pen name (very important), and I will edit and format your report, and drop in a pic or two.

Normally for our seasoned reporters, I will stand on my deck, whip out my conch shell, and summon more reports via the sweet sounds of the shell. If that doesn't work, then I post on The Journal. So veteran reporters, please step up your game and send along a report or two.

So pretty please, with sugar on top. Send in a report to me directly at

Be large. Be a reporter here at The Journal.


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Flash Report! Thursday Night With The Craigslist Girl & Hubby at The Westwood Theatre

Doc here with a timely (as in this just happened Thursday night) Flash Report from regular contributor Mr. Glass.
The Good Doctor has been promoting the visit to The Westwood by The Craigslist Girl for a week and a half to Toledo's awesome Westwood Theatre.
She arrived tonight, and this is the first report.
Enjoy this detailed report from Mr. Glass.
Hi Doc,
That “pane” in the neck Mr. Glass here fresh back home from a trip to the WW, and I think you know what that means, CL girl Thursday night edition!
After work I did some “maintenance” and rushed over to the WW.  As I pulled into the lot there they were, CL girl and her other half walking in, 10 minutes early!!  I would like to say that is soooo cool.  I lost count how many times other people have been late, very late and not show up at all!
I walked in, paid my entrance fee (which by the way was raised to $15 a couple weeks ago) and went in.  As I walked in I did catch the other half of CL girl coming out of the bathroom, so I knew they were not in there yet.  I took a seat and it was not long.  The clickity clack of her black high heels as they entered up the stairs.  She was dressed in a one piece black dress, which easily slid off.
They took position on the left side, front row of the theater.  Of course she quickly attracted a crowd and wasted little time going to work on the first guy.  When I read their initial post of no sex in the theater Thu I thought this would be a J/O thing until you bust on her, not the case.  I guess sex to some mean other things, BJ’s for everyone.  I hung back for 6-7 guys, wanted to see her glistening when I walked up.
After 20-25 minutes I found myself at her side.  Like the others she wasted little time going to work.  I will mention one guy ahead of me was taking a long time and at one point something was said and there was some laughter, not sure if he ever did blow, he took off about a minute later.  Based on that you could tell a good portion of the group had read online what she wanted, quick cummers and a large bath.  I did my best to fulfill that.  Maybe 3 minutes before I let loose a big load onto her face and chest.  I then said Welcome Back to Toledo and walked way off to the side. 
By the time I left she was up to at least 12 and had several others still waiting.  She certainly was getting what she was after, she was soaked.  Makes me wonder…  Is she the kind of girl to just throw on her dress and walk out messy?  Maybe we will be fortunate enough to see a pic of her when she was done.
I would like to add a couple things….  All the guys, and there were over 20, we very polite and orderly, at least while I was there.  This of course made the event go off perfectly.  Tip of my hat to them and with any luck those actions will have them back during this stay in town.    
Also, I am not sure that CL Girl (which may have came from my original post) is the best name here.  Lets face it, even though not involved, this does NOT go down without her other half.  While certainly not staring in this feature he is part of the cast.  We may need to re-visit the name.
Mr. Glass
Doc here again... Many thank to Mr. Glass for the very timely report from the front lines at Toledo's terrific Westwood Theatre.  Keep up the fine work, sir!

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Flash Report! Dry Clean Only Hits Rte 20 News in Rensselaer, NY

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from our good friend, Dry Clean Only.

I'll take mine with medium starch, please.


Hello Doc,

Quick visit to the Route 9 & 20 News in Rensselaer, NY recently... Mid-afternoon weekday was my availability, unfortunately, but the clerk mentioned that lunchtime and 5p-7pm weekdays are the busiest.  

Rte 20 News / Adult World
Rensselaer, NY
When I was there, about 8 guys, all of the confused sort.  It's a weird place. The store is pretty small. There's an arcade which seems to be made out of old office cubicle dividers.  The "theater" is just another division of the large room with office cubicles separating it from the arcade, and there is an presentation-projector of a movie with about 15 movie theater style seats.  
You have to press a doorbell to be "buzzed" into the theater by a makeshift door at the back of the theater area.  Fluorescent drop-ceiling lighting, big storefront window covered with something temporary to conceal the view, but lets in a ton of daylight. Good, mostly discrete parking.  Safe neighborhood.  Definitely no allure of the Paris, Video Liquidators, Talk of the Town in Buffalo and Syracuse, or Adult World in Oakland.
Probably not worth the visit unless there's advance notice of our types of patrons. Very clean and well kept, though, throughout.  Hoping to drive through Toledo on an upcoming trip to Detroit, and Hartford on the way to Boston over the next couple months.  
Doc, there's another Video Liquidators on the south side of Buffalo by the General Mills plants.   Happened across it one day, and it had a number of cars there on an early afternoon weekday. May want to ask for some reports. Neighborhood is not good for after dark visits.


Doc here again... Many thanks to Dry Clean Only for another great report from the Empire State (The Doc's old stomping ground). Keep up the solid work, sir!


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Flash Report! Jersey Strong with The Black Hat @ Berlin News Agency, Berlin NJ

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from senior reporter The Black Hat.
His port of call this week was Berlin, NJ, and he ventured to the legendary Berlin News Agency, as well as the Red Barn.
So parts unknown, weight unknown, I bring you The Black Hat...
Greetings from the Black Hat!  
Friday evening March 22, I made my way up 95 from the Carolina's and made a pilgrimage to Berlin, NJ.  First stop was Berlin News Agency.  I arrived at 9:20 PM and made my way to the theater.  There was a full house of guys surveying the scene and looking for any hint of action.  First thing I noticed was a fairly attractive Asian CD who was giving a dude a very serious, wet cock sucking. She sucked him like a champ and then lubed him up and finished him off with a nice hand job. A happy ending any AMP mama san would be proud of!  She made her way around the theater and pleased a few more both orally and manually before exiting.  
Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
Next, a CD and a curvy African American girl entered and the CD immediately found a spot on her knees and sucked a few older guys why curvy girl talked on the phone.  I got bored and split for Red Barn News, where I suspected it would just be a manfest.  After paying my way and checking out the booths and theater I sat down to wait it out.  
About 5 minutes later, I hear a female chatting the counter guy up.  She enters the theater about 10 minutes later.  I put her at about 53, firm body, nice ass on the larger side and blonde hair.  She must have planned to rendezvous with two guys ahead of time because they all knew each other and got into it really quick.  She dropped down and sucked a well built dude of about 60 while a more petite gent of about the same age sat beside the other guy and felt her up.  They took turns fucking her while a good crowd of us watched and stroked. She made no eye contact with any of us which was cool, but I had places to go, so I watched a little longer and called it a night.
I returned to Berlin News on Sunday March 24, around 3PM and was treated to a great show.  3 couples in total in the theater.  One very attractive blonde, perfect body, maybe 36, had the interest of about 25 guys as she was naked and fucking and sucking all comers without condoms.  A nice guy of about 50 was her escort and jumping in and out of the fray.  I enjoyed watching them and they were still going strong when I left around 4:45!  
While this was going on, couple number two goes to the opposite quad.  A guy of about 65 was escorting a lovely young gal, maybe 25, good body, perky breasts and brown hair.  They were there to perform.  They stripped and she dove right for his cock sucking him to full command.  Then he proceeded to "fucking pound her" in several positions.  He came hard and they finished up about 25 minutes after they began.  They then walked over to watch the blonde vixen continue her gang bang.  
Couple three was my old friend "Ma Parker" and her husband (I think).  They were sitting in the main theater and wandered back to watch Blondie.  Several trips ago, Ma sucked me good while I was watching a gang band in progress but she was just looking to watch this time.  I hung a bit longer and called it a day. All in all a lovely visit to NJ and our many friends there in this thing of ours have bounced back nicely from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.  
See you all on the turnpike!  Until then, be clean, be respectful and be cool.
I remain...The Black Hat!
Doc here again.. Another 5-Star report from The Black Hat!  Thank you sir for your service the Journal and to this thing of ours.

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Freeze Frame! "R" from C&R (w/12 HOT PICS!)

Doc here, your humble xenomorph, with a long overdue new edition of Freeze Frame.

Freeze Frame is dedicated to one special woman who is knee deep in this thing of ours.  Each report focuses on someone different, and in this edition we will be spotlighting the extremely hot and very naughty "R" from C&R fame.

As regular reporters to the Journal, you may have read about their exploits at Summit Street News in Warren, The Foster Theatre in Youngstown, or even 15th Avenue Adult Theater and Spa in Chicago.  She is also the "cover girl" for Smut for a Sunday Evening...

The Good Doctor is pleased to present to you a gallery of pics of the lovely "R"...


Doc here again... "R" would love to hear what you think of her Freeze Frame report. The "Comments" section below is open for your comments.


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Upcoming Visit! The Craigslist Girl @ The Westwood Theatre Starting Thursday 4/11 (w/PICS)

UPDATED 4/10/13: The Craigslist Girl provided me an update about the visit starting Thursday in Toledo at The Westwood Theatre of the Arts.

Here is the update:

Thursday 4/11 at 6:30 pm will start the "all cummers bukkake." What she wants:
1.) when we get there guys will be ready to cum
2.) everyone cums on her face.
3.) cum and go so she can take every load that shows (not looking for watchers to stand around and take up room for cummers)
4.) no sex in the theater that day...
We will be in there area for 3 days if it goes well and guys are cool we will be back more than that night.

Doc here with an Upcoming Visit announcement for those of you in and around Toledo.
During the 2nd week of April, the very hot Craigslist Girl and her guy S will be at The Westwood Theatre of the Arts for up to 3 visits. 
Here are the details of the visit, right from them:
We are the Craigslist couple you had a report on at The Westwood. Well we are going back the 2nd week of April and she wants a full bukkake style cum fest. All over her face, tits, and legs. She will not fuck in the theater but will suck if your hung and clean. But she will let every guy nut on her.
A few confused guys got a little weird last time, so make sure to post that we are 10000% straight and appreciate no gay contact or gay actions.  Also may take a few hung black guys to hotel while we are there for her to enjoy.

Craigslist Girl Gallery (Click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)


Doc here again... As I get more exact info on the exact day and time of their visits at The Westwood Theatre in Toledo, I will get it out to you, the good readers of The Journal.

Also, I will need reports... So step up and submit a report on what promises to be a memorable few days at The Westwood.


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Flash Report! One Shot @ CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN on 4/6/13

Doc here with a great Flash Report from newcomer One Shot.  One Shot details a great evening at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.
Hey Doc!
First time reporter, longtime lurker here. I was relaxing at home when my spidey senses went off. Its weird.
After doing this thing of ours for so many years sometimes you just know. The senses don’t stretch across country but in our own neck of the woods something starts a rumblin’. Were’ at home and the leg starts bouncing, too many commercials on TV, or whatever voodoo shit kicks it in gear but we know.
So I drove over to my local adult theater, CTs Adult Theater in Gary.  It was a comfortable crowd. A cd was working the guys who wanted it—not my thing. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, I say why not just wait for a real damn duck. But to each his own—its cool.
As I said it was a comfortable crowd. No couples. But the senses were still tingling. So I waited. And lo and behold “She cries when she cums hard” walks in.  I’m pretty sure she’s been mentioned on here before, with another gangbang . God yesssss!  She’s an attractive forty-something. Nipples like damn! Body like fuck yeah! Forgive me if I sound overly excited but I’d been trying to see her so many times. Anyway “She cries” and her husband, a clean cut black guy, walk in. She chatted up the staff.
CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
I noticed the black guy was her husband. I always scout the rings on couples. Here is my opinion: boyfriends and girlfriends are kinky, but married couples have nothing to lose. When they cut loose they get all the way wild and they stick around in “this thing of ours” longer. Just my opinion and fetish I guess.
It was a nice spring night in the Midwest. “She Cries” had on a black dress, halter style. They enter the theater. I follow behind trying to hide my “jackpot” smile. Her husband sits her in a theater chair. Ct’s is small so I don’t have to crowd them. I’ve been at this for a while. I give them their space.
Her husband stands in front of her. He pulls out his cock and puts it in her mouth. Immediately you hear the choir of zippers start in the dark back ground. It was funny because he didn’t seem like he was really into it so much as he was sending a signal that they were there to play.
He stood her up and she bent over her chair. Her husband started drilling her and making her moan. As he did it he was looking around the room, making eye contact and nodding guys up!
A couple of guys put on a condom and mounted up, one after the other. She made some of the greatest sounds ever. And then she wanted to be on the exam table.  Her husband guides her to the exam table. He announces that she loves hands rubbing all over her. And man, hands came from everywhere. She got goose bumps. She was a submissive and her husband kept giving suggestions. I thought it was distracting at first, but everything he said to do kept sending her over the edge.
Guy after guy pounced on her as she moaned while sucking cocks. She came a lot, and announced that she was squirting a few times. The guys suddenly looked down, so I think they got a surprise. But nobody made her cum hard enough to start crying. I swear to you. I heard about it. She actually cries when she starts to cum really hard. I heard that the owner of Ct’s has actually seen it. And some lucky guys have made her pussy scream tilt and light up. But when I stepped up she was warm and tight. Her skin was soft. Looking down on her utter enjoyment as she sucked cock was enough to make the best of us explode. And so it ended…
As soon as the momentum died down they were out of there. I heard they were coming back. But I had to go. My load was spent and I don’t recuperate like I used to. I only get one shot. There you have it, follow your nose friends, and always listen to your gut.
One Shot
Doc here again...Many thanks to One Shot for a GREAT rookie report here at The Journal. Keep the hits coming, sir!

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Thank You! Another Milestone Passed!

Doc here with a quick thank you to you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.

This past weekend we passed the 3 millionth pageview for The Journal. That's right kids, 3 millionth.  Those are a lot of eyeballs grazing across this thing of ours, and I have you to thank.

Every month our readership grows, and what we have been able to achieve with The Journal has far exceeded my expectations when this thing kicked off in 2009. 

So from deep in The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college, thank you for making The Journal your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.


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Couple's Flash Report! Hawaiian Eyeful's Visit Abroad (w/NEW PICS!)

Doc here with what may be the "Mother of all Hawaiian Eyeful Reports".
The very sexy Hawaiian Eyeful has been on the move, and has just recently returned from the Far East.  This report covers that trip, and a subsequent trip once back to Club Sesso in Portland, OR.
Also included are three stunning & exclusive pics of Ms. Eyeful in paradise...
Hi Doc,
We just got back from being gone for a couple of weeks visiting the sights of Hong Kong, China and Thailand.  Through our encounters, I found that this thing of ours that we have the freedom to enjoy is something we are very fortunate to indulge in. We are lucky enough to have access to the Paris Theater, Oregon Theater, Toledo's Westwood Theater, Berlin News Agency, and the many other different theaters where many of our reports cum.   Of course, there are those women like me, who are able to grace the many different venues, reporting  their exploits in their own words, sharing their sexual experiences in ways we enjoy reading.

Hawaiian Eyeful in Thailand
In Thailand, we visited a go-go club in where the girls are dancing away on stage.  As we enter the club we are greeted and seated by Thai girls who are ready to accommodate accordingly.  We ordered our drinks and sat back to watch the girls on stage gyrating away on their poles.   Of course, my being Asian and well-endowed (compared to all there) seemed to bring on many giggles and looks of astonishment from the girls.   One girl even leaned over from the next table, wanting to grab my rack to see if they were for real.  Of course, I allowed her to squeeze them.  My fiancé’ than hauled them out and began playing with them.
As I watched these girls work one table of men, giving them lap dances, you could tell that the men were getting quite aroused.  From the little English I could hear the girls speak, I could tell they were quite enamored with one of the guy’s cocks in particular noting “how big it was”.   Even though the action wasn’t quite what I expected and definitely slower than I imagined, it was an experience not to be forgotten. 
The lady boys of  Phuket were also quite attractive.   If you were a man and not into men, you would definitely want to be able to tell one from another (LOL).   As we continued our trek down the streets of Phuket, you had the many solicitors advertising the various clubs to visit.    There were also quite a few establishments with dancers in their windows advertising what they had to offer.    Many girls dressed to accompany the lonely and many girls just wanting to lure you into the bar to buy drinks.    By the time we had walked the streets of Phuket, you can only imagine how horny we were. 

Fast forward to my departure home -  Due to business, my fiancé’ had to extend his trip longer, so alone and with a long flight ahead of me, I was looking forward to my ride home with the hopes of playing.   I knew if the opportunity arose, I’d have plenty of time to enjoy indulge in my fantasy.
Dressed in my short denim skirt and lacy blue low cut top, I hoped that a guy would be seated next to me.    Unfortunately, with all my connections and plane changes I was never given the opportunity.  My pussy wet, knew the only way she could satisfy herself that evening was to get the dildo out.  As I crawled into bed that evening, I flipped on our xtsy channel and began to masturbate with my dildo.   It satisfied me for that moment, but I knew that the real fulfillment would be when I was able to experience the real thing.  
Now to the present  -  After waiting 3 long nights and hornier than ever, my man and I headed to Ron Jeremy’s Club Sessos (in Portland) un-themed Thursday night    It was a slow night to say the least and as we watched from above, there were just a few handful of single men in the midst of the crowd.   A couple of men had caught my eye and as for the rest, it seemed pretty tame.  The thought had crossed our minds to leave and head out to the Paris, posting a Hawaiian Eyeful Flag before we arrived.  I knew that would generate plenty of men to service me there. However, we decided to give Club Sessos one more chance.  

We made our way to the open couch and I began to play with my pussy while giving my man a mind blowing blowjob.   I was amazed for the few guys and couples watching and circling about, no one seemed to approach us.  It was like they weren’t sure what to do.  By now I just wanted to be fucked, so off to the fishbowl room we went, leaving the doors and windows wide open.   Usually, this always attracts both men and couples, so we hoped this would generate some action.  
Just as we expected, the guys and couples who were watching continued to so do, as I stripped down, removing my top exposing my girls.  Leaving my high heels on, I laid myself missionary style on the bed with my head in line with the hallway window.  My man then placed his cock in my mouth and being the cock whore that I am, I began to feast on it.  It wasn’t until my guy motioned for those watching to enter the room did they do so.    Before I knew it, I had someone licking and sucking my wet pussy.    To add to my ecstasy, one man began to suck my right breast while another joined in on my left.  “ Wow,” I thought, “I finally would get my fill tonight!”    
As I was reaching my 1st  orgasm of the night, my man announced it was time for him to fuck me.   For some strange reason, the men must have misunderstood, and they all scattered and left the room.  I was surprised to say the least.  Out of respect, I think they thought it meant it was time for them to leave.  Fortunately, they didn’t scatter too far and my man motioned for them to re-enter and asked if they would like to join in and partake.  One gentleman who had been eyeing me from the onset of our arrival was very happy to appease us.   He was such a pleasurable guy, licking my pussy until loads of my cum were released into his mouth.    
There are a few things that I enjoy most; a cock in my mouth and my pussy being pounded; or a cock in my mouth and having someone licking me out.     Of course, just sucking and playing with my girls also sends me into many throes of passion making my cunt wetter than ever.  I began sucking the gentleman’s cock he could harden and enjoy the wetness of my pussy.   In just a matter of minutes, we switched positions as he began to pound me and I sucked my man’s cock.  As he watched me suck cock and with each of his pounding thrust into my pussy, I knew I would feel his load release soon.

The second gentlemen who I had the pleasure of pleasing, I had been watching from the balcony earlier on our arrival.  He had already been between the 1st and 2nd floor looking for some action and had finally settled on talking with two women at the bar.   This is where I last saw him, when my man and I finally made our way to the couch.    I was quite surprised to find he had now entered the fishbowl room.  As my man lay beside me, the gentlemen who now were undressed lay down beside me and grabbed my breasts.   Taking control, he started sucking on them. 
Nothing can get much better for me than to have my breasts sucked and manhandled.  Just the thought, gets my pussy wanting.  With his other hand, he glided his fingers up and down my leg and inner thigh sending tingles to my most intimate place.   By now, we were both very hot and bothered so I allowed him to enter me doggie style.   After five minutes of being in that position, I was flipped onto my back, where he began to pound me even harder.   As his thrusts got harder and harder and his grunts got louder and louder he released his load inside of me (condom of course) and collapsed on me.  After regaining his strength, he kissed my body and thanked me for such a wonderful experience.
By now, I had now sexually exhausted myself and was ready to call it night.  As we all began to get dressed, a good looking girl appeared at our door.  Apparently, she and her man had been watching from the couch.   She made it known that she normally came here to get some girl action and wanted to know what man belonged to me.    She said that my man was quite lucky. 

Although, I didn’t fuck many, the quality made up for the shortage.   As the old saying goes, it’s not always the quantity but the quality.   Wouldn’t you agree?
Until my next visit to the Club, may we all continue to enjoy our exploits wherever we may be.

The Hawaiian Eyeful

Postscript: For the patrons at Paris, I hope to see you there soon.  It’s been awhile but I am ready for some theatrical action J.  I will let you know of my next arrival.
Doc here again... A quick glimpse at her pics shows you the time of her life taking place right in front of you.  Many, many thanks to Hawaiian Eyeful and her fiancé for the awesome pics!

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