Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report - Halloween Edition

Doc here with this week's "Cruising The Coast with Bob in Biloxi".

This week it seems that Bob has hit a bit of a speed bump in terms of the lucky streak he has been on at the Gulf Coast Adult Theater, as well as the ABS down the street.

So here is our good friend Bob, and his weekly report...


Hey Doc,

Very chilly here on the beautiful Gulf Coast, so maybe that’s why only 6 couples showed last night. Of those 6, three were playing. I didn’t get involved as none peeked my interest. One of the ladies was having a blast, she fucked 3 guys and sucked 7 off. The other playing couple was taking donations and one was offered up, so she got busy. No couples at all down at the ABS, there was however, a “happy fella” convention. The holes haven’t been modified yet so that’s a draw back hopefully remedied when I return from Portland.

Bob in Biloxi
Friday night at the theater, (and one reason I don’t go on Friday) one of the patrons told me a pretty good looking couple came in. As they started getting busy one tall black fellow that had been on his knees the entire time he was there, suddenly bounded up and rushed over to the couple and started pawing her. Needless to say, that killed the action for them and others, the couple left and the confused fellow returned to his knees.

Several people were thinking out loud when they were telling me this, I interrupted them with a reason he would do something like that. My reasoning is that she was (in his so-called mind) competing with him on the cock gathering and he didn’t like it. Several people I talked to that were there said she was crying outside. There is absolutely no plausible explanation for this fellows action and he should have been banned. The clerk wasn’t informed until well after they left, and didn’t know this individual was being the pain in the ass until after he left. I also blame the other patrons for not coming forth and informing the clerk this was happening. But they will be the first to start whining there are no couples in the place.

Now I‘m all in favor of electro shock treatment for people like this, if only someone could invent one of those “phasers” like they had on Star Trek set to stun? Behavior modification at its best I say! The theater used to have a collection of individuals that had no manners at all, slowly the management is weeding them out and banning those folks for life, but their job is made much harder if no one speaks up and brings this to their attention. (Ed note: I could not agree more, Bob!  If there is a problem or issue, take the bull by it's horns and report them to the staff).

Leaving for Portland Wednesday Doc... Due in around 8:30pm weather permitting, so no Coast report next weekend. Haven’t heard from Brent, hope to run into him at the Paris and catch up.



Doc here again... Good luck in Portland next weekend!  Here is a little known factoid: Last Halloween weekend, I was in Portland and found out so was Bob.  However, we kept missing each other and never had a chance to meet.  The one thing we did agree on is that Halloween weekend is not a good weekend for adult theater sex.  Why?  It's amateur night.  The code of conduct is thrown out the window by the inexperienced and the drunk.  The vibe is one of novelty, not one of sexuality.  I will have an article later in the week of several examples of bad behavior at adult theaters across the country this past weekend.

Safe travels Bob!  Hopefully you will connect with Brent, and tag team the reports from Portland and The Paris Theatre.


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Reminder: Laney-Ween Starts Today @ Noon at CTs in Gary, IN

It's Laney-Ween at CTs in Gary, IN!

Doc here with an announcement from our good friend, Laney from Texas. She will be making visits to CTs Adult Theater, 4620 Industrial Highway in Gary, IN starting 10/31 through 11/3/11. She will be doing NOONERS ONLY. No evening appearances.

Those of you who have seen Laney before know she is insatiable and hungry for all the cock she can get. Still don't believe me? Then check out these pics of Laney @ CTs:

Costumes will be optional for Laney... ENJOY!


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Flash Report! "The floyd is Back in Town - Part II" - Daytime Fun @ The Paris Theatre

Doc here with Part II of our good friend floyd's report "The floyd is back in Town".  Part I can be reviewed HERE.

It's daytime in Portland, and floyd awaits the Batsignal from The Paris Theatre in downtown Portland...


The floyd Is Back In Town – Part II

Sorry for the delay in submitting the promised Part II of my daytime visits to the world-famous Paris Theater following my stint out of town, but life kind of got in my way. If you recall my last report, I had just returned to Portland after nearly two weeks away, and on my first day there were not one but two “Red Flags” which indicate couples in the theater. Well,the very next day, Wednesday, October 5th, I was treated to some of the most intense theater sex ever.

I was getting ready to knock off for the day when at 5:08 I noticed a Bedroom Flag, indicating that a couple was in the small room at the right side of the theater.  It has low walls so the penis gallery can watch and a mattress for the couple.  A Bedroom Flag virtually always means hot action.

I arrived at the theater following my short streetcar ride and five-minute walk down Burnside, and was behind another Daytime Regular who was also purchasing a pass.  He must pay close attention to the flags, as I often see him showing up just before or after me during the day. Entering the theater, it was obvious why an additional “Arena Flag” had been posted.  (The Arena is a new area at the Paris, right in front of the stage, with a pedestal with a mattress on top and seats all around.  It is for the more exhibitionist couples and the gang-bang enthusiasts, where the couples areas and bedroom offer a bit more security, if not privacy.) 

A beautiful young girl was stretched out on her stomach, completely nude. A hard looking older dude in a burgundy football jersey was sitting in a theater chair about 8-10 feet away watching her.  I don’t know if Daytime Regular knew her from a previous visit, but he strode straight down to the front and dropped his jeans.  She got up on her hands and knees on the bed and started sucking him off energetically.  There were only about a half dozen guys in the theater, and all of them gravitated to the Arena for a better view, including this reporter.

She continued to suck Regular off as the cocks began coming out.  The guy in the football jersey proclaimed loudly, “I’m the one brought her here.  She’s just nineteen years old.  She wants to fuck and she wants to get pregnant.”  He said this to just about every guy who came close, and in the exact same words.  Not sure what he was on, but it was just a bit creepy.

After about ten minutes of getting blown, Regular walked over to the condom box next to the bedroom and brought back a handful.  He wasted no time in gloving up, and he walked around to the stage side of the Arena bed and bent her over it.  She was indeed very young-looking, with ample tits, a big ass, and a gorgeous face framed by ringlets of strawberry blond hair.  Regular was having a hell of a time getting it in from the bent-over angle, and he wound up sitting down on the padded bench in front of the stage and pulling her ass down on top of him in a seated reverse cowgirl. This gave us an excellent view of her pretty face and her bouncing titties, and when she leaned back a look at her smooth hairless pussy. 

Another regular theater patron hopped up on the arena bed on his knees and offered her his cock.  She leaned all the way forward and sucked him while bouncing lewdly on Regular's cock.  I was sitting in a theater chair at the side of the bed with an excellent view, and I will confess my jeans were around my ankles.  At one point the guy getting blown motioned to me and asked if I wanted a turn on her mouth.  I said, “Go ahead,” feeling that there was plenty of time, since she showed no signs of slowing down.

Eventually, Regular put her back up on the bed with her big ass up in the air and began a rear attack.  He was pounding her pussy from the back, and floyd chose this time to stand in front of the bed, as her face was right in front of me.  Her guy jumped up and said to her,”No more cocksucking! You came here to fuck!”  So I moved back and continued to watch as Regular blew his load and then started dressing.  A few more guys had come in, and I recognized a tall thin middle-aged guy as he started peeling off his clothes. The girl never moved, up on the bed with her ass up, and after jacking himself hard the New Guy hopped up and started fucking her bareback.  He didn’t last but a few short minutes,but one could tell he was loving it. A young black guy walked up and her guy said, “Go ahead, brother, fuck her.  She loves big black cock.”The young guy declined, saying he just wanted to enjoy the show.

At this point there were still a few guys watching but nobody was making a move.  She laid back down on her stomach with a dreamy look in her blue eyes.  Her guy stood up and told her he was going to the car and would be back in about 15 minutes.  He also told her she was to suck no cock while he was gone, and he made her promise.  I had moved to the bench in front of the stage for a better view of her last fuck, and she rolled her head my way and smiled.  I was slowly stroking a fully hard on eat this point. We chatted for a couple of minutes and she asked if I thought she was pretty.  She was, and I told her so.  She smiled again, and looked me right in the eyes.

“Will you please fuck me, mister?” she said in a delicate voice with just a trace of the South in it.

Floyd was not inclined to disappoint, consider how politely she asked, so your reporter saluted in his mind and did his duty.  I quickly donned a condom as she raised her ass once again.  I slipped in easily and held tight onto her big butt while I fucked her.  I had been stroking for upwards of a half hour, so I had no illusions about holding out and just let it happen.  Her guy came back as I was getting dressed and asked me if she had sucked my cock.  I truthfully answered no.  Completely spent, I was dressed and ready to leave when I heard her guy say, “You want to suck cock?  Suck this!” and dropped his pants.  As I walked out she was still noisily sucking him, her ass still waving high.  I have no idea how long she eventually stayed or how many fellows got to doggie fuck her.

Look for a bonus report tomorrow as a flag has just popped up as I’m finishing this.  Daytime action continues to improve at the Paris.



Thanks again to senior reporter floyd for another terrific report from the #1 city in this thing of ours, Portland, Oregon.  We are lucky to have a great 1-2 punch in Portland, between Brent at night and floyd during the day.

The Good Doctor still need adult theater reports in a bad way.  Just e-mail your shade and white suit wearing friend at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will edit and format your report, and you get the glory and the byline.

What could be easier?


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UPDATED! Coming Attraction to The Downtown Adult Cinema in Akron: JS & Wife Visiting Saturday 10/29/11

UPDATED! 10/28/11 @ 12 Noon: JS has requested that anyone who is planning of joining them Saturday morning in Akron's Downtown Adult Cinema, or has feedback from the visit, are welcome to contact this hot couple.  They can be reached at jonsimpson08@yahoo.com.

Doc here with a Coming Attraction for those of you dedicated to this thing of ours in the Akron, Ohio area.  Here are the details of the visit, courtesy of new contributor, JS:

The Downtown Adult Cinema
44 S. Case Ave,
Akron, OH

Saturday October 29th, 2011

Arriving between 9:30 and 10am

Notes from JS on the Visit:

Hello Doc,

First time contributor to your blog. I am an avid reader and appreciate the time you put in with this.

This coming Saturday (10/29) my wife and I plan to visit the Akron Cinema on Case Avenue. I have been there a few times before and this will be her first visit.  We have talked about it for some time, and I think she is ready to attend. It will be a morning visit, as we will be passing through Akron on our way to visit friends. We will be traveling in from Columbus and plan to arrive at the theater between 9:30 and 10:00 am and stay for a few hours if all goes well.

I hope the guys aren't pushy since she is pretty nervous about this outing. We ask that all guys be courteous. I don't know her limits: we might just play, or she may be open to more.  If any other couples or women are available to attend, that may help her nerves.

We are both in our mid-30's. She is a small thing: 5'1"...105 pounds but packs a good punch.



Doc here again... I hope all the guys who are lucky enough to attend on Saturday morning are kind and courteous to this terrific couple.  As always, remember your fundamentals...Be patient and good things might happen.  Be too pushy, and good things will disappear. For good...  Hopefully another couple or two will also attend, and make this a nice distraction from the usual Saturday morning cartoons.

If you go see them at the Downtown Adult Cinema, tell JS and The Mrs. "Hello from Doc".

Bottom line: Treat this couple with the respect they deserve, and who knows what may in your future.


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Coming Attraction Alert! Melinda @ CTs in Gary Tonight @ 7PM

Doc here...

Just a friendly reminder that Melinda will be in the CTs Theater, 4620 Industrial Highway, in Gary, IN after 7pm Thursday night 10/27/11.

She describes herself as older, large breasted lady, long brown hair, and likes cocks of all sizes and colors.  A gang bang is on the menu...

Here are two pics of her:

Disclaimer: The Journal does not guarantee any visits by anyone.  Things can change at the last minute, and appearances might not happen. 

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Couples Flash Report! Abe Lincoln Takes Mary Todd to Deja Vu in Springfield, IL (Honest)

Doc here with a dynamite first-time report from our 16th President, Abe Lincoln. Abe and his best gal visited Deja Vu, in Springfield, IL (location information at the end of this report, as well as in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).

I have been hearing good things about this place, but this is the first report.  So sit back, crank up the patriotic tunes on your hi-fi, and enjoy Abe's report...


Hi Doc,

I took my lovely 28 year old BBW lady friend to the theater and booths at Deja Vu in Springfield IL over the weekend. My "Mary Todd" was dressed to accentuate her pendulous breasts, with a great cleavage-revealing shirt, paired with a skirt that was just long enough to be legal.

Arriving around 10:30pm, we started out browsing the nicely laid out video/toy store. She was getting anxious to play, so we paid the clerk the $5 to be buzzed in to the theater/booth area/
The 5 or 6 booths are laid out in a row along the hallway, with the theater door being directly across from the  entrance door.

I put a dollar in the bill acceptor at the theater door, and the electronic lock released to allow entrance.
We had read about this place on other sites, but none mentioned how small the theater really was.
It had seating for maybe eight in the back row, with four seats in front, and a small love-seat sized couch against either side wall.

She and I sat on the couch that was farthest from the door, and watched the movie. It was standard fare, played on what looked like a 42 inch flat screen TV. I let loose her tits from her shirt, and tweaked, twisted, and pinched her nipples, getting her warmed up nicely. Meanwhile, she freed my cock from my pants and was returning the favor, stroking me while we watched the movie and watched by the few guys in the theater.

Once I had her sufficiently heated up, she leaned over and proceeded to suck my dick vigorously.
I grabbed her reddish-brown hair, and pulled it to the side so the watchers could get a good view.
Reaching over, I slid a hand up her skirt to be greeted by her soaking wet panties, which I pulled to the side, giving me access to diddle her clit.

I could tell I was doing a good job by the muffled sounds of encouragement from her cock-filled mouth. Before she took me to the point of no return, I lifted her head from my crotch and gave her a nice wet kiss of thanks. Still with my hand buried under her skirt, I moved my head down to lick, suck and nibble her nipples. The combined efforts were soon rewarded with my hand getting drenched as she had her first orgasm of the evening.

She called for a time out to cool down, so we got our clothes straightened out, and headed back out to the bookstore. A few minutes of browsing and a quick trip to the restroom later, she was ready to go again.

The clerk, who obviously knew a theater slut when she saw one, once more buzzed us in, saying  "have fun!" with a smile. We perused the case that displayed the videos playing in the booths, as I fondled her tits through her top. She unbuttoned the shirt herself this time, allowing me access easily.

I pulled from a pocket of my cargo pants a pair of nipple clamps with penis-shaped weights. Her eyes lit up when she saw that I had thought to bring along her favorite tittie accessory. Once I had them firmly in place, I took her hand and led her to one of the booths that have a glory hole between them. (from what I could tell, there are two full sized glory holes between four different booths, and peepholes between some of the others).

Dropping $10 in the bill acceptor, I sat in the chair with her kneeling between my legs.
As I pulled and twisted the chain, she worked my zipper down and pulled my dick out to give it oral attention once more.

I soon noticed a large black cock pushing through the wall, needing the service of her mouth. I pointed it out to her, and she left my cock to tend to it. This was her first black dick, but she went at it with vigor.  It was great to watch her suck and lick it til he shot his load in her mouth.

She let it run down her front over her tits as well. It wasn't a minute afterwards that it was replaced with another cock, this time a white one. She gave it the same treatment as the one before and was soon rewarded with another load, this time sprayed across her boobs.

Once again, it was  no time before one more was pushed through the hole with the same result, half in her mouth, half on her tits. After the third cock, there was a lull which allowed her to play with mine for a few minutes.

Just as  I fed another $5 in the machine, another black cock came through the hole, this time being an uncut one. I told her to stand up and bend over instead of kneeling for this one, and got behind her to giver a good fucking while she sucked this one. I yanked her soaking wet panties down and tossed them aside so I could bury my cock in her bald pussy.

With every thrust I gave her, she was impaled on the other end by the cock coming through the hole. I pushed deep in, dumping my load as I heard her gagging on the load being shot in her throat. Once I was finished, I allowed her to pull back and catch her breath.

Both of us knew we'd had enough and were getting our clothes straight to look semi-presentable (which on her part, with cum soaked though her shirt, and her panties MIA wasn't easy). She walked out beside me, with her head held high,still wearing the nipple clamps.

The clerk again gave us a knowing smile as she thanked us for coming and asked  us to return soon.
Needless to say, next time we are in the area, we plan on returning. My lovely lady needs a bit more training, and I plan on having her get fucked by any and all who want her.

My ultimate goal is to turn her into a three-hole slut with no limits. We may be reporting in next from Quincy, Decatur, or East Saint Louis, and hope someday to get to the holy grail of Illinois theaters, 15th Street in Melrose Park.

Side note to The Good Doctor:
Deja Vu is a combination strip club/ABS/theater located at 3220 Lake Plaza Drive, Springfield IL, 62703. Hours are Mon-Thurs: 12pm-3am, Fri-Sat: 12pm-4am,Sunday: 6pm-2am
no couples section, but definitely couple friendly. (Ed. note: I have added this info to the dB)



Doc here again... Thanks again to Abe (and Mary Todd) Lincoln for a GREAT report!  This is exactly what a Flash Report should be... Establish the setting, introduce the main characters, and dive into the action.  Bravo Abe!

Now it's your turn.  Send in your adult theater report to Buck Swope The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will edit, format, and make the report look great.  You get the glory and the byline.  Abe did it, and so can you.


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Coming Attraction! Laney Returns To CTs Adult Theater in Gary From 10/31 to 11/3

Doc here with an announcement from our good friend, Laney from Texas.  She will be making visits to CTs Adult Theater, 4620 Industrial Highway in Gary, IN starting 10/31 through 11/3/11.  She will be doing NOONERS ONLY.  No evening appearances.

Those of you who have seen Laney before know she is insatiable and hungry for all the cock she can get.  Still don't believe me?  Then check out these pics of Laney @ CTs:

So mark your calendars for Monday through Thursday @ noon at CTs Adult Theater in Gary.  Tell Laney Doc sent you!

Also, for you CTs visitors... Check out the new CTs blog at http://ctsadultsuperstore.blogspot.com/. Maps, directions, pics, and much more to come. 


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Brent's Theater Tails: The Joyus of (Theater) Sex in Portland

Doc here with the latest full report from the poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent in Portland.  In this report from the Brent's Theater Tails Yahoo Group (link located on Link-o-Rama), Brent recounts a crazy set of evenings at The Paris Theatre in Portland.

So sit back and enjoy the picture Brent paints for you in his report.


It's been almost a week since last Friday so I figured I better write a report about the action that happened that night at The Paris Theater in Portland Oregon. Portland Oregon is the number 1 city for adult theater action in America according to http://dremiliolizardo.blogspot.com/ Power Rankings.

It's number 1 because of the great theater sex that happens inside of The Paris and  Oregon Theaters and because of the number and diversity of the participants. Also, the fact that action can occur anytime between the times they open and the times they close and its easy to understand why Portland remains on top.

I like both theaters but I spend more time at The Paris. I would probably go to The Oregon more if I knew when the theater sex action was happening there. Adult theater sex is about employing different strategies, picking your spot and waiting patiently, driving from location to location and hoping to get lucky, or
perhaps waiting nearby with an eye on the door. When a theater has the foresight to post when couples and single ladies arrive it makes it easier to decide where to go. It also helps other couples decide which theater to attend. They might want to go to the theater where there are other couples or they might choose to go to the one where they will be the center of attention.

This past Friday at The Paris belonged to Joy. She is a thin, well-built woman
with brown hair, a face that is pretty, intelligent and finely featured. She
has a nice body and she loves to fuck. The thing is, she is so under stated that
you would never guess this. Friday she arrived at The Paris wearing jeans and a
shirt, looking good but not outrageous. It was only after she took off her
clothes, slipped into a sexy negligee and hopped onto The Arena Bed that we
realized what her visit was all about. She was there to fuck and suck as many
men as she could and have a damn good time doing it. Her first great fuck of the
night was her riding The River dog hog while I finger banged her ass hole. ( I
wish it could have been my cock, but I have ED) She was moaning and groaning and
moving her ass back and forth like a pump action shot gun.

A thin black man had brought his blond girl friend in and they were in The Annex, the area to the right of the couples section where the exam table is located. She was naked, revealing a pleasingly full body with big over ripe tits. She was sucking and fucking any guy who was wrapped and ready. Her man left her alone and in good hands and went down to The Arena to say hi to
Joyous. After a brief introduction he proceeded to go down on her and clitty lick her like a city slicker. Then he moved up and lay naked on the bed. He slipped on a condom and Joy lowered herself down onto his erect penis. When his cock was completely inside of her she began riding up and down, fucking like Annie Oakley on crack. Meanwhile, the blond came down to watch her man and Joy fuck.

Back in the couples section, the first couple to come in that night was still cuddling and watching the action. They are semi regulars, who enjoy coming to The Paris . She was looking good, Friday, like someones sexy mom full bodied and ready to make bad choices with her teen aged son's friends. Party mom. Okay, I better reign in my fantasies and get back to my report.

There were two other couples in the couples section. they had come in separately
but now they were together , were naked and had already switched partners. One couple
featured an attractive dark haired woman with big breasts and big (but not too
big) round ass. The other couple, the biker couple, was a nice looking blond
lady and her bearded biker dude husband. The four of them were naked and having
all kinds of great four way sex which I cant describe in detail because I don't
remember the particulars now. I do remember that the action was hot enough that
a veteran adult theater action watcher, turned to me and said "This is the best
I've ever seen it. on a Friday.

It was not only the two couples fucking in the couples section for a few hours
that made it a great night at The Paris for "this thing of ours"; it was also
the hot Carly Simon looking long legged sexy woman by the arena (she did not
play Friday but she will be back and she will play), it was Joy who must have
fucked a bakers dozen or more and gotten her pussy eaten by at least three guys.
She also cuddled up and conversed with a number of guys-she was very affectionate
and warm this past Friday.

When she finally left around 2am it was with a good looking guy who had also
fucked a loud, boisterous Kathy Lee Gifford type before moving over to Joyous
who had just been fucked and sucked by a bearded young "Turtle" (Entourage) type .

She and her new friend fucked, sucked and got cozy in the couples section. Big
Kathy Lee Gifford was on a mission Friday, to get gang banged but only by cute,
young guys and I said to her "Most of the cute young guys here are gay." She did
let us non-cute, young guys play with her big round tits and she fucked a few guys
who almost came up to her standards. A lot of the crowd was turned off by her
constant chatter and slightly negative attitude but I just thought of it as part of the
over all ambiance, like a heckler at a comedy club. Her boyfriend ( husband?) waited
patiently for her to finish and things quieted down considerably after they

There was other action on Friday. A fashion model Hillary Swank, Sandra
Bullock type sucked off her boy friend who tried to pull her pants down past her
sexy ass. She kept herself covered up but she was still very sexy. A blond Laura
Dern sat next to them and made out with her man while he finger fucked her and
played with her breasts. Both ladies were a little shy and very beautiful.

There were three young girls and their guy friend in The Annex. All three had
dark hair and were good looking. The hottest one was wearing a Phillie's base
ball cap and was giving the guy a blow job. She was also keeping up a running
commentary about how things were done on the east coast. Too bad about those
Phillie's. So much talent. Alas, the game is played on the field and not on

It wasn't until one of the girls, the one who was a little bit bigger but still
very hot, got up on the exam table, hiked up her skirt spread her legs and let
one of the other girls munch on her V, that I realized their visit was more than
just a lark . She got licked and fingered for a nice long time.

I had a great vantage point from my seat near The Couples Oasis. I could see
her ass moving up and down against her partner's lips and could hear her
moaning and groaning as she got closer and closer to orgasm. When they were finished,
the big girl still wanted to be naughty.

She picked an older gentleman who looked like a retired race jockey, took him down
to The Arena, got on her knees on the floor by the stage and sucked him off like a
true adult theater power slut. A crowd of guys surrounded her, feeling her up, jacking
their dicks. When the old jockey came he shot it straight into her open mouth and
upturned face. She looked so content with his load of salty "manaze" on her pretty face,
ruby lips and in her wet mouth. She sucked a few more guys after that. Her friends stood by, encouraging her, getting turned on by her power slut behavior. ( Power slut = A female who
owns her sexuality and actively pursues her sexual gratification openly honestly
and with no apologies to "society")

There was other action on Friday. Some couples came and left because it was too
crowded . I remember there was an older lady who was in the bedroom. I'm not
sure how many guys she fucked. There was so much other stuff going on while she
was there.

On Sunday I went to The Paris and observed an interesting situation. There were
two couples there. One of the couples was playing hard while the other couple
sat nearby, doing nothing. I thought that the couple that was doing nothing was
going to leave but as soon as the first couple was finished and dressed, they
started playing. It was as if they didn't want anything to do with the first
couple. The girl of the second couple was a quiet and attractive girl with
glasses. She had perfect round tits with pierced nipples. She had a very nice
body. Guys were standing near the couple entrance waving at her.

For some reason, maybe because I wasn't being pushy, she came down to where I
was sitting and whispered in my ear, " You want me to suck your dick." "Sure."
I followed her back into the couples section, took out my cock and guided her
towards me. I played with her tits while she sucked my cock. Her mouth was warm
and inviting and I almost got off. But damn it, the usual mood killing doubts
flooded my brain and when I realized it was a lost cause, I made up an excuse
and left. Still, being with her was comforting, enjoyable and I felt very lucky
to spend a few passionate minutes with her. Thinking back on it, I should have
asked if I could eat her pussy. I can always try and get good at that.

I'm not sure if she sucked any other guys. I think they were from out of town. I
hadn't seen them before.

I decided to go down to The Paris on Wednesday night after I saw a bedroom flag.
I was a little late getting there but the couple was still in the bedroom when I
arrived. After one of the regulars told me about an incredible sexual scene he
had witnessed inside of a parked car on a street near The Paris recently, I
walked inside the theater and over to the bedroom. There was a crowd of men
around the bedroom. They were watching a naked young man and a naked young woman
making love. The couple had been there for 40 minutes and they would stay for
another hour. I watched for a while then sat down by the couples section. I
could hear the young trim fit Asian girl's orgasmic cries and soon afterwards,
they left.

It was very slow for the next few hours. Then about 20 minutes before closing a
young couple came into the theater. She was a very hot looking woman wearing a
dress and tanned boots. She had short brown hair and a fantastic body. She
reminded me of Christina Rici or Mina Suvari, that kind of pout y American
beauty, As soon as they got into the couples section, she spread her legs and he
started playing with her pussy. Then he took out her tits.

A dude who had been playing in the little theater earlier, somehow became straight
and went right into the couples section. Then another guy walked in. Ray, the owner,
was just about ready to kick them out but the couple was okay with it. One of the guys
started feeling her tits and the frenzy was on.It was amazing. Five minutes after this
brand new couple walked into The Paris Theater and this hot new woman
was almost naked, mad-horny and ready to fuck and suck everybody. I hadn't been
part of a theater sex moment that had accelerated so rapidly in a long long

It blew my mind when a big guy who I had seen earlier with his head in
another mans lap was now behind this very turned on young woman who was kneeling
on the bench with her ass in the air and her lips around her husbands dick. This
guy was suddenly inside her, fucking her bareback. It almost made me lose my
load. The young woman paused for a second, moved away and said something to her
boyfriend. From that moment on, anyone who wanted to fuck her or get sucked by
her had to wear a condom.

There weren't that many people left in the theater but she did get fucked by two
guys and her husband. At one point she was riding her husband and sucking/playing
with me and the two men who had just fucked her. Her husband invited a young
black guy in to have sex with her, but he declined. I'm not sure why because she was a
very beautiful lady. She even kissed the two guys she fucked , open mouthed and
passionate. I wanted to get closer to her but they kept elbowing me out of the way.
If it had been a weekend night, there would have been a ruckus.

At one point she was getting finger fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time. It
was driving her crazy. I was able to put my finger inside her pussy a couple of times.
Her cunt was constantly tightening and loosening. I wondered if the first guy, who
had barebacked her for a few seconds hadn't shot his load. How could he resist that
pulsating pussy?

When I put my finger in her for a second time, after her husband had fucked her, I
could feel her juices and his manaze inside of her. I must have slipped it into her the
wrong way, because one second after I was in there, she jumped up like she had been
bitten by a horse fly. I have heard it said that women really don't enjoy being fingered
because a lot of guys aren't very good at it. Maybe their nails are too long or their fingers
are dirty or they go to fast or too slow. A hard penis with a soft tip is much more preferable.
So, how about it ladies? Do you enjoy being finger fucked or finger banged or fingered
and if you do, what's the best way to do it?

It's now Thursday night and there is supposed to be The Rose City Gang Bang at Angel's
tonight. Also a good Samaritan announced he was bringing two ladies to The Paris. Plus
Ms. Full Swing sent a message to this group a while back, announcing that she and her
man were planning a visit in October and for us to save up our loads so we can give her
a thick jizz shower. Is tonight the night?

In any event, it will be difficult, but not unlikely, to top the amazing theater sex moment
that happened last night with the horny girl with the short brown hair. That was a lead off,
game-winning, home run in the bottom of the 9th.


Doc here again... Feeling inspired yet? This is Brent is classic Brent-form: Descriptive, smart, funny, and entertaining.  Thank you sir!

Have an adult theater report you'd like to see on The Journal.  Just e-mail Chuck Norris The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will format and edit your report, and you get the glory and the byline.

Let's see what you have!


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Flash Report! The Hot Streak Continues for JaxBchBum @ Theater X in Orange Height, FL

Doc here... As the weather here in the northern states gets colder, migratory species start heading south for the winter.  It also appears that many of those species are now visiting the adult theaters in The Sunshine State, as couples activity seems to be on the rise. 

Just ask JaxBchBum.  He is on a Bob in Biloxi-like streak of seeing and participating in some good times, and this report is another good example.

So my friends, slap on some SPF 60, put on your Ray Bans, and enjoy the latest song-stylings from JaxBchBum...



Had a most entertaining day last Friday at Theatre X in Orange Heights FL (address info in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database) with a doubleheader (pun intended) and my lucky streak remains intact; although I know it is only a matter of time before the dry spell returns. 

Theater X
Orange Heights, FL
Finishing up my meetings in Gainesville Friday afternoon, I arrived at Theatre X about 5:30.  Go in the theatre and only a couple other guys in there - well at least I beat the weekend rush!  Sit back and relax and within 30 minutes a young (early to mid-30s) couple comes in.  She is attractive with a nice body, wearing jeans (ugh) and a clingy sweater (a cold wave had moved into north FL and temp was in the 50s).  Shoulder length dirty blond hair, cute face.  He appears a little older and looks somewhat latin/hispanic.  They sit down on the inside couch of the second row. 

For about the first 10 minutes, they don't do anything but occassionally chat with one another. Meantime another guy comes in and goes in front of them and sits down on the other side in one of the chairs in the little recessed alcove.  I was afraid his presence might intimidate them, but that was to prove not to be the case.  After a bit, she reaches over and unzips his jeans pulls out his cock and starts stroking it.  Pretty soon afterwards, she bends over and starts sucking on it and I mean SUCKING.  No pretense at discretion as she was making slurping sounds that could probably be heard out in the parking lot. 

He looks around and sees that many of us are stroking away, so he stands up and pulls down his jeans so everyone can watch her go to town on his cock.  After a bit, he pulls her to the standing position and slips down and then takes off her jeans and yellow panties.  She sits back down in the couch and he gets on all fours and starts eating her pussy like there was no tomorrow.  She pulls up her legs above her head to give him complete access.  She had a beautiful smooth pussy and she was enjoying the attention.  Then he moves forward and begins to fuck her from the kneeling position.  Then it is back to the standing position for him with her sitting on the couch and slurping away on his cock.  He was at least 7" and she was able to take the entire length. 

They both stand up and embrace with him running his hands all over her (but still with her top on).  Then he moves her to the chair on the other side of the couch next to the guy and starts eating her again.  Over the next 30 minutes, they try all kinds of positions sucking and fucking.  I kept waiting for him to give the guy seated next to them the signal to touch or join as they both seemed to admire the guy's big, thick cock he was stroking; but they never did. 

Finally, she kneels backwards in the chair and he mounts her from behind and fucks her until he comes.  Only once did he lift her sweater so we could see her beautiful round,firm tits and that was for less than 30 seconds.  They dressed and left after receiving a number of thank-yous from the appreciative guys.Well, that would have made a visit complete, but there was more to follow. 

About 15 minutes after the couple left, another couple entered.  They were younger than the first couple - late 20s I am guess.  She was quite attractive wearing a green halter top that tied behind her neck and jeans.  He was wearing a polo shirt and shorts.  The theatre had gotten a little busier with single guys sitting in all the couches on the back two rows, so the couple went to the only open couch on the first row.  While not that great for watching the movie due to its closeness, it is great for this thing of ours as the light from the screen and the lack of any couches in front casting shadows makes it the best illuminated spot in the theatre.  Within a couple of minutes, I see her head disappear below the back of the couch.  One guy moved from his position in the back of the theatre and went in front of them to the other side of their couch.  I watched for any reaction, but there was none, so I moved to the single seat against the wall across from them. 

She was bent over sucking his cock and he had untied her halter top and pulled it down exposing her nice C cup tits.  After a bit she sat up and he leaned over and started to work on her tits and got her nipples nice and hard.  She laid back and was enjoying the attention.  A couple of the guys sitting on the couches behind them stood up and watched while stroking away.  He reached down unzipped her jeans and removed them and her panties.  He then got on his knees and started licking away on her pussy. She supported her legs high in the air by spreading and holding them to give him deep and full access.  Like the other couple, he then moved to fucking her from the kneeling position. 

After some intensive fucking, he sat back and she bent over and started sucking him again.  They appeared to love being seen but gave no indication that they wanted any others to join in - so we stayed on the sidelines and watched and enjoyed.  Back and forth between sucking and fucking and then she apparently got him to come while she was sucking him.  They dressed and left - again to a number of compliments.  Well, a double header, it couldn't get better than that could it?

As a matter of fact it did!  It was getting to be about 9:00 and the theatre had thinned out to one other guy.  I am sitting there and couple #2 reenters and sits down on the couch next to me.   I was surprised, but delighted, to see them and was hoping for a close-up encore.  After a couple of minutes, he reaches over unties her halter and starts rubbing her tits, then leans over and starts licking and sucking her right nipple.  This evidently got her aroused as the next thing I know she is standing up in front of him and starts doing a strip tease.  Off the halter top comes and she begins rubbing and licking her tits asking him "Do I look sexy??" to which we both said in unison "VERY". 

Then it was unsnapping her jeans and slowly lowering the zipper in a seductive manner while swaying her hips.  Then slowly lowering her jeans showing off her panties.  She turns around and waves her panty-clad ass at him so he reaches up and starts to pull them down.  She stops him, pulls slightly away and then slowly lowers them.  The other guy in the theatre had moved behind them so he could see as well. 

She removes her jeans and panties and does a slow dance making me wish there was a dancing pole in the theatre as I know she could give it a good workout.  She had a well-toned body and loved showing it off.  She has a narrow landing strip of pubic hair above her pussy.  She dances for a bit and then sits down in his lap and reclines her head.  He evidently is still spent and hasn't recharged as he just caresses her pussy lips and breasts for about 10 minutes.  I have a great view and taking it all in.  She asks him if he wants to go to a club and he says yes so she gets up to get dressed.  I tell her how sexy she is and how much I enjoyed watching her.  She said that I was welcome and that next time she would bring her lesbian friend and they would really liven things up.  I can't wait and sure hope I am there when that happens.

Just as the second couple was about to leave, an older couple (50s) arrived.  Unfortunately, I had to head back to Jacksonville and wasn't able to stay and see if there was going to be a tripleheader that night.



Doc here again... Sounds like it was a good night for voyeurs at Theater X.  Great shows, with plenty of playing.  Thanks again to JaxBchBum for another great report from one of the longest tenured reporters here at The Journal, your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.

I need your reports, ladies and gentlemen.  Flash Reports, Blasts From The Past, and Field Reports are needed. This is the time to step up and join the ranks of reporters here @ The Journal.  Just send your report to J. Johnah Jameson The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will edit, format, drop in a pic or two, and make you look golden.  I need your help, and now is the time to step up.

Be large. Be a reporter at The Journal.


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Blast From The Past! Knight Reports on The Liberty Theater in Pittsburgh, and Fritz The Cat in Dallas Pike, WV

Doc here with a great first time report from Knight. Knight takes us back to the red light district theaters in Pittsburgh on Liberty Avenue (The Liberty Theatre and The Art Cinema), as well as a more recent spin to Fritz the Cat Theater/ABS in Dallas Pike, WV.

Take it away, Knight!



I'm from Pittsburgh and apart from the Steelers, we (used) to have champion adult theaters too. One I remember was on Liberty Ave (used to be the red light district back in the 70's and early 80's) that have a live stage show where the girls would come into the audience for tips... that's where I developed a certain penchant for 'this thing of ours'.

The Liberty Theatre and The Art Cinema
Pittsburgh, circa 1976
Having sex with one of the 'performers' in a dark theater while others watched was fantastic and I was hooked. Back then I was a teen and so I guess because of my youth and level of fitness the girls would let me do anything (yes..anything) for a $10 tip. Fast forward 25 years and now I'm a member in good standing of various swing clubs and fetish groups and often bring females I meet in the lifestyle to theaters.

One recent encounter was at  Fritz (The Cat) Theater in Dallas Pike, W.Va. ... I met the girl on SLS and she was very intrigued to go to a theater. This one had a small theater, bookstore, and booths with glory holes... It's very dirty with the tell-tale mosaic of brown buildup due to  encounters and solo acts over the years. I've played with couples through the holes there before and there were always men ready to serve (also most knew abs etiquette).

We started at the holes where we quickly had a fellow come into the booth next to us. I put on a show for him by fucking her doggy..then told her to play with his cock .. she is about 5'6", 130 lbs, long blonde hair with a very pretty face. The hole was big so he was already worked up from watching us and just with about 20 sec of a hand job he emptied his load all over her wrist... too bad 'cause I was going to instruct her to blow him next. It got really hot in the booth (those things really should have better ventilation) so we went to the theater.

Fritz The Cat (under construction)
We sat in the front row... There were about 8 guys in there so I thought for sure she'd get another cock. Again we started the show... her blowing me.. riding my cock.. but nothing... They were all interested in each other and my cock. I did have one guy come up and ask to give me head. Wow, what a disappointment... So I finished all over her face and chest and we walked out through the bookstore in front of the clerk and 2 couples just looking at videos with massive gobs of cum streaming from her face and neck. She said she loved it and didn't mind not having other cock.

Unfortunately I've come to hear that the place is being renovated and shut down. Hopefully it will open soon ... cleaner... and with booth ventilation.



Thanks again to Knight for a great first time report here @ The Journal.  He was kind enough to heed The Good Doctor's call for reports, and presto-chango, sent one in.  He has some more reports in the works, and I can't wait to read them as well as share them with you, the good readers of The Journal.

As I mentioned, I need adult theater reports badly.  Submissions are way off, and the readership is hungry.  Please send your Flash Reports, your Blasts From The Past (just like Knight did), or your Field Reports to Winston Wolf The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I do the heavy lifting (editing, formatting, photos), you get the glory.

So pretty please, with sugar on top...Send in a report.


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A Call For Reports!

Doc here... Well kids, it's time to get serious.  Over the past two weeks, adult theater reports have dropped to a trickle.  Aside from reports from Bob in Biloxi, Moaning Lisa, GT, C&R, floyd, JaxBchBum, and Liz, I am getting very little.  Thank God the reporters above have submitted some terrific Flash Reports.

Brent in Portland writes undoubtedly the top reports in this thing of ours.  His Yahoo Group, Brents Theater Tails, has an archive of the best adult theater reports from the best reporter. I will be more proactive in posting his reports on The Journal, starting Monday.  Why?  If his reports don't inspire you to visit an adult theater and file a report, nothing will.

The lifeblood of The Journal are your reports. If they stop coming in, we are in big trouble. In the history of The Journal, over 60 unique reporters have submitted reports.  There is no reason to stop now, since the adult scene is as good now as it's been in years.

As a reminder, I am also in need of Blasts From The Past reports.  These are reports illustrating visits you may have had a year ago, 5 years ago, 20 years ago... And to be honest, these are my favorite reports.  I am sure many of you who are of the same vintage as The Good Doctor may agree with me.

And to the 60+ reporters out there with The Journal on your resume, dust off your reporters notebook and punch in.  You are on the clock.

Please send your reports to emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to yell at some kids to get off my lawn.

Thanks for your time,

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Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report for 10/22/11

Doc here with this week's "Cruising The Coast With Bob In Biloxi". Besides maybe Albert Pujols, not one has been hotter streak than our good friend Bob.   When you are in the zone, the game comes to you, and this has been the case with Bob.

What does this week bring?  Here is Bob...


Hey Doc,

Well it was another one of those strange nights here on the beautiful Gulf Coast. There was hardly any traffic (that includes the happy fellas too). It was a dead night.

First up was an attractive blonde lady who reminded me of a student worker I had once. She was a hottie in her 30’s, blonde shoulder length hair, ample and I do mean ample tits (d cups). Their modus operandi is to show off and then take whomever they pick back to their hotel room while he videos her talent and naughtiness (yes I have that “T” shirt).

Gulf Coast Theater, Biloxi, MS

She was naked in the booth and kept opening the door and standing in the hallway while he took pictures, but wouldn’t play through the hole, so after awhile it became boring and I left to go to the theater.

As I pulled into the lot, I noticed the cars were very sparse. I walked in and spoke to the clerk who told me the whole day had been a bust, but a couple had just arrived. So in the theater I went - no couple. I came back out and told him there was no couple inside. He told me that they just went in, well they must have seen an nearly empty theater and simply walked right out the back door.

I went back down to the ABS and walked back to the arcade, sure enough they were there! Another blonde lady maybe in her 50’s(?).  Blue jeans (damn) and her man were just walking around looking into the different booths. In this arcade its one price for admission but the channels don’t change. So if your into gay, you pick a gay booth, if not, you hunt a straight booth. Well I knew what booths were playing regular porn so I made eye contact and jumped into one playing girl/guy and they came in the one next to me.
Bob in Biloxi
He pulled her pants down and proceeded to shine her up as I watched through the hole. A finger tap to the hole and I fed my cock through.  It was one of those lick-jack-lick-jobs that really suck, but hey, that was the only game in town tonight. Finally I sprayed her down, said thank you and left.

It was only 10:00pm as I started home, my two hour drive was at least met with light traffic. About 11:00pm and halfway home I got a call from one of the lookout posts and said a smoking hot brunette and her man had just arrived and went in the theater. From all accounts she ran the house and left a bunch of guys panting for air. Just goes to show you, if you think something is not happening, think again. My loss, maybe I will get lucky enough to meet up with them again?

And that Doc is why you are getting this early bird report! Two weeks to P-Town, and can not wait!!



Doc here again... Thanks again to Bob for his usual top-shelf report and review... I agree with Bob, in that one must remember their adult theater fundamentals (even the veterans of this thing of ours need to). Rule #1 is always BE PATIENT. Let the game come to you...

I was thinking that I should produce a document that is the size of a business card, with all the fundamentals list on it.  You cold then print it out at home, slip it into your wallet, and have it on for an easy reference.  What do you think?

By the way, I really need some adult theater reports.  The refrigerator is empty, and our extended family is hungry.  Reports can be sent to me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.


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Couples Flash Report: Moaning Lisa's Salute To the Troops @ 15th Ave

Doc here with another outstanding Couple's Flash Report, this time from yet another one of my favorite patients, Moaning Lisa.  Once again, the scene is set at 15th Avenue Adult Theater in the western suburbs of Chicago.  It is Sunday night (AKA Football Night in America), and here with the play-by-play, is Moaning Lisa...


Special Edition Report:  For the Troops

Dear Doc,

My apologies for not getting a report to you sooner…I have been working hard and playing harder!
Last night the owner of 15th Avenue was gracious enough to open the party room for the
Bears/Vikings game, so J & I had to go!  The beer was cold, the game was great, and Hester was amazing!!!

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to visit the party room at 15th Avenue,  it is a large room with a bar, and a projector casts a large, clear picture of the game on the wall. The room also has a small stage and 2 small (9’x5’) private rooms.  The 2 private rooms are free while the party room is open.  Each room contains a massage table… just the right height… (well, I HAD to test it out… all in the name of being an investigative reporter, of course).

There were 4 other couples at the game, and a handful of guys.  After the game, some of the couples went to the private rooms in the spa, and we went to the theater.  I don’t think I can blame all my excitement on the game, but I found myself looking around for some hard cocks to play with.

I started off sucking a young guy who was in town for business, and within moments, other hot cocks were surrounding me.   As I quickly pulled off my Bears shirt, releasing my 40DDs, a tall good-looking older guy began fingering my pussy.  As his fingers pistoned in and out, hitting my G-spot, I knew I was in trouble. I moved down further in my chair, arching my hips up, and pulling my jean skirt up higher.  Seconds later, I began squirting all over his hand.  He kept finger fucking me and I came again and again, the juices now all over the chair and floor.  My “audience” really seemed to enjoy the show, as they cheered me on, and their cocks were all rock hard.
My expert “G-spotter” pulled a large, thick cock out his pants, and I immediately slipped a condom on him with my mouth.  After giving it a few deep sucks, I knew I wanted it in my pussy.  I turned my back to him and bent over, opening my cunt to him.  He grasped my hips and sank it deep.  He rocked me for a good 10 minutes before blowing a hot load of cum.  I turned around and sucked my juices off the condom, loving every minute of it.  I sucked a few more beautiful cocks, and had them cum all over my tits.  I smeared it in until it disappeared, then went to hit the showers.

As I was getting cleaned up, my husband J was talking with my “G-spotter” and found out he is a
Vietnam vet.   He also found out that A LOT of the guys that I have spent quality time with at 15th
Avenue are veterans… of Desert Storm, Afghanistan, the list goes on…I was rather surprised  (don’t ask me why, I don’t know) and very pleased by this bit of intel!!  I have always been so grateful
to the men (and women) who serve our country, and it was nice to know I had given a little back to them.

SO PLEASE NOTE:  Any servicemen (or women, you know I don’t discriminate) who are on leave and wish to stop by 15th Avenue, I will personally thank you if I am there!!! Or… for those of you serving in The States or overseas, be sure to swing by 15th Avenue on your way home, so I can welcome you back properly!! 

Patriotically Yours,
Moaning Lisa         


Doc here again... The Dynamic Duo of Lisa and Liz have combined for two great Couple's Flash Reports from 15th Ave in the last 24 hours.  They are two of the reasons why this terrific ABS/theater/spa/party room is thriving in the western burbs of the City Of Broad Shoulders.  They, coupled with a very clean environment, a steady flow of regular patrons of the arts make this one of my top 3 locations for this thing of ours in the country.

Thanks again to Moaning Lisa for her salute to the troops.  Old Marine Corps Guy would be proud of you!

Semper Fi!


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Flash Report: Mr. Fun Maks A Quick Stop at The Apex Theater in Baltimore

Doc here with a quick hitting Flash Report from regular correspondent, Mr. Fun.  Mr. Fun found himself at The Apex Theater in Baltimore, MD (info located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).

Here is Mr. Fun and his report...

The Apex Theatre
Baltimore, MD circa 2009

Hi Doc,

Got to stop in during the afternoon, not expecting much.  While walking down the aisle on the left to check out the partitions, an unexpected encounter:  a very nice looking black woman was standing in one of the partitions.  I started chatting her up, but sensed that she was there on business, and passed on the opportunity.

After sitting and watching for a while, it looked like the 'regulars' all knew her, but no one did anything with her.

Mr. Fun


Doc here again... Thanks again to Mr. Fun for a rare report from B-More and The Apex.  The Apex happens to be one of my least favorite adult theaters in the country.  It scores poorly on all the important factors in this thing of ours:
  • Bad neighborhood (if you know what a "blue light" neighborhood is, then you know how bad)
  • Awful parking (on street only, if you dare)
  • By far, the smelliest bathroom I have ever been inside
  • I have been there 4 times, and have seen a total of two couples
So kudos and a Purple Heart for taking one for the team, Mr. Fun.  Thanks again!


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UPDATED with Pic! Flash Report: "How to Celebrate a Birthday/Hump Day" @ 15th Ave by Liz

Doc here...This has been a very good week for Couple's Flash Reports, and this report from one of The Good Doctor's favorite patients, Liz, is a terrific one!  Nice set-up, plenty of hot descriptions of the action, and a grand finale behind the screen door.

Here is the very sexy Liz and her Flash Report from the suburbs of Chicago...


Hi Doc,

Took a visit to my favorite establishment on 15th Avenue last Wednesday for a little fun as well as have a birthday celebration for a friend.  My play partner and I hadn't seen each other in about 2 weeks due to our "Regular World" getting rather busy.  So we took advantage of the Wednesday special (Couples free) and decided to arrive very early for us. 

Arriving at 2:00PM, it was fairly busy for that time and as soon as we checked in and got our private room we noticed a very familiar face "K" was there.  What a fantastic surprise for us!  We all took our showers and invited "K" into our room for some play.  Didn't take long for us to all start having some serious fun! 

I started by sucking "K" and getting him going as my play partner watched and fondled me.  Then I was told to flip over where "K" performed with his magical tongue and I sucked on my partner.  After "K" was able to get me off nicely as always I flipped over for him to fuck me from behind as I was able to get a better angle on my partner.  It was definitely a great time and when "K" finished, we all took another shower and went out front for some air.

A few minutes later another regular couple came into the establishment (V&P).  While I have heard about "V"'s arrivals and what a great time she is our schedules have never synced up, but today....the porn gods were smiling on us and we were all in the same place at the same time.  My partner and I went into our room and "V" & "P" rented the room next to ours, while they were making their way back to the spa area I was told that my partner wanted us all to play together.  OK!  Who am I to say no to a request like that huh? 
The Real Liz
So, "V" & "P" started to get loosened up and have their own fun so did we, "K" joined  them in their room and we told them their room looked very lonely and was invited over. "K" was being sucked by "V" as "P" was going down on her and I was sucking my partner.  All while 3 other guys and one woman were watching the action. 

Then it was flip time - "V" flipped so "K" could eat her wonderfully moist pussy, and my partner flipped me to do the same.  While the women were being eaten WELL (as is always the case with "K" and my partner), I proceeded to take "P" into my mouth and suck him.  By the sounds from him, I believe he enjoyed the experience.  Soon "K" had "V" not only cum but squirt as well!  I continued to go down on "P" this time from a different angel as my partner held my hair tightly.....soon it was a mass of noise and completion in that room.  Afternoon Delight!

After realizing what time it was, everyone quickly showered - and said our good-byes......but not yours truly.  I was there for the long haul, I still had the birthday girl arriving in the evening........So off to grab a bite to eat and get some decorations for the surprise I had in store for her!

So, after about an hour or so I returned to the 15th and got my girl her own room.  After all it was her birthday and she needed to have some serious cock in that room!  I received a text from her stating that she was about a half mile away, with that I thought what could I do to surprise her?  So me being the little instigator that I am, rounded up the men that were there that I sorta was introduced or had knowledge of for a special welcome.  I told only about 3 or 4 men that I would unlock her room and they were to get butt naked and sit in there and when I opened door they can sing happy birthday.
I went out front and waited for her, and waited, and waited.  FINALLY she showed at about 7:10.  Knowing that I had a room of naked men I needed her to get moving to the back but she was talking and visiting....finally I get her to the back and just as I turned corner (MUCH to MY amazement), there was a hallway (men on both sides) and a room with about 7 men in there.  As we walked down the hall they all sang Happy Birthday (if you guys are reading this THANKS!!!). 

OK, so as they are doing this I had to become the bitch I am not.  There was a man in there that I had a run in with about 2 weeks prior, and told him he was done.  KNOWING what type of person him to be, I told him he was out of there and he wasn't playing.  He left but tried to sneak back in when my back was turned (thanks crew for cock-blocking him).  SIDE NOTE:  IF YOU MESS WITH ME LIKE HE DID YOU WILL NOT HAVE FUN WHEN I AM THERE.  HE WAS RUDE, AND THOUGHT MY RULES AND RULES OF ESTABLISHMENT WERE ABOVE HIM. 

So, I told her Happy Birthday, now get to servicing my friends!  She immediately jumped into action getting naked and asking the masses where they wanted her.  Knowing the line of men which was about 15 I needed some too.  So I went next door to my room and we both serviced all the men in a timely fashion.

OK, this momma was a tired person and needed a rest!  So I let her continue with the men, I took a shower and would periodically check in on her.  She was perfectly fine.  Soon regular "B" showed up and went back into her room for some alone time.  Now jump to 8:30 and notification that my play partner was on his way back to the establishment.

He showed up, gave him the low down of the last hour or so and we started lightly playing.  Took a shower and decided to go to Theater, on the way there we ran into "D" and told him where we were heading.  My partner and I started playing nicely in the theater waiting for my girl and "B" to show.  No show so we invited "D" over to our area where I sucked him to completion.  We decided to go outside for a minute and instead started talking to management.

In walked in a couple, and immediately found out they were "JJ" from an earlier posting.  Introduced ourselves and found out they were new to environment and not sure what they did or didn't want to do.  As we were talking my girl, "T" and "B" came in as did regulars "L" and "J".  NOW there were 4 couples in the house on a Wednesday night, this is looking like a really promising way to end hump day!  And sure enough........OMG!!!!!

So we all go into the theater (some before others), and we wait for the others just having a good time.  And no, at this moment it wasn't sexual, we are very comfortable with each other as we have all played several times before together and sometimes we forget that there are others around us.  Thank goodness not too many other men, but we can get goofy and tonight was absolutely no exception.  We were making fun of the movie playing and because it was a party, "J" popped out the bubbles.  Someone on the outside I am sure thought we were all on something, but it was fun and funny and I think a great way to relax. 

Well, once all the couples showed up the play began!!!  I started sucking my partner - "T" was sucking "B" - and "L" was being fingered by "J" as she and I kissed.  LOTS of sucking going on and soon my partner wanted to fuck....just wasn't getting the right angle etc so I asked him if he wanted to go behind the screen.......Gosh what a great idea that turned out to be!!!!

When we proceeded to gather our stuff, the new couple "JJ" asked if they could join us.  Sure - so we went back there and eventually the whole couples section was behind the screen with the addition of 3 other men.  We kept door closed as it ended up being an impromptu private celebration with everyone fucking and sucking and switching partners etc.  One huge impromptu orgy on a Wednesday!!!!!

Who would have thought that much fun for Wednesday and I am sure that "T" had a really good birthday as well.



Doc here again... Just remember, this was a Wednesday (afternoon and night).  15th Avenue has a weekday stream of regulars that provides some vivid and fun times (at day or night). 

Thanks again to the sexy Liz for a great report!  Now, if we can only get her out of her shell.  ;o)


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