Field Report: The Berlin News Agency By Foxes Hound (w/pics)

Doc here with a great Field Report by first time contributor, Foxes Hound.  His hunting ground on this expedition is the Berlin News Agency, in West Berlin, NJ.

The Good Doctor could not ask for a more complete and thorough report than what Foxes Hound has submitted.  This should serve as a template for anyone wishing to submit a Field Report, because FH knocked it out of the park.

Enjoy, and please, take notes.


Berlin News Agency
Adult Bookstore with Arcade, Theater
520 North Route 73
West Berlin, NJ  08091-2509

Foxes Hound here-

Where else can you get the morning newspaper, a sports magazine, your porn mags, adult toys, and DVDs and some sex all under 1 roof? I use to escort a friend of mine to here, a legend, when she started going. Nobody left not liking what they saw and did.

Admission is $10 for single males,  M/F couples and females are free.   Open 24 hours a day, with a 5 am to 6 am shut down of theater to clean up. ( A job I will pass on, lol), 7 days a week.

Berlin News Agency Booths
Buddy booths = yes. There is a set of two video booths that are separated by Plexiglass so you can watch each other. The booths are situated in an angled format. There is one in the second row that has a Plexiglas viewing area that can be seen from a booth in the last row. Most of the booths are roomy enough for 2. You could do almost anything in them.

This place has a great setup. The clerks don't bother you at all. The layout in the main theatre consists of about 8 rows of 6 seats each, with theater type seats.  Also, there are 3 rows of bleacher type seats in the back.  They were showing straight porn.

Berlin News Agency Theater
In addition, there are several rooms with walls that are about 50 inches high and an open doorway, with benches along the walls. Two of the rooms have a padded platform in the middle. The doorway is nice as when enough gents get in the room, I use to stand in doorway to control the crowd inside. Once they saw I was making sure my friend was having a good time this way, they obey and caught on  1 out of area means 1 more inside area and friend.

Gents will always respect you and your woman's wishes. YOU run the show, they will hover a bit, but they will back up and make sure you are comfortable.  If you are having a problem with someone crowding a word said out loud and the offender will move or be chastised by others to move back.

Nice times are usually 6 to about 8:30 PM and after 11 PM. The most visitors show up at 9 to 11 PM to play. Once word gets out more guys will show up and this is done by people texting friends a willing player is there. This helps save on the cost of going in and out as only couples can re-enter if right clerk is on.

One person said "Girls, if you can't find a cock to suck, you ain't looking."

There is a Yahoo Group, & a Twitter and Facebook account as well. You may find gay play going on too.

Berlin News Agency aka BNA

From the South/Southwest:
Take US I-295 North to the NJ Route 70 exit.
Follow NJ Route 70 to the junction of NJ Route 73
Turn  onto  NJ route 73 South for a good five miles on your right.

From the North/Northwest:Take US I-295 south to exit 36A
Follow NJ Route 73 South past the junction of NJ Route 70.
Stay on NJ route 73 South for a good five miles on your right.

From the Betsy Ross Bridge:
Stay on the road you get dumped on as this will become NJ 73 and follow for about 8 miles.

From NJ Route 73New Jersey Route 73 crosses Cooper Road (traffic light). After this watch for Good's Furniture and Wendy's (on the right), you're getting close. BNA is just past a Texaco gas station and a STS Tire & Auto on the right. FYI the Red Barn Adult Book Store is on the left (northbound side).  The Berlin News Agency is in a what looks to be a house converted to a retail business located in West Berlin, a few hundred feet east of the Berlin NJ - Vorhees NJ border.

If you pass WAWA on your right then a Wal-Mart on your left you just passed it by about 1000 feet on your right. There is a traffic light at WAWA to ease turning around.

- Foxes Hound


Doc here again... Let's give a standing O to Foxes Hound for a 5-Star Field Report.  This is how it is done, along with the pics and directions.  We look forward to the next report from our newest reporter, Foxes Hound.

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal? Just e-mail Quatto The Good Doctor at I will edit and format the report for you, and you get all the glory!

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