Flash Report! A Night for the Ages @ The Paris Theater - Part 2 by The Editor

Doc here with Part 2 of The Editor's "Night for the Ages" Flash Report from Portland's Paris Theater.

Take it away sir...


After the action of he 3 very hot couples was done, I normally would have headed home as even another "normal" encounter would be a let down.  Brent and I had talked earlier about how many hours we've both spent watching bad porn and waiting, waiting, waiting...

Writing part 1, was more a case of trying to remember and report the choreography than to describe the many intense moments. It would take pages to adequately describe each titillating scene. This part of the story has one 1 primary actor and was a more intimate experience.

After the big show, no one had high expectations, but the crowd had not thinned much.  A 30-somthing couple came in. She really did look like Monica Lewinsky, very pretty, tall, not a twig, just filled out very nicely. They started to play and it was intense. Her top was opened and quickly off; white soft tits were pulled out of her bra. Nice ones! They complemented each other verbally. She blew him and he ate her, removing her panties and giving us all a glimpse. She's a practical girl: trimmed not shaved. I don't think they actually fucked, but the play was intense, heated, pulling clothes, tightly groping and squeezing their intimate parts. Loud. Satisfying. From the conversation, I'm not sure I'd call them BF/GF as they didn't seem to "know" each other very intimately; it was more discovery.

Another couple was there watching. He was a bear of a guy with thick facial hair.  She had big saggy tits, with which he played, while looking at Monica and slowly getting in a bigger grope. "BF" at this point seemed to have a very urgent need to pee, hastily got dressed and went to the head, while Mr Bear was becoming increasingly familiar with Monica. Then BF went outside for a smoke.

It didn't take long for Bear to be eating Monica followed shortly by him screwing her, legs sticking up, her heals still on. Bear btw, is not entirely equipped like a fierce-some wild animal. BF was smoking outside for a long time but I lost track (and interest in him). Monica stood and was happily taking it from the rear, with the p'galley getting in a few free gropes. When they were done, Monica stood for a moment then walked to the rail. Hands were all over her and she was loving it. Clearly this was a new and huge step for her. She was really enjoying all the attention. "Someone" suggested she come down to the front table and several members of the gallery said she should go. After thinking about it for 3 seconds, she said "YES" and the crowed went wild rushing to the front. The clerk got a clean sheet and towel which was quickly spread out for her. She lay on her back and said "I want hands all over me" which was quickly fulfilled. She has really nice tits and smooth soft white skin. Her moans were loud as she was being fingered and rapidly rose to a big O.

Two lucky guys guided her hands to their cocks and she stroked them. A line was forming at the end of the table. Monica was loving the attention and just kept going. She directed traffic and selected a few guys to fuck her (safely). She responded vocally and physically to each welcoming the physical attention, relishing it. She gave several blowjobs to thankful recipients. At one point, she asked for a DP but settled for a finger in the ass while she was riding a guy. Then she had her ass fucked. A handsome black man with a big cock screwed her and drove her wild. When the action wore down, her BF had disappeared and kind soul gave her a ride (home perhaps?)

I've probably not done justice to this fine young lady. On what I would guess was her virgin night at the Paris, she went from 0-200%. The fact that she was sober and had no one coercing her was great. This was all about her discovering her limits. She may have a little trouble walking straight today, but now she knows what its like to play hard and be the center of attention. All evidence is that she had a good time and I hope she comes back for more.  Thanks Monica! You were great and we are all glad to have helped you explore.

While the 3 couples constituted a tremendous night, adding Monica made it an extraordinary night. This has raised my personal bar so high, I should think about getting out while at the top.

My personal thanks to Brent for filling in some holes IN MY MEMORY. Any other "thank yous" will have to come from the respective hole owners.


Doc here again... A HUGE thank you to The Editor for two great Flash Reports on last weekend at The Paris Theater in Portland, OR!  Bravo sir!

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Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report

Doc here, poking my head out of the foxhole long enough to present to you Bob in Biloxi's weekly report from the beautiful Gulf Coast.

Robert?  Take it away...


Hi Doc,

Last night was perfect weather for playing. I don’t know the reason why, but it seems like on perfect nights to play, there is no playing. A question for the ages I guess. Last night however, was different, there were players and first timers.

Down at the ABS there was one lady who graces the store once in a blue moon, but when she does she does it up right. She is very small, brunette, very attractive and always dresses the part. Last night she had on a gray skirt, black plunging blouse and high heels. She favors Jennifer Aniston in the face somewhat but she’s probably a lot nicer.

The ABS was not yet crowded with the usual suspects (cock blockers and confused folks) so it was only occupied by happy fellows who had no interest in her at all.  Since I’ve been with her before I kept her modus operandi in mind:  she and her fellow will go to a booth, then the only thing I can come up with to describe what she does, is she’ll do a cock inspection. If she likes it, she will direct you to a booth with no holes (these are also slightly larger but not by much). Once inside, she becomes a little tiger-cat, all bets are off, and she is in charge.

So once we were in a booth, she drops to her knees and starts sucking, (she is good at it too). She will suck as long as you want or if you want to fuck all you do is lift her up and she will turn around with a smile on her face. Being as short as she is, she has to bend over with her legs almost together, if she spreads them, you have to be about 3 feet tall to access her pleasure. Sometimes she will even get on a chair to fuck. I wrote about that in the past and was amazed at her engineering skills.

This time however, I told her I wanted to lick the kitty. It's shaved and very clean, and it also smells so good!! I can tell you she is vocal and seemed to be pleased with the effort, in fact she had some trouble standing afterward. (yes I did pat myself on the back).  She then stated as a matter of fact she needed some cock now. I wish I could put into words her smile, but it was like a lioness about to move in for the kill. I then asked if I could sit down and she ride me. Another smile!!!

She mounted up and rode this poor reporter like a rodeo star. That was a different way to have sex in an ABS, at least for me. I said my thank you’s all around and they went into another booth, one of the scouts was able to secure a blow job, then they left shortly after that.

Down at the Gulf Coast Theater, two couples had come in, so I went down to check that out. One was a blonde (late 20’s?) that had been in a few times. This night however, they didn’t do anything. Seems some people can’t follow the “No cell phone rule” and were standing in clear view against the wall. It seemed they were oblivious to anything except what they were texting/receiving. Highly annoying, against the rules as well, so that put a damper on anything that may have wanted to get started.

I kept noticing the blonde look at the texters every once in awhile, so I’m sure that had something to do with it as well. The other female in the couple only likes to see guys jack, so that’s her entertainment. Disgusted at the behavior, I went back down to the ABS, the blonde couple from the theater came in, and she was staring at the back. One problem, the usual suspects had arrived, the cock blockers and confused folks would stare back at her with all the desperation they had in them. It failed and they left. I don’t know what happened to the “smile”, but if it was in attendance last night, that may have been an ice breaker?

Another couple arrived as they were leaving, she was older (40’s?) with an older man (70’s?). She wasn’t dressed to play, which always sends up signals to me. They went in a booth, she was seated, something about them just didn’t seem right to me. I exited the booth and waited, one of the desperate fellows went in and was almost knocked down by a cock blocker. When I came out, I overheard him telling another desperate fellow the old man was sucking and jacking the wall dick. So I’m glad that bell went off for me.

About closing time at the theater, a very nice looking lady came in with her fellow. She was probably 40, dressed in a modified halter top and scarf and blue jeans. They went to the back couch and started making about, when fat black guy came and sat next to them. They asked him to move and he did, (about 2ft away onto another chair). The couple then started to make out, he was rubbing her tits and kissing (reminded me of what you did in the backseat of a 60 Chevy), but I was patient and soon her top was down (nice rack btw) followed by her jeans, (that revealed a matching gray bra and boy shorts) and she started sucking him. Then he ate her in kind.

And just as it seemed she was warmed up, the fat guys cell phone rung and yep, he answered it, and started yucking it up with whomever was on the other end. Fucking dumbass, that killed the action for the couple. She pulled up her jeans, replaced her top and they left. I guess there’s a reason you can’t kill stupid people, but I’ve not found that reason yet. It’s a real shame a couple of morons will screw it up for everyone else, but that’s the way it is sometimes. I can however keep my fingers crossed the idiot and texters don’t return.

That’s it for the beautiful Gulf Coast Doc, Brent is killing my ass in your poll, but he deserves it. He is the master in this thing of ours. Until next weekend Doc!!!



Doc here... Thanks Bob for another great report from the Gulf Coast!

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Flash Report! The Return of Moaning Lisa

Hi Doc!

Doc here with the return of my good friend to The Journal, Moaning Lisa.

This is a hot report folks, so give yourself some quality time reviewing all the details of this 5-Star effort.

Also, please send some good vibes Moaning Lisa's way as she recovers from surgery.  Get better soon, you crazy kid.

Hi Doc,

Sorry to be away so long.  This is a really overdue report from January.  The venue of course, is 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL.  My hubby J and I planned on meeting our friend Sassy at the club.   She walked in looking hot, wearing a slinky one-shoulder dress, and killer heels... definitely dressed for play!   We rented a private room in the spa, as we intended to have some serious fun that evening.
We all went to the theater first, starting out in the couple's section, but quickly moving to the front row for more space.  Sassy & I were in a groove that night, sucking cock after throbbing cock, but taking time to kiss & play with each other as well...

Sassy had confided in me earlier that day that she intended to go down on me that evening.  She admitted she was nervous because it was her first time, and didn't want to disappoint me.  I reassured her that she would take to it like a duck to water,  and when the opportunity presented itself, she dove in as if she was a seasoned veteran!   She is a natural....

Eventually,  Sassy's friend B showed up and took her back to the room for a good, long finger-banging.  I followed and as he pleasured her,  I was kissing her deeply, caressing her voluptuous tits, and sucking on her hard nipples.  She was being loud, as B brought her close to the edge, then backed off.  She asked us to open the door, so anyone could watch if they wanted.  Of course,  the gang in the hallway was more than grateful as Sassy started to shudder and moan as she climaxed.

A little later in the evening, one of my favorite playmates showed up.  D is a handsome, tall guy, a few years older than me.  We have had a few memorable theater encounters, where he displayed his impressive oral skills.   I asked him to come back to room with us, and he happily obliged.  While Sassy & J kissed and fondled, D held me from behind, and whispered "I want you feel you squirt all over my hand".  He slid his fingers into my eager pussy, and began working my G spot.  It only took a few moments for the gush to begin, soaking his hand, the bench, the floor. 

As I recovered from my orgasm, D began to go down on Sassy.  I pulled out a condom, and rolled it onto D's cock with my mouth.  I sucked him for a while, until another single guy joined us, and replaced D's tongue with his cock.

By now, I had J's cock out, and was bending over at the waist, pleasuring him with my mouth.  D cozied up behind me, sliding a few fingers into my swollen pussy, and one in my ass.  I was worked up to a fevered pitch, and began grinding back on his hand while I sucked J bareback (yeah, I KNOW he's my husband, but bareback is still hot!).  After a few minutes, D slid his hard prick deep into me, and I moaned loudly.  He had his big, strong hands on my ass, squeezing and occasionally giving it a slap as he pounded me.  I was in heaven!  J started to cum in my mouth, as D shot his load deep in my pussy.  We had to leave shortly afterward, feeling very happy and satisfied.   Sassy stayed on and closed the place. 

Sorry I wasn't very observant of the other ongoings in the theater or spa that night... I was obviously a little preoccupied!  Hope you enjoyed the adventure as much as I did....

Moaning Lisa


Doc here again... It is so good to have Moaning Lisa back in the fold here at The Journal.  Moaning Lisa is a very naughty girl, and you have to look no further than the above report to discover this.  Thanks again for the great report, and have a speedy recovery!


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Flash Report! Part 1 - A Night For The Ages At The Paris Theater by The Editor

Doc here with Part 1 of a 2-part report from senior reporter, The Editor.  I was receiving reports during Saturday night, and it sounded like one of those nights that you never forget.

Here is The Editor and his Flash report from Portlandia.


On a recent night, the stars aligned perfectly.  That was not at all evident in Portland with cold rainy skies.  Saturday afternoon at the Oregon Theater was a bust and there were no afternoon flags at the Paris.  I stopped in the Paris Theater about 5pm just to check in and what a surprise, Brent was standing guard duty in the lobby.  We had a nice brief chat as there was Couple #1 inside the theater.  She was a very pleasant 30's BBW, who was naked on the arena table down front. They had stopped in for some playtime and then were on their way.

Brent and I headed to a quick dinner, then on to the O as we thought action there would start earlier.  There were about 20 guys at the O with the only action was M:M as expected.  After the better part of an hour reminiscing, there was a red flag posted at Paris, so off we go about 8pm.  Couple #2 was middle aged wearing a costume consisting of a white collar with plaid tie and a matching string bikini bottom.  She was solid with nice large breasts.  She was selecting lucky members of the audience for intimate encounters at the entrance to the couples area.

About 8:45 couple #3 arrived.  He was 40's tall, average size, she was 30's tall, longer straight hair, thinner with B size boobs, although they were not immediately evident. They had barely been settled when couple #4 arrived.  They were a shorter trim couple who looked a bit like tourists who wandered in and weren't going to be staying long, but they headed down to the lockers in front and started stashing their coats.  Then she changed from her rain suit pants into a skirt and short lace top.  This turned out to be Handy Pete and Nicole, as advertised!  After quick introductions, they made their way to the rapidly filling couples section.

Very quickly C3 and C4 both got active with their partners. The important parts were quickly exposed to the approving audience.Things moved along nicely and the p'gallery was enjoying the very explicit show. It's difficult to describe the action, but tongues were active and positions exchanged. It was also evident that there was interest between C3 and C4 with tentative touches between them. Before long, the men switch partners and the fun continued. Every eye was glued to the ladies.

Things were going well when couple #5 arrived. They were a late 20's taller trim couple. With the heavy action going on just inches away, they had to play catch-up or take a relative backseat. They chose catch-up! She quickly shed her top and bra proudly showing the crowd her nice pointy tits. They both were being very physical and passionate with lots of pulling and mostly playful slapping. She was soon stripped of her jeans and blowing him. This caught them up with their active neighbors.

Soon all 3 couples were banging hard. C5 involved a lot of ass slapping and got a primitive animalistic nearly violent hard banging thing going on. From my vantage point in the annex, all 3 were going strong and it was incredibly hot action with all 3 couples reaching climax about the same time. It's likely that some audience members contributed to the moment.

As things appear to settle down, when Ms 3 was led, naked, to the arena table by the stage.  98% of the audience followed close behind.  She laid on her back on the table with her man fingering her; the few lucky gallery members had a good time playing and pleasing her.  Mr 3 invited "qualified" members to partake of the prize. 

Pete and Nicole were watching the scene. He asked me to "watch out for her" while he ran to the lobby. My not speaking French was no impediment to performing my duties, except Nicole had a mind of her own. Without a word, she made her way through the crowd and flopped up onto the table beside Ms 3. The gallery took that as an open invitation and the mood ratcheted up a couple of notches. When Pete returned and I explained that she took off on her own, he was not surprised and I was relieved. Her petite stature and apparently shy nature are 100% deceiving.

Did I mention both ladies are HOT? The ladies were real crowd pleasers and took care of the crowd. Caressing the breasts of one then the other was quite enjoyable. Every one had a wonderful time. The ladies needed a break and the couples returned to the safety of the back area. They were not, however, completely exhausted and took the opportunity for another round of relatively private playing.

Couple #5 was pushed into the corner near the entrance to the private area. She was wearing a long striped knit skirt.  After watching the action, she got down to blow her man, this evolved into her stripping and them screwing just as the now swapped C3 and C4 were doing. C6 sat possibly terrified and certainly overwhelmed. She had on a short pleated skirt so they might have had something less radical in mind, but they were out of their league this night.

A few other couples came in and enjoyed the show.  The hot couples looked so good and the action was so hot, that even regular couples recognized the level of this evening was off the charts. 
Now it was nearly 1am and C3 packed up. Pete and Nicole were beat as they were several time zones away from home, so they called it a night. They are both nice normal folks, highly recommended!
Just when the spectacular night appeared to be wrapping up, things looked up.

More to come...


Doc here again... The Paris is THE #1 adult theater destination in the US, and reports like the one above are the main reason why.  Between the solid action at the theater, top notch reporting by Brent, floyd, and visiting reporters like The Editor and Bob in Biloxi, make The Rose City top shelf.

Part 2 will be posted online later this week.


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First Time At An Adult Theater: Chapter 19 - The Watcher @ CTs Adult Theater

Doc here with another chapter of "First Time at an Adult Theater". First time contributor The Watcher adds his voice to The Journal...

You will notice that The Watcher and The Back Row Reporter have reported on the same hot evening at CTs.  I always enjoy the multiple takes on the same evening.

Enjoy The Watacher's First Time...


Hey Doc!

I've been a fan of your blog for a little while now, and always knew I would someday get to experience the thing we do. CT's was my target, but I lived a little too far away to make the trip. Well, that recently changed, and I moved to about 40 minutes away from CT's Adult Superstore in Gary, IN.

This last Friday was my first night at CT's and there was no action to speak of, but I was told that Saturday would be more action packed, so I was ready to return the next night.

CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
There was a couple scheduled to arrive at 1am, but I heard that there was more action going on earlier, so I headed out and arrived around 9:30.   I happened to walk in at the same time as a couple.  She was a little heavy, but attractive - wearing glasses.  We'll call her the librarian.

First, let me say that CT's wasn't what I was expecting in terms of size or layout.  The theater is quite small and intimate, with only 16 seats available and the table up front for group play. 

I took a seat in the theater, with about 8 other guys, and soon the couple was sitting in the row in front of me.  The librarian saw a guy she already knew (from a previous visit) and he smiled at her and patted the table up front - inviting her to get the action started.  She smiled, stood up, and went to lay on the table.

That was all the cue everyone needed - she was surrounded. 

Now Doc, I consider myself to be polite, respectful, and responsive to what the woman wants.  I heard the Librarian tell everyone that she likes to have slow satisfying sex - and NOT to be swarmed.  I noticed that there was no one standing up at the top of the table, above her head - so I stood there and began caressing her hair, rubbing her shoulders, and kissing her occasionally on the forehead and cheek.

She really responded to this and started holding my hands.  Her hands were soon on my cock.  She turned over. While her husband started fucking her from behind and many of the other guys groped her, she started sucking my cock.  

After a few minutes of this, I could tell she wanted to fuck me.  As her husband used a tiny flashlight to examine my manhood (checking for cleanliness) I heard the Librarian tell him that I had a gorgeous cock.  I was certainly glad to be "picked out" from the crowd to be the first of many strangers to fuck her.

The discussion between the Librarian and her husband seemed to quietly center around whether or not I should use a condom.   Let me digress for a moment and explain that I always play safe unless it's a more private party with participants who know each other well and are all certified clean and healthy.  I also can't "finish" in a condom - but that's OK.  It allows me to play for longer periods of time, and I don't mind playing without cumming. 

After a brief discussion, I slipped on a condom and began fucking the Librarian from the foot of the table.  I knew I wouldn't cum, and didn't want to be a hog, so after a few minutes I pulled out, bent down and began exploring her with my hands and mouth.  I absolutely LOVE to find out what makes a woman cum - and there's no better way than exploring her with your hands and mouth to see how she responds. 

After a couple of minutes downstairs, I stood back up, put my cock back in her, and fucked her hard for another couple of minutes. 

I pulled out, kissed her on the cheek and thanked her.  I don't know if she thought I came or not, but of course I hadn't.   I stepped away from the crowd and watched as the action continued. 

Over the next 30-45 minutes I came in and out of the theater to see how things were progressing. It seemed like she was only fucking her husband and playing a little with the other guys gathered around the table. 

She finally dressed, and the couple came out of the theater for a break. 

Another couple arrived, and the guys were all gathered around this new couple in the theater, but nothing was happening.  One of the guys speculated that this new couple was waiting for the Librarian and her husband to get the action going again.  The Librarian said "well, I don't want to disappoint them."

They returned to the theater, sat in the front row (with me next to them) and began watching the movie.  After a couple of movie changes (the Librarian is picky about what turns her on) her husband masturbated himself to an orgasm which the Librarian took in her mouth and swallowed. 

Then, rather abruptly, she stood back up, took off her dress, and was back on the table. 

I found a place along side of the table near her head, and this time around she seemed less picky.  While I stood there, she fucked at least 3 or 4 different guys while sucking on a cock across from me.  The whole time she kept her right hand either on my cock or holding my hand.  After the guy across from me blew his load in her mouth, she turned her head toward me and began sucking me again. 

After several minutes of this, she seemed a little frustrated by the antics of the guy fucking her at the moment - he was ordering her around too much.  She changed positions, and I stepped away - knowing I wouldn't finish, and wanting to give other guys a chance.

The 1am couple never showed up, but it was still a great experience for my first time (actually second time) in an adult theater.  I hope to become a regular correspondent.

The Watcher


Doc here again... Thanks to The Watcher for an excellent First Time report, and we are looking forward to many more from him.

The Good Doctor is still in need of adult theater reports.  Just send them along to me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and I will do the rest for you: Edit, format, and even drop in a pic or two. You get the byline and the glory.

That is how it runs here at The Journal.  Jump on board.


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Flash Report! The Back Row Reporter on CTs Adult Theater in Gary

Doc here with a dynamite Flash Report from senior reporter, The Back Row Reporter. The action at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN still gets white hot, especially on weekends.  This was the case on Saturday night 2/18, and BRR was there to report. 

Here is his report...


Hi Doc,

Here's my latest report - The Return of the Sexy Librarian.

The past Saturday night we had an unannounced visit from the Sexy Librarian.  I'm not sure why she got this nickname but I think it's because she's got a certain look about her.  She wears glasses, she's definitely sexy, and she easily could be your local teacher or librarian.  Now the last time I saw her was back in September (09/02/11).

You may find that report on page:

I've been told she's actually been back a few times since then but I missed her.  So I'm calling this report (The Return of the Sexy Librarian). For a quick flashback, that night was the night she really got wild.  That was the 2nd time I'd seen her and on that night she ended the night as a bareback slut having decided to have the guys go bare.  Check out that previous report - it was a wild night.

Jessi (is a Bad, Bad Girl)
Well on this night there were posts for Jessi the Bad Girl (CT's glory hole queen), a couple for a gangbang at 10:30pm, and another couple for a gangbang at 01:00am.  So it was quite a promising night in the making.  Alas, as so often happens the night didn't shape up that way.  First there was a re-post stating the 1am was now a 2am gangbang.  Well that's about the time CTs closes.  So the hopes started to dim for that one. 

But there was still the 10:30pm gangbang to look forward to.  And for the gloryhole fans there was Jessi.  Jessi is a regular at CTs and she's got her own fan club there.  In fact Jessi posts here on this blog and she usually features lots of pics. So check out her previous posts.

I've never seen her in the theater so I can't report on her except from others comments.  And apparently she a pleaser.  But be forewarned that Jessi is a bareback slut and she only does the gloryholes.  Now we all know the particulars to not being able to see who's doing what to you and that's not everyones cup of tea.  So I cannot report on her directly.  But on this night Jessi paid a visit to the theater and got busy in there.  It would have been great just to see her in action but unfortunately she'd left before I got there. 

But surprise!  The Sexy Librarian was there hosting a crowd.  She wasn't fucking or playing when I got there but there was a crowd of guys paying rapt attention to her.  Apparently she's already played some and was taking a break and talking to the guys.  There was one particular short white guy who looked as if he'd fallen in love.  Really, when she got up and left the theater he followed so closely behind that he was almost blocking her fella.  It was quite a sight since her fella is kinda on the meek side.  The Librarian is clearly the dominant one in this couple.  At one point telling her fella to return to the theater after as he was following her out as she went to ask for a different movie to be shown.  So her fella returned to stand watch and wait while the short white fella chased after her.  This couple has an interesting dynamic as evidenced in my 09/02/11 post.

CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
Later (I suppose it may have been around 11pm) another couple came in.  They sat in the 2nd row and watched the porn movie.  She was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.  And their posture did not suggest that they were interested in playing.  So the guys stayed a reasonable distance leaving one seat empty between them and the anyone.  No one crowded them.  A couple guys got their dicks out and stroked them while looking in her direction.  A clear signal but the couple didn't show any signs of being the least bit interested.  They got up without any interaction with the crowd except to comment on the porn movie (it was particularly bad).  And they left and didn't return.  I overheard a CT staffer saying that they were the 10:30pm gangbang couple but that's hard to believe because this couple showed absolutely no interest in having a gangbang.

Anyway, the Sexy Librarian had returned before they left and after a bit she got back on the table and back into action.  She always dresses sexy and I wish I had a picture of her to share. Speaking of which there was a black guy with a flash light and cell phone camera taking pics/vids.  I've seen this guy before and that's all he seems to do is take pics and shine his flash light.  I guess that's ok but it would be better if he asked first.  After all most of us prefer to keep our anonymity in this thing of ours.  At one point the Librarian's fella asked to see what pics he was taking.  It was a video without faces.  But who knows if that's the only pics he took.  Really I wish these guys would consider everyone else before clicking away without asking.

So the Librarian is fucking and sucking and everyone is having a good time when one guy blasts all over her boobs.  Not a problem she didn't mind at all.  But then that short white fella (the one who found the love of his life) started licking her boobs clean of the cum some other guy just laid down.  Well to each his own but it was different to say the least.  But if you are in this thing of ours for awhile eventually you see just about everything.  Later he was eating her pussy, bragging about his multiple (pure gold) piercings which included a dick piercing, and practically crowding other guys out on his side of the table.  Geez, but she seemed to like him as they kissed several times.  Hey if it keeps the party going then I guess it's ok.

Anyway, at some point a black fella approached without a condom and I believe he got started before her fella asked to see him.  He pulled out and the Librarian's fella told him that he need to use a condom.  He stepped away and put on a condom and another black fella stepped up, wrapped up, and started banging away.  The Librarian seemed to really like this guy.  She asked him to take his shirt off, get comfortable, and give to it her.  Well he did.  They got completely on the table an banged away for a bit before he had to retreat.  Done in by the Sexy Librarian.  We do like our ladies freaky at CTs.

The Sexy Librarian left after servicing just about everyone there who stepped up.  There are always some guys there just to watch.  I enjoy the voyeur aspect too but I usually wanna get in on the action as well.  That's why I like CTs.  When ladies get on that table it's to be fucked.  At some theaters it's more about putting on a show and the theater crowd just get to watch.  At CTs the chance of actually getting into the action is better.  If you wanna just watch then that's ok too.

The 1AM or 2AM couple gangbang couple had not shown up by about 12:45 so I left.  But I kept looking at my cell phone for a new post saying that they showed up.  I was ready to turn around and hurry back but that post never came.  I've heard from one of the dedicated guys that stayed around until closing that they never showed.  So all in all it was a good night with the CTs own gloryhole queen Jessi doing her thing in the booths and then stopping by the theater for some action.  And the Sexy Librarian making an surprise visit and doing her thing.  Too bad about the 2 couples that didn't show but that's how it is.

So it was a good night.  Not as good as advertised but thanks to both Jessi and the Sexy Librarian still a really good night.

A couple words of advice:

For guys:  When in doubt always ask with regard to condom use.  The Sexy Librarian couple is a classic example.  Usually it's condoms required.  But for at least one night it was the Librarian saying the hell with the condoms let's fuck.  She did that non verbally but quite knowingly.  But on this night it was condoms required.  One can easily understand how a fella could get it wrong.  After all, some care, some don't care, and some (like Jessi) wanna go bare.  But again, when in doubt always ask.
For ladies/couples:  Be clear about your wants and requirements.  Don't leave it to the decision making of the crowd.  Always tell the crowd what the deal is and remember to occasionally repeat the rules.  New guys are always joining the scene who may have not heard the original announcement.  Don't be shy about asking the guys to let new guys know the deal also.  It helps when the crowd polices itself.

Signing off from the back row,
Back Row Reporter (BRR)

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Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report

Doc here with this week's installment of Cruising The Coast with Bob in Biloxi.
Hey Doc,
The hits just keep coming. I got a call around 3pm from one of my scouts asking me when I was headed to the coast. He told me he’d been on scene since noon and had already received two blow jobs. I will tell you a monstrous weather front was passing through our area dumping untold amounts of rain. He seemed excited that the couples were stirring about to avoid a huge case of cabin fever. So with much anticipation I left home port around 5pm and was on station just after 7 pm. Yes, it was still coming down in buckets.
My first stop as always was the our little theater. I dropped off some stuff the owner wanted and while doing so spoke to the clerk, who said it had been dead all day. I ran into another scout who confirmed that, so I headed down the street to the ABS. I went inside and paid the 12 hour fee ($8.00) and asked the clerk if anything was moving in the back. He knows what I mean, and just said “not yet“. I retreated to the dry confines of the HD truck and waited.
About 8:30pm a fire lady appeared. I know this because their truck was decked with all kinds of fireman’s slogans and decals. They went inside and paid the fee and as in was the case last weekend, one of the cock blockers jumped into a booth beside me effectively sending the couple to another booth. As luck would have it, they were next to a scout, who peeked out the door after she serviced him to make sure it was me he was relinquishing the booth too. He had a big smile on his face and was shaking his head, so I’m getting the impression she’s got game. Good Job on his part, I do return the favor by the way, just the nature of our business here. So I peeked through the hole and she was blowing her guy.
I fed my cock through the hole and soon felt her wet mouth on my cock, she started out fast, FYI if a woman does that and I don’t say anything I soon become numb and nothing gets done. So I asked her to slow down, what happened next was like what I think it would be like to win the lottery. It seemed she went into worship mode, she used her tongue to swirl around my whole cock, gently taking in it her throat and moaning, next she would run her tongue along the entire length and make kissing noises on the head, slow and deliberate like she was on a mission.

This went on for a good 15 minutes, coaxing, edging and soothing to beyond a rigid stage. Finally sensing I was about to blow, she went deep in her throat as I unloaded a massive amount of Bob’s Special Baby batter that seemed to come from the top of my spinal cord all the way out my cock.
I could hear her giggling on the other side, she said wow, and that’s a compliment to me I think? I bent down to the hole and said “thank you ma am” (I always do, it’s the polite thing to do, and I’m a very polite guy) She said you’re very welcome, come back anytime. A very nice lady.
At about 11 pm I went down to the theater, and there was a guy who is a regular who brings his GF in all the time but this was a different GF. He’s kind of strange, in that he can go from hot to get his GF laid to “no touchy”. This GF was definitely dressed to play, she was blonde, very tall (5’10?) in heels, black fuck me dress and wide fishnet body stocking. He played with her on the back couch for a few minutes before lifting her dress, revealing black panties.
They soon drew a crowd which shut her down, so they left and yep went down the street to the ABS. At cock blocker heaven they took a booth that soon was filled with, yep, you guessed it, cock blockers. At one point there were 5 cock blockers in the adjacent booth, all trying to peer through a 2 inch hole in the wall? Maybe he just wanted onlookers and no participation, if so, that’s exactly what he got. 5 Rocket polishers watching his cock fuck pussy. Each to his own through, I didn’t care I was already light on my feet and left around 11:30 pm for the two hour drive home. One of my scouts phoned and said they didn’t come out of their booth until 12:15am, 15 minutes after closing, and did nothing but show off and fuck between themselves. That’s a shame because she was an attractive lady, maybe next time?
That’s about it from the beautiful Gulf Coast Doc. Total couple count: Theater = 5 , ABS = 4.
Until next weekend, I will try and keep it between the ditches.


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New Poll @ The Journal: Who Are Your Favorite Journal Reporters?

Doc here with a new poll here at The Journal. This is Round 1 of "Who Are Your Favorite Journal Reporters?". All in all, the staff will put up 12 different senior reporters in 3 separate polls and get your opinion. You can vote for more than one reporter.

We will be starting off with the following senior reporters:
  • Bob in Biloxi
  • Brent in Portland
  • Gloryhole Nancy & T
  • The Good Doctor
You will find the poll on the right hand side of The Journal's home page. Thanks in advance for your participation.


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Smut for a Sunday Afternoon/Evening

Doc here with a few filthy images for your Sunday afternoon/early evening.  Consider it an early-bird special.  No coupons please.



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New Poll: Who Are Your Favorite Journal Reporters? - Round 1

Doc here with a new poll here at The Journal.  This is Round 1 of "Who Are Your Favorite Journal Reporters?".  All in all, the staff will put up 12 different senior reporters in 3 separate polls and get your opinion.  You can vote for more than one reporter.

We will be starting off with the following senior reporters:
  • Bob in Biloxi
  • Brent in Portland
  • Gloryhole Nancy & T
  • The Good Doctor
You will find the poll on the right hand side of The Journal's home page. Thanks in advance for your participation.


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Couple's Flash Report! M&S at The Art Cinema in Hartford (with 9 new pics!)

Doc here with another top-shelf Couple's Flash Report for their visit 2/17 from M&S from Hartford, CT.  You'll enjoy this one, or your money back.

Here we go!


Hi Doc,

It's M&S from the Art Cinema in Hartford. Another great night at the Art doing the thing we do.

We got there about 7:45pm, and there was already one couple up in the balcony. They stayed for a little over an hour but just got a little touchy feely. Total for the night was 9 couples!

Soon after we got there, got naked, and settled in, 2 other couples showed up. One we have known for about 10 yrs from nude sunbathing,and she is a class A moaner and groaner. Two of us couples started in putting on a good show of fucking and sucking while our sunbathing lady friend was making a lot of noise as her hubby was eating the hell out of her pussy.They usually put on a good show up in the balcony for the couples then go downstairs and put on a show for the guys.

We looked over the balconies edge when they were down there and saw no less than 12 guys jerking off as they put on a great show. After the sunbathing couple went downstairs, the other couple came up and sat next to us under the lights and continued to play.They know how to put on a great show too. During the evening a few other couples came in played for a while and left.

At one point we had both girls bent over and was fingering their pussies as we ate their asses.We exchanged e-mails so I could send them some of the pics they took for us and give her the link to your GREAT site. Hope to see them again at the Art.

Here are some pics of us in the balcony and 3 pics I took of "E" sucking her mans cock and balls. Hope you and the followers like the pics of the things we do.     



Doc here again... Now THAT is a great Couple's Flash Report!  Thanks again to M&S for reports that keep getting better and better.  Keep it up, guys!


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Teaser! New Gloryhole Nancy Pics and Report!

Doc here with a teaser report and pics from our good friends, Gloryhole Nancy and her guy, T.



Good evening Doc,

Just wanted to send some more pics of Nancy draining another cock at our private gloryhole. We've been avoiding the bookstores til things settle down, but our private hole has been busy (LOL).  Here's a couple teaser pics, more to follow soon.

Please remind your visitors that if they are in the Detroit/Toledo area and want to stop and experience Nancy's amazing cocksucker-of-a-mouth, then please follow the directions on our groups homepage.

It's that simple:)

T & N

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International Flash Report! Just Me Visits Beate Uhse in Munich, Germany

Doc here with a treat for you, the good readers of The Journal.  Fresh off his report from the Circus Cinema in Denver, Just Me has submitted this amazing report from Beate Uhse, and adult entertainment complex in Munich, Germany.

Here is Just Me and his awesome report.


Hello Doctor,

I just returned from an amazing eventing in Munich Germany. I am here on business and, as usual, decided to it the local sex kino (adult cinema) to if there was any action. Beate Uhse is interesting in that it is also a place to buy drinks and socialize in. It's very unlike places in the US since it seems to be a social hang out as well as a place to watch videos.

I arrived at about 9 PM and at the bar was a very attractive couple in their forties. The woman was stunning and dressed to attract attention in a very short black skirt and bright white blouse. She was busy chatting it up with some of the guys there but did give me at least a glance. Not knowing the routine, I just headed back to the theater area. They have about a dozen little viewing rooms with videos playing of all variety. It's all arranged in a maze so it's easy to get lost in the porn. 

The real Beate Uhse
Munich, Germany
I settled down in a nice area with a couple of oversized sofas and watched some amazingly hot porn. After about 10 minutes I heard the all too familiar sound of spiked heals on the floor. To my luck they seemed to be coming my way. My heart started beating quickly as I got hard just from the thought. The heals were getting closer...click, click, click, click. Then she turned the corner into my area, and it was not the woman from the bar. Instead it was another couple. She was about 30 with very dark hair. He was maybe 50.

They sat down on the sofa opposite me and started watching the video, at least he did. The woman never broke eye contact with me. Within a couple of minutes she leaned over to her boyfriend and whispered something in his ear. She stood up, walked over to me, and knelt in front of me. She pulled down my sipper and started sucking for all she was worth. She was absolutely amazing and was able to deep throat me all the way down! It was amazing..truly amazing. All the time her partner just sat there watching and jerking off.

I was trying to hold out for a possible fuck, but it was getting hard. She was way too good for that. I might have been successful in holding back but all of the sudden the cute blonde from the front bar appeared...and I did not even notice the click of her heals. Anyway, she was by herself and stood there watching the dark haired woman going down on me. I found it extremely hot to be watched by the blonde. Then she did something that made me blast down the throat of the the dark haired woman.

I was was watching the blonde, she looked over at me and lifted her skirt and started playing with herself!!! That as all I could take and came like a fountain. The dark haired woman took everything I had then slowly withdrew from my cock. As she moved back she smiled at me and then stood up. She walked over to her hubby and gave him a big kiss, then let my cum drop from her mouth to his. This was amazingly hot to me.

I was in such a daze that I did not notice that the blonde had left and gone back to the bar. I got up, zipped up, and said thanks to the dark haired woman and her hubby.

If you are in Munich you must try the Bate Uhse. It was HOT. It has everything needed for a great time...beer, porn, and couples. 



Doc here again... I guess I'll contacting my travel agent for deals for flight to Munich. Many thanks to Just Me for another oustanding report!

The Good Doctor is always in need for adult theater reports... Just e-mail your old Bloody Mary swiling buddy at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will do the rest. Edit? Check. Format? Check. Make you a rock star? That's up to you.


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Bulletin: It's HOT (and not in a good way) in Toledo

The Good Doctor is declaring a NO-UNZIP-YOUR-FLY ZONE in Toledo, OH.  Yes, that Toledo.

I have a trusted source who has informed me that the various ABSs in Toledo have been visited by the local authorities, and in one case an arrest was made.  The ABSs have become popular in recent times, and it may be a case they became too popular.

Be careful out there... And when in doubt, don't.


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Attention Portland! There Is Fun heading Your Way!

Attention Brent and all the Good Citizens of The Rose City! There will a storm by the name of "Nicole" that will be heading your way on 2/25, and may linger for two weeks.

How does The Good Doctor know this? I have my sources... And that source is the always entertaining Handy Pete.

Here are the details...


Bonjour Doc!

Pete here with a new twist on things. I think my slut girlfriend needs to graduate to the big leagues. We decided to go all out and take a vacation to Portland. We will be arriving in the Rose City on the 25th and I'm sure it won't takes us long to check into the hotel, grab a cab, and get started doing some really nasty stuff at the Paris.

I've been there before and am really looking forward to bringing my Nicole. She's a very horny slut! We'll spend hours playing around and getting things going. She loves it when a half-dozen guys start touching her body and fingering her wet pussy. After she squirts gallons of girl cum (hopefully a few gents will drink her cum), she'll be ready to take on the boys.

I usually get the lube out and get her cunt opened and ready. Her favorite is just lying back in the chair and pushing her pussy out for all takers. Hopefully a few red flags go out so we get plenty of takers... I love watching her get fucked. The best guys may even get to fuck her pretty little asshole. She's got an athletic body and loves having it used by all takers. Most of  the time I need to stay close-by and make sure the guys behave but the experienced crowd at the Paris might allow me to do some cunt poking myself if other ladies are present.

We'll be in town for 14 days so they'll be plenty of opportunities to fuck. She promised me I won't be disappointed !

So Portland, here we cum......à bientôt!
__handypete & nicole


So take that Portland... You are on notice for a tidal wave of Canadian goodness.  It's time to bring out the big guns and show Nicole why Portland is #1 for this thing of ours.

You are welcome.


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Flash Report! FreeSafety Reports from Little Rock, AR.

Doc here with a new reporter for The Journal, FreeSafety. FreeSafety had submitted an excellent first Flash Report from Little Rock, AR, and he has promised that this is just the first of many reports to come.

I think you will enjoy his writing style, as well as his level of detail in describing what exactly was going on inside the booths at the ABS he visited.  So here he is, wearing jersey #21, FreeSafety.


I have been a fan of The Journal for a couple of years now and really enjoy the stories about this “thing of ours”. I am very active in the lifestyle and travel around the country quite a bit with my job and I always make it a point to visit the ABS locations in every town I travel to.

I have several “reports” I can contribute including one I’ll send later about my first time in an ABS but I had an experience on  Saturday that I wanted to relate.

First, a little about me. I’m a former college athlete and I work for a company that does installs for one of the top providers of slot machines and video games in the world. I am 6-1,weigh 188 pounds with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. I just turned 28 year sold, and I have been working for this company for about three years.

My job involves doing the prep work and placement for the machines we provide and service, and a typical job can take two to three weeks to complete depending on the venue we are working. I have a crew of five that travels with me and does the actual work….I’m more of the “fixer”that supervises and takes care of any problems as they arise, which gives me a lot of free time when we are on the road.

We have been working in Arkansas at a racetrack/casino for the past few weeks. The town where the track is doesn’thave any ABS to speak of, but Little Rock is only a 30 minute drive away and there are several locations in the capital city, mostly ABS and novelty stores that have booths added on as almost an afterthought.

Last Saturday I visited the creatively named  Adult Arcade on 65th Street in southwest Little Rock and went there without many expectations. The establishment looks like it may have been a convenience store in a past like,with large boarded up windows across the front and a gravel parking lot that wraps from the front down the left side of the building.

When I arrived at about 6 p.m. there were seven cars in the front parking lot and a few more on the side. When you walk in the door there is a facade wall and when you come around the corner,there is a long counter with adult toys and accessories which faces a large,open area full of other adult items and a myriad of videos and  magazines for sell.

At the end of the counter through a curtained door are the coin-op booths and on the opposite side of the store are four private preview booths where you can check out a video before buying (fora fee). The establishment does have a traditional theater, which was a big disappointment.
When I walked in, there were five patrons in the store, all male, ranging in age from early 20’s to mid 50’s.After checking out the video section and sizing up the other patrons, I bought my coupons that activate the video booths and moved through the curtains. The booth area was well lit with booths down both sides of a hall, sixteen in all.

There were three black guys and one white older gentleman just standing around and three of the booths were in use.A quick inspection revealed that half the booths had glory holes while the others were cursed with solid walls.

Not being into guy-on-guy action, I made my way down to one of the private booths and inserted my coupon for my five minutes of viewing. Of course, there were some polite rattles of the doorknob and taps on the wall on both side of me while I was  in there, but when my five minutes were up I exited the booth and walked back out into the video area.

I had noticed that all of the guys that had been lurking in the hallway except for one had left and I expected them to be out front, but when I got out there the only people in the front of the store was the clerk and one other guy that I hadn’t seen who informed me to be careful in the back because there was an undercover cop in the both area. Turns out that I was the guy everyone thought was the police ( I do kind of have  have that “look”) and I joked with the clerk about it. He was pretty cool after I convinced him I wasn’t a cop and told me if I would hang round there  might be some action if I was willing to hang out.

I browsed videos for about 30 minutes with three or four guys wandering  in and out during that time. At a little before seven, it was just me and one other guy when the bell on the front door jingled and a couple that looked to be  in their mid-thirties walked in.

He was a little shorter than me and appeared to be Hispanic. Think a younger version of James Edward Olmos. She was5-5, blonde with big green eyes and a little extra padding but with a gorgeous face.  For comparison sakes, think of a younger, heavier version of Sharon Stone.  She looked to be about 36-25-34 and as wearing a black halter dress and knee high booths.

They looked around for a few minutes and then the guy went over to the counter. She was looking at dildos and I moved over to the aisle she was in and as I walked by , she made eye contact. When her guy came back over, he spoke with her for a second then took her arm and headed back toward the booth area. Just as they went through the curtain,he looked back and jerked his head indicated that they wanted me to follow.

Of course, the other guy that was in the store beat me back there and thinking I was going to have to deal with a cock blocker, but he guided her into a private booth and stood outside with his back to the door. The other guy eventually got the message and left ( I think he was looking for guy-on-guy) and as soon as he went through the curtain, the guy knocked on the door and Sharon let him into the booth. A few seconds later they both emerged and went across the hall to one of the booths with the gloryholes and as soon as the “occupied”  light went on I slid into the adjacent stall.

I barely had the door shut and peeked  through the hole and in the flickering reflection of the video screen, I could see she had already dropped to her knees and was working frantically on his zipper. When she finally got it down and he dropped his pants, she freed his smallish cock from his boxers, grabbed his hips and positioned him here I had a full side view of the action and,looking directly at the hole I was peeking through, winked before she took him in her mouth.

She sucked on him for about five minutes, during which he untied the top of her dress and let her heavy tits out of their confinement. He was fucking her mouth hard and with each thrust her tits would bounce up and down.  I could tell she was  enjoying the  performance because she kept looking over at the glory hole and smiling at me on the other side.

After about three more minutes of this, he pulled out of her mouth and started jacking off while jerking his head towards the glory hole . She moved around on her knees and placed two fingers through the hole, the international sign for “I’m about to suck you dry”.

I feed my throbbing cock though the hole (I’m just a little shy of eight inches) and she squealed a little as she took it in one of her hands and slowly started to stroke it back and forth.Within a few seconds, she had engulfed my flaming member in her mouth and as giving me a slow, deliberate and fully-throated  blow job. I have pretty good control, an shedidn’t seem to be in any particular hurry, I enjoyed her attention for several minutes before I started to feel my fluids starting to boil when I heard the door to their booth open and a gentle knock on mine.

It was her guy, and he wanted me to go over into the booth with her while he took up residence in my booth. We  made the switch and by the time I got into her booth, she was completely naked and it was pretty obvious that it was my turn to put on a show for him.

She was immediately back down on her knees and ll over my cock. She then pulled it out of her mouth and rubbed it allover her ample tits before leaning back and sliding it between them . With each stoke, my dick would slid between her tits and into her mouth and this went on for a few minutes until her partner slid through the hole “I want to see you fuck her…”.

Being an obliging kind of guy, grabbed the folding hair and moved it in front of her and lifted her leg closest to the hole, balancing her foot  on the seat and giving  him a clear view of the action. I slid my cock into her dripping slot and within a few  minutes she was moaning and pushing back against me as hard as she could with each stoke. I pounded her had for several minutes and I could feel her pussy starting to tighten around my dick and she started to say she “didn’t want to cum yet” so I pulled out.
She backed me against the chair and pushed me down, mounting me cowgirl style,  and within a few minutes she started to scream and shudder as her pussy milked my cock like a vacuum cleaner. She continued to ride my cock until she went completely limp, falling back  with her eyes rolled back in her head.

 Her partner shot his load though the  hole onto her leg as I pumped what felt like three gallons into her dripping hole. It all happened so fast that I didn’t even think about a condom, but I’m sure I probably would have blown it off at that point anyway. I usually don’t bareback in ABS, but sometimes guy tends to think with the wrong head.

Her partner came back around and rattled the doorknob and I let him in. He thanked ME (which was totally unnecessary because that’s the kind of guy I am) and she gave me a quick kiss after she pulled her dress back up. They left at the point without saying a word, but after I cleaned up and went out the front door he called me over to their car and took my phone number and said they would like to get together again in the future.

All in all, it was a very satisfying experience and not one I would have expected from my first impressions of the establishment. I’m sure that everyone thinking I was  cop and leaving probably had a lot to do with my good fortune. Even when we came out there was just a few other  guys in the store, and they were all lurking out in the front.

I went back Monday night hoping fora repeat, but no couples showed up. I did call my new friends and they are going to meet me Thursday afternoon at the racetrack and we’re going to see what it leads to.

I love my job. And I love thing of ours.


Doc here again. Thanks to FreeSafety for an excellent rookie report.  I am looking forward to his next reports from the "Wide World of The Thing of Ours".

The Good Doctor still needs your adult theater reports.  Just e-mail me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and I will have them up in short order.  I will do the editing for you, and all you have to do is repovide the report and a pen name you wish to use.


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Flash Report! A Trampboy's 3-Way Intersection - Part 2

Doc here with Part 2 of A Trampboy's latest Flash Report.  Part 1 was posted Tuesday afternoon.

Now where were we?


Speaking of Tom, somewhere along the way he had shed his clothes and joined us on the bed and as we lay back catching our breath he drew a nipple into his mouth as his fingers found her pussy. She looked at me with an OMG expression and pulled my lips to hers in a fierce kiss. I broke the kiss and moved to her free nipple as she began breathing more heavily. I looked up into her eyes as she watched our two mouths at her breasts and saw her eyes widen as Tom moved down to taste her for the first time.

I moved up and offered my cock to her lips as she greedily sucked me in moaning deeply as Tom continued eating her. She reached out and took his hard cock in her hand and stroked him as she sucked me, he continued eating her pussy like a man possessed, his moans joining hers. It all became too much for Dee who after yet another screaming orgasm begged for us to leave her alone for a minute so she could catch her breath and collect her wits. I could tell she was wearing out, not ready to quit but wearing out none the less.

She moved over to make sure Tom had plenty of room and told him to lay back on the bed, taking his cock in her hand and stroking him slowly and softly as she kissed him. I moved behind her and slid completely into he rand just lay quietly as she lay on her side and stroked him, kissing his chest biting his nipples, kissing his mouth and all the while slowly increasing the tempo of her hand on his cock. I moved slowly inside of her and kissed and bit her shoulders as she brought him closer and closer. Soon it was clear that he was ready as he bucked up into her hand and let out a bellow, shooting all over her tits as she bent down to kiss him deeply once more. She looked back over her shoulder and pulled my lips to hers and kissed me, letting my cock slip from her pussy and signaling we were done. I got them warm wet wash clothes and we all lay back and collected ourselves.

Tom got up and dressed as we lay there her in my arms worn out and ready to sleep. Tom let himself quietly out of the room with a thank you and our promise to keep in touch. He was back in a few minutes though having forgotten his glasses, keys, watch and phone which got a good chuckle from everyone.

Dee and I slept until early the next morning when we woke up ready to go and as we had a nice leisurely fuck we talked about the night, she said ’ He was so nervous I bet he would have freaked out if I’d sucked his cock’ and chuckled before adding ‘maybe next time I will while you fuck my ass…’ that ended the leisurely fuck and returned us to our normally frenzied pounding….



Doc here again... Like I said in the prologue of Part 1 of this report, this report was an interesting variation compared to most reports here at The Journal.  Thus the reason to split it into 2 parts.

Keep the reports coming in folks.  E-mail me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will still edit, format, and even drop in a pic or two for you...  You get the glory and the byline.


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Flash Report! A Vacation Round-Up From Maya (with PICS!)

Doc here with a Flash Report... Well, it's more of a Thank You Report from the very sexy Maya to our good friend, Bob in Biloxi.

You see, on top of being a man of medicine, as well as a world-class boccie player, I also help network the reporters who contribute here at The Journal.  And by "network", I mean help facilitate meetings and/or monkey business.

In this case, Maya asked to be put in touch with our old friend, Bob.  Long story short, I put these two crazy kids in contact with each other and the result is the following report (and Bob's previous report featuring Maya).

Here is Maya's note to Bob, and a couple pics from her cruise post-Bob.  Also, click on the pics below...They are high-res!


Hi Bob,

The moment I saw your condoms I added one plus one and realized that you where allergic to latex. Really, should have told me beforehand. Your fault lol, but am still very sorry for the pain and discomfort I gave you.
Maya on her Cruise
We would also had more mileage out of each other.

Must really thank you for your welcome! Starting with picking up the fee, and getting me into the booth and enjoying me. You have a very nice cock too, love that it thickens at the base, that's a nice combo with my tight cuntie, don't you think?

Particularly liked pushing my ass towards you, and feeling you inside me baby. Also without your help it would have been a poor experience, as you where the only guys around.

Now you know I (we) am for real, did not lie about my looks with fake or old pics etc. and that I do enjoy being used and serving. Please thank your buddies, particularly the one that came into the other booth twice and ended up filling the condom very nicely, wow!

More Cruising with Maya
On our way back decided to stop by Cinema 1 in Chattanooga, but the ship had a stomach flu epidemic and I got a severe case of it later into the final night,  so our timing was too lousy to play there.

At least I did play some on shore, found myself suddenly as the only passenger (no hubby even) on a boat while snorkeling, and was fondled and mounted by two Mexicans. One of them fucked me from behind in the water while feeding fish who came very near, up to the mask to eat our offerings. A beautiful and unique experience.

On board there's lots of young studs, and they have stints of 8 months on board with heavy work load and very little shore leave, therefore horny as hell. Was even "raped" in an engine room. It was very rewarding to be able to offer some relief to some both with hubby around and on my own.

Overall a happy camper, and to some extent thanks to you Bob.



Doc here again... Maya is a wild one, friends. This petite ball of fire (once she latches onto you), will sink her teeth into you and give you a ride you won't soon forget.  We are looking forward to many more adventures from Maya. 

Stay tuned.


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Flash Report! A Trampboy's 3-Way Intersection - Part 1

Doc here with the latest Flash report from regular contributor, A Trampboy.

This report has a few twists and turns...


Hello Doctor,

I have been seeing a woman, married as I am, for a little over a year. We are very well matched sexually and get along well besides that.The down side is that we are about 300 miles apart…. So our get together s are not as frequent as we would like but when we do we do enjoy them.

We had been talking about some of the things we might like to try, we both got into this arrangement through a lack of satisfaction at home and a feeling that there just had to be more to sex than what we had experienced, and that it was now or never to find out if it was all a bunch of hype, or if we had both been missing out.

We me when I posted on Craigslist a couple weeks before visiting her town for work that I was looking for, interested in, a woman or couple to spend some time with sexually while I was there. I posted rather halfheartedly as I really didn’t expect to receive any sort of response.

Well surprise surprise I did get an email a couple days later expressing interest in maybe meeting. We exchanged emails, chatted and finally talked on the phone over the next several days. We soon decided that we did want to meet, both very intrigued by the other through our various conversations.

Over the next week plus until I was to be there the anticipation grew and we learned more and more about each other’s likes and what we were each hoping to get out of the upcoming visit.
I won’t go into a lot of detail about that first visit because this is about our most recent adventure together. I got an email from her with only a link to a Craigslist posting – ‘Wanted, a guy, or couple, to watch us, and maybe join in. We are married, but not to each other so you must be discrete……etc’, oh, and she went on to ask about the various adult establishments in town. To say I was shocked would be an understatement.

We had talked about others, seeing and being seen, but always in the context of an on premise swing club, someplace we had options should we get cold feet or ???? Initially I thought it was another ad that she was pointing out to gauge my interest in responding, nope, it was her ad! As you can imagine there was a pretty good response, primarily guys but one or two couples were interested enough to respond anyway. We sifted through the responses looking for a likely candidate, slowly filtering down to one guy who she felt she could be comfortable with.

The two of them began to chat via yahoo messenger and eventually I was included in the chats, getting to know a little bit about each other and setting out her ground rules. The lucky guy is about her age, mid40s, black, and married. He seemed like a nice guy and knew quite a bit about the various adult establishments in town. She and I also talked about how far did she want to go, how did we want to make it happen, were we sure, all of that sort of thing.

Since we live fairly far apart we had several weeks to chicken out but we didn’t, the chats continued, the planning, the excitement building. Then one night she very nervously asked me if she should meet him ahead of time for lunch, ‘or something’. He had asked but she wasn’t sure she wanted to do that or not, and the reality of the situation was beginning to dawn on her. I told her that it was her call and then told him the same thing later that night when he asked me if that would be ok. They decided to meet for lunch one day later in the week.

Their ‘lunch’ ended up being necking in his car and ahandjob…. That evening he was reluctant to talk about lunch but she was not!She was very excited and more determined than ever to make this happen. He was more nervous and afraid I would pull the plug on the deal, as if I could….
The plan we cooked up was for she and I to go to one of the adult theaters in town, he was familiar with all of them and gave us a good rundown on the different ones and good directions to each, where we could watch the movie and do some light playing around, or more if so moved. He would join us there and at some point we would return to my hotel room for more.

When I arrived in town late on a Thursday night, she sent me a text asking me to go and verify the theater so I could find it the next night and so we could be sure it would be ‘ok’. So I did, the guy running the place was very pleasant, let me know that couples were in free, didn’t warn against being openly sexual, etc. A promising start! I paid and went in to the theater itself and found it to be as Tom (our ‘victim’) had described, a large room with several couches arrayed in concentric semi circles facing the screen and the back wall portioned into four semi private cubicles, each with a couch facing the screen. When I entered there were several guys scattered around the place, one in one of the cubicles openly stroking his cock, pants down around his ankles, the others in the open area watching and more furtively stroking.

I sat down to watch for a bit and see what, if anything might develop. Tom had mentioned to me that he had occasionally found playing couples in there, some interested in adding one or more guys to their fun. Sometime later I gave up and returned to the hotel.

Early the next morning Dee showed up, I always leave a key for her in my car so she can let herself in the room, and slipped into bed with me. Excited as she always is and very ready to play. We spent some time in the hotel getting reacquainted and just enjoying each other’s touch. She always cums so enthusiastically, and vocally, and this morning was no exception. In fact, as we were resting between her orgasms we heard our neighbors next door taking up where we left off! It became dueling bed springs there for a while but they apparently had to check out and get moving whereas we did not so we continued on…

We spent an enjoyable day together but were both distracted by the upcoming evening. Several times we talked about how to do this and how to do that, what if this and so on. We had decided to head to the theater about9 that evening, he would join us between 930 and 10 and we’d see what happened after that. We lay down for a nap mid afternoon and actually got a few minutes of sleep but mostly played.

Time to go! We walked in the place and headed to the theater, I waved to the desk guy and he buzzed us in. As we entered and let our eyes adjust we were disappointed to see only three or four guys in the theater,but it was early so we made our way down to one of the couches in the back row near an older guy sitting in a chair along the wall. She sat at the end of the couch closest the wall and I say next to her, we began watching the movie,which ironically was a mfm with one of the guys being black, but soon I felt her hand on my leg and she turned me to kiss her. As I did my hand went to her breast and she released my pants, fishing for my cock. Wow! I thought, she’sreally going to do this!

And I began unbuttoning her shirt and then her jeans,sliding them down her legs as I did. I moved between her legs and began to taste her very wet pussy, tugging and teasing her erect nipples. The gent against the wall moved closer and behind her so he could watch more clearly.She held my head to her pussy, her legs on my shoulders and her moans began to get louder as her first orgasm approached. I felt her legs squeezing me as her ass came up off the couch and her moan became a wail as she came….

As she started to come down from her first orgasm she grabbed me by the face and pulled me up to kiss her, she loves tasting herself on my lips and in my beard and she got a good taste this time. As she caught her breath I moved up next to her and we swapped places, but rather than her kneeling on the floor she knelt on the couch, her ass up, jeans off, as she swallowed my hard cock. Several guys were now standing behind her openly stroking as they watched her, Tom sat down next to me to watch as well.

We took turns, she would suck on my cock and then I would eat her pussy and we’d switch back. At some point during a brief lull, Tom introduced himself to me. At some point she whispered to me that she was ready to head out so we put ourselves more or less back together. The gent who had been sitting against the wall when we came in and who had been the first to move closer and watch, came over to visit, thanking her for the fun.

Tom was obviously excited, anticipating heading back to the room with us. Our plan was to give him a key and the room number and ask him to give us about 10-15minutes before letting himself in. We thought we’d start and we’d already Benito one another when he entered but it didn't quite work out that way. After giving him the key and room number he bolted out of the theater as we were gathering up our stuff and she finally yelled at him across the theater to wait up. We explained that we wanted to get there and for him to join us in the room in a bit but he was waiting outside the room when we got there so we just went in together.

We had arranged a chair next to the bed for him and after brief awkward few minutes Dee laughed and pulled me to the bed and slid out of her clothes. Tom sat back in the chair and watched her reach out and released my belt before laying back on the bed smiling. I joined her and we melted intone another as we generally do, as I took her nipple between my teeth I saw that Tom had slid his pants off and was slowly stroking himself as he watched intently. I moved back down between her legs and sucked her clit into my mouth,and my fingers slid into her wet pussy. She was very much into it and her moans were building once more.

I swung over her into a 69 and she greedily stuffed my cock into her mouth as I continued eating her wet pussy. Her hands went to my ass and she pulled me down tightly against her face, taking me deep into her mouth and throat. Urging me to fuck her face as I continued eating her. I love that she can cum from sucking me and as she continued to pull me in deep she began to moan around my cock as she came once more.

She reached down and pulled my face to hers to taste herself and whispered ‘fuck me’ with an incredibly intense expression on her face, her eyes blazing. I knew she want it hard and deep so I slid into her fully on the first stroke.  I pounded into her and watched her flush as her next orgasm built and then washed over her. She was cumming so intensely and so frequently that I was not able to stay with anything long enough to cum myself, but I didn't care. Tom didn’t seem to mind either…

~End of Part 1~


Doc here... Part 2 goes up tomorrow afternoon at 3pm CDT.

Your old buddy in the white suit and shades,

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