UPDATED! Breaking News! The Westwood Art Theatre in Toledo Has Re-Opened!

UPDATED 9/1/12 @ 3:30PM CDT:

Doc here again... I have received more details from the new management on The Westwood Theatre, and here they are as follows:

The Westwood Theater has an information website now up at http://www.westwoodtheatreofthearts.com/. This website will have much more information has time goes on, but for now it has store info/hours/directions, as well as movie titles.

The theatre itself had a soft open at 1PM today (Saturday).  If you stop by, tell them Doc sent you!

I am looking for reports, so please send them along to The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com



Doc here... Well, all the rumors are true, and a blast from the past has re-opened.

Yes kids, the Westwood Art Theatre in Toledo is now officially open.  I say officially, because I received a very nice e-mail from one of the new owners of The Westwood, Boomer. Big changes are now in place, or will be shortly at The WW. 


In the words of both new owners...

Each year we talked about doing something together, and when the opportunity at the Westwood became available we jumped right on it! After hurdles with the City of Toledo, we finally
got it to a point where we opened the doors!

Stay tuned, and watch the selection and pricing this venue will have! Not to mention the 400 person theater, as well as state of the art viewing booths!

Take Care, talk soon!



Alright, Lizardo journalists, let's take a crack  this....  I will need new exterior pics, and reports from the theatre's first weekend.

Let's all welcome The Westwood back to life!



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Flash Report! Peg​asus - Raleigh NC by Andy Bangedherhard

Doc here with a great first time report from Andy Bangedherhard. Mr. Bangedherhard fell into some very good luck at Pegasus in Raleigh, NC.  Here is his story...


Dear Dr!

First let me say how much I enjoy your blog. It's insightful, informative, erotic and addicting. I'm going to take my first crack at a Flash Report. 

Sadly, Raleigh doesn't have a true "theater" but it has several decent bookstores. My favorite is Pegasus at 6805 Davis Circle Raleigh, NC. It's clean, staff doesn't bother anyone and I will have to say I've seen a few couples there recently.

The setup once you come in is an area with three theater type situations. A small room to the right playing straight films on a big screen with a couple of chairs and a leather couch/futon. The 2nd theater also plays straight films with about 12-15 chairs and another leather couch/futon. The third room is identical but plays gay films. There are plenty of booths to the right as you enter - most with gloryholes. On this beautiful day I paid my $5 walked in and headed straight for the rooms.

Immediately I knew something was up as several guys were standing around - and I was right. On the couch was a BBW getting fingered from behind. The guys had to be mostly gay as her mouth was for the taking. I took my cock out and she took it right away.  Nice and wet with a little slurping noise - she had me hard instantly. The crowd was going in and out of the room so I didn't feel too bad for taking long. I played with her huge tits as she continued to suck. I reached over and got two fingers into her pussy which made her suck even harder.

A guy stepped up to my side and I thought - in the spirit of sharing - I would move out of the way. I moved out of the way but he didn't partake. Before I could get back into position she had turned around and was chatting with her escort and then the dress was coming back on. I zipped up hoping they were going to a booth. I asked if they would like to join me in the booth she said "sure hold on a sec" and whispered to her escort. Unfortunately they had to leave.

Even though this rookie reporter was left hanging - I enjoyed my good 5 minutes with her. Not bad for a quick stop on a Thursday for lunch.

I wish Raleigh could get a place like Annabelle's in Winston-Salem or even CVE in Charlotte / but the bookstores here in Raleigh can still get adventurous at times.

Keep up the great work Doc!!!
Andy Bangedherhard


Doc here again... See what a little patience gains you?  Learn from this, kids. 


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Did Hell Just Freeze Over? The Westwood Theatre in Toledo Reopening Soon!

Doc here...

I have been sitting on this story for two weeks now, just to make sure what was being reported from the field was accurate.  Here is how this story transpired...

The first report I received was from Mr. Glass, and it referred to a Toledo Craigslist post that mentioned the actual Westwood Theatre's auditorium would be re-opening. This prompted me to fire up the Batsignal and request more intel from the field.

Senior reporter Curly checked in, with the report below:



Briefly, the WW is now open for ABS toys, novelties, DVD's and clothing items.

They have installed booths in the lobby area for singles and couples.  Three booths are big,
handicapped accessible doors with bench seat wide enough for three.  They are designated for couples. A selection of 100 DVD's are available with the most sophisticated player I've seen.  2m45s/USD.

Most importantly, the big theater is being worked on and scheduled for opening on 1 Sep 2012.  The female attendant would not let me have a glance, but construction equipment was apparent.

The parking lot has been repaved and striped!

Road construction is in progress with new sidewalks, curbs, pavement, etc.




Doc here again... The next report was from new reporter Toledoblkmale:

Hey Doc,

Love your site!!! Well, I did some recon on the Westwood for you and your good readers here in T-Town. It is due to open the theater on Sept 1, with the balcony back open along with a booth section out front. From my convo with the clerk they will be very couple friendly.

Hope this helps you!

Your new reporter in T-Town,


And lastly, this intel from new reporter, Johnny Paradise:

I spoke to one of my contacts at the Westwood. Opening is still a couple of weeks away, based on work they are doing in the theatre. She said something promising, perhaps - that in addition to movies there might be other "different type theatre things"....I am anxious to see what THAT is all about.


Doc here...Lastly, Curly sent along some brand new exterior pics of The Westwood:

This is great news, kids. I will be keep you, the good readers of The Journal, up to date on the re-opening of this great old theater. Is September 1st still a good date?

Fingers crossed,

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Couple's Flash Report! Bambi & Thumper @ The Fox Theatre in Vancouver, BC (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from Bambi and Thumper, complete with 4 pics from the actual adult theater visit.
Enjoy kids!
Good evening Herr Doctor,
Providing you with an up to date report from north of the border, with pictures. Bambi and I dropped into the Fox Theatre, located on Main Street in Vancouver, BC this Tuesday evening.
The Fox is the last remaining adult theater in the greater Vancouver area, and possibly the last one in the entire province. After getting changed in the car ( jean skirt, black stockings, garter belt, see through top and the ever present anklet) we made our way into the theater. Parking is a pain, as there is no parking lot attached to the theater and there is no parking in front of the building. Metered parking is available on the side streets. Once inside I asked the proprietor if I could take a picture of Bambi in the lobby. He hesitated at first, but then asked if he could be in the next picture with Bambi, which I was more then happy to accommodate. By the way the entrance fee is $15 for a couple (Cdn) and $8 (Cdn) for a single. Rather steep compared to free at the HEB in Seattle and $10 at the APV in Everett.
After navigating the steep entrance to the theater we made our way down towards the front. The seats are probably the original ones from the 70's as they are tattered and well worn. The screen is old and it had a message in one corner that said the bulb needed replacing on the projector. There were about five guys in the entire theater and nothing was going on. Bambi started things off with the hiking of the skirt and the heavy kissing. One gentleman then asked if he could sit next to Bambi, always a nice touch. He was advised what he could and could not do. One of his hands then got to work, rubbing and caressing Bambi. Bambi was in more of an exhibitionist mood, and put on a bit of a limited show.
Worried about possible spot checks from the law, Bambi was rather reserved. After a while we left the main part of the theater and inquired about the availability of the private balcony. Parting with another $10 we were ushered into a second floor space with mismatched furniture, or more like the reasonable facsimile of what used to be furniture. Feeling safer Bambi went to work and in no time had me finished. We made our way downstairs, and the employee came out from behind the counter to get a hug from Bambi, which made her smile.
(On an editorial note, it is sad that the Fox is slowly dying. Couples appear to be rare and there is still the problem of street people wandering into the theater.)

Doc here again... Thanks to Bambi and Thumper for another great report (and pics too!).  Keep up the great work!

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Tonight! Koral's Bukkake Event at the Oregon Theater in Portland (w/NEW PICS!)

Doc here with an update on Koral's Bukkake Event at The Oregon Theater, 3530 SE Division Street in Portland, OR.

Oh, and how about some new pics of Koral?


Make sure you go out and support Koral with her event Tuesday night.  And by support, I mean telling her "Doc sent me" before cumming all over her!


We are planning a gangbang/bukkake event on August 28th (Tuesday) at the Oregon Theater From 6:30pm until 9pm. We have talked with the management and have permission to film the action (for personal pleasure; it will not be distributed, but people may want to bring a mask). "Koral" would like as many men as possible to be there and give her a huge cum coating on the face, mouth and tits...while guys who have my permission are fucking her with protection.

She keeps inquiring to me about the amount of men that will be there, and how many loads should she expect. No worries folks, no number is too many. She's just curious. Maybe there should be a Yahoo Group poll on "how many loads will fly" and I can post the load count next week after reviewing the footage. I did read recently in Dr. Lizardo's Blog that Kitty had 40 loads land on her when she was the Bukkake Queen at a similar party at the Oregon Theater last year. Who thinks we can beat it?

Also, if any women/couples with woman are reading this, Koral would love your help with fluffing some guys and keeping them horny so they are ready to shoot when they get to the plate. If not, no worries, still come and enjoy the show.

And guys, be there! Tell a friend and be there. No excuses, be there. Do not masturbate, just be there. Eat a lot of fruit and be there. Be showered, wearing a smile, and be there. Show Koral why she loves Portland so much. Please don't miss it.

(Click the pics to ENLARGE)

Doc here again...Have fun Tuesday night at The Oregon Theater in Portland.  Let's win one for The Good Doctor!

Thanks again to Koral and hubby!


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House Call! Cathy & Mia at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN 8/25/12

Doc here with a House Call Report... My name is Lizardo. I carry a tongue depressor.

The weekend of August 25th and 26th has long been circled on The Good Doctor's calendar. You see, back in February, I received a nice note from Cathy, who owns the awesome Cathyscraving.com. She was seeking some advice on adult theaters that were photo friendly, and there started a 6-month dialog.

The cool part of this scenario was that I was a big fan of Cathy's website from many years ago, and through the present day.  I knew she was a pioneer in the amateur XXX web arena, so when she reached out to your old friend in the white suit, it was cool like Fonzie. (Note: Make sure you check out her great web site HERE)

In the ensuing 6 months, I suggested theaters and ABSs that would compliment Cathy's Summer Tour of 2012.  Among my suggestions were Hartford's Art Cinema (Hi Ernie!), CTs in Gary, and of course, Portland's Oregon Theater (along with help from my esteemed colleague, Brent, who did all of the heavy lifting for this stop). Others are still "maybe's", like Berlin, NJ's Berlin News Agency.

Well in terms of the first two adult theater stops, it would be safe to say that Cathy and her crew are now 2 for 2 in the success department.  The Journal published several reports from the visit to The Art Cinema, and how great it was.  Now The Good Doctor is here to tell you about Saturday night at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN. (Please keep in mind all the pics in this report were taken Saturday night and are as fresh as they come. CLICK to ENLARGE them)

Saturday afternoon, The Good Doctor piloted the Lizardo 3000 up into Illinois, where Cathy, her hubby Peter, and their special friend, the lovely Mia, were staying.  We were meeting at a restaurant, where we would meet, eat, game plan, and execute said plan.

Dinner was a blast... Cathy is just as charming in person as she was on the phone during our conversation last month.  Turns out Cathy and The Good Doctor have several things in common (none of which will be discussed in this forum - It will remain our secret). It does, however, explain many things.

It was at the restaurant I was introduced to Mia, Cathy's special friend of several years. Mia has worked with Cathy at many gang bangs and meets in the past, and their synergy is something to behold.  It was also on full display CTs later that evening.

Rounding our our table was Peter, Cathy's hubby and partner in crime.  As important as Cathy and Mia's teamwork would need to be, as would Peter's and The Good Doctor's.  You see, Peter would be shooting the video, and Ansel Adams here would be shooting the still pics. And as it turned out, a lot of them. Peter is as cool a cucumber as you will ever meet.

Dinner was excellent, very spicy, and filling.  At one point I shouted, "Mon Dieu, my mustache is on fire!"  As it turns out, I was over exaggerating a tad. There were many laughs at the table, and a relaxed atmosphere leading into the carnal encounters yet to come.

My fortune cookie held a prophetic note for the evening...
You think?
We packed our doggie bags, and hit the road for Northwest Indiana, and arguably one of America's most hardcore adult theaters, CTs in Gary.
Arriving at 8:25pm, the lot at CTs was the most full as I have seen it in at least 3 years.  This bode well for Cathy and Mia. Stepping through the door, I introduced the crew to my good friend Pete, owner of CTs. Pete was nice enough to give the girl's access to one of the dressing rooms at CTs, and Peter and myself had access to a side room to stage our photo gear.  (Thank you Pete!)  There were also 25-30 guys in the lobby and theater, awaiting the arrival of one of the internet's naughtiest MILFs.
We checked in on the girls, and they both looked great!  Cathy had on a black "barely there" outfit, with a tiny skirt and a zip down top.  Mia had on an awesome red dress that hugged her curves, and was a delight to many this night.  Needless to say, by the end of the evening, both outfits were in dire need of a 24/7 dry cleaners. The game plan was to start in the gloryholes, move to the theater, and maybe ping pong back and forth.  (At this point, I'd like to give a big shout out to Terry from CTs staff, who did a great job managing the flow of guys both at the gloryholes, but also in the theater.  Thank you again sir!) Over the course of the next 2 and a half hours, Cathy and Mia put on a remarkable display of cock sucking, hand jobs, and fucking.  Cathy's stamina is something to behold, and Mia's expert blow job skills were awesome to witness.
In the gloryholes, the girls tag teamed most gentlemen sticking their wares through the hole in the wall. One particularly impressive cock came through, and the girls giggled as they knew this one was going to be fun.  At times, Cathy was stroking the cock into Mia's hungry mouth. Other times, Cathy was working the cock with her mouth and hands. And at other times, Cathy and Mia were side by side stroking this monster, working it to give them their just desserts: a huge load of cum on their faces or tits.

After 30 minutes or so, it was theater time for our girls.  Cathy and Mia set up in the back row of the theater, side by side, and took cock after cock into their soft wet mouths. The scene was in total control, as a testament to the well-behaved guys at CTs.  The girls were having fun, and the cum was flying in the back row.  At one point, the girls were in unison as they gave their BJs. I'm not sure the guys noticed, but from my vantage point taking the stills, was very impressive. As a matter of fact, things got SO wet back there, Cathy and Mia moved up to the front of the theater.  Cathy jumped on CTs infamous exam table, while Mia set up shop in the front row and taking one cock after another into her mouth.

The best way to describe Cathy at this point would be "splattered". She had cum everywhere, and was loving every moment of it.  Mia was "glazed", with her big natural boobs glistening with load after load from the Gary Jizz Works.

A second trip back to the gloryholes by Cathy yielded several more "pops", and one in-booth visit by a black gentleman who was packing a howitzer. In scene best described as "how many people can you fit into a phone booth", we had The Howitzer, Cathy, Peter and his video camera, and Ansel Lizardo and his still camera. Good times.

Towards the end of the evening, Mia tapped out and Cathy ran with the ball solo.  It was a long travel day for Mia, as this was a special trip in just for this weekend's activities.  But she performed at a very high level, and I'm willing to put that in writing (wait, I already am...).

Perched up on the exam table once again, Cathy got soundly fucked by a large black gentleman while another was at the side of the table feeding his big cock into Cathy's mouth. When the gentleman came in his condom, Cathy removed it, and let the big load drip all over her awesome boobs.

At the end, every cock that wanted (or needed) attention was serviced.  Cathy's little black outfit was a mess, and more resembled zebra stripes than it's original color.  And you know who didn't mind a bit?: The blonde with the adorable accent and a cock hungry attitude that is unmatched in this thing of ours. There was no doubt that Cathy and Mia sent everyone home satisfied and drained.

The full video of the CTs event will be available at Cathy's web sites in the near future.  Remember to check them out at Cathyscraving.com and Creampiecathy.com. The still pics shot by your humble sea bass (over 340+ images) will also be available through the websites. The images in this report are just the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks again to Pete and Terry, along with the rest of the CTs staff for a great Saturday night.  Cathy returned Sunday night for more, but alas, The Good Doctor was on duty during that window.  I heard that the crowd was a bit smaller, but really delivered the goods.

Cathy and Peter are now off to the East Coast, and then over Labor Day Weekend, then they will jet to Portland for two nights of debauchery. Mia is heading back to the East Coast as well, and we all hope we see them again real soon.

Thank you Cathy, Mia, and Peter!  Safe travels across the country, and inside this thing of ours.

This is Doc, last surviving crew member of The Nostromo, signing off from The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college.


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Coming Attraction! Koral's Bukkake Event @ The Oregon Theater in Portland Tuesday 8/28 @ 6:30pm (w/PICS!)

Doc here, the Don Kirshner of adult theater event promotions...

This Tuesday at 6:30pm PDT, the very sexy and naughty Koral will be holding a photo and video bukkake event at Portland's Oregon Theater at 3530 SE Division Street.  This promises to be off the chain, kids. 

Here are the details straight from the lovely Koral, and a few photos to give you yet another reason to be part of the hardcore action at the grand old Oregon Theater.

Here is Team Koral with more details...


We are planning a gangbang/bukkake event on August 28th (Tuesday) at the Oregon Theater From 6:30pm until 9pm. We have talked with the management and have permission to film the action (for personal pleasure; it will not be distributed, but people may want to bring a mask). "Koral" would like as many men as possible to be there and give her a huge cum coating on the face, mouth and tits...while guys who have my permission are fucking her with protection.

She keeps inquiring to me about the amount of men that will be there, and how many loads should she expect. No worries folks, no number is too many. She's just curious. Maybe there should be a Yahoo Group poll on "how many loads will fly" and I can post the load count next week after reviewing the footage. I did read recently in Dr. Lizardo's Blog that Kitty had 40 loads land on her when she was the Bukkake Queen at a similar party at the Oregon Theater last year. Who thinks we can beat it?

Also, if any women/couples with woman are reading this, Koral would love your help with fluffing some guys and keeping them horny so they are ready to shoot when they get to the plate. If not, no worries, still come and enjoy the show.

And guys, be there! Tell a friend and be there. No excuses, be there. Do not masturbate, just be there. Eat a lot of fruit and be there. Be showered, wearing a smile, and be there. Show Koral why she loves Portland so much. Please don't miss it.

(Click the pics to ENLARGE)



Doc here again... Events like this do not happen often, so Portlandia, take advantage of  Koral's event on Tuesday 8/28.  So get to the Oregon Theater, and give her your best 21-gun salute (all over her).

And when you see Koral, tell her Doc sent you.


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Cathy Tonight and Tomorrow Night @ CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN! (with Video!)

Doc here... Well kids, the weekend those in the Chicagoland area have been waiting for is finally here. Cathy (from Cathyscraving.com and Creampiecathy.com) will be making her local debut at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN Saturday and Sunday nights at 8pm.

Here is what to expect:

- An insatiable blonde who believes in quality AND quantity in her adult theater and gloryhole encounters. It's time to bring it, guys and girls.

- Cathy is an equal opportunity offender: She loves guys and girls.

- Lots of video and still photos being taken to document the scene.

- A fun, sweet, and yet very naughty woman who will turn CTs on it's ear Saturday and Sunday.

They are still talking about her appearance at Hartford's Art Cinema, and I fully expect the same for the two nights at CTs, starting at 8pm.

So join in the fun at CTs this weekend. It promises to be one for the ages.

BTW, The Good Doctor will be there on Saturday night, assisting with documenting the event. So, if you see a short Sicilian working the camera for Cathy, say hello.

And to give you a further peak at the goodness ahead tonight, here is a video of Cathy being very bad at the gloryhole.


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Reminder! Cathy @ CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN Saturday & Sunday @ 8PM!

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Blast From The Past/Peek Into The Future with The Scarlet Pimpernel

Doc here with a little something different... I received a note from The Scarlet Pimpernel, and it was an terrific journey of a report, so much so that I had to publish it.

You'll see why!  Take it away, SP!


Hi  Doc,

Allow me to introduce myself and let me say that I really enjoy reading your blog.  Your writing is witty and inspired!  Keep up the good work.  I know that curing society of its sexual hangups is difficult and your efforts are sincerely appreciated.

This isn't intended to be a report for your blog (ed. note: It is now!), but I thought you might like to read it anyway.  I'm shy (used to be much more shy) and haven't partaken in couples action in adult theaters, but I did have a near-miss at an adult theater in Los Angeles in 1974 when I was 28 years old. 

I  had driven up there from San Diego on a Friday evening, I believe.  It may have been in Hollywood and it may have been a Pussycat Theater.  The movie was "Sexual Ecstasy of the Macumba" with Nina Fause and maybe Marilyn Chambers or Linda Lovelace (can't remember).  It was a surprisingly hot film and I got a nice erection watching (the film has been lost to the ravages of time apparently, as I can't find it anywhere but there are incomplete references on the Internet).  The starlets were young and beautiful and the sex on film was honest and inspired. 

The theater had lots of empty seats.  I was sitting near the back and a nice looking late-30's couple came in and sat down in the aisle in front of me, just a few seats over.  He was very well dressed (for southern California) in a business suit and she was in a loose fitting summer dress with a floral print.  They were upscale and in-shape.  She glanced back at me a couple of times, and I think she smiled.  I was petrified with a combination of shyness and lust. 

After a while she got up, apparently to go to the restroom and returned a few minutes later.  I assumed she had removed her panties, as she proceeded to put her legs up on the seat in front of her and pulled up her dress.  I was further stunned at the show going on just a few feet away from me.  I didn't know such things happened in public theaters and I was both paralyzed and transfixed, unable move from my seat  (wish the Internet and your blog had been around then).  Anyway, after I watched them for a while a black man came down and sat next to her, in what was probably the seat they had reserved for me. 

She kept her visual attention on her male escort and hardly ever glanced at the black guy but I could see his arm move to her lap and I could see his shoulder moving.  I assume he was fingering her to orgasm as she leaned over and fellated her fella and perhaps jacked off the black guy.  After a while they left and I wished I had been more forward and taken her hint to move closer.  I thought of following them out of the theater and maybe thanking them for the show but I didn't.  I regretted my indecision and chalked it up to my ignorant youth.

Another public sex scene that I joyously happened upon by accident, but was less shy to enter, was the Namaita strip show clubs in Tokyo, Japan.  I was stationed in Japan in the early 80's and the sex scene was off the hook at the time.  I used to go to strip show clubs ("namaita"), similar to the early burlesque shows in the US., but where the ladies (pros and semi-pros) onstage did a strip and put on a live sex show. 

There were several "acts" as the lady removed her clothes and danced to various popular songs.  Eventually, during the penultimate scene, the woman would remove the final articles of clothing and wind up completely nude to the (usual) enthusiastic applause of the male audience.  She would bow, the lights would go out briefly, and then she would re-emerge completely nude, or perhaps wearing a sheer neglige, carrying a little "lunch box" filled with condoms and sanitary wipes.  She would sit in the middle of the stage, often with her head bowed in a submissive pose, and wait.  The announcer would then invite a male from the audience to go up on the stage and have sex.  When the male partially disrobed and sat down in front of the woman, the lights would dim slightly and the circular stage would begin rotating so all the other patrons in the club could get a full view of the action.  The female would lick and suck the guy to erection and put a condom on him and have sex to completion. 

Usually there were three lucky guys who got their turn with the woman, unless someone ran into "overtime" or something, and it was time for the next act.  Everything was very well run and they tried to stick to a schedule for each woman.  The audience would applaud energetically when the climax occurred and the man pulled out and the lady carefully removed the filled condom.  It was always safe sex, with condoms, sanitary pre-wipes and post-wipes, etc., although one time I had a particularly hot Japanese AV star insist on me fucking her bareback.  She didn't offer me a choice, just hopped on and started in cowgirl.  I guess she wanted a mixed race baby or something.  The crowd was very excited to see the unscripted show (as I was to be a part of it). 

There were some really hot women at these clubs from all over - Japan, Thailand, Philippines, South America (mostly Colombia and Venezuela) and Europe, and even the USA.  As I implied, occasionally I would be the lucky guy who was chosen (we usually played rock/scissors/paper to determine who would get on stage) and I got to have sex with some gorgeous women.  Being a gaijin (foreigner) and better endowed than many of the Japanese, the audience often applauded energetically when I got up because I was something out of the ordinary for them, a fair-skinned, red-haired, well endowed foreigner.  Sometimes it was like they had never seen a western male before.  While not John Holmes, I am a little bigger than the average white guy. 

Occasionally the women would look at me in shock when I she pulled my cock out of my shorts, but I was always gentle and respectful.  There were several of these Namaita clubs close to where I lived and I spent many hours on Fridays and Saturdays checking out the talent (similar to the denizens of the adult theaters in the U.S.).  I know my story is not exactly "adult theater" stuff, but I wanted to tell you about it in the interest of sharing.  I had many adventures in Japan and Asia during my time there in a number of sex venues.  There were the namaita, soaplands, massage parlors, pickup bars, etc.  I could say I reached my sexual maturity and lost my sexual shyness during my time in Japan.

I'm 66 now but I have a younger (44 y.o.) girlfriend who is attractive and highly sexed.  She has experienced swinging with other partners and has asked me to join her.  I aim to do my best to satisfy her urges but the problem is I live in NE Florida and she's in SE Georgia and the swinging scene is a bit anemic and there isn't much of a scene here.  I think she might enjoy adult theaters and I read on your blog that there's one near Gainesville, FL .  I might check it out some evening but it sounded hit-and-miss in the one report I read on your blog.  If that theater doesn't pan out I'm resigned to buying a couple of plane tickets and trying a theater venue elsewhere.

A little more information about my girlfriend, C.  She is 44, 5'9" tall, white, about 135 pounds, long brown hair, trimmed bush, slender thighs, and a nice flat stomach and silky tanned skin.  Her body is all natural with C-cup breasts, and I don't think she owns panties (at least I haven't seen any when I've been with her).  She is a natural pleaser who professes to love it when I shoot cum in her mouth and on her face and hair.  She loves oral sex (giving and receiving) and I think she would enjoy the theater scene :-).

The Scarlet Pimpernel

P.S., I am a doctor too.  I maintain a thriving dental practice on the island adjacent to the river near the airport ;-).


Glad to have you aboard, Scarlet Pimpernel. Keep the faith, and let The Good Doctor help you and the lovely C along in this thing of ours.

I made some suggestions to TSP, and we will see if they work out for C and himself.  Stay tuned!


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Flash Report! Captain EO at Deja Vu in Ontario, CA

Doc here with yet another great Flash Report from Captain EO.

Here we go!


Hey Doc,

It's been a while, just wanted to say thanks for the recommendation on 15th Ave when I was visiting Chi-Town. Unfortunately, when I went, a couple was just leaving and there was 0 action there the Sunday afternoon I visited, so it wasn't worth providing a review for. But it's an awesome place and next time I'm in Chicago, I will be making another stop there. On to other matters, and by that I mean another trip to Deja Vu in Ontario that is worth mentioning.

I answered a CL ad for a woman looking to have some booth fun at the booths at Deja Vu with hubby there to watch. We kept trying for Thurs, Fri, and Sat nights, but our schedules just didn't sync up. Finally, one night it did (I honestly don't remember which night, but it was Friday or Saturday). While I was waiting for her arrival, I bought admission to theater and kicked it there for a bit. She was running late, so I had plenty of time.

Deja Vu, Ontario, CA
While wandering the floor of the actual sex shop, two couples came in, shopping, but also talking about going to the theater. The couples were loud enough that a few guys picked up on what they were talking about and stuck around. The couples made eye contact with several of us, and it looked promising.

The first couple went in, and a few guys followed. They didn't even last two minutes before she wanted to leave. The other couple went in moments later and did a repeat performance of the same thing. They took off their wristbands and jetted together. I'm not sure what they were expecting, but it wasn't that. My guess is they are taking small steps to get into this thing of ours, and from a woman's point of view, there is plenty to be nervous about, even though DJO is safe and a nice theater. None of the guys crowded them or even got close,. Regardless, that was the high point of the theater.

The Lady I was waiting on finally texted me that she arrived and we met in a booth. As soon as I locked the door, she was on her knees servicing my already hard cock. She eventually moved up to sitting on a chair and playing with her pussy, while bringing me closer to exploding. I told her I was close and she then asked me to cum on her bush, which brought me right to the edge. She sat back on the chair, spread her legs and I leaned forward, exploding on her bush and stomach. She then fingered herself, while I recovered, and let me watch her cum, which was so hot it nearly got me going again. I asked if I could fuck her after I spent a few more minutes recovering and she said yes.

I left for a moment to catch my breath and use the restroom and when I came back, we moved to DJO's single big booth. Apparently, the hubby was waiting in another booth the entire time, which was nice, and again reinforces that couples that have been doing this awhile are clearly in control (she didn't make her presence too known, only one other guy tried to make a move and she politely declined). In the big booth, we did a repeat performance of our first time in the smaller booth, but this time she pulled out a condom and I fucked her in a few different positions, thanks to the chair and roominess of the booth. I had to take off my belt cause it was clanging so loud and we couldn't stop laughing about it. I was close to exploding and she pulled off the condom, demanding I cum on her bush again, to which I did. She again fingered herself to climax, got up, and went to the booth with her hubby. I left and thus completed the text book definition of a CL Casual Encounter.

Deja Vu seems to be slowly catching on. Though this was a pre-arranged game, the couples that were checking the place out is always a good sign, even if they don't stick around. More people are interested in this thing of ours and I hope the hot weather in IE right now doesn't discourage couples and ladies from checking out a diamond in the rough.

--Capt EO

Doc here again... Sorry to hear 15th Avenue didn't work out for you, but try, try again.  The place can be off the hook most weekend nights, and I hope you experience it sometime soon.

Keep up the great work, sir!


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News Bulletin! LE Raid at The Adult Supercenter in Palatka, FL

Doc here... As a public service to you, the good readers of The Journal, I will do my best to alert you to any issues within this thing of ours.

There is trouble brewing in Palatka, Florida, and two reporters have checked in with information.  First up is senior reporter, JaxBchBum, who covers the Florida scene like a blanket for The Journal.

Here is that surfing stud himself, JBB, and new reporter, Cruiser:



Just a quick follow-up.  Putnam County FL Sheriff's Office again made arrests at the Adult Super Center theatre in Palatka, Florida in early August following their initial raid the previous week.  Arrested and booked one guy for lewd conduct in the theatre and also charged the store owner with operating a business promoting lewd behavior. 

From what I understand, store clerk is now required to go back periodically and check on activity in the arcade and theatre and kick out anyone that is engaged in lewd conduct.  Sounds like they have been given the "two strikes" warning and if they don't clamp down they will seek to close down these facilities or the entire store.  As I mentioned before, never seemed to be a real mega-draw for couples but hate that the option is in danger - at least through election time.

Had a productive visit to Pure Pleasures in Orange Heights this past weekend with 3 couples coming in at different times and all 3 playing to some level.  Will get a report written up and send to you.

Can't wait to read all the details about your visit to Hartford.


and this report from Crusier:

Just wanted to let you know that Putnam Cty. Sherrif's have busted the Palatka bookstore / theatre twice now. July 23rd and August 3rd.  Five arrested the first time, and two the second time. Clerk was charged both times.

By the way, the sherrif is up for re-election this year.

How about a pic?



Doc here again... Be careful out there, especially in Florida.


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Flash Report! Old Marine Corps Guy @ Adult Shoppe #1 in Phoenix

Doc here with a Flash Report from this past Sunday from our good friend and colleague, Old Marine Corps Guy.

Take it away, OMCG!


Hey Doc,

I checked what might be in at the Adult Shoppe #1, at about 3:00PM on today. There was a young couple in the bookstore looking at videos.They were Hispanic, he in his late 20's and she looked just barely old enough to be in the store (it is 18 to enter). She had a blouse and VERY tight short-shorts on. Very cute girl and VERY big tits. A little plump, but the plump was all in the right places. She looked like she should have been in the cheerleading squad.

I went in and there were no couples in either theater, so I went over the Just for Fun to see if anything was going on there. There was a TV giving blow jobs,but not any couples. I stayed for about half an hour and nothing came in, so I went back to The Adult Shoppe.

I walked into the theater on the right and the girl that was part of the couple in the bookstore earlier was sitting on the bench leading to the gay theater all by herself and playing with her tits! I sat across from her and took out my dick and started stroking. There were two other guys on different benches stroking too. She got up and sat down next to one guy and he immediately got up and left. After a few minutes, she got up and went over to a black guy and sat next to him on the wood bench in the back. This whole time she still had her big tits hanging out.

Adult Shoppe
Phoenix, AZ
She kept playing with her tits, and the young brother kept rubbing his dick but not looking at her at all. This went on for about 15 minutes when he got up and left too. By this time I figured I'd give it a try and went back and sat next to her. We said 'hi' to each other and I asked her if she wanted some help playing with her tits. She said that it was OK to touch, so I started playing and then sucking her tits.

I was rubbing her legs and I told her that she should have worn a skirt to be able to get to the pussy, and she said that it was, "that time of the month" and that wasn't on the game plan for today. I asked where the man was that I saw her with in the bookstore and she pointed into the gay theater. He was standing in the corner, jacking off looking at us. She told me that he gets off watching her with other guys, but that every guy in the theater so far was either scared or gay. I told her that I was neither and asked her if her man got turned on watching her suck cock. She said that he really liked that, so I helped him out with his turn on.

I took out my dick and she reached over and started to get me hard. When she had it just right, she bent over and started sucking my dick. As soon as she started, her man came over to the doorway between the str8 and gay theaters and dropped his pants and started jacking off us. At one point her hair fell down and covered her face and he told her to move it so that he could see better.She eventually squatted down in front of me and sucked me that way until I came. She told me earlier that she didn't want me to cum in her mouth, so just when I was ready she took it out and jacked me off and made me shoot all over those pretty tits of her’s.

I guess her man shot his load too, because as soon as I came, he came over with his pants up and said, 'let's go' to her and they left. I said thanks and she waved. It was a nice, unexpected surprise for a Sunday afternoon.

You just never know when action will happen in the theaters.

Semper Fi


For new readers of The Journal, Old Marine Corps Guy has the most experience in this thing of ours.  He was there in the beginning, in the late 60's on the West coast, and hasn't looked back yet. So when a report from him comes over the teletype here at The Journal, I jump.

Thank you again, sir!


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