Cathy Report #2: Hartford's Art Cinema on Friday 7/27

Doc here with Report #2 from Hartford's Art Cinema, and the juggernaut that was Cathy (from and her visit.  Regular contributor, Incognito, has the details on the visit. 


Hello Doctor,

Went to see Cathy on Friday night at The Art Cinema. She showed up right on time and headed upstairs first.

There was a few couples up there already including a gorgeous blonde who was getting fucked over the side of the balcony. Cathy finally came down and the group of men quickly swarmed around her. But only a 2 brave guys started out with her, I couldn't get to her, so I made my way around the seats up behind her.

I quickly pulled out my cock to get it hard and she turned around and started giving me head. I was was ready to give my load and let someone else step in , so I asked her if I can shoot it on her tits, that's when I heard her Aussie accent saying, "Yea shoot it on my tits."

I shot a huge stream on her tits then quickly moved to the back to let others in, surprisingly most of the guys were too scared to step up. I waited about 20 minutes, watching, when the crowd finally thinned out. Cathy was craving more cock and was asking who wants to give her more cum. I stepped up again and put my cock in her mouth and stroked and let her stroke me finally pulling out to shoot another spurt of cum on her tits. I then fell back and went to another group that was playing with a cougar in the middle of the theater. The hot blonde who was getting railed upstairs was back there watching too. I was playing with my cock watching as she pulled down her top to expose her tits while her man fingered her pussy from behind.

The smaller group finally broke up and I looked down the aisle to see Cathy looking for more cock and the crowd had thinned considerably. I was happy to oblige and try for round 3. It was hard to make it cum again, within a span of an hour (but I was gonna die trying). Between Cathy giving me and another guy head and me jerking off, I see out the corner of my eye the hot little blonde watching us.

I started playing with Cathy's pussy, and a few minutes later I see the blonde reaching out for Cathy's pussy too. She started playing with her clit, then slowly sliding her finger in her. She was saying "I've never done this with a woman before", so Cathy helped her by taking her hand and helping her pump her fingers into her.

After a minute of watching this, I was ready to blow . I pumped another load onto Cathy's thigh as she was getting her pussy worked on by the hot blonde. They finally finished and it was almost time for the theater to close. We spent some time talking to Cathy in the front lobby before leaving. It was an awesome night. I cant wait until the video goes up on her site to relive it.


Thanks again to Incognito for getting his report in quick!  In the coming days, Cathy will have her own report on her first adult theater visit of this year's Road Trip 2012.

Also, remember to check out her awesome website, Dirty pics and video await you...


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Couple's Flash Report! Bambi & Thumper Hit Hollywood Erotic Boutique in Seattle

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from 2nd time contributors Bambi & Thumper. This awesome couple first reported from Airport Video in Everett, WA, where Bambi had her hands full.

This report focuses on Hollywood Erotic Boutique in Lake City section of Seattle (address in the adult theater dB), and this visit went MUCH better.

On a personal note, HEB is one of the most unique adult theaters in the country, and Bambi and Thumper do a nice job setting the scene inside Seattle's top adult theater complex (in The Good Doctor's opinion).

Here are Bambi and Thumper...


Hey Doc,

Thumper here reporting on our visit to the HEB on Lake City Way in Seattle last night (Saturday 7/28). Sorry for the length, but there was a lot going on. After dinner out we had planned on dropping by the APV, but after reading updates in the Yahoo group we belong to, Bambi agreed to pop into the HEB. Our first and only visit had been a little unnerving for the reserved Bambi and we had not stayed.

There are four separate theater rooms inside HEB, showing the standard variety of fair, with little to none in the way of furniture. This night Bambi was willing to travel further out of the forest as other deers would be in attendance. Wearing a Grey tank top, tight black skirt, dark brown stockings, black high heel mules and her always present anklet we made our way into the theater after several attempts at finding a parking spot. Not easy.

Once inside the store we mingled with another couple who we knew was going to be there. Since I am not sure about using their names I will refer to them by one letter only. "V" was a tall, pretty brunette wearing fishnets, black pumps, and a trench coat! We learned at this time there were already two other couples down stairs. Heading down stairs, feeling brave in the numbers, we made our way to the last theater in the back. Bambi was taken back as there was already one guy walking around buck ass naked, something she had never seen in a theater before. This is not the "Paris" or your favorite haunt Doc, so to see four (including Bambi) women in a theater at the same time was a first for us!

The two others "M" and "K" were surrounded sitting on two chairs in the corner. "V" and her partner did not waste anytime, off came the trench coat to reveal a hot body and a little black number of sorts. "V" sat down on one of the few chairs and took her partners  love weapon into her mouth. They then disappeared from our sight, as we wearing standing off to the side still getting over the decompression . Soon all three returned to our sight, as they were standing in a huddle kissing and fondling each other. It was hot.

The Real "Bambi"
Bambi at this time had a few admirers of her own, so I lifted her skirt to expose her garter belt and stockings. She started kissing me, and then "K" came over to introduce her self. Tall and blond she stood towering over Bambi, and started to fondle her breasts through her tank top. With my prompting Bambi's top was up and "K" started sucking on Bambi's big tit, while the other one was being licked by a guy standing to the other side. Bambi then returned the favor to "K".

We then became distracted by the other two women bent over in unison taking on guys front and back. It got quite loud. We watched a for a bit, while a number of guys stroked Bambi's nylon covered legs, rubbed her ass, played with her tits, and one gave her a back rub! Bambi then turned her attention back to me and one neighbor, he and I enjoyed Bambi's very talented hands.

The room was getting very hot, as in "where the hell is the air conditioner?" hot, so I guided Bambi to a near by chair and stood in front of her. I did not last long as her mouth worked its usual charm. We said our good byes and headed out. Bambi said that there was safety in numbers and I agree.


PS I will try and send you some outfit pics of Bambi as cameras are strictly verboten in the HEB.


Doc here... Thanks again to Bambi and Thumper for another terrific Couples Flash Report!  Thingsccan get hot in more ways than one at HEB, and this report illustrates why that happens!

Keep the reports coming, B&T!


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Flash Report! Pleasure Emporium in Hollywood FL by Richie Rich

Doc here with a great Flash Report from new reporter here at The Journal, Richie Rich. I meant to get this report up much sooner, but it somehow got buried in the list of pending reports. 

My apologies, sir.

This is a good one one folks... Enjoy!


Dearest Doctor,

I must say this is a long time coming but I finally have put my fingers on the keyboard and figured I would give you a south Florida report.  I have traveled the entire country for business and have visited many stops in "this thing of ours." When I have some real time I will sit down and go through them all.  I have reports for Berlin News Agency, NJ.  Red Barn, NJ. Dream Theater, Philadelphia Pa. Cinema 309 in Wilkes Barre, PA.  CVE in NC.  Fantasyland in Tampa.  The list goes on.  I'm in the recycled time machine business and I'm stationed in Miami for the mean time.

Very close to my fantasy factory is a spot called the Pleasure Emporium at 1321 South 30th Avenue Hollywood, Florida.  Its a very large, clean, pink building right off of 95 South.  It has large booths, no gloryholes, a straight theater, gay theater and small couples only theater.  The straight theater is where most of the action is at and just like any other place it is hit or miss as far as couples action.  I must say after all the visits I have made to theaters in this country, there is one I will NEVER forget and wish I could repeat...though I'm sure it will be pretty unlikely.

I had stopped in on a whim on a Tuesday afternoon in January- right around noon.  As I pulled up I noticed two cars parking.  Both very high end cars.  Out of one came a very heavy set man, dressed in business attire.  Out of the other was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen outside or inside of one of the stores.  She was about 5'7", Latina, jet black hair, in amazing shape but wearing yoga pants, running shoes and an athletic top.  The two walked towards each other, hugged and kissed and proceeded to walk in together.  My initial reaction was that they had stopped in to buy a toy or lingerie as the store sells a ton of that stuff and you will frequently see couples in there just shopping as management is very friendly, their store is very clean and they sell all new things.  Some of the stores you go in aren't much more than toys from the 80's and gaudy outfits.  Not at Pleasure Emporium.

Pleasure Emporium
Hollywood, FL

I followed right behind them and they went immediately to the front counter and asked for a ticket to the "couples theater" which is basically a small locked room where couples sometime get together but if it is empty and a couple goes in, they can sneak anyone they want in and management doesn't care.  So I paid my admission for the theater and booth area and watched as they both used their respective restrooms before entering the straight theater.  The guy was eyeing me up so I kinda knew I stood a chance.  I found my seat in the theater and they stood in the back, often glancing over at me and whispering as she stood in front of him rubbing his cock over his pants.  There were about 4 or 5 other mongers watching and finally I saw they exited the theater but not without eyeballing me to follow.

The large gentleman went up to the front desk to ask them to remotely unlock the couples theater.  When he came back he asked me quietly if I wanted to join and of course I said yes.  I followed them in and they locked the door behind us.  The couples theater has leather couches lining the wall and a large flatscreen tv in the corner playing new porn.  Again, very clean tile floors and towels on the wall to clean up.  I finally got to see his woman up close and personal and WOW she was amazing.  It was clear to me he was her sugar daddy and was living out fantasies with her.  She had not a flaw on her body- not an ounce of fat, no stretchmarks and a really beautiful face.  I was so hard already I didn't know how long I would last.

Immediately after entering, the man said to her "take off all your clothes and suck his cock."  So I unzipped my pants and and watched her undressed.  Wow she looked amazing naked.  She had a fake set of C's that I didn't even notice because she was wearing a sports bra.  She left her socks on and nothing else.  She obeyed his command and he just stood next to us and watched.  She took my whole cock in her mouth, played with my balls and licked everything.  I looked down at her watching her work my pole and she kept glancing up at me, with her as bent over it was an unbelievable view.  Anyone who has seen a Latina ass before knows what I'm talking about!

He proceeded to sit on the couch and he unzipped his pants.  He ordered her to come over and suck his cock.  Then he asked if I had a condom.  I said no I am so sorry as I totally forgot to bring one in with me.  He said "well you could of fucked her if you had one.."  I sat down on the adjacent couch and watched him do his thing.  She stopped sucking him and started sucking me while he stood up and fucked her from behind.  He fucked her for about 10 minutes and the whole time she was slobbering my cock.  I politely asked where I could cum and she he said cum on her face so I pulled my cock out of her mouth she got on her knees and I came all over her pretty face.  She smiled at me THANKED ME and said with the sexiest accent, "next time bring a condom so you can fuck me, Ok?"  I promised I would and asked how often they come there and he said once every three weeks or so, during their lunch break around noon.  I shook his hand and they escorted me out of the room as they got dressed.

Dr, I can't even tell you how amazed I was with this spur of the moment experience.  I left feeling like I had no legs.  I walked out got into my car and waited as they both exited and entered their cars. As she got into hers she smiled at me and sped away.  I have popped in there a few times around that time during the week and have never seen them again.  I guess it was a once in a lifetime experience.  But I try to take some time to visit there whether at night or day and this place does have some good action.  I'd say out of 15 trips to the back area, couples have been playing back there maybe 10 times.   But none of these wives that come in look even close to as good as this one did...  I recorded this memory into my spank-o-vision and it may go down as my best ever!

As a side note, I'm a younger guy- I keep my body in shape, don't smoke and I dress well.  That makes the world of difference because you will be attracted to the wives and girlfriends that enter the place.  Some of the people you see walking around creeping haven't showered in a week and have never read an issue of GQ magazine to see that the cut off jean shorts they are wearing would be better suited for Halloween rather than everyday use.  My advice to all fellow lurkers:  Shower, brush your teeth, take care of your body and wear decent clothes.  If you do, you will be successful at times.  Be patient and it will all be good!

I'll have more reports to come when I get some more time, I'm dying to have my own picture and nickname.


Richie Rich


Doc here again... Thanks to Richie Rich for this great Flash Report from Pleasure Emporium.  RR plays it right... Be the best looking guy in the theater, and be patient.

Keep the reports coming Richie!  Terrific stuff, sir!


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Tour Of Duty 2012: Chapter 11 - Port of Call San Diego

Doc here with the final three San Diego adult theaters on Old Marine Corps Guy's Tour of Duty 2012.

OMCG decided to finish his reports off with a bang, and these three theaters are a good example of San Diego's healthy adult theater scene. Of the three, Adult Depot #1 and the Barnett Adult Superstore have been very kind to The Good Doctor over the years. 

Adult Depot #2? No so much.

The proximity of these three theaters to each other allows you to bounce between the three if you like, and was my SOP.  And as always, Old Marine Corps Guy's observations have military precision.

In this next week, I will have more detailed Flash Reports from the San Diego theaters, as OMCG finally hit paydirt on his long Tour of Duty 2012. 

Here are the final recaps of San Diego's adult theater scene from Old Marine Corps Guy...


Adult Depot #1
3489 Kurtz St
San Diego, CA
  • 24/7
  • Bookstore and arcade
  • $7.00 admission for 2 theaters, both show str8 movies
  • Appx. 25 regular theater seats in each theater.
  • Admission good for 4 hour in and out.
  • Loud door sound when someone comes in.
  • Lots of gay, but good couples action also.  Clerk say quite a few regulars and a fairly steady flow of them throughout the week.

Adult Depot #2
405 Pacific Hwy. 
San Diego, CA
  • Small bookstore, arcade and theater
  • $7.00 admission to theater 24/7  In and out OK
  • One small theater with 12 regular seats
  • 6 screens on 3 walls
  • Street parking only
  • Very hard to find and to get to.
  • Clerk says very few couples

Barnett Superstore
Corner of Barnett and Midway
San Diego, CA
  • Sister theater of Jolar
  • Very large, clean bookstore and arcade with 1/2 doors
  • $10.00 admission for 4 hour in and out to theater or $20.00 for 24 hour in and out
  • 2 theaters for one admission price, each has 2 screens one showing str8 the other gay
  • Very comfortable "theater" seats, appx 20 in each theater.
  • Loud door noice alerts you to newcomers, and long hallway has to be walked to enter theater area.  Allows time to straighten up.
  • The seats make it a little difficult to play (6" wide arms on each seat, and seats are side by side), but play does go on.
  • Probably the best theater in SD for couples

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Flash Report! Cathy's Visit To The Art Cinema in Hartford by The Shadow

Doc here with the first of the Flash Reports detailing Cathy's  (from visit to The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT. This first stop as part of her Summer Road Trip 2012 would set the tone for the rest of her adult theater visits. And judging by the huge success of Friday's nights visit, we are all in for a great end of summer spectacle.

This report will be followed up by a second report on this same evening Tuesday @ The Journal by reporter Incognito.

Please welcome back to The Journal, The Shadow, and his account of the evening...


Hello Dr.,

Been a while since my initial report from the Art, but what a night this was.  I am hoping there are other reports, because I am sure I missed a lot!

Was a wonderful, steamy, sticky night in Hartford Friday night, and the weather was kinda hot too.  The real action was inside the Art Cinema where there was action galore, ending with the sensational Cathy the "Creampie" Queen.

I arrived around 8:30 and was advised that Cathy was due in around 9.  Walked into the main theater to see a group of patrons surrounding a tall blonde with great tits manually accommodating as many hard rods as she could.  Generous tits play and sucking made the spectacle complete from an observation standpoint. 

Two other couples gradually joined to watch also.  One couple got so hot watching they moved off to the other side of the aisle.  There she proceeded to give him a BJ for a grateful audience.  She was into being watched, but not touched, but there was plenty of self gratification around her.  Soon the blonde came over, bringing her fan base along and the 2 women put on a show for all to see, just not with each other. (DAMN!)

Both couples adjourned to the balcony, but not too far back.  Miss "look but don't touch" moved straight to the rail and blew kisses to the men gathered under the exit sign, then bent over while her bf/hubby/fuck-toy knelt behind her and made a meal of her ass.  Her moans were louder then the screen at times.  She then moved to the front and sat on the rail masturbating while Mr. Lucky watched and stroked.  Hard to say who was more turned on. 

There were 3 couples in the balcony at this point, all engaged by themselves, but the sounds of sex filled the air.  Miss LBDT was bending towards the audience getting hard doggy, but then turned, I am guessing, to watch the other couples playing next to her.  There could not have been 2 soft cocks in the building.  And then Cathy strode in!

Cathy and her husband walked down the aisle and it was like stereo sex......we were surrounded.  Husband was filming, so for once there was a great view of a hot MILF surrounded by erections.  Hand and blow jobs were the order of the day, sometimes 3 at a time.  I am guessing no one had the prerequisite papers because there were only hj and bj.  Most men stepped right up and took their turn in Cathy's mouth;  one guy declined and continued to jerk himself ....whatever!  The only conversation to note was the regular "who's next" in the wonderfully sexy Australian accent. 

The balcony emptied and 3 couples were down watching Cathy do her thing.  Well, not exactly watching.  One was giving another hot BJ to her man, another was servicing a small group of her own, and one foursome, one wife with 3 men, had their own menage going, all with approving watchers. 

I could go into detail again but whats the point?  Lets just say everyone who wanted was getting either sucked, fucked, or jerked for what seemed like forever.  Eventually the crowd thinned until Cathy was left servicing 2 guys, one for the 3rd pop apparently, while one woman somehow found her fingers servicing Cathy, and claiming it was her first time!  Not the last I would bet!

I have had fun nights in the Art before, and I have rarely seen 3 groups playing downstairs at the same time.  This was a night to remember.  I am looking forward to seeing the couples return.  Cathy was the spark that took a hot night into another zone, but all 3 couples brought the heat!

The Shadow Knows!


Doc here again... I will be speaking directly with Cathy on Monday, to get her take on the evening, and hopefully put together a first person account from her on a great evening at The Art Cinema.

Remember ladies and gentlemen, Cathy is not stopping in Hartford. Visits to CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN, Berlin News Agency , NJ, and Portland are on the schedule... Make sure you visit her when they hit your town!

Thanks again to the very sexy Cathy!


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Post # 1000! Laney From Texas Visiting CTs Adult Theater In Gary 8/21 -8/23 (w/PICS!)

Doc here with Post #1000 here at The Journal of Adult Theaters, and why not celebrtate it with an announcement from Laney in Texas!

Laney will be visiting CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN from August 21 through August 23.  These will be daytime visits (nooners), so you better ask your boss for an extra long lunch those days.  Also, more details to following in the coming days.

Those who have seen Laney in action in Gary, Portland, Dallas, or Hartford, know that she is a dynamo in the gang bang scene. But don't take my word for it, here is a statement direct from Laney:

Hello from Texas.  I will be back to see you guys in August. I would like to break my record again.I will be doing nooners only on August21st thru 23th. Please help me by telling everyone you know that I like suck,fuck and you can cum on me anywhere you like. Can't wait to see you guys. 

Laney from Texas

Here are 4 new images of Laney, doing her thing (click to enbiggen them!)...

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Flash Report! Bud Fox Reports From 15th Ave in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a first time report from freshman reporter, Bud Fox.

I had the pleasure of first corresponding with Bud when he had some questions about adult theater etiquette. Armed with that knowledge, he is now in the front lines of this thing of ours, and doing a great job.

On this Friday evening, I happened to stop by for a visit to 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL.  In my conversations with a few of the other regulars, Bud introduced himself and we had a terrific conversation.

Well, he took The Good Doctor's advice, and it yielded big dividends...

Here is Gordon Gekko's protege, Bud Fox, and his first report.



It was a pleasure meeting you at 15th last Friday, 7/20th. Your blog has been a great guide for a rookie like me.  I have give you credit.. You always say be patient... And you were right..

Here is my report...

It's was a Friday night at 15th Ave, and for a Friday it was pretty full. There was a bachelor party next door, and the theater had a few couples but nothing really going on.. You always say to be patient, and you were right.

While taking a break outside, a beautiful young lady late 20s drives up, and met her boyfriend/companion.  They came inside and rented a room in the spa. They didn't even go into the theater, they went straight into the spa where she changed into a thong and nipple clamps bra.

The crowd followed and she led her man to the bleachers section, where they started playing in front of the crowd. She then instructed him to fuck her, and he followed her orders. After fucking her for a bit she asked (more accurately, demanded) for more cocks at the ready.

She had many suitors and the fun began... Her male friend finally gained his strength and fucked her good.. As did others in the crowd (ed note- The rumor that The Good Doctor was the 3rd guy to fuck this sassy brunette doggie style with a handful of her hair in his fist cannot be confirmed, nor denied).

She then needed a shower, so the party went into the shower area. Then it was back for some more fun.. This time at the bleachers, two sexy African American women and their male companion in addition to about 10 to15 guys were watching and looking for the opportunity.  All three ladies began bonding and one of the ladies was not ready to jump in. She was timid at first, but that changed later on..

A pussy eating challenge took place, and two of the women had men between their thighs. The crowd grew hungry, so the main attraction went back to her room and a line of men where ready to assist the brunette. She selected a few in the room, and then later came out for another break/ shower and some movie time in the theater. The other ladies where in the shower area taking care of business. And the timid woman in the beginning let go and started fucking a few of the guys.

I was waiting for the main attraction.  And I was happy to get selected to be one of the few guys to be able to enjoy some time with her.. At this point she was fucked to oblivion.. So her man and her asked if we would like to jerk off and cum on her tits.. We all said yes .. And one by one.. We gave her our baby batter.. It was my first load and it was a lot.. She enjoyed as did I.

I thanked them both and walked out into the July night.

A good night at the 15th. Thanks again for the amazing information.

Bud Fox


Excellent job, Bud. It was a good evening on Chicago's far west side, and I'm glad you were patient, and cashed in at the end of the evening.  Keep the reports coming, sir. 

When it comes to this thing of ours, "If you aren't inside, you're outside."


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Tour of Duty 2012: Chapter 10 - Red Panty Theater in Azuza, CA

Red Panty Bookstore and Theater
530 South Citrus Ave. Azuza, CA

  • $12.00 admission.  24/7
  • Small bookstore and theater
  • Worst excuse I've ever seen for a porn theater.
  • This is a 6'X20' room that has been divided in half buy a wall with an open doorway between the str8 and gay sides.
  • Plastic patio chairs (4) on each side.
  • Sliding wooden door for entry, with no newcomer warning at all.
  • No public restroom available.
  • Don't waste your time, or your gas, bothering to go to this dump.

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Blast From The Past! The Good Doctor Meets Mr. and Mrs. X - Round 2: Electric Boogaloo

Doc here...  This is a semi-Blast From The Past Report, since it took place this past October.  It's not a new report, and it's not an old one.  But it's still a report that needs to see the light of day.

So I'd pop open a cold beverage, throw one of those little umbrellas in it (as The Good Doctor always likes in his Bloody Marys), and enjoy this carnal tale featuring Mr. and Mrs. X.


This is the city. Melrose Park, Illinois.  I work here... I carry a badge. It says "The Good Doctor".  It was Saturday, October 8th, 2011. It was a clear, warm evening in this western suburb of Chicago.

Saturday was the last day of 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater's week long special: M/F couples, single girls, and T-girls free.  Single guys, full price.  This promotion, which runs the first week of each month, has become very popular. It generates not only heavy weekend traffic, but strong and steady weekday traffic to 15th Ave. If you live in the Chicagoland area, or plan to visit sometime soon, the first week of the month would be a good time to visit. End of the Chamber of Commerce promotion.

The Good Doctor had made plans to meet up with one of his favorite patients on Saturday night: Mr. & Mrs. X. In a prior House Call Report (HERE), The Good Doctor was able to execute an initial exam on Mrs. X, all the while we were commenting on the sub-standard XXX feature on the big screen.

The diagnosis? A chronic condition that would require multiple treatments in order to manage Mrs. X's condition. 

I was also looking forward to seeing some of my other patients, such as Moaning Lisa, Liz, and the always naughty P&F.  It was going to be a full night for the man who resembles a resort waiter, so when I pulled the Lizardo 3000 into 15th Avenue, my "A" game was required.  Parking was at a premium, as a bachelor party was taking place in the party room adjacent to 15th Ave.  I parked out front, hoping that I wasn't blocking anyone in (more on this, later).

Walking into the theater, I spotted Mr. and Mrs. X sitting in the back row of the couple's section. Mrs. X was wearing a very sexy red dress (and as always, was very put together). As was the plan, I took a seat next to Mrs. X, while Mr. X rode shotgun on her left.

What followed next was very exciting, even to a grizzled adult theater veteran like The Good Doctor. For the next 30 minutes, Mr. X and I proceeded to tease Mrs. X with our fingers, hands, and mouths in the back row of the theater's couple's section.  I lost count, but I believe Mrs. X came at least 6-7 times while squirming in her seat.  Steven Segall The Good Doctor even had to shoo away a few guys while in the theater, since no green light was given in the theater to the gen pop.

After a consultation with Mr. and Mrs. X, we decided to head back to one of the private rooms located in the spa area of 15th Ave.  This will allow us some privacy, some nudity, and the opportunity for a thorough exam.

The private rooms at 15th Avenue are pretty nice, very clean, albeit small. They also have dimmers for the lights... You know, to set the mood.  (ed note: No Barry White music available.)

So off come Mrs. X's clothes, and as always, matching bra and panties.  Colorful, lacy,  and fitting nicely around Mrs. X's most excellent chest.  Mrs. X drops to her knees, and proceeds to devour The Good Doctor's hard cock.  The energy Mrs. X puts into sucking cock is nothing short of amazing, and if you didn't stop her at some point, she'd keep on going.

I pulled up Mrs. X, placed her back on the bench inside the room, spread her legs, and returned the oral favor on her smooth bare pussy. Within a short time, Mrs. X was cumming all over my mouth and mustache, as she squeezed her smooth thighs together.  I was dripping myself, off my chin, lips... a quick dab at the corners of my mouth, and it was time to give Mrs. X what she was truly craving...

As I slid into Mrs. X, Mr. X turned the lights down a tad... Worked for me.  At right about the time she was reaching another powerful orgasm, the lights began to flicker...Brighter, darker, brighter again... And once again, I figured I was having a stroke.  However, we all noticed it, and began to chuckle. 

I remember disco. Disco was fun. Lights flashing. Mirrored balls.  We were in a very small dicso club there at 15th Ave.

I turned Mrs. X around, and began to fuck her doggie style... Her tight pussy grabbing me, as I took her.  I closed my eyes as I continued thrusting deeply into her, and as I opened my eyes, the lights were again flickering.  A call to an electrician that late at night would be expensive, so we grinned and beared it.

After a huge orgasm from Mrs. X which sent her almost through the back wall of the room, it was time to give Mrs. a tasty reward...

Still a little woozy, I put Mrs. X back on her knees. Mrs. X first took my cock, and then my cum, deep into her mouth...

As we tried to compose ourselves afterwards, the lights began their dance once again... Mrs. X needed a quick nap to recover, and Mr. X and I left her alone in the room to rest up. My evening was done, since I needed to get back to The Valley for early morning rounds. 

I'm not sure if Mrs. X entertained any more that night, but if she did, I'm positive the light show was a damn good one. 

Visit 2: Electric Boogaloo with Mr. and Mrs. X was a sequel better than the original.  And in the months and days since October 2011, continues to get better and better.

Polishing my white shoes and my Italian horn, I am...

The Good Doctor

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Cathy's Summer Road Trip 2012 Starts Friday in Hartford!

Doc here, holding his starter's pistol, as Cathy from begins her Summer Road Trip 2012 Today Friday 7/27 in Hartford's Art Cinema.

Let's start this road trip off with a (gang) bang!  The good people of Hartford (who have read The Journal), are excited to meet Cathy and to see what she has up her sleeve. My guess? Cathy is up to her old shennigans again...

So get out there and show your support to Cathy!And, if the opportunity presents itself, tell Cathy and her hubby "Doc Sent Me".

Make sure you check out the banner on the right hand side of The Journal.  The full adult theater schedule awaits you.

OK, how about 6 white hot pics of "Cathy being Cathy" (Click to Enbiggen!)


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Tour of Duty 2012: Chapter 9 With Old Marine Corps Guy - The Jolar in San Diego

Doc here with Chapter 9 of the Tour of Duty 2012 with Old Marine Corps Guy. 

So far, we have covered LA, as well as Las Vegas for updates on this thing of ours.  It is now time to turn the tables and focus on the top spot in the Pacific Southwest, San Diego.

Here is OMCG's take on The Jolar:

Jolar Books and Theater
6321 University Ave. 
San Diego, CA.
  • Sister theater to the Barnett Superstore
  • 24/7  -  4 hour In and Out
  • Small bookstore, arcade with 1/2 doors, Peepshows with live girls in private booths ($10.00 for 5 minutes).
  • 2 small theaters with comfy theater seats (16 seats in each theater).  $10.00 admission admits you to both theaters.
  • 2 screens in each theater  1 showing str8 the other showing gay.
  • Wed and Sat. are couples nights and couples are free anytime.
  • Very couples friendly.
  • Must be buzzed in to the theater.  Loud buzzer so you have time to square away before someone comes in.

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Flash Report! Mocha Pickle on Monday with Kate and Len @ 15th Ave in Chicago

Doc here... Let's jump into the Way Back Machine. Sherman, set the controls to Tuesday 7/24. The Good Doctor's House Call Report on the incredible evening at 15th Ave. Adult Books in Chicago with Kate and Len.  An incredible evening with a great first-time adult theater couple.

Senior reporter for The Journal, Mocha Pickle, was there at The Good Doctor's request. His resulting report is his best report to date, and in the Top 3 all-time here @ The Journal. The bases were loaded, and he lifted this one onto Waveland Avenue.

Here is Mocha Pickle, and his clutch report from Chicago's western suburbs.


... and from between the thighs of the Statue of Liberty, with mustachioed lips, the Good Doctor proclaimed, "Give me your swingers, your nymphettes, your naked horny masses yearning to squirt and jizz free..." and he parted Lady Liberty's skirt, revealing her naked charms, leading the way for all of us with a promise of erotic adventure across this great land...

... and his followers were numerous and many.

We met, prearranged, at 15th Avenue Adult Books. In the spa. There at the 'bleachers'. They were here. 'Len and Kate'. An All-American couple. Good looking. No. Better than good...

He was cut from the pages from Sports Illustrated. She, from Playboy. Centerfold, circa 2002. They'd come from one of the back rooms. Taking a deserved breather. Fucking is hard work. Try it sometime.

Len. He's healthy. Strong. Friendly, but firmly protective of his treasure. His lady. And OMG, what a lady...

Kate. Wrapped in a towel, her natural bosom exposed to a respectful crowd of voyeuristic admirers holding court. For now, happy with the chaste taste of the exhibitionist halftime show, yet clearly praying to play on her well manicured field.

Kate. Ah, Kate. Attractive? Absolutely. 100%. WOW!!! Tan. Lean. Flashing a 1000 kilowatt smile. Her perky perfect boobs and pokey pink nipples defied gravity...

And the good Doctor, the eager bastard. He was soaked to the skin with sweat. The sexy shenanigans had started sooner than expected.

The Good Doctor had gone, balls deep, into this charming little bird. Devouring her charms. A wolf munching a squirting peach, juices spilling everywhere in the back room. The mattress. The floor...

Every... fucking... where...

Did I mention the Good Doctor was a glorious bastard? It bears repeating.

Kate was so adorable I wanted to break out straws and share a root beer float. Can a woman be 'too' nice and cute to fuck the absolute hell out of?

This thing of ours. Sometimes the stars in the sky align just right and you find yourself fucking for days and days. Other times, not so much. This night, sadly, was terrible proof of this fact. A vigorous slurp and tender clit-nibble between those tanned centerfold thighs in the back room was all I could muster before tagging off to the Good Doctor. As I limped out of the ring, Kate was like the youngest sweetest Osmond sister you could ever imagine begging (BEGGING!) for cock. Doc leaped off the top rope and wrestled the pussy down like a champion. Pounding her clit from the back. Into her doe eyes he stared with the dominant Alpha intent. Seducing her with sex talk. Her dam BROKE and Doc literally ORDERED her pussy to gush buckets. All over his cock, a fountain of squirting submission...

As a reward, she slogged through the mattress g-spot puddle, and dropped to her knees on the damp floor as her wonderful breasts were christened in Lizardo jizz. The territory now officially marked. Doctor Emilio was here!

(*And somewhere, an angel cried. Indeed, heaven lost another one to this sinful libidinous thing-of-ours*)

To Kate, I raise a toast- *Here's to your time in the batter's box with Doc as he skillfully rounded your bases. To Len, thank you for cheering us on. And here's to hope- may my next at bat with the lovely Kate be an explosive home run. To Len and Kate. Thank you both.*

(*FYI, with ventilation so poor, the private rooms at 15th Avenue can indeed swelter with all the 'activity'. If you and your lady don't come out of there drenched in sweat and grinning like idiots, get back in there and KEEP FUCKING until you do.*)

Mocha P.


A standing "O" for Mr. Pickle, please.  Great job, sir. Everything about this great couple, Kate and Len, is spot on. And the best part?  I spoke to them the next day... Kate wants to take it up a notch or two.



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Tour of Duty 2012 With Old Marine Corps Guy: Chapter 8 - Gemini Theater in SD

Doc here with the start of the San Diego leg of Old Marine Corps Guy's Tour of Duty 2012.  I personally think San Diego's adult theater scene is awesome, with solid theaters and couple's play.  The theaters are very clean, couples' friendly, and low key. 

OMCG has three terrific Flash Reports on the way, and it seems that his perseverance paid off nicely at 3 of SD's finest establishments in this thing of ours.

So without further ado, drop down and give me 20, and in the meantime enjoy OMCG's latest TOD Report.


Gemini Books
5265 University Ave.
San Diego, CA
Small bookstore and small theater.
$7.00 admission. 
No in and out.
Small theater showing str8 movies only. 
Five foot wall in back of last row with 5x10 foot space behind wall for lots of gay action.
16 regular theater seats (most are broken).  Very small smoking theater in back showing same movie as other larger theater.  5 plastic patio chairs in smoking room.
Clerk says couples come in, but rarely.

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Falsh Report! Mr. PeeperZ Hits Portland and The Paris Theatre

Doc here with the return of regular contributor to The Journal, Mr. PeeperZ. He and the wife were out of their natural habitat (the East coast), and were visiting The Rose City of Portlandia with friends.

How did it go?

Here is Mr. PeeperZ and his report...


My wife and I were visiting friends in the Portland Area last week, and a visit to the Paris Theatre was on my "bucket list". I'm not going to give a full description of the theater, because that's already available here. Our friends were willing to give it a try, so we planned a visit for Saturday night.

As it happened, we were in the area around lunchtime, and decided to check it out, to get the lay of the land, so to speak. The clerk was very friendly. After we signed up, he gave us a tour of the place. There were only a few men in the theater at that time, two of them in the little gay porn room, playing with each other. We peeked in and gave them the thumbs up.

After checking out all the facilities (the stripper pole, the exam table, the couples room and the table down front), I was feeling a bit frisky, so I laid my wife on the table down front, pulled off her shorts and gave her some oral, then a short fucking, while our friends stood off to the side (she sucking his dick). The other men in the theater were appreciative and polite. They stayed in their seats, wanking and smiling. We soon left to enjoy other Portland activities, figuring to be back that evening for some real fun.

When we returned about 10 PM, things were very different. We were the first couples to arrive. As soon as we walked into the Couple's Oasis, about a dozen guys stood by the rail in front of us, staring like cross-eyed vultures. It was really, really uncomfortable! My friend's wife freaked, and was ready to run out the door (my wife and I have played in theaters before - see my previous reports on Teasers and Cherri Bombs - and even we were uncomfortable.) We managed to calm her down a bit, saying we would just hang out a bit and see how things developed. She knew it might be my only chance to see the Paris, so she sat back and tried to watch the movie (which was hard because all these assholes were blocking the screen).

After a while, another mature couple came in. They sat in the corner of the Oasis, and mostly just cuddled, though she eventually did pull her top down. He said it was their second visit.

After a bit, I got a little antsy just sitting there, so I started unbuttoning my wife's dress and played with her tits. She pulled my cock out, and sucked me off a bit. Our friends did a little of the same. My friend's wife still needed some reassurance, so we switched. I asked what she thought about when she sucked my dick. She said "Nothing but your dick!". So I said "Then suck my dick!" (which she really loves to do) and she did. This did calm her down considerably.

The penis gallery was getting pretty excited at the switching, but basically we were able to ignore them. Eventually we switched back. My wife and I got rid of our clothes and had some fun. I ate her out a bit, she sat on my lap facing the crowd while we fucked.

About then another couple arrived, and went immediately into the main section and sat on a sofa. He was a biker type, she was short and pleasingly plump. The penis gallery immediately abandoned us and clustered around the new couple. We took a break, and I went down for a look. She sucked biker for a bit, then he put a blindfold on her. Hands were all over her. She knelt on the sofa and one guy squeezed into the space and did her doggy.

I went back to my friends for a while, and eventually biker and his sub went up to the table, where she pulled a train. She had dicks in both hands while every guy with a hard on and a condom got a turn. My wife and I then took a nude stroll down into the main section to observe the action. She was concerned about being groped, but the guys were all polite, and did not touch without asking first.

Back up with my friends, I laid my wife down on the bench right next to the rail and did her missionary while several lucky guys reached through and played with her tits & clit. I shot the load of my life in her!

As we recovered, another couple arrived (mature couple was still sitting cuddling). They sat in the opposite corner, pretty much out of view of the penis gallery, though still visible from the entrance. They kept their clothes on, but were playing nicely with each others genitalia.

We had pretty much had it by that point, so we departed. Our friends thought it was quite the unusual experience, but I don't think they'll be back. The penis gallery is just too much for her. I wish it was back East (and that the penis gallery had better manners).

Mr. PeeperZ


Doc here again... Portland's Paris Theatre on weekends can be a handful for even experienced couples. I have written many times in the past on my theories why crowd control at The Paris at times is an issue. The weeknight and daytime scene seems to be far more conducive to some couples (right, floyd?).

Thanks again to Mr. PeeperZ for another solid report!  Nicely done, sir.


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Tour Of Duty 2012: Chapter 7 With Old Marine Corps Guy: Adult World in Vegas

Adult World 
3010 Valley View
Las Vegas
Bookstore, arcade and theater

Same ownership as Boulder Hwy location.
$7.00 admission  24/7
2 theaters, one admission  1 str8, 1 gay
Plastic patio chairs
Couples free from midnight Tuesday thru midnight Thursday, but clerk says couples free anytime.
Mostly gay, but do get some regular couples.

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House Call! An Evening With Kate & Len @ 15th Ave. Adult Books and Theater in Chicagoland

Doc here with a House Call Report, hot off the presses @ The Journal's print shop, located in The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college.

The mission statement here @ The Journal is a simple one, yet one that attempts to fill a void in this thing of ours:  "The Journal provides a national perspective on the adult theater landscape, and provides an accurate resource for couples involved with or wishing to be involved in the adult theater scene." 

(The Journal's original mission statement, "Pretty girls, bigger alligators", was replaced in 2009 after several complaints.)

Well, on a very recent Monday night, in the western suburbs of Chicago, The Journal's mission statement was executed to perfection. 

In the morning hours of that same Monday, The Good Doctor received the following e-mail from Kate & Len, excerpted below:

Hello Doc,

Thanks for your blog. I have been trying to get the wife to go to the bookstore for a year. After reading your blog this weekend, she is excited to go. We are going tonight. She is a very hot brunette with large natural tits. She will be wearing a little black dress(not for long).  I know that we will be regulars after she gets fucked good tonight. She truly enjoys your blog. She wants to know if you might want to meet? She wants the good doctor to enjoy her sweet pussy and write about it in your blog. Looking forward to meeting!

Kate & Len

This e-mail stopped The Good Doctor mid-sip into his Bloody Mary, and drove me to open my appointment book.  The evening's schedule was clear, and it was time to provide assistance to this fine couple.

15th Ave Adult Books & Theater
Melrose Park, IL
I opened a dialog with Len, and learned that while he and Kate had been in 'the lifestyle" for 12+ years, they had never dipped their toes into this thing of ours.  However, her curiosity, fueled by a recent Journal article regarding 15th Ave Adult Books & Theater in Melrose Park, IL, was peaking.  This resulted in the e-mail mentioned earlier in the report that landed on my desk.

During the day, I spoke to Len a few times, in order to get a feel of what they were looking forward to that evening.  The bottom line was that Kate was hungry; hungry for fat large cocks.  Oh, and more than one please.

The Good Doctor is a firm believer in planning. Good planning typically will swing the odds of a fun time at an adult theater for a couple (experienced, or first-timers like Kate and Len) in a positive direction.  I was able to set up a time and meeting location with K&L, as well as provide an overview of our first 15-20 minutes inside the facility.  We also agreed to look at this first visit without expectations, and to go with the flow.

While behind the wheel of the Lizardo 3000, I received a call from Kate and Len, who were also on their way. Len put Kate on the phone, and we had a nice chat. She sounded excited about this step into what some may perceive as the dark side. Kate also divulged that she switched from the little black dress to something a bit more comfortable (more on this later).

The Good Doctor arrived first, and shortly thereafter, arrived K&L.  When Kate got out of their SUV, I was stunned on how hot she was: Picture a little Jennifer Garner, mix in some Kate Beckinsdale, and you'd be on the right track. Maybe 5'4" in bare feet, and a spinner.  Adorable face and smile. Perfectly tan.  Large, natural boobage. And the more comfortable outfit?  Cute shorts, and a black tank top with the words "Wanna Bang?" in discreet letters on the front.

This was going to be a fun night.

Len was as personable in person as he was on the phone. A great guy with a broad smile (I'd be smiling as wide as Len if my wifey was Kate).  In other words, OLB (one lucky bastard).

Since one of the objectives for the evening was "peni" (multiple weiners), I sent out the Lizardo Signal to my good friend and fellow reporter here at The Journal, Mocha Pickle. He would meet our trio at the theater, and let the chips fall where they may.

After The Good Doctor provided a guided tour of the facility (theater, video booths, spa area, shower room, sauna, the private rooms, and lastly the bleecher section), we headed to the theater.  The crowd was sparse this evening, and that was a good thing.  Less time shooing guys away from Kate, and more time focused on Kate.

In the blink of an eye after sitting down in the couples section, Len had Kate's tank top off, revealing an incredible set of natural, tan, and firm C's. Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I was hypnotized by them. Len and I set about fondling said boobs, while I whispered dirty things into her ear.

It seemed to work.

Kate reached over and started stroking me while also doing the same to Len. She then leaned in, and asked "Is it OK if you take your cock out?"  Before the word "out" was completed, I was out and about in the fresh air of the theater.  After stroking a bit more, she asked "Is it OK if I suck it?"

What followed was an incredible BJ...Soft, wet, with a healthy dose of naughty/nasty thrown in for good measure. She looked and felt awesome, even though this was just the appetizer.

We then decided as a team to head back to the private room we reserved.  Kate was ready to be fucked, and Len and myself were just the men for the job.  The door of the room closed, clothes came off, and it was on.

Kate's body was the stuff of wet dreams... Tan, lithe, an incredible ass, and a smooth pussy with a hint o' landing strip. I removed my stethoscope, and promptly dove between her tan thighs to find a pussy to die for. Licking and finger fucking ensued, to a point where Kate was begging to be fucked.

Len and I alternated fucking Kate, complete with ass spanking and harsh language. However, the main event was yet to come...

During an earlier conversation with Len, he revealed Kate to be a squirter. The key was at the moment Kate would orgasm, to pull your cock out and spank her pussy and clit with it. Your reward would be pretty obvious.

As Len was driving Kate to a big orgasm, he pulled out, spanked according to the recipe, and the squirting began in earnest. And it was very hot.... Now, placing Kate on her hands and knees on the bench inside the private room, The Good Doctor gave her tight pussy a thorough pounding, and copying what Len executed earlier, made her squirt in a major way...Twice.  I think "pussy spanking" and myself will grow to be good friends.

After a quick break, our threesome became a foursome with the arrival of Mocha Pickle.  Mr. Pickle gave Kate some incredible tongue lashings, while I was kneeling beside Kate, fucking her mouth.  This was followed by more tag team fucking of Kate, and more incredible squirting.  I then decided to ramp up the excitement, and check out if Kate liked her sex a little rougher.

I mounted Kate, pinned her wrists above her head, while she said she "loved getting it rough". And true to her word, she did... Her pussy clamped around my member, trying to milk the cum right out of me.

After some more serious fucking by Len while Kate was bent over the bench, I told Kate that I was ready for lift off.  Again, earlier in the day, Len told me that Kate really likes to watch guys cum, especially on her.  Who am I to rock the boat?

Kate dropped to her knees, and gave The Good Doctor another 5-star BJ. I pulled out of her wet mouth, and hosed down those incredible C's with a large load of baby batter. Kate then gently sucked the rest of my cum from the head of my cock...

Sometimes, it's good to be The Good Doctor.

After some fun post-sex conversation, it was time to turn in our key, and head back to our mostly vanilla lives. As Mocha Pickle and I waved good bye to Kate and Len as they drove out of the parking lot, we both shook our heads. 

Kate was that special. Sexy. Cute. Naughty. Nice. Insatiable.

For her first time at an adult theater, she took to the environment like a fish to water.  Maybe her next visit will be on a slighly busier night, with more cocks at the ready.  And if you are one of the lucky ones like Mocha Pickle and myself, you will find yourself engaged with one of the hottest women I've run across inside an adult theater in many, many years.

Len, you are OLB.


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