Quick Note From The Good Doctor: Starting December Off With A (Gang) Bang and a Teaser Pic!

Doc here with a Quick Note... The Journal will be starting off December with a BANG!  I received what may be one of the hottest Blast From The Past reports ever yesterday (from first time contributor Phillipspet), and it will go online Thursday morning, December 1st.  A detailed and action-filled report, along with 9 hardcore pics of theater sex featuring Phillipspet.

Here is a little something to wet your beak...

Put checking out this report on your to do list for Thursday.


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Blast From The Past! Alex and Lauren at The Admiral Theater in Chicago

Doc here with a Blast From The Past from our good friends, Alex and Lauren in North Carolina.

The setting for this report is the old Admiral Theater in Chicago, which is now only a gentleman's club with some video booths and an ABS.  But back in the 90's, this place was hopping as a premier adult theater.

Here is Alex and Lauren and their Admiral Theater adventure...


I am guessing this happened in the early 90's or so. I would imagine the place has changed again since this time. We had been in before and had some fun in the balcony, back when it was set up for couples. This was still very early in our play, when Lauren was not ready to involve others.

For years the Admiral Theater of Chicago was one of those big old movie "palaces" that had found new life as an adult theater: large, ornate - with a full balcony and lobby that actually had a snack counter. It featured 35mm movies with well-known adult movie stars dancing between the movies. The last time Lauren and I were there  it had been completely refurbished into an "adult entertainment center". The theater had been divided up into a bookstore area, strip club and smaller video theater. The balcony had been completely closed off and large video booths had been installed on the second floor.

Admiral Theatre
Chicago, IL c. 2010
It was a warm summer night. Lauren wore a short sundress - navy blue with white polka dots. Buttons ran up the front from the hem all the way to the top which was held in place with two spaghetti straps. We found a couple of empty seats about ¾ of the way back in the small theater.There were probably 6 guys in the room when we sat down. Another handful followed us in after spotting Lauren in the bookstore.

For the first half hour or so, we just watched the movie - settling in, letting Lauren relax in the new environment. That was followed by a little kissing, not much more than a couple of high school kids making out at the mall multi-screen.

We decided to take a little break and made our way upstairs to the booths. They were all large and clean. No gloryholes though. We played a little more in the booth. As we did, we could hear guys standing right outside the door. They were telling the newcomers about the couple in the booth - the lady that had been in the theater. Lauren sucked my cock until it was hard. I returned the favor, licking her until she was right on the brink. As we got ready to leave, she dropped her panties into her purse and we made our way back down to the theater.

The seats in the back were all taken, so we found ourselves down front. Right in front of another couple. They were in their late 50’s, maybe 60’s. Obviously she was into young black guys. I watched her jerk off two while they fingered her under her skirt. She never really looked at them. She just seemed to enjoy having them in her hand, feeling them cum. As she played, more of the guys moved down front, opening our seats in the back again.

When we returned, Lauren sat next to the wall. Of course, I sat next to her,leaving two or three seats open to my right. Almost as soon as we sat down we began to kiss. I worked open a couple of her buttons,revealing her cleavage in the reflected light of the video. As I did,the "flock" began to move toward us. The row in front of us filled in. A young black guy sat in our row, leaving the seat next to me empty, but still allowing him a good look.

We continued our kissing and fondling, and soon her breasts were completely exposed.The friend sharing our row began to softly encourage her, telling her how good she looked, how much he would like to touch her tits. As Began to suck her nipples, he continued, saying how well he could suck her titties. Lauren’s hands moved to my lap, so I sat back,allowing her access to my cock.

Admiral Theatre
Chicago, IL  c.1983
As she unzipped my pants I saw her eyes fall on her encourager. His dick was in his hand. He was well hung and hard. She sucked my cock, looking at him and the other guys who were assembled around us. At that time, this was her favorite form of exhibitionism - to deep throat me while she made eye contact with the guys who were watching. While she sucked, I reached back to her ass, pulling her skirt up, revealing it to those in front of us and rubbing it gently.

Within a couple of minutes, she was sitting back up running her hands up her thighs.When she reached her pussy, her whole body shuddered. She then slid forward in her seat and put her feet up on the row in front of us. With her legs spread wide, she began to masturbate, giving an excellent show to the guys who were no more than two feet away. A couple of them reached over to touch her legs, but they retreated quickly when she shook her head "no". I could tell she was going to enjoy this one.

More than once she brought herself right to the edge, but then stopped. What could have been finished very quickly probably took about 15 minutes. When she came it was loud. Louder than the movie. As the guys expressed their appreciation and compliments, she buttoned up, signaling that she was through. I was ready to take her home and pin her directly to the mattress - but the evening wasn’t quite over yet.

Admiral Theatre
As we exited the theater, we noticed an adult bookstore across the street. I don’t think either of us said a word, we just walked directly over. I checked out the booths. Again, no gloryholes (what is wrong with this city?). But our black friend from the theater was there. The store was actually fairly crowded. So for 20 minutes or so Lauren looked at every video, dildo, magazine and whip in the place. Bending, squatting, showing her ass, tits and even her pussy to anyone who cared to look. Believe it or not, our friend actually LAID ON THE FLOOR to get a better look. And my wife, who likes to be cooperative, stepped over him giving him a great look right up her naked, bald pussy.

As we left the store, he and another guy followed us out. They began to follow us down the side street where we parked, but I told them the show was over. Again they thanked us, and as we made our way down the street they asked for one more peek. It wasn’t hard. I just picked up the hem of her dress, revealing her ass as we walked into the darkness.

Alex and Lauren


Doc here again... Thanks again to Alex and Lauren for this great Blast From The Past.  As I mentioned in an earlier report from Alex and Lauren, they have decided to close their own website, 1PlayfulCouple.com.  We have agreed to re-publish some of the best of their Blasts from the Past here at The Journal, and I guarantee you, you will love this collection of reports.

Thanks again to Alex and the lovely Lauren.



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First Time at an Adult Theater: Chapter 6 - ORicHard

Doc here with Chapter 6 of "First Time in an Adult Theater", featuring regular Journal contributor, ORicHard, who is based currently out of Portland.

This report covers a lot of ground, so pay attention and take notes.  There will be a test in the morning.

Here is ORicHard's "First Time" tale...


Hi Doc,

As I recall, around 1960 I discovered Art Houses that showed primarily foreign films (a lot of black and white and some full nudity- read BUSH!). Later these same out-of-the-way theaters advanced to more color and Russ Meyer films; but, I never saw other patrons playing in the audience and saved jacking off till I got home.

Then in the late 60's, between assignments off the Viet Nam coast, I began building an 8mm porn collection. The ports in the Philippines, Japan and China provided plenty of vintage stuff and the more offbeat the better. On leave in San Diego I encountered arcades where dimes and quarters would open the small windows to provide loops for private jacking (no wiping up paper provided and sticky floors very common).

A few years later in San Francisco I discovered shows where the all-male audiences would regularly drop trou in our seats and openly jack to the entertainment. I remember the first time being in an audience, and while watching the action down front, I glanced over to see a young fellow a few seats over in the row I was seated in, pounding his peg. I watched him cum into his hand and then lick and swallow all the evidence. It was the first time I felt free to lower my own trousers and jack off in a theater.

Also later in the 70's, the Mitchell Bros. and others provided shows and movies where I would see my first theater patron couples stroking and fingering in a theater, although I never asked to "help out", and didn't see any others sharing the wealth. But these San Francisco theaters provided attached venues where I could jack off watching naked women through glass panels in private booths, or pay more and be provided flashlights in pitch dark rooms with eager males doing our best to cop a feel, or light up some pink, while we stroked away in the dark. At this time, massage parlors and the like were the best places to have Happy Endings for under $25.

Aladdin Theater
Portland, OR c.1982

Then in the 80's, in Portland, I went to The Aladdin Theater, if memory serves me, where I noticed several couples scattered through the theater and balcony openly playing. Those were the Pee Wee Herman days, and we were always looking over our shoulders. On trips back to the Bay Area I would regularly stay at the adult Edgewater Motel and experience a sexual smorgasbord there. Business trips to Philadelphia also provided accommodating venues.

Various establishments, mostly Adult Book Stores, between San Francisco and Seattle had booths with varying amounts of contact available in back rooms. One place I liked sold shoes in the front of the store. I knew from local sex rags that I could purchase a pair of shoes for "Rose" or whoever else was in the back room for $50 or $60, and then be escorted back to deliver the shoes in person to a young woman waiting for me on a bed with just some sexy negligee covering her waiting body.

Jefferson Theater
Portland, c.2007
Of course I moved on to the Jefferson Theater and The Oregon Theater in Portland, becoming a totally-hooked and semi regular patron, branching out to places like those in Oakland, Las Vegas, or the Airport Theater in Everett, and even a nude resort in Tampa, with plenty of sexual activity.

Along the way, I played regularly at nude beaches on the California coast, where many of us would begin playing late in the afternoon after the families had gone home. In Portland, I graduated to Rooster Rock, where sex in areas just off the beach areas finally got to the point where the powers that be decided to intervene, and Sauvie Island, where discrete sex occasionally makes my day, but where such activities are NOT OK, with family-oriented nudity much more the norm.

I'm sure I've left out many of the more depraved aspects of my voyeuristic sex life. Bottom line, I just like to watch others engage in sex and am grateful whenever others invite me to pitch in and get off.



Doc here again... Thanks to ORicHard for stepping up and submitting his "First Time" report. Nicely done sir!

Everyone takes a different journey on the way to getting knee-deep in this thing of ours. For ORicHard, it was sampling of the bounty that the 60's and 70's gave us that drew him in.  In The Good Doctor's case, it was the curiosity of what went on behind the doors of the local adult theater I passed by every day walking home from high school. And when I was old enough to, I did discover what was going on inside and I was not disappointed.

OK, now it's your turn to submit your "First Time" report... You have seen how 6 different reporters have gone about it, so now it's your turn.  Just e-mail me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, with the subject line "First Time".  Step up and be counted...  I will edit and format the report for you.  All you need to do is type up the report in an e-mail.

Easy. Fun. Exciting. Rewarding.


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Couple's Flash Report! M and S Report on The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a quick hitting Couple's Flash Report from second time contributors, M&S.  Their adult theater of choice is The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT (address info located in the Dr. Emilio Adult Theater Database HERE.)

Back in August, M&S submitted their first Couple's Flash Report, along with two pics of them in action.  I am reposting those pics per their request (and also because they are HOT).

So, without any additional delay, here are M&S and their report (and pics) from Black Friday at Hartford's Art Cinema.


Hi Doc,

Wife and I went to The Art Cinema in Hartford CT last night (Friday the 25th).

Got there about 7:45PM and went up into the "couples only" balcony. Two other couples came and went quickly, but a couple in their late 50's came up and sat down near us. They watched us fuck and suck as he worked her pussy hard with toys as she sucked him good.

At one point she came over and started talking dirty to my wife as I fucked my wife. It was a very interesting evening. Between him and her, that pussy of hers got toy fucked for about 2, yes TWO HOURS! 

Really a hot couple.  



Doc here again...Thanks to M&S for the quick report from Black Friday at The Art Cinema in Hartford.  Things are hopping at this long standing adult theater in Hartford, and has been on The Good Doctor's bucket list for awhile now.  Maybe 2012 will be the ticket!

Do you have an adult theater report?  Good, because I am in need of yours in a bad way.  Just send along your report to Frederick Law Olmstead The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and I will do the rest.  Editing, formatting, and illustrating your reports is on the house.  Plus, you get the glory.


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A Quick Note From The Good Doctor: New Bells and Whistles & A Request

Doc here with a Quick Note...

New Bells and Whistles
I have just finished reading "Bells and Whistles For Dummies" (from Hudson Press), so I have been motivated to add some b&w to The Journal.

First up was a weekly posting of an audio file, meant as an inspirational moment for you, the good readers of The Journal.  Well that feature last 3 weeks before my source for the audio files eliminated access to their embed codes. Thanks jerks.

I have replaced the inspirational moment audio clip with "The Journal's Weekly Motivational Speaker"  video clip, courtesy of YouTube (language may be NSFW, but so is the entire Journal).   You can find that new feature on the right hand side of The Journal right underneath the other new feature of The Journal: "Alexa Worldwide and USA Website Rankings." Thanks to my good friend and colleague Major Voyeur for the heads up on this analytical tool (Fun factoid: My nickname in high school was "analytical tool"). 

Please check out these new features of The Journal if you dare.

Request Line Is Open: "First Time" Reports Needed
The Good Doctor is still in need of your "First Time at an Adult Theater" reports.  Whether you have contributed to The Journal before or not, the staff here at The Journal (OK, me) is in dire need of more reports of your first time.

So far, we have had 5 quality First Time reports, all from regular contributors.  I really need more submissions from the other members of the senior reporting crew, as well as the other contributors to this one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.  I know you are out there...

Of the good readers of The Journal, it's now time for you to submit your First Time reports. On average, there are 1,000 unique visitors to The Journal every day.  All I am asking for is a 2-4 paragraphs of what your first time at an adult theater was like.  Please include the name and location (city is fine) of the theater, as well a pen name you wish to have as your byline.

Please send your submissions to emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, with "First Time" in the subject line.  You'll be glad you did!

I now return you back to your regularly scheduled programming.


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First Time at an Adult Theater: Chapter 5 - Ray

Doc here with Chapter 5 from "First Time at an Adult Theater".  This chapter features Ray, who writes the excellent "Sex in Porn Theaters" blog, and who also is a regular contributor to The Journal.

The setting for Ray's "First Time" report is Detroit, and I will recap what theater this may have been while you read the report.

So without any further delay, here is Ray and his "First Time at an Adult Theater" report...


I believe the theater was on 8 Mile Rd. in Detroit, but I could be wrong about the specific location. It was a long time ago, but a night I will never forget since it marked a significant change in my porn theater habits. Until that night, I had been a confirmed voyeur, preferring to hang back and watch the action. I'm glad things changed.

 As I walked into the theater, I stepped into a bookstore area. Heading to the cashier I passed a petite girl in a tight denim skirt and vest. She smiled as I approached. Probably because I was checking out that vest. It highlighted her tanned tits nicely. She clearly wore no bra underneath and my cock stiffened at the thought of watching her in action in the theater. I soon realized that wasn't going to happen, as she and her escort were leaving.

I cursed my timing and paid the entry to the theater and went in and took a seat. Nothing happened for an hour or so, and I was thinking of leaving. After all, it was a week night and I had no idea if this particular theater attracted many couples.

Guild Theater
Detroit c.1982
I wandered out to the store area and browsed the selection. A couple of guys were chatting so I joined them and asked about the action there. They told me that I had missed quite the show an hour or so earlier. Seems that denim girl had an audience participation marathon running for a bit. They said that couples dropped in from time to time. I realized that there are no guarantees in theater action, but the conversation encouraged me to hang out a bit longer. It was a good move.

I had no sooner found my seat when another couple came in. She was older, maybe 40, dressed conservatively in a knee-length khaki skirt and button up blouse.  She had long blonde hair and an attractive face and a tall frame with just enough curves. A sweater was draped over her shoulders, giving her the look of your best friend's mom or the neighborhood librarian.  They sat across the aisle and one row back from me. A couple of guys moved to sit in the row ahead of them. They shooed away a couple of guys who tried to sit next to her.

For a long while they just watched the movie. Then I noticed that the guys sitting in front of them had turned around completely, facing her. It seemed that she was spreading her legs, giving them a look up her long skirt. She did so very casually, still watching the film. Hell, if she was showing, I was going to watch, so I moved over to join the other guys enjoying the show.

Sure enough, her pussy was exposed. No panties. No pubic hair. This would have been sometime in the late 70's so that look was still fairly rare, especially for a woman of her age. Her legs were spread and she was sloooowly working her hem higher up her legs. At one point, hubby reached in and ran a finger through her slit, showing us how wet she was.
Sassycat Theater
Detroit c.1982

Her attention had now shifted from the film to the exposed cocks of the guys in the row with me. My own dick was uncomfortable in my pants, so I pulled my erection out as well. I figured if she liked watching and being looked at, I would participate fully! I turned so she could see and she rewarded me with a better view of her crotch.

After a few more minutes, she sat up in her seat, leaning forward to get a better look at all of our cocks. I was surprised when she suddenly reached for my dick, taking it in her soft warm hand and stroking it gently.  Her husband whispered something in her ear and she replied "Yes. But first I want to do this." She then leaned back and patted the seat next to her, indicating that I should come and sit next to her.

As I said, up until this time, I had done nothing but watch in adult theaters. But I was pretty much on the spot. What's a guy supposed to do? When a lady calls, you have to answer, right? So answer I did.
Irving Theater
Detroit, c.1983

I moved passed the guys who were bitching about my good luck and took my seat. The lady opened a the top two buttons of her blouse, turned toward me and took my cock in her hands once again. As she stroked, I reached in and found a pair of full, firm tits with hard nipples responding to my touch.

She continued jerking me while I moved down to explore her pussy. She was absolutely soaked.  I played with her slick slit and swollen nub. I worked a couple of fingers in and out as she began to pick up the pace on my dick. I heard her moaning softly and intended to bring her to orgasm, but she told me to lay back. Reluctantly, I obeyed, giving her better access to my dick. She kept stroking with one hand and playing with my balls with the other. I noticed that among the watchers was a couple. The woman's eyes were fixed on my cock.
National Theater
Detroit c.1976

Suddenly finding myself in the role of the exhibitionist was a turn on. Especially knowing that a woman was watching. I think that was the thought that brought me to the edge. When my benefactor sensed I was nearing orgasm, she bent over and took my her cock into her mouth, just in time to catch my load as my dick exploded. She sucked down every drop, swallowing my cum. I thanked her for her kindness, complemented her skill and was rewarded with a sweet kiss on my cheek.

I headed to the restroom to pull myself together and then returned, curious about the other couple. They were gone, but I watched that modestly dressed, mature woman jerk off several other men before I left.  I don't know how many of them were already experienced with adult theater sex but, as for me, I will never forget my first.



Doc here again... My best guess was that this theater may have been the Studio 8 Theater, which was located in a shopping center on the corner of 8 Mile Road and Greenfield in Oak Park (just outside of Detroit). It showed XXX fare during the late 70's before it was closed (ring a bell Ray?)  Anyone else know of an adult theater on 8 Mile Road? (please e-mail me HERE if you know of another adult theater that was on 8 Mile Road so I can update the report).  I used the other Detroit adult theaters as eye candy for the report, since there is no usable photo of the Studio 8 Theater I could find.

Great report Ray! Just about everyone in this thing of ours has had that moment when they transitioned from voyeur to participant.  And that moment for most of us is burned into our memory for the long haul. Thanks for sharing this report, Ray!

OK, senior and contributing reporters... It's time for you to step up to the plate and send in your "First Time at an Adult Theater" report!  Katie X, Brent, Alex and Lauren, Old Marine Corps Guy, and now Ray have stepped into the batters box and knocked it out of the park.  Now it is your turn!  Please send the report into me with the subject line "First Time" at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.    Remember to include the theater name and location (city is fine), so I can research any images I might have to illustrate your report.

Thanks for your help and support with this series!


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Flash Report! Tara @ The Paris by Brent from Portland

Doc here with another classic Flash Report from the poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent from Portland.

Did a Republican candidate with a taste for the ladies escort a former star of American Pie, or were these two their doppelgangers?

Here is Brent with the low down on their down lows...


A man who looked like a young Herman Cain brought a woman who looked like a cross between Billie Piper and Tara Reid to The Paris Theatre in Portland last night, Sunday, November 27, 2011.

She was dressed to play in a skintight, see-through black mini dress and black stripper heels. She had a perfect, toned body, either sculpted in the gym or on the pole. Her tits looked like they were drawn by Vargas. Her angelic face was doll like and she moved about the theater, stiffly at first, like she didn't want to be there. But Herman was in control. He asked us  to treat her with respect while he guided her through  The Paris night. She was a submissive who loved the attention of the crowd and he was parading her around the ring like a prize Lipizzaner.

The Paris Theatre
c. 2011
They stayed for about two hours. She was completely nude and most of the time was either using a vibrator on herself, stroking it in and out of her wet shaved pussy or using her long tapered fingers like she was playing bass guitar. He guided her onto one of the benches along the rail and asked the guys to reach in and pinch her nipples. A  couple of guys were also allowed to spank her pretty ass.

By the way, there were not that many people there watching but it was a good looking crowd and I think she liked that. There was even  another couple there but the young lady was shy and nervous and after a few minutes, she and her escort left. Then, a little while later they came back and watched the action, so her curiosity must have been greater than her trepidation.

The  hot blond Tara was now being vibrator fucked by a  handsome Hispanic gentleman while another young man twisted her nipples and her master fucked her face.  It was a  damn hot theater sex moment made even hotter by her amber waves of ecstasy.

Next Herman blindfolded her and led her over to the entrance to the couples section. There were three men standing there including a big man with a big dick. She grabbed it and played with it. She was so excited by everything. Her man was calling her a slut in a way that made her writhe and moan even more. The handsome Hispanic was now in front of her with his hard dick in her face. He was still using her vibrator on her, and please thank Duracell for long lasting batteries. A third young man was standing to her right, squeezing her tits, his cock was in her right hand.

It was all too much. She took off her blindfold so she could see the men and the dicks that were in front of her. Suddenly she collapsed and spasm-ed into another wobbly orgasm. It was at least her third powerful orgasm of the evening and it made her stagger backwards.

After they got dressed, She thanked us and waved  good-bye. She personally thanked the handsome Hispanic man for spanking her ass and playing with her tits. I think that she had been nervous and not sure if she would enjoy herself when she and her man first walked into The Paris Theater, but, after she relaxed and good things kept happening to her,  she really got into it.

Also, I think they may have been from out of town because they asked the clerk to find them a taxi. Was she a business woman out for a thrill? Was this an Ashley Madison hook up? The things we don't know about those who play in  "this thing of ours"  help make it more exciting.



Thanks again Brent for pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, or secretary to Dictaphone. This is the type of scene that makes Portland so unique... Not only was this a hot adult theater experience, the couple in question were playing out a scene for their (and our) enjoyment.

The Elephant Boy Good Doctor is still in dire need of "First Time in an Adult Theater" reports from you, the readers and reporters of The Journal.  Please send them to me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, with "First Time" in the subject line.


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Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report for 11/26/11

Doc here with this week's report from our good friend and part time lagomorphologist, Bob in Biloxi.

Some have called Bob "The Hugh Hefner of The Gulf Coast", while I call him a damn fine reporter.  Action packed reports, always on deadline, and always cuts to the chase.  What more could a Sicilian internet doctor and editor ask for?

So, without any additional delay or exposition, I present to you Bob in Biloxi and this week's "Cruising The Coast With Bob in Biloxi"...


Morning Doc,

Greetings from the beautiful Gulf Coast,  Doc and faithful readers! It was a dark and stormy night last evening. I’d like to believe some of the attending couples were suffering from mini cabin fever? Certainly the action was feverish at times.

Bob in Biloxi
During the regular business cycle at our quaint little Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS, eight couples attended and out of the eight, three ended up playing in some form.

First up was our German Couple, taking care of patrons during the daylight and afternoon hours. Very early evening was a short BBW taking orders on the far left back row. Later on in the late evening, one blonde BBW was getting hammered on the back couch. During this time, what could be described as a porn star, a 20-something hottie wearing a dress with fuck me heels came in and watched the BBW getting pinned to the cushions. She was mainly glancing around at the cock flagging, but didn’t stay but maybe five minutes and then she and her man left. If only she could return some night and put on a show!! That would be a story worth describing in minute detail!

Down at the ABS, at somewhat smoking hot blonde and her man paid admission, and your faithful reporter was first up in the batter’s box. She’s about 5’6 large boobs, wearing blue jeans and a pullover blouse.

They started out with her man massaging her ample chest from behind while she was seated in the chair. She kept watching me through the hole as I was stroking the little soldier to attention. Once there, I slid him through the hole and was rewarded with her warm mouth. She paid attention to detail and soon I heard zippers and the rustling of clothes being removed on the other side. Her mouth never left my cock, so I have to assume he was undressing her as she was coaxing my cock even further.

At any rate, she wound up nude, putting a condom on my cock with her mouth. (what a show off huh?) Followed shortly there afterward with backing her ass up to the hole and proceeding to test the integrity of the fasteners holding the wall in place. I love hearing the squeaking, cracking sounds the wall makes when a woman is slamming her ass against it! Sort of like the sound of high heels clicking on the floor when a woman enters the ABS or Theater, it’s just one of those powerful sounds that arouses! I also love the fact I could hear her moaning on the other side, and I think I was able to give her what she needed!

After letting out a yell and filling the bag with baby batter, I felt/heard the distinctive pop as she pulled off, I felt her remove the condom and gently start sucking my cock clean, then I hear a knock on the wall, as I bent down to the hole, she said thank you! What a girl! No ma’am, thank YOU!! She giggled and said anytime!! Women are so nice, Doc!

That’s it for Saturday, Doc. LSU is headed to the SEC Championship and probably the BCS. I’m drained and smiling, so I think I’ll call up the poor people and see what they are doing next.



Doc here again... Another classic from Bob, so thank you sir for another fine effort. 

OK kids, it's time for you to step up to the plate and submit your Flash Report from an adult theater, present or past.  Send your report to Benjarvis Green Lizardo The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and I will edit, format, and even drop in a photo or two.  You get the glory and the byline.

The Journal needs you to participate...


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Couple's Flash Report! Handy Pete at Cinema L'Amour in Montreal

Doc here with a follow-up Couple's Flash Report from 1st time reporter, Handy Pete.  Once again, this report comes from the now-on-the-radar adult theater in Montreal, Cinema L'Amour

Between the recent Flash Reports, and the documentary film about this theater, Cinema L'Amour should be on the tip of every one's tongue.

Here is Handy Pete and his ribald tale from Montreal...


Hey Doc!

..What a surprise when I saw the report from the Cinema L'Amour in Montréal. When I started reading I swear it was about my last visit with my loving slut girlfriend. As it turned out the article described a Tuesday event....Sorry sucker, I was getting my freak-on Saturday!  Had the good "reporter" been there, he would have gotten the fuck of his life.

The Story:
Saturday morning I woke up and asked my gal if she wanted to get nasty today, the reply was "YES!" and so together we we're off to Montreal. Keep in mind it's a 5 hour winter drive in order to get there and I'm kinda proud of how much effort it takes to get my rocks off (in the best of ways). Montreal is a "world class" sex resort, theaters, arcades, strip clubs, swingers clubs (yes, open to single guys) and the likes...a perverts paradise!

We got in town at about 2pm, and didn't waste a minute. We paid the friendly cashier and made our way into the theater. ( $20 or so buck,  35$ for the couples balcony!?!  These folks need to wake up, as hot couples like us pull patrons in and deserve VERY low rates...)

We made our way to our seats, but before long my girl went to the ladies room (which she is). After a few minutes she walked down the aisle dressed as a true slut. I don't need to say she drew the attention of the twenty so men who we're present.

She sat next to me and we started to play right away. Of course the guys came right up close and made the moment very sexy. She got my cock out and started to suck, I fingered her wet snatch and knew that things we're going to get very hot. Damn! Cinema d'Amour only has typical theater seats so it wasn't easy to play!

After moving into the front row, things got a little more serious. I finally got on my knees in front of her and gave her hot pussy the licking she needed. All my fellow perverts started getting their hands busy and gave her tits and body a good fondling. I got the urge and started to dick my woman really good.

The guys we're really surprised, as we fuck like bunnies and my dick is something to be proud of! Anyways, only one dude offered his cock to my slut and it got sucked to perfection. Bear in mind the Theatre D'amour is kinda new and the patrons are average old perverts, Maybe one day ( a flag system) some good young bucks will come in and help me out to give the fucking my girlfriend deserves.

We left after about 1 1/2 hours of play. The next stop was Sauna 3333 which is a very popular swingers club 24/7 in Montreal. Needless to say, theater sex is the best! Nothing turns my girl on inside or outside of the bedroom as much as public sex in the nastiest form.

Fuck, this is my first report, I need a break ;-)

-Handy Pete


Doc here again... The Cinema L'Amour is getting more exposure in the last month than any other adult theatre here at The Journal.  Pete was the first one to give us a head's up about the cinema, and the rest has come flooding in.  Welcome to the Power Rankings, Cinema L'Amour!

Thanks again to Handy Pete for the great Couple's Flash Report!  We are waiting for your next submission, sir!

Do you have a Flash Report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  Good, because we are in dire need of more reports...Short, long, written in crayon, you name it... I need them.  Why?  The public is hungry for your reports, and hopefully your reports will encourage more couples to visit their local adult theaters.  Just send your reports to me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.  I will format, edit, and drop in a photo or two.  You get the byline and the glory.


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Flash Report! The Traveling Man Hits Summit News in Warren, OH

Doc here with a Flash Report from regular contributor, The Traveling Man. His subject this time around is The Summit News Adult Theater in Warren, OH (address details available in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database HERE).

Now, not every night is a home run in this thing of ours.  At times, running into a fun couple or two maybe more of a coincidence than a regular occurrence.

So without further delay, here is The Traveling Man and his report on The Summit News Theater in Warren, OH.


Had the chance to finally visit Summit News Theater in Warren, OH.

I must say, expectations were high, especially since this is a Friday night.  I found the place not far out of town, yet isolated enough for good privacy.  Parking was pleintiful, yet when I arrived, there were at least 15 cars in spead across the lot, so I figured it might be a good night - even at 7:30pm.

As I entered, I saw to regulars chatting by a table/countertop outside the booth area.  I went into the store area and paid my $10, and when I inquired if there were any couples in yet, I was advised no, but they normally don't come in until 8pm.  Ok, thanks, and off I went to the theater, which, strangely enough had a sign labeled "Theater 1".  I found out later, its the only one.

Well, you enter the theater on the right, and there are basically 6 rows of auditorium style seats, three across.. great possibility with the right couple!  On the right hand side of the theater is a couch perpendicular to the screen, and at the back wall, there are two more couches, side by side, facing the screen.

I stayed until 9:30pm, and all I witnessed was one of the worst sausage fests ever.. with the exception of the Gemini Adult Theater in New Jersey.  On the far left couch was a, er, um, pickle chugger who had no pants on and literally was hanging over the arm of the couch with his ass in the air, and another guy next to him fingering his ass and rimming him.    Whoooo-kayyyyyyyy, am I in the wrong theater?  I inquired, thinking surely there MUST be another theater that is hetero and that has couples, right?     Guys giving guys bj's left and right.  No women.  Even the damned movie was a bisexual one.

There was ONE couple.. but the were regs and they stood out by the counter in front of the booths and simply chatted with the employees the whole 45 minutes they were there (until I left).  She was average looking, short, about 45 years old white woman with red hair.  Didn't notice her guy at all.  

I only stayed as long as I did, because, my logic told me if this place is as nasty as my eyes see (with all the gay activity blatantly going on), then any couples that show up would have to REALLY be into the scene.   Alas, after two hours, I decided to call it a night.  The place closes at midnight, and based on what I had seen already, I couldn't imagine a hetero couple would show up all of a sudden and put on an amazing show.

Again, from all my travels, The Paris Theatre is Mecca.   Tampa, FL, could be as good.. it once was.. until the morality police decided that people fucking and sucking were a danger to society.

The Traveling Man


Doc here again... The Summit News has been in the Top 5 of the Power Rankings for awhile now, due to the frequent couples activity at the theater.  The Traveling Man hit a bad night (for couples fun), and it happens.  I have hit bad nights in Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Tampa... You name it.  Unfortunately, the Traveling Man hit one in Warren.  Thanks to the Traveling Man for his report.

Do you have an adult theater report?  Good, becuase I need them in a bad way.  Reports have slowed down, and this is not as good trend.  Submit your reports to me dorectly at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.  I will format the report, and drop in a photo or two.  Also, if travel to a theater, if possible, take a photo or two of the OUTSIDE of the theater for The Good Doctor.  I always need fresh images of the various adult theaters to illustrate the reports.  Cell phone pics are fine, as well as night shots.

Thanks again,

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First Time at an Adult Theater: Chapter 4 - Old Marine Corps Guy

Doc here with Chapter 4 of "First Time at an Adult Theater", featuring my good friend and collegaue, Old Marine Corps Guy.  This is one of the First Time Reports I was really looking forward to reading and publishing, and as usual, Old Marine Corps Guy does not disappoint!

So sit back and buckle yourself into the Way Back Machine, while Old Marine Corps Guy take us for a spin with his First Time...


My first time??  Damn, that was a long time ago, and since I’ve got a serious case of CRS (Can’t Remember Shit) it’s hard to remember, but here goes….

I had just gotten back from my second tour in Vietnam in late 1969 and was up in Hollywood.  After being with nothing but guys for over a year, all I wanted to do was get laid, but even with the time of “free love”and “love the one you’re with” I couldn’t find a woman this one night, but I had heard about the legalization of porn and wanted to see it, and maybe get myself off and relieve some of the “tension”, so I went looking for a theater.

I found a place on Hollywood Blvd. called the Cine Arts (I reported on this place in a previous post) and paid my admission price (only 99 cents, believe it or not).  I went through the beaded curtain into a medium sized room with about 12 rows of seats, with about 8 seats per row.  There was an open space between the back wall and the back of the back row that I stood in while letting my eyes adjust to the dark.

I immediately got a hard on because of seeing some guy fucking a girl up on the screen.  I never saw anything like it before and it really turned me on.  Once my eyes got adjusted I saw that the second row from the back was open so I sat in that row next to the wall.  There were a few guy i n the theater and I saw that a couple of them behind me were jacking off, so I took my dick out and started working on myself while I watched the movie.

Cine Arts Theater
Hollywood, CA c.1969
There was a guy sitting in front of me that kept kind of moving around and talking softly to himself that was a little distracting, but the movie was keeping me busy so I didn’t let him bother me much.  That is until a girl all of a sudden rose up from in front of the guy and sat in the seat next to him.  That blew my mind because now I knew why he was fidgeting around so much, and what she had been doing to cause his fidgeting.  I couldn’t believe a woman would be  giving a blowjob in a theater, but it REALLY turned me on .  And, I figured if she was down giving him a blowjob, then jacking myself off was no big deal, so I really went to work.

As soon as she sat down he started kissing her and I could tell that he was playing with her tits.  It was frustrating to only see them do this from the back, but I was too embarrassed to move up to their row, or the row in front of them, so I just kind of leaned up to get as much of a look as I could get.  Well, this got the guys attention and he looked back at me.  I thought he’dbe pissed off and I sat back in my seat. Well, my dick was still out of my pants and he noticed that and smiled and said something to her and she looked back at me.  Well, this REALLY embarrassed me and I tried to get my dick back in my pants real fast, but she said not to put it away and laughed.

Well, he leaned in and whispered into her ear and she whispered back and then he turned back to me and asked me if I wanted to come up and sit with them. I didn’t know whether to shit or go blind !!  But, Marines never back down so I got up,trying to hide my hard-on, and went up walked into their row.  She pushed the seat next to her down so Itook that as a signal of where to sit. 

Cine Arts Theater
Hollywood Blvd, LA

They were probably in their early to mid 30’s.  He was heavy set with the long hair that was popular with guys then (I was obviously military with my“high and tight” haircut).  She was nice looking in kind of a plain way, but with a nice body and with a very nice pair of tits that were still pulled out in plain view.  She was wearing a loose sweater and a miniskirt, and showing legs all the way up just short of her pussy.

As soon as I sat down he told me that it was OK to jack off and I guess to kind of put at ease, she reached over and started to jack him off and he started to play with her tits again.  Well, I too junior out and started stroking and watching (and trying my best not to cum…..I was REALLY turned on with this).  After a couple of minutes of tit playing he reached down and pulled her hem up and started to play with her VERY hairy pussy.  I saw this because she didn’t have any panties on.  She started moaning and you could hear how wet she was with him finger fucking her.  A few minutes of this and she was pleading with her man to fuck her, so that’s what he did.  Now I was really losing my mind watching this and jacking off a mile a minute.  While he was fucking her he asked me if I wanted a piece.  Well, I almost lost it then, but said, “OhYea”, so he got out of the saddle and motioned me in.

She was all scooted down in the seat with her legs hung over the seat  in front, but moved her leg next to me so I could move in.  I found that fucking in a theater seat was not the most comfortable position to fuck in but her pussy was so hot and wet and felt so good that I made the best of it. I gave it all I could for about one minute but couldn’t hold back any longer, and busted in her pussy.  She obviously could feel that I had come because she said “Ohh…that’s a lot”.

I was worn down so I pulled out and sat down, breathing like I had just run a 100 yard dash.  I told her that she was great, and that I loved their style.  She smiled and said it was short, but very nice.  I was kind of embarrassed for busting so quickly, but I hadn’t been laid in months, and this was a real turn on.  She reached into her purse and brought out a wad of Kleenex and cleaned up my cum that was running out of her pussy, whispered to her man and they said bye and got up and left.

I sat there for a while trying to make myself believe that it had really happened.  I had never heard of this kind of thing happening before but it really turned me on and I wanted to find more of it.  That was my initiation into, “ThisThing Of Ours”, and from that first time I was hooked.  I started looking for more of it and haven’t stopped since. 

I Love This Shit !!!!!!!!!!!  :D



Doc here again... If there is any regular reporter here at The Journal that could serve as our official historian, it's Old Marine Corps Guy.  He was in the right places at the right time, and his experiences were in the sweet spot of this thing of ours.  Keep the stories coming sir!

Now, it's your turn for your First Time at an Adult Theater report... Please send your's along to The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. Put "First Time" in the subject line, and let it rip.  I need your reports, senior reporters, as well as anyone who has contributed to The Journal in the past. 


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First Time at an Adult Theater: Chapter 3 - Alex and Lauren

Doc here with Chapter 3 of "First Time at an Adult Theater". This chapter features one of the longest tenured contributors to The Journal, Alex and Lauren.  Up until very recently, Alex and Lauren ran the 1playfulcouple.com web site, featuring stories and reports of adult theaters and ABS fun they had encountered.  Alex wrote me several days ago that they had shuttered the site (which is unfortunate, because it was a very good one).  However, Alex asked The Good Doctor if he was interested in reposting their best reports in some Blast From The Past articles (it took me about 5 seconds to say "yes, please").  The first one of those Blast reports will go up over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Following you will find a new report from Alex and Lauren, discussing their First Time at an adult theater, and it's all sorts of fantastic.



The Real
Lauren has come along fairly slowly over the years. We have not always been so “open” in our sexual activity. In fact, it took a long time for Lauren to even admit to herself how much she loved sex, flashing and even women. Like most guys, I have always liked looking at girls,and love to see women who are into showing it. For whatever reason, just seeing a woman become aroused is a major turn on for me – whether or not I get to eventually participate. While I certainly had no idea of turning Lauren into the sexual creature she has become, I have definitely enjoyed the journey!

Not long after we were married, Lauren saw her first porn magazine. I am not even sure how that came about, but she timidly admitted that she liked reading the stories.We used to lie in bed, reading the stories to one another, sometimes acting out the “scenes”, sometimes using our mouths on the other as they read.

In the bedroom, of course, Lauren would wear sexy lingerie and we even ordered a few things from catalogs in those early years. It turned her on just as much to wear it as it did for me to see her in it. Slowly, but surely, I began encouraging her to wear something a little more daring in public. She wasn’t comfortable doing that, but sometimes she would wear something a little more revealing if she knew that I would be the only one to see it.

Around that same time, we began going to see the occasional “racy” movie. Not hard porn, but some of the softcore stuff that used to be shown at drive-ins and budget matinees. She loved it. It was difficult to get her to come right out and say it,but seeing the way her nipples and pussy would react, it was hard to deny. One day we were watching a wet t-shirt movie in the back of a relatively empty theater when she surprised me by going down on me. Little did I know at the time how far that little habit would take us!

One night we were going to a drive in movie. She was wearing jeans and a tiny little black top that I bought for her. It had some sort of a string to tie at the top, but she left it open, revealing a generous amount of cleavage. When we pulled up to pay, the cashier was actually on the passenger side of the vehicle. When she realized that she would be facing the guy taking the money in that top, she tried to get me to turn around. Fortunately, another car pulled in right behind me, so I could not move. We were driving a van (yeah, a cliché, I know) so she had to actually kind of lean out the window to pay. When she did, they guy was nearly able to see her entire chest. She was embarrassed, but turned on at the same time.

The next time I remember her being exposed was in that same van, only this time we were driving. She had a dress that was really pretty conservative, but it was really easy to her expose her breasts in it.The top of the dress wrapped up and around her neck…sort of like a sundress I guess. The point is, that she would sometimes wear it without a bra (if she thought she would not be noticed). It was dark, she had removed her bra and I actually had her breasts out, playing with them. Our van had bucket seats and she had moved to the floor between the seats and was giving me head. When I came, she let it squirt all over her tits. Just as she sat up, we went under a streetlight and a pickup truck passed us, giving the guys inside a perfect view of her pale white tits. They slowed down and rode alongside for a long time, hoping for another peek, but it wasn’t to be.

Lauren liked it enough though that she began getting more daring in the car, eventually allowing truckers to get a good long look at her. At first, she would pretend like she was asleep and didn’t know they could see. I would expose her, and even finger her cunt as the drivers watched the show. Eventually she grew bolder, smiling at them as they would wave at her. With time, she would actually strip and fuck herself with a vibrator in broad daylight on the expressway.

As long as Lauren felt like our games were just for her and I, she didn't mind the occasional bystander. In fact, she sort of got to the point that she the liked the risk of being caught. And she liked even more the expression of surprise and approval from those who caught a glimpse.

Little by little our flashing became more risky. Moving out of the car and into store and other public places. She developed a wardrobe for our little excursions: short skirts, tiny tops, things with convenient buttons and zippers and snaps. She knew that it made me hard to see her expose herself, and she liked the results.

An Example of Detroit's Adult Theaters
The Sassy Cat, c.1982
The first time we blatantly exposed her to someone else was in an adult theater in Detroit. They had large booth-like seating, allowing couples to get very comfortable. We were watching the movie, getting turned on, and making out. This was back in the 80s when Lycra and spandex were so popular. Lauren was wearing a shirt that buttoned down the front. Underneath was a spandex halter top. (Something like you would see in an aerobics class at the time - cropped just under the breasts) I knew the guy in front of us was watching, so as we kissed I unbuttoned her top, slipping my hand inside. I could not see him, but she could. Eventually, I worked my hand under her top, then slipped it off of her tits. I took my time, but eventually pulled the fabric of her shirt back, exposing one of her breasts to him. Her nipples were stiff. I took my time, pinching and playing with them. Then sucking them. Eventually making eye contact with him as I played with her boobs. He ducked back into his seat when I looked at him and the game was over.

On another occasion we were in a small porn theater that was basically empty. We had been playing for quite some time and we were both very aroused. Lauren's top was completely open, her breasts exposed. I was fingering her pussy when suddenly she stood in front of me. There was no one else in the room so I began to finger fuck her deeply as she stood there. She was playing with her tits, her skirt pulled completely up, giving me access. As she reached orgasm, two Japanese men entered the theater. They watched as I continued to slowly bring her to climax as she stood there facing them.

She liked the audience, but she still didn't want anyone to participate. Around that time she was introduced to "peep booths" and glory holes. She wouldn't play with the other guys, but she enjoyed giving them a show. Several times we went to adult bookstores where she would completely strip and fuck, knowing she was being watched.

Aside from bookstores and theaters, we enjoyed having sex about anywhere we could. Sometimes Lauren's public activity went farther than she realized. She liked the "chance" of getting caught, and a couple of times we were actually seen without her realizing it. Just as well. At that point in our development, I don't think she would have continued with an audience.

We were in a drive-in theater (remember those?) watching a porn movie and fucking one night. At one point, I headed to the building to get something to eat. I was surprised to see a few "working girls" there. One offered to give me some company. Her friend told her that it wasn't necessary. She knew I was there with a woman. In fact, some guy had just paid her to jerk him off while they watched us! On another occasion we were staying at a motel during a road trip. We were taking a walk around the pool late at night. We began to kiss, then to touch. Eventually she was on her knees in front of me, giving me a blowjob. What she didn't realize is that a couple of young guys were watching the whole thing from their motel room.

Things really took a step up one night in Tampa though. We had become accustomed to public exposure. She had let guys watch her masturbate and give me head. But no one else had ever touched her. She was wearing a plaid "school girl" miniskirt and a sweater. We eventually made our made our way to a porn theater. After watching the movie for a bit, she leaned over and started blowing me. I reached around her, pulled up her skirt and began rubbing her ass. The guy behind us moved up for a better look. He watched her suck for a while, then he began looking at her butt as I rubbed it. After a minute or so, I gestured for him to rub it.

I pulled my hand away and he immediately picked up where I left off. Lauren was not able to see the change of hands, but her mouth instantly became wetter and warmer. She began to take me in deeper, sucking me harder. It didn't take long before I blew my load in her mouth. She didn't say anything that night, but I knew that she had to have known. Months later, she admitted that she knew, and the she liked it. Even though she was afraid to admit it at the time. I knew then that we were about to take things to another level.

Alex and Lauren


Doc here again... Thanks again to Alex and Lauren for the great First Time report, detailing how Lauren grew into this thing of ours over time.  And wow, did she ever!  Make sure you check out their Blast From The Past report this weekend here at The Journal (same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel).

Next up for a First Time report is our good friend and senior reporter, Old Marine Corps Guy.  OMCG has been on the scene from it's real inception in the late 60's, until the present time.  He has seen it all, and done it all many, many times.  Rumor has it even a celebrity has been a playmate of this Marine.

Look for Old Marine Corps Guy's First Time report late Friday or Saturday.  And no, you won't have to wait in line outside someplace to read it.

Well, senior reporters, the time is NOW to send in your First Time reports.  Please submit them to me HERE , with First Time in the subject line.  This allows The Good Doctor not to get them confused with e-mail marriage proposals from Russian soon-to-be ex-patriots.

Thanks in advance for your help, seniors.


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Thanksgiving Treat! Cinema L'Amour: The Documentary Film - Parts 1 and 2

Doc here with a little 2-part something something to say thanks to you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.  Earlier today, I published a terrific Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, JaxBchBum.  He had visited Cinema L'Amour in Montreal, and sent in his finding to the news desk here at The Journal. 

Cinema L'Amour is an adult theater that is a throwback to the classic adult theaters of the 70's and 80's, before one by one, they almost all disappeared.  This is not the case with Cinema L'Amour.

I present to you, via YouTube, a two-part short documentary on the Cinema L'Amour.  This film is excellent, and the best 15 minutes you'll spend all weekend (before or after eating yourself into a stupor).


Doc here again... My favorite part of this documentary is the comment by the film critic that pornography had extended the life of many old movie theaters, that otherwise would have closed many years earlier.  I never thought about this thing of ours in that way, but I do now.

Have a great Thanksgiving everybody!


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Flash Report! JaxBchBum @ Cinema L'Amour in Monteal, Quebec

Doc here with a fantastic Flash Report from north of the border (no, not Minnesota) by senior Journal scribe JaxBchBum.  Our favorite surf bum has traveled to Montreal, and to the Cinema L'Amour (address and other info located on the Dr. Emilio Adult Theater Database HERE). 

So while you are prepping your bird for Thanksgiving, take a gander at this excellent 5-Star report...



Hope your Turkey Day preparations are well underway for a big feast.  Wanted to pass along a quick Flash Report from a recent visit up to Canada.  Timing is everything and since I was going to be in Montreal in mid-November, how fortuitous it was to see the 11/6 report from Peter on Cinema L'Amour

Having a free afternoon, I decided to make the walk up Rue St. Laurent from down near the Sports Arena where I was staying.  Turned out to be a much longer walk than I thought and generally uphill, but finally arrived about 2pm on a Tuesday.  Like my weekday visits to adult theatres in the U.S., didn't expect much in the ways of couples but wanted to check out the theatre for future trips when the time of a visit might be more conducive to couples.

Cinema L'Amour
4015 St. Laurent, Montreal

A generally safe area with a lots of auto and pedestrian traffic although there are blocks where a number of the shops are vacant and their windows/walls covered by graffiti and gang markings.

Entered the theatre and a nice clean lobby area with some DVDs on some racks and the cashier's counter.  At the time of my visit there was a man and a woman at the counter.  Thought the admission was $9.50 but later when checking my change only got $9.50 in change so maybe the admission price was $10.50 and the figure I saw on the register was my change. 

It had been a sunny and mild day in Montreal so some adjustment to entering the theatre and its low light.  Stood at the back for a few minutes to regain some vision.  You enter the theatre through a set of double doors and there are 3 sets of doors across the back.  There is a hallway running across the back of the theatre and then a center aisle and two side aisles.  A huge theatre as Peter reported.  I tried to take a seat about halfway down but kept hitting some sort of barrier like a rope that I couldn't quite make out in the low light.  Later I observe that indeed they have a rope/wire stretched across about 6 rows of seats on each side of the theatre which apparently is the designated couples section.

Sat down and began watching the movie and surveying the activity in the theatre.  There must have been about 25- 30 men in the theatre with about half of them seated and the other half actively cruising up and down the aisles.  Generally an older crowd as expected.  Interestingly, down at the front of theatre on each side aisle there is a recessed counter where one can stand (although watching the screen from that angle might be impossible).  This seemed to be the standup BJ area that afforded some level of privacy. Past these counters are hallways that lead to exits behind the theatre.

Cinema L'Amour
The balcony that is open only to couples for a $35 VIP room fee extends about 3/4 the way down the theatre so I am not sure anyone could see any activity unless you were standing right at the front of the theatre and they were at the front of the balcony.  Anyway,about an hour into my visit, I hear the clump, clump, clump of shoes in the balcony above and then some talking.  Seems a couple had come into the theatre and the female cashier was trying to upsell them on the VIP section, but they evidently declined as a few minutes later she escorted them down into the main theatre and to the first row of the designated couples section. 

They were a young couple - early to mid-20s.  Although dressed in jeans, tennis shoes and a pull-over blouse, she conveyed that kind of "WTF" attitude and I thought there might be some action.  Sadly, all that they did was him play with her breasts under her blouse and she was rubbing his crotch through his jeans but nothing was shown and they left after about 45 minutes.

Was sitting there again and noticed what I thought was a lady (carrying a purse/bag and had a female hair style) come and sit in the same row as me but across the center aisle.  After a bit of looking, I was able to confirm that she was wearing a skirt which she would hike up mid-thigh, but that is all I could see.  She seemed to be attracting a fair number of guys who would sit in the aisle in front looking back.  Finally one guy got a bit too aggressive and moved to sit next to her, so she picked up her bag and moved across the aisle to the row I was on about 4 seats away. 

Turned out the lady was a cross-dresser and not a very attractive one at that.  "She" was wearing a skirt with garter stocking.  Didn't want any part of that scene and it was getting time to leave so I headed back to the hotel.  On the way out, went down to the restroom and have to throw out another compliment here.  Have to climb down a steep tiled stairwell to get there, but nice and clean facilities unlike most adult theatre restrooms.

Walking back I passed another adult theatre establishment called Cinema 6, although the entrance way looked very sketchy.  A place where a daylight reconnaissance might be in order on a future visit.

Happy Thanksgiving and hope to give you a report on Theatre X  in Florida next week.



Doc here again... Thanks to JaxBchBum for his usual excellent reporting, this time from the home of Dudley Do-Right, Tess Trueheart, Velvet Skye, and many beavers.  Later this evening, and extending through Thursday, will be a special Thanksgiving treat for you, the good readers of The Journal.

It's a little something extra about the Cinema L'Amour... And very cool.

Stay tuned...


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VOTE! Possible Design Change For The Journal

Doc here with a new poll, and this one is important.  The Good Doctor has been playing around again with possible design changes for The Journal.  I have maintained this latest look and feel for several months now, and I'm still pretty happy with it.


The current trend in the most popular websites is a white background for articles with black text.  An example would be www.grantland.com, Bill Simmons sports website (powered by ESPN).   Very clean layout.  Almost sterile.

Here is an example of their homepage:

What do you think?  Keep it the way it is today, or jump on the bandwagon of this latest trend? Vote today at the right hand side of The Journal.  Polling is open for 10 days.


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First Time at an Adult Theater: Chapter 2 - Brent in Portland

Doc here with Chapter 2 of First Time at an Adult Theater series... This chapter is written by the poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent in Portland. If there has been anyone who has "been there, done that", it's Brent, and this report on his introduction to adult theaters does not disappoint.

Here is Brent and Chapter 2 of First Time at an Adult Theater...



"The only thing I regret about my misspent youth is that I didn't misspend more of it."

I first got hooked on adult theater sex partly because when X Rated films were first shown in the United States, the only place to watch a full length porn movie was was in a theater. There were no VCRs, DVD players or Internet "Tubes" in those days. I probably would have never ventured into one of those places if I could have watched porn, cheaply, at home.

 I used to go to the local adult theater and sit as far apart as I could from everybody. I never took my dick out. I waited until I got home to jack off.  Sometimes a few of us, college class mates, male and female, would venture to a nearby theater to watch "Deep Throat" or "Behind The Green Door" out of "I've never been to an adult movie," curiosity. I hoped that the girls would get turned on and I might get laid out of it, but I couldn't let on to that fact.

Back then I would meet  girls at concerts, in bars, on campus, through friends, inside coffee shops, walking down the street near the campus and even through hitch hiking. These were the "free love" years and New Mexico was full of laid back ladies.

I thought the X-rated  theaters were  full of creepy old men to be avoided. I even stayed away from couples that were there, although, now, I'm not sure why.  I never realized what a turn on it was to watch couples play inside dark porn palaces or participate in sexual adventures with them. One night I partied with a couple in a theater in Albuquerque, but I insisted we go to a motel for the actual sex.

Eventually, I discovered that, not only did women and couples go to adult theaters and watch porn, some of them liked to show off and have sex with their fellow theater goers.

I first became aware of this when, on a summer Sunday night in August ,1977, I went to the Pyramid Adult Theater, located at 3401 Central NE in Albuquerque NM.  (ed. note: I could not find a photo of The Pyramid Theater, but in researching the theater discovered it was only open between 1974 and 1978.  If you happen to have a photo of it, please send it along to me for the archive.  There is a Red Wing Shoes store now located at that address).

A couple came in to watch the movie and the woman immediately started talking dirty to her old man while watching the movie. She was describing in vivid detail about how turned on she was by what was happening on the screen. She was saying things like "God, his cock is as big as a baseball bat. Honey, Id sure like to have that thing inside of me," While she was talking dirty she had raised her white dress up and was masturbating furiously. I was in my 20s then and the scene hit me like a Sherman tank. I was as turned on as I've ever been. 

Later another couple came in. The girl was a sexy young Hispanic with curly hair on her head and between her legs. She and I ended up in the bathroom, kissing and fondling each other. I didn't fuck her because I was unsure how far I could go. That night at The Pyramid got me hooked on Adult Theater Sex. Although it seems relatively tame now, it still ranks as my most exciting moment in this fantasy world, "this thing of ours."



Doc here again... Many times, our first impressions in this thing of ours are tame, like Brent's described above. But those impressions are what keeps us returning to the darkened aisles of adult theaters.  Many thanks to Brent for his terrific First Time report...

Next up is Alex and Lauren, from North Carolina.  Alex and Lauren were one of the first contributors to The Journal of Adult Theaters back in 2009, and the first that were a couple.  Their "First Time" report is a must read, and goes up Wednesday at The Journal.

OK veteran reporters at The Journal, it's time to step up and submit your First Time reports.  Use Brent's and Katie X's reports as a template if you wish.  And senior reporters, it's time to flex your writing muscles.  Send them in to The Good Doctor with a subject line of "First Time" HERE.

What else were you going to do this week?  Eat turkey and watch football?


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