Flash Report! floyd Hits The Paris Theatre in Portland

Doc here with a daytime Flash Report from our good friend floyd, who covers the daytime scene in Portland, OR like a blanket. And on this day, cover it he did.
Take it away, floyd!
Ms. Minnie Rocks the Paris
Hi Doc!
Daytime action has been pretty good this summer at the world famous Paris Theater in Portland, Oregon, but Minnie the Gang Bang Slut took it to another level this Monday.  On Sunday night her guy posted his intentions for a 2:00pm Monday visit on Brent’s Yahoo Group, ensuring a solid turnout.  He explained that for various reasons it had been several months since the visited the Paris, and that young Minnie would be ready!
Sure enough, the Red Flag indicating the arrival of a couple flew at 2:08 on Monday afternoon.  This reporter arrived at around 2:15, and the action had already begun, with a naked Minnie on her knees in front of her guy back in the couples’ section.  Her short blond hair framed a cute face as her head bobbed up and down on her guy’s cock.
After five or six minutes of this, he turned her around to face the crowd of watchers at the railing. She was kneeling ass-up on a bench with her head up to the railing.  Her guy started slowly fucking her from behind, and it wasn’t long before he instructed her to suck the first guy’s cock.  Over the next 20 minutes she drained a half dozen dicks, taking loads in her mouth and on her face.  There were several guys, this reporter included, who stood back and waited. I had the pleasure of sampling Minnie’s excellent oral ministrations on their last visit, receiving an extended blow job before fucking her on the Arena Bed at the front of the theater, and I had no doubt that I would have blown a load in a minute or two had I succumbed.
After the blow jobs, her guy produced a bottle of lube and began lubing up her asshole. From my vantage point it was impossible to be certain, but judging from the lube, his position, and Minnie’s squeals, I am 99% sure he was fucking her in the ass.
Like several other guys who were familiar with this couple’s routine, floyd was waiting to see if she was going to be offered up for a fucking.  Her guy pulled on a pair of shorts, and for a second I thought they were dressing to leave.  But then he led her into the annex and put her on a bench, again with that big ass up in the air. He turned to the gallery and said “Anyone who has a condom can fuck her now.”
She wound up fucking four guys, with your loyal daytime scribe taking up position #3 in the fucker line. For a GB slut she has a very tight pussy, and when I rubbed my thumb on her asshole she rocked back into me, with her butt hole literally sucking my thumb all the way in. I started slamming her in earnest, and from her cries of pleasure my energetic banging was making her a bit crazy.
After fucking four guys, they went back into the couples area and she sucked him hard again. His standard M.O. is to get a BJ at he beginning and then watch and direct traffic, but this day he was a full participant, fucking her several times, getting sucked, and of course administering the aforementioned ass fucking.
After cleaning up in the ladies room, she emerged back in her cute white summer sun dress, heading back out into the sunshine looking for all the world like a shy young blond. Little did they know……
Many thanks to floyd for another great daytime report from Portlandia's Paris Theatre. WE salute you sir!

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Freeze Frame! Tara the TN Hotwife - With 17 NEW HOT Pics!

Doc here with a terrific Freeze Frame report from the smoking hot Tara - The TN Hotwife.

Tara has burst on the scene here in this thing of ours, and if you are lucky enough to encounter her in an adult theater, you might never be the same afterwards.

Here is a short prologue for you, the good readers of The Journal, from the lovely Tara before you gaze at her photos:



My blog is www.blondehotwife.tumblr.com it is a free site. If readers wish to contact me, my e-mail is tnblondehotwife@yahoo.com .

As far as upcoming plans - We are having a meet and greet in Nashville at a local open air pub on Aug 10 and there is a flyer to this on my blog. The night of the 10th, I will be at The Social Club in Nashville. Then on August 17 (and possible 18th) we will be in Atlanta to visit the Buford Theater in the afternoon. If you know of other places in Atlanta that we can do "this thing of ours" let me know. I do plan on taking it up a notch in Atlanta.

I wish there were adult theaters/glory holes in the Nashville area, but I think they have all been shut down.

Until we talk again, this Southern Bell will be keeping the guys cocks pointed north.



Tara's Freeze Frame Gallery
(Click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)

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Blast From The Past! Piper The Gloryhole Princess: "Birth of the Gloryhole Princess" (w/PICS!)

Doc here with an incredible Blast from the Past report from my good friend, the very naughty Piper, The Gloryhole Princess.

To get the full details of this report, I have embedded the images as large as I could to make reading them easier for you, the good readers of The Journal.

Many thanks to Piper for letting us in to what turns her on about this thing of ours.  For more Piper, check out www.gloryholeprincess.com.



Hi Doc,

This scene happened years before my site was ever even an idea in my head.

My man used to post my pics on Yahoo Groups back then and we would have sex to the nasty emails he would get.  It totally turned me on (and does to this day) that men I don't know are masturbating to my dirty sex habits, shooting their cum and maybe saying my name.

I thought I would share this update with all of you because I still use it to masturbate today.  I have done a tons of nasty things since but this scene still gets me off and it is probably ten years old.  It was shot with one of the first Kodak digital cameras but is still too hot not to have on my site.

I hope you guys shoot huge loads to this one and say my name or at least say as you cum, "I can't believe what a huge dirty Slut she is!"


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Update! Changes at The Barnett Avenue Superstore in San Diego

Doc here with an update from SoCal correspondent Young Buck.  It seems there is some remodeling going on at the Barnett Avenue Superstore, and YB is here with the update.

Take it away, sir.


Hey Doc,

Sorry not to be submitting more reports, been crazy busy with work. Will try to catch up.

Wanted to drop you a line and let you know about some (potentially) interesting news I picked up from management last time I was at Barnett Ave Adult Super Store in San Diego.
It appears that the awful ripped up comfy chairs are going bye bye, to be replaced with folding theater seating. Supposedly they've been ordered, not sure when to expect them. Should be interesting to see if/how this changes the dynamic in there.
- Young Buck
Doc here again...Thanks to Young Buck for this update.  Barnett Avenue Superstore is one of my favorite theaters I have visited in the last few years. I hope the change of seating style keeps the vibe consistent with what it has been.

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Upcoming Event! Cathy Visits The Westwood Theatre in Toledo on August 10th!

Doc here with an updated announcement about Cathy (from Cathyscraving.com) and her upcoming visit to Toledo's terrific Westwood Theatre on Saturday night, August 10th at 8PM.
In what promises to be an extraordinary event, Cathy will be on hand to experience Toledo's hospitality in an event you will not soon forget. 
I have included a few pics from last year's visit to CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.
And yes, even The Good Doctor himself will on hand helping out with event in Toledo.  If you see me at the Westwood, introduce yourself...
See you on August 10th at 8PM!
Thanks, Doc

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Upcomings Visits! Michael & Brandy To Hit A Few Theaters across The Midwest

Doc here with a quick Upcoming Visit Announcement from Michael & Brandy... I have also included a few pics of Brandy in action (thanks to M!)

Take it away, M&B...


Dr. Emilio,

Brandy and I are on the move Wednesday for work and play. We travel by motorcycle and have for 40 plus years, both ride. Because this is both work and play we have decided to make the evenings play if all works out correctly. 15th Avenue in Chicago Wednesday night, Waterloo Thursday night and Tea, South Dakota Friday night. Our destination is Sturgis for company and magazine photography. Will try and send shots and have Brandy send in a few reports.


(Click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)


Doc here again... Thanks to Michael and Brandy for the heads up on their upcoming visits. We look forward to your reports.


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Flash Report! The Traveling Man Hits Berlin News Agency for their Summer Sizzler Event

Doc here with a Flash Report from regular contributor The Traveling Man

TTM hit the Berlin News Agency "Summer Sizzler" event on 7/20, and this is his report.

Take it away, sir.


Hello Good Doctor,

I hope you are busy enjoying a good scene at one of the many fine establishments in "this thing of ours" throughout the country.

My travels this time enabled me to visit BNA for their summer party, which happened to coincide with Frank's birthday. Happy Birthday, Frank!

The scene was hot, both temperature-wise and sex-wise.  I arrived about 6:45pm waiting, along with about 20 other varied players, voyeurs, and all around horny men.   There were at least two different scenes (one with an exuberant BBW who gave her all in a gangbang (she was a little nervous as this was her first time) that never seemed to end.  A true trooper, she was still partying with all cummers when I left at 10 pm. I counted 14 couples and one Asian CD, and about 60 horndogs.

The A/C units were doing their absolute best to keep up with the warm bodies, but it was a losing battle..it was way too warm in the back area, so everyone tended to congregate upfront, which wasn't really a bad thing because you got a chance to speak with one another, and to see everyone in good lighting.   

The staff put out pizza, Italian food, soda, salad, birthday cake, etc. and everyone was having a good time.  People were still arriving when The Traveling Man left.  The heat, and the enormous amount of cockpetition made it seem unlikely I was going to get an opportunity to play this time around.   No worries, the good staff at BNA are awesome, and always make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.   

That's it for today at BNA!
The Traveling Man
Doc here again... Many thanks to The Traveling Man for his terrific report, and his patience as it took longer to get this post up @ The Journal than I would have liked.  Keep up the great work sir.

The Traveling Man

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Teaser Report! Gloryhole Nancy Checks In From Toledo's Westwood Theatre (w/4 Pics)

Doc here with a teaser report from my good friends Gloryhole Nancy and her guy T.

They visited Toledo's terrific Westwood Theatre, and are dangling this carrot in front of us until their full report gets filed here @ The Journal.

Oh, how can we forget the 4 HOT pics of Nancy doing her thing at the gloryhole?

Here we go!


Buenas dias Doc,
Hope you're staying cool in this heatwave. Nancy and I decided to try the air conditioning at The Westwood a week or so ago and it was working as well as it could considering how hot it was outside. The owners seems to really be putting time and $ into this place and the new AC unit kept the booth area cool enough for Nancy to have some fun.
I'll follow later with a full report of course but for now just wanted to send you our customary teaser pics. Let's just say it started out with Nancy sucking some gloryhole cock and ended with me and another guy taking turns fucking Nancy doggy in one of the booths; we took turns pounding her and wore her pussy out! 
Take care Doc and the report will be coming soon.....
T & N

Gloryhole Nancy Gallery
(Click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)


Doc here again... Many thanks to Gloryhole Nancy and T for their report! And please mark two dates on your calendar:

August 3rd: Nancy and Gingersnap will be at The Westwood Theatre entertaining the troops. Time TBA.

August 10th: Nancy will be making an appearance during Cathy's event at The Westwood Theatre. What are Nancy and Cathy up to?  Will the universe implode between the two of them in the same place at the same time? Show up and see...


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Flash Report! P&F On the Couple's Event at 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicago

Doc here with a Flash Report from my good friends P&F on the couple's party at 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicago.
It sounds like the event was a home run!  Here are P&F with their recap!
Here we go!
Hello Doc,
15 couples and 2 single genetic females attended the Couple's Party at 15th Avenue on Saturday night. As we where leaving, 2 more couples entered the store. There where a lot of happy faces.
The Lovely "F"
2 Ladies played on the stage (one of them was with me), hard to believe! Oh, let's not forget the black paddle who managed to make appearance and made some magic music.
I don't know how many single guys where there, as the lady I was with invited as our guest J (the bald headed guy with John Holmes happy meal package). Doc, I don't know how that guy can walk!

Doc  everyone seemed to enjoy the evening, and we can't wait for the next one. There were several couples who played in the theater, spa and any damn place they wanted.

There was a younger couple, they played alone but liked to be watched. He was a showoff... She just touched and bam he was ready to go, and go they did. They were also entertaining. I'll have to say all the single guys in theater and spa where in the best behavior. Hopefully this party will draw more couples for the next.
Doc, F here...
There was a first time couple who showed because the party was couples only and in the private room. We spent a lot of time talking with them, and she seemed a lot more relaxed after we talked with them and they discovered no one in the party was overbearing, but polite and entertaining!! It was fun fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doc here again... Many thanks to P&F for their quick report from the great event at 15th Avenue Saturday night.  Are there any other reports out there from this event?  I know the very naughty ToyLovingMilf and her hubby were there (hint, hint).

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Smut for a Sunday Evening! The Gloryhole Edition (w/24 PICS!)

Doc, your humble sea bass, here with a Sunday tradition that rivals going to your grandmother's house for Sunday gravy: Smut for a Sunday Evening.  My name is Emilio, and I will be taking your drink orders...

This week will be focused on the ladies who enjoy the anonymous scene that is the gloryhole.

There are many legendary ladies whose exploits have been captured at the hole, and following are some of the top images from The Good Doctor's database of images submitted to The Journal.

Here we go!


Smut for a Sunday Evening
(Click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE)

 Gloryhole Nancy

The Amazing Alexis

 Jessi (is a Bad, Bad Girl)

 Velvet Skye (www.velvetskye.com)

 The C.E.O.

 Piper, The Gloryhole Princess (gloryholeprincess.com)

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