A Quick Note From The Good Doctor - 15th Ave Adult Theater Special Extended Through 7/2!

Doc here with more good news for this thing of ours... 15th Avenue Adult Theater (& Spa), 2125 N. 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL, has extended the great promotion from last week through Saturday night 7/2 at closing!

M/F couples, single females, and T-Girls are admitted FREE to the theater and spa!  Regular prices are still in effect for single guys.

Last Saturday night, there were 18 couples in attendance (I have a report forthcoming on that evening). I anticipate more of the same this coming weekend at 15th Ave.

Have fun out there if you are near Chicago and are looking for some quality time at an adult theater.


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Beaking News! The Love Stuff Theater in Cordele, GA by JaxBchBum

Doc here with some bad news from this thing of ours, courtesy of Journal senior field reporter JaxBchBum:


Verified today by phone that the theatre is closed "forever" at Love Stuff in Cordele GA..  Retail store appears to remain open.  Major bummer as always was a good rest stop on the trips up to Atlanta.


Doc here again... Love Stuff was visited by LE about 2 months ago, and it looks like action has been taken against the business in the form of closing the theater.  Prior to the LE action, reports were very positive on this adult theater. 

Well, only one way to proceed... Onward and upward.


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From the Desk of JaxBchBum: Notes on Past Reports

Doc here with something new... "From the Desk of JaxBchBum".  These are notes from senior Journal field reporter JaxbchBum on past articles and reports.

Here is JBB's update:



Here are a two comments from recent posts on The Journal:

  • Vizionary King is right about Foxes Cinema (at least on my last visit about 8 months ago).  I can't testify about the g/holes in the arcade, but I know they do have a mid-sized theatre seating about 40-50.  I am wondering if they weren't at the MACA bookstore across the street from Foxes that only has an arcade?

  • Blast from the past about Belvedere Theatre brought back some great and sad memories from when I lived in Atlanta.  The owner, Addie, was one that always looked out after her customers and was constantly fighting the DeKalb County authorities trying to shut her down.  Before opening the Belvedere, I knew Addie as the cashier at the Buckhead Cinema adult theatre (also a thing of the past).  At one point in time, the pressure got so bad, (DA in Fulton County had run all the adult theatres out of Atlanta so Belvedere and Buford Hwy were only ones left in entire metro-Atlanta) that she actually rented a house that was isolated and set up a small theatre for her "regular" customers since all she could show in the theatre was soft porn.  Belvedere was a twin cinema and most of the gay customers went into the second theatre which was darker; which made the first theatre a bit more receptive to couples.  Back 15 - 20 years ago, there used to be a swingers bar down the street from Belvedere so the theatre would attract a lot of couples - especially Friday and Saturday night.  The Belvedere story has a sad ending in that one night, Addie was leaving the theatre and was jumped by a robber in the parking lot.  Her 2 grown boys managed the theatre with her and one of them ran to her aid.  The robber had a gun and shot her son and ran away.  Her son died there in the parking lot.  It completely broke her heart and the theatre never re-opened after that.

Thanks again to JaxBchBum on his updates on these recent reports. 


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Flash Report: Mocha Pickle Reports On CTs Adult Theater in Gary on 6/23

Doc here with an excellent first-time report from Mocha Pickle (maybe my favorite pen name of 2011 so far...). The scene is CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN. Mocha Pickle stepped out of retirement and filed this entertaining, yet hot report of the scene this past week at CTs.

Take it away, MP!


Been awhile since I’ve toured the Chicago-Indiana theater scene.  Melrose and CT’s are my hunting grounds, along with a few adults-only nudist camps.  Dr.Lizardo put out the call for reporters, so I came out of retirement to report on this thing of ours.

CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
I hear a hot girl named Lisa will be at CTs in the early evening of the 23rd of June. I arrive early, and the theater is empty… except for “Anne” and her old man in the back row.  After politely asking if she’s playing, she pops out a boob and says “That’s why I’m here!”  I suckle and nurse her silver dollar nipples, then we move to the gyno-table where her old man gives me a condom to wrap up.  I plunge in, seven inches, balls deep.

Anne’s moaning.  I’m long dicking her, punching that womb, but I can’t get the can’t cum.  Performance anxiety?  Like I said, it’s been awhile.  I hop off.  Since no one else is in the theater wanting to fuck, Anne and I get to talking.  She’s wondering where everybody is.  I just keep rubbing her titties and feeling her big ass.

Soon, she gets bored, and she’s outta there, her and her old man.  Cute gal. Older.  Round in all the right places.  I hope to see Anne again so I can butter her little face.  Anyway…

Guys start coming, waiting for “Lisa”, the main attraction. “Big George” ambles in, cane in hand, and lets us know she’s on her way. But first, a few rules…

She wants a hard fucking from any and all cummers.  A hard dick, a condom and some lube and you get the fuck of your life.  Also, she’ll suck the chrome off your trailer hitch, but absolutely positively no cumming in her mouth.  Everyone agreed and Lisa entered the theater...

Foxy, sexy, and smoking.  Literally smoking.  Loved the cancer sticks.  She asked if we minded.  Fuck no. She could’ve been on fire and we wouldn’t have cared.  She promptly stripped down, hopped on the gyno table and spread her creamy thighs for a little tongue-in-the-taco action from big George. The rest of us were getting ourselves hard, stroking off to the show.  Lisa was giving free tongue baths to the fuck sticks to the left and right of her head.

The first guy jumps into the saddle and, after a few minutes, I swear he blows so hard he has an aneurysm.  He literally fell out of the pussy, it was so good.  Trembling, he staggered out.  Hope he made it home.

The next guy gave it three good pumps and was done.  POW!  Said he hadn’t had any pussy in two years.

A few more came, saw, and were conquered by Lisa’s devil snatch.  She continued to bob her head on various meat whistles.  Hypnotized by her soft vanilla ass, I started to rub it and cup the cheeks in my hands.  Soon, my Viagra cock was between those wonderful lips and oh goddamn the rules, no cumming in her mouth.  She said she wanted cock in her pussy.   I couldn’t.  NO CONDOM.

I left before she and George did.  Lisa was still taking on cock, but a previous sore boob-to-bicycle handle bar injury was starting to be too much for her to bear, so I’m assuming she didn’t stay the whole night.  But she was a real trooper and did many of us a great service buy draining our nuts.

The lesson is, if you’re gonna dabble in this thing of ours, play by the rules, play fair and everybody will get a turn at bat.

Thank you George and Lisa.  See you next time at CT’s.

Mocha Pickle… out.


Doc here again... Awesome first-time report from Mocha Pickle.  I hope this is the first of many more to come, since after 3 reports he will have his own custom banner to accompany his reports.

Do you have an adult theater report?  I am still in desperate need of reports... So, if you do (just like MP did), please email them to Charles Atlas The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will put the window dressing on your words, edit and format them, and WALA!  You are now a reporter for the web's one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.


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Exclusive: Jessi Is A Bad, Bad Girl - Part 4 (w/11 HOT Pics)

Doc here with Part 4 of "Jessi is a Bad, Bad Girl". The previous 3 parts of this series have been some of the highest viewed articles ever published here at The Journal, and for good reason.  They are very hardcore, feature an innocent looking but very naughty theater and ABS slut, and have had some very hot pics to accompany the reports.

Part 4 is no different, ladies and gentlemen of the jury.  Last Saturday night, The Good Doctor learned that Jessi had just arrived at CTs Adult Theater and ABS in Gary, IN.  I got out "The Clicker" and informed the Twitterverse of her arrival at CTs.  I had a commitment that evening, but Jessi was kind enough to provide the nitty-gritty on her time at CTs.

Oh, and there are more hardcore photos, too. Remember to CLICK on them to ENLARGE (they are hi-res).

As always, sit back, uncap a bottle of Orange Crush, and enjoy Jessi's adventure to the very dark side.


Hi Doc,

Well I was at it again this past Saturday night. I told my hubby my pussy wasn't dirty enough, and that I needed strange cum. So we got in the car and headed to CTs.

I got there around 7pm and stayed till around 10pm. I had a total of 20 strange cocks. I believe I fucked at least 12 of them. And I know at least 10 came inside me. Only had one asshole that refused to go without a rubber. What a waste. But when we left I was dripping with cum. Even got in the car and scooped it out with my hand to lick it clean. Fucking love that place. So dirty, fun and risky.

Anyway thanks to all the guys that shot a load in me. My hole is your cum dump. I love being a married skank mother.



Doc here again... Jessi is as hardcore as it gets in this thing of ours, my friends.  If her reports don't prove it to you, her photos will.  If you wish to reach out to Jessi yourself, her e-mail is brandy78mc@yahoo.com. She loves hearing from the people who read her posts, and she will write you back if you take the time to write her.

On a separate topic, I am still in need of adult theater reports from across the country.  Just e-mail your paragraph or 2 (or 3,4,5) to Sergent Slaughter The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.  I will edit and format your report, and before you know it you will join the ranks of Journal field reporters.  Submit 3 reports, and you get your own custom banner.


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Flash Report: Kitty's Tails - Another Hot Saturday Night At The Paris Theater (with HOT Pics)

Doc here with that naughty feline herself, Kitty in Portland and her latest report from The Paris Theater in Portland, OR.  This Kitty has a itch that needs to be scratched, and The Paris is the ideal place for scratching.

Also with her report, are some pics of Kitty taking a few facials, as only she can (remember to click on the images to ENLARGE them). And yes, they are the real Kitty.

Enjoy Kitty's latest tale...


I know it's late and I have to be awake in 5 hours (DOAH). But I knew I would be too busy this weekend to report the visit and action while there. So hold on tight and go along for the ride! We posted we would arrive by 10:30 at The Paris, but damn, we did not account for the ultra crappy parking with Rose Festival kicking off. YIKES! But I think you all will forgive me for being late.

There were three orange flags that popped up shortly before I got there. And I am sorry that these ladies did not stay to watch the action or better yet be part of the action. I personally would have been happy to show them around, LICK, LICK. I was packin' (strap on) tonight (MMMMMMMMM, wet dream thoughts).

After we arrived and mingled some I went right to the lockers and got naked. I took note of the many gentlemen that were there, I would guess 15ish. I went right to the Annex and have not had a swarm of guys like this in some time surrounding me (LOVE IT). It was no time before I hit my knees (with pillow) and began sucking cock after cock. They were all around me...What a wonderful life!

After awhile I see a woman (Riverdog's guest) pop her head thru the group of cocks and asked if she could help. Oh gladly, there were SOOO many cocks around and a line, so we were going to busy little cock suckers. It was no time before it was real apparent that this Annex was not large enough for all the cocks that needed our attention. The gentlemen were happy to follow us to the Arena.

The lady who joined me in the cock sucking fest seemed to be new to playing much there (she stated) and sought direction. So I took one end of the table and she took the other and then . . . it was on like Donkey Kong! So many men that I could not see over to the glory holes or lockers. HEAVEN, sea of cock everywhere!
It wasn't long before this woman was between my legs licking my pussy while getting fucked by a nice black cock. She did a nice job licking because she made me cum all over her face while several jacked their loads. By this time I had already received several loads up in the Annex and a few before she licked Kitties Kitty (has a nice ring to it). About the time she got me off I got another load on my face, which alone was HOT for me. I took several more facials, I counted 7 in all, not my personal best but I will beat that on July 15th for the Bukkake Blast kick off (see notes below).

After the fun in the Arena, there were several gentlemen that approached me and chatted some or thanked me. I got dressed and did a head count. I counted about 25 guys, two women together in the couples section (Oasis), and I believe it was 4 other couples in the Oasis also. I am not sure if I seen it right as my eyes were burning from cum (not complaining just saying) LOL.

Anyways, there was another couple that walked in as we were leaving and one of the couples that watched the show at the Arena was in the lobby and fixing to leave. I gave them a quick tour and tear off strips to the two yahoo groups posted (ones my group). They went back in and headed into the Oasis, this section was the fullest I had seen it in a long time. I do hope that everyone enjoyed themselves in there, played well and put on a helluva show.

It came time for me to leave, you know I have to get home and report for you guys and gals. And need my sleep, as sucking cock takes a lot out of a Kitty. Thank you everyone. It's so refreshing to play with respectable guests that are polite, NOT cock blocking and clean.

I just love the fact that most of the last visits I have had have turned out to be impromptu bukkakes. God I love a good facial!

OK SOOO . . . this is the event that I am all jacked up about. I met with Ray the other day to put the plan into motion (look for his post soon). We are hosting a Bukkake event on Friday, July 15th at 9:30 PM at the Paris Theater in Portland. Keep watching for more information.

Here is the link to my Yahoo group:  groups.yahoo.com/group/blastbukkake/


Doc here again... This Kitty has been very bad, and it's all coming to a head on 7/15 with her Bukkake Blast event at The Paris Theater.  I will keep you, the good readers of The Journal up to date on this sure fire/sure to be messy event.


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Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi - Mission Possible

Doc here with what may be the high water mark of Bob in Biloxi reports... This one is jammed packed with sex, nudity, three-somes, and two-somes, hole-somes, and a baby's arm holding an apple (extra points if you can tell me what 70's era one hit wonder ended with that lyric).

Here is Bob in Biloxi with a barn buster of a Flash Report...

Robert, if you please...


Good Morning Mr. Phelps, should you decide to undertake this mission your government will disavow any knowledge of your existence, and this email will self destruct in 10 seconds.

And Doc, that’s how it was last night on the beautiful Gulf Coast. There were at least 50 couples attending in various forms. That’s not really the truth of course, but it sure seemed that way. I would say at least 16 couples showed at the Gulf Coast Theater and/or the ABS last night, along with 3 singles ladies that played. On to the narrative:

Bob in Biloxi
First up is our pretty little school teacher type, I arrived shortly before 8pm at the ABS, our school teacher and hubby were already in a booth with a vacant booth next to them, I slid in, became erect and slide it through the hole. She must have not had much in the way of suitors because she immediately started stroking me followed up by her warm mouth. After joining them she assumed the position and was pleasured for several minutes by yours truly until a slight sheen of sweat appeared on both of us.  We thanked each other and I departed.
Next I headed to the Theater; 3 couples were already there, one is a regular who just started fucking inside, you may remember from past posts, as she picks who she wants and takes them to their vehicle outside. Another couple I hadn’t seen before was playing alone on one the couches; still another one was on the back row getting cozy with some of the boys. Nothing of interest to me at this point, so I left and headed back to the ABS, pulling into a parking space I noticed a very young couple entering the ABS.

She was dressed in daisy dukes, push up bra under a V neck T-shirt, she might have been all of five feet tall.  But they grabbed a private booth and did their thing. Bummer, she was smoking hot! They were leaving when a mixed couple came in but they also went private.

As I was waiting in my Ram, a HD truck pulled up beside me with three ladies, my window was down so I spoke to them. They went inside; I figured they were rubber dick shopping, so I didn’t go in. Big mistake, when they came back out none of them had a shopping bag. So as they were getting in their vehicle I asked the one on the pass-side if they didn’t find what they were looking for, the theater down the street had a large selection of product. The lady I was talking to was wearing a just above your ass dress in high heels accompanied by very large set of DD tits. Dark hair, dark eyes, she just smiled and said they were looking for a different kind of product.
I must have turned my head like a dog does when he hears a strange noise, because she just laughed and said they were looking for real cocks. Then she asked me if I would escort them into the theater? Duh. Seems one of the ladies in their group had never experienced “this thing of ours” so this was her initiation?
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
 We all bailed out of our vehicles once at the theater, as we were walking, the one I had been talking too told me they wanted a couch. Ok, bricks do not have to fall on my head often to realize she had been inside before. So we all walked in and grabbed a couch. Conversation on the nature of I can’t believe you wore panties/bra to an adult theater, so clothes started coming off, pussies were being licked, and my cock was being sucked. One of the other ladies in our company was keeping the penis gallery at bay while she was getting licked. It got real hot, so my partner suggested we go back to the ABS and finish what we started.

When we got back down there, she said go into that booth, she went into the adjoining one as I slide through the hole, she was an expert cocksucker! After a few minutes she stopped and said come over NOW!! She unlocked the door and was totally nude, bent over the chair and told me to give it to her! I did, she told me not to cum in her that wanted it on her tits! Ok, so that's what happened! Then she wanted the booth by herself, so I made my exit. Apparently there was another guy on the other side that slid in after I left, so when he came out she opened her door and finger called me to the door. She said as long as you are standing guard for me; tell whoever enters that booth to have a big dick!!

When she closed the door, I said in a loud booming voice, "HEY WHOEVER GOES IN BOOTH 6 BETTER HAVE a BIG DICK!" That got laughs from her and the gay crowd outside. So one other entered and soon she came out adjusting her massive tits with a smile on her face. Seems she enjoys cum on her tits a lot! Outside she asked for and received my number, who knows if this wild bitch will call or not, but it was fun! It was 11:00pm as we were walking out the door and still another couple was entering.

I had severe dehydration problems along with a headache, that empty feeling all of us guys feel when women leave us totally depleted! I started to call you for meds and an IV, but soon water and food solved the problem!

As I passed the theater on the way home, still another couple was entering the door, slammed on brakes and went inside, the cleanup crew was already busy in the lobby. They went in, and the woman started taking off her clothes, bent over one of the rows and said someone fuck me. She had several volunteers but I was not one of them.

Then I noticed yet another couple seated on the front row. She looked very familiar to me, so I approached, sure enough it was Lynne, the biker chick I wrote about when I first started posting with you. I said hi, and she looked at me kind of pissed off and asked where I had been, she knew that I was there on Saturday nights and was waiting for me. Damn I’m only one MAN!! So I gave her the low down and said she waited too late to show, I was headed home. That seemed to piss her off even more, so I left, but I couldn’t have handled her in my condition anyway! Lynne is a tiger!

I know there were even more couples present than I gave you, but my mind was not as sharp on the other details, but those are the high points! This morning, my headache is gone, but my cock is sore as hell!


Doc here again... Sounds like an incredible night in Biloxi. Between what Bob discovered (16 couples), and what The Good Doctor encountered at 15th Ave in Melrose Park, ILon Saturday night (18 couples), it was a fantastic weekend of theater sex across the US.

Please Note: Get well cards for Bob in Biloxi's penis can be sent to The Journal, and I can forward them to Bob.  Here's hoping for a speedy recovery!

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on The Journal?  Just e-mail Steve Reeves The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.  I will edit and format your report, and give you worldwide exposure, while all you have to do is provide the details.


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Flash Report: The Duke of Pearl Takes One For The Team in Portland

Doc here with the latest report from Portland field reporter, The Duke of Pearl. Duke's approach to this adult theater visit has a couple of unexpected twists and turns, so hang in there.

So without further ado, here is The Duke of Pearl...


Last Saturday evening I had the urge to go to at least one of our adult theaters that we are privileged to have here in Portland, OR. I didn’t want to go alone to The Paris, and be just another member of the penis gallery as The Doctor as so aptly named it. So, I called an escort service in hopes of finding a lovely young lady who would want to participate in “this thing of ours.” I told the screener exactly what I was looking for and what my plans were. Therefore I wanted only to talk to Exhibitionists and I would select one of them and gladly pay the going rate plus a generous tip.

As the girls began to call I was able to quickly weed them out one by one. The first two couldn’t define the word, “Exhibitionist.” To cut to the chase with you readers, I finally selected a woman who described herself as early 20s, blonde, blue eyes, 34B, 5’ 6” and 115 pounds. She emailed a photo to me and I quickly agreed to take her to an adult theater even if it was her first time. I told her that she would be ogled and stared at from the minute she walked in the door, that there would be no shortage of men of all ages, sizes, and colors with their cooks in their hands and drool from their mouths jostling for position to get close to her. I also told her I would protect her from any physical harm which rarely happens in these gentle places.

I picked her up at 9pm and we had a 15 minute drive to the theater from her place. We parked and walked a couple of blocks through the Portland drizzle and entered the theater. She was even better looking than the photo she had sent to me plus she looked well scrubbed, looked like she had low mileage, she even smelled good, and was naturally pretty enough that she didn’t need to cake makeup on to look presentable. She looked exactly like that pretty ‘kid’ next door we all dream about. Yeah, yeah, yeah… I had to pay for it. So what.

No sooner than we got in the lobby than she said she had to go to the bathroom. I showed her the way and she came out a minute later with her nose wrinkled up and complaining about the stinky restroom. Okay, I had forgotten to mention that part.

 We got inside the screening room and let our eyes adjust to the darkness. She followed me clinging to my arm to the couples section. There was one other couple in there lustfully fucking while 12 railbirds stood there jacking their dicks. We took a seat on a couch at the other end of the section. She cuddled close and I felt her trembling in her nervousness. I put my hand softly on her naked thigh and began to rub it in soothing strokes. The railbirds made a mass shift to our side of the room. The only sound in the room was from the theater speakers and the juicy sound of wanking behind us. I slipped the strap off her shoulder and bared a stunningly beautiful young tit with that prize of all prizes, a perfectly round and pink PUFFY nipple! As I cupped her little tit in my palm for all to see, we could hear, “Arrrgg, Fuck!” At least two guys shot their wad at the same time. I think I felt a drop of jizz hit the back of my neck. There was the sound of shuffling behind us as the guys kept jostling for a clearer view. And then it happened:

 She glanced from side to side, pulled up her strap to cover her precious nipple and whispered, “I don’t like this! It’s too creepy.”

 Minutes later we sat in a bar a block from the theater and I began lecturing her. “You are not an exhibitionist if you can’t stand voyeurs. Women who frequent these theaters LIKE to have men staring at them and feel FLATTERED when they jack off in front of them. Most men who go there are there to simply watch and don’t expect anything more. If they get to feel one of your body parts for a second or two that’s a great evening for them and really more than they expected. They stand around and jack and stare because they figure YOU came there to be appreciated! Otherwise you would have stayed home and had sex like normal people do.”

Doctor, I have to laugh with scorn at the naiveté of people who refer to these guys as ‘vultures’ or other names of disrespect. I’ve been going to these places to do “this thing of ours” for many years. This behavior is nothing new and if it ever changes there will be no need for these places. If you aren’t an exhibitionist, stay home!


The Duke of Pearl


Doc here again... Of all the adult theaters in all of this country, no adult theater has the voyeuristic vibe that The Paris Adult Theater in Portland exhibits. A strong arguement can be made that The Paris is more about voyeurism than it is about gen pop theater sex.  So imagine this young lady in the midst of the busiest adult theater in the country, and being the focal point of this attention.  Consider this a learning experience for this young woman. That or the fodder of countless visits to her shrink.

Thanks again to The Duke for another entertaining report. Keep up the great work, sir.

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to submit to The Journal?  Just e-mail Shaft, ya damn right The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and I will edit and format your report.  It's like a detail shop... You bring in your car, and I detail the interior, wash the exterior, and you drive away with the great looking ride.


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Last Night Of Couples & Single Females FREE At 15th Ave Adult Theater In Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a quick note... Tonight is the LAST NIGHT of FREE ADMISSION for M/F couples and single females at 15th Avenue Adult Books and Adult Theater at 2125 N. 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL. Take advantage of this great deal!

Also, I have it on very good authority (them) that P and F, an amazing couple, will be there tonight between 8:30 and 9PM tonight.  F is a hottie, and not to be missed!

If you happen to be there, and see a guy who looks as though he has just finished his rounds, it might just be The Good Doctor.


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Blast From The Past: Lifeball Shoots 100% at The Belvedere Theatre in Atlanta

Doc here with a refreshing Blast From The Past report from first time contributor, Lifeball. His "Blast" focuses on the late, great Belvedere Theatre in Atlanta.  It was his first visit to an adult theater, and his timing could not have been better.

Lets have Lifeball tell you his story... And it's a good one!


Hey Doc been reading your blog and the stories for sometime now, and must say thanks. Saw you guys have been looking for new stuff and I have a older story, but it was good years ago.

About 5 years ago, driving from a business meeting one day, had come across what seemed to be a adult theater. I had been reading and looking at different websites about the theaters, though didn't know where to find any or even if Atlanta had any. When I saw this theater, I decided to stop.

Being a young basketball coach and it being summer and having no practice, I had nothing to do. 12 in the afternoon what harm could come from checking it out? As I walked in, it  seemed like a run down old regular movie theater but the decorum was pretty. Could have looked like something from a movie.

The Belvedere Theatre
(circa late 1990's)
There was an Asian lady working - She did not ask me for money, just asked to see ID.

After walking down the corridor saw a woman blond BBW sitting on a bench with her man. Image a Drew Barrymore add 50 pounds that was her. She was dressed in a short black dress, with high heels on and a blouse that showed as much cleavage as she could show without being completely topless.

What a sight I thought... Did I just get lucky on my first visit? They seemed to be waiting, so I took a right and walked into the theater. As I walked into the theater, it was fairly big. Again, looked like a regular movie theater - no love chairs, no couches, just a movie theater with porn showing. I sat down to let my eyes adjust and began noticing a group of people on the bottom row in a circle. So I decide to venture down and see what was going on.

As I walked down and got closer noticed it was a circle around a lovely BBW, and she was fucking and sucking about three guys with another 3 or 4 just watching. Man was she going to town. She wasn't the prettiest of ladies, but damn was it sexy as hell what she was doing. Guys were taking their turns with her and just exploring her. Pulling on her nipples hard as they fucked her and she sucked everyone.

Me being new to this and only seeing something like this in movies, I just continued to watch. Every guy in there was in there late 30's and 40's - there was even a real old guy who I think was her Master. I was just watching in awe not knowing to pull my dick out or run lol. Then this guy tapped me on the shoulder and said "dude your going to take a turn or just watch." At that moment I don't know what kicked in but I pulled my BBC out and just stuffed it in her mouth. What a rush it gave me having this women take my dick in front of all these guys! It was crazy because I had no nervousness anymore.

The Belvedere Theatre
(after closing, before fire in the plaza)
My dick was hard as a rock. You know I've read you have some guys that cant get it up due to the crowd, but I was harder than I had ever been. And I wanted to explode all over her. Another guy then tapped me and said "dude fuck her pussy don't hog that mouth." And without thinking I pulled out and slid right into her. No condom - just all meat. The old guy said "fuck her raw squirt all the cum you can inside her."

The encouragement sent me into overdrive I began fucking her as hard as I could. Pulling on her nipples as hard as I could, listening to her hummm and moan with ecstasy. After about what seemed to be 10 min I exploded inside her and my cum dripping down her leg. After i was done i pulled out, pulled up my pants and started walking away.
Belvedere Theatre - Far Right
(after plaza fire in 2010)

As I'm walking up the isle, I see the first couple sitting and she is sucking a BBC while her husband is eating her out.  Damn I thought I missed out on Drew LOL.  When I got in the hall, I started talking to some guys and they told me that these two women play a lot at the same time you just gotta catch them - look up certain websites and you'll find them.

Later that month I found the BBW I fucked and she was having a hotel party. You know I went! The Belvedere is now closed... Doc, man that one day was amazing. Have not been to a theater since. I shooting 100% now - don't know if I wanna mess that up. LOL

I'm all about sure things and I've heard in theater game that is hard to come by. Hope to be able to go again though because I had a blast.



Doc here again... Thanks to Lifeball for an oustanding first-time report on this thing of ours.  The Belvedere was a classic adult theater, and it is surely missed down in Atlanta.  At least you have the recently re-opened Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway for this thing of ours.  Many other cities and towns cannot say the same.

Do you have a Blast From The Past you'd like to share with the good readers of The Journal? Just e-mail Raoul Duke The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com and I will edit and format your report for you.  It's been awhile since we had a Blast From The Past, so I am glad Lifeball broke the streak.  Now it's your turn.

Be large. Be a reporter for The Journal.


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UPDATED! Foxes Cinema in Columbus GA

Doc here with an update on a report about Foxes Cinema posted earlier today by Dark Angel.  A regular at Foxes has responded with a rebuttal on Dark Angel's report.

Here it is, along with Dark Angel's earlier report:


I am sorry Dr. Emilio, but the reporter did not take a good look at the Foxes Cinema. There are glory holes in 10 of the 13 booths and as you enter the store, look over your right there is a door leading to the theater. The theater is spacious enough (53 seats) and action is taking place there especially Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Vizionary King


Dark Angel's original report:

Hello Good Doc, we stopped by the FOXES CINEMA in Columbus GA on our way to AL. Sent you a pic it was not as the reviews stated no theater just booths (small) and didn't notice any GH. No one there. As you can see it was run down, inside as well. We went to Birmingham AL and while there to check out the CINEMA BLUE. We will write up a review and hopefully have it to you early next week.



Doc here again...Anyone else want to chime in on Foxes Cinema?  The floor is yours... E-mail The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and I will add your two cents into this discussion.


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Field Report: Tom Austin on the XXX Twin Theaters in San Antonio, TX

Doc here with the lastest report from senior field reporter, Tom Austin.  Tom has been a busy guy, having submitted reports from various ports-o-call over the last month and a half.  This report finds him in San Antonio, TX, and his due diligence has resulted in this informative article on the XXX Twin Theaters.

Take it away, Tom...


As a long-time participant in this thing of ours, I’ve accepted the notion that those of us who enjoy this passion are all sluts; so I might as well be one of the best. That means checking our every possible adult theater wherever I travel, no matter how remote or lacking of any real potential the theater may be.

That’s how I found myself outside of the XXX Twin Theaters south of San Antonio in the middle of day, during the middle of the week. It was simply a fact-finding mission on an otherwise hot, humid south Texas day.

XXX Twin Theaters
San Antonio, TX
(near the end of the world)
To reach the XXX Twin, you drive southeast of the city on I-35 about ten miles, just outside Loop 410. Take a left hand turn (go east) on Fischer Road for about a mile. Then look for the XXX Video sign on the south side of the road. Turn right, and the Twin is the only building down the road about a quarter of a mile. It may not be so remote that it’s at the end of the world, but you can see it from here.

Its reputation was once of a great spot for couples (bothM/F and M/M) to rendezvous and enjoy shared intimacies with straight porn showing in a cool, comfortable setting. Today you pay $10 and can enter both theaters –two separate rooms each with a very large, HD-quality TV. Each room can seat 15-20 people in an eclectic collection of connected theater seats, soft lounges and some stand alone chairs.  The two rooms are connected through a common walkway. Today the movies were all straight porn – very high quality picture and sound.

The manager today was a very cute Latina, who was wearing very short shorts and a revealing top. Great breasts, legs, and smile. When I gave her my $10, I said, “I didn’t expect to see someone like you working here.”

“Well, they want more women to feel comfortable in here, so that’s why I’m here.”

“Is it working?”, I asked.

“I’ve never seen a woman here. But then I usually don’t work nights. It’s probably because of what happened here a couple of years ago.”

“What happened?”

“Cops. Busted some guys doing the nasty. That’s why we have these mirrors here now.”

I had not noticed the twin mirrors behind her before her remarks, but I now could see that if a person stood up about where she was sitting, you could clearly see the back rows of both theaters. A voyeur might really enjoy this job, but if her body language was any indicator, she couldn’t care less.

“This allows the cops to walk in and look into both theaters quickly without actually entering either room.”

“Do they actually do that?”

“Not much, but maybe 1-2 times per month. Mister, you’re not a cop are you?”

“No. Just curious if I should come back sometime when I’m in town again. I like couples, if you know what I mean.”

“Save your money, mister.” She then returned to watching her TV - Judge Judy was about to make her ruling.

So, in my notes, this place is now noted as the “ XXX Twin Mirrors”. No stars, no comments, and no plans to return.

Tom Austin


Doc here again... I had heard about the arrests there awhile back, so when I have traveled through San Antonio I have skipped this place.  And judging by Tom's report, I didn't miss anything.

Thanks again to Tom Austin for two things: a) a thorough report complete with dialog, and b) for making me almost spit up my morning espresso with the line about Judge Judy making her decision.

Bravo, sir.

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on The Journal?  Just e-mail Juan Valdez The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will format and edit your report, and shine it up like glass.  You get the glory.  Plus, I really need reports!


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Flash Report: Dark Angel Quickly Discusses Foxes Cinema in Columbus, GA

Doc here with a quick report from Dark Angel on a visit to Fox Cinemas in Columbus, GA.   The photo of Foxes speaks volumes.


Foxes Cinema
Columbus, GA

Hello Good Doc, we stopped by the FOXES CINEMA in Columbus GA on our way to AL. Sent you a pic it was not as the reviews stated no theater just booths (small) and didnt notice any GH.  No one there. As you can see it was run down, inside as well. We went to Birmingham AL and while there to check out the CINEMA BLUE. We will write up a review and hopefully have it to you early next week.



OK...Back to your regularly scheduled programming.


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Exclusive: Jessi Is A Bad, Bad Girl - Part 3 (with 14 NEW HOT Pics)

Doc here with a special Thursday treat for you, the good readers of The Journal. Hands down, the most hardcore girl I have ever come across, Jessi, just sent in some new pics and a brief blurb about them. The blurb was so hardcore, that I had to edit out about half of her note.  That's how hardcore it was!

However, what I did not have to edit was this batch of HOT pics... The last 5 pics (of Jessi with a BBC) are from LAST NIGHT. Remember to click the pics to ENLARGE them.

Jessi keeps getting badder, and badder, and badder...  The gloryhole pics were taken at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.  That is Jessi's go-to place when in Chicagoland. BTW, she loves the attention she is getting from her exposure here on The Journal.  Her e-mail is linked below, and the gallery follows.

And here we go...



Hi Doc,

Good to hear from you hun. Glad the readers liked the last ones of me getting choked and fucked. He actually just left this morning after pounding the hell out of me, fisting my cunt and making me swallow his thick load.

Anyway, I put in a picture of my hubbys gf this time. Her had I fuck people together alot (Ed. note: first pic in the gallery).  A few of the pics of me and a black guy are from just last night. Had 2 guys over and they both shot off loads in me. Hubby then pounded me till he shot off up my ass. I am also getting alot of responses from men that see me on your blog and e-mail me (brandy78mc@yahoo.com). Most do that nicey nicey sweetie bullshit. But a few treat me like a whore, which I so love. 

Take care,

You are welcome.


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