Flash Report! Laars on Theater X in Orange Heights FL for 1/28/12

Doc here with a follow-up report from new contributor, Laars. Laars reports from Theater X in Orange Heights, FL, and last weekend he had a chance for a quick pit stop there.

Here is Laars and his report.


Hi Doc,

Went back to Theater X on Saturday with a very limited time window. Arrived at 8pm and around 830 a couple in their fifties arrived.

Some of the guys at the theater told me they are regulars. I paid my ticket and went in...They were sitting in the middle row nude - both were OK looking (not models but not hideous) The guy started sucking on her tits and after a while invited the rest of the guys to join. Everybody formed a circle around them and pulled their dicks out and she started stroking away. I pulled mine out as I was standing in front of her as she sat.

Theater X
Orange Heights, FL
She stroked my cock and told me to come closer to suck me off which she did. It was OK, but did the job. She was picky as to who would fuck her but she picked me and I went to town. Her guy sitting next to her said do not cum inside her, to which I obliged.

After a few minutes of pounding her from behind I came on her back and they guy spread my cum all over her naked body. Next guy was an older black guy who fucked her mouth and then her pussy while her man was sucking off a guy. All this time she wanted a guy sitting next to her to fuck her buy he was only stroking his dick which made her kinda mad.

After the black guy busted his nut she kept asking for another black guy she had done in her prior visits. After a while the guy took her clothes off and went to work. She enjoyed it as expressed by telling him "you know fuck good!"

The couple then got dressed and went out for a smoke...After 30 minutes they came back and got naked again. Her man spread her legs and ate her pussy. The older black guy sat next to her. After her man ate her (lots of moaning), she moved and started deep throating him as the black guy fingered her. I sat observing.

After a while I went to the lobby. There was a suspicious guy nobody had seen before and in conversation with the other regular black (who was also at the lobby)guy, he mentioned that the guy was too square looking. Maybe an undercover...

It was around 10pm, so after getting stroked, sucked and busting a nut, I left for the night leaving the couple still fucking away...A guy told me they were all nighters.



Thanks again to Laars for this second Flash Report.  Keep up the good work sir!


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Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Double-Header Weekend (featuring Maya)

Doc here with a great "two-fer" report from our good friend, Bob in Biloxi.  This Friday/Saturday double-header is the stuff of legendary weekends, and it once looks like Bob struck gold.

First, a quick back story...

Among other things, The Good Doctor has helped connect interested parties at various adult theaters and ABSs across the country since The Journal started in 2009.  And why not?  The Good Doctor sees himself as the flight control tower in this thing of ours, where I can help open a dialog between interested parties who want to party at adult theaters or ABSs across the USA and Canada.

This was the case with the star of Bob in Biloxi's Friday Report... Maya, who is now a contributing reporter here at The Journal, had some questions for Bob.  I put these two crazy kids in contact with each other, and presto-chango, they met Friday night in Biloxi.

Here is Bob and his recap of this past Friday and Saturday night in Biloxi...


Hi Doc,

I must have soloed under a lucky star... Friday night I got to meet Ms. Maya, who will from now on be known as Princess Maya. ZZ Top has a song that describes her to a T: She’s hot as pepper, smooth as a Mexican brew!

Princess Maya showed up at our little ABS in Biloxi on her way to points unknown and a cruise. She was dressed in a short white shirt, black stretch top and high heels that said "I will fuck your brains out and leave you begging for more."

The Real Maya
Upon entering, believe me as all eyes were on her. That distinctive click of her high heels and away to the booths she went. Yours truly was lucky enough to get a booth next to her, after salutations were exchanged, she showed off her lithe little body to me. She is 5’6 or so, maybe 110lbs, with perky tits and smooth little bubble ass!! Princess Maya has dark hair cut in the Betty Boop style but longer, and everything about her drips sex. She has a erotic accent that I cannot place now.

Now down to business... I passed her a condom and she proceeded to suck my cock until it was nice and hard. I didn’t even feel her put on the condom but after she was satisfied I was nice and hard, she took it off and put another one on (this one however was latex, and yours truly is highly allergic to latex). That’s why I always use polyurethane condoms, however she didn’t know that because I failed to tell her.

With the latex in place she backed that beautiful ass up to the hole and let me tell you Doc, Princess Maya has the tightest little pussy on the planet. In fact, I really thought it was her ass! Her pussy made a distinctive pop when she pushed back, it was an OMG moment: hot, tight and she was really pushing the wall with her ass! Princess Maya is one vocal woman too! I did get to cum before all hell broke loose with my cock. When I noticed that it was a latex condom, I made a bee line for the restroom to wash but it was too late. He was all red and swollen and in dire pain.

Was it worth it to meet Princess Maya? You bet your ass it was. She did two other guys before leaving, and even gave me a hug before speeding off into the night. Thank you Princess!!

On Saturday, our theater had one couple - They are regulars, so no action that I’m aware of there. Different story at the ABS, as there were three couples that showed there.

One couple came in, and again I was lucky to get the booth next to them on the first try. The lady was blonde, about 5’4 and maybe 100lbs, short blonde hair, she was wearing a black cat suit (google it) with high heels. Medium size boobs and a killer ass that begged you to fuck it. Turns out, that’s exactly what she wanted too, a good ole fashioned ass fucking.

This one however wasn’t into sucking, she simply stroked and caressed you hard then with a tap made you pull it back and sheath up and return to the hole. Upon which she would guide my hard cock into her very tight asshole. I could hear her moaning on the other side of the wall, and she would slowly move off my cock, then slam her ass hard back down it hitting the wall with her cheeks.

I tried to think of baseball, football, or  anything that would make this experience last longer, but to no avail. I unloaded while trying to hang on to the top of the wall or I would have fallen right to the floor since my knees were shaking so bad.

This lady sure liked being banged in the ass, and she had already took on two more guys by the time I got out of the restroom. I don’t know how long they stayed, and I was whipped and its still a two hour drive home, so I left at 11 pm.

Two excellent nights on the coast Doc, thanks in part to Princess Maya and an ass fucking Blonde !!! Can’t wait until next weekend!!



Doc here again... Thanks again to senior reporter Bob in Biloxi, and to the beautiful Maya for stopping by Biloxi and being the subject of Bob's report.  I think all parties will view this as a win/win, including you, the good readers of The Journal.

I am still in critical need of adult theater reports.  Just send your reports to Peter Venkman The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will edit, format, and drop in a few photos for you.  You supply the report and a pen name. 

Try it!


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Smut for a Sunday Evening! 10 Naughty Pics Just For You!

Doc here with a little treat for you, the good readers of The Journal.  It's been a long time since I posted "Smut for a Sunday Evening", which is a gallery of adult theater related pics.  More specifically, the women who play inside adult theaters and ABSs.

So as we all get ready to start our new work week, here is a collection of naughty women doing naughty things. And remember to click on the images, since they all are high resolution!




Daisy Train

Erin Go Braugh


Gloryhole Nancy

Jim & Chris

Katie X in the UK

M&S in Hartford


Doc here again... Look for new reports this week from our good friend Bob in Biloxi (it's a double-headed report, featuring Maya, who just submitted her first time report last week), a new report from Laars from Theater X in Orange Heights, FL, and much more.  Follow me on Twitter for announcements of the new reports... My handle is @lizardojournal.   Otherwise, please check back often... I strive to have one new report per day, if not more.  New reports go up at 9am CDT, and sometimes mid-afternoon as well.  Just keep checking back.


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Flash Report: Brent in Portland's Serenity Prayer for 1/27/12

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from my colleague and good friend, Brent in Portland.  The Flag System was working overtime at The Paris Theater in Portland, and here is Brent to fill in the gaps for us.


Red and Orange Flag 12:53am

Question: Is it the couple that posted with their young female companion?

They were. Two of the girls played with each other, a little, kissing, fondling, sucking on each others big titties. The young thin one just sat there and smiled. The guy who was there for the first time was put off by all the guys, staring into the couples section, so he just sat there. The reason all the guys were staring into the couples section was there was another couple and she was giving him a blow job.

Robin was leaving as I was coming in. I hope I meet, greet and eat her tomorrow. If I can get down there in time, I will. Bend Over Girl, AKA Silver Girl was there and she looked great with her long legs and sturdy ass. She was built for fucking and she got a lot of hard cocks in her pussy at The Paris, last night. One guy went down on her and ate her out while she was spread legged on The Arena Bed.

There was another couple there when I arrived. She looked like Sasha Grey. She took off her jeans and panties but kept her top on. Her old man ate her pussy and fingered her for quite a while. He was slow and deliberate. They say eating pussy is like riding a bicycle, you always remember the first time you do it successfully.

There were a lot of couples that came and only stayed for a few moments, last night. The crowd was fairly well behaved and what with Robin and Silver Girl doing their things, there was always something going on, so it was never boring. It just goes to show, a lot of couples doesn't always mean a lot of action.

So I'll just say The Serenity Prayer and get ready for tomorrow.



Doc here again... For The Good Doctor, every day there is a new Brent report, it's like Xmas.  I just cannot wait to open it and check it out.  Thanks again to the TOP adult theater reporter in this thing of ours, Brent.

He's good enough.
He's smart enough.
And gosh darn it, people like Brent.


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Flash Report: Laars on Theater X in Orange Heights

Doc here with an excellent rookie report from first time contributor, Laars. The scene is Theater X in Orange Heights, FL, one of JaxBchBum's favorite haunts  (info available in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).  Laars was there Friday night, 1/27, and has this to report from the Sunshine State.



 I found your blog and have been a reader for the last couple of months...Last night I was at Theater X in Orange Height's, FL, and here is an update.

I got there around 8pm...not too much going on. Around 8:30 a couple (him older around 55 and her 40-50 ) arrived she was wearing a short dress blonde and was pleasant looking - well built for sex. I paid my entry and sat quietly. They were commenting on the movie and as soon as she spread her legs, I moved next to her.

She was rubbing herself, but had some kind of transparent panties on. To the left of her was her man and next to him a guy stroking. As soon as I sat next to her she asked me to show her what I got. I pulled out my dick and started stroking while watching her. Suddenly, they got up and left. 15 Minutes later they came back and stood in the back of the theater, & then they sat down but nothing else went on. I'm guessing she got off on teasing guys..After 30 minutes they left.

Theater X
Orange Heights, FL
Around 10pm a super hot chick with brown hair boots and a brown dress with a plunging neck showed up. She was with a guy and both sat in the front. She was giggling and having fun w/the movie. The same stroking guy as above sat next to her and began stroking away. She didn't seem to mind as her legs and plunging neck line were showing. She seemed to be down for action, but her man was really reserved and when she put her hands around his crotch he grabbed her hand.

They stayed there for a while doing the lovey dovey giggles and chatting and then went to their car where I guess she took care of him. They came in and out of the theater twice after, both times following the same MO.

Also around 1030pm, a mixed couple around 45 years old showed up. She was a thin tall blonde and her face was OK with nice body. She was wearing high heels and a mini skirt with a red top. By this time the place was packed. They stood in the back as there was no place to sit and after 10 minutes left. A wasted opportunity!

At 1045pm another mixed couple showed up...She was a bbw blonde and wearing jeans. They sat in the middle row and took off their jackets and covered themselves with them. After a while she undid her jeans and while covered played with her tits and pussy(could tell by the movements). He stroked away. They finished and left to later come back and sit in the back row.

By the time I left around midnight they were still there. The hot brown dress girl and her man had gone outside and just came back in. It was around midnight and I gave up. I don't think there was gonna be any flesh show.

A promising night for the future. I have been there a few time during daytime but the place is dead and was there a Tuesday night till late at night without realizing that's the day of their gay movie showing. So far this is the first time I have seen some resemblance of activity.

Keep up the good blog.



Doc here again... Thank you Laars for the kind words, and your excellent first report.  I enjoy reports that give give the time frame, couple's appearance, and the writers interpretation of what they may be looking for inside an adult theater.  We are looking forward to your next effort, sir.

Do you have an adult theater report?  I hope so, because that's what we do here (besides make a top-notch prosciutto sandwich). Send your reports into Armand Assante The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. Your white suit wearing buddy will edit, format, and drop in a pic or two.  I might even design a logo for you too (just like I did with Laars).  You submit the report, I do the rest.


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First Time In An Adult Theater: Chapter 17 - Maya

Doc here with a fascinating First Time Report from new contributor but long-time reader of The Journal, Maya. Maya will be a regular reporter here at the Journal, and we thought her First Time Report would be a great way to introduce you to to her.

To spice up this report (not that it needs any more, trust me), Maya sent The Good Doctor 4 pics of herself taken around the same time-frame as this First Time experience.  While edited, these pics showcase her trim and smoking hot body.  Fast forward to the present time, and she still has that same trim and sexy body (the image used for her logo).

I advise you to just soak in this First Time Report... It's something else!

Here is the beautiful Maya and her First Time...



Deflowered and sexually active since very early,  I was definitely not interested in boys my age, and full of hot fantasies as to what I would like to try out.

It took a while to gather the courage,and one day I drove an hour south to Cinema 1 in Chattanooga, TN, promising myself that I would check the place, and then try to go in at least into the adult store to look around.

I was 17.
Got there Friday evening, found quite a busy parking lot, put my car so that I could see the entrance, and saw a steady trail of guys going in. It was spring, and I was dressed up sexily: a black bandeau, exposed tummy, and a plaid floral mini skirt, plus ankle high boots with 4” heels. Had a stiff couple drinks (vodka mini bottles I had with me) to build up my courage.

Sat there debating between my fear and my promise to myself that I would at least walk in, stay a minute and see. Finally did that, and inside found a shabby store with magazines, dildos etc, which I started looking at, quite nervous.

A few minutes later a bald guy approached me and introduced himself as Gene, the owner of the place, asked if he could help. He told me they had an adult theater on one side and viewing booths on the other - would I like a tour? Not to worry, he assured me it was absolutely safe and all right.

Gene came across right, so somehow I agreed, and we where buzzed into the theater. It's rather large, guys sitting around, and a porn movie running on the screen. He explains that his is a place where guys and some open minded women came to relax and have a good time.
He asked how old I was and I said I just turned 21. He smiled.

Went outside, he offered me a soda, and then walked me over and we where buzzed into the booths area. Rather smaller, different sized booths, each one with a TV showing porn, a kind of bench against the wall, and no doors. Gene said that I could walk around, he would wait at the entrance and keep and eye on me at least until I felt comfortable and safe.

Guys stand around, ogle me, I go and peek into the booths, some occupied, somebody watching the screens. A guy makes eye contact with me and enters the last booth. I approach on my way out.
“Come in” he says, “I am Mark, what's your name?"


"What a pretty name for a pretty girl” and he puts his hand on his crotch. I cant avoid staring, then turn around to leave, he asks me not to, unzips and out comes a wonderfully erect large cock, a smile and a “This is what you are dreaming about, right Maya?” He pulls back slowly on his foreskin.

The smell of the place, Mark, and I feel dizzy, start trembling and just stand there looking at him. His hand touches my face, goes down my throat, shoulders, arm, “you are so beautiful Maya”...and puts my hand on his cock. Leaves it there and goes under my skirt, an feels me trembling. “Your panties are all wet, good....” “can I kiss you?”. He does, I moan.

“You are mine now girl, get on your knees and kiss me” and gently pushes me down. With total tunnel vision I go down on him, and his smell and taste while he pushed me towards him is overpowering.
He goes sits on the bench, I approach and go on him again. Somebody picks me by my hips and lifts my buttocks, starts pulling my panties down and I get jumpy. I didn't know there was somebody else, but Mark tells me to relax, “I am a big girl now, I can handle two cocks at the same time.”

I try to turn around and see, but Mark grabs my hair, deep throats me, and when the other guy climbs and mounts me I immediately orgasm in gasps very intense. Soon Mark shoots in my mouth, and when I try to pull back he pushes me. “Take it bitch”.

Mark stands and the other guy turns me around, tops me missionary, and I see others around, some of them also touch/grope me. I feel overwhelmed but Gene's voice says to stand back, take turns but don't overpower her. The rest is history. I got licked and fucked in every hole, guys using me left and right for well over an hour.

I walked out, took a rest while Gene chatted, and asked me if I liked his place, where I was from and so on.

A while later when ready to leave he asked if I did not want to have a brief theater experience for variety and to know that that was all about before I went on my way. By that time I was spent, had slight pain, declining to promise to return soon. But he pointed at a couple guys and said that they patiently waited in the booth but did not get their turn, so I give in.  One tops me, others give me a bukkake shower.

Drive home, sneak in, and finish on my bed masturbating myself to sleep.



Doc here again... There is much more on the way from the lovely Maya in the coming weeks, as well as brand new images of her being very naughty.  Rumor has it she may be making an appearance in a very popular adult theater somewhere in the USA this weekend.  One can only hope that a Journal reporter will be nearby to chronicle the events of the evening.

Stay tuned for more from the lovely Maya here at The Journal, your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.


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Flash Report! Gloryhole Nancy's Lastest Report - Part 2 (w/9 More HOT Pics!)

Doc here with Part 2 of the extended photo shoot Gloryhole Nancy and her guy T shot at their local gloryhole in Toledo, OH. 

These pics are super high-resolution and to enoy them fully, just click on the thumbnails.  YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Here are the 9 new pics you have been waiting for! 

You are welcome.



Thanks again to the awesome Gloryhole Nancy and her guy T for this outstanding set of remarkable gloryhole pics featuring the cock hungry Nancy!  Also, make sure you check out their terrific Yahoo Group HERE.

Drive safely.


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Flash Report: The Editor Presents a SoCal Overview

Doc here with a Flash Report from senior Journal reporter, The Editor. The Good Doctor provided The Editor with a few SoCal adult theater tips several days ago, and over this past weekend The Editor sprung into action.

What did he find?  Let's find out...


Hi Doctor,

Fri and Sat at the Deja Vu in Ontario, California

No couples during the period 7-9 both nights.

Sunday Eve at the Jolar Cinema in San Diego

A couple arrived about 8:30pm, they were maybe 40.  She was nice looking Caucasian and had huge tits under a black zip front sweatshirt and a skirt, no purse.  He was Hispanic. They are very familiar with the Jolar as she went to the ladies room alone while he went into the theater. For the next 3 hours, they moved from one theater to another and spent considerable time in the hallway near the door.  If guys got too interested, he directed them away.  Not sure what the point was.

Couple #2 arrived about 10:30 and went directly to theater #2.  They sat and watched the movies, not looking around, not touching, nothing.  They stayed until after midnight and never did a thing.
So 0 for 2 at the Jolar.

Monday eve, cold, windy and rainy.  A bad night even by Seattle standards, much less SoCal. Not sure if I'll make it Monday night.

The Editor


I hope The Editor got there Monday night, as that is typically a great night to visit The Jolar.  Fingers are crossed for you, sir.

Do you have an adult theater report?  Just e-mail Jimmy Olsen The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and I will do the rest for you.  Editing, formatting, and photo insertion.

Give it a test drive...


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Flash Report! Gloryhole Nancy's Latest Report - Part 1 (with 9 HOT Pics!)

Doc here with Part 1 (of 2) of a doozy of a Gloryhole Nancy Flash Report from The Glass City, Toledo, Ohio.

Regular readers saw a sneak peek photo of this photo set a few days ago here at The Journal, but wait until you get a load of the full two-part gallery.

Part 2 will go up Wednesday at 9am CDT, and also contains 9 HOT pics of Nancy devouring a huge cock the way only she can...

Here is Nancy and her guy T with their latest report...

(Note: These pics of Gloryhole Nancy are very high resolution images.  CLICK on the pics to ENLARGE them. Thanks!)


Hi Doc and fellow readers,

Sorry for the delay ladies and gentlemen, but trying to figure out a new digital camera is not my area of expertise LOL.
We went to the bookstore not sure what to expect as it was a last minute thing, but you never know right?  After talking to the clerks for a minute we wandered back to the booth area. There a total of three people there, and two of them were us LOL. We go into a booth and sure enough we hear the sound of someone leaving their booth and entering the one next to us.  Nancy peeked through and said that he was past her "age limit." In other words, a little too old for her liking. 

We're getting ready to leave the booth when he sticks it through for her and she took one look before dropping to her knees and taking it down to the base, without saying a word.  He groaned out loud and let us know he has been waiting for months to get the booth next to us! Nancy told him to shut up, enjoy the cock sucking and give her cum! 

He lasted almost too long for her liking (remember this guys: you are not there to impress her or make love to her mouth! Shoot your poison and let the next guy in lol.)  But he finally erupted with a groan so loud we were afraid he was gonna have a coronary right there and lay twitching in a puddle of cum and other liquids. 

After he left Nancy told me he was too old but his cock was just right;) And that, gentlemen, is why Nancy causes a scene wherever we go.  Enjoy the pics, we have more on the way....

While were on the subject, can anyone suggest a good place for gloryholes in Chicago besides CT's?  Nothing against that place but we can't even join their Yahoo Group unless we go through hoops, applications, interviews, instant messages, blah, blah, blah LOL.  We just want a place she can go and suck through the hole without too much hassle, is that too much for Nancy to ask for? (ed. note: You can e-mail Nancy and T at nwonancy@yahoo.com if you have a good suggest for gloryhole play in Chicago).

We are going to be hosting at our travel gloryhole we'll set up in the hotel room, but we also would like to venture out and see what the other half lives like...

T & N


Doc here again... Part 2 of Gloryhole Nancy's latest photo shoot will be published Wednesday at 9am CDT here at The Journal, your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours 9 More HOT images of Nancy at the hole, satisfying her oral fixation.

Thanks Nancy and T!


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Couple's Flash Report! M&S @ The Art Cinema in Hartford 1/20/12 (w/3 New Pics)

Doc here with a great follow-up Couple's Flash Report from regular contributors (and inhabitants on The Art Cinema's balcony), M&S. They were also kind enough to send along 3 new pics from Friday night's adventure! (NOTE: Click on the new pics to ENLARGE them)

If you have not been to The Art Cinema in Hartford, you need to.  It is the #1 adult theater on my to-do list for 2012, and hopefully I will finally grace it's hallowed halls with my white suit this year. Those of you in new England should also put it on your lists as well.

So without further delay, here is M&S and their Friday night report.


Hello Doc,

We went to The Art Cinema Friday night to celebrate the hubby's birthday.We got there a little before 8pm and the owner told us there was a young couple already upstairs in the balcony.When we got up there they were sitting way down front so the guys downstairs could get a good view. They put on a good show for us and the folks downstairs.

About 1/2 hr later 2 couples came up and grabbed seats in front of us and got naked immediately. Both were good looking couples, with 1 of the girls being a smoking hot BBW with big tits and a nice big ass. They did tons of sucking and fucking while there. The other couple who we had talked to on CL were FWBs, She is a hot smaller girl with very short hair and great body and he was a bigger guy and well hung. Both were bi according to them.

They came right over next to us and watched and played as I ate my wife's ass and we fucked and sucked. Thought the girl was going to play with the wife but she never made the move (maybe next time). The younger couple went downstairs for a while to play and put on a show then came back upstairs later.

By 10pm,  the other 3 couples left and we were alone up there, so we decided it was time to go. As we were leaving we stopped for at the counter for our normal chat session with the owner and told him we had a great time as usual. He wished me a Happy Birthday and out the door we went.

Here are a couple of pics from "the thing we do". Off to shovel snow.        


Doc here again... Thanks again to M&S for another top shelf report from The Art Cinema in Hartford. Remember, you can get address info for this and other adult theaters in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database.

The Good Doctor needs your adult theater reports!  Just e-mail Dominic DeNucci The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com with your report, and I will edit and format them for you FREE of charge.  You get the glory and the byline.

Try it...


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