Flash Report: Moaning Lisa Returns to 15th Ave in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with report #2 from our good friend and very naughty adult theater girl, Moaning Lisa. Lisa's adventures at 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL are something to behold with the naked eye.  Her insatiable sexual appetite is very much on display when she visits 15th Avenue, and judging from this terrific report, she is an equal opportunity offender between the genders.

So sit back and enjoy Moaning Lisa's Flash Report....


Dear Doc,

I reassured you in my last report that it would not be long until “J” & I were back at 15th Avenue. Not one to disappoint you, we ventured over again a mere 4 days later (truth be known, I was still worked up from our last adventure…).

So, as much as the last report was about the men, this one is all about the ladies (and no, I don’t just mean tits!).   “J” and I took our seats in the couples section of the theater.  That night, there were about 10 single guys and another couple down in the front row.  A few minutes later, “T” arrived, flanked on either side by two young guys “B” and “A”.    They sat down in the row behind us.  “T” looked hot in a strapless denim dress that hugged her curves.

“B” and “A” immediately turned their attention to pleasuring “T”.  Her voluptuous tits were out of her dress in no time, with the guys alternating between sucking her hard cinnamon-colored nipples, and kissing her deeply.  She was moaning with her head thrown back, as she opened her legs.  She placed one leg on “B”s lap, and the other on “A”s lap, and I had a clear view of her gorgeous pussy.  As my heart beat faster, my mouth began to water.  I wanted to taste her so badly.

I obviously have a terrible poker face, because “A” suggested that I come down and sit between her legs. (Thank you, “A”…).  I situated myself on the ground in front of her chair.  Her pussy smelled intoxicating, and I gently slipped my tongue between her soft, swollen lips.  Her juices were sweet and I was enjoying every drop.  I flicked my tongue over her hard clit, eliciting a moan of pleasure as she pushed her cunt toward my eager mouth.

I licked my two middle fingers, and pushed them deeply into her sweet, tight snatch.  As I fucked her with my fingers, I continued to lick and suck her.  It wasn’t long until I felt her raising her hips off the chair, and her pussy clamping around my fingers as she came loudly.  After a few moments, she leaned forward, and kissed me passionately, promising to return the favor.  At that point, I hardly cared if the favor was ever returned.  (I know that I am “preaching to the choir” on this point…) but there is nothing like making a woman cum in your mouth…

I would have been totally elated if that was all that happened that evening…but the Goddess of the Adult Theater must have been smiling down on us that night, as she provided another opportunity to appreciate the soft, sensuous touch of a woman. J

After “T” and the boys left, the attractive couple that had been sitting in the front row moved to the couples section.  “S” was petite and tan, with blonde hair and a rockin’ body.  She was wearing all black: knee high boots, fishnet stockings, a REALLY short skirt and low-cut top.  Her man, “M”, reached into a bag near his feet, and produced a vibrator.  “S” parted her thighs and quickly took the toy inside her.

As “M” pistoned the vibrator in and out of her wet pussy, he was kissing her and fondling her left breast. I went and stood behind “S”, rubbing her shoulders, and whispering in her ear.  I began nibbling on her neck, and asked if I could touch her breast… She agreed, and as I slid my hand down her firm tit, I was pleasantly surprised to find a nipple ring.  I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked gently, playing with the ring with my tongue.  “S” came quickly, and surprisingly quietly (As my banner indicates, I am not known for being quiet).

I hope that the single men enjoyed both of the shows as much as I enjoyed performing them.  It was a very hot and very fun evening that I would love repeating anytime soon (all in the name of being a reporter for The Journal of course *wink*)

Moaning Lisa  


Doc here again... Thanks again to the dirty-minded Moaning Lisa for another hot report from the suburbs of Chicago.  if you are lucky enough to run into her during a visit to 15th Avenue, you will probably leave with a smile on your Da Vinci too.

Adult theater reports are still in high demand here at The Journal!  Just send your report to Tony Stark The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and I will do the rest: edit, format, and drop in a few pics for good measure.  You get the byline and the glory.

Sounds reasonable, right?


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Flash Report: Old Marine Corps Guy Goes Fishing & Catches One @ Just For Fun in Phoenix

Doc here with a Flash Report from our good friend Old Marine Corps Guy. OMCG covers this thing of ours for the Phoenix scene like a blanket, and this report is a great example of OMCG at his best.

If there was a Hall of Fame for this thing of ours, Old Marine Corps Guy would have his bronze bust in the Hall of Champions.  He knows the west coast theaters better than ANYONE I have ever encountered, and may have even encountered a celebrity or two in his day inside a dark adult theater.  That alone makes him a legend in this editor's eyes. 

Now couple all of his experience along with being located in a city (Phoenix) that has many adult theaters, and we all win.

Here is Old Marine Corps Guy and his report:


Hey Doc,

I finished some errands early Tuesday morning and stopped by Just For Fun (address information in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database) to talk with a buddy who works there.  As soon as I got there he told me to hurry up and get upstairs because a couple had just gone up.  He said it was a tall older guy with a  short  petite woman in her early 20's dressed in a sundress.  They had looked around the bookstore and arcade for a while and then asked about the theater.  My friend told them that they had"private" rooms upstairs, but the guy said that they prefer the theater, so they bought a ticket (only one needed, ladies free) and went upstairs.
Just for Fun
Phoenix, AZ

When I got up they were seated in the back row of the straight theater, she had her legs crossed and was showing a lot of leg.  She had her head going back and forth like in a tennis match because right in the row in front of them there was a guy on his knees sucking another guy off.  There is only an open doorway that separates the str8 and gay theaters, and there was other sausage gobbling going on in there that she was watching too. 

Her man was talking into her ear and rubbing her arm while she watched the  guys. She was more interested in them than what was up on the screen and getting hotter by the minute.  You could tell because she couldn't sit still. Crossing and uncrossing her legs, leaning forward to get a closer look at what the guy in front of her was doing to the other guy.  It was a turn on just to watch her get turned on!!

Finally the guy started playing with her tits and she started rubbing his dick.  He stopped with her tits and undid his belt and zipper and took out his cock and she started giving him a hand job.  By this time her dress wasn't covering much and he reached over and began rubbing her thighs.  The higher he went on her legs, the faster she jacked him off.  He finally got tithe pussy and she just spread out.  He pulled her dress up to her belly and started playing with her shaved pussy (she was not wearing any panties....this girl came out to play). 

After about 5 minutes of this he whispered in her ear and she stood up and took off her dress.  She looked hot.  Very "college-girl/girl-next-door,ish).  If I saw her on the street I would never guess she got into exhibitionism like she did.  She looked around at all the guys (there were only 4 of us in the str8 theater) stroking our dicks, smiled and squatted down and started sucking her man off. 

The guy waved us over and we got up and got a closer look.  He pulled her head off of his dick and told her to look at all the cock that was there for her.  She gave each of us and look and a lick and went back to sucking her man off.  He came and she swallowed all of it.  He then told us to get in a circle around her and told her to suck each of us off.  She followed orders REAL well.  She gave real good, sloppy,head and when it came time to bust a load, she didn't stop until it was all gone.  I like this girl. 

As soon as we all we refinished, everybody got squared away/dressed, and they just got up and left.  I talked with my buddy and told him what happened with them, and he said he talked with them when they left and they said they enjoyed the theater and would be back. 

There's still hope for "This Thing of Ours" after all.

Semper Fi


Doc here again... Glad to see OMCG back in action, in the trenches, and patrolling the perimeter before inserting himself into the firefight.  Thanks again for the terrific report on Just for Fun.

Do you have a adult theater report?  Good, because I need them! Just e-mail Ted Williams The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will edit and format your report, and you get the byline and the glory.  Fame is right around the corner.


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Breaking News! Westwood Theater In Toledo Re-Opening? Well, Kind Of...

Doc here with some breaking news from this thing of ours... It seems that The Westwood Theater in Toledo, OH is re-opening as an adult arcade, according to the report below. Here is the news tip I received from Schoolgirl Slut Renee:


I just recived a notice from The old Westwood Theater Group that I belonged to stating that in was reported on the Toledo News that The Westwood would be reopening as an XXX Adult Arcade but it did not say anything about the theater itself. The new sign is supposed to already up !

Schoolgirl Slut,


Doc here again... Renee is right, the new sign IS up, and here it is:

Of course, there is outrage in the community around The Westwood Theater about this sign because it has two busty ladies in the background.  Now keep in mind the actual theater was in the same neighborhood showing XXX fare since the late 1960's.  Now, after the theater itself closed in May of this year, they choose this moment to have a fit about the new sign for the modified business.

The Westwood had a HUGE lobby, and a huge open area to the left of the entrance when you walked into the theater.  This was all before you entered the theater proper.  Thus, there is plenty of room to turn the theater into an ABS (sans theater auditorium).

If you are in the Toledo area and have any additional information on this development, please e-mail The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.

Stay tuned...


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Darkangel Digest: 3 NEW Gloryhole Videos from Darkangel

Doc here with an update from Darkangel (and her hubby, Mike), along with 3 short gloryhole videos starring Darkangel herself!

Here is the update:


Hello Good Doctor ,

Mike here writing to let you know Darkangel has been delayed in writing her story from Las Vegas as she has been occupied with an illness in the family and has been out of town. She asked me to try to provide you with something that would help fill the void.

I found a video that we made back when Love Stuff, 105 Floyd Rd, Cordele, GA had their theater open. Unfortunately in this day and age, people and our governing bodies believe they have a right to control every aspect of our lives with what they believe is best for us as consenting adults. Thus LE raided Love Stuff and now the theater is closed.

When is our government going to learn that we the people have a right to do as we wish inside an establishment where adults of age and consent are only admitted and never in public view? Where those that wish to play and or watch can and those that don't STAY THE HELL OUT. Sorry Doc for the soap box but it is disturbing to see freedoms taken away by an ever controlling government of the self-deemed righteous who are irresponsible with OUR tax dollars and push their views down our throats.

Now speaking of throats, her is my sexy Darkangel with a hard cock from the gloryhole down hers.


The Videos:


Thanks Darkangel and Mike for the update and the videos!  We are standing by for the Vegas report, and your findings from Sin City.

The Good Doctor is still in dire need of reports, pics, and videos.  Why?  The viewership of The Journal has taken off, and the demand for content continues to rise.  This is your opportunity to present yourself and your reports to the tens of thousands of readers who each month visit The Journal. Just e-mail your favorite resort waiter at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and I will do the rest. 


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Flash Report: The Strand Theater in Kansas City by professor 7x6

Doc here with a brand new reporter here at the Journal, covering the Kansas City adult theater scene: professor 7x6.  His first report is an excellent accounting of a productive afternoon at the old Strand Theater in Kansas City.

Here is Professor 7x6 (where's Maryann?) and his report...


The Good Doctor has expressed interest in another contribution from  a potential new reporter.  I should qualify my reports by the fact  that I am a stealthy participant in this thing of ours, and seek the non-vanilla adventures not available at home.  If a vagina isn't available, I will cross over the gender divide for other experiences.  No chance of me changing sides, but once the wood is standing up, might as well use it.  I am self titled as professor7x6, which indicates my length and girth, if not my intellect.  Funny how we all come up with honorarium titles.

The Strand Theater
Kansas City, MO
The Strand Theater (3544 Troost Avenue) in Kansas City, MO is an old school relic with a stage and a balcony.  In the past, it could of reek of piss and worse, but was cleaned up a few months ago at least in the olfactory department. The competition in KC is Bazooka's (1717 Main St., Kansas City, MO), which is a strip club with an arcade and two mini-theaters upstairs.  They are owned by the same company, and mostly draw the same clients.  Bazooka's is somewhat cleaner and in a safer downtown neighborhood, and attracts the milder crowd for couples.

The KC scene is nothing like Melrose, CT's, or our other hot locations.  Now and then there are still busts, because there is no other crime in KC I guess.  

I was free to find adventure on Friday afternoon, hoping to catch  some noon crowds.  After 2 round trips between venues, my last attempt was at the Strand at about 3:30pm.  This was when a 30ish couple came in the lobby. 
Kansas City, MO

To borrow from Brent (I've read too many of Brent's reports here, LOL) we'll call her Sissy Spacek,    and he was closer to Bruce Willis.  She was short, petite, and cute.  They went in the downstairs main theater and were loud and somewhat argumentative.  They went right down front to the stage and  the attendant came in and told them they couldn't use the stage today because of too many people.  This attendant is a 50's gay guy that likes to get in on the man action when a hot stud comes in and he just tolerates the heteros.

I tried to get the skinny from him and he wouldn't say what they do, just that they were drunk.  I was out of time and would not wait if they were the typical KC couple that sits stone faced for an hour    while they build their courage.  I took a seat across the aisle, and Bruce was already working inside her clothes.  Some giggling, some arguing, some pouting, then some giggling.  I hadn't decided whether to try to play and then she mooned me with her pajama bottoms pulled down. 

Her butt was very sexy, and I took the seat next to them.  He kept playing and working on disrobing her and I asked if I could join. It was no, maybe, yes, no, and so on and I kept hands off the    merchandise.  Her pants were off for a vigorous finger banging and I asked if I could lick her pussy.  I was already topless and had my hard dick out stroking so it seemed like a polite thing to do.

Permission was granted and I dove in.  There was a slight urine    taste/smell which I just dispatch with extra saliva.  I proceeded to    dine for about ten minutes - which is a LONG time.  She squealed and    they both commented and flattered my skill.  I love to use fingers and work the taint ant the clit.  I'm not big on deep finger banging and fisting but of course it isn't about my preferences.  Whenever a    female tells me how good I am down there I just tell them I'm just following directions.  The spasms, contractions and tensions tell you where to lick next.

Her pussy was clean shaved and almost in a prolapse state.  I love having all that wet red rosebud inviting you in.  I had asked about fucking a couple of times, and she said "not you", then 5 seconds    later would be spread again. I had a condom peeled and ready, but after the third time I came up for air, I just eased up to position and thumped it a couple of times and slid it in. 

You all can make your own judgments, but this was a very healthy looking pussy and I really wanted to feel it skin on skin.  They were indifferent about my offer of a condom and it wasn't just the    alcohol impairment so I justified it.  And baby, did she justify it...

We fucked and tried to raise an audience and maybe some more assistance, but the few gay guys ran away in fear and the straight guys were kind of intimidated.  I love fucking like a porn star and me and Bruce kept up a dialog of who was fucking whose brains out, and so on.  I have a hard lean body and like to show the contrast of my 7" thick dick being pulled horizontally.

Sissy had nice little boobs, a little roll around the middle but beautiful hips, ass and legs.  A couple of times she decided to out-fuck me and rode me like a rented mule.  I edged as much as I could and had to sneak out of her wetness at one point to keep from busting completely.  I would not have cock blocked if there was anyone waiting, but since there wasn't, I took that velvety pussy as long as I could.  We flipped over for some doggy style, and then she turned cold again.  I didn't want to nut in her because they hadn't requested it, so I offered to finish off wanking on her tits or wherever. 

Two mood changes later, she was helping me wank and encouraging me on.  When I finished, I sat and chatted a minute, offered to get a soda, and rejoined them.  Since nobody else was joining, Bruce asked me if I wanted to fist Sissy, but I begged off saying I had to go home.  They were disappointed to lose their new best friend, but before I left he showed me how much she likes it and worked several fingers into her.  She squirted all over as he worked it, for the so-called female ejaculation. 

Anyway, field reports will be infrequent from me, and hopefully briefer.  Thanks to The Good Doctor for the forum.



Thanks again to professor 7x6 for a great first report for The Journal.  And keep the reports just as they are, sir.  The more information, the better for the editor and the better for the reader.  We are looking forward to your next report, and the latest from the KC scene.

Do you have an adult theater report, just like professor 7x6 had?  Just e-mail Hank Stram The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and I will edit, format, and drop in a photo or two.  You get the byline and the glory.


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Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report for 9/24/11

Doc here... I am late on getting Bob's report up, so forgive me sir!  I hate it when my practice gets in the way of the internet's #1 adult theater blog run by a Sicilian.

Without further delay, here is Bob and his weekly report...


Hi Doc,

This weekend started great on Friday evening, a couple that are friends with me dropped by my home. The lady of the pair is 5’4 blonde, 34yrs old and 36Ds with a killer ass took her time both draining me and using my Sybian!
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
Saturday I took the trip to our beautiful Gulf Coast, when I arrived at the Gulf Coast Theater there were no couples and the clerk informed me none had been in all day. I headed down to the ABS, same story there. About 8:45 a couple showed at the ABS, but they took a booth by themselves, that’s the second time I’ve seen this dude, but with a different woman? And he did the same thing, something is up with that?  

Meanwhile, down at the theater, two couples arrived, I checked in, so not my idea of playmates. So back to my perch, while sitting in the new HD listening to the ball game two couples pulled up. Both very striking, one redhead the other brunette, the redhead had on a black dress with platforms, the brunette had see through white pants!, both ladies were primo excel lento! But alias, they were toy shopping and or meeting each other, and soon they left. By the way, the holes at the ABS have not been converted to user friendly status yet, I will keep you posted.

Bob in Biloxi
Another couple arrived at the theater, she had on pants, but she was cute, around 40, they just watched the movie for awhile until a TV on the back row was breaking his neck trying to get to a dick and fell over a row of seats. That spooked them and they left. But I think the TV got the dick he was looking for, as I exited I saw he was on his knees.

A little later down at the ABS the same couple pulled in the lot, they were followed by another car, driven by a guy I call the “Google eyed” dude, he’s young and can’t be still, he always hovers over a couple and/or tries to push things too fast. They saw him and selected “R” on the vehicle transmission and left. He’s one of the “pain-in-the-ass” people that shows up from time to time, seems to have a lot of nervous energy and just tends to give off an uneasy vibe. He’s somewhat on the goofy side as well.
Bob's New Ride

LSU did beat WVU 47-21, so I guess some good came out of the night on the Coast. I was pleased to see at least some couples migrating out and about, the number needs to pick up and it will as the weather changes some more. Last winter was the bomb if you recall and it’s getting here day by day.

Still not shit on TV Saturday’s nights, come to think about it, there’s not shit on TV any night? But there’s always “this thing of ours”, thumbs up to a long life!


Doc here again... Not every Saturday night can be a home run at an adult theater.  Sometimes it is a rain-out, sometimes it is a weak dribbler down the left field line, but there are times it is a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 11th.  You just never know.

And is probably why we keep coming back.

Thanks again Bob for another great report!


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Quick Note From The Good Doctor: Catch Up Mode

Doc here... I have been tied up with NLPs (Non-Lizardo Projects) since Monday, thus I have many reports to catch up on.  Well, today is that day.

Keep checking back throughout today and tomorrow for some great stuff that is in the pipeline.  To the awesome reporters that have submitted reports, your efforts will be up shortly.  Stay tuned...

In the meantime, here is a video you might find entertaining...



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International Flash Report! Katie X @ Fantasy Video in London, UK (with HOT Pics!)

The Good Doctor is in such a good mood this morning... I am here with a special little something-something for you, the good readers of The Journal: Our first International Flash Report!

It was just a matter of time before this would happen.  The Journal receives a lot of page views and unique hits from across the pond, and in particular, Great Britain.  Saturday morning I received an e-mail from Katie X, containing a GREAT Flash Report, and a few HOT pics of Katie doing her thing inside an adult theater (Spoiler alert: She is a naughty girl).

I was not able to come up with a good pic of the theater, since it's nothing but an innocent looking red door on a street... For that, you will have to use your imagination.

Without futher ado, from across the pond, I am proud to introduce you to Katie X!

NOTE: Click on the pics for a super hi-resolution version of that pic.


Hi Doc,

I was recently referred to your website by a very naughty friend of mine who suggested I should get in touch with you. I'm a veteran theater slut with more than 25 years experience of putting it out to strangers in adult theaters and I thought you might like to hear of my most recent outing at Fantasy Video (279 City Road, Angel. London EC1) in London, UK. I don't think you have any other UK contributors here, so I hope your readers get a kick out my adventure over the pond.

The Real Katie X
My hubby and I arrived at Fantasy Video in Angel, London at about 9pm after having a few drinks at the Red Lion up the road. It was my first time at this venue and the theater is behind a very discrete door on the main street. I was wearing a black overcoat and black high heels, so I looked reasonably modest at the pub. When I got to the theater, I took off my coat to reveal a tight black t-shirt dress that really doesn't cover anything. My tits are exposed in it and it doesn't completely cover my hips. I am 5'9' tall with reddish brown hair, b cup breasts and a waxed pussy.

The guy on the front desk immediately ushered us through the door for free. I guess it was no secret that I was firmly into this thing of ours.

The Real Katie X
The theater has two screens on opposite sides of the hallway. I went to the 'ladies' to freshen up and hubby found a spot in one of the cinemas. I returned from the bathroom and walked into the cinema, only not the one my hubby was in. I took a seat on the aisle, hitched my dress up and propped my ankles up on the seat in front and started to masturbate. It didn't take long for the guys to descend upon me and soon I was surrounded by about 8 willing cocks. I'm a pretty talented cocksucker, so  got down to work immediately.

There was a wide assortment of cocks, all ages and all colours. I got a couple of serves of cum quickly before someone slipped on a condom and shoved their cock in me. I love cum on my face and I told the guy this, so as he was ready to go he pulled out and blew over my face, and then another cock replaced him in my cunt.

The Real Katie X
After satisfying about six or seven guys, I noticed my hubby with the camera in hand. He asked for permission from the surrounding guys to take a few shots of his cum-covered slut wife in action and, with one exception they agreed. I worked my way through a few guys before a big Brazilian fucker, all cock and shoulders, pushed his cock in me. Oh fuck that was nice. This guy knew what he was doing and a few of the older guys watched in awe as Mr Brazil worked me over, calling an easy slut and a dirty, cock hungry whore as he rammed me home. I love guys who can figure out what I'm about and get to work. Makes me so hot.

Brazil told me to get up and lie on the floor in from of the screen because he wanted to watch a few more of the guys dump their cum on my face while he fucked me. I got a few loads from a great height and was properly covered.

The Real Katie X
To finish off, Brazil said he wanted to fuck me in the men's toilets and then cum on my face. There is something very dirty about being on your hands and knees in a public bathroom, and I relished the opportunity. He fucked me on the floor of the bathroom and then pulled me up to my knees and made me suck his cock. He held my head with his cock in my mouth, and then released his load down my throat. I had no alternative but to swallow and I loved it. After nearly choking on cock and cum, hubby finished me off by blowing his load over my face.

I had a quick tidy up but managed to catch the underground train all the way home with hair matted with cum. I guess all-in-all I fucked about ten or eleven guys for the night and got about 15 loads of cum. A very productive return for a great night out. If you like the report I will be happy to write more in future.

Katie X


Doc here again... Katie, this report was OUTSTANDING!  We would love to hear about your future visits, as well as past visits you have had to other adult theaters.  Oh, and more pics please.  ;o)

Thank you again Katie for breaking new ground here at The Journal, and providing an international perspective on this thing of ours.  Interest in adult theaters spans the globe.  If you look at the hit map on the right hand side of The Journal, you will see where each pageview originates.  Most of the globe has a red dot embedded on it.

We need more international reports just like this one from Katie X.  Don't worry about the language barrier... I can translate your reports.  How?  I'm clever like that. 

So let's expand this thing of ours the right way...With your international reports.  Just e-mail Ban Ki-moon The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and I will help get your report in tip top form for publishing.  What's in it for you? The glory and the byline, and knowing thousands of readers are benefitting from your report.



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Flash Report: Spongebob No Pants on Romantix in Grand Rapids, MI

Doc here with another first time reporter here at The Journal, and he's not even wet behind the ears: Spongebob No Pants. SB is a newcomer to thins thing of ours, and he's doing it the right way by being patient.  That is the first rule of adult theaters, and for good reason. 

SB's first report focuses on Romantix in Battle Creek, MI.  I have been to this great ABS/theater facility, and it's a super clean one at that.  Small mini-theater, great video arcade with gloryholes, and discreet off-street parking.  Very couples friendly.

Check out SB's report below and I will catch you on the other side...


Hello Good Doctor,

I have been reading your blog for a while how hoping that someday I would have something to share with your readers.  Well it finally happened a week ago at the Romantix Theater (690 W. Michigan Ave) in Battle Creek, MI. 

I live near by (about 20 miles away, so once in awhile I drive over to Romantix hoping to enjoy some couple action.  Monday night early I was sitting in the theater section watching Screw My Wife Please, and there were two other guys in the theater.  I was about to give up and go home when in walks an older couple, maybe around 50.  As would be expected they stood by the wall letting their eyes adjust and watching the movie, they were close to me – so close that I could reach out and touch them.

Well it didn’t take long for the two of them to start playing with each other, she seemed to be the instigator starting to rub her man pulling out his dick for a good sucking.  I looked up at the guy and he smiled at me.  I took that as a signal that he was cool, so I began fondling her legs, ass and pussy through her tight jeans.  This went on for a while until the guy moved her to the seat directly in front of me, she turned to her right and continued to suck the guy while he stood. 

I decided what the Hell, and reached forward lifting her shirt and exposing her breasts.  She enjoyed the fondling, and I enjoyed the show!  She turn around briefly giving me a come hither look so I stood up dropped my pants, she wasted no time sucking my cock working between her man and me alternately.  The other two guys joined in one removing her pants and eating her pussy and the other making his dick available for her to also suck, he must have been reading because it didn’t take long for his to shoot his load.  The pussy eater pulled his dick out and slipped it in, this was all I could take blowing my load in her mouth.

What a great first time experience, I can’t wait to go back, but I know as always I will have to be patient.



Thanks to Spongebob for a great first time report from Romantix in Battle Creek.  We look forward to many more reports from you, sir. Check out my House Call Report from last year HERE for more info on Romantix.

Thanks again to all the creatures under the sea.


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Couple's Flash Report: Lisa and J Report on 15th Ave Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a brand new reporter here at The Journal, Lisa.  Lisa and her hubby "J" are regular patrons of the arts at 15th Ave Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL.  The Good Doctor has had the opportunity to perform a full physical and work-up of Lisa, and can declare that she is in excellent health.  And by "excellent health" I mean "she is very naughty".

Please enjoy Lisa's first terrific report from 15th Avenue...



As you know, this is my first time as a "reporter" at 15th Avenue... so be gentle with me ;-)

"J" & I arrived about 10pm, on Saturday 9/17. We were promptly informed that our intent to raise some ruckus was welcome, as things had been pretty quiet all night. This didn't really surprise me as I knew some of our favorite playmates were off being "responsible" that evening and would be MIA... 

15th Ave Adult Books & Theater
2125 N.15th Ave., Melrose Park, IL
We entered the theater, and we were the only couple with about 15 single guys.  I was wearing a black bodysuit that was cut below the breasts (with the idea that you could wear your own bra underneath, but what fun would that be??) and a skirt for easy access...We started off in the couples section, with the guys quickly gathering around, reaching for my big tits and my already-moist pussy. We all moved down to the front row as another couple entered the theater.

Now anyone who is a regular @ 15th knows that I LOVE to give BJs, but only with condoms.  Word must be getting out, because the guys are "suiting up" a lot faster these days!!  I got down on my knees and sucked 2 beautiful cocks as the light from the screen flickered behind me.  I sucked and deep throated them, and fondled their balls until they both came hard in my mouth.  

Normally I love having an audience, and move between the theater and spa frequently.  This Saturday
was different though.   I wanted to be in the arcade, watching movies and being naughty.

The first guy I took to the arcade was tall & good looking.  I was a bit surprised when he called me a dirty little slut (DLS), and had to reassure him that I was only that way on weekends....and occasionally during the week.  He was surprised to find out this DLS has a nice tight pussy, and it wasn't long before he shot a big load deep inside it. 
My second playmate was very sensuous and really wanted to please me.  As I went down on him, I discovered that his cock head was so big, I almost couldn't fit it in my mouth.  Never being one to turn down a challenge, I rose to the occasion and so did he.  Each touch, lick and thrust brought moans of pleasure from him, and from me.

After #1 and #2, I met "J" back in the theater & told him of my adventures so far.  He was turned on, and began to touch my swollen pussy.  As he finger fucked me, I rubbed my clit and quickly came all over his talented hand.  

My third playmate was all kinds of amazing!  He was very sweet and gentle, and as he pushed his hard prick into my soft wet cunt, I had no idea what type of a ride I was in for.  If I had brought with blue ribbons for enthusiasm and duration, he would have taken both.

“J” and I went home late that night, tired but very satisfied.  All the festivities of the evening provided plenty of material for pillow talk to hold us over until we return… which I am certain will be soon.



Doc here again... Congrats to Lisa for a fine first report, and I am sure the first of many more to come.  It always great to have a fresh female voice added to this thing of ours, and I know that Lisa will put in the long, hard hours in order to provide us with her latest exploits. 
Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the front page of The Journal?  Just e-mail Tobor the Great The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com with your report, and I'll do the rest:  edit, format, drop in a few pics.  You know the drill.  And you get the glory and the byline.


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Breaking News! Gloryhole Nancy Goes Out With A Bang (w/NEW VIDEO)

Doc here... No one wants to be the bearer of bad news, but in this case I am that guy bearing the bad news.

This is an open letter from Gloryhole Nancy and her guy, T.  It's directed towards the guys in Toledo that by their actions, have forced Nancy to withdraw from this thing of ours. Why?  By the wolfpack simply "not getting it".

Here is their open letter:


Hi Doc,

We're doing good over here, just very busy. 

We went to the bookstore last Saturday night. There were so many single guys swarming the three couples there and not spending money, that the clerk closed the back for cleaning and no single guys were allowed in the booth section.  We stayed for a little while then left, as the wolf-pack ruined the atmosphere.  That seems to be the scene at Adult Pleasures: tolerant clerks and playful couples, but too many clueless single guys who turn Nancy off big time so we've decided to quit the bookstore/gloryhole thing.

She's still gonna take care of her stunt cocks at our private gloryhole, but we're not gonna be going to the bookstores anymore. We've had a LOT of fun doing this but feel that our time has come to an end.  We still have a very active sex life with our various girlfriends, so maybe one day we'll start posting pics of us and the girls we pick up LOL.  We appreciate all you've done for us and we loved contributing to your blog, but as we've said we've finally lost patience with the wolf-pack and feel it's our time to retire. 

We'll be sure to keep in touch and please tell your readers we say thank you very much for being fans and enjoying watching Nancy in action, as it really turned her on knowing she had an audience.  We're going to keep our Yahoo Group open still, but honestly we are not going to be contributing anything to it.

Take care, and we hope you've enjoyed our adventures!

T & N


Doc here again... This a good example of what happens when over-anxious or inexperienced guys ruining a scene for a hot couple in search of fun.  Everyone has a limit, and the limit of Nancy and T was reached last Saturday.  In know for a fact it was an issue for them back in May, when I met them at The Westwood Theater in Toledo in person during it's last weekend. 

The Lesson:
This is directed at the guys out there (in particular in Toledo)... Be patient and respectful of couples you encounter in this thing of ours. Otherwise, you will drive couples away, never to see the again.  Nancy is one of the hottest women I have ever met in person (in or out of an adult theater), and your actions blew it for everyone.  Next time, think before you act.

I want to personally thank Nancy and T for some of the hottest pics and videos ever received here @ The Journal.  They are nice people, and they have helped me gain more readers over the last several months of reports.  For that I will be forever in their debt.

Nancy and T wanted to say "Thanks for the Memories", so here is a great way to go out on a bang... A NEW video of Nancy @ the gloryhole...

Thanks for everything Nancy and T!  You will be missed!


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Flash Report: JaxBchBum Throws His Dice @ Deja Vu in Las Vegas

Doc here with what may be my favorite all-time JaxBchBum Flash Report.  Our parrot shirt wearing, cocktail swigging friend found himself in Las Vegas, and by pure accident found himself at Deja Vu on Industrial Blvd. 

What did he find?  How did he do? Was there nudity?  Your questions are answered below...



A business convention caused me to pack my bag, wax and stow the surfboard, and get on the great silver bird and fly out to Las Vegas.  Who would have thought that the International Swizzle Stick Collectors convention would be a 5-day event.  That wasn't the convention I was attending, but I sure would have loved to drop in and see what could keep your interest for 5 days.  I am sure there was every color drink umbrella imaginable there.  But back to the reason for my report - a return visit to DejaVu on 3247 Industrial Blvd. where I had good fortunes on my last visit to Vegas, and hoping my string of luck would continue.

Deja Vu Love Boutique
Las Vegas, NV
It was a Sunday evening when I arrived about 8:30 pm.  I skipped the valet parking at the front (for the showgirl part of DejaVu) and drove around back to the well-lit back entrance.  About 8 cars parked back there so didn't know what to make of that as the place is so big and has so many different components: showgirls, retail store, arcade & theatre.  Paid my $10 and got buzzed in to the theatre.

I know in a recent report you regarded some other theatres as clean and well maintained, but you have to add DejaVu to that list as well.  i know the place is only a couple of years old, but they have done an excellent job of keeping the place spotless and odor free.  I walked by the straight theatre on the left and it was empty.  In the gay theatre there was a guy sitting on the back row that appeared to be totally nude, but I couldn't be sure as couldn't see below his waist.  Moved on to the big theatre, opened the door, let my eyes adjust and VOILA - it was completely empty!  In my past visits I have always been struck by the small number of people frequenting this establishment when I have been to other Vegas adult theatres over the years that were dirty and nasty that always seemed to be packed - yea, 99% guys, but still busy.

Realized the night was still quite early by Vegas standards, but I had an early breakfast meeting so was hoping activity would pick up before I had to depart by midnight.  The clock ticked on and by 10:30 it was still deserted.  A couple of guys, including the guy who was indeed totally naked, came in during the time, looked around and then went elsewhere.  But being the good and patient voyeur that I am, I kept my vigilant watch from a chair on the far wall. 

A little after 10:30, my patience paid off.  In walks a couple.  From the light coming from the hallway when they entered the theatre, she was petite in height and dressed in a short denim skirt and a blue halter top that was just busting to let the ladies out.  She appeared to be in her late 20s with long black hair.  He was similar age and husky, like a college linebacker.  They stood by the wall for a few minutes to let their eyes adjust.  I politely coughed to extend the courtesy of letting them know I was there and they glanced over my way a couple of times.  I am sure that it was difficult for them to see much of me as the theatre is quite wide and lighting is primarily from the videos playing on the 4 screens.  I got a good sense they were comfortable as he stood behind her and began rubbing her stomach and then upwards to her breasts.

After about 10 minutes of foreplay, they moved to the seating area and selected the row in front of me but down towards the other end so I didn't have a good vantage point from where I was sitting.  I didn't want to spook them off, so I just kept my place but stood up against the wall to have a better viewing angle.  Turns out that she had sat down on his lap in the same big lounge chair.  Viewing angle from the chest up wasn't great due to the height of the seat backs, but I got glimpses that he had undone her halter and he was rubbing and tweaking her breasts.  I could see her and him glance over my way a couple of times so I just smiled and gave them the thumbs up.  They seemed to relax after a bit. 

A little later, she stood up and I could see definitely that her top was gone.  She had a marvelous set of breasts that were probably only B size due to her petiteness but they were perky and the nipples were radiating light from where he had been moistening them.  The next thing I know she was kneeling down in front of him and beginning to suck him from the sounds she was making.  I took the chance to move down my row closer to them to get a better view.  I got alarmed at first when the guy looked my way and was prepared to keep walking by, but he just smiled and went back to watching her bob up and down on his cock.  So I began stroking along with her rhythm.  He began to verbally command her to suck harder, faster, slower, etc. and she obliged quickly.  He told her to stand up and he reached forward and removed her shorts and red thong panties. 

He had moved her to the side a little so the light from the screen illuminated her smooth look down below and those delicious perky breasts.  He also stood up and removed his shorts and he laid their clothes in the chair next to them.  She leaned forward holding onto the back of the chairs on the row in front and he started spooning with her and rubbing her breasts, ass and pussy.  He leaned back and put his cock inside of her and started a slow rhythmic stroke in and out.  He kept glancing back at me and smiling and then seeing that I was stroking, he nodded his head which I interpreted as it was OK to join them. 

I walked across to the aisle and came back down their row.  I reached in and began rubbing her shoulders and then moved my hands down to the side of her right breast and began cupping it and tweaking her nipple.  She moved her head back and I could tell she was enjoying the attention.  Her right hand came down from the back of the chair and search out my cock and she began stroking it very slowly.  She had a great touch and alternated pressure and speed and a couple of times I had to grab her hand to stop for a minute as she got me on the edge of cumming.

She then sat down in the seat and he got on his knees in front of her and started fucking her.  She motioned to me to kneel in the chair next to them and she bent over and began sucking my cock.  Oh, that warm mouth and lips felt warmer than the Vegas desert mid-day.  I reached down and continued to play with her breasts.  We alternated positions several times.  Then he sat down and she bent over and started sucking him off, putting her ass up in the air. I glanced at the guy, he nodded OK, so I put on the raincoat and began fucking her from behind.  It wasn't too long after that I exploded as she pressed her ass up against me to feel me as deeply as possible.  After I pulled out, he got up and started fucking her until they both came together. 

We all collapsed after that and talked a little.  They are locals.  He works in one of the hotel casinos as a dealer and she is a bank teller.  They said they started coming there on Sunday nights about 3 months ago and always had a good time.  Said about a third of the time nobody else is there the entire time they are playing.  I was lucky that night and the dice continued to roll in my favor at the DejaVu.



Doc here again... See?  This is a strong candidate for Report of the Year.  JBB paints a vivid picture for us, takes us through the scene, and then has a nice payoff.  This is a great template for those of you out there considering your first adult theater report.  Follow this template, and you will have a great report on your hands.

I am still in dire need of reports... Send them along to The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.  I will edit and format your reports, and you get the byline and the glory.


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Flash Report: Brent Tip Toes in Tampa (But Still Longs For Portland)

Doc here with a special treat for you, the good readers of The Journal.  Let me pose the hypothetical question: What if Brent (widely acknowledged as the premier adult theater reporter in the country) ventured from his backyard of Portland, OR and traveled to Tampa (the former #1 adult theater city in the country)?  Would the universe implode?  Would dogs and cats live together?

The answer follows below... If this were the board game "Clue", this could be titled "Brent, in Tampa, with his reporters notebook".

Take it away, sir...

I've always admired Archie Bell of Archie Bell and The Drells ( The Houston Drells, not to be confused with The Southampton Drells),  because he learned how to dance before he could walk.  After a successful music and dance career, Mr. Bell went on to become a  plastic surgeon. His specialty was reconstructive vaginal procedures.("Tighten up on that organ, now,").

I recently had an opportunity to visit two Tampa adult theaters famous in "this thing of ours': Fantasyland I and Fantasyland II. The parking lot was full at Fantasyland I the Saturday I visited. A group of men and women were leaving when I pulled up and soon a parking spot opened up.

I parked and walked into the building, past a sign that explained that I was entering an establishment where sexually explicit acts were being depicted and if I didn't like that, not to come in. There was also a warning to Law Enforcement, that based on recent reports, has not deterred constant harassment of both Fantasylands by the local constabulary. I thought to myself, "They probably think  I'm a cop. Fat, white hair, hard brown shoes, dark blue slacks,  jelly doughnut stain on my shirt and a bulge in my pocket." "But, on the other hand, I'm too pale to be a Tampa cop so maybe they are giving me the stink eye because I'm just another single guy."

Fantasyland I
4715 Lois Ave, Tampa
Both Fantasylands were super clean and super couples friendly theaters. They featured theaters spaces with easy to maintain Lay Z Boy type couches and recliners and lots of themed private rooms off to the side. Think Disco, Night Club atmosphere.  Most of the patrons were experienced veterans of adult theater sex and there was a lot of going back and forth between the two theaters. Once inside the theater, there was a lot of going in and out until a couple came in and then everybody returned and positioned themselves near the couple.

One well dressed black couple at Fantasyland I drew a lot of attention. She was tall, shapely and wore a slinky dress that clung to her body. They stood in the main theater and  kissed and caressed each other. Whenever this one old Hank Hill type guy came near they would move away from him until he finally got the message and left them alone. They let other men stand near and she was checking them out. Some had their dicks out. Finally, a guy who was in a private room opened his door, talked to them for a minute and all three of them disappeared back inside. Not long afterwards, the couple left and then the guy left. My  guess is that, whatever they had planned, did not happen.

Fantasyland II
5006 N. Grady, Tampa
There were a lot of other couples at both theaters on Saturday but I never saw any theater action in the main rooms, only a flash of leg here or a glimpse of tit there. I saw two tourist couples go into one of the fantasy rooms, joke and talk and watch the movie like they had never done anything like that before. We could hear their conversation in the main theater. The guys wanted to leave but the ladies wanted to stay and watch the movie. Gradually there was less  giggling and nervous talking and more quiet rustling of four people having sex together in an adult theater for the first time. Sometimes I just have to use my imagination.

I saw a sexy,beautiful dark haired Asian lady, completely naked,when her husband opened the door to their private room to let one guy, who had just fucked her, out, and let the next guy, who was about to fuck her, in. She was solid with a great set of tits that stood up and out on her small sexy frame.  They had a certain preference in their men and I did not fit the description so I did not get invited. At least I could hear her scream in ecstatic pain while she was getting fucked.

That was the way it was for most of the couples at the Fantasyland Theaters, this past Saturday. Almost all of them were good looking and dressed to play. Their men guided them through the maze.  They would start off in the main theater, watch the movie and get comfortable, show a little skin, but nothing illegal and when the right guy inevitably came along, they would grab a private room and commence to fucking and sucking, safely out of sight of Barney Fife. Unfortunately, that didn't do me any good.. I enjoy watching women who enjoy showing off and having sex in adult theaters  or other semi public locations.  I could hear them having sex but I could not see them. I wanted some couples to come in  and get wild in the main theater just like the good old days. I had a feeling that I wasn't the only one wishing for that.

Meanwhile, back in Portland, I could see the flags of sexual freedom for all, flying over the towers of The Paris Theater.   



Doc here again...Thanks again to the poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent in Portland, for another fantastic report.  No one does this the way he does, and we are lucky to have him reporting from the trenches on the front line of adult theaters not only in Portland, by elsewhere.


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Flash Report: Adult Superstore Adult Theater in Palatka, FL by JaxBchBum

Doc here with a Flash Report from senior Journal reporter, JaxBchBum.  This report takes JBB to the Adult Superstore in Palatka, FL, and with notebook in hand, jotted down for us all the juicy details of his visit.

Enjoy the song stylings of JaxBchBum and his visit to the Adult Superstore...



A quick report from a surprise visit earlier this week to the theatre in the Adult Superstore (ASS) in Palatka FL.   Normally I prefer Theatre X over in Orange Heights as it is more conducive to couples play due to its seating layout; but I had some time constraints and the ASS was a lot closer to where I was traveling from. 

Arrived at the theatre about 5:00 pm and only about 5 cars in the parking lot, so I knew that it wasn't going to be very busy.  Paid my $6.50 and went in the theatre and there were only 2 other guys there.  I have reported before on the strange configuration of couches they have at the back of the theatre that provide almost no privacy to anyone sitting on them.  Great for voyeurs and exhibitionists, but not so good for those couples a little shy or not wanting to be on full display.

Not much happened until about 7:15 when a couple peeked in the theatre for a minute and then left the store.  Bummer, paradise lost I figured.  Well, about 15 minutes this couple comes back in.  A guy was seated in the 2-person couch in the back alcove that provides the most privacy and volunteered to give up his seat, but the couple said it was OK and sat down on the long couch that is along a side wall and they were directly across from me and a fellow seated in the row in front of me.  I assumed they weren't going to play given where they chose to sit, but events proved the old adage "never assume anything" to be true here.

They were an attractive couple and he appeared to be a little bit older than her with him being late 30s and she being late 20s or early 30s.  She had a very attractive body and was wearing a one-piece black dress that was body hugging at the top but with a loose skirt that went just above her knees.  He was wearing shorts and a shirt.  They weren't seated more than 2 minutes before his arm went around her shoulders and his hand moved down to the outside of her left breast and began rubbing it through her dress.  She turned to him and they went into an extended kiss and his hand went down to her legs and underneath her dress, while her hand went down to his crotch and began rubbing his cock through his shorts. 

Action progressed quickly as she leaned back in the couch and he lifted the top of her dress down and began rubbing and kissing her breasts.  At first I thought they were small (B) but perky breasts, but the lighting is so dim and my night vision not the greatest it was hard to tell.  Soon his hand left her breasts and moved down to her legs.  She spread her legs, draping her right leg over his and he raised her dress and began rubbing her pussy.  She had a small patch of trimmed pubic hair above her pussy lips that he was massaging gently. 

At this point there were only 2 of us in the theatre with them and we were both leaning forward in our chairs to get a better view.  He told us "Look all you want, but no touching" so the game was on.  The guy in front of me moved to the row of chairs directly in front of them and turned the chair around so he was no more than 2' from her.  They continued to delight us with her lying back on the couch while he sucked her pussy and got her close to orgasm from her moans.  Then he laid back while she sucked on his cock.  Then they moved to doggy style and he brought out a little flashlight so we could get a great look of him fucking her and showing her ass and pussy. 

Soon they changed positions and he laid back on the couch and she mounted him facing us.  He shined the light on her from the front and I was wrong about her breasts.  They were perfectly round C (maybe too perfect for Mother Nature?) with nipples that were twice the size of #2 pencil erasers.  He made a comment about she must be excited with her nipples swollen that much and she just smiled and moaned a little more.  She rode him for a few minutes and then he went back to eating her pussy some more. They took a break about 8:30 and unfortunately I had to leave. I said my goodbyes and thanked them for the wonderful show. I hope that they played some more to the delight of the other guy in the theatre as well as any new arrivals. 

Just goes to show you that in this thing of ours, you never know what you might encounter and never assume anything.



Doc here again... Thanks again to JaxBchBum for another outstanding report from the Sunshine State.  As good as this report is, wait until you see JaxBchBum's Las Vegas report going up Thursday @ The Journal. It is an excellent study in being patient... And what has The Good Doctor been drilling into everyone's head as the #1 rule in this thing of ours? BE PATIENT.  And sure enough, it paid off for JaxBchBum.

Look for it tomorrow at The Journal, your one stop shop for this thing of ours.


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Field Report: The Captain Runs Aground On Horse Cave, KY

Doc here with a report from our favorite crusty old seadog himself, The Captain.  This week the Wally Power Yacht has pulled into Horse Cave, KY for a look-see, and the following was contained is his captain's log.  Oddly enough, "Captain's Log" is also the generally accepted nickname for The Captain's penis (today's factoid brought to you by Member's Only - "When your jacket needs a useless buckle, think Member's Only").

Here he is, dropping anchor (and trou), The Captain...

Ahoy Doc,

My ears perked up when my ships navigator plotted a course on the Cumberland River that would take us near Horse Cave, KY (Ed. note: AKA DC Video). Having read the past report on your blog and seeing other reports over the years, this port of call was on my bucket list for some time now.

Just the facts from TN's Jan 1 2011 Report (here):

"Horse Cave is about 90 miles north of Nashville and 90 miles south of Louisville. It cost $20 to get in the theater area which has two 20 odd seat theaters and 20 odd booths half of which  have gloryholes.  It is open 24/7. but it is at 845 Flint Ridge Rd, Horse Cave, KY 42749  Phone is (270) 786-4123." The theater is in an old strip mall, with a large sign in the front building and the entrance and parking located way in the back of the building. The location has AMPLE truck parking. The location is right off Exit 53 of I-65.

As of September 2011, these are still accurate.

A few more details I discovered during my recent visit on a Saturday afternoon. There are TWO theaters and A LOT of booths. The main theater is to your right as you enter the door where you pay your admission, the booths are to the left. There's also a soda vending machine and some one armed bandits to play if you have any extra singles in your pocket. Note you need an actual $20 bill - you feed it into a bill machine and a few seconds later you hear the door lock click to open. The machine does not take any bill other than a $20, but the staff will help you convert your currency!

In the darkness I felt my way along the back wall for a few feet until I reached the theater and saw a leather couch in the back of the theater.   I was floored when my eyes adjusted to the theater, there are LOTS of leather couches in this theater. This is the most comfortable theater seating I've ever seen. There are 5 rows of leather couches in the middle and approximately 7-8 along each wall.

The Wally Power Yacht
The main theater screen is very small (Think 54" TV)  and on this day the volume was quite low for some reason. It's reasonably clean theater area with good ventilation. Smoking is not allowed in the theater areas, only the booths area.

The bathroom was also clean and a small sign read to call a phone# if it was not clean and stocked with supplies. The front right corner of the theater is VERY dark and ripe for discreet playtime for those that want a little privacy when having sex in public.

The booths are numerous, your admissions covers the booth time, so no need to feed money into the booths. I put a $1 in and after 10mins of movie viewing realized I was getting a lot for my $1. While the theaters are clean, the dozen booths I checked smelled like someone had used them as a bathroom. The smell of sweat and cum is to be expected, but mixing in other bodily fluids is unpleasant.

The store itself has a large selection of movies for purchase, along with the usual costumes and toys. The staff was courteous and helpful in getting me oriented.
There is also a gay films theater area included in your admission. It's not as well ventilated and the cigarette smoke from the booths seems to seep in there. Again, MANY MANY leather couches and one addition the main theater does not have - a dressing room 3 sided mirror in the corner for the voyeur in all of us.

Traffic was light but steady on the Saturday afternoon, with 2 reports of couples coming. One didn't come during the prescribed time period and I was back on the river by the time the 2nd couple was due to come. There were approximately 8-12 men there at any given time between noon and 6pm. In talking with the locals it seems couples activity is still frequent and in checking the Craigslist chatter there seems to be potential.

This theater deserves two blasts of the fog-horn - it's well worth the visit and price of admission.

The Captain


Once again, The Captain delivers an outstanding Field Report on an adult theater, this time Horse Cave/DC Video.  I find that Field Reports are extremely helpful, as every adult theater has it's quirks, and knowing a few ahead of time will only help your experience an adult theater.  Horse Cave is legendary in this thing of ours, and more reports from this adult theater are needed. 

Now, do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  Just e-mail Alan Hale Jr. The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and I will do the rest for you.  before you know it, a glossy and slick report with your byline will hit the interwebs.


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