Field Report! Summit Street News in Warren, OH (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a report that has been long in the making, but now is ready for prime time.

Summit Street News in Warren, OH is a major player in the adult theater power rankings every week here at The Journal. It is the go-to place for this thing of ours in eastern Ohio.

This past week I had the pleasure to speak to Eric, the manager of Summit Street News, as we were making plans for a visit by the legendary Velvet Skye for a visit (the visit was de-railed by the blizzard that hit Ohio on the 25th and 26th. The good news is that Velvet is planning on stopping there on her way back to Toronto after the new year). 

Eric was kind enough to send along a blurb about Summit Street News, their facility, and their weekly specials. In addition, he provided several pics of the facility and theaters:


We have a public theater, 10 video booths, and two private theaters.  We are open every day, except major holidays, from 8am until midnight.  Our address is 645 Summit St NW, Warren, OH 44485.  Our phone number is 330-609-5600.  We are couples and cross dresser friendly, but we do not allow single women by themselves.

The public theater is $11 for a single guy and $16 for a couple, and that gets you a ticket that is good for the entire day no matter how many times you leave and come back.  It is a 22' x 23' room with couches and a digital projector.  We show 4 straight movies and a bi movie every day of the week except for Tuesday.  

Tuesday is gay day and we show all male movies that day.  Wednesday is couples day, so the main theater is free for all M/F couples, and the private theater is only $10.
The private theater is $16 for a single guy and $26 for a couple, and it is a 19' x 14' room with couches and a large TV.  One has a dungeon theme to it, and the other is like a normal living room.  The person who rents the room picks two movies of their choice to watch, and they also control the room.  They can choose to be by themselves, only allow people of a certain criteria (up to the person how specific or loose it is), or leave it as open as possible.
These rooms give you more control on who joins you in case you either like smaller crowds or only a certain type of person.  The private theater is good for two hours.
Our busiest days Friday/Saturday night after 8pm, and the busiest weekday is Wednesday. 
We also have a Yahoo Group where people often post when they are meeting up.  You can join it by going to the store and talking to the clerk on duty.  It is
Summit Street News Photo Gallery (click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)
Summit Street News

Public Theater
Private Theater 1

Private Theater 2
Doc here again... As you can see from the pics and read from the Summit Street News itself, this adult theater/ABS has a lot to offer. In talking with Eric, Wednesday Night (which is Couple's Night) is an excellent night to visit Summit Street News. They have many regular couples, including Journal reporters C&R (R is the cover girl on the Smut For A Sunday Evening Banner).
When it comes to joining the Summit News Yahoo Group, you need to visit the theater/ABS and sign up in person to join it. Please do not ask me how to get into the group. It's all spelled out right here.
Many thanks to Eric and his team at Summit Street News... This is an awesome place for couples, and gives you many options on how to spend your quality time while at the theater/ABS.  And when Velvet Skye sets up her return back to Canada, hopefully Summit News will still be on her to-do list.  Details will be out as soon as I know, and I will communicate them to Eric at the theater/ABS.
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