Couple's Flash Report! BJohnson at The Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here with a 2nd POV from the same evening as reported by senior reporter Tomkat (on the prowl) from last week (LINK here).

Ever wonder what a couple's thought process is in an adult theater, and if it was the same as your's?

Here is your chance... BJohnson submitted his report just about at the same time as Tomkat, and it is a totally different take on the same night.

Here is BJohnson and his terrific Couple's Flash Report...

Wife and I were heading back to Beantown from NYC. What a better way to break up a long drive than to stop in at the Art. The owner was polite. We paid our entrance fee and headed to to the balcony for some fun. Fun we had. I could see guys on the lower levels trying to sneak a peak up at the balcony.
Another couple came up for a while, then left. No interaction. My wife was getting into it. This was her first trip to an "Art" theater. Before we were to leave, I convinced her to spend a little time downstairs. The vultures immediately closed in. One guy was polite enough to ask to sit next to my wife. I told him one space, but he went back to the row in front.
My wife pulled out my cock and started to stroke it. The vultures closed in even more. My wife went down and the vultures swarmed. Sorry guys, it was not my wife, it was I who got the stage fright. A couple of the guys were a little on the seedy side. We got up and hustled out of there much to everyone's disappointment. I am going to give it another shot. Maybe hook up with another couple to take some of the heat off.
See you next trip guys. Will not try to disappoint.


Doc here again... A big thank you to BJohnson and The Mrs., and here is to their next visit to one of my favorite adult theaters, Hartford's Art Cinema.


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Flash Report! Mark Hits 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a success story from this thing of ours!  A question leads to an answer, and that leads to a trip to 15th Avenue Adult Theater by Mark.



Doctor, you are a miracle worker!

As you so wisely advised, on my very short swing through the (now my favorite) city yesterday, I finished my toiling at the thing that I have to do to feed my family a little late, so I was very short on time to visit the 15th Avenue store. I arrived at almost 6:00 and figured I needed to head to the airport in only an hour. I almost just threw in the towel, but then thought of your wise advice to just be patient and see what happens....and besides, it was a chance to look around the famous place like being on a Bart Simpson vacation (ie looking at the Grand Canyon for three minutes then leaving). So I followed my friend Suzie Satellite (my trusty GPS) to the building, found the parking lot, and realized that what might be the hottest girl I have ever laid my eyes on was standing around under the smoking tent with her man. Well, needless to say I reminded myself that this was a mirage because it was late on a Tuesday afternoon, so forget it, besides my clock was ticking to get to the airport!

I went inside, paid for both the theater and spa (what the heck, you can't scout if you can't get in...chock it up to research), and tried to find my way around.

The theater was I did my due research and scouted the room, watched a rather strange flick for a short while and decided my time was short so I better figure out where everything else was. When I came out and figured out where the booths were, I entered that hall and there was the amazing girl from the parking lot. There was a small gathering of "interested parties" staying nearby to see what was going to happen (myself included,and I looked the goofiest cause I really was lost) but I couldn't see anything that would seem that something was going to happen. The clock was ticking so I headed to the SPA to continue my scouting mission. It was EMPTY. That was the bad news, but the good news was that I could scout without looking like a creeper!

When I was about to give up ( was about 15 minutes to departure) one of the regulars came in and struck up a conversation. He told me about the activities that day with some nice missed opportunities, and we had a great chat. Soon another fellow came in and joined with stories from there, it was great fun. Then as I thought about bailing out the buzzer indicated a new entry and THERE THEY WERE! They smiled, said hi and went into one of the private rooms.

Well the chit chat went on with the guys, the tick-toc in my head was getting louder, along with the sense that I was going to leave not knowing what might happen! I was crushed.

We chatted a little longer, and my new friends were trying to track what was developing behind that closed door when one of them bumped it and it popped open. I almost panicked cause I thought we crossed a line that I hadn't read yet in the rule book but they didn't seem to mind...oh, of course I made sure I took advantage of the incident to move to see she was naked and more amazing than I thought before!

I'm not sure what my new friend said to them, but somewhere in there I heard "he has to catch a plane to Pittsburgh" and turned to me and said c'mon over to me. Her man said "she wants to fuck and to have cum inside of her" my new friend said something about a condom and her man said "no condom, she is allergic to latex" my new friends kind of backed up, but I was looking at that body and said (in a tiny shy voice) "I'm in!"

What happened next was a blur. I walked in, the door closed, I said "holy shit, you are A!" We all laughed and M introduced himself but said "of course nobody cares"....for the record I do cause he is one lucky bastard! And he shares that treasure !

Well, the rest is rather frustrating...I was so unprepared to meet with the champion, started a hand job, followed with a mouth that was second to none, and her pussy was like velvet. It was not my best performance, everything happened way too fast and my only regret was I was now way late. Of course, it was great, but I really needed a second round. Damn clock!

Well, this was way too long (a common problem for me), but what a chance to have no expectations and have what's probably the most unique night of my life!

Thank you, Doc. You are now my hero!


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Blast From The Past! Fantasyland in Tampa by SandJ

Doc here with a great Blast From (Tampa's) Past by regular contributors SandJ.



Hello Doc,

In Spring of 2007, I happened to be in Tampa for a conference that started on a Monday. I was able to go there on the Friday before and as luck would have it, Delta Dawn was having one of her Trailer Trash Sluts parties. It was in a hotel on the east side of Tampa so I got a room there and showed up at the party early in the evening. Delta is our kind of lady; she loves to suck, fuck and be filmed.

When the party started, it was just Delta, a couple of guys, and one other young female. Later many others showed up, filling two hotel suites.   As people filled in, everyone threw a few bucks into a had to meet expenses.

Since some of it was to be filmed, I signed a model release and the camera man assured us that faces would be blurred if desired. Delta went over a few simple rules, such as "You can cum ON me, but please don't cum IN me". Simple and to the point.

After a while she started taking on guys and my turn came along for a nice cock sucking. My idea was to go for a while, then take a break so that the fun would last.
So after a few minutes, i tried to pull back from her hot, wet mouth, but Delta would have nothing to do with it. "Where are you going?" she asked and then proceeded to suck me dry. Being new to the filming process, I just let it fly. The camera man nicely said "You have to warn me when you are coming." Oops.
Believe me, Trailer trash is just a name, Delta is a classy lady and she can suck with the best of them. I may actually be in one of her posted videos, though I don't really know.

Since I was in the same hotel, I think I went back to my room for a break.

I decided to check out the party again after a couple of hours, and when I arrived the place was packed. I worked my way to one of the bedrooms where there were two women on the beds. One was getting screwed and the other was the beautiful female half of a Fort Myers couple who said: "If someone doesn't fuck me right now, we are going to the theaters!". Again, certainly to the point. I guess the guys were shy as she was nice looking and horny. One older guy who looked amazingly like Uncle Fester jumped in, pushed her legs back and fucked her hard.

I wandered through the other rooms and watched, but while I talked with folks, I didn't partake any more.

Later as I was getting hungry, I decided to head out and grab something to eat and afterwords checked out Fantasyland in Tampa. While checking out the action, there was one small room with a couple in it, where the lady was sucking all cummers. The line was long and I couldn't see the couple and it would be a while until my turn came again. I saw a guy with a football shirt from my northern state and I said something, but he was more intent on his place in line. After a bit, it was announced that the lady needed a break and a smoke.

The couple came outside and lo and behold, it was the Fort Myers couple. Here was my chance. I went out, struck up a conversation, and told them that I had seen them at the hotel party. They told me that she wasn't getting the action she needed so they did head for the theaters. After the break, they headed back into one of the larger theaters with me, their old party buddy walking in right along side them. Guess who was first it line for my second bj of the night. It also was a good one, after which I thanked them, and hung out watching for a while.

I know Tampa has slowed some, but I have had some great times there.

If folks enjoy these accounts, I have some more.
Thanks for all you do.


Doc here again... Thank you for the report from Tampa and Fantasyland, SandJ. Yes, things have changed in Tampa, but checking out Fantasyland's own website might provide some insight into Tampa's best adult theater scene.

And yes, please send along more!


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Flash Report! Tomkat (On The Prowl) @ The Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here with the return  of one of my favorite reporters here at The Journal, Tomkat (On The Prowl). The Art Cinema is his destination, so what did he find?

Hi Doc,

I finally got a break for my other 8 lives. Opportunity knocked and I answered on Sunday afternoon. I climbed into the Catmobile II and took that long drive cruise down I-84 to the Insurance Capital of the World. But, I wasn't seeking indemnity. My quest was for something along a more personal line. I arrived around 3 p.m. and parked on Franklin Street. I stray cat strutted into Hartford's  Art Cinema I handed $12 to the clerk and leapt into that lascivious labyrinth of lust and lewdness.

I took my seat and let my eyes adjust. My feline night vision kicked it revealing nothing but pole cats. Most of them were into the M4M thing.
The Art Cinema
Hartford, CT
(Hi Ernie!)

Shortly before 6, an Asian couple arrived. He looked to be mid to late 40's with salt & pepper hair and well-dressed. She was a very pretty kitty indeed. She was petite with long black hair, a black sleeveless top, a tight silver skirt. Her glasses gave her that sexy librarian look.

He tried to steer her toward the GP seats down stairs. She gestured towards the balcony. So, upstairs they went. I and a couple other pole cats went down front to enjoy the show. They sat in back. They were silhouetted by the lights at the back of the balcony. They would sit and cuddle for a while, then her head would go down his lap and come back up for air a few minutes later. They would cuddle for a while then repeat the cycle again.

During this time, another couple came up to the balcony. Couple #2 initially sat behind the Asian couple. Then couple #2 moved toward the center of the balcony where the lighting was non-existent. After about 30 minutes, they left. I got a look at them on the way out. He was a regular. She was wearing jeans. I don't think they were playing.

After almost 2 hours, The Asian couple came down stairs and took seats among the pole cats. The pole cats, kept a respectful distance, at least initially. The couple sat and cuddled for about 20 minutes. Then she went down on him again. At the point the pole cats started leaned over and many started jerking off. I think this must have freaked her out. They suddenly got up and left the theater. End of the show.

I made my exit about 8:30 and made that long drive back to the Bay State. I gotta find a way to get down there on Friday and Saturday nights.


Doc here again... Friday's are good at The Art. Saturday's are better.  I wise man from the East told me this...  Thanks again to Tomkat for another terrific report!


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Flash Report! Pegasus in Raliegh, NC by Alex Bangedherhard

Doc here with an oustanding Flash Report from Alex Bangedherhard.  Alex found himself taking a break at Pegasus in Raleigh, NC, and this is his tale...
Take it away, Alex!
Dear Doc!
Seeing your need for reports, I thought I'd take a 15 minute break from my job as a professional B.S. communicator to tell you about a nice hookup last week at Pegasus. Lunchtime is SO hit and miss in "this thing of ours." However I was running an errand last Tuesday and just happened to check craigslist. Turns out a woman had posted she was headed to Pegasus for a bit of fun. Now, usually I don't take much stock in a single female posting about going to the bookstore/theater. However, I was nearby and figured what the heck.

I pulled in and there were maybe a dozen cars - not looking good. I went in anyway, paid the $5 and went through the turnstile. I checked the two straight mini-theaters but there was no sign of the female and there were a few guys milling around so I thought the post might be a hoax. There are 5-6 booths next to the mini-theaters and all doors were open. So I headed back to the other booth area. It's a winding hallway, and the first 4 booths are wide open - nothing. The very back has 7 booths. All with GHs except 1. Nothing there. As I headed back up the hallway I ran into her walking back my way. She was early 20s, black and slim. Very cute. I said hello and she did the same. We both gave a look and slipped into adjacent booths. Her mouth was immediately at the hole and I obliged. After a couple of minutes I asked if I could join her and she said yes. She started right where she left off. I reached into her shirt and found some very perky tits.

We were talking and I asked if she'd been there long and played with anyone else. She said one guy and the rest must have been gay because she was getting no attention. Then she looked up while taking me all in and said "but I'm glad you're giving me some." There was no need to rush. I asked if she'd been there before and she said twice. I asked if I could finger her and she stood up to reveal a semi hairy bush. She was wet and tight. She asked if I had a condom - I did not (I only play with condoms) and she said she only plays that way too - ok back to getting blown - which I didn't mind. She was running her tongue all over my balls as I was stroking it and then she deep throated me hard and that was it ... I gave her a HUGE load. She thanked me and gave me her email.

Doc, Pegasus has picked up the last couple of weeks. I've found myself swinging by at lunch just for a looksee and it has paid off. Not sure what the activity has been on weekends or evenings as lunches just seen more convenient.

I'd love to give a full report on the other stores here in Raleigh but I just haven't been able to make it out. Capital Blvd News and Video was doing great for awhile as they had closed off part of the store and labeled it as a couples theater but that has since been reopened back into the regular theater and as I understand it - gone downhill. Raleigh may not stack up to other great locations or REAL theaters - but there is action here and as we have all learned - patience pays off in "this thing of ours."

Well Doc that's all I got. Back to work.

Andy Bangedherhard
My sexual preference is often. ~Author Unknown
Doc here again... Thanks for Alex Bangedherhard for an excellent report from a new theater to my my eyes, Pegasus.  Keep up the fine work, sir!

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Flash Report! Jake on Deja Vu on Inudstrial in Las Vegas

Doc here with a first time report from Jake.  Lady luck was on his side in Las Vegas, and his visit to Deja Vu on Industrial was productive.
Or was the lady he saw at Deja Vu a contestant on "Cash Cab"?
Here is Jake, and his report from Las Vegas...
Deja Vu on Industrial
Las Vegas, NV
Hey Doc....As you know the action in Vegas is very hit or miss and mostly on the miss side. I still have some luck at the Deja Vu on Industrial as that is probably the best theater in the city now that Babes is gone. Well I decided to check in out this past Friday 9/21 when I saw a post of a possible couple arriving after 11pm. Now given most of the time the posts do not come to fruition, I was gonna give it the old college try.

When I arrived I parked in the back and the lot seemed pretty full but with the strip club attached that can always be a crap shoot. I paid my $10 and walked in. When I got to the back theater I noticed a circle of guys, which is usually a good thing. As I got closer I noticed a hot blonde being fingered by 2 gentleman. This was looking very promising.

As I got even closer she had her tits hanging out which were a very nice size and she was loving the attention. Now is when I noticed the most unusual thing that I have seen in a theater to date. I noticed that she was on the phone! She kept her cell phone up to her ear the entire time and seemed to be taking orders by the person on the other end! As things progressed her pants came down and she let some guys dine but she did not do anything to any of the guys other then kiss one and jerk off a few others but wanted no part of them finishing on her. 

Doc here again... Thanks to Jake for his account of the fun at Deja Vu, and his Cash Cab observation.



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Flash Report! Ray on Annabelle's in Winston-Salem

Doc here with senior reporter Ray and his latest report, this time from Annabelle's in Winston-Salem, NC. Ray's attention to detail is awesome, and this report illustrates it to a "T".

Take it away, Ray!


Dear Doc,

I may very well have spent the strangest night of my life in an adult theater last night. The scene was Annabelle's, the bookstore/video arcade/theater complex in Winston-Salem, NC. To borrow a phrase, it was the best of nights, it was the worst of nights.

My date for the evening fell through, and I couldn't get plan B to come through either, but since there is very little to do in Winston-Salem on a Saturday night, I figured I would go solo and run some recon on the place.

Winston-Salem, NC
First, the best. There were 10, count 'em 10, couples that graced the theater during my visit. I got there around 9:00 and found four couples already in the theater. The ladies were all middle-aged, a little heavier than they probably want to be but, hey, they were in a porn theater.

Couple 1 didn't seemed to be dressed to play. She was wearing pants and a top that kept everything very covered up. Couple 2 had promise. The lady was decked out in a little black dress. These two couples were sitting side by side in the main theater area. Couple three was tucked into the back of the same area. She was wearing a white, semi-see through top and a short denim skirt. Couple four featured a blonde in a nice short dress. These four couples, and about a dozen guys, were running their own comedy improv show when I walked in.

Before I proceed, let me give you a quick rundown of the layout of Annabelle's these days. It has changed considerably since I was last there. It costs 10 bucks to get into the theater/arcade area, a veritable maze that winds you past two theaters and the arcade area. Through the the arcade and out a side door there is an enclosed deck area for those who need a smoke break. No smoking in the building. The smaller of the two theaters plays gay porn and was only used by men when I peeked in throughout the night. The other theater is much larger. Actually, it is sort of divided in two, with two screens playing two separate movies. Leather couches, love seats, chairs and padded bar stools are arranged around the screens - more like a home media room than a theater. There is even a stripper pole tucked into a corner. Across the back of the room there are three small private rooms with windows. Couples can arrange to use them. Blinds on the windows give them as much privacy as they want. Now, back to the report.

I was in that large theater, toward the back, listening to (mainly) a single guy yuck it up with one joke after the next. The couples were laughing along, which was fine, but it really didn't allow them to relax and get into the mood of things. During all of this, couples 5 and 6 came in. Both girls were dressed in pink, both sporting impressive busts. The lady in couple 5 was actually wearing some sort of very thin nightie, which covered almost nothing when she sat down. Underneath she wore a tiny pair of matching panties. Couple 6 finished her outfit out with a nice mini-skirt. Couple 6 sat across the room, unnoticed by the other couples for nearly 20 minutes or so. Couple 5 came and sat with the rest of the gang. For the next hour or so, the couples would take turns heading out for smoke and bathroom breaks, then returning to watch the movie. Other than a little through the jeans dick rubbing by couple 3, there was no action to report.

When couple 7 came in the room, you could hear heads snap. She was tall with short, stylish blonde hair and wearing a pair of tight jeans that framed her ass in the nicest way. The skinny denim legs tucked down into a pair of boots that ran nearly to her knees and ended in some four inch heels. While she didn't look like she was there to play, she looked amazing! They did some nice making out while they were there and at one point I thought things were going to go further, till some dickhead came and stood nearly on top of her. Couple 8 was young - very young - and black. They looked a little overdressed for the porn theater. And they both looked like they were completely out of their element. They never got further than 6 feet from the entry into the theater. After about 5 minutes, they left. So far, 8 couples... and no action. 1-6 were still in the building, and we were still waiting, but nothing.

Couple 9 raised our hopes. He was older, but she was tiny, hot and wearing a teeny dress that clung to every inch of her tight early-20-something body. She smiled and said hi as she walked past me, looking for a seat. Since there was none, they spun around and headed out. 15 minutes later, couple 10 showed up. She was maybe 30, red hair, short denim skirt. She got spooked pretty quickly and they disappeared, but a few minutes later I saw him encouraging her in the hallway and they came back in.

In a nutshell, that's all there is to report. The only action all night consisted of the aforementioned cock-thru-the-pants rubbing by couple 3. A very subtle masturbation of the couple 4 lady by her man. Couple 2 taking a guy into a private room, blinds closed. And Couple 10 - after a few hours in the theater - taking the same room for a nicely noisy fuck session (blinds also closed). Oh yeah, the little hottie in couple 9 came back (with her man) and gave a pole dancing lesson to the willing girl in couple 5. Nice show. No nudity. No lesbian action broke out.

As I say, the best (10 couples in one night) and the worst (no action).

Chatting with some of the regulars, I learned that the first Saturday of the month is couple's night and the place is packed, but there isn't much more play than what I witnessed last night. The number of couples last night was high and USUALLY one can expect a little more of show, but there isn't much audience participation.

Annabelle's is nice place. A couple of nice looking ladies behind the counter to welcome you, a big spacious layout with some interesting nooks and crannies, pretty clean (although the uni-sex bathroom really needed some attention as the night wore on) and reasonably priced. Now if they could just get those couples play!


Doc here again...A big thanks to Ray, and his outstanding report from Annabelle's.... Keep up the great work, sir.


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Flash Report! The PNW Kid Takles On Airport Video in Everett, WA

Doc here with a first time report from The PNW Kid.  I have a big need for a regular reporter covering the Seattle scene, as The Good Doctor doesn't find himself there  much any longer.  This is where The PNW Kid steps in...

So please welcome to The Journal of Adult Theaters, The PNW Kid!


Hi Doc,
I found myself with too much idle time on a Friday night, so I decided to pay a visit to Airport Video in Everett, WA. After checking out both the booths and the theater, I waited in the dvd area to see what fate might provide.

Twenty minutes later, a couple in their mid-30s arrived and walked into the theater. Both of them were dressed for a night at the clubs, with the pretty Jennifer Lawrence look-alike wearing a very short dress and three inch heels. She had long, blond hair with blue & red streaks and a very cute smile. I waited two minutes before entering the theater, in order to give them some time to settle into their seats, then wandered inside and took a seat at the end of the aisle across from this lovely lady.

Airport Video,
Everett, WA

Me and the other theater patrons waited patiently, but the couple only held hands and watched the movie. At one point I began to wonder if she was a local pro or if they were in town to visit uncle leo, especially when the guy started messing with his iPhone. Twenty minutes later, as the scene playing onscreen ended, they suddenly stood up and exited the theater. It's a good thing nobody was trying to enter at the time, because half of my fellow patrons (okay, me included) exited shortly thereafter to see where they were going.

The three guys loitering at the entrance to the booths was the only clue I needed. One lucky gent was already tucked into an adjoining booth and you could see the sexy woman's knees and heels moving against the floor of her booth as she got to know her new friend while her escort stood behind her. The booth area turned into a feeding frenzy at this point, with many patrons taking up positions in nearby booths or pacing back and forth. Management had to put out several announcements for folks to keep feeding the meters and to clear the area. When the door to the adjoining booth opened, another guy damn near dived inside. But it was a wasted effort, as the couple's booth door opened and they slipped out and into the night.
Keep up the great work! 



Thanks to The PNW Kid for an excellent first-time report here at The Journal.  Seattle has 3 different adult theater options: Airport Video here, Fantasy Unlimited downtown, and Hollywood Erotic Boutique.  Of the 3, I like HEB the best, due to it's great (Fight Club-like) atmosphere, and my personal luck there.

We are looking forward for more from The PNW Kid... And welcome to the ranks of Journal scribes.


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Flash Report! Longball's 2nd Night at 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with Part two of Longball's back to back visits to Chicagoland's 15th Avenue Adult Theater.
Monday was awfully good for Longball, but how was Tuesday 9/18 at one of the top adult theater complexes in the country?
Let's see...
My apologies to leave you and your readers hanging after my report on Monday night's activities at 15th Avenue but yesterday was a travel day for me and I didn't get a chance to give proper credence to the happenings of Tuesday night until now.
After Monday night's mind blowing experiences with M&A, I couldn't wait to return to 15th Avenue on Tuesday night. I had a work dinner but figured I would be able to arrive by 9 or 9:30. My dinner ran later than expected, and during the last portion all I could do was sit at the table and nod at the conversation while my mind wandered and daydreamed of the potential debauchery that lie ahead. It FINALLY wrapped up at about 9:30 and I headed back for more.
15th Avenue Adult Theater
Melrose Park, IL
As I drove I replayed the previous night's happenings over and over in my mind and was hopeful of a repeat but also cautious not to get my hopes up for lightning striking twice for me. I arrived at the store right at 10pm and again there was a nice amount of vehicles in the parking lot. I paid the $30 which I now knew was well worth the price of admission and headed into the main theater. It was completely empty.
 At first my heart sunk a bit but then I realized that with the amount of cars in the lot and an empty main theater there HAD to be some action going on somewhere in the back! I headed to the booth area and there were three doors shut and occupied lights on above them but no one hanging out in the hallway. So I went ahead and buzzed into the spa area. When I entered a familiar face was standing there with a smile.
 No, not much as I had wished! It was a gentleman I had met the night before who is a regular there. I'm not a newbie at "this thing of ours" but I'm no sage veteran, either. I will say, though, that without a doubt the crowd at 15th Avenue is friendlier, and more engaging than any I have ever run into anywhere else. Where I usually go if you make eye contact with another guy at all he's trying to corral you into a booth for m2m play. Not my style. But at 15th Avenue the guys talked, bantered, helped each other out, and were actually very respectful to not only one another but to the ladies and couples, too. That might have just been a 2 night anomaly or it could be the norm.
Anyway, R, as I'll call him is a very nice, kind gay gentleman who is a regular at 15th Avenue. I immediately liked him the night before for his friendly smile, laid back attitude and demeanor. He informed me upfront he "plays for the other team" and helps out there and enjoys watching people have sex. Cool with me. R smiles as I come through the door and informs me "it's crazy tonight!" and that there are THREE couples playing in the private rooms and another warming up in the bleacher area.
Private Rooms @ 15th Avenue
I walk in at 10pm and FOUR couples are already in action! Lightning can, indeed, strike twice! The hallway near the locker room is empty and I take a familiar position from the night before where I can survey the situation. The sounds of sex are in the air, but faint. I had walked in the door less than 4-5 minutes before when one of the doors at the far end of the hallway cracks open and a man peers out. It closes, then opens again, and R walks that direction and they talk a brief moment. R turns around smiles, and tells me they need some help. I head down the hallway not knowing what to expect but as I open the door I see a very cute Lebanese woman in pigtails bent over sucking her man's cock as she's fucked from behind by another guy.
 I come in and her man tells me she's a very naughty girl who needs another cock to suck. OK! I drop trou and she starts stroking and sucking me. I literally have not been in the store 5 minutes and my balls are resting on the chin of a lovely late 20's woman as she's fucked from behind. CL, as I will call her, is in a corset kind of outfit with a collar on and pigtails and she is a naughty, naughty girl. Very sexy, thick but by no means large and lots of fun!
 She pushed me to the bed next to her man as she went down on me and he narrated telling her how bad she was and informing me and the guy fucking her that she wanted us to cum all over her face. Wow, what a great place this is!! After a few minutes the guy fucking her says he needs a quick break as he had apparently just cum after fucking the lady of one of the other couples there tonight so on goes a cover and CL lays back and spreads her bare pussy for my pleasure. I sink balls deep into her as she starts sucking her man's cock in the corner and she is nice and tight with great pussy control as I start to fuck her. She wants me to pound her and I do. Eventually I turn her over and fuck her from behind as we take turns smacking her ass nice and hard. If you missed a smack, she'd take the cock from her mouth and ask, "you call that a smack? Hit it harder!" Like, I said, naughty!
Now, it is HOT in this small room with 4 of us and the door closed, and eventually I tag out to allow the other guy another turn. We switch places and CL lays on her back as she's fucked and licks my balls as I jerk my cock over her face. She is begging me to cover her face with cum as she's fucked. I can't wait to oblige. About this time her man peeks out in the hallway to see who is out there, and I become nervous that if I don't do what she wants soon I may be shit out of luck. Once the door was opened voices were heard and laughter. A sweet giggle. One I've heard before.
The door opens all the way and there are the other two couples who were occupying the other private rooms when I arrive and one of them is M&A! I see M first as he peeks in the room and smiles then A steps into the door to watch. I'm very excited to see that they've returned for a second night in a row, but also disappointed because both are dressed, and I'm guessing that means they're about to head out for the evening. MY LATE FUCKING BUSINESS DINNER MEANS I'VE MISSED A SECOND OPPORTUNITY TO FILL THAT SWEET, TIGHT, ASIAN PUSSY WITH MY CUM!!
Ok, sorry for yelling, I'm better now. Not that I'm still bitter or anything! Regardless CL is a lot of fun and VERY good with her tongue and lips and it is awfully hot to think about covering her face with my cum as now there are her man, two couples, and R watching the action. And I do......I jerk my cock and cover her cheeks, mouth, and chin with my cum as the other guy continues to fuck her sweet little pussy! VERY HOT!!
As I disengage and start to gather my clothes the other couples head off down the hallway and by the time I get out of the spa area M&A are gone. I headed outside on this cool night to cool off and see them driving out of the parking lot. I wish I had been 30-45 minutes earlier. It just goes to show you that patience most definitely pays off in this thing, AND it is wildly unpredictable as to what may happen on any given day, or any given time of day! I cool off a bit and head back inside to find out what else is going on!
CL is still entertaining in the back corner booth and the other couple across the hall has apparently been inspired by the show enough that she is now on her knees in her dress in the doorway sucking the cock of another lucky fellow while her husband watches from inside the room.
 I walk to the bleacher area to check on the couple that was warming up earlier and they are watching ESPN on the television while he plays with her tits. She's a 40's white woman, he a little younger black man. I watch tv with them for a few minutes and head back to the hallway. The doors are shut and you can hear the two women being fucked. One is moaning and wailing, and I'm guessing it's CL because she was quite vocal. I walk down the hall and realize it's coming from the OTHER door!
The lady of the other couple appeared to be mid 40's and kind of had a professional businesswoman vibe going. Little did I realize that PBW was such a vocal fuck as she entertained her new friend. I enjoyed small talk with R and another guy in the locker room area waiting patiently to see what else transpires.
Eventually PBW and her husband come out of the room along with their very happy new friend.  PBW and her man leave, and I head to check the theater and booth area. Nothing happening either place, but it's ONLY 11pm! There is much potential in the air! I walk outside to cool off and a crossdresser is standing by his/her car getting ready to head inside. Not my thing, but I love the live and let live attitude here! He/She goes inside and after a few minutes of enjoying the very cool September evening air I head back in as well.
 He/She is in the hallway of the booth area, and I head into the spa again. R is still back there, and CL has another young man she's entertaining in her room. I visit with R and try to regain my steam for a potential round 2 with CL. I'm a relatively young man but as Toby Keith sang, "I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was!" R playfully teases me about being ready for round 2. I like this guy.
By now the couple from the bleachers have taken a position in the hallway and are listening to CL and enjoying the sound show. They only played with each other, and nothing more than some heavy petting and whispering. Eventually CL's temporary lover heads out and I decide it's now or never to try round 2. I open the door and CL smiles and says she needs more cum on her face! Her man and another guy (who we'll call Mitch McDeere) are in there with her and I undress as we all talk. This time the door stays open and R watches as we take turns fucking her as she sucks our cocks.
Eventually "Red Shirt" as she called him came to the door to watch and CL told him he could cum on her face if he could jerk himself off. Mitch McDeere and I enjoy CL's mouth and pussy and playing with her with our fingers for the next 30 minutes or so as we intermittently stroke our cocks and she sucks and licks our balls. "Red Shirt" makes his contribution on CL's nice boobs and watches the rest of the show. I desparately wanted to give CL another shot on her face, but every time I would get RIGHT THERE my cock would dry up and I'd lose the momentum so to speak.
Eventually Mitch and I came to terms that we weren't going to be able to give CL what she wanted and we started to get dressed. Her man told us to shut the door on the way out as he had a score to settle since she had taken off her collar in the final volley of play. Mitch and I headed outside and chatted a bit before CL and her man came out of the store and we all exited together.
 15th Avenue is INCREDIBLE, and I'm told by R and others that things are starting to get back to the way they were a couple of years ago there. I told Mitch it was probably a good thing I didn't live in the immediate area as I believe I'd be there WAY too much!! Although, I am already looking for an excuse to head back to Melrose Park as soon as possible!!!
Doc here again... A big thank you to Longball for a strong Flash Report on night #2 at 15th Avenue.  He hit two great nights there, and I'm glad he reported his findings to us.  Keep up the great work, sir.
BTW, I know the secret identity of the Professional Business Woman... But my lips are sealed.

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Flash Report! The Bayou Boudreaux Hits The Gulf Coast Theater in Biloxi (w/12 PICS!)

Doc here with a Fantastic way to start off the week here at The Journal, your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours

The Bayou Boudreaux is back with another adventure (and 12 pics) from their latest trip to the Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS.
This is a good one folks... Take a deep breath, and get ready for a down and dirty adult theater report from The Bayou Boudreaux... (Remember to click on the pics to ENLARGE them)
Greetings Dr. Lizardo,
Bayou Boudreaux here with the latest report from the Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS.
My apologies for taking so long to get my slut out for some action, it has been a very busy past few weeks and life had gotten in the way.  In the last few days it had gotten to be too much for us both. 
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
The lil’ slut was in a short dress length tube top type dress,  and short heels, nothing else allowing easy access to her lil slut holes.  I was dressed….well nobody cares how I was dressed. 
We arrived Saturday night, eased into the theater and found a seat on the couches.  We sat for a few minutes, allowing our eyes to adjust and to get into the mood.  I would say in less than five minutes, the lil slut already  had her legs spread and was diddling her cunt.  Another couple in the theater came over and I mentioned to the gentleman of the couple my slut is a ‘full service’ slut for men and women alike.  Our new female friend was passive bisexual, so almost immediately, the lil slut wanting some action, she dove in!  Her first time coming up for air was when the new lady friend mentioned she was a squirter….my lil slut noticed it too, she was wearing it like a badge of honor!!  After a quick breath, down she went again, being the lil slut she is, she was greedy for more cum.
Of course the crowd had formed and the lil slut was being groped and fondled from all directions.  Her dangling tits, her spread ass and cunt, what a beautiful sight to see.  After completely satisfying our new lady friend, lil slut needed some cock and male cum action.  Southern Hospitality was evident by all the cocks she was offered.  These men here go above and beyond!
The first couple guys were relatively uneventful as ABS blowjobs go.  She sucked, fondled their balls while others groped her tits, ass and cunt.  The fourth cock, she said, had a head so large lil slut could barely get it in her mouth, barely.  Being the cock sucking trooper she is, she managed it very well, but wanted that action in her cunt.  Slut stood, turned around and let the fat cocked man plow her from behind.  And plow he did!  He pounded her whore hole for all it was worth.  Slut was gasping for breath and grasping for cock and as her cunt was drilled from behind.  Again, the ABS men came thru, she found multiple cocks to stroke and suck.  While slut doesn’t mind stroking cock, she prefers sucking them, she gets more cum that way.  She is a cum greedy lil whore!
A few more cocks were sucked and fucked, one DP (oral/pussy) were performed as lit slut worked for all the nut butter she could get.  In all about 8 cocks on the ‘first’ round of lil sluts cum eating night.  I don’t think she had enough cum yet, but I’ll get back to that.
Our new lady friend asked for seconds and the lil slut dove in again to get her whole face soaked in pussy juice.  A few minutes later, the lady friend and her escort asked us to join them at their hotel room.  Our new friend wanted to try eating pussy, but in a more private atmosphere.  I had the wait until there were NO cocks left to fuck/suck lil slut.
We adjourned to their hotel for a short bit, it was nice, but tonight is all about ABS action.
We returned to the ABS, I was pleasantly surprised to notice a large black crew and some other fresh hard cock had arrived after hearing about the lil slut sucking cock after cock, eating load after load of cum.
It didn’t take long to pick up where my lil cum dumpster left off.  Slut was on her knees sucking her first black cock of the evening.  She was reaching for more…one in each hand, and one fucking her sweet slut face.  One man stood her up and play with her cut/ass for a bit before slipping his cock in her cunt.  I think everyone heard her gasp as his cock pushed in her whore hole.  Slut was getting it from both ends and was loving it. 
This continued for over an hour, when one cock would cum, another was there to take its place in her mouth and pussy.  Some of the cocks were fair sized and a few of the guys were ‘long winded’, if you know what I mean
It was after 11:00 PM, there were no more hard cocks in the theater and the lil slut looked like she had just sucked/fucked 16-20 guys, oh wait, she did!  For the most part it was a stellar crowd, some repeat performers, heavy cummers and men that were clean and courteous.  That make the evening so much better.
What a night Doc, attached are a few pics of the action, my apologies on the quality.  The lighting isn’t the best, and to be honest, it is hard to concentrate on the pic quality when my lil whore is being passed around from cock to cock like a bottle of cheap wine!
And Doc, we’ll be at the same theater next Saturday, September 29,so if there is anyone in the MS Gulf Coast area that wants some of this action, come on down.  All I ask is you be clean and courteous.  You’ll get to use my lil slut.
Until next time Doc, Keep up the great work, and thanks for what you do.
Bayou Boudreaux

Doc here again... That is as an intense a Flash Report as you will read anytime soon. It was hardcore, as both the words and the pics illustrated.  Thanks to the Bayou Boudreaux for a kick start to the week here at The Journal of Adult Theaters.

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Couple's Flash Report! M&S at The Art Cinema in Hartford 9/21/12

Doc here with the return of one of my favorite couples, M&S from Hartford.  After a short break away from the balcony at The Art Cinema, they have returned...

Take it away, M&S!


Hey Doc,

M&S here coming to you from the always fun Art Cinema in Hartford.  After a leave of absence do to sickness,(S) and I decided to go the Art so I could get my prescription filled in the darkness of the balcony LOL.

We got there about our usual time at 8 pm. As we were walking towards the door, a good looking couple was leaving. Paid our admission,talked to Ernie a bit before starting our evening. We headed upstairs to our favorite seats under the lights. Ernie said there was one couple already up there.

When we got up to the balcony, we saw the couple down by the balcony railing. He had her bent over and fucking her good so the guys downstairs could watch. After about 15 minutes, he put her on the stairs and fucked her some more.

Around 8:30pm, the good looking guy and very hot blonde got dressed and as they left said to us the place is yours.So for the next half hour we sucked and fucked in the completely empty balcony. At 9 pm in comes a young black couple, and she was built like a brick shithouse.They sat in the last row of the dark seats to the left as you enter the balcony. The only action we saw for the next hour was her talking, then he finally put his cock in her mouth for a quick blowjob.At 10 pm they left and we were alone again, so after some more great head from S, we went to the railing to take a few pics.Then we went back to our seats and decided to call it a dead night.

Hasn't been that dead up there since our first visit back in May of 2011. On the way out we chatted with Ernie and that is when he informed us of your scheduled visit next month. Looking forward to it.

Here is a pic of S by the railing.

Your faithful followers, as always

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Gloryhole Hannah's Most Excellent Dogging Adventure This Sunday & Monday! (w/PICS)

Doc here with something VERY special and VERY different for readers from the Albuquerque, NM area to the Vail, CO area .
How would you like a chance to have a dogging adventure with the very hot and very naughty Gloryhole Hannah this weekend?
This is your chance to do just that!  Here is Gloryhole Hannah with all the details on how to meet up with her and her hubby on the road, and create some hardcore dogging memories that will last a lifetime!
Hey loyal fans it's Gloryhole Hannah here with a SPECIAL REPORT....This is my first road trip ever!!!!! So I've been having my Gloryhole fun for two years, AND now it's time to expand my sexual horizon. I have a new fantasy:  "dogging" and no it has nothing to do with bestiality!!!
Dogging is defined as:
Having sex with more than one person in a public place, often with at least one stranger, and usually with others watching (hence a more or less spontaneous meeting point between exhibitionists and voyeurs). Good for spreading DNA around. The word comes from the idea of dogs "doing it" in the open air with whoever else they happen to bump into. Also includes the sense of dogs wandering around in groups in search of something interesting to sniff.
So the idea is to meet in semi-secluded spots and let me either suck your cock until you cum, or maybe even let you fuck me! Anyway, I will have my hubby film the action (no faces shown) and post a report on Doc's blog.
So what I need is YOU! Loyal fans, come out and give me those cocks!
Here is the PLAN!
  • I will be traveling from Albuquerque, NM to Vail, CO on Sunday September 23rd and Monday September 24th
  • I want to stop along the way and have some fun!!!
  • I plan on traveling on Highway 285, so if you are close or can meet me along the way, please e-mail me at Please include your pics and where you can meet me along the way. If you do not send your pics I will ignore your e-mail.
Want to see what dogging looks like?  Google Killergram UK Dogging. There are some fucking hot videos that make my pussy dripping wet!

I am looking forward to hearing from you guys and making my most excellent dogging adventure great!  Also, if there is a good enough turn out, I might make a detour and stop in Denver.

Remember guys, e-mail me at, attach your pics, and tell me where we will can meet.
Lastly, here is reminder of why meeting me is always a great idea!
~Gloryhole Hannah~


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Pretty Please? A Call For Reports!

Doc here, your humble feral dingo. You probably noticed that there was no 3pm CDT report today (Thursday 9-20), as usual here at the Journal.

The reason?  No reports to publish.

The activity across the country in this thing of ours has been terrific the last few weeks. Yet, very few reports.

As my esteemed colleague, Brent in Portland has put it, I am looking for sketches, claymation, and even hand shadows of your recent adult theater visits.

 Please help support The Journal of Adult Theaters, and submit a report.  Just e-mail me direct at, and I will do the rest.


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Flash Report! JaxBchBum Hits Pure Pleasures outside Gainesville, FL

Doc here with senior reporter JaxBchBum, and another terrific outing he has to Florida's adult theaters.
Here we go!
Had a chance to stop by Pure Pleasures outside Gainesville FL on a recent Friday afternoon. Action certainly fell way short of the 5 couples in one evening described in my last report, but a productive visit. Things were pretty quiet for the first hour or so with only a couple of other guys there. Clerks are always good about if you don't like the movie selection, go pick one out you like and they will put it in the rotation. About 4:00 the older couple described in my last report as Bea and Mr. Roper arrived. They sat on the outside couch of the second row, the same row I was seated on. Bea was on the far side so I was afraid my view was going to be blocked, but she turned in my direction so I had a nice frontal view. Like last time, she was wearing shorts and a blouse that had an elastic band running below her breasts.
They weren't there more than 5 minutes before she reaches over and unzips Mr. Roper's shorts and her hand goes down exploring and pulls out his cock. He was pretty restrained by simply draping his right arm over her shoulder. But after a little bit his hand reached further and further down and started rubbing her right breast underneath her blouse. Then the top of the blouse kept being pulled down more and more to finally it was fully exposed.
At this point, Bea bends over and starts sucking on his cock for a few minutes. She sits back up and he pulls down her top exposing both her breasts. He begins rubbing them with an occassional lean over and sucking on her nipples. A guy seated in the back row stands up for a better look and asks Mr. Roper if it is OK if he touches her breasts. Mr. Roper nods and another set of hands begins exploring. The guy moves around to the front side of Bea and his cock is at full attention. I am sure he was hoping she would suck him off, but she would keep turning her head when his cock got within a couple of inches of her face.
Meanwhile he was rubbing and bending over and kissing her breasts. Meanwhile, the 4 other guys in the theatre got up and stood around stroking and watching. Bea reaches up with her right hand and begins stroking the guy while still stroking Mr. Roper with her left hand. After a bit, the guy says he is going to cum and Mr. Roper tells him to shoot on her tits which he does. Another guy takes his spot and Bea leans forward so he can titty-fuck her and he shoots his load. This continued until all the guys had cum. Bea leans back and rubs the cum all over her breasts and then bends over and sucks off Mr. Roper until he cums as well. They clean up and depart.
One of the quickest visits I had seen them as they were there less than 40 minutes, but most rewarding.
Doc here again... Another great report from JaxBchBum and the Sunshine State.  Keep on cranking out the reports, sir.  They are needed more than ever.

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Flash Report! Longball Goes The Distance at 15th Ave with M&A (The Asian Couple)

Doc here with an insanely hot first time report from our newest field reporter, Longball.

Luck was on Longball's side, as he was lucky enough to run into the force of nature known as M&A (AKA The Asian Couple) @ 15th Ave in Melrose Park, IL.

Being an out of towner, Longball certainly had hit the lottery on this Monday evening.  His report is a page turner, and there is no doubt he met a new best friend inside 15th Avenue's great facility in Chicagoland's western burbs.

Here is Longball and his great first-time report.



I've been reading your reports since Major Voyeur turned me onto it earlier this summer. I'm from the St. Louis area but travel for work frequently and became hooked on "this thing of ours" after a random visit last year to Tampa's Fantasyland. I've been to a couple of the St. Louis clubs but those reports will have to wait for another day.

15th Ave Adult Theater
Melrose Park, IL
I started reading the reports earlier this summer and the first report I read was about M & A and how she was absolutely rocking CT's in Gary. The reports were incredibly hot, perhaps only being eclipsed by the heat coming off the pictures of the delectable A. Over the next week there were a few more reports of, as you called her, "the force of nature rocking CT's". In my mind I was 300 miles northeast wishing I could bump into this angel. As luck would have it I had some business meetings conveniently scheduled in the NW Chicago burbs this week and after reading for a few months knew I'd be pretty close to 15th Ave. On my way north Monday evening I punched CT's into my GPS and saw it would only be a 25 minute detour. I daydreamed about A as I drove but finally talked myself out of heading to Gary because a Monday night isn't usually a prime time in this thing of ours.

Instead I continued NW to Melrose Park and nervously pulled into 15th Avenue Adult Books & Theater. There were several cars in the lot, but as I know from Hustler and Pure Pleasure in STL that may only mean a ton of Penis Gallery members. I walked in and as I approached the door a late 30's blonde with what appeared to be an awfully nice body walked past and I thought I might have been too late. However, I went on and paid my $30, as I knew from the reports that it was worth the extra $10 for access to the spa.

I walked into the main theater and there was a crowd spread around with a couple in the general area and another in the couples section. One brunette lady with longer hair was sitting on her date's lap in the open section while I couldn't get a good look at the couple in the closed section. After a bit the brunette and her date got up and left and some of the PG'ers followed. I sat for a few minutes and watched the movie trying to catch a better look at the couple as she appeared to be nice looking with long dark hair. I had no idea just how smoking hot this lady would soon prove to be.

The Real "A"
I decided it was a good time to explore the entire place and see where the other couple went. I checked out the booth area and found nothing, then headed into the spa area to look around. I found nothing there, either, but as I was about to leave the locker room area I heard the buzzer and saw the dark haired woman and her man come through the door with what looked like the entire PG in tow. And she was SMOKING HOT! And Asian. My heart literally skipped a beat as she smiled and slipped past me with her man into one of the private rooms.

I stood and watched as the PG stopped and her man told them they needed some private time and shut the door. With that the PG was off as someone said a woman was in the booth area now and was playing. I was awestruck. Or starstruck! Was this the incredibly beautiful girl I'd read about? If it wasn't, there were TWO incredibly hot Asian girls hitting Chicago's adult theaters.

As I've learned, patience truly is a virtue in this thing of ours (ed. note: This is exactly what I keep saying) and decided to wait right there. I was rewarded shortly with the high pitched sexy squeals of this angel being thoroughly fucked by her man. It was hot! After about 15 minutes, and some PG'ers drifting back to check things out before leaving again their door suddenly popped open about 4 inches and this angel peeked out and down the hallway. I smiled. She used one finger to beckon me. I don't even remember floating to that door but I'll never forget what came next.

I was face to face with this beauty looking into those eyes as she whispered to me, "I need someone to fuck my little pussy and cum deep inside me. Can you do that for me?" ABSOLUTELY! And with that she swung the door open to reveal a completely naked body and her man sitting on the bed. I don't even remember what, if anything, he had on. I didn't care (no offense). I could only rip my clothes off as fast as possible while looking at this beauty in front of me. She grabbed my cock and stroked it as it sprang to life then sucked me deep into her mouth and I thought I felt heaven. She sucked me until I was hard and leaned back on the bed, spread that pretty little pussy and asked me to fuck her.

I slid into that tight pussy and it felt like hot, wet velvet hugging my cock as I buried myself balls deep into her and she breathed out "oh fuck yes! Fuck me deep"! And I did. Now I KNEW I felt heaven! I'd love to say I gave her a marathon of long dicking, flipping her this way and that. But I was no match for that velvet pussy. Within about 5 minutes I could feel my cum stirring in my balls and told her I was going to fill her up. I cum a lot. And I cum hard. I plunged as deep as I could go and gave her what she wanted, holding myself there wishing I would never slip from that grip. I slowly fucked her with my cum in her as she told me how much she loved it. I was surprised I stayed hard as long as I did after filling that pretty pussy up. Finally my spent cock slipped out and with it my cum rolled from her pussy and onto the bed. Her man said how hot that was and she just purred. I stood there with a goofy grin on my face not believing what had just happened and told her how beautiful and nasty she was. They liked that.

Then I had to know. I asked if they came to 15th Avenue much. He said they were all over. I asked if they ever go to CT's in Gary. He smiled and said, "Don't you read the blogs? This is the legend that is A". I smiled an even goofier grin (if that's possible) and admired her form in front of me. I told them that reading Doc's reports of her were incredible and how I nearly headed to CT's just in the off chance they might be there. He smiled and told me I chose wisely coming to 15th instead. I thanked them for, well, being the horny, beautiful, nasty, and amazing woman she is and let myself out. By then several gathered in the hall and A was ready for the next. I needed to recuperate and headed to the booth area to check that out.

The blonde and her man I passed as I was walking in had returned and she was entertaining two others in a booth before taking a break. Several chatted before she headed back outside to cool off. I went back into the spa hoping for round 2 with A but she was dressed by then and getting ready to head out. While M and A chatted with others the blonde and her husband headed to the bleacher area with several others in tow. A very nice black gentleman started playing with her as she went down on her man. A & M watched a bit and M tried to coax A into a little bi play with Miss Blonde. By then it was nearly 12:30 and A was ready to head out. They waved bye and attention turned to Miss Blonde as she was now standing and getting fucked hard by B Man while sucking hubby's cock. There were now 9 guys watching the action and all were well behaved and not encroaching on MB's fun. They finished with MB's squirting orgasm and started getting dressed.

I headed out thinking, "unbelievable!!! This place is amazing and even better than expected!" Luckily, I had another day in the area and planned another trip Tuesday night. I tried to temper my excitement as I drove there tonight knowing lightning doesn't often strike twice, let alone on a Monday and Tuesday night. There was no way it could be as good as last night, right? Right?!? It ended up being even better! But, As I lay here in my hotel bed at 2am that story will just have to wait until tomorrow.

Thank you A and M!!! And thank you too, Good Doctor!



Doc here again... Thanks to Longball for an excellent first-time report on his encounter with M&A.  A is as incredible as Longball describes, and despite her innocent looks, is as naughty a girl as I have ever encountered in an adult theater. 

It's hard to imagine what Longball saw on Tuesday night, but we will have to wait and see.  And when his report hits, you will see it here @ The Journal, your one stop shop for this thing of ours.


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