Field Reports from The Flying Dutchman

Doc here with first time reporter, The Flying Dutchman, and a Field Report with a question...
What is/was the name of this ABS/theatre combo?  If you know the answer, please add a comment below with the answer.
About 4 miles east of Sweet Springs, MO, on County Rd 328 which runs parallel to, and just south of I-70, there is/was an Adult Bookstore with easy access via Exit 71 EB or Exit 74 WB. My wife J. and I used to stop there once a year on a trip to or from KC. 
From the bookstore you had access to 2 areas one with booth (don't know if there where GH's)  and the theater which was subdivided into 3 or 4 small theaters with different videos. J. played with and enjoyed quite a few men in them. The place was very couple friendly, as a matter fact on several visits to the theater the off duty clerk/manager (must have been  shift change) came in the theater and played with J.
My wife J. and I stopped there once a year and she enjoyed quite a few men there. You may want to put out a call for reports for this location.
The Flying Dutchman
Doc here again...Thanks to The Flying Dutchman and this nugget.  If you know which place this was/is, add a comment to this report with the name of the theater, and whether it's still open.

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Flash Report! Sixfoot4 on The Barnett Superstore in San Diego

Doc here with a great Flash Report from San Diego's Barnett Avenue Superstore by senior Journal scribe, Sixfoot4.

Friday night is a Couple's night at Barnett, and it looks like 3 couples took advantage of this promotion.

So from San Diego (nee The Whale's Vagina), here is Sixfoot4 and his Flash Report.



Stopped by Barnett Superstore (address in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database) in San Diego on Friday night. Three couples graced those of us in the theater.

The first couple looked to late 20's, a pretty Latin lady and her light skinned black boyfriend. She was wearing jeans and a tank top (red flag for playing right? Unfortunately, right.) He was wearing jeans, a dress shirt and a tie. They were in the back of the theater making our when I walked in. I caught a couple of eye flashes from her, and as they got up and moved to the other theater, I got eye fucked...the kind that makes you think "I'm in".

I followed them to the other theater, she sat against the wall, carefully guarded by boyfriend. They started making out some more, and I got eye fucked while they were kissing. Pretty hot in my book. But alas, it wasn't to be....they whispered something to one another, the guy leaned over to me and said "Hey man do you know where we can score some shit?" Uh no. Sorry. But I'd like to fuck your hot girlfriend. After that, they asked 2 other people I am assuming the same question, and then left. Sigh.

The next couple that came in, an older guy with a smoking hot woman. He looked early 50's, graying hair, in jeans and a golf shirt. She looked to be mid 40's, wore jeans (damn red flags)and a tight little sweater that covered her big tits and flat stomach. She was smoking hot. They whispered and chatted a bit while the flock started forming around her. Everyone was being respectful, and I took up a seat directly in front of her. A great view of her perfect body. The guy was reaching into her jeans and playing with her, she was enjoying the attention of the guys. The guy next to her for some reason got up and left, immediately filled by the closest guy to her. I didn't mind, I had a great view. And she was smiling and loving the eye fucking I was giving her. She pulled up her sweater showing a hot white bra covering her ample tits ( most likely purchased, but I don't care... She was giving a great show). Her pierced belly button was looking sexy as fuck.....Then it happened.

Barnett Superstore
Side Entrance
The ASSHOLE came in the room. Some guy with more beer guts than brains walks up to her, blocking my view by the way, and starts molesting her. I guess he thought "she wants me"... Because he went straight for the tits and the time she pushed him away, one of the bra cups was halfway off her tit and she was covering her face. It happened so fast, all I could say was, "what the fuck, give her some room"....but the damage was done. Her man stood up, said "that was waaaaay too fast"....and they pulled chocks...gone in a flash. I was pissed!

Luckily, later on in the night the regular....I call her old hot lady ( I heard she was 64...but she has a great petite body). She came in wearing a pullover shirt/dress. Her hubby gives my height a run for its money, he is fit, and loves sharing her...he calls her whore and slut...and let's guys shoot their loads on her. She does fuck, but I've never had the privilege. And tonight I was number 2 in line, so I decided to release all over her ass....she was bent over against the wall, and I finger fucked her until I jerked a nut on the small of her back. It was hot. I left after that...but I imagine a lot of guys got their nut.

Sorry for the quick close out....I am boarding a right now.

Love the blog, thanks for the great stories! More to come from me soon....


Doc here again... It's about time we have a positive review on the San Diego scene, after the nightmare in progress at The Jolar Cinema the past couple of weeks.  Many thanks to Sixfoot4 and his reporting skills!


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Flash Report! The Watcher Hits CTs Adult Theater in Gary on Saturday 10/27/12

Doc here with a fantastic Flash Report from Chicago's southern burbs in Northwest Indiana.  Yes, the scene of the fun was CTs Adult Theater in Gary, and luckily senior Journal reporter, The Watcher, was on hand.

I saw all the reports coming from Gary last night, and was considering fueling up The Lizardo 3000 for a run to Gary, but I was shot by 9pm Saturday night.

Luckily, The Watcher was there, and we are the lucky recipients of his reporting skills.

Take it away, sir.


Your old buddy Watcher here - sending you another report from CT's in Gary.  
I was driving back to the Chicago area Saturday night after a couple of days at my tropical southern retreat.  I was torn between a stop at CT's and a visit to 15th Ave in Melrose Park, and was keeping an eye on the email alerts from both of the establishments.  I chose 15th Ave and was about 20 miles past CT's when I caught an alert that the couple from Kalamazoo, MI had just arrived at CT's and would be staying until the cocks ran out, or until they were kicked out.   I couldn't find the next exit soon enough, and soon was on my way back to Gary.  
CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
When I arrived, I saw Miss Kalamazoo and was glad I had made the U-turn.  Miss Kalamazoo is an attractive brunette who is HWP with medium breasts and a nice curvy ass.  Her best feature is a pair of beautiful blue eyes.
I went into the theater to see a nearly full house watching another couple having fun in the front row. There was a chair open next to them, and I started to sit down when the guy barked at me "No touching unless you're invited!"    Doc, the last time I checked, that's the number one rule anyway.  I sat down next to them and watched as they continued their fun. BTW, Mrs. No Touch is a tall brunette who is on the heavy side, but cute in the face with a nice little button nose.
Mr. and Mrs. Kalamazoo came into the theater and sat in the back, and I moved into a seat next to them. They watched the action up front for a while, and after a few minutes they stood up to leave the theater.  I knew they had been going back and forth between the theater and the booths, so I followed them into the booths.  Behind door #2 they went, and immediately rooms #1 and #3 were occupied with hopeful men. 
I waited out side one of the rooms and couldn't help but think how much this reminded me of an x-rated version of "Let's Make a Deal".  I knew where the big prize was, but had no idea whether my choice of doors would end up being the right one.   After a few minutes, out came the couple.  I asked if they were going back to the theater, and they told me they weren't interested in the guys in either room, so they were just leaving until those guys gave up.  I hung close and sure enough, after a few minutes - Kalamazoo and I went back into the booth area.  
They must have liked their choices on both sides, because as I settled in to watch through the hole, Mrs Michigan went to town on the cock on the opposite side.  She sucked, while her husband fucked her from behind.  After contestant #1 spilled his prize, Mrs. "Smitten with the Mitten" turned her attention my way.  
Doc, let me say that I'm always a bit apprehensive about glory holes.  My mommy and daddy didn't name me Watcher for nothing.  They knew how important visual stimulation was to me. I love glory hole porn, but actually participating is a different ball game. You can't see what's going on, and without that visual stimulation, it's very difficult to cross the finish line. 
I've since looked up the origin of the word Kalamazoo, and apparently it's a Native American word that means "the area where animals wounded by Indians crawl to die."   That seems about right as after just a few minutes of what felt like incredible oral talents on the other side of the wall, my balls were empty and the one-eyed Watcher was curling up to die.   Mrs. Kalamazoo didn't seem to want to say goodbye to my meat and she kept playing with it for a while after I came - not giving me a chance to pull away.  I could have stayed put and she probably could have gotten me ready to round two, but I didn't want to deprive others from experiencing her incredible mouth.  I finally pulled back, looked through and said thanks.  
I did stick around, and upon returning to the theater, Mr. and Mrs. "Don't Touch" were still at it.  She was still sucking and fucking and he was still barking orders at everybody not to crowd them.  About the time the exhibitionist couple was finishing up, another couple with a BBW showed up.  I was in the back row again, and next to Kalamazoo one more time.  We were all watching as this new slut wasted no time taking off her clothes, sitting on the table, and announcing to the packed theater "well, doesn't anyone have a cock for me?"   A group of guys quickly surrounded her, and she made it clear that condoms were required for everything.   She proceeded to give attention to as many covered cocks as she could.  
After a few minutes, Kalamazoo was up again and headed out to the lobby. I followed, because as great as it felt to have my cock drained by this Michigan cutie, I was hoping to make it happen again where I could see her in action. It felt like she had some serious deep throat skills, and (being the Watcher) I wanted to see them in action. To my disappointment, they headed for the parking lot.  I soon found out they probably weren't done, just taking a break in the car.  
About that time, another couple with a BBW came in, and headed quickly into the theater.   It was certainly an action filled night at CT's and it wasn't slowing down.  I stepped into the theater, but knew I probably wasn't interested in playing with either of the ladies that were there. I wanted to find a place to sit to continue my reporting duties, but I don't think there were even enough seats for the new couple that had just arrived.  I returned to the lobby, and decided that it was time for me to hit the road.    
Another fantastic night near the Gary Airport for this reporter, and for a lot of other participants in "this thing of ours."
Watcher, signing off.

Doc here again...Many thanks to The Watcher for a action packed yet entertaining Flash report from CTs, one of the most hardcore adult theaters in the country.  Keep up the great work, sir.


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Couple's Flash Report! Sexy Cpl From Wisconsin at 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicagoland

Doc here with a dynamite First time Couple's Flash Report from Sexy Cpl From Wisconsin.  Their first trip to an adult theater happened to be at 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL  (in Chicago's western burbs), and luckily for them it's one of the best couple's friendly theaters in the country.
From their account, not only was their first trip a good one, they are coming back for more.
Here is the Sexy Cpl From Wisconsin and their Couple's Flash Report...
Hi Doc,
This was the first time S & I ever done this type of thing, and we both enjoyed it. The 15th Avenue Book Store and Theater was a very clean place. We ended up being the only couple there.
We checked out the whole  place and found the video booths. After entering and bringing up a movie, S sat and I unzipped my tool. She took it in her mouth and started to suck and stroke it as a pro that she is. After several  minutes of  enjoying her mouth I  pulled her up and turned her around. As she  bent over I lifted her short denim skirt exposing that perfect ass and pussy to my now throbbing cock.
15th Avenue Adult Theater
Melrose Park, IL
As I slid my cock in S, I heard a moan of pleasure come from her. We fucked for a few minutes to get her pussy well lubed, then stopped to go into main theater.
We took a seat in the last row of the couples section. There were 10 to 12 guys watching us. S took out my cock and leaned over and started to suck on it as I pulled up her skirt to expose her to the guys moving closer for a good view of her now very wet shaven pussy. Now the guys pulled out their cocks and started stroking to her rhythm as she went up and down my cock. I was fingering S's hot pussy, which was making her even wetter. She then sat up and said she wanted her pussy eaten, so I knelt down between her now wide spread legs, and began a ten minute munch and lick session. She was moaning in pleasure as I licked her to a long orgasm.
We then sat back and she spread her legs over the row in front of us so I could rub her clit and swollen pussy. As I started to suck on one of her exposed tits, she motioned for one guy to come closer that was stroking his cock. She started playing with it as she leaned forward to lick the head of his cock. Very shortly afterwards he shot a very large load of his cum all over her arm, chest and inside of her leg.
After cleaning up we got up and went to the bookstore and purchased a t-shirt and a outfit for S to wear next time. As we where doing this, the young man came out and thanked S for getting him off and she told him "no, thank you! It was my pleasure."
We then left saying we will be back soon. S says next time if he is there, she wants to fuck him. Will let you know how that goes.
Sxy Cpl From Wisconsin
Doc here again... Many thanks to SCFW for an outstanding first report, and it was good to see that their visit to 15th Avenue in Chicagoland was productive and fun.  Keep up the great work, and keep submitting reports.

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UPDATED! The Return Of Smut For A Sunday Evening! 15 Pic Gallery!

Doc here with the return of a feature that first debuted in 2010: Smut For A Sunday Evening!

The mission statement for Smut For A Sunday Evening is pretty simple:

1) No clever reports.
2) No amusing anecdotes.
3) Just hot photos inside adult theaters

Sure it's not as compelling as Arthur Jones' mission statement:

1) Younger Women.
2) Faster airplanes.
3) Bigger crocodiles.

So here we go... Enjoy the return of SFASE...

Sunday 10/28/12's Gallery (Click Images To ENLARGE)

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Couple's Flash Report! The Lovely Lucy @ The Midtown Theatre in Tulsa, OK

Doc here with another fantastic Couple's Flash Report from someone I'm keeping a close eye on, The Lovely Lucy.  LL has only been in the adult theatre scene for a short amount of time, but she has jumped in with both feet, and right into the deep end.

This report focuses back to Tulsa's Midtown Adult Theater, and has an equal amount of good and bad.

Take it away, LL!


Hello my Doctor,

Saturday night we decided to go back to the Midtown Theatre in Tulsa for another go round.

We had gone a few weeks back on a Tuesday afternoon (report HERE) and had our first official interaction with others. Well I did anyway:). Four hard cocks at one time! I must say it was magical. So going on a Saturday night I thought would be another epic experience...NOT!  Just stay with me here, after my rant there is action to follow.

We go in around 9:00 pm and my husband paid his $6.00 to the man. Due to anonymous tip left by one of your readers, my husband learned there was a couples theatre inside the Midtown. We went into the couples room where it was very clean and surprisingly had a cinema type screen. A couple
men were in there nothing too out of the ordinary. We set there for a few minutes watching the movie and decided to go back to the other room where we had been on two other occasion's. Not much going on there either.

Midtown Adult Theatre
Tulsa, OK

This part of the theatre has 3 different small rooms you can walk into. Of course here comes all the men following us around, making it very uncomfortable to get situated. We walked into the 3rd cinema where I about threw up due to the smell of the place. It had a stench that still burns my nose. There was one man in there and I said" how are you sitting in here and what is that smell"? His reply was "people piss on the floors all the time in here"! Oh my!

We made a bee-line towards the door and low and behold I run into a couple that I have known for years(a business relationship). Needless to say you can see where this is going. The new guy working there noticed my deer in the headlight look after I had a brief conversation with them, and they
left the theatre. He was so comforting and said "hey they are in here too, don't worry about it"! It was his first night working there.

So we went back into the couples theatre, and were followed again. We did talk to a nice man for a few minutes and I couldn't focus on anything except how nasty that room was and seeing people I knew. We walked to the front and asked if we could come back in a few minutes after we went to get a drink. The new guy was unsure so he asked the manager. The manager was very rude and said we had 15 minutes or he was charging again. Now keep in mind we were the only couple in the whole
place. I told him how disgusting his theatre was and his attitude and he probably needed to be in a different field of work, and no wonder no one comes into this place because of poor management.

So that leads us to yesterday, and after a couple pep talks from my husband and my mentor (ed. note: That would be The Good Doctor), I suggested we go back on Monday during the daytime. After all I am no quitter.

So we arrive around 4:30 p.m walk in and the new guy said "Wow I thought I would never see you guys again." He apologized and so did the day time manager. They also informed us that the smelly room is where the gay people hang out and do not ever go in there (duly noted!).

We went back into the couples theatre just one man in there sniffing away at his VCR cleaner and making sweet love to himself (and man was he tugging it). Nothing going on in here, so we moved to the room where we have been 2 other times. We no longer get situated and a tall handsome man
walks in the room.. He had a mysterious and laid back vibe about him. He leaned against the wall and asked if he could sit down. I was already attracted to him and my husband said "sure man, go ahead".

I started playing with my husbands cock, stroking it up and down getting him rock hard. The man stood up and slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge cock. He said "I am just here to watch, unless you want something else". My husband wrapped the back of his hand around
my neck and lead me to his dick. I start sucking on his cock for a few minutes and the mysterious man has moved closer to me and has his cock out. As in the past I get so excited when I see another cock that I went right for it.

He was taking it slow going in and out stroke by stroke . I then turned to my husband and he starts face fucking me until I can not breathe and pulls out his balls for me to suck on. The man was telling my husband how much of a lucky man he was.

I turned back to the mystery man and grabbed him by the waist and made him shove his cock deep down my throat. Then I started working both cocks. Sucking one while working the other one with my hand alternating back and forth. Both of them were to the point of coming. I looked up at my
husband and he came all in my mouth. Then I looked up at the mystery man and he said "I am coming baby" so I opened my mouth and let him shoot his big load down the back of my throat. They both tasted so good, and it left me hungry for more.

We will be going to Dallas in November to check out Exposed (new theatre is Dallas) and return to the Lido(Lucy's Lido report HERE).

Until then keep the cocks rocking and ladies keep an open mind. Our journey into the adult world started 3 months ago. I'm looking forward to see how far it takes us.



Doc here again... Many, many thanks to the very naughty Lovely Lucy, as she continues her journey into the dark side of this thing of ours. Keep the reports coming, kind Miss. 


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Service Bulletin: Server Upgrade Complete @ The Journal

Doc here with a quick update from the bank of servers that power The Dark Side The Journal of Adult Theaters.

Saturday was devoted to a long needed update of The Journal's servers and back-up systems, plus installation of an upgraded operating system (Windows 8). 

This upgrade resulted in no new reports being posted earlier today, so hopefully you were able to enjoy going to an adult theater instead of reading about an adult theater.

The good news is that the upgrade is complete, hardware testing is finished, and software seems to be running much faster.  Blogger also seems to like Windows 8 much better than Windows 7.  Everyone can remain calm and carry on.

Regular reports resume Sunday morning.

Speaking of reports, The Good Doctor could really use more adult theater reports... As always, please send them direct to me at First time reporters, please supply a pen name you wish to use for your reports going forward. 

Thanks for your patience today.


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Halloween Party @ Berlin News Agency TONIGHT! 9pm to 1AM

Doc here with a quick note...
Regular reporter Riddick just passed on this information to The Good Doctor...
The Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ is hosting a Halloween party Saturday 10/27/2012. It will go from  9pm- 1am.
This is definitely to be hot!!!!
A report or three from BNA on tonight's fun would be great!

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Flash Report! The Oral Reporter on The Circle Cinema in Wichita, KS

Doc here with a Flash Report from senior scribe The Oral Reporter... The Circle Cinema is our focal point.
Take it away TOR!
Here is another one from the Circle Cinema in Wichita, KS.
Thursday the 18th of October I was in Wichita for work, so Thursday night I went to the Circle Cinema.  This place has been around for many years and it is actually a round theater, with a balcony on each side.
I arrived around 8 PM, paid my senior ticket price of $4.00 (what a bargain) I have been there on several previous occasions, some were fruitful and others were not. This being a Thursday I was not feeling very lucky. The parking lot was pretty empty. I entered the theater and when my eyes were adjusted to the dark theater, I moved upstairs to the balcony on the right if you are facing the screen. There were three guys in a sausage fest, and that was all that was there.

I am a patient man, so I sat back and watched the movie. About 1 hour later in came a Unicorn, (for any of you out there that don't know what a unicorn is, it's a single female). I recognized her from a previous trip to the Circle Cinema a couple of months ago. I knew she played, so I waited to see where she sat down and I went over to her, sat down next to her and asked her if I could play like I did last time.
Circle Cinema
Wichita, KS
She was wearing a denim skirt, a loose top no panties and no bra. She said yes, so I started in with her tits and then raised up her skirt to gain access to her partially shaved pussy. My fingers went to work on her.  She was a little dry, but that changed pretty quick. I of course had my dick out for her to play with. She is White, about 5' 3 or 4" tall, probably about 150 to 160 pounds,  her hair is short and brunette, and she is not a bad looking lady of about 45 to 50 years old.
Another guy came over and sat on her other side and began playing with her tits and then with her pussy. She told the two of us that all she wanted was to get fucked. Several more guys came into the theater while we were playing with her, so we moved back up into the right hand balcony, where the other guy bent her over and did her doggie style. He did not use a condom, and she did not seem to mind it, but I decided to pass on doing her even with a condom.
 I did get off watching them go at it right next to me. She sat for a while and just like the last time I had seen her, she kept checking her cell phone and then got up and left. She had been there for about 1 hour total. Last time she did come back and enjoyed her self some more, this time she did not come back.
 I was talking to the clerk (red haired guy) and I asked him about her, since she seemed to be a regular. I commented on not seeing single women (Unicorns) in very many of the XXX theaters. He told me that she comes in probably once or twice a month, but she is not a single woman. She comes in alone, but then her male friend (an older black guy) comes in a few minutes later and just sits and watches her. I think he and her are texting on the cell phones, then he will leave and she will leave a few minutes later.
So much for the Unicorn.
No other couples that night, but for $4.00 (senior ticket) I can't complain I have run into couples there on previous trips, and been lucky enough to play with them.
Not sure where the next XXX theater will be but I will keep you posted.
Oral Reporter signing off.
Great stuff TOR... Keep the reports coming in!

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Call For Reports!

Doc here, your Prime Minister of  Funk, with a Call for Reports.

Regular readers may have noticed that October is on pace to have the highest number of reports posted in a single month. The Journal is on pace for 60+ reports this month. With that number of reports posted, the more reports that are needed to fill the perv pipeline. 

This is where you can help The Good Doctor... I am looking for Flash Reports (recent visits by couples and singles), Field Reports (scouting missions and review of an adult theater, which are critical is building our database), and of course Blasts From The Past (highlighted visits to adult theaters from days gone by).  All are important here @ The Journal, and in high demand.

Here are the guidelines:
  • First time contributors: Please include a pen name you wish to use for your reports moving forward.  Also, make the pen name something fun, but not too long either.
  • Make sure you mention the date of the visit, the name of the theater, and the city it's in.
  • If possible, please take a pic of the outside of the theater/ABS. That helps with the illustration piece of your report.
  • Lastly, please run a spell check before you hit the send button. 
Following these 4 items will make The Good Doctor a very happy MD. And with your 2nd submitted report, I will create your own custom logo to go with your subsequent reports.

Please send your reports direct to me at, and we can get started.

The Good Doctor will edit and format your reports, and drop in pics to illustrate.  You get the glory, and the byline.

Thanks again for making The Journal what it is today!


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Blast From The Past" Southerngentlemen615 on Nashville's "World's Largest Adult Bookstore"

Doc here with a fantastic Blast From The Past from first time contributor, Southerngentlemen615.

His location for his report is "The World's Largest Adult Bookstore" in Nashville, TN.  I was able to find a pic of it on the net, but have no idea who the guy in the foreground could be.

Here is SG's report...



I have been following your site for awhile and just knew I had a few stories of my own! I live in Nashville, TN and unfortunately, all of our adult theaters have been closed and glory holes boarded up. The only thing left are adult bookstores where you can buy magazines and DVDs. No booths or screens. Sad, I know.

About 10 years ago, though, Nashville was a busy hub for adult theaters, strip clubs, and massage parlors. One night, after clubbing, I talked my girlfriend into going into "The World's Largest Adult Bookstore", the largest, most hottest theater in town. As we went through the front door, I could tell that she was nervous. I assured her that if anything crazy happened, we would leave immediately.

The place was huge, with the first floor filled with books, DVDs, tapes, toys, etc. As you walked towards the back, all the booths aligned the walls and a set of steps took you down to the basement. The basement is where both theaters were-gay and straight. I convinced her (we'll call her Kate) to go downstairs to see what was going on down there. We browsed all the videos and mags, and she asked the clerk what went on in the theaters. The clerk said,"Fun!", so Kate agreed we should give it a try. We paid our $6.00 and made our way back to the theater.

As we went in, darkness surrounded us and we couldn't see for a brief moment. We just stood in the back, waiting on our eyes to adjust. I took Kate's hand and led her down to the second row on the left of the theater. Of course, as soon as we sat down another gentlemen, who looked around 45, sat down beside Kate. Kate leaned over into me and I held on to her. The movie was an older film with a girl getting pounded by two older guys. Much to my amazement, Kate begin kissing me after 10 minutes or so. I heard a zipper and glanced over to see my new friend jacking his cock, looking at my girlfriend. We kissed passionately for another 10 minutes, and Kate whispered how hot she thought it would be if others could watch her suck my cock. I pulled it out and she began stroking me slowly and watching the film.

Within a matter of minutes, she was sucking like the Kate that I knew. I was rock hard and was trying my best to hold back in case something great happened. My friend had pulled his pants all the way down to the ground and was stroking away. Kate looked up at me, then at him, and asked if it would be ok for her to touch him. I said, "Sure. Whatever you want to do." She grabbed our friend's cock and slowly started stroking it with her left hand as she was stroking mine with her right. I raised her skirt up just enough to slide her panties over and feel how wet her pussy was. This drove my buddy crazy, who tried to get a feel, but Kate pulled his hand away.

Then she looked at me and asked if I wanted to watch her suck his cock. I said, "Sure. Whatever you want." Kate sucked for a few minutes, and then climbed into my lap. She gave me a deep kiss and then whispered how she wanted to fuck me in front of our friend. I pulled her panties over and slid my rock hard cock inside her pussy. My friend stood up and put his cock right up against Kate's lips. She started sucking our friend while she was riding me. I lasted a whole minute or so and blew the largest nut inside her I have ever blew. This caused my friend to lose it and Kate swallowed every drop of his nut.

We got dressed really fast, and got back to the car as quickly as possible! All the way home, Kate kept asking if I thought she was a whore. I assured her that we were only having fun, and we could forget all about it. Ahhhh......the good ole' days in Nashvegas. I have several more stories.....until then...later!

Your Pal-


Thanks to SG615 for a terrific Blast From The Past!  Keep them coming, sir.


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Field Report! The Captain Resurfaces at Fantasy Zone in Memphis

Doc here with the return of that crusty old sea dog himself, The Captain!  Life on the high seas can be tough, but Cappy has returned with new information on an existing ABS with a mini-theater in Memphis called Fantasy Zone that eluded The Good Doctor's database (info is now updated on the dB).
Here is our good friend, and at the wheel of the Wally Power Yacht, The Captain!

Fantasy Zone
2532 North Watkins
Memphis TN 38127
  • Small Theater and bookstore
  • Open 9-11 p.m. Monday to Saturday. theatre closes at 11 p.m.
  • Video arcade recently renovated this month Oct 2012
  • Right off I-40 exit 2a
  • Pic attached of front door - been there since at least 2002!
  • 2nd hand report of a couple there on 10/12 about 8:30pm playing with gen pop.
  • Report of an impromptu BBW gangbang on 9/19 and another couple played with gen pop evening of 9/21
  • An interesting twist is the theater has special monthly invitation only events, some are gay, some bi, and some couples only. Have to attend theater on a regular basis to get an invite due to an ever vigilant bible belt branded LEO. Heard you can get on the list if you call theater as well, but this being an election year they may be coy.
Through some Googling I found one of the events is a "blackout party" for gay men. 2 hours of total darkness in the theater from 10pm-12 midnight on a Sat once a month - not sure of the details beyond what I read.
I'm trying like heck to get to Art Friday night 10/19 around 7pm!


Doc here again... I have added Fantasy Zone to the dB.  Thanks again to The Captain for the info, and for checking in.  Don't be a stranger, sir!


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Coming Attraction! Gloryhole Nancy @ Romantix in Battle Creek (w/PIC)

Doc here with a Coming Attraction for you, the good readers of The Journal.  Tomorrow, yes, tomorrow 10/23, the insatiable Gloryhole Nancy is going to Romantix in Battle Creek, MI.
You want details? I have details, along with a new pic of Nancy at the gloryhole.
Here are the details...
Hi there Doc,
Just letting you know we are going to Romantix in Battle Creek, MI (address in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database) on Tuesday 10/23 in the afternoon/early evening. If all goes well we'll be sure to shoot you a report. 
If you could let your loyal readers in that area know that would be great, and if they want to email us directly with cock pics and more details even better:)  Our email is,  and if they include a cock pic and Nancy likes it we'll make sure we get together. She's in the mood to oil up her DD's and titfuck any cock that comes through the hole, so please let your readers know we will be there! 
Thanks for your help Doc, and we'll be sure to let you know how it goes (WITH pics this time lol.) Take care and thanks again!
Gloryhole Nancy and T

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Flash Report! JaxBchBum on Pure Pleasures in Gainesville, FL

Doc here with senior reporter JaxBchBum, and his latest from Adult Pleasures/ Theater X just outside Gainesville, FL.
Here we go...
After a couple of visits to Pure Pleasures/Theater X (just outside of Gainesville, FL) over the last month that were not worthy of a report due to a lack of action, I finally lucked out again this past Sunday.
Arrived at the theatre about 3pm, paid my $20, and went inside. There were 2 other guys there, both sitting together on a couch in the back row so I went down to the 2nd row to the middle couch. Wasn't there more than 30 minutes when an older couple (mid-late 50s) came into the theater.
The lady looked dressed to play with a short black skirt and a button up blouse, but they went down to the front row and sat down on the couch in front of me. From their sitting positions it didn't look like anything was going on as they would constantly make whispered comments about the action on the screen. Thinking maybe I was missing something, I stood up to go out and get a bottle of water and looked over. He was stroking himself and she had her hands in her lap but they were visible and not under her skirt. They stayed for about 30 minutes and then left.
Pure Pleasures/Theater X
Hawthorne, FL

Afternoon was pretty quiet with only other guys coming in; but at least they came and sat down and there wasn't this going back and forth between the arcade and the theatre like sometimes happens which destroys any good couples vibe. I was about ready to leave when the couple that I referred to as Matt and Dana in my Sept. 12 posted report (the night of 5 Couples!) came in. They sat down in the couch on the back row against the wall right behind me.
 As usual, Dana was dressed in a short black skirt with no panties and a clingy top. Dana was seated against the wall so it was hard for me to look back without fully turning around and being too obvious. But I knew from past experiences that once they got started, they welcomed viewers so I waited about 10 minutes and I heard some soft moans coming from Dana. Sure enough, Matt's cock is outside his pants and being stroked by Dana while he is fingering her pussy and alternating between rubbing her delicious exposed tits. This goes on for some time getting Dana closer and closer and then Matt backs off. Then Dana bends over, undoes the belt and drops Matt's shorts and begins giving him a BJ. She gets Matt close and he stops her. Then it is back to her leaning back and Matt rubbing her pussy and tits while she strokes his cock. Then Matt gets down on his knees on the floor and begins eating out Dana's pussy.

Then the wrinkle and what makes this thing of ours so interesting as you never know quite what to expect even for couples that you have seen before. After Matt sits back up on the couch, Dana reaches into her bag and brings out a cock shaped dildo/vibrator. Nothing gigantic, but average size. She turns it on to low speed (from the hum) and begins rubbing it up and down her smooth slit, and then she would slowly insert it inside her pussy. Meanwhile Matt is stroking his cock with his right hand while pulling her pussy lips apart with his left hand.
From the reflected light of the screen, it was easy to tell that Dana was getting wet from the action. While she generally kept her eyes closed, every now and then she would open them up and look at the others in the theatre and give that slight mischievous smile.
So a couple of guys move into the row they were on and are standing there stroking their cocks while watching Matt & Dana play. I have noted in previous reports that the couches there have moderately high backs. This provides some level of privacy but also has the negative effect of making the seating area of the couch in a dark shadow. Well, Matt came prepared this time and pulls out a small mag lite and turns it on and focuses the beam on Dana's pussy as she really starts working the dildo. This causes everyone to move a little closer but still respecting their personal space.
Matt is holding the light with his right hand while alternately spreading her pussy lips and dipping his fingers inside while she works the dildo. Dana is clearly enjoying the pleasurable action as the speed of the dildo increases and makes more frequent disappearing acts inside her pussy and then up against her swollen clit. After some time, she reaches an orgasm that clearly wasn't faked as her pussy juices flowed freely.
After a brief rest, it was Matt's turn. Dana bends back over him and begins sucking him off. Since her head is down in the shadows of his crotch, Matt turns the flashlight back on so all could watch her slowly work his cock up and down in her mouth and lick the head. Matt is really a stud as he survived this action for more than 10 minutes before he said he was close and exploded in her mouth. With that, they took a breather for a few minutes, dressed and left to the many thanks of the guys in the theatre and this writer.

Another pleasurable visit to Pure Pleasures!
Doc here again... Thanks to JaxBchBum for another strong Flash Report from Gainesville.  He had had some remarkable luck at this location, and hopefully they will see even more couples traffic in the coming days and months.

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Hartford Report #1! Incognito on Friday 10/19 @ The Art Cinema

Doc here, reporting live from Hartford. It was great to get back to The Art Cinema, albeit a little late on Friday night.

OK, a lot late. 

The good news is that Journal scribe Incognito was on hand, and is the first one to submit a report on Friday night at Ernie's terrific venue for this thing of ours.  I had the pleasure of talking with Incognito in the lobby, and he could not have been any nicer. 

Here is Incognito's report on Hartford Night #1....


Upon arriving and paying Ernie for entry, I noticed a commotion behind me as I was entering the theater. Thinking it was Doc arriving, I turned around and saw a gorgeous dark-haired 23 yr old girl showing off her perfect globes and shaved pussy to those assembled, as she was accompanied by another girl and guy. The guy was pulling up her skirt for those lucky enough to be in the lobby, and to get some great snapshots. They paid and quickly made their way into the main auditorium of the theater, with a swarm of men quickly gathering around before they even had a chance to sit.

When they sat down, they both quick went to work on the guys around them. I was near the hot dark-haired girl when he raised her dress to reveal not only was she shaved, but she was also pierced. I knelt down to play with her pussy and the guy grabbed my head and pushed my face towards her pussy. Of course I couldn't resist a meal like this and dove right in while she continued to squirm and work on the guys behind her.

The other girl (a taller curvier brunette) was grabbing all the cock around her face and deep throating everyone. The first guy ended up cumming on the dark haired girls shoulder ( note to guys: don't fucking dump your load on a girl unless you ask permission if its OK first). The guy was mad because he didn't want any cum on this beauty and quickly told him to wipe it up. Then another pre-cummer followed suit and did it too! The guy was aggravated and said the next time he's going on the balcony.

By this time a few guys with condoms in their hands were lining up to fuck this beauty. I backed away to let them have their fun and moved over to the warmest deep throat I ever felt. She worked my shaft and balls until I exploded. Some other guys were negotiating buying a condom off someone for $20 just to fuck the dark haired beauty as I went to clean up.

I came back hoping to fuck this dark-haired beauty, but they were making their way up to the balcony. Damn. I ended up talking with Ernie for a bit out front and he let me know that the Doc would be a little late because of traffic.

There were 2 other couples that had also arrived that quickly made their way to the balcony as well. I was hoping they would come down soon and join the rest of us down below. The dark haired girl and her two friends came down, but they had to make it back home, as they told us they drove all the way down from New Hampshire to check out the theater and Doc. The dark haired girl is a fantasy dancer in a small club in New Hampshire (I don't want to divulge anymore info and the guy was an avid reader of the blog so maybe he can fill in more info - also let us know when you're coming back). She said this was the first time she had ever done this, boy did she learn quickly :)

In The Balcony
Unfortunately I had to break away early, so I could not wait for everyone to come down in hopes to get some more play. The Doc can fill in the rest of the night for everyone. Hopefully I can make it for round 2 tonight if my plans go well.

If not then there's always next time.
Doc here again... A big thank you to for being johnny on the spot with the first report (of what will be many) from Hartford. I had the chance to meet the threesome from New Hampshire, and the girls were as hot as Incognito described.  We wish we had been there earlier to witness their playing.  Rain check please?
Note: To the NH Threesome - Please e-mail me at I have a couple of questions for you.  Thanks!
Saturday night promises to be a wild night at The Art Cinema. The weather is gorgeous, and several couples have reached out to The Good Doctor.  The plan is to be at the Art by 7:15pm at the latest. I immensely enjoy meeting the good readers of The Journal, as well as patrons of this thing of ours. Don't hesistate to come up and say hello. 
See you tonight!

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Flash Report! The Oral Reporter @ Deja Vu in Ontario, CA

Doc here with a new report from regular contributor, The Oral Reporter. This report is focused on Deja Vu in Ontario, CA, and The Oral reporter does a great job breaking it down for us.
Here he is, The Oral Reporter...
Good Doctor,
I was in the LA area for the weekend, and had to decide where to go. A couple of weeks ago I went to the Jolar in San Diego, I found the place to be OK, but the only couple that was there while I was in the theater seemed to be being chased around from theater to theater so they left. No play time for them.
This time I decided to try the Deja Vu Theater in Ontario CA. I got there pretty early around 6 PM, paid my $10 dollar entrance fee, got my wrist band and entered the very small theater. There is a small back standing area, then one couch, and then 6 lazy boy type of chairs. Not really conducive to play. This theater is a little different, it shows 4 different movies on one big screen and 3 small TVs on each side. The 4 movies are 3 straight and one gay. There are also about 10 small booths, I did not see any glory holes in any of the booths. I did not go in everyone of them so there might have been some.
Deja Vu
Ontario, CA
I was in the theater for about 2 hours when the first and only couple came in. Mid 40's couple, she was dressed for play, so there was some hope. She had on a short denim skirt, and a top that could have easily been raised up for play. Everyone was pretty respectful and did not swarm around them. She stroked his dick through his pants, but not release the one eyed snake.
After a while they got up and went behind the small wall which is a little above her waist in height. I could see her arm moving so I knew she was stroking him again. There were a couple of guys back there and had their cocks out and playing with them. After about 20 minutes they went back to the only couch and proceeded to watch the movies and she played with him a little more through his pants. several of us turned our chairs around so we could watch them a little closer, and a couple of us were stroking ourselves with dicks out. The Couple did not mind us watching and did not seem to mind seeing us stroking ourselves.
About 30 minutes later they got up and went to the small booth areas, no action there either, and then they left and I was hoping they would come back later but no luck. I stayed until closing which is 4AM and there were no more couples, just a sausage fest with several of the guys in the theater.
So neither the Jolar or the Deja Vu  seemed to be worth going too. I did talk to several of the guys in the theater and they said on weekends there are usually couples. I guess this was just an off Saturday night.
I will be back in LA probably in two weeks so I may try one of the places again. I am expecting to be back at the Circle Cinema in Wichita, KS, later this week.
The Oral Reporter signing out.
Doc here again...Thanks to The Oral Reporter for another solid report. Keep up the fine work, sir.

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Cancel The Amber Alert! ! Bob in Biloxi Returns, & Has Pics

Doc here with good news... We can cancel the Amber Alert for Bob in Biloxi!  Bob has resurfaced with a new report, and 8 new pics of The Red Headed Goddess.

Remember to click on the pics to enlarge them...

Take it away Bob!


Hi Doc,

A mini report from your long lost Gulf Coast reporter. As you know, this reporter has been tied up on Saturday nights with a smoking hot 40 something professional woman who likes to work out her weekly stress on said reporter.

That said I could not in good conscience refuse another offer to meet with the Red-Headed Goddess from our beautiful Gulf Coast last Friday night. Followers of this saga will remember the Goddess has extremely exceptional oral skills along with a smoking hot, tight, wet little love canal. When I was invited to meet up with the Goddess at an undisclosed hotel near Biloxi, there was no way I could let an opportunity like this go by.

The time of the appointment was at 7:00 pm, room 213. As I tapped on the door, I was greeted by the goddess herself, dressed in a flowing print dress, her long red mane and face made up to please and satisfy; she always dresses to the nines. I got a giggle and hug as I walked in. Prior to my arrival and a week before, we exchanged several sex texts in which she told me she was nervous (again) about our meeting. Seems her mind thinks I’m well-endowed and was worried about the comfort level (I am only slightly above average, folks).

She also told me she just wanted to get fucked hard and be sore the next day, but wanted me to start out slow and gentle. Well slow and gentle is this reporters middle name, but in the back of my mind I did put a check mark by the sore and walking funny the next day.

As I entered the Goddess jump on the bed and was looking up at me, so being the servant I am, I whipped out old faithful who was quickly rising to the Goddess’s touch, and like a fish to water she gently started sucking and licking the poor fellow. As you remember mortal men cannot take much of the goddess’s talent without shooting a geyser of baby batter everywhere. So I had to stop her suggesting she get more comfortable and lose the apparel, doc she can undress at the blink of an eye!!

As she got comfy and resumed her oral exam I made another suggestion of a full blown 69, she accepted and I was greeted with her perfectly shaved clit pierced already dripping wet pussy. That was a mouthful to read wasn’t it? When I was satisfied the soldier was at full attention, I moved her around so she could impale herself at her pace. It was one of those OMG moments as I was greeted by her velvet glove like pussy, accompanied by the expression on her face (at last?) as she slowly took me all the way in bottoming out, with that she just rested for a moment, then slowly started moving those luscious hips and purring like the sex kitten she is…

After an orgasm or two on top, the data bit stored in my mind blinked (I want a sore pussy @BOB.COM). I then rolled her under and started long dicking her each time making sure I hit bottom! Gradually increasing the pace and force in which she received me. She brought along her trusty silver bullet and would touch her clit and just explode, time for doggy! I was able to re-enter the slice of heaven from behind and have the most perfect view of the most perfect little (don’t fuck me in the ass) asshole, which yours truly started massaging with his thumb. Three orgasms later I was at the point of no return and unleashed 2.3 gallons of Bob’s baby batter as deep as it would go.
Red heads actually turn bright red when they cum, she was the color of a fire engine when we were done, but had a big smile on her face for some reason??

We talked for a bit and I remembered some lady saying that a man should wash off all the pussy before he engaged another woman. I figured I would go by the theater and the ABS to see what was up at both places in order to file a report. So, armed with one of your lady submitters rule, I took a shower and a left the Goddess to bask in our reunion. With wobbly legs I made my way to the HD and headed off to the various establishments.

Upon arriving at the theater I noticed there were very few vehicles in the lot. Not a good sign. As many readers down here know, last weekend and next is Cruising the Coast (mega showing of Hot Rods, classic cars and rat rods) The beach road was jammed on the way to the theater, but it seems all attention was on this event. Down the street at the ABS the lot was full, but alas, a confused folk, and gay events were in progress. I stayed for a while just to watch the goings on, but no couples at either place presented themselves while this reporter was on station. I talked to both clerks and was advised no couples had been in all day.

Partially bummed out I left and headed back to homestead, it is a two hour drive and there was not much I could do after the Goddess had her way with me anyway.

I’d like to take this opportunity to let Brent and floyd know I will be making my yearly Portland trek for Halloween arriving Oct 30th, departing Nov. 6th this year. Reading their reports it seems P-town has some new and rising stars at this thing of ours! “Koral” looks smoking hot along with some other talented ladies up there this year. I hope my pals can put out a good word for me.

In closing, our site has really taken off, talent like “Nancy” (wow she is the bomb) and “Hannah” along with the other attractive ladies have made your site the go to for all things in this thing of ours! Much congrats on the great work Doc.

I will try and send reports from my adventures as I get them in P-Town, hopefully with some bit of luck I can sample the extreme talent that wonderful city has to offer…..



Doc here again... It's good to have you back, Bob.  Keep up the great work!


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