Flash Report: Last Night in San Diego's Adult Theaters by Tom Austin

Doc here with a Flash Report from new contributing reporter, Tom Austin.  Tom will be providing adult theater reports from across the country, as he is (as his banner suggests), a traveling man.  In this report we get a snapshot of San Diego on a Wednesday night (as in last night 3/30/11), home of Ron Burgundy and also 5 adult theaters.
Take it away, Tom...
Doc, I was a bad boy last night. I spent several hours on the DL and visited 4 of the 5 theater-style rooms in San Diego. But unfortunately, no stellar stories resulted . My brief notes: 
  • Jolar Cinema - DON'T go on couples night. Every dick in San Diego was there, including 7 guys all loitering outside the Jolar because there were so many guys in the two theaters. This was about 10pm and no couples were present or had visited, according to the clerk. So I went elsewhere, and returned about midnight. One couple finally showed up, stayed about 20 minutes, did absolutely nothing, and then left. They seemed to be just test-driving the concept of playing at an adult theater since it was free. There is something to be said for couples who prefer to pay a small admission fee for their play time - helps to weed out the window shoppers.
  • Adult Depot on Kurtz - stayed only about 45 minutes. Virtually empty. Rough looking crowd in the parking lot. Lurkerville.
  • Barnett Avenue Superstore - great twin theaters but not a single couple came in from the store. Stayed two hours. I love the soft chairs and very clean facilities and helpful clerks, but they were showing the worse porn (both gay and straight) that I've recently seen. And too many people in the theater who preferred to read their email, twitter, whatever on their cell phones than got into the movie. This place could be much more.
  • Some small place on Pacific Highway near my airport hotel (Ed. note: This is Adult Depot on PCH). it has one small room, three rows of theater seats, and about 7 screens showing lots of different types of porn simultaneously One threesome (MMF) came in and immediately started to play. But with only the two guys who stood at the back of the room swapping blow jobs.  I actually got excited when the F sat down one seat over from me (on an otherwise vacant row) and watched me openly jack while her two guy friends played - but no suck luck. I made at least 4 field-tested moves towards her and they were all quickly rejected. This was my last stop of the night. It seems the later it got, the younger the crowd.  This place also has great potential.
Lots of lessons learned last night. As you know, being on the DL doesn't always produce diamonds - there are lots of zirconium nights as well.

Adult Depot
Kurtz Ave.


Jolar Cinema
University Ave.

Doc here again...Thanks to Tom for a terrific rundown of last night San Diego's theaters.  I think a great take-away is to skip The Jolar on Couple's Night(s), which are Wednesday and Saturday.  The Good Doctor has had (as Borat says) great success on Tuesday and Thursday nights @ the Jolar. But if there is one thing consistent in this thing of ours', is that it is never consistent. 

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Flash Report! The Captain Drops Anchor at Art's Cinema in Hartford

Doc here with a 5-Star rated adult theater report from that crusty old sea dog himself, The Captain.  As promised, he has dropped anchor in Hartford, CT and has favored us with a reading from his captain's log.

Take it away, Captain!


Good Dr.,

With the ice finally off the rivers and the Coast Guard having marked the navigation channels, it was time for The Captain to make his way up the Connecticut River to his favorite berth in downtown Hartford - Art's Cinema (255 Franklin St Hartford CT 06114).

It was a blustery Saturday late-afternoon when The Captain berthed the Wally Power Yacht - being early in the boating season I had my choice of docking spaces and I chose one furthest away from the clubhouse in anticipation of flying the party flag later that night.
Art's Cinema
255 Franklin St., Hartford, CT
 Art's is a small/medium sized theater seating about 600 people in it's heyday - downstairs looks like it could seat 350 and upstairs maybe 50-75 people (at least half the seating upstairs has been turned in to storage). The hours of operation seem to be 1pm-10:30pm.

Upon entering, it's $12 for admission and there is a wide selection of candy available for purchase for only $1-$2 ea. The upstairs balcony couples only seating is accessed by the staircase in the back of the theater - it has a nice setup for couples with a semi-private bathroom and some lockers to store personal items. It is couples only and any attempt by single guys to wander up there is caught quickly by the clerk monitoring the camera (there is a light beam sensor that alerts the clerk to comings and going) that is on the staircase area only - and the single guy is asked to leave the theater - no second chances. The main hallway also has a camera, but there are no cameras inside the couples area or in the main theater.

The first impression Art's Cinema makes is it's very clean. The Captain made his way into the theater area and down the wide hallway in the back to the men's room (again - clean). The men's room is VERY small - the captain's uniform shoulder boards didn't fit in between the dividers for the urinals. The Captain has a strange experience each time he heads to the latrine in this theater - he's followed by another male patron. The latrine is smaller than the one on The Captains yacht (2 people barely fit) so I'm not sure any action could take place even if it's desired.  After taking careful aim to drain the bilge water, I headed into the theater.

After my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I counted about 20 guys from 20-70 years old seated around the theater. The Captain's timing was impeccable as the couples tend to arrive between 6-8pm on Fri and Sat nights and 3 couples came in during that window with a 4th arriving around 9:30pm. I'm not as good as Portland's Brent at describing the women but I'll try!
 Couple #1 was in their 50's - she was quite drunk and together they both satisfied about 8 guys. She took frequent breaks to go upstairs to couples only area in the balcony, but came back just as quick as she left. A few of the regulars told me the couple frequented this theater. The Captain had a bad vibe on this scene and kept his powder dry.

The Real
Christina Applegate

The Real
Kristen Bell
Couple #2 was a lucky as heck average Joe type guy, accompanying a woman who is a beautiful cross between Christina Applegate and Kristen Bell. She was a petite blonde with tight jeans and heels on, but not a very revealing blouse. The regulars seemed to think they were newbies and asked the few guys that crowded them to back off and let them get comfortable. One geriatric didn't have a good enough battery in his hearing aid and kept coming back a minute later.  

They watched Couple #1 play from the other side of the theater but didn't get any closer. He got brave enough to let his hand wander down between her legs, but it went no further than that for 3-1/2 hrs they were there. I have to commend the regulars for asking the buzzards to back off and let them get comfortable. We all got a good look at her when the lights came on at closing time and he was one lucky guy!

Couple #3 came in about 7:30 and headed to the balcony area and stayed up there until about 10pm when they left. She looked much like Jada Pinkett Smith with very short hair - I didn't get a good look at her male companion.

The Real
Jada Pinkett Smith
Couple #4 was in their late 50's, arriving about 9:30pm. She was sandy blonde with good size D cups in a black silk lace-trimmed top under her zip up hoodie. My best comparison is to imagine a short Martha Stewart. They took a walk around and settled in two rows in front of Couple #2. After about 15mins she unzipped her hoodie and he played with her breasts. Two guys took a seat in the row in front of them and she let one of them play with her breasts for a few minutes until the clerk flashed the lights about 10:35pm and closed up shop.

The locals informed me a typical Fri/Sat night is about 5 couples and that couples frequent the theater during the weekday afternoons as well. I overheard one guy talking to another and he said Father's Day is "best day of the year for couples action here." So mark your calendars!

At this point the Captain headed off for some live music and in search of a few friendly locals to help hoist that party flag. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this report coming up!
Respectfully submitted,
The Captain


A big salute you goes out to The Captain for his informative and entertaining missive on his trip to Art's Cinema.  This is one adult theater still on The Good Doctor's bucket list, so hopefully 2011 will yield an opportunity to make a House Call to Art's.

Where will The Captain's anchor drop next?  Stay tuned...

As you were...

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Flash Report! The Lido Adult Theater by Tom Austin

Doc here with a report originally posted on the Adult Theater Play Yahoo Group, and reposted here by request of it's author, Tom Austin.

The subject here is one of the Good Doctor's favorite adult theaters: The Lido Theater in Dallas.  This place has it all... Exceptionally clean, two theaters, couple's nights Thursday through Saturday, clean restrooms, and two nicely appointed lounges upstairs with the main theater.

Here is Tom's report...


I stopped by the Lido Adult Theater late Saturday afternoon (3/26). This long-time Dallas favorite has two screens - one showing straight videos upstairs and a smaller theater showing gay videos downstairs. And on Saturday nights, the upstairs theater is reserved for couples only (unless an Alexander Hamilton convinces the security guard to let you pass - that's another story.)

The Lido Adult Theater
7035 John W. Carpenter Freeway, Dallas
 Rather than heading upstairs and getting booted out in less than an hour, I decided to check on the gay movie room downstairs, specifically to see if what I experienced a few months ago might happen again. It seems that some bi couples like to stop by the downstairs room to start their night before heading up the stairs later to party with other couples. And this is exactly what I found again last Saturday about 6pm.

A beautiful afro-American couple walked into the gay theater and proceeded to sit on row-2 against the far wall, except for a single seat that they left open next to the wall. The woman was an ebony goddess - voluptuous body with natural 44's and a big booty to match. Beautiful face, lips, firm legs, and outfitted in a slutty dress that left little to the imagination.

After taking their seats (joined by only four of us in the back), the guy started playing with her top, and eventually freed her breasts for his enjoyment. Like most experienced guys on the DL, I always observe the rule that a single guy should not interrupt their fun unless invited, however subtle, by the couple.
After about 10 minutes of noisy tit play, the guy started looking at the back of the room; I decided to make my move and walk towards the couple, knowing that I could always walk by them and exit stage right for a soft drink, if ignored by the couple. As I approached their action, the lady turned her head and looked right into my eyes and smiled, knowing that I was seeing her large, brown breasts and long nipples at their best. This was the invitation I was hoping.

I took the vacant seat next to her and touched her beautiful left tit, which I quickly determined has not received the same attention from her man as her right tit. I decided to make up for lost time and soon was licking and sucking her magnificent left breast just as her man was devouring her right one. Soon my idle hand found her pussy and proceeded to finger her clit while the two of us made love to her bosom.
Soon I felt his hand lightly caressing my cock white I occupied myself with her charms, and then I understood - I was the warm-up act, designed to get them both hot before they headed upstairs for more extensive couples-only play. I gave her orgasm #1 for the night, and then she held me close to her bosom while her man jacked me off. I guess all the other guys in back were really gay, because they never attempted to join or watch.

I eventually blasted my seed on the floor and hadn't even stopped panting from their applied pleasure when they both got up and headed out the door, never looking back.


Doc here again... Thanks Tom for the excellent report from The Lido.  Hopefully this report will be the first of many from Tom.

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the pages of The Good Doctor's Journal of Adult Theaters?  Just e-mail your favorite Sicilian physician at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will do the rest for you...Spelling and grammar, formatting, photos.  You supply the nitty gritty.

It's a win/win.


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Flash Report! Cruising The Coast with Bob in Biloxi - 3/26/11

Well, America can breath a little easier now... The streak of bad adult theater luck encountered by senior Journal field reporter Bob in Biloxi that was entering it's sixth week is now over.  And it looks like he had fun in the process of breaking the curse.

Here is Bob's report  from Saturday night in Biloxi...


Hi Doc,

Well after a very slow almost non-existent one and half months of no playing couples, last night finally broke the ice. There were 3 couples in the Gulf Coast Theater, none of those were playing however. But it’s a start!

The ABS just down the street has been the same for the above described period of time, but last night saw a few couples coming in “rubber dick” shopping. With a couple of them venturing back to the booths. One couple would go from booth to booth but never did anything. “still can’t quite figure that out”.

Bob in Biloxi

One couple however that made the trip back took up residence in the 2nd booth with the 1st booth having an adjoining a glory hole. She was in her late 40’s short hair wearing a T-shirt and blue jean shorts. At first I thought they were just “rubber dick” shopping, but she kept looking toward the back, so I had some hope. Patience paid off, and they soon came on back. She never did take off her clothes, but she gave one hell of a blow job.

I was unable to be first in line so I had to wait for the number one booth to open up. Apparently the guy that was occupying number one had talked them into letting him come over and join them. As soon as I was able to shut and lock the door the dude that vacated number one was in their booth, as I observed through the hole as he was shaking his cock at her while she sucked her guy. Soon however they changed positions her man sat in the chair facing my hole, the lady standing to my right bent over sucking him in the chair while jacking the other dude with her right hand. I figured her left hand was free so I struck my cock through and was greeted by her, yep left hand !

As she was jacking me, soon that became boring and I said in a rather loud voice “suck it I can jack it myself” LMAO! It worked and she started sucking me and well too! I didn’t last that long and blew a load down her throat. Thank you ma’am!

As I was getting ready to leave my booth, I had some others waiting their turn of course, I looked into the hole and she was about to take the other dudes load, so I left and went to the bathroom to clean up. As I was coming out, they were coming out of their booth and left. I asked my friend who had taken my booth if he got anything out of the deal, he replied no, that they had finished their adventure quickly and was about to leave as he stuck his dick though, so he was just fucking air when he heard the door open.

Doc I know some couples in the region read your blog and visit your site, we need more couples to come back and play !! So if any of you guys out there are reading this, please feel free to head down to the beautiful Gulf coast and get your freak on!!



Doc here again... Thanks Bob for the outstanding report (as usual).  America's nightmare is over.  Bob is back on track, and hungry for more...

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see in The Journal?  Just e-mail The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. It's easy, and I do all of the hard work for you (grammar, formatting, photos). 

Trust me...I'm a Doctor.

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Couple's Flash Report! John and Allie Report on 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a new category to the various reports here at The Journal of Adult Theaters.  In the past 2 months, we have received several couple's reports in regard to this thing of ours'.  Thus the new category of "Couple's Flash Report".

First time contributors John and Allie have a great story to tell about their recent trip to what is arguably the best adult theater/ABS/and private spa in the USA, 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL.

So welcome John and Allie and their first Flash Report...


Good Evening Doctor,

 My girlfriend and I went to 15th Ave. last Wednesday and wanted to give you a report.  We arrived around 4:15 and the place was fairly busy as we had posted that we might be stopping by.  We purchased a spa room and decided to go straight there.

15th Ave Adult Books & Theater
2125 N. 15th Ave., Melrose Park, IL
The spa rooms are decently sized and equipped with a flat screen TV.  We had no intention of using the TV, so we opened the door and the line was around 10-15 people deep.  We let in two guys and started the festivities.  It is interesting that there is always a slight awkwardness before things officially start.  The first guy came on her chest in about 30 seconds while she was busy with the other gentleman.  He never took off his dress pants so they will require some explaining when he gets home. 

The next two arrive and one comes all over her chest and stomach with quite a shot.  The fourth guy decides it is time that she gets some penetration and she enjoyed the ride.  We continued this for a little bit longer which involved her squirting and taking a filled condom in her mouth.

We decided to find out if a gloryhole was indeed back open.  It was!  She has never done anything like  that so it was quite exciting.  She took four guys in her mouth and three of those got the pleasure of her tight pussy.  It was incredibly hot!

John and Allie


Thanks John and Allie for a terrific first report.  Hopefully there will be many more to come from you two, and we can make this a regular running feature.
Doctor's Note: The spa area at 15th Avenue is not in the general public theater area at all.  It has separate private area which you need to be buzzed into, with a separate admission.  The fun takes place behind closed doors.  The spa also has a locker room, shower room, and a very nice wet sauna.

Are you a couple with an adult theater experience you'd like to share?  Just e-mail The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, just like John and Allie did.  You provide the details and play by play, I do the rest.

Why?  Because I'm a giver.


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Flash Report: "Wading In With WM" - Fantasyland in Tampa, FL

Doc here with the second Flash Report from now-regular Journal contributor, WM. In his last report, he visited Horse Cave, KY and Theatair X in Clarksville, IN.  This time, it's one of The Good Doctor's favorite establishments, Fantasyland in Tampa.

So enjoy WM's account of his visit to the original Fantasyland...



Sorry about this getting to you late, but I wanted to give you an update on my recent trip to Tampa.  I have heard you and others talk about Fantasyland in Tampa for a while and have been wanting to go, but my schedule hasn't allowed me too. 

4715 North Lois Avenue, Tampa, FL

Finally a few weeks ago I was at the door.  I paid my fee and went into the theater.  There were a few guys already there and no couples.  Over the next couple of hours, a few couples would come in and sit down and the pack of wolves would scurry around them and everytime they would get up and leave.

After a while I left the theater and was sitting in the lounge area playing pool, when this couple came into the lounge.  They sat down out of site from the store and talked.  I went over and introduced myself and we talked for a while.  This was a very nice couple.  They were probably in his late 40's and very attractive.  She was built with nice fake DD's and a body to die for.  They asked me if I wanted to play and I told them yes (what else would I have said!).  They had a fantasy they wanted to play out and I got to help them play it out if I played by their terms.  
Fantasyland's Pool Room

They asked me to go into the theater and sit close to the back and they would come in and sit down close to me.  They knew the guys in there were going to move around trying to get in position to be first or at least the best seat for a view.  They said they would do a little teasing with each other and when they got up, they were moving to one of the private rooms.  They wanted me to wait 5 minutes and walk in on them.  So that's what I did, to the amazement of the guys waiting around their door.

After entering, he had her tits out and were playing with her nipples and I sit down beside her.  She immediately pulled my hard cock out and started stroking both of us in unison.  She was really getting into it as she got naked.  She sucked on me for a while and then her man.  Then we took turns fucking her.  After blowing our loads, we got dressed and returned to the lounge. 

We talked for a while and traded numbers.  I have a more private meeting set up in their home in the coming weeks that I am looking forward to.



Doc here again... Thanks (and congrats as well) to WM for a nicely done report on his Fantasyland visit.  He has more reports in the pipeline, so stay tuned for more from our newest regular contributor.

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to submit to The Good Doctor's Journal?  Just e-mail me directly at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. All you have to do is tell me the story, and I will format that bad boy into some compelling reading.


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A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio - NCAA Bracket Buster Edition

When we last left The Good Doctor, he was donning his scuba gear for the last time...

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and all the ships at sea...The Good Doctor is here again with this week's "A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio".  You know the drill: A lead story, a few adult theater related nuggets from across the USA, an opinion or two, and a photo of Dr. Emilio in a public place.

Let's get started, shall we?

The Lead Story
Renovations at The Paris Theater in Portland to the front section of the auditorium were made public yesterday via Brent at Brent's Theater Tails. A front bedroom-like area will be dubbed "The Arena", which will allow for viewing and gen pop participating (if invited) away from the existing "Couples Oasis".  This is a good thing, since during weekends primarily, the singles guys in the audience can surround the couples area and make some of the attending couples uncomfortable.  I have seen this first hand, and totally agree that it is an issue at The Paris. 

Three things will help this situation (in my opinion):
  1. "The Arena" will help siphon away some of the guys from "The Oasis", thus creating a less intimidating presence by the single guys towards couples just getting warmed up to the environment.
  2. The Paris has a published set of rules for behavior inside the theater.  No standing on the stairs and no cell phones are the two big ones.  The issue is enforcement by the staff @ The Paris.  If the rules are enforced, everyone wins.  Offenders can be escorted out of the theater.  The Paris does a very good job in most areas, but rule enforcement needs to be stepped up.
  3. A dedicated "Couples Only" entrance to the theater which is enforced.
Renovations at The Paris should be completed in the next month, and The Journal will keep an eye on developments in Portland.

The Nuggets
  • Laney from Texas had a very good long weekend at CTs in Gary IN this past week.  She was kind enough to provide The Good Doctor with photos from Friday, Saturday, and Monday's gang bang. Check out the photos HERE and HERE. Hopefully when she makes her next adult theater trip, she will provide your handsome editor with more pics from that event.  The response was great!
  • Las Vegas continues to have the most disappointing adult theater scene despite some of the best adult theater facilities in the country.  A report I received directly this past week showed no straight action whatsoever at Babes, Fantasyworld, or anyplace else for that matter in Vegas. If you have a report to the contrary, please contact me directly (link on the upper right hand side of The Journal).
  • A strong daytime and weeknight streak of couples attending 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park continued this week.  Strong specials help drive traffic there during these times.  The "Couples and Single Ladies Free" Wednesdays have been a hit at this terrific facility in the burbs of Chicago. Highly recommended.
  • Remember to follow me on Twitter... You will get real time adult theater updates from 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, CTs in Gary, and any of the three theaters in the St. Louis area (via my good friend and colleague Major Voyeur).  On Saturday and Sunday mornings, you will get a "Morning QB" Tweet about the previous night's scene. Follow me at Twitter HERE, or at @LizardoJournal on Twitter.  Thanks.
  • The Good Doctor heard from several of the excellent field reporters we have here at the Journal this past week.  We can look forward to reports from OldBeatNik, JaxBchBum, Dr. Luv, and Donny Digital coming down the pike.
  • Coming soon to The Journal of Adult Theaters: A Fantasyland Flash Report by WM, a new Blast From the Past, and lastly a "House Call by Dr. Emilio". It's been awhile since I have filed one, but that comes to an end early this coming week.  Plus many reports as they hit the in box here in The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college.
Reports Needed!
The Good Doctor needs your reports from your local adult theaters or ABSs.  They can be a recent visit, a report from the past, or a scouting report on an adult theater you have visited.  Just e-mail me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.

Lastly, I was looking at my NCAA men's basketball bracket and thinking that it takes a supreme effort and many hour's of study to be in the 18th percentile.  That's me... Dr. Roundball.

Have a great week everyone.


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