Flash Report: Theater X in Hawthorne, FL by JaxBchBum

Doc here with a fantastic new Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, JaxBchBum. This time, he takes us to Theater X in Hawthorne, FL (address info located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database), and while is luck there hasn't been great, that is about to change...

Here is JaxBchBum and his latest from Florida...


After a couple of visits to Theatre X on weekend nights proved less than exhilarating, I was beginning to think that all the couples that feed this thing that we enjoy so much had decided to move back up north or west and visit one of the other theatres that has non-stop action.  There is no doubt that couples activity at Theatre X has slowly declined over the years for reasons I can only guess at.  But on a recent Saturday evening visit, my hope (among other body parts) was re-energized with some delightful couples activity.

Suave as ever.
I arrived about 7pm as I wanted to secure a good vantage point for maximum viewing potential.  For those not familiar with my previous reports, Theatre X is a small theatre consisting of 3 rows of couches, two across with some individual chairs on the wall across from the couches.  Couples are always free and singles are charged $20.  I sat in the second on the end as that couch has a low back so can one can casually glance over and see any activity in the back row. 

About 8pm a couple comes in and I know the evening is going to start off right.  They appeared to be both in their early 50s.  He was wearing shorts and shirt but she was wearing a short lacey black dress.  He somewhat resembled Kenny Rogers with this hairstyle and silver beard.  She looked like Barbara Mandrell in the face and had a nicely toned body.  They went and sat down in the front row as that was the only couch that didn't have someone in it.  The guy kept looking back and as soon as the couch behind me became vacant, they moved there.  As she was about to sit down, I could see she was not wearing any panties under her short dress and she even brought a towel to put down in the couch before she sat down (how thoughtful). 

As I got a closer look, I knew I had seen this couple before but it had been a while and remembered that she was quite an exhibitionist and he delighted in her showing off.  It did not take them long as he had the top of her dress pulled down within minutes and he began rubbing, licking and sucking her delicious looking breasts and nipples.  Meanwhile, she had reached down and unzipped him and was stroking his cock.  Their activity continued to progress and soon she was laying back in the couch with one leg drapped over his and he was giving her smooth pussy (complete with labia piercing) a nice rub.  Before long, she pulls out a dildo and begins working it in and out while he is rubbing her clit to the point where she has an orgasm.  After a little rest, she re-dressed and as they got up to leave and I said a "thank you", I heard those magical words "Thank, we'll be back in a little bit."

Theater X
Hawthorne, FL

They had not been gone long before another couple came in and also sat in the back row but in the far back corner. It was a bit harder to see what they were doing due to the dark shadows and she was turned in towards him and away from me, but I am sure they were doing some discrete rubbing.  Can't really come up with any lookalikes for them as they looked like Mr. & Mrs. Regular American but I will refer to them as Couple #2.  They were still there when "Kenny & Barbara" came back.  It wasn't long before Barbara shed her dress completely and Kenny was down on his knees eating her out.

Couple #2 would glance over from time to time and I thought that might spark some additional action on their part, but that was not to be the case.  All eyes and cocks were pointed toward Barbara as she continued her show.  After some time at pussy eating, Kenny sat back and Barbara leaned over and began sucking him.  After that, she laid back on the couch and out came Mr. Dildo.  To the delight of those like me whose night vision is not as keen as it used to be, Kenny brought out a small flashlight and shown it on Barbara's pussy as she continued her delightful actions.  It was clear that there was to be no touching by anyone, but all were welcome to come watch.  Barbara then sat up on the armrest with her feet on the seat of the couch and spread her legs while continuing her in/out exercises, fully illuminated by the flashlight. (thanks goodness for those EverReady batteries!).

Soon, she is back on the couch facing the back wall and Kenny starts fucking her doggy-style.  This goes on for about ten minutes and both seem to climax together based on their sounds and actions.  After a bit of a rest, they got up and left, not to return again.  Shortly thereafter, Couple #2 left and seemed to be in a bit of a huff.  Don't know if the activity next to them violated their comfort zone or if they were jealous from the attention everyone gave to Barbara and Kenny.  Time will tell I guess if I see them on future visits (sure hope so).

Meanwhile, while the Kenny & Barbara show was in its second act, another couple came in (Couple #3) and she was dressed to play.  A short black dress that barely covered her ass cheeks with a low, low cut front that showed off nice big breasts.  She was a large Amazonian woman but not fat by any means.  He looked like a military guy with an in-shape body.  I had seen them before on previous visits with her dressed in a similar way, but nothing ever spectacular happened.  I suspected he was playing with her pussy, but they always sat where he shielded her or sat away from other where one couldn't see what really was going on.  They would often get up and leave and then reappear 10 minutes later.  I suspected they were looking for another couple and my intuition proved to be right.  But back to the events.  When they came in, the stood right behind where Kenny and Barbara were seated so they had a bird's eye view of the action.  After a couple of minutes they pulled up chairs next to one another up against the back wall.  As she sat down, I saw all the way up her dress and with no panties, a smooth pussy winked at me.  A couple of minutes later, she had her legs slightly spread and he was indeed giving her a nice pat down.  After a bit, they stood up, watched Kenny and Barbara in their final minutes and then left.

So, here we are now with all 3 couples having exited the theatre and it getting close to 9:30 and I was thinking this was all there was.  Evidently some of the others thought the same as most of the single guys there left. Oh how wrong!   A little bit later, a young couple (mid 30s) came in.  She was wearing a sun dress and had the most beautiful smile.  He looked like a shorter Bob Keesham (Captain Kangaroo for us baby boomers) with glasses. 

They sat down on the other couch in my row (to my left with him closest to me).  She snuggled close in towards him.  After a few minutes he reached down and unzipped and started slowing stroking his cock and I saw her hand disappear under his shirt and begin rubbing his chest.  Every minute or so, she would move her eyes down from the movie screen and watch his stroke.  I wondered if he was bisexual and was looking for a guy to come over; but that was soon to change. 

In the meantime, Couple #3 reappears and sits in the couch behind me (where Kenny and Barbara had sat).  Soon, he has her breasts out of the top of her dress and is rubbing them.  Capt. Kangaroo sees them and begins to glance back more frequently and whispers to his wife and she looks back.  After a few more minutes, Mrs. #3 is having her pussy rubbed by hubby.  Then the Captain starts to get up but then gets down on his knees, pulls Beautiful Smile towards him, lifts up her dress and plants his face down between her legs.  This gets Couple #3 more excited and she pulls out his cock and begins rubbing.  Captain and Beautiful Smile then move to the back couch next to Couple #3 and continues.  This activity continues to escalate. 

At one point, Beautful Smile is on all fours on the couch next to Mrs. Couple #3 being fucked by the Captain Doggy Style.  I see this look in her face to Mr. Couple #3, he nods and Beautiful Smile lowers her head and begins licking and sucking on the left breast and nipple of Mrs. Couple #3 while Mr. Couple #3 really revs up his finger fucking.  It is all a blur after that but a good time was had by all.  Both couples left together and I can only fantasize what might have happened if they got together.

WOW!  I know it is unrealistic to hope that such activity will take place every time I visit Theatre X, but certainly glad to see such activity after such a long drought.



Doc here again... Great to hear that Theater X had a great evening, with well-behaved guys getting a great show from the several couples in attendance. Thanks again to JBB for usual great job covering the Florida scene like a beach towel.

The Good Doctor needs reports the way Mars Needs Women.  Just fire up your computer, and type away about the TOP adult theater experience you have had. Past or present. Then shoot it off to Stretch Armstrong The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I'll do the rest...


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Flash Report! Liz Reports on a Steamy Afternoon @ 15th Ave in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a real Flash Report... How about 18 hours old?  The very sexy Liz is back with her second report (and a much better logo than the first one I mailed in), and once again we are about to get all steamed up with her. 

The home ballpark for Liz is 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater, 2125 N. 15th Ave., in Melrose Park, IL (a western suburb of Chicago). Liz is a rock star at 15th Ave., and this report from her shows why.  She loves to explore every nook and cranny of the spa area at 15th Ave., whether it's the private rooms, the group shower room, the sauna, or (my favorite) the bleacher area/TV room.  And in this report, she demonstrates she is an equal opportunity offender.

Here is the voluptuous Liz and her Flash Report...


Hi Doc,

Well just back from a nice visit to my favorite place, 15th Ave.  Impromptu visit tonight since my play partner has been traveling so very much. I posted on the Yahoo Group that I would be arriving and did so at the exact time. Greated by my favorite people, we took care of our entry fees, once again getting a private room.              
We go back to sauna and nobody was there so we have a little private alone time, which was greatly needed. We decided to shower,  and while in there we get a little frisky as another man walks in. We continue to feel, stoke, and kiss all while the other man was well behaved just watching and stroking.  Soon enough we see a regular "B". I wave my hand at the nice patient man indicating I will play with him he quickly understands and I stroke and suck. Soon decide we r going to leave the shower and go to a more general location, the tv room. I look up and there is a woman in locker room, wearing a bikini and great body. By the time we get out they disappear.

In the TV room, I take care of the nice patient man until he cums on my juicy tits.  Then "B" arrives & I take care of him while getting fucked from behind by my man. As we are doing this, bikini couple comes into the TV room. Apparently she came w/ two guys and was playing with one and he was playing with other. They change positions and continue with the 3 of them.

*****Insert Bitch Warning Now****

Well, she gets huffy about too many people around and I hear her tell then she wants to go someplace else. When i finish with "B", I see there are a few guys but all very polite and not pushy or asking for anything. Well needless to say I need shower so we go back into the group shower room. 

Right when I get into the shower area,  bikini woman says "ugh, here they come following us."  Hello you are in the showers!!!  So they huff off to sauna.  People if you don't want to be watched or bothered, geta private room or go to booth!!!  Seriously!!!  Newbies!

Well we all laughed it off, showered and had some additional private time.  Yes it was not packed but once again this female patron (as well as about 4 men) were very satisfied in the hour we were there.
Now looking forward to our Saturday night visit!



Doc here again... I want to take a time management course with Liz.  She is able to cram an awful lot of fun into one hour of play time @ 15th Ave.  I like her approach... She knows what she wants, and goes about getting it (multiple times).  Thank you Liz for the great report!  I wish I knew how to thank you, somehow...

Saturday night should be fun at 15th Avenue.  With any luck, The Good Doctor may make a House Call then, assuming the Lizardo 3000 is out of the shop in time (new flux capacitor, rotate the tires, and a new Bloody Mary scented tree air freshener).  If the planets align, I plan on reporting first hand the evening's activities.  Follow me on Twitter for instant updates HERE, or at @lizardojournal.

Time is running out to get your TOP Adult Theater Experience reports into The Journal.  Just e-mail me with the subject line "TOP STORY" at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.


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Flash Report: "Private Theater GB, Part 1" @ The Summit News Adult Theater in Warren, OH by Bill

Doc here... The Summit News Adult Theater (address details available in the Adult Theater Database) in Warren, OH is fast becoming a fixture in the Top 5 of the Adult Theater Power Rankings in this thing of ours. The efforts of Yahoo Group moderator, Bill, and his co-mod, the beautiful Stef, have paid off in a very active scene at the Summit News. The fun can be had on week nights as well as weekend nights (and days too).

Here is Part 1 of Bill's report...It's a good one!


I run the Yahoo Group that works with the staff and ownership of the Summit Theater in Warren Ohio to plan and do many different types of sexual get togethers.The main focus of the group is gang bangs, and we certainly had a wild one last Friday night in the private theater (ed. note: Summit News has both a "main" and a "private" theater).

Earlier in the week I responded to a Craigslist ad for a couple outside of Canton, Ohio, looking for multiple guys for the wife. The picture showed a tiny sexy lady that looked very inviting. As i'm sure most readers of this Journal are aware, Craigslist is a very unreliable source of potential party ladies,but for every 10 tries or so you do find a gem. That was certainly the case this time.

Late in the afternoon I received a reply from the hubby, Jerry, and that he was interested in discussing a possible get together for his wife, Mary. He soon sent a bunch of pics of Mary. A very attractive MILF, in her late 30's. She's a very pretty blonde with a sexy smile. Her tiny body was incredible. Small perky breasts, a tiny waist, thin firm thighs, and a tiny perfectly shaped  butt.

I sent Jerry an invitation to join my Group and he quickly realized that I was for real. Over the next couple days we put our plan into motion. Jerry told me that Mary had done 5 guys at once, but was looking to do a lot more. We devised a plan that she was going to know a multiple guy party was in the works, but where and how many guys was a secret.

On Wednesday I called Mary and chatted with her briefly, and not wanting to give away the party secrets. My last words on the phone to her were "I hope that this party goes so well that you'll be telling Jerry to email that Bill guy again in a month or two". The sexy laugh she responded with made me think this was going to be a wild night.

Throughout the week, I promoted the party on my Group with posts on the message board and featuring her on the home page. The responses were certainly favorable.

Friday evening came soon enough and I was ready to party as my good friend and neighbor Lou was picking me up for the long drive to the theater. The only bad news was that my co moderator and all around great guy Rick (Stef's hubby) got called to work and could not make it. I was bummed he couldn't make it, but I hardly felt sorry for him since he's married to my other co moderator, Stef. I knocked The Good Doctor out of his chair with a few pics. of Stef a few weeks earlier. On a 1 to 10 scale, a solid 11 in looks and a 12 as a person (ed. note: Stef is stunning!)

Jerry and I had planned things so I would fake like I was late,  and him and Mary would stop at a bar near the Summit Theater for a drink or two. I called when I got to the theater and Jerry told Mary I was running late and that they were going to kill a little time at the adult bookstore close by were she could buy a new toy. In the mean time I got the logistics ready for their arrival.The theater was packed waiting for this pretty lady to arrive.

Fifteen minutes later their car pulled into the theater parking lot and I walked over to greet them. After shaking Jerry's hand I focused my attention on Mary telling her how her husband and I had rented the private theater in the back of this bookstore, and if she was ready and wiling to do a big gang bang. A big smile and a sexy answer of "YES" made me start thinking this was going to be a wild night.

Mary was dressed in a  black micro mini skirt...see through lace top...black thigh highs and very sexy black high heels. She looked incredible! We all walked in to the store and the guys eyes were all glued to this beautiful woman. After a tour of the entire theater including the private party room and some private time for Mary and Jerry, they came back to the main theater/bookstore and indicated she was READY.  

Stay tuned for Part 2!


Doc here again... Thanks to Bill for Part 1 of this terrific report!  I cannot wait until Part 2 hits The Good Doctor's in box! 

The Summit Theater is one of the few adult theaters I have not been to yet, but it is high on The Good Doctor's bucket list.  The action there sounds great, the guys well-behaved, and it is the go-to place in the Buckeye State.

Thanks again Bill!


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Back By Popular Demand! The Gloryhole Nancy Video!

Doc here... This is kind of like The Good Doctor's version of the all-request hour at 102FM - The Doc.   I get at least 5 e-mails a week asking for the Gloryhole Nancy video from a few weeks back.  So who am I not to play the request...



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Flash Report: Breakfast With Gloryhole Nancy (and 5 HOT new Pics!)

Doc here with a great report and smoking HOT new pics of the very naughty Gloryhole Nancy.  Toledo's #1 natural resource was out and about on a Sunday morning, and while other's may have been in church, Nancy was kneeling someplace else...

I'm more a of a Sunday brunch kind of Dr., but in the case of Nancy, I might make an exception.

Here is this great new report from Nancy and her guy, T...


Hey Doc,

We usually hit the gloryhole at night, but sometimes we just happen to be in the area so we decided to stop by the bookstore Sunday morning.  We knew it was probably going to be dead but we were driving right by so we sent a text to several of our on-call stunt cocks, and one replied saying he'd be right there.  He told us later he had just showered and was about to go to sleep finally, so getting sucked off by Nancy was the perfect way to relax him LOL. 

We were the only three people in the booth area, so we were able to relax and take our time. He's one of her favorite cocks, as he's not only hung but always shows up freshly showered.  She worked his head and shaft hard and slow, sucking so loud that was all you could hear back there.  She massaged and squeezed his big balls while power-sucking on the head and shaft until he blew his load with a LOUD groan. Nancy loves hearing the guys moan when they erupt, so hearing him explode only made her hornier. She took his load in her mouth, spit it out and then told him in a loud voice to stay there as she wasn't done yet.

Nancy then began to suck him again and he stayed hard as a rock while she sucked his cock and balls for another 15 min til he erupted again with an even louder groan than the first one LOL.  She looked at the cam and held up 2 fingers to let me know he was filling her mouth with his second load of the morning, and then continued to pump her face on his cock until he finally pulled back from the hole.

He thanked us and left soon after, balls drained by the one and only Nancy!  On the way out the clerk thanked us for making his morning, we thanked him right back  ;) 

And now the pics (click to ENLARGE them...They are hi-res!)


Make sure you visit Nancy's awesome Yahoo group HERE.

You are welcome.


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Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report - 8/27/11

Doc here with this week's Cruising The Coast with our old friend Bob in Biloxi. There was something in the air last Saturday in Biloxi, and here is Bob, with his Columbo trench coat and note pad, putting the pieces of this puzzle together for us.

I present to you, Detective Bob...


This Week's Episode: "Weird Vibe"

Hey Doc,

Your faithful reporter arrived late Saturday night (around 8pm), turns out that was a good thing. I probably could have arrived at 11pm.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS

Our theater on the beautiful gulf coast saw 6 couples at varying times Saturday night. I talked with a semi regular couple last night, and they told me 4 couples were also there Friday night. Our German couple has homesteaded as they make a day and night of attending. Our Catholic school girl showed Saturday, this time dressed in a sheer nightie, she got off twice (by her old man) and left.

About 11pm a new younger couple (early 40’s) showed up, she was a dark haired lady dressed in a simple pullover summer dress. Reports are she took on 15 guys and was just leaving when I arrived at 11:30pm.

Timing is everything Doc, mine was bad Saturday night.

Meanwhile down at our ABS, a couple showed...She also had dark hair, summer blue jean dress, they went into a booth by themselves and judging from the sounds had a blast. But after that, they too departed. They might have stayed longer if an old codger would have quit pulling on their door, but he didn’t. I found out later he’d been run off by another couple at the theater for being way too aggressive. Some people “don’t get it” do they?

Bob in Biloxi
About 11:31 or so, a older couple showed at the ABS, she was dressed a black summer dress, their deal is to let her look through the hole, get you to stick your cock through, then abruptly leave their booth. They’ve done this in the past, each to his own, but I’m a firm believer in karma.

While the jokester couple was leading a herd of guys around the booth area, a twenty something couple slipped in, she was about 20 yrs old, long dark hair, wearing pink hot pants and a T-shirt that said “eat me”. She was under 5 feet tall and under a 100lbs, and she proceeded to strip to nothing, revealing a young toned body. She started blowing her man and was holding on to the hole for balance,  perfect time to lay my cock there. She must have expected it, because it didn’t stay dry for long, she was very vigorous with her mouth, that’s ok sometimes, but I like it slow, sloppy, wet and deep. Nevertheless she milked me dry within a few minutes. He must have been close behind or was fucking her,  because by the time I got my shorts up they were exiting too, while she smiled and I winked at her. That got a young girl giggle!!

At least it was not a total bust Doc, its just something weird in the air, maybe with school starting it put a damper on the playing? Maybe as the weeks progress it will pick back up. A few of the couples that attended our theater were run off by male patrons crowding couples. They would sit right next to them without asking permission, or blatant behavior us vets know will run off a couple. T or someone up in P-Town had the perfect set of rules for Adult Theater behavior. I shot an email to Brent to see if he could send it me, but he hasn’t responded yet, but I hope he will soon. If you can remember or have a copy Doc, can you forward it to me?  Couples will quit attending if this kind of behavior continues, you’ve seen it, so have I. (ed. note: I have an excellent one from Old Marine Corps Guy that I will forward to you Bob)

One of the couples, told me one guy had sucked 6 cocks, but when a couple came in, he miraculously become straight and went and sat next to the woman and tried to paw her. They left. Manners were in short supply last night.

Hey, there’s always next weekend, and still not a damn thing on TV on Saturday night. That said, LSU and Oregon plays on the 3rd, next Saturday. That’s a dilemma!!!  If any couples are playing next Saturday and want to drag this reporter away from that game? I’m there, just shoot me an email! I have a DVR !!

Note to self: schedule Portland Trip the last two weeks of August from now on.



Thanks Bob for your hard work.  It will be interesting to see how busy it is this coming Labor Day weekend at the nations adult theaters and ABSs.  And, as always, I need your reports.  Just e-mail them to The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. You know the drill... You supply the words, and I can do the rest.


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Flash Report: Bukkake Blast #2 @ The Oregon Theater by Sam Lancer

Doc here with another report on last Friday's Bukkake Blast Event #2 @ The Oregon Theater in Portland, OR.  Kitty's report was her first person account of the fun, and now we have regular contributor Sam Lancer with his view. I think you will enjoy Sam's report and writing style... I did.

Here is Sam Lancer and his report from Kitty's Bukkake Blast Party #2 @ The Oregon...


I saw Brent's short report and Kitty's POV regarding the Bukkake event at the Oregon Theater last Friday evening.  I thought I would add my two cents.

I had never been to this theatre so I arrived early because I thought there might be a parking problem such as at the Paris.  There was plenty of open space on Division and the side streets.  At 7:30p there were two couples in the "couples" section.  Both were older ladies - one looked like the actress Maureen Stapleton and the other was a BBBW - offering periodic blow jobs to the side gallery.

Kitty from Blast #1
For those who have never been, the Oregon is a huge classic theatre about four times larger than the Paris, filled with couches of varying sizes and descriptions.  The two side sections extend from the back to the front, while the larger center section is divided in half - the front half being (crudely) roped off for couples only.  Singles can line all four sides of the couples section to watch or participate as allowed.  The screen is not as large as the Paris and the sound is very faint coming from one speaker in the back.  No one cares.  People continually walk in front of the floor projector cutting off the view.  No one cares.  In the right front corner are six "closets" attached two by three with glory holes cut in every direction, including into the aisle.  I originally thought these were for the gay contingent but was surprised to see two females regularly entering one compartment closest the the wall.  One was a tall lady in a red outfit and another smaller girl dressed Goth-like in black.  I tried to get into an adjacent booth to watch the show but was crowded out each time.  Late in the evening I finally was lucky enough to make it in time.  Fact is - neither of these were ladies.  But you probably already guessed that.  Sometimes I am so dim.

Kitty already described the action in the Bukkake corner so I will focus on what was happening elsewhere.  Kitty was a great sport filling in for the "missing" lady and Big T did an excellent job organizing and orchestrating access to Kitty.  I did not see any fluffers actually fluffing but there were two attractive ladies on either side of Kitty allowing access to their ample breasts to assist the men getting ready to adorn Kitty.

Oregon Theater
3530 SE Division Street, Portland
Two couples arrived while the rules to the Bukkake were being explained and sat on the opposite side of the couples section.  One was a soccer mom who vaguely resembled a middle age Debra Winger who put on an excellent show with her man but never interacted with the audience.  Brent spent a lot of time watching her as she was very pretty and exhibited her body from every angle.  The other lady was a heavier Jane Krakowski look-alike who kept choosing new male partners from the gallery and did a lot of fucking on the couch in many different positions. 

Later in the evening two other couples arrived.  Both girls were good looking.  After watching the Bukkake for a while, they entered the couples section and the two girls started to suck each others tits and one went down on the other briefly.  They continually dressed and undressed (I love this) and often interacted with the peanut gallery standing alongside.  One of these women took a liking to Big T and was rewarded late in the evening when he entered the area and gave her a good fucking on the couch.  While this was going on, a nice looking younger single lady with glasses entered and watched the Bukkake while being gradually relieved of her clothing by the onlookers.  She had extremely small but cute tits and she soon made a few friends who she took into the couples section where she was eaten by a lucky guy for about 30 minutes while she blew a couple of other guys.  She left the theatre but returned just before closing where she made a few new friends and repeated the earlier scenario of being eaten while giving blow jobs.  Just before closing, she was fucked by a few guys.  She seemed like a really nice person and was joking with everyone throughout.

I'm sure I missed a few other scenes as the place was very crowded but I had a very good time and hope to return to the Oregon again.

Thanks, Doc for doing all you do to promote "this thing of ours."       

Sam Lancer


Thank you Sam for a great recap of the event at The Oregon Theater last Friday.  Sometimes the action on the perimeter of The Oregon Theater is a hidden gem... It's dark cavernous corners can yield some fun, and always a few surprises. 

Do you have an adult theater report?  I hope so, because The Good Doctor needs them (badly)!  Just e-mail Clubber Lange The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. You provide the raw story, I will provide the edit, formatting, pics, and some polish.


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Flash Report: Bukkake Blast Party on 8/19 - Report #1 from Kitty

Doc here with Report #1 on last Friday's Bukkake Blast at The Oregon Theater in Portland.

Here is Kitty's Tale of the Tape...


Well I know some of you warned me it was to good to be true and the pics were just well . . altered. But she stayed in pretty well contact and was seemingly very enthusiastic about being the bukkake queen. HHMM, well then what the hell happened. Got an email saying there were flight issues only hours before the event. Another, HHMM . . and then NEVER another word from her. She did NOT contact Caesar/Big T OR myself (Kitty). And she has/had BOTH our numbers AND emails made available to her! Guess it was all to get the glory and attention.

Heard the pre party at Sassy that was planned with HER in mind was still a fun. And the afterglow party, well of course that didn't happen either after all the planning and emails I did to get it set up for her. Her loss, live and learn. At least the guys realize that though she may be hot, if those pics are in fact her and not altered, she is a flake and fake.

So about the event . . . Started a bit late, which is not like me at all as those who know me know this. But I was waiting for her. Once Big T arrived we decided that she was just flaking out and was NOT going to call or show, so I took another round for the team.

We did the standard refresher of common sense theater etiquette and got the party started.
ROUND ONE: I had a chair on each side of the bukkake chair for the fluffers. And let me just say right now that they rocked it! Thanks you SOO much for participating.

Phase one started right off the bat with some of the guys who were more than ready to blow their loads. I took several facials right off the bat and went to about 8 loads until I took my first break. Back in the ring after a break I was ready for round two. This proved to be by far the best cum producing round and put me past my personal best. After kneeling again for sometime I again needed a break to stretch the legs and clean my eyes.

When I arrived back in the theater I was undecided if I was going to go for the third round, I mean after all I had already beat my personal best and there was so much theater action going on. But there were several guys who were saving loads for me to get back, so back to work I went. Don't want to keep the guys waiting after all. I took a few more loads,  making my new personal best 40 loads.

So, for weeks and weeks of promoting Judy to arrive and planning pre parties and afterglow parties, to be disappointed with a NO SHOW, I was able to still pull it off, have a blast (yes pun intended), beat my personal best and create a new record AND meet new people too.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and participated. It was great to see such a nice sized crowd and many more couples this time too.
I do not have a bukkake queen for the third Friday in September, if you are interested then contact me.



Thanks again to Kitty and Big T for turning lemons in lemonade last Friday.   Report # 2 from Sam Lancer will be up by tomorrow morning.  In the meantime, it's time for Bloody Mary #2.


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Quick Update From Gloryhole Nancy

Doc here with a quick update from everyone's favorite video booth girl, Gloryhole Nancy, and her guy, T.

Here we go...


Buenas dias, Doc!

We just wanted to say hello and let you and our friends know we'll have a report coming soon enough, we've just been busy with what seems to be an endless number of weddings! LOL.  Please let the readers know we're still here, and if there are any single ladies in the Toledo/Detroit area who want to join us at the hole, please get a hold of us, Nancy is looking for a gloryhole partner to help her work some cock together;)

T & N


Doc here again...You can reach out to Gloryhole Nancy and T via their hot Yahoo Group HERE.


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Field Report: WM Reports on Changes at Theatair X in Clarksville, IN

Doc here with a quick update from regular Journal contributor, WM.  Changes are afoot at Theatair X in Clarksville, IN and WM has the skinny.

Take it away, WM..



It has been a while since I last submitted a report.  I wanted to pass along a few notes for you to let everyone know about:
  • The glory holes at Theatair X in Clarksville, IN are no more.  Starting September 1st, all glory holes will be covered.  Most have already been covered.  This is part to a new city ordinance.

  • The clerks at Theatair X stated that couple traffic has been very light for the booths and theaters, even on couples night.

  • The last two times I have been there, no couples visited neither the booths or theater.

Most places I have been recently have been very slow and there is not a lot of couple traffic.  So I will keep on looking. 

Thanks for all you do and wish I could find some couples that are playing while I am there.



Doc here again... Thanks WM for the updates on TheatairX in Clarksville.  The times are a-changing, and glory holes are one of the things going the way of the do-do.  Many municipalities are forcing them to be covered, and the ABSs hands are tied on this issue.  It's just a sign of the times.

I am still in dire need of adult theater reports, in addition to the TOP Adult Theater Experience stories.  Please, please, please... Send a report into The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will make your report look like a million bucks, and all you have to do is submit the story. 


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Op-Ed: An Open Letter To ItsMeJudy From The Good Doctor

I am currently experiencing so flight difficulties and may delayed. I will

And with those fateful words, ItsMeJudy41 disappeared into the ethernet.  Doc here with an open letter to ItsMeJudy41, who pulled a Houdini and didn't appear as promised at the second Bukkake Blast @ the Oregon Theater in Portland last Friday.  Luckily, Kitty and Big T had a backup plan, and the evening was still a huge, sticky success. 

I have two reports in the hopper about the evening, and the success it ended up being despite ItsMeJudy41.  They will be up later on Friday and Saturday @ The Journal.

Now onto "Judy"... The Good Doctor emailed "Judy" early this week, asking for her comments on what happened, and her "flight delay" getting to Portland.  I always give people the first right of refusal if I am going to be critical of them.  I may be Sicilian, but I am fair.

And as you have probably guessed, I got no response.  I know Kitty has tried to reach "Judy" as well, and with similar results to The Good Doctor.

Here is what we know about "Judy":
  • "Judy" most likely lives in Michigan.

  • She is pretty bad at Photoshop. Work on your blend tool skills, Judy. A lot.

  • Weather was gorgeous here in the Midwest Thursday and Friday.

  • Unless she has perfected the medical procedure that allows her to swap her head with different bodies, she wasn't even good at matching bodies for her fraudulent R-rated photos posted to Kitty's Yahoo Group.

  • She has few internet footprints, aside from an interest in stripping posted to a BB, and she's a big fan of Papa Roach.

  • And, as well all know now, she joins the ranks of the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa as roommates.

So ItsMeJudy41, you got one over on us.  Nicely done.  But thanks to the hard work of good people like Kitty and Big T (as well as the great folks participating @ The Oregon Theater), you didn't matter.

If this has all been a huge mistake, please let me know here @ The Journal.  I will publish a retraction, and issue an apology.  Your side of the story would be appreciated by everyone.

However, if I was a betting man, I somehow think you won't write an email back to me. Again.

The real purpose of this open letter is to warn others interested in this thing of ours that people like ItsMeJudy41 exist, and chances are they suck at Photoshop.  A good friend of mine on the East coast had a fast one pulled on him in similar fashion in the Baltimore area (on the way to an adult theater to meet a lady), and they too had awful Photoshop skills.

So kids, if you see any of the photos below of "Judy" in another Yahoo Group, internet site, or see images with a similar degree of Photoshop awesomeness, be warned.  You are probably talking with The Tooth Fairy.


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Flash Report! Laney Reports In From The Art Cinema in Hartford (w/HOT New Pics!)

Doc here with a hot off the press report from the past 3 nights by Laney from Texas.  To those of you who were napping the past week, Laney announced a trip to Hartford's Art Cinema for some late afternoon/early evening adult theater fun.  The Good Doctor did his best to announce the visits in advance, and it looks like it paid off nicely for this Texas hottie.

Here is Laney's report, along with 4 brand new pics of Laney taking on a variety of cocks at the Art Cinema.


Hello Doc,

I had such a GREAT time at the Art Cinema in Hartford, Conn.! There were lots of men there all 3 days. All of them were very nice, respectful, fun, and extremely horny, so there was always plenty of hot action.

The Art is an old timey theater, with lots of seating on the main floor. Upstairs is a couples only area and is watched by the owner so no that single men can crash the party upstairs. The owner Ernie made sure I felt comfortable, and was safe. Ernie is really a truly wonderful "Host" and fun to talk with. I found the theater to be very clean, and even the restrooms were in great shape.

I would highly recommend this theater to couples and single women like myself that enjoy playing at an Adult Theater. It's a great place to play. I can't wait to go again and see Ernie and all my new friends at the Art Cinema!


Laney's Gallery (click on the pics to ENLARGE - Very hi-res images!)


Doc here again... Thanks again to Laney for the great report and pics!  She is a real Energizer Bunny, and if you ever get a chance to meet the legend that is Laney, do it.  Laney always arrives wearing a sexy outfit, is very put together, and shows her appreciation to the guys who meet her. She also travels the country, so who knows where Laney might end up next.  Rest assured that when the next destination is revealed, you will read it at The Journal first.

You are welcome.


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Flash Report! Enzyte Bob Reports on Saturday Night at Fantasyland in Tampa

Doc here with a thorough Flash Report from Fantasyland I in Tampa by senior Journal reporter, Enzyte Bob

Let's get right to it, shall we?  Here's Enzyte Bob!


Hello Doc,

As promised, I made the trek over to Tampa and Fantasyland I.  All in all, I have to say that the evening was a complete bust, with one notable exception.  Unfortunately, I was not the exception.

Fantasyland I
4715 N. Lois Ave., Tampa, FL
I arrived at approximately 6:00PM, a little early, but I am a patient guy and was determined to wait; besides FL has both a poolroom with six pool tables as well as a buffet, so I could occupy myself while waiting.  Unfortunately (I will use that word a lot in this posting), there was a monsoon going when I arrived.  When I say monsoon, I am using the word in the truest context.  Within ten minutes,small craft warnings were being issued for the parking lot of FL, due to about six inches of water flowing right down the middle of the lot.

When I went in, it was pure Sausageville.  There were about a dozen guys wandering aimlessly, back and forth from the booth area to the poolroom and back to the main theater, of course stopping to check out the private rooms off the hallway on the way to the main theater.

Between 6:00 and 10:00 PM two couples that came in.  One was a middle-aged guy and his younger oriental girlfriend/wife.  She had a very oriental look and was a nice tight package in a short little body.  It was a stark contradiction to his being very tall and thin.  They both went into the main theater for about ten minutes and then went back into one of the private rooms.  It is unclear if they only allowed guys to watch them through the hole between the room they were in and the room next door or whether she was giving BJ or backing herself against the hole and fucking.  Rumors abounded, but none of the guys that came or went from the room next door said a word.   The pair made a couple of trips back to the theater, stood near the entrance and watched the video on the big screen, which coincidentally featured oriental/Filipina girls, and then returned to the private room.  This led me to believe they were coming out to attract new men before going back to the private room and doing whatever they were doing.

The second possibility of the night was a middle-aged man,his wife and a much younger BBW (late 20’s – early 30’).  The older of the women had the appearance of Dame Judy Dench, M from recent James Bond movies.  The BBW had dark hair and eyes reminiscent ofValerie Bertinelli before Jenny Craig.  All were smartly dressed, the women in dresses and the man in dress slacks and shirt.  If I were to guess, they had come from meeting at dinner. 

They sat together in the main theater for maybe ten minutes before heading into the smaller theater near the hallway that leads to main theater. Apparently, hubby scoped out the main theater for likely suspects and then the trio retired to the smaller theater. The smaller theater has a door on it that locks.  It was empty and the trio entered, closed the door and locked it.  A short time later,the male portion of the trio came back into the main theater and asked a young black male if he would like to join his wife and their friend in the smaller theater.  He was quick to accept, went into the smaller theater and the door was closed and locked.  They remained there for quite some time, but I do not how long as I did not keep watch on the closed door.  There were, however, a couple of guys that hoped to be the next to be invited.  I think they were disappointed, for the occupants were only interested in BBC,apparently.

Fantasyland I Pool Room
In keeping with the theme here, the next event was unfortunate.  A cute couple in their late20’s entered the main theater, clearly they were wanting to play with each other, at least initially.  They sat on one of the love seats in the main theater and a rather large man that I had been observing most of the night immediately sat down right next to the couple, giving them no space.  This guy had the looks of Lurch from the Addams family, but shorter and heavier.  He slouched and walked around slack-jawed.  The female portion of the couple was okay with the situation, but the male half was clearly and verbally not appreciative of this guy’s lack of couth. He made a loud and angry exclamation, “Anyone who touches without permission, I’ll knock him out.” 

Now, I would have moved, but not Lurch.  The young lady calmed her partner down and they began to make out on the couch.  I was hopeful that they would work each other into a lather, but Lurch took liberties, whipping out his cock and this was too much for the man.  He got up, took his girlfriend by the hand and pulled her up off the loveseat.  She was clearly preferring to stay, but he made it clear they were leaving and made the statement, “You know,some people just ruin for everyone.” With that, they left.  I took a page from The Journal as I was going out to my car anyway and was behind them.  As we parted ways, I told them not to judge all by the actions of one.  She agreed,he was still pissed and they got in their car and left.

I should have left at that point to make the long ride home,but I am an optimist and after a while, I returned to FL.  There was a group of young couples that came in during the wee hours, but they were intoxicated and never left the poolroom.  The highlight of this group was one drunken young man that belched at a decibel level that rivals the engines of a Boeing747 at full throttle, regularly and often. I could not help but think, your mother must be so proud. 

Lurch remained, following around any couple that left the poolroom.  Ultimately, Lurch went into one of the video booths that has a glory hole and was serviced by a rather attractive, and extremely well-dressed, cross dresser who was hanging around the booth area.

As it was now getting very late/early, I made the decision to leave.  I was disappointed, but there are always those times when things just do not go your way.  I must admit that the practices at FL seem to have changed because of past LE activities. Couples are meeting men wherever and then going into private area to play.  It is a necessary concession and is the equivalent of theater safe theater sex in Tampa.

Have fun, but hey....Let's be careful out there!

Still smiling...Enzyte Bob


Doc here again... Enzyte Bob has his finger on the pulse of Tampa, and with everything that has happened there in the past 8 months, it's good to see that things are kind of returning to normal at Fantasyland.

That said, I think I have run into this "Lurch" character before at FL.  And he is everything Bob said.

Thanks again Enzyte Bob for the thorough and entertaining report!

Do you have an adult theater report?  Just e-mail Fredo Corleone The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will edit and format your report...All you have to do is submit the text.
It's easy... Trust me.

I'm a Doctor.

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Breaking News! Fire Department @ The Closed Paris Cinema in Worcester, MA

Doc here with breaking news from this thing of ours... You know The Journal has a far reach when breaking news occurs at an adult theater, and The Journal has a reporter on the ground reporting from the scene.

Senior Journal reporter Tomkat has reported and also sent in a photo from the scene of fire department activity in Worcester, MA @ the former Paris Cinema (the spotlight adult theater on the right hand side of The Journal).

Here is a photo from the scene (from 45 minutes ago):

Here is the quick report from the scene from Tomkat:

Tomkat's sources say there were reports of smoke coming from the building.  But so far they haven't found any fire."

The local newspaper, The Worcester Telegram & Gazette also has the following:

WORCESTER — A section of Franklin Street across from Worcester Common was temporarily closed this morning after firefighters converged on the former Paris Cinema. About 10 a.m. a passerby reported seeing smoke coming from the vacant building.

The report appears to be unfounded; crews searched the building and found no sign of fire.

Meantime, a crowd of onlookers gathered. The many people who regularly visit the common turned their attention to the collection of fire and police vehicles that hurried to the scene.

Doc here again... Looks like a false alarm.  We will keep an eye on the story and report back with any updates.  Huge thank you to Tomkat for his outstanding work!  Kudos sir!

The Journal is now just like a CNN operation...Field reporters deeply embedded on the front lines, bringing you the latest.  And now I will throw it to Anderson Cooper, who is reporting from the front lines at Hollywood Erotic Boutique in Seattle...


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Field Report: Florida Update (excluding Tampa) by JaxBchBum

Doc here with an outstanding update on the non-Tampa adult theater scene in Florida, courtesy of  senior Journal reporter, JaxBchBum.

There is lots to digest here, so sit back, order a mojito, and soak it all in.



As promised, here is some additional theatre information for the database.  One bit of information you might consider adding is the phone number for the theatre.  There have been a number of times where I have arrived at a theatre only to find they have closed, closed for renovation, gay night or some other circumstance that made the trip a total waste of time.

Theatre X (formerly Pure Pleasures Mega-Store)  6802 NE US Highway 301, Hawthorne FL  32640 - located at the intersection of FL 26 and US 301  Mailing address is listed as Hawthorne FL, but actually located closer to Orange Heights FL and is about 12 miles east of the Gainesville Regional airport.  Hours are: M-Th - 9am - midnight; Friday & Sat: 9 am to 2 am; Sunday, 11am to 11pm.  Adult store with DVDs for sale/rent; novelties, an arcade and theatre.  Theatre admission is free for couples at all times and $20 for singles with supposedly a 6 hour time limit but have never seen it enforced.  In/out privileges.  Small theatre with 3 rows of 2/3 person couches as well as about 6 chairs scattered about; no dedicated couples section.  Theatre kept very clean and video quality is excellent.  Couple friendly and laid back staff and no record of any law enforcement action.  Tuesday night from 6 - midnight shows gay movies.

Palatka Adult Supercenter 3743 Reid Street Palatka FL 32177 - located in the SE corner of the intersection of FL 100 and FL 19.  (386) 326-3559,  Theatre hours are Mon - Sat from 9am to 1:00 but sometimes they close the theatre at 12:30 to start cleaning.  Sunday hours from 11am - 11pm.  Long established adult store with DVDs, novelties, arcade but the theatre has only been in place for about 18 months.  Free admission for couples and $6.50 for singles with in/out privileges all day.  Small theatre with an unusual configuration.  2 and 3-person couches along the back walk with the 2-person couch in a recessed alcove.  Another 3-4 person couch placed on a side wall so little privacy for the other couches and that seems to have affected the rate of couples coming in to the theatre and playing - so no dedicated couples section..  The rest of the seating is approximately 16 high-back heavy plastic outdoor chairs.  Theatre kept clean and video quality is very good.  They show a series of 4 movies each day, with one usually being a bi- or fetish movie.  No record of any law enforcement action despite being less than a half-mile from the Sheriff's offices. Laid back staff and very couple friendly (even saw a lady walking around the store nude one night while hubby was taking pics).

Foxes Cinema, 3009 Victory Drive, Columbus GA  31903 (706) 689-2211 Theatre hours are: Monday - Thursday 10am - midnight (but subject to early closing if not many people) 10 am - 12:30 Friday and Saturday; Sunday from 10 - 9pm.  Single admission is $8 and ladies are admitted free.  Promises for a major theatre remodeling but has not happened although they did a major remodel of the store including arcade at the end of 2010.  Mid-sized theatre with about 45 seats with large open area at the back.  No dedicated couples section. 

Some comments on some of the other theatres currently listed:
Cinema Blue in B'ham AL theatre interior is in terrible condition.  Roof leaks when it rains, many of the seat bottoms or entire seats missing; but it is the only game in town since the Screening Room got shut down several years ago.

Buford Hwy Twin Cinemas in Doraville GA - couples admitted free to theatre #1 that does have a dedicated couples section.  Some busts took place here earlier this year after the theatre re-opened after being closed for several years.  Only theatre in the north Georgia area.

Hope this is helpful.  Stopped by Theatre X on Wed. night.  Two couples came in while I was there.  Older couple did some playing with each other but were inconsistent with wanting others to watch although everyone was respectful.  Young couple (mid-30s) came in about 9:30 and she was dressed to play with a deep cut dress showing off big beautiful tits; but they never did anything.  Think the older couple tried to hit on them as when younger couple left the older couple followed; but came back in about 10 minutes later.

Stopping by again Sat. evening so hope to have more productive report to give.



Thanks JBB for the great and detailed update from the non-Tampa adult theater scene in Florida.  I will be adding the new details to the Dr. Emilio database sometime this week.  Thank you sir!

Do you have an adult theater report?  I hope so, because I am in dire need of more reports... Just e-mail your report to emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will edit and format your report... You just provide the words.



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All-Time TOP Adult Theater Experience: Round 2 - Bob in Biloxi

Doc here with Round 2 of the All-Time TOP Adult Theater Experience entries... This report comes from senior Journal field reporter, Bob in Biloxi.  His weekly reports are a staple here at The Journal, and I was glad to see Bob jump into the fray of the TOP Experience stories.

Here he is...Height unknown, weight unknown, from parts unknown... Off the top rope, it's Bob in Biloxi:


Hey Doc,

Here’s my submission for the TOP Adult Theater Experiences: 2005, Biloxi, Ms.

Shortly after the Big Storms (Katrina and Gustavo), my company was inundated with calls all over the South for voice/data and audio visual restoration. I had been working the devastated town of Biloxi for two weeks straight trying to help both Bell South and numerous other vendors restore the massive destruction caused by these two storms.

Bob in Biloxi
I passed by an adult theater (Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi) and spotted an older fellow outside picking up debris. He waved me down and asked if my company could help him with some problems he had with interior wiring and audio visual issues. I told him we were swamped with orders right now, but when I got off I would take a look at what he had. So after work I cruised by and at the appointed time we met and walked through his place and examined the issues he was dealing with.  Long story short I was able to get him back in business after a couple of long nights.

He wanted to pay me but I refused, citing the 1st Amendment, Freedom of Speech and most of all Freedom of Expression. I gave him my card and told him to call if he had any other problems.
About six weeks went by and my cell phone rang, it was Harry, the owner of the Theater, he asked me if I was still in Biloxi, which I replied no. He asked me if I was available any Saturday night and since I was now off on weekends again I told him yes. He asked if I could come down the following Saturday and be there at 8pm, I agreed and hung up.

I arrived promptly at 8pm, went in and said hello, then he asked me to sit down. He explained to me that he was grateful for me saving his business and thought he owed me a debt of gratitude. I started to wave it off, when he stunned me by asking if I was straight? I replied I was, he smiled and said I thought so. I guess he saw the bewildered look on my face, then went on to explain the goings on at his theater. He said he had a surprise for me that would be there any minute, more bewilderment from me. He just smiled and said I think you will like it.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
He had at the time, one single camera pointed at the door, it being dark, a pair of headlights soon shinned on the door. He said, that would be them now. I looked at the screen he was looking at, I saw what appeared to be a black Bentley. He told me, “yep that’s them” I saw a couple get out of the car and walk toward the door. When they came in, I noticed a stunning woman, with long dark curly hair, deep brown eyes, dressed in black Capri pants and black pullover sweater. She reminded me of Catherine Zeta Jones, she was also covered with jewelry, large diamond rings, diamond necklace, I mean decked out!! Introductions were made and Harry said, this is the young fellow I was telling you about, he really saved my ass. The lady (Susan) kept smiling at me and making little comments about the place and giving me a look that is “that look” very sexy, sensuous woman with heart warming dick raising smile.

After a few minutes, she asked me if I would like to go inside with them and watch the movie. I obliged and followed them in, they took a left immediately after entering, the man leading the way, her following him and me behind her. We sat down and after a few minutes she explained that Harry was a wonderful friend to them and they used to attend the theater regularly before the storm and they were also appreciative of my deed. With that, she started stroking my leg, gradually moving higher until she met my cock, she then looked at me with that sexed out smile and started stroking me over my gym shorts. In a matter of seconds I was hard as a rock, she asked me to remove my shorts (Take those things off is really what she said) I couldn’t move fast enough either, in the blink of her eye I was bottomless sitting on my shorts in the seat. This gave her full access and her soft warm hands really started having an effect.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
We were the only ones in the theater as she stood up and pulled off both her top and pants handing them to her husband. She knelt down totally nude in front of me and started to administrator a great blow job while looking at me with those sexy eyes. After a few minutes of this she got up, turned around, revealing a perfect ass with a shaved pussy and proceeded to sit down on my cock. She was soaking wet, so entry was very easy, her pussy felt like a tight warm velvet glove over my cock. When she was able to sit all the way down on my cock, she stopped for a minute and just moaned, then she started grinding me the way a stripper gives a lap dance! Followed by up and down and all around, with some heavy banging up and down on my cock. I loved that she was vocal, she kept saying “oh yeah, oh fuck, he making me feel like a slut” on and on, then she came, flooding my lap, leaning back against me breathing hard with a slight sheen of sweat about her body. She would shake every now and then, until she leaned forward with that beautiful ass bent over the aisle in front of us.

I Believe in Bob in Biloxi
She turned her head smiling and said, now its your turn! With that I stood up re-entered her and started pounding her pussy with all I had. She was even more vocal in her thrones pushing back against my cock, until I couldn’t stand it anymore, I asked where she wanted my cum, which she was screaming give it all to me! I did too, buckets of cum shot into her. My cock forcing it out the sides of her pussy. Things settled down some and her husband handed her a towel, she began patting over her ample chest and rest of her body, then turned her attention me, she was so gentle drying me, my cock, legs, anything she deemed needing to be dry.

After she was done, she handed the towel back to her husband and knelt down again to take my cock in her mouth, she sucked and moaned until it was completely flaccid and happy. She stood up and whispered in my ear that she wanted to make sure she got the last drop. She and I got dressed and walked out to the lobby, said our good byes and they left.

Harry had a big smile on his face and asked how I liked my surprise? I could barely speak, thanking him. I asked the story behind them, he told me they were moving up north. They had had it with hurricanes and was moving somewhere that, this weather phenomenon would never effect them again, that’s the last I saw of them, but it made me an adult theater junkie afterward.



You read it here first folks... The creation of Bob in Biloxi as an adult theater junkie.  It's just like the moment when after seeing a bat, Bruce Wayne realized he had to be Batman.

Well, almost.

Great job Bob!  Now it's your turn to submit your TOP Adult Theater Experience story to The Good Doctor.  Just e-mail me direct at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. Please put "TOP STORY" in the subject line.

Thanks again Bruce Wayne Bob in Biloxi!


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Quick Note From The Good Doctor - Laney Update

Doc here with a Quick Note from the News Desk here @ The Journal...

I received an update from Laney from Texas that Monday night went well at The Art Cinema, 255 Franklin Avenue in Hartford, CT.  She will be back TODAY (Tuesday) and Wednesday from 4-6pm to The Art.  She would also love more guys as well, so if you are in the neighborhood stop on by and say hi to Laney.


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Reminder! Laney Visits The Art Cinema, Starting Today!

Doc here with a last reminder that Laney from Texas will be visiting The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT starting today, 8/22.  Details follow:

Laney From Texas

Theater Play

The Art Cinema, 255 Franklin Ave, Hartford, CT.

Monday August 22nd, and Wednesday August 24th, 2011
4PM to 6PM EDT

Tuesday August 23rd is up in the air.

Quote From Laney:

Hey Doc, Laney here~~~I will be in Hartford Monday ~ Wednesday. Could I please get you to post something for the Art Theater for me. I will be there Monday evening 4pm till 6pm Tuesday not sure but Wednesday 4~~~6. Looking to have fun in Hartford. Thanks Doc... Laney

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