Blast From The Past: Ray on The Art Cinema in Mishawaka, IN







Doc here with a report from the blog of regular Journal contributing reporter, Ray. This "Blast From The Past" is an exciting tale from the golden age of adult theaters, where old movie houses showing XXX fare were still breathing and not quite extinct (yet).  The Cinema Art in Mishawaka, IN was one of them. 

There is/was a certain feel inside theaters that once were mainstream movie houses, that have turned towards The Dark Side (young Skywalker).  You feel that inside The Oregon Theater in Portland, The Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway in Atlanta, and the soon to be closed Westwood Art Theater in Toledo.

Without further ado, here is Ray's "Blast"...


"Surprising Threesome at the Porn Theater"

On a few occasions, I have seen "accidental" meetings in porn theaters. By that I mean that two or more people have come into the theater separately, pretending that they were unaware of the person or persons that they were going to meet and play with. Sometimes, it is obvious. Sometimes, it isn't as apparent. On a couple of occasions I have played this little game myself more than once. I will tell you about them some other time.

Today, however, I am thinking of a night where I am not sure if what I saw was a setup or not. Whatever it was, it was very, very hot.

The Cinema Art (formerly named The Tivoli Theater) was in Mishawaka, Indiana, just outside of South Bend. It was another one of those old, downtown theaters in a small town that had been abandoned for the mall multiplex. Somebody bought it and started running porn movies. Eventually, they added a bookstore area and peep booths, but when I first started going there it was just a big theater with X-rated movies.

I had rarely seen couple activity there. There were some couples from time to time, but no action. Being the eternal optimist that I am, I would drop in from time to time to see what might happen. My persistence paid off.

I was actually stretching my legs, having been in the theater for a couple of hours, when they came in. She was about 5'5, brunette, 40-ish, and curvy. Not a BBW, but a fairly typical woman who had a couple of kids and two decades of limited athletic activity. She was busty so the curves looked good on her. Dressed in a tight black skirt with a hem a few inches above the knee and a print blouse with buttons down the front, she was ready to play, yet still looked respectable enough should any of her neighbors see her leaving the house or returning home later.

Like any good theater pervert, I followed them into the theater, keeping a respectful distance. They sat on the left side of the aisle, with hubby taking the outside seat. I sat immediately in front of him.

I resisted the temptation to turn around and stare. I find it better to let a couple get comfortable. I listened for the tell-tale signs of hanky panky, but there were none. I settled in, prepared to be patient.

Art Cinema
Mishawaka, IN
circa 1980
Maybe 10 minutes after they came in a guy came down the far aisle from us. He sat in the same row with the couple, all the way at the other end. Probably 12-15 seats separated him from the wife. He looked nervous and sat low in his chair, a baseball cap pulled low over his eyes and his jacket pulled up high around his neck and cheeks. He clearly didn't want anyone to recognize him. He was small. Small enough to notice. Not just short, but slim, too. I wondered if perhaps he was too young to be there and figured that once he bluffed his way in he would try to be as inconspicuous as possible.

If he noticed the couple, he never let on. He just sat low and kept his eyes on the screen. Meanwhile, I began to sense more movement from the couple. I glanced back quickly. Sure enough, they were starting to make out a little bit. The next time I took a semi-furtive peep I noticed the little guy on the other end of their row was looking, too.

Hubby was slow, but deliberate. He took his time unbuttoning her blouse. She made eye contact with me at one point, then quickly looked away. Since she didn't cover up, I figured it was cool to watch. So did the guy on their row.

Her cleavage was wrapped in a sexy black bra, and eventually it was completely exposed as hubby finally unbuttoned the bottom button on her blouse. He pulled it open wide, so that her large, lace-covered tits were completely visible. At about this time, wifey leaned back into him, turning a bit toward the guy on their row. He didn't take his eyes off of them as she began to spread her legs a bit.

I was as hard as a rock, seeing this woman blatantly expose herself in a semi public place. As she lifted her left leg into the seat next to her, her husband opened the clasp on the front of her bra and ever so slooooowly pulled the fabric away. Her nipples were large and swollen. She was clearly enjoying being the show. She dipped her hand between her legs, out of my site, but it was obvious what she was doing. She shuddered when she touched herself.
Art Cinema
Mishawaka, IN
circe 1983
The dude at the end of row had the best seat in the house, to be sure and, oddly enough, no one else in the place seemed to be aware or interested in what was going on. Fine with me. After a few more minutes of the tease, the wife turned herself around again in her seat and reached for her husbands lap. A minute later his cock was exposed and she was stroking him. She leaned back, letting the guy at the end of the row see what she was doing. His view wasn't the best but he got the idea.

Then she suddenly moved to the floor, between his legs and began to give him a slow, sensuous blowjob. Now my view wasn't the best, but I had already figured out that the guy on their row was their target. As the wife sucked her husband's dick, the voyeur was straining to see (so was I!). Hubby motioned for him to come closer... and he did. Leaving two seats between himself and the husband. A minute later, he moved over one more seat.

I thought hubby was about to blow his load at one point. So did the wife, because she stopped what she was doing and returned to her seat. Hubby immediately began to play with her tits and offered the other guy a feel. He was reluctant. Again, I suspected that he was pretty young and was now teetering somewhere between orgasm and terror, unsure of what he should or shouldn't do.

The wife dropped her hand onto his thigh and he jumped. She never took her hand away. She just gently caressed his thigh. Hubby started sucking the tit that was closest to him and she held is cock while the stranger (and I watched). Eventually, the wife got the attention of two mouths on her tits and my cock was getting the attention of my hand.

When the stranger pulled away, the wife leaned over and kissed him. That's a fairly odd site in porn theater. Ususally women who come in to get fucked by strangers don't kiss. As she did, she let her hand fall across his chest and into his jacket. Again, he jumped. When they finished their liplock, wifey turned and whispered something into hubby's ear and then turned her attention back to her guest. She opened his jacket, raised his t-shirt and - much to my surprise - revealed a nice set of firm young tits. He was a she. Soon the ball cap was gone and her hair fell to about her shoulders. The jacket was removed and suddenly it was obvious why "he" looked so small. She was a slender brunette, maybe twenty. Maybe.

Hubby and I watched while they played with each others tits, rubbing, pinching and sucking. I watched as she spread her legs wide, letting her short dress ride all the way up, exposing her wet cunt as both of them fingered her. I watched as the girl slid between her legs and ate her. She opened her eyes and looked directly into mine as she came.

The women switched places, and the crowd began to form, as the younger girl slid out of her pants. The wife got on the floor in front of her and licked her young pussy while hubby stood knelt on his seat and fed the girl his cock. I don't remember who came first, hubby, the girl or me, but we all ended at about the same time. 5 minutes later, they were all gone.

As the crowd drifted back to their seats and turned their attention to the movie, I replayed the scene in my mind several times, stopping and focusing on each individual action. Did they know each other? Was it planned? The nervousness of the "guy" made me think not, but the speed at which the action developed caused me to think that it might have been.

In the end, I didn't care. It was hot. The women were hot and the sex was hot.

I've never seen anything exactly like it since. Although now that I think about it, I may try to set up something like it myself. I'll keep you posted.



Doc here again... Thanks again to Ray for this excellent "Blast From The Past". Make sure you check out Ray's terrific blog HERE.  Lots of goodness lies within.

Do you have a memory of an adult theater experience that you'd like to share with the thousands of readers who visit The Journal every week?  Just e-mail your good buddy, The Good Doctor, at  I will format and edit the report.... You supply the account of what happened.  You get the credit (under a pen name of your choice) and the glory.


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(UPDATED!) Flash Report: Brent Returns To Portland & Gets An Eyeful

Doc here... Brent from Portland, OR was out of town for several days over the last week and a half, tending to what people do when they are out of town.  He was even able to hit a couple of out of town adult theaters with nothing spectacular to report.

Well, he's back home in Portland and it looks like The Paris Theater missed him...

Check out these two instant reports he sent out around 7:30pm PDT last night:

"A beautiful dark haired Lea Michele type is sucking all cocks at the Paris while we talk dirty to her . Come on down and enjoy this slut. Plenty of parking."

"This Kardashian is making out with guys getting her tits sucked so hard she is beginning to lactate & wants two dicks in her pussy & wants loads on her face.  It is good to be back in Portland."

Only Brent could give us the following in 4 short sentences:
  • Not one but two celebrity look-a-likes
  • A call to action for an adult theater gang bang
  • A parking update
  • Lactation
  • DPP (double pussy penetration)
  • Facials
  • A personal note about how good it is being back home
This is why Brent is the poet laureate of this thing of ours: Word management.

And it's good to have you back in PDX, Brent.


Brent supplied some more info on the above Tuesday night encounter:

"One of the things that makes Portland such a good town for adult theater sex is not only the frequency that it occurs but also the fact that "ats" is likely to occur at all hours of the day. A couples theater adventure may not always go as planned but its more likely to be successful in Portland."

"The lady who played last night was very pretty and had a great attitude. She loved to be talked dirty to and was up for just about anything. The crowd was small and respectful- maybe a little too small. Still she had a few very intense orgasms from getting fucked by her old man, riding Coke Can's dick while her old man put it to her from behind while at the same time someone sucked hard on her nipples and someone else stuck his dick in her warm wet mouth."

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"Blast From The Past" From the Duke Of Pearl: "In Praise Of Sticky Floors"

Doc here with a terrific "Blast From The Past" from first time contributor, the Duke of Pearl. Duke takes us on a trip from Seattle, to Santa Ana, to Buena Park, and eventually to Portland.

Luckily, I am able to illustrate the adult theaters from Duke's report from the Good Doctor's photo archives, located deep within the control room here at my practice.  (Remember to click on the photos to ENLARGE them.)

So, without further delay, here is the Duke of Pearl's "Blast":



Doctor, Doctor;

I accidentally tripped over this site a few days ago. I am so amused with it that I thought I should introduce myself.

Apple Theater
circa 1994
Seattle, WA
I am not a newcummer to ‘this thing of ours’. My beginnings began as a patron of the arts in 1970s Seattle at the old Apple Theater. I was a lad in my 20s. The only truly memorable thing about the Apple was the night a young pregnant woman sat beside me in the back row of wobbly seats. I was too shy to take my hard peter out when she asked me to, so we went to my car and I fucked her in the broken passenger seat of my aging Plymouth. It was enough to form a life-long appreciation of sticky floors.

I soon moved to San Francisco and found a few such places on Market Street, but I didn’t stay in the city long before I moved to southern California. There were some good places in those days. The Mitchell Bros Theater in Santa Ana comes to mind, as does a nasty old theater on 4th Street (The State Arts Theater). 

The Former State Arts Theater
(now the rennovated West End Theater)
4th Street, Santa Ana, CA
One night an older couple sat down beside me in the nearly empty theater. She sat between me and her husband and spread a shawl over her lap and mine. She stroked my peter while I played with her large floppy tits. After a minute she whispered, “Come out to our motor home. There will be no money exchanged.”

Once inside I fucked her while her husband sat at close range, leaning forward and watching as she berated him like the (happy?) cuckold he was. Getting into the spirit of things I ordered him to “Do something, you miserable bastard. It isn’t nice to just sit there and stare!” He rimmed me expertly and minutes later I shot all over her ample belly. As he licked it up I dressed and quickly left while I listened to them beg me for a re-match. Oh, to be young again and begged for sex!

Pussycat Theater
Buena Park, CA
circa 1980
As I recall, it was the early 90s when they began bulldozing the theaters in southern California. The last one to go was the worst (and therefore the best) of them – the Pussycat Theater in Buena Park. There was usually a minimum of 50 people in there at all times and it set new records for sticky floors. On the day they finally tore it down there was a crowd lined up on the other side of Beach Blvd consisting mostly of people cheering the demolition, but there was also a fair number of us pervs in raincoats quietly sobbing and sniveling as the silent minority.

Then it was over. The big Cats had made short work of the Pussycat. After the Haz-Mat bureaucrats zealously surveyed and arduously repaired the tainted soil content, someone moved a double-wide onto the property and opened a used car lot. It was clearly time to move on.

Just For Fun
Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix was my next stop. There are no theaters per se but lots of video arcades. They all had so many WARNING! signs posted that one’s peter would atrophy before you could park the car. There was one decent place called “Just for Fun” that had a make-shift theater upstairs. It was a reasonably good place to go and jack off with the fellas. They had a buzzer on the downstairs entry door. When the buzzer sounded everyone covered up and sat frozen until the newcummer got to the top of the stairs and whipped his dick out. Then it was back to business as usual.

I moved to Portland a year ago. I purposely moved here because of its reputation for being tolerant of sticky floors. I go to The Paris, The Oregon, and lots of the jack-in-the-boxes around town. I never feel unsafe or like a place is about to be raided and all of us humiliated for ‘this thing of ours.’ (I love that phrase, Doc!)

The Duke of Pearl


Doc here again... Sometimes The Good Doctor is part writer, part editor, and in the case of this report, part detective.  With the help of The Duke, I was able to come up with the Santa Ana's sleazy old theater name, plus what happened to it after it stopped showing XXX fare.  However, photo wise, the best I could come up with is the renovated theater.  You win some, you lose some.

I am looking forward to the next installment from The Duke of Pearl.  Plus, since he is at ground-zero for this thing of ours in Portland, why not take his talents to the Rose City's adult theaters?

Thanks again Duke.


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Flash Report: Cruising The Coast With Bob in Biloxi - 4/23/11

Doc here with something the Easter Bunny could never give you: This week's Crusing The Coast With Bob in Biloxi

As the Cal Ripkin of this thing of ours, he is Mr. Consistency.  If a Sunday passes without a Bob report in my in box, I know something is up.

No one has been looking forward to the end of the Lenten season more than our good friend Bob.  Hopefully after the holiday, things will return back to normal for Bob, which means hot wet fun at the theater as well as the ABS down the street.

Without further ado, from parts unknown, weight unknown...Bob in Biloxi:


Hi Doc,

Well I bit the bullet and went over to check the pre-lent scene in this thing of ours. I have mixed reviews at the outcome, but here goes:

The Gulf Coast Theater
Biloxi, MS
There were five couples that showed up during the course of the day at the Gulf Coast Theater in Biloxi. Four couples before I got there, the first couple was seen to suck off everyone in the theater, together, not my thing, so I didn’t miss anything in that regard.  The other three couples (before my arrival) were rumored to have only played by themselves.

When I did arrive, there was one regular couple that attended and only watched the movie, they usually only hook up with other couples and a third wheel for them is an unusual thing.

Meanwhile down at the trusty ABS (two blocks down the street) a middle aged couple showed up, she had red hair (usually denoting super freak?) dressed in a short grey skirt and black blouse. Nice race, about 50 or so, petite and well proportioned. I’m thinking maybe this wasn’t a wasted trip after all? I was “lucky” enough to get the booth next to them, but I have to tell you doc, she gave the worse blow job I’ve ever had in my life!! WAY too much teeth on my buddy!! To the point of being painful! I managed to coat her tongue anyway, then retreated to the safety of my vehicle for some R & R . They stayed a long time, one of the regulars came out bent over and walked up to my window complaining of the same treatment.

Bob in Biloxi
After they left, it was getting close to closing time for both establishments, ( both the theater/abs closes @ midnight) when a couple pulled up next to me. She was a young thing in her 20’s , blond hair, medium perky tits in a dark grey summer dress, they walked in the ABS and turned around and walked out. As they were getting in their car, she was on my side backed in, I said good evening! She said it would have been if this place hadn’t closed so early. I told her, not to worry there was more sex going on in the parking lot than in the store anyway. (Ok, I lied to her, sort of like that I won’t cum in your mouth lie) But that perked her interest and she asked me to explain. More lies from me of course, but the end result justified the means.

After talking for a few minutes, I learned she wanted to try out the holes, that they had placed an ad on CL, and someone answered telling them about the glory holes, etc. Well I respond to couples on CL every Sat night telling them about both places. After a few for minutes of discussing this, we concluded it was indeed me. I always send a pic of the dick and she wanted to see it. So out “Stanley” came, she then reached in and started stoking me, then asked where we could go? I told her, right here, right now. This girl must have been horned up, because she jumped in the front seat and started blowing me. My windows were down, enjoying the ocean breeze, her escort/husband/boyfriend/FWB was standing outside, sort of blocking the view from the street. Unlike the previous lady, this girl could suck a cock!! Gentle, soft, super wet, hot mouth!, she blew me for a few minutes, then asked if I had a condom. Well, Bob is always prepared, ripping open the wrapper and rolling it on, she laid across the front seat and was playing with her clit telling me to fuck her. (BTW she was clean shaven with a huge clit!)

I didn’t know at the time, but while she was blowing me, her “friend” was playing with her pussy, (her ass was pointed toward the pass side where he was standing)  so she was soaking wet as I entered a very tight, wet and hot box!! After shaking the suspension on the RAM for a good while she started screaming she was cumming and grabbed my ass pulling me deeper inside. I lost it and filled the bag with baby batter. Both of us had worked up quite a sweat but she was smiling and said thanks, so I think she may have lived out one fantasy last night! We talked a few more minutes then we departed company with a suggestion we might have to meet up again. As usual I told them, I’m there every Sat night.

And that folks is the news from the beautiful Gulf Coast.


Doc here again.  I don't know about you, but I need more friends like the ones Bob makes.  I can speak with 100% honesty that I do not have any 20 year old blonde female friends that will let me take them in a RAM.  Or even a Yugo.

Bob, you are my hero.

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  Just e-mail The Good Doctor at  I will do the rest for you... Post three reports, and you become a senior reporter with your own custom banner in your reports.

It is your time... Take the plunge.


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Happy Easter From The Valley Near The Small Women's Liberal Arts College

Prosciutto tocco che ancora una volta, e vorrei spezzare il collo con le mie mani nude!...  Oh sorry, I was channeling my late Uncle Alessio at an Easter dinner when I was a young spud.  Good times.

Doc here hoping that you had a wonderful Easter holiday weekend.  For some places, it wasn't so wonderful  (like in St. Louis, where my good friend and colleague Major Voyeur is located).  Check out his blog HERE to check on the current situation there.

Reports will continue later tonight after I finish dying the last my of Lizardo eggs and removing the ham stains from my Easter Sunday outfit.


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Blast From The Past: Sam on The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas

Doc here with a combination report from the newest senior reporter at The Journal, Sam.   The first part is a Blast From The Past report from the Lido Theater in Dallas, whereas the second part is an Op-Ed on playing it safe inside an adult theater.

So sit back, pop open a grape soda, and enjoy The Sam Report...


Hello Doc,

Reading about the events in Tampa, I could not resist giving some tips to patrons based on my previous experience. I have had quite some adventures at the Lido Theater in Dallas. The Lido
does not have any video booths with glory holes. Rather it has several private rooms with videos.

This episode took place a couple of years back. At that time, I came across some rumors of LE, undercover cops and busts, but never found hard evidence for the same. Anyways, bi and gay men played openly in the theater but most couples  end up using the private rooms. Only the really brave ones, and the occasional tourist couple played in the theater. But most of the hardcore stuff happened only in the private rooms.

During this episode, a 40 yr old man came in with a 21 yr old girl with amazing natural boobs. Someone mentioned that the guy was porn producer/director, and that the girl was a wannabe porn star. I don't know if this is true. Maybe she was just an escort, and the guy was fulfilling his voyeuristic fantasies.  But the way he handled the evening at the theater, hinted that he was a professional, and not an average Joe.

First, they walked into the theater and seated themselves in the center. After few minutes of caressing, a circle of men formed around them. At this point, they did not have anything exposed. Then he asked everyone around if they wanted to fuck her. He then asked everyone to follow them into a private room. He then told everyone that he is going to lock the room, and anyone not interested can leave.

After that he laid down the rules of the game inside the private room, and told anyone not ok with the rules can leave. Then he asked the girl if she was ok with all the guys. The girl then pointed out a cpl of older men over 60, and they were then asked to leave.
The Lido Adult Theater
Dallas, TX
Finally, there were around 10 men aged 20-50. Finally he locked the room and fed the video machine with enough bills for an hour. Then it was time to get dirty and hardcore. All the men were naked, and so was the girl. She had a beautiful face, soft boobs, and round butts. She gave a blow job to everyone over there and even swallowed. Those who wanted to fuck her pussy were asked to were condoms, and she took them one after another. After half an hour of intense activity, she took a break before continuing.  Eventually after an hour, the guy asked everyone to get dressed and unlocked the room.

Most ABS across the country do not seem to have private rooms. To my knowledge, and from a legal stand point, exposing any genital organs, or fully exposing breasts is illegal in theater area. It is legal inside locked private rooms or locked GHs. Locked room implies no visibility from outside. And anyone entering or leaving the room or booth should have their private parts covered.

So whenever things get hot in some theaters, it is best to use caution in theater area. Use the theater
for foreplay and selecting the partners, and take on the action in private rooms or GH. As ironical it may seem, I do not enjoy playing in GH or private rooms, as much as in the theater area. Probably once things cool down, playing in the theater should not be a problem.

It would be so much better if the theater management had a switch from their cash counter, which turn on the lights in the theater, if police arrive on the scene. If anyone knows the owner personally, suggest
this to the owner. However, I do not know the legality of this. Just a suggestion.



Doc here again... Nicely done Sam!  Great "Blast", and good advice for this thing of ours

Some of the most popular adult theaters now have areas that include private rooms.  Theaters such as The Lido & 15th Ave Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL have separate private rooms for their patrons.  It's a good idea, and hopefully more will adapt to this new way to enjoy adult theaters.

Do you have an adult theater report?  Just click the photo of The Good Doctor in the upper right hand part of The Journal, and fire away.  That's how Sam got started... And how you will too.


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Reminder: Follow The Good Doctor On Twitter

Doc here with a reminder to follow The Good Doctor on Twitter at @lizardojournal .  By following me, you will get:
  • Instant updates on adult theater activity at theaters such as 15th Avenue Adult Books in Melrose Park, IL, CTs Adult Theater in Gary, & the St. Louis area adult theaters (via retweets from my good friend MajorVoyeur).
  • Notifications of new reports and articles on The Journal of Adult Theaters.
  • Breaking news from this thing of ours (such as the closing of The Westwood in Toledo, OH).
  • Reminders and recommendations from colleagues of mine, such as Velvet Skye  @Velvetskye and Major Voyeur @MajorVoyeur .
So, you see, it's a win/win.  We update you, and you reap the rewards from this thing of ours.

Trust me...I'm a Doctor.


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Kneeling With Gloryhole Nancy: Update (w/pics)

Doc here with an update from our good friends, Gloryhole Nancy and her guy, T.  It appears as though they have hit some technical issues in Toledo...

Here is their update, and 3 never before seen pics here on The Journal of Nancy doing what Nancy likes best...Sucking cock.  Remember to click the images to ENLARGE, since they are hi-res.


Hi Doc!

We had a major computer glitch and lost ALL our pics and vids:(  We are in the process of getting it all restored, so in the meantime please be patient as it may be a week or so.  We are thinking of hitting the Westwood Theater one last time before it closes down, if so we'll be sure to report.  Please tell all your readers that once we are up and running more pics will follow, please be patient:)  As a matter of fact, we may be hitting the gloryhole tonight...

Nancy and T


Doc here again... I will keep you updated on the status of Gloryhole Nancy and T, and when they have all the glitches corrected.


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Flash Report: Floyd: "On The Horns Of A Dilemma" in Portland

Doc here with an excellent Flash Report from now Senior Journal scribe, floyd.  As the preeminent daytime reporter covering The Paris Theater  in downtown Portland, OR, he is johnny on the spot when the daytime flags start to fly at the Paris.

Here is floyd's excellent adventure...Station!


floyd: On the Horns of a Dilemma!

It’s your Portland field reporter floyd, checking in with a daytime action report from the famous Paris Theater in Portland, OR.

Although there are Red Flags (indicating couples in the theater) virtually every night at the Paris, the afternoon action there over the past few days has been non-existent. My work/home schedule means the latest I can usually stay at the theater is about 5:30pm, and it’s been frustrating to see the flags fly at 6:00 and 6:30 so many times. 

Yesterday was unique, as I had a quiet afternoon at work but a dinner appointment with some out-of-town business associates that would be arriving at my downtown office at around 5:15pm.  So, naturally, the Red Flag flew at exactly 3:37pm. Thus the dilemma: do I head over to the theater, taking a chance that whatever action was about to happen would be over by my drop-dead departure time of 5:00, or should I wait for another day.  The horny part of the dilemma triumphed, and out I went.

Upon arriving inside the theater, I immediately looked to the couples area in the back and noticed it was completely empty.  This happens, of course.  A “tourist” couple comes in, the Flag flies, and then they sit for a couple minutes and leave.  Comes with the territory if you’re a Flag watcher.  As soon as my eyes began to adjust to the darkness, I realized I need not have worried; there was a couple in the gen pop section, the guy sitting in one of the side theater seats down next to the “bedroom” area, and the girl standing next to him.  She was petite, 5’2” tops, wearing a loose light-colored peasant type summer dress with a black sash tied in the back.  Very nice figure from what I could see.  They were poking around in a large knapsack they had with them, and so I settled into a  nearby seat to see what would happen.

It was after about 10 frustrating minutes of them chatting quietly and rummaging in their backpack that things started to happen.  She shucked the dress, and as it dropped to the floor a red bra and matching red thong were revealed.  She looked really nice, long dirty-blond hair, a cute face framed with little plastic glasses,well-proportioned tits, and a wonderful ass that we got a great view of as she bent over, yes, once again poking around in the luggage.  Her guy took off his shirt and pants,and I was sure the action was imminent, so I was feeling pretty good about choosing to come down.  They chatted and rummaged some more, and over the next 15 minutes she made three separate trips out to the lobby dressed in just the bra and thong.  I have no idea what for.  Condoms?  Lube?  Beats me,but I was starting to watch the clock as it was sneaking up on 4:30.

They both started looking into the locked bedroom area, an done of the theater guys went and got Ray so he could unlock it for them. They talked for a few minutes and then she said, “No, we’ll just use the couples area in the back.”  Ray offered towels and a sheet, which they accepted, and she began wiping down the couch covers in the back area, refusing Ray’s offer to do it for her.  Between the cleaning, the tucking in of the sheet, and her guy still sitting down at the other end of the theater endlessly poking inside the backpack, your correspondent was getting worried!  She had doffed her panties and was now just wearing the bra, and she walked down to fetch her guy.  It occurred to me that with her focus on cleanliness in the couples area it was slightly incongruous to be walking around the theater (and the lobby) barefoot, but, hey, who am I to judge?

Paris Theater
circa 1982
Finally, he sat down naked in the couples’ area and she dropped the bra and knelt in front of him on the floor, starting to suck him. Now we’re talking!  Those of us at the rail had a good look at her ass, which was quite nice indeed.  After a few minutes of this, she hopped on and it looked like a cowgirl fuck on the bench was in the offing.  Alas, after lots of hugging and kissing, it was apparent that he was not aroused enough to fuck her, so they rolled down into a 69 position with her sitting on his face.  Now, in floyd’s humble opinion, we just don’t see enough face-sitting 69 action in the theater any more. It’s typically wonderful for viewing, and this was no exception.  We had a terrific view of her blowing him, her tits pressed against his stomach, and her ass spread wide on his face as he licked her pussy.  He produced a small bottle of lube, and he soon had a couple fingers in her pussy and one up her ass and energetically lapped at her clit. This went on for a good ten minutes, and she was moaning in a most agreeable manner.

It was then that the lobby door opened and a single woman entered with a theater employee giving her a tour.  We had all been so engrossed in the hot sex in front of us that we had not seen her enter. She was probably late twenties, with nicely styled shoulder length ruler-straight platinum blond hair and a cute round face.  A low cut top under a little jacket revealed nice big breasts, and a dark skirt, leggings, and boots completed the picture. After a quick tour, she retired to the lobby, only to be joined a few minutes later by a male friend.  They proceeded to take a much longer tour of the theater, spending a lot of time down by the new“arena” area, before eventually leaving. Hopefully they will be back to give the new bed a workout and provide some fresh new action.

After the extended 69, our main couple (remember them?) once again attempted a girl-on-top fuck on the back bench.  She leaned back and was apparently stuffing him in.  She rocked on him for a minute or so and then stopped again.  She stood very close to the rail, facing us, and pulled her hair back, giving a positively wonderful full frontal view of her naked body.  Her perfect tits got floyd's vote!

Then out came a new set of clothes from the ubiquitous backpack, a pair of shorts and a knit top.  Underwear was not used at all.  One of the guys at the rail asked if that “was it for today,” and she said, “No, just need to go out for a smoke.”  It was at this moment that I realized I had not looked at the clock in quite some time and just about panicked.  It was 5:05!  Regular readers of my reports will know that it takes me at least 15 minutes to get to or from the Paris from my office via the Portland Streetcar, so I had to go, and quick. I’d love to hear how round two turned out with them.  She was obviously no theater newbie, as she exuded confidence the whole time and paraded around completely naked like she did it all the time, even going out to the ladies room in the lobby nude. 

You got to love it.

Epilogue:  Just when your loyal reporter starts complaining about the daytime action at Paris….

I was finishing up the above report at about 2:00pm today(Wednesday) when I noticed the Red Flag had flown at 1:50.  I hit the “save” button and hurried to the streetcar.  When I arrived at the Paris, there were about five guys in various places around the theater and a couple in the back couples section. He was a shorter guy and she was a large BBW.  They fooled around for a while and she started jerking him off.  All at once, she opened her dress, freeing her massive jugs with huge nipples pointing more or less down.  She turned around and knelt on an ottoman with her elbows on the rail, her face right in mine.  Her man dropped his jeans and moved in from behind, administering a doggie-style fucking. 

The guy next to me must have known her, because he was whispering in her ear and pulling on her nipples.  The guy went at her for a couple of minutes and pulled out.  The whispering with the guy next to me continued, and I looked down and saw he had a condom in place on his hard dick.  She scooted over to the exam table area with her guy tagging along with his cock still out, and hopped up on another ottoman with her ass up. Condom Guy wasted no time in mounting her, and it was obvious he lost his load after about five minutes of hard banging. 

Another dude right next to him, sans condom, took his place and started in right where he had left off.  She was now sucking her guy while this third guy fucked her,much to the enjoyment of this spectator. I was contemplating becoming the “next in line” when she suddenly stopped.  I couldn’t say for sure,but her expression was like, “Holy shit, this is going to continue.”  They immediately retreated to thecouples’ section where they got dressed and left.  Never a dull moment, and before 2:00pm at that!



Doc here again... Not only does floyd serve up a tasty appetizer and a filling main course, he gave us a nice dessert to finish off our daily dose of this thing of ours.  Bravo sir! 

Also remember to check out floyd's own blog, Cockofthetalk, located HERE.  A good time is sure to follow.

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to submit to The Good Doctor?  Just e-mail me direct at I will format and edit your work, and publish it on The Journal.

Be big. Be a reporter on The Journal.


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Field Report: A Friday Night in San Diego by Sam

Doc here with a Field Report from 2nd time contributor to The Journal, Sam.  This time he gives us a view of a recent Friday night in San Diego.

What will he find and report?  See for yourself...


Hello Doc,

I got to spend a Friday night in San Diego recently, and decided to check out the theater scene. Based on reviews from The Journal and other sources, decided on Jolar Cinema and the Barnett Superstore.

Both have video arcade, theaters, live girls and of course the adult store. But no gloryholes in either of the places. You can't complain about the theater set up or the seats. But the armrests are huge and seats well spaced between rows, that it difficult to interact with others in any direction. In some other theaters I have been, seats are small and closely placed, which is better suited for this thing of ours. Both theaters cost $10 for 4 hours of in-n-out entry.

Sadly, my night was washed out without any action. In both the theaters, I just saw one couple during the entire evening/night, who just watched for a few minutes and left without playing. It would be incomplete to sign off without mentioning about the store section at Barnett. There were probably more couples and women who came into the store area that night, than all the men who were in the theater. Each time I came out of the theater area, I saw at least several couples in the store area. I was kinda disappointed that no one was interested in the theater area.

Maybe some other time.



Thanks Sam for another informative report!  I agree about the retail store area of the Barnett Superstore.  The store attracts a ton of couples shopping for DVDs, toys, novelties, clothes, and (get this) browsing their shoe department.  Yes, a department.  The place is super clean and gets much more traffic than the theater unfortunately.

It also looks like Barnett has live fantasy girls again, after stopping last year.  The facility is top notch, and the viewing booths are pretty nice.  Now, let's point the couples into the theater.


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BREAKING NEWS! Westwood Art Theater In Toledo To Close May 21st!

Doc here with breaking news received this evening from my source JT in Toledo, Ohio.  The Westwood Art Theater will be closing it's doors forever on Saturday, May 21, 2011.  Employees were notified today, and the announcement was posted at the theater.

My source revealed to The Good Doctor that one of the primary reasons for the closing of The Westwood is the condition of the theater.  The building owner (not the business owner of the Westwood, Bob) won't fix some needed repairs, and according to JT there were 3 weeks in a row where "it was colder inside the theater than outside".  That's saying something, being April in Toledo.

The Westwood Art Theater, circa 2010
1602 W. Sylvania Avenue, Toledo
Combine that with the economy, and health issues with Bob, and that is all she wrote. According to my source, there have not been any issues with the city or police.  Thus, it looks like a business decision.

When The Good Doctor made a House Call (see the report HERE) to the Westwood in the early Fall, it was one of my bucket list theaters to see before it disappeared.  The theater is huge, with a large lobby that functions as an ABS.  The couples section alone could seat 50+ people, and the theater itself seats 650.

In size comparison, it's a little larger than the auditorium of The Oregon Theater in Portland.  However, the lobby, vending machine area, and entrance are also sizable.  The parking lot to the left of the entrance of The Westwood easily holds 30-40 cars.  This was a truly classic Spanish Colonial movie house that survived the 70's and 80's, survived the video revolution that killed most adult theaters, and made it to 2011.

The Westwood
circa 1982
Just this past Monday, The Journal published Subbie Trish's Flash Report of her visit the Westwood Theater, where she entertained the crowd and put on quite a show for the troops just a few short days ago.  How things can change.

Gloryhole Nancy and her guy, T, would also visit The Westwood for some good old fashioned theater sexcapades.  Regular Journal contributor, Curly, would make visits to The Westwood.

As we are a month away from the closing, here is my ask:  If you have any memories (Blasts From The Past) from The Westwood, e-mail The Good Doctor at I'd like to put together a series of reports just focusing on this theater as a proper send-off, Dr. Emilio Style.  So sharpen your pencils and let's see what tales from The Westwood we can gather and publish.

As more details of the closing itself become available, I will post them here and on my Twitter HERE.

If you would like to read a bit more about the history of The Westwood, here is a link over to Cinema Treasures and their Westwood article.

This news has bummed The Good Doctor out... I was planning a trip there this spring as a follow-up visit, but now I may have to try and squeeze in a last minute send-off and toast instead.

This is one Happy Hour I'm not looking forward to.


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I-Team Report: Drew Park Update #2 in Tampa by Enzyte Bob - The Nitty Gritty

Doc here with the important follow-up I-Team Report by Enzyte Bob on the Tampa LE crackdown on Fantasyland and Fantasyland II that took place within the last 30+ days.

Enzyte Bob requested copies of the arrest reports from the Tampa Police Department, and they have now arrived at Enzyte Bob's compound in Florida.  He has analyzed the reports, and summarized his findings.  The results are fascinating to say the least, and back up Bob's original theories as to how the accused were charged.

Here we go...


I have received, copies of the reports from the Tampa Police Department dealing with the arrests at Fantasyland in the mail upon my return to town today.  I was somewhat surprised at the amount of information I received, as it dealt with more than the physical arrests on which my request was based, but apparently, they are cross-referencing the cases.  Thus, request one, get all.  I will summarize and quote from the reports as necessary, but in spite of the fact that this is all public record, I shall not provide names or identifying information beyond the general.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A total of nine, yes, nine,  individuals were arrested; one 21 year-old, white female and men ranging from 41 through 74.  Four of the men were in their 70's (attaboy guys!!...possibly inappropriate, given the situation).  The female was listed as a "stripper" from a local Tampa men's club and one of the men was a local lawyer.  I suspect the cops took great pleasure in making the arrest of a local lawyer.

The mechanisms by which these people were arrested followed, pretty much, the pattern I advised the young lady on the Fantasyland website to avoid.  The police report states, "This assignment [of two undercover police officers] was to combat open sexual activity/lewd activity, addressing a complaint of open sexual acts and prostitution."

The 21 year-old  stripper and her 41 year-old male companion went into the room off the main theater at Fantasyland that has the glass partition between it and the main theater.  They did not pull the curtain and could be seen through the window.  She performed oral sex on him, he fingered her and they both engaged in intercourse while visible through the glass.  The male was arrested and booked, the female was arrested, issued a summons and released...bush bond?...but I digress.

Four men were arrested because they jerked off while they watched the couple in the exhibitionist room.  Others were arrested for just jerking off while watching the porn on the big screen.

So, it would seem, based on the above, that the police are, in fact, picking the easy, low-hanging fruit, in that they are arresting the men and women who are engaging in sex very openly that can be observed from very public areas.  The term "open and notorious" comes to mind.  This tends to be supported by later actions of the police on their second round of arrests.

Friday, April 1, 2011

On this evening four men between 26 and 40 were arrested.  A Hispanic female entered the "couples room" at the rear of the main theater (This room contains both a big-screen TV, showing porn, and also a couch and and a mattress.)  In a statement to the police (more on this later), she stated that her boyfriend, in Washington, was on the phone while listening to her have sex with other men in the couples room in Fantasyland.  The four men arrested were not arrested for having sex with this woman.  They were arrested because they stood outside the door of the couples room listening, with their cocks in their hand, jerking off or came out of the couples room with their cocks still hanging out of their unzipped pants.  Those arrests not associated with the couples room in this fashion were just jerking off while watching the porn.

Oh, the woman and one man that was in the couples room with her, but did not come out with his pee-pee hanging out, were detained, but not arrested, and were released after making statements.

My Comments and Conclusions

The man and woman that were released were asked (probably coerced, by threats to arrest them) into making statements, but were released after stating they did not know they were engaged in illegal activity (which they were not, otherwise they would have been arrested).  The police apparently took some liberties with correct statements of the law and told them that their activity was against the law.  Under the police interpretation of the law, having sex in a private area of a public place, is illegal.  Thus, people renting rooms in motels could be arrested.  I think, not.

The couple was in a room with an expectation of privacy.  The door was closed, the window in this room can only be seen through from inside to outside, so their activity was presumably private.  They could even lock the door and allow in only persons they wanted.  Any person that came into the room, given the nature of the establishment, arguably consented to seeing the exhibition, thus, they were not arrested.

If you jerk off in a "public place" like the main theater in Fantasyland, you risk being arrested and likely convicted of a crime.  If you are in a room that has a door, you limit access to those that you invite in or you are in a booth with a gloryhole, you are probably safe.  If you are in a theater area, open to the public, you may have a problem if the PoPo show up.  If you go into one of the more private rooms and are just a little bit selective, you are not likely to suffer the same fate.  The proof, in my humble opinion, is the fact that the man and woman that remained in the couples room and were never seen from a "public" place in Fantasyland, were released.  I would argue that, had they invoked their Fifth Amendment Right to remain silent and asked to call a lawyer, they, probably would have been released without making any statements. 

Oh, and just a note, even the Supreme Court of the United States has stated that a U.S. citizen is not required to produce identification upon demand of the police (they do have to give the police officer their correct name, however, not their address or any other information) [see:  LARRY D. HIIBEL, PETITIONER v. SIXTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF NEVADA, HUMBOLDT COUNTY, ET AL.  U.S. SUPREME COURT, 2004... ], but again, I digress.

I shall keep an eye out for more information, but suspect that this gives us a good idea of how LE is dealing with the situation.  However, as I suspect they are monitoring this and other websites related to Fantasyland, I suspect they may be on to our intelligence gathering and that we are now more educated consumers of "this thing of ours."  Fantasyland will be under scrutiny and care must be taken.

Enzyte Bob


Doc here again... There is a lot here to digest. I asked Enzyte Bob some follow-up questions prior to publishing his report.  Here are the Q's and the A's:

Question: Any mention of Fantasyland's website or my site in terms of probable cause to investigate?

Answer: No mention of any kind regarding either the Fantasyland website or your blog.  The "P.C." for the investigation is based on "complaints of prostitution and lewd and lascivious/open sexual conduct" according to the reports on both days.
Question: Any mention of keeping the investigation ongoing?

Answer: There is nothing that indicates an ongoing investigation, although, I got the overall impression that this is a catch-as-catch-can kind of operation; unfortunately, random and unpredictable.  The April 1 report did refer to  "ROC Squad 131" (Rapid Offender Control).  I did some research and found the following on the Tampa P.D. ROC Squad: Rapid Offender Control Officers, known as ROC, focus on high crime areas called Offender Control Zones.

The Good Doctor's orders in terms of Tampa's Drew Park area (remember, there are 4 adult theaters with a very short distance of each other: The Playhouse, Thee Love Shack, Fantasyland I and II) are to use extreme caution.  I am in complete agreement with Enzyte Bob's suggestions above.  Private rooms should  be OK. Don't confuse should with are.  Do you want to take that chance?

Is there any positive to take from this?  Enzyte Bob's conclusion is that the actions were the result of a complaint being filed.  The local LE need to investigate the complaint, and take action where appropriate.  This method is no different than similar adult theater/ABS situations in different parts of the country in the recent past: 1) A complaint, 2) An investigation, 3) Action.  Eventually, the focus of the investigation will cool off.

Also keep in mind, this is Tampa, which was once the focal point of adult theaters in the entire country.  The heat has been on and off this area for a few years now, and has put a damper on what was the #1 spot for this thing of ours.  The laws are different across the US when it comes to adult theaters, as evidenced by Portland and other areas.  Looking at my Power Rankings will indicate what areas are best suited for a positive adult theater experience.

Until then, we (Enzyte Bob and myself) will keep a close eye on new developments in Tampa and this thing of ours.

Lastly, keep in the back of your mind the following in terms of Tampa: When in doubt, don't.


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Darkangel Digest: A Short Visit To Tampa (with Pics!)

Doc here with this week's Darkangel Digest.  This week Darkangel tells the tale of her trip to Tampa... They say timing is everything, and if they had been there in February or early March this would have been a totally different report.

Nevertheless, Darkangel sent along three pics to accompany her report. (Remember to click the pics to ENLARGE them)

Take it away, Darkangel...


Hi Doc,

Thank you so much for the kind remarks, and I'm glad you have had a good response from my reports. It gets me excited to hear that!

Actually M and I did take a trip down to Tampa and we were looking forward to visiting Fantasyland last Tuesday thru Thursday, only to get there and hear of the raid and arrests made. Being new to this thing of ours it made me very uneasy. Even though we did visit FL and a couple of the other ABS in the area, I just could not get comfortable with going into the theater or booths. We did buy me some nipple rings while there (see pics). 

M did book us a very nice condo overlooking the bay just a short drive from the Drew Park area, just wish we had been down about a month earlier. It is a shame they cant let consenting adults alone in a friendly establishment.

Hard Nipple Hugs,


Doc here again... Darkangel's weekly reports have been very popular here at The Journal, based on pageviews.  Relative newcomers to this thing of ours, she is on the road to becoming a very naughty girl in the adult theaters in the southeast.  Stay tuned for her next adventure...


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The Subbie Trish Chronicles: A Visit To The Westwood Theater in Toledo

Doc here with a first time Couples Flash Report from Subbie Trish. She has a master/slave relationship with J, and this trip to the very cool Westwood Adult Theater in Toledo was going to be good. 

But don't take my word for it... Here is their story, from the lips of Subbie Trish:


We have gone to the Westwood Theater in Toledo before a few times, and its never the same on any visits. Last Saturday night was certainly not what either of us would have ever expected. The parking lot was packed, and being the loyal and obedient subbie that I am, I had trepidations about being able to perform for each man present.

As we walked across the parking lot, I mentioned that I honestly didn’t think I could suck all this cock! LOL. We get inside the theater and there had to be more than 50 men, all anxious to grope and play, and of course, get some.

Westwood Theater
Toledo, OH
It is extremely dark in this theater, I mean you can hardly see your own hand in front of your face, but as we entered the couples section, we could see the patrons shift as one complete unit. We sat down in the front row of the section and get comfortable. Soon another couple came in and we contact. We swapped and she squatted down in front of Master and began to pleasure his cock with her warm mouth, and her companion made himself welcome to my pussy. He would only finger me and we did some light petting.

After she had sucked off Master (J), he asked me if I wanted to have a taste of the other girl and I said SURE! So she took my chair and I knelt in front of her and licked her clit and pussy. I could hear her say I was good, and she moaned and I could tell that she was relaxing and really getting into it. When she had enough,  Master gave me permission to stand up and move toward the bars that defined the space of couples area from the rest of the theater. Men were lined up two and three deep. I was dressed sexy with heels and  a skirt, and I held on to the bar and put one foot up on the lower bar. Men were groping my breasts and sucking my nipples. 

There was a man who had his fingers in me and soon there was a puddle of cum on the floor, (from me). They grabbed at my ample ass, and at some point I lost count as to how many were groping and touching. This went on for a while and I felt a head between my legs... I turned around and there was a guy crawling between my legs to eat me out. So I went and sat down and opened my thighs and he dove on in. He was great, and soon I had cum all over his face. ( I gush when I cum). He stood up and I returned the favor to his completion, his cum shot all over my boobs and I licked and swallowed what was remaining on his cock.

After a little break, I asked for another cock to suck and picked a gentleman from the crowd, Master directed him to come forward if he pleased and he was most accommodating. As I was finishing him, another stepped forward and I sucked him for a while too.

All in all it was an interesting and pleasurable experience. It is always my thrill to have Master be so proud of me to share me. I do hope for this opportunity again.

Subbie Trish


Doc here again... A huge thanks for the excellent report from Subbie Trish on her adventure inside the Westwood Theater.  The couple's section inside the Westwood is unique... It's more like a couples corral.  There are at least 6 rows of seats, and about 11 across (from the best of my memory).  Plenty of room for either seclusion or play.  And it certainly looks like Subbie Trish enjoyed her play time!

This is the first of many reports from Subbie Trish... Her other reports will be Blasts From The Past, and I for one cannot wait to read them.

Do you have an adult theater report, like Subbie Trish?  Just e-mail The Good Doctor at I will edit, format, and publish your story... It's easy!  Try it.

Trust me...I'm a Doctor.


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Crusing The Coast With Bob in Biloxi - Saturday 4/16/2011

You know him, you love him...It's Bob in Biloxi with this week's "Cruising The Coast...".  Things have been been spotty since the start of Lent, so let's see if things are picking up for Bob...


Hi Doc,

Bob here from the beautiful Gulf Coast. Things are still somewhat slow prior to Lent, but we did have two couples in the house at the Gulf Coast Theater.

Bob in Biloxi
One attractive lady, I judge to be in her 40’s about 5’1”/5’3” strawberry blonde hair, and her man graced our presence Saturday night. She was dressed in Capri style jeans and a pullover top. She stayed very close to her man, as they were obviously “newbie’s” to the scene. And for the most part they were left alone to enjoy the show. The usual suspects were standing in the aisle, still haven’t figured out why they do that, but at least a couple of them were standing out of their line of vision and behind their row of seats. They stayed for about an hour until a knucklehead moved in a sat right beside the woman and pulled his dick out. That did it and they were history.

Later on, one of the vulture club members came back and told me he hooked up with them and was getting busy down on the beach when another member of the vulture club showed up and ruined it for him. Seems there might be a lesson in there somewhere, but I’m not the teacher. I don’t think, however, that the lesson was learned.

Just saying, some people got kicked out of school for a reason, and these two may have been a perfect example.

Gulf Coast Theater
Biloxi, MS
Earlier in the evening an older couple showed up and was playing with a few, but that’s before I got there and no details were given except that they did play.

Meanwhile, down at the ABS, a blonde lady showed up, she was wearing a short black cocktail dress and a red blazer. She didn’t have stockings on, so I assuming she was without the pussy cover? Her and her man chose a booth with no holes and proceeded to rattle and shake the partitions’ of the booth. So I can only assume again, that a good time was had inside. They didn’t stick around long after that, so maybe this was her baptism? At any rate, I do hope they return.

That’s about it for Saturday night. I may go again before gas is ten dollars a gallon, but for sure after Easter weekend.



Doc here again... Thanks again to senior reporter Bob in Biloxi for his usual outstanding work. 

Do you have an adult theater report?  Just e-mail your bestest buddy and big toe, Dr. Emilio, at I will edit and format your report, and you'll be the hero.


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Adult Theater Information Request: Chelsea Theater in Quincy, IL

Doc here with a quick request for information on the Chelsea Theatre in Quincy, IL.  I just heard about this adult theatre this past week. I checked out the Yahoo Group associated to The Chelsea, and it was pretty much devoid of any information.

I am looking for the following information:
  • Couples friendly?
  • Couples traffic?
  • Hours?
  • Management attitude?
  • Worth visiting?
If you have any information on the Chelsea Theatre, please e-mail The Good Doctor at

As always, thanks!


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I-Team Report: Drew Park in Tampa Update From Enzyte Bob

Doc here with an important update from senior Journal reporter, Enzyte Bob.  He is keeping his finger on the pulse of the LE issues hitting Drew Park in Tampa, and in particular, Fantasyland I and II.

Take a close look at Enzyte Bob's excellent update...


My Good Doctor,

I have kept a close watch on the bookings into the Tampa, Hillsborough County Jail and have found none in the last week or two that have listed the address of Fantasyland as the place of arrest.  If LE is monitoring the FL site and/or your blog, they may be aware that the public records are being scrutinized and may have acted to make it more difficult.  What I mean is that they could easily be placing people under arrest at a different location than FL and using that as the location.  It would involve following people that are ID'd within FL and radioing or cell phoning another unit to follow them when they leave and arrest them blocks away.  Another option is to just flat out lie and say they arrested them somewhere else (no, that would never happen....Ya, right).  Another thing they could be doing is to write Notices to Appear (NTA's) and release the "suspects" with just their signatures as a promise to appear in court.  This would prevent any booking record from being made.

Enzyte Bob
Today, I checked my bank and noted that the check to cover the cost of my public records request had cleared my bank, so I suspect that the reports I requested are en route to me via snail mail.  I may not get them if they arrive before Monday.  So, I must keep you on pins and needles for a brief additional time period.  The positive thing is that the Tampa Police Department is apparently going to give me what I asked for as they cashed the check.  Had they denied the request, they would be required to return my payment with an explanation of what and why they were denying the request.

I noted that there is a cute little thing that is wanting to go to FL with her boyfriend, but is terrified of getting arrested.  I took the liberty of sending her a rather long and detailed, yet simple, explanation of how to enjoy "this thing of ours" and not go to jail as a result.  I am very curious if LE is picking the "low-hanging fruit" and just arresting the pud-wackers and or exhibitionists that do their thing in the main theater.  It is a very easy case to make, albeit hypocritical; you can watch it on the screen but don't do it live in the same room.  I wonder if there could be some Constitutional argument that it is a freedom of expression issue?  We were just offering an alternative viewpoint as to what constitutes a good blow job.  We thought what was on the screen was lame... LMAO.

Well, that's all for now.  Hey, you gonna post the Lizardo 6969, or did I miss it?

Enzyte Bob


Doc here again... We owe Enzyte Bob a round of applause for his investigative work on this ongoing issue with Fantasyland I and II.  We are doing this as a public service to you, the good readers of The Journal.  Good news or bad when it comes to this thing of ours, we will bring it to you.  Stay tuned.

Lastly, Enzyte Bob referred to The Lizardo 6969.  This is a project Bob and I have been working on for over two weeks now.  Look for the official unveiling of the Lizardo 6969 R-TIV in the next "A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio".

It is exactly what The Doctor ordered.


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