Happy New Year!!!

The photo above was taken in 1981, when The Good Doctor was doing his New Year's Eve countdown special from Channel 49, a small UHF station in Gasport, NY.   I was opposite Dick Clark (who was not a zombie yet), and a Wolfman Jack special.  My ratings were not good.

We now fast forward to NYE, 2011.  I no longer have my countdown special in Gasport, Dick Clark is now a zombie version of Dick Clark, and The Journal continues to thrive as your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.  How things have changed.

They changed becuase of you, the dedicated readers of this website.  My goal in 2012 (as long as the Mayans aren't right after all) is to continue to publish timely reports across the adult theater and ABS scene, compelling Blast From The Pasts, Special Reports, and profiles of the hottest adult theater women across the globe.

Why?  Because I'm a giver.

So from the dedicated staff here at The Journal (which is me and my trusty dog, Barky Lizardo), have a happy and healthy New Year.  I'm off to my favorite watering hole here in The Valley (near the small women's liberal arts college), The Tiki, for a cocktail at midnight (and to watch zombie Dick Clark).

Happy New Year, and see you in 2012!


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Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report (& An Excercise In Patience)

Doc here with a New Years Eve treat for you, the good readers of The Journal: Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report from the beautiful gulf coast. 

Given a choice of who I want counting down until the new year between Bob in Biloxi and Zombie Dick Clark, I will take Bob.  It looks like he is sending out 2011 with a bang of sorts, and he has submitted his report for us to consume.

Here is Bob and his report...


Hi Doc,

Well I decided to make the trek to our beautiful Gulf Coast last night; the holidays being how they are this year (screwing up Saturday night) I decided Friday would have to do.

Bob in Biloxi
Last Friday I must have missed a great opportunity in that a smoking hot blonde came in around 11 pm and from all reports made a run of the place. After she left there was not a hard cock to be seen. She was dressed for success in a micro mini and fuck me heels. No one was allowed to fuck her but she used her oral talents to drain everyone that wanted draining.

Armed with that information I arrived at around 3pm and took up my sentry duty.  Our German couple was in attendance, but that’s not my scene, so they took care of the desperate fellows looking to get off.

Around 10pm a couple came in, the male of the group was dressed as a transvestite; his wife was smoking hot dressed almost identical to him. She wore a little black dress with ass jacker heels and stockings. I think he may have had on a skirt of some sort. I was hard to remember as she was a very beautiful lady. My guess is that she was in the neighborhood of her early 30’s? Which means kinky, I can think of anything at this age but fucking! 

The highlight of the evening at the theater was one of the “straight” black guys that sat down next to “him”; you may remember me describing him in earlier reports as a big pain in the ass. He’s always downing gays, referring to them as pole polishers, etc. At any rate, the “man”  in the dress started sucking his cock, to which he later explained to the “crew” that he was only doing that to “get” closer to the real female in the couple. (It was an unsuccessful explanation) And of course that never happened; the couple’s night was about his/her kink, a fact that was obviously lost on this clown. But it was no surprise to me.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
This was totally not my scene so I went down the street to our ABS. I was talking to a couple of the “crew” that seem to follow me everywhere I go, I guess in hope of “Bob’s” luck or instincts will rub off and benefit them as well, who knows? But I was talking about a certain lady that used to show up every Saturday night. She is extremely talented and a very good looking woman. Beautiful face, the right attitude and a killer ass, she is very sexual! But I hadn’t seen them in over a year.

I’ll be dammed if that same couple didn’t pull in the parking lot a short time later. (Karma?) I walked by one of the “crew’s” vehicle and tapped on the glass indicating for him to follow me in, once inside I told him that was the couple I was telling the crew about.  Another member of the crew had also entered the store and I was giving him the high sign as they (the couple) were paying admission.

The first member was able to get the booth next to them, but she only sucked her man’s cock. Shortly thereafter they departed that booth and grabbed another. Luck would have it they took a booth next to a cock blocker who was only interested in watching her guy get his cock sucked. After about 10mins of this the cock blocker came out of his booth and I was able to get next to them.

I started talking shit through the hole to her and could hear her giggling, so I fed my cock through the hole and was immediately rewarded with her soft hands and wet mouth. This lady was dressed in a short brown skirt with a black bustier that was making a vain attempt at holding in her rather large tits inside, she also had on brown high heeled boots. She is a short lady, even with the boots on and attempted to back her ass up on my cock. Without success my cock was fucking air for a few seconds when she grabbed it a started pushing it back through the hole, an indication of a short conference.

She suggested we re-locate to a bigger booth with no holes. With that accomplished she really get loose and was going to town on my poor little soldier, having been satisfied he was at full attention she turned around and slide down the length admitting a very audible moan in the process. It was on then; she took her man’s cock in her mouth and was hammering her ass into me. She seemed to be extremely turned on as she was dripping wet, so much so that her juices were actually running down both legs.

With the booths so small, she was in total control, neither of the males could move, so it was all up to her as far as motion, and she had the motion Doc. I made a decent showing of stamina before announcing I was cumming, she was quick to dismount fall to her knees, rip the condom off and finish jacking a SIZABLE load all over her tits! My knees went to shit, my legs were shaking like they had Tourette's

Later, two of the crew was able to have the much of the same experience, sans the pussy, they were more than content with her more than exquisite oral skills. They closed the place down, but everyone lost count of just how many fellows walked out of that place with smiles.

There is always next year Doc, both places are closing early due to the holidays, but next week is not far off and we can keep our fingers crossed that business will pick up!!

Happy New Year to everyone!



Happy New Year to you too Bob! As The Journal's most prolific reporter for the 2nd straight year, Bob retains his championship belt.
Bob's Championship Belt

Bob's report is a clear example of how the cardinal rule of this of ours is always PATIENCE. If you have time to spare, and the scene isn't exactly what you want it to be, wait.  Eventually, what you are hoping for might walk in the front door of your local theater or ABS.  Look at what Bob did... A hot blonde and her x-dressing guy were not Bob's scene.  What did he do?  Went down the street to the ABS, said a prayer, and presto-chango, the hot spinner came pulling into the parking lot of the ABS.

Now let me ask you again... Who would you like counting down to the New Year?  Zombie Dick Clark or Bob in Biloxi?


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First Time at an Adult Theater: Chapter 11 - The Kid

Doc here with a First Time report with a different twist... Up to now, all of the first time reports had been in the pretty decent past, at a time when things were much different in this thing of ours. Maybe it was the 70's, the 80's, even the 90's. 

This First Time report from first time contributor, The Kid, is from just a short time ago.  Everyone has to have a first time sometime, and here is someone just starting his journey. 

So enjoy The Kid's First Time Report, and I'll catch you afterwards...


Hi Doctor,

I found your site a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed it.

I was thinking I would share my first time.  When I first started driving, I would go by Theataire X in Clarksville IN and I always wanted to know what happens in there. The big sign out front says LIVE GIRLS, so about a week after my 18 birthday I skipped school to do something, but I drove passed and stopped in.  It was a weekday just passed lunch. I was scared (not sure why) but I must of looked it bc they ID'd me first thing. Then after walking around looking at tapes and mags some other guy ID'd me again.

At this time my cock was harder then it had ever been. I asked where are the live girls, and he told me they only work Friday and Saturday night and I should come back.

After a few more weeks of thinking about how I could walk in and see girls and I could jack off in a booth and it would be ok, I ventured back to Theataire X.  It was very late around 1 or 2AM, I asked if I could go back. The guy working told me yes but she was off in 15 mins or something. It was 5 dollars to go in.

After getting in the booth there was holes on both sides and both the guys beside me was getting down, I could not see any girl in sight. Then one guy said "yea stroke it". I looked over and seen a lady's hand jacking him off. I watched this, and then she laid down maybe 2 feet in front of me. She picked up a very big toy and started sucking it (at this time my zipper was about to break), so I pulled out my cock. She looked over at it and said I'm thinking of you baby and started fucking herself hard and fast. After about 5 minutes she came and it looked like she had squirted.

Then said that's all boys and walked off. So I put my hard cock up and walked out to see a older man and woman in the movies, so I walked over to get a better look. She walked away from the guy and was coming right to me (I was not sure what to do... I didn't even look up at her, then she walked back over by the guy). I could hear him ask her "what about him?" I never heard what she said, and then they both walked out the front door.

I was calling it a night and started to walk to the back door when I seen them both come back in. I stopped and looked at the mags thinking "OK, something is going to happen they are looking for something or wanting to do something." But after looking around 15 mins or so they just walked around by the movies and looking and pointing a few guys out. I called it a night, and walked out.

I was about to get into my car when I hear someone say "holdup son, let me ask you something." I looked and it was the older guy. He walked up to me and told me how he was not able to get hard and his wife was a slut (not kidding) and she loved sucking cock. They had been looking at guys for her, but she was not sure (he said it was the first time they had done anything like this and I told him it was also my 2nd time).

Then he asked if I would be ok letting her work me over... I looked at her standing by the door. She was younger then him (not by much) but not bad looking. She was smaller lady, and had nice boobs for cougar.

I told him I could help them out, and we walked back into the theater.  I really didn't even know where we were going, as there turns out they have 2 theaters.  We go into the theater, and there was one other guy in there. We walked to the front, and I sat in between them. She asked me if it would be ok for her to get it out, I told her yes.  Then he asked if I would like to see her tits, and being a boob guy I said I would! She stood up, dropped her dress and her tits where great! They had to be fake, but they were awfully nice! She then dropped down at started blowing me.

I had always dreamed of some hot girl at school giving me my first BJ, but I believe this was better! I still have not had one the same, but her guy never looked away. Every time I was about to cum, she would stop, look up and tell me to hold it.  She was having fun, so she would rub and suck my balls for a minute, then get right back on it.

After what felt like hours, her man held her head down and I blew my load into her mouth. I told them both thanks, and she got up and told her man how big my load had been.  She had never got one that big before, so I said thanks again.  I was feeling good about myself at that point, and I got up. She said I would love to go again if you will let me (like I was going to say no!).

This time she rubbed me for about 10 minutes, then started again this time really sucking hard and fast. I bet she went at it for quite awhile, stopping for air at times.  I told her she could stop,  I was never going to cum again.  She looked at me with a mad look and said she never stops before she is done! If I had time, she would make me cum again.

After the longest BJ ever, I did and we all got up.  I kissed on her tits upon leaving, because I had been wanting to all night. Then I walked out at this time... It was around 6am,  and the sun was up before I made it home. However, I had never felt better.

Since this visit, I have went back a few times.  But so far this is about the only time I have got lucky.

The Kid


Thanks to The Kid for an excellent recounting of his First Time at an Adult Theater.  It looks like he had a good teacher in his lady friend, and that will hopefully keep him coming back for more.  And with more visits, hopefully will be more reports from The Kid.

Do you have a First Time in an Adult Theater report you'd like to see on The Journal?  Just e-mail me with the title "First Time" in the subject line, and I will edit and format your report for you.

The Kid did it...So can you.



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Flash Report! Chauncey Gardiner Reports On The Art Cinema In Hartford

Doc here with report #2 from recent Journal contributor, Chauncey Gardiner. In this report, we are back in Chauncey's native habitat, The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT.  The Art Cinema is one of the adult theaters on The Good Doctor's bucket list for 2012, and is also one of the last two adult theaters with a balcony in North America.

So without  further ado, here is Chauncey Gardiner and his Flash Report...


I go to The Art Cinema in Hartford on a fairly regular basis, but usually cannot make it there on a Friday or Saturday night, which is prime time for this thing of ours. It seems that when I can get there during prime time, it's one of those dry evenings. :-(  

The Art Cinema
Hartford, CT
I'm on a first name basis with Ernie the owner, as well as the other 2 guys who man the ticket booth, Ralph & Kasha. On the calendar behind the ticket booth they keep a tally of the couples that visit on each day, so I can always find out what I missed. A recent Friday (12/16), there were 9 couples that visited, which is a fairly high number for this establishment.

The following Monday (12/19), I noticed an ad on Craigslist from a couple that said they would be in the balcony around 1 PM, and depending upon how things went might even visit downstairs. I knew where I would be spending my lunch break (about a 10 minute drive from my office).  I arrived shortly after 1 PM, and Ralph informed me that a couple had arrived at 12:10, so he started up the movies a little early and they went to the couples only balcony.

Depending on where folks sit in the balcony, you have a decent view of the goings on from downstairs. Unfortunately, this couple had sat themselves in a place where the view wasn't good at all.  I alternated between watching the movie & checking the balcony to see if the view got any better.

Around 1:30, a second couple came into the balcony, and sat down in a better viewing spot. I watched for a while but they didn't seem to be doing much. Then about 15 minutes later, a 3rd couple arrived and sat several rows behind couple # 2. Now things started to get interesting!

Couple # 2 started to play in their seats, and then moved to the aisle. Clothes were coming off and pleasurable moans could be heard form the balcony. Then couple # 3 got up from their seats and joined couple # 2 in the aisle. I really couldn't see to much at this point, but the sounds indicated that a good time was had by all.

About 10 minutes later, couple #3 got up, dressed, & then left the theater. Couple # 2 was out of view but it sounded like they were still going at it. A short time later, couple # 1 got up, came downstairs and left, and maybe 5 minutes later couple # 2 departed. I did not get a good look at any of the couples, but the ladies from #1 & 3 both were wearing sunglasses as they left, and the lady from # 2 (shoulder length dark hair -- both were dressed in business clothes) had her arm covering her face as they left. I guess the participants in this Monday Trifecta were a little on the shy side. I hope they return, lose some of their inhibitions, and treat the crowd to a less distant show.



Doc here again... This early afternoon action reminds me of floyd's daytime reports from The Paris Theatre in Portland.  The balcony provides a safe haven for couples, and if they wish, can be as discreet or show-off as much as they desire.  It's a unique feature to adult theaters that still have a balcony.

Nicely done Chauncey...We are looking forward to your next entry at The Journal, your one stop shop for this thing of ours.


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Flash Report! Gloryhole Nancy Update & Report with 10 NEW Hardcore Pics!

Doc here with a late Christmas present for you, the good readers of The Journal.  One of top rock star contributors here at The Journal is none other than Gloryhole Nancy, and her guy T from Toledo.  Over the past year they have submitted some of the most viewed reports ever at The Journal.  This report is possibly their best one yet - A great report and 10 hardcore pics of Nancy doing her thing at the gloryhole.

So sit down, relax, and enjoy opening the Christmas present Gloryhole Nancy and T have given to you today.  I'll catch you after the gallery (remember to click on the pics, since they are HIGH RES!).


Hello fellow friends of ours! First we want to wish everyone happy holidays as this is the time of the year to be with family and friends (even if they do drive you crazy LOL.) 

We also want you guys to know we never really quit going to the gloryholes, we just quit announcing it ahead of time due to the problems it caused at the bookstores, like 100 guys showing up and pissing off the clerks by not spending money and following us around like shadows. We are flattered at the attention but when guys are actually physically pushing and threatening each other just to get the booth next to us?  It is a total turn off for us.

More importantly, nothing turns Nancy off more than the guys that try to talk to us/her to make "friends." She is there for cock, gentlemen, nothing more. If that is not good enough, then you need to be on E-Harmony instead of a bookstore (LOL).  We are not going to exchange numbers, addresses, or go out for a drink so please just let her suck your cock and be ok with that:)

Speaking of, we went to the bookstore last week and there was a fan of ours there. He read that we were hitting the hole so he rolled the dice and ran into us there.  The clerk at this bookstore is very cool and runs a very clean store. We call him ahead of time and let him know we're coming and he makes sure the place is clean for Nancy. 

We go back to the booths and within a couple of minutes a black cock is sticking through for Nancy to work on. She wasted no time and was sucking on that cock like crazy, and she was totally getting off on it.  I was rubbing her pussy the whole time and she was dripping wet, cumming several times.  Unfortunately this guy was trying to hold back from cumming so Nancy quit before she got his load:(

He saw us in the hallway and approached us several times trying to get our information, as if we were going to hook up with him or something. He totally didn't understand the purpose of the gloryhole and at the same time turned Nancy off completely to him.  He persisted in trying to talk to us so I finally had to be honest and level with him.

Nancy then had me call one of our local on-call studs as she still wanted cock to suck, so when he showed up his cock got one of the best bj's I've ever seen her give (and I've seen a LOT!)  All in all a good night but we are hoping for more big cock for our private glory hole party this NYE in Detroit. If any of you readers are going to be in the Detroit area on the 31st and want to get sucked by her in a private and non-rushed atmosphere please contact us. Our info is on the Doc's blog, and she can never have too much cock.  Hope you guys like the pics, and we'll report later with the details of our party this weekend...

T & N


Doc here again... I'll give you a minute to catch your breath.  OK? Good. As mentioned in a report yesterday, what could be better than spending a few minutes of quality time with Gloryhole Nancy on New Years Eve in a controlled gloryhole environment near Detroit?  All you have to do is reach out to them via their Yahoo Group and let the chips (or in this case, pants) fall as they may.  You could be ringing in 2012 with a bang you won't soon forget.

Your welcome.


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First Time at an Adult Theater - Chapter 10 - Chauncey Gardiner

Doc here with a real trip in the wayback machine for first time contributor, Chauncey Gardiner. Chauncey will be contributing on a regular basis moving forward, but this freshman submission is a good one.  Plus, it's part of the "First Time at an Adult Theater" series...

So here is Chauncey Gardiner and his "First Time" report...


Hi Doc,

I finally decided to write up something for The Journal. The recent series you have been running on First Times in an Adult Theater, as well as the Blasts from the Past, have gotten me thinking about how I got started in “this thing of ours”. Since I haven’t had much luck lately at my local theater, The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT, I thought this would be a good way to contribute.

I grew up and lived in New York City until my mid twenties, and discovered Times Square and all it had to offer in the 1970’s as a teenager. I started out by going into the peep shows and watching the movies in the booths. Then live peep shows started springing up, where you could watch a nude woman masturbate, &sometimes a live sex show with a man and a woman.  Some of these turned into open window peeps,where for a dollar you actually touch what was on the other side.  All of this was a teenagers dream.
By the mid to late seventies, I still hadn’t ventured into the adult theaters much. I had discovered a place called the Melody Burlesque.  They had strippers on stage,but for me, the best feature of the place was called Mardi Gras. It happened Monday thru Saturday from Noon to 6PM, and Sundays from opening to closing. Mardi Gras was the forerunner of what we now know as a lap dance. Men would line the walls around the perimeter of the theater, and the dancers would circulate thru the crowd, and for a one dollar tip they would do all sorts of things to you (and if you had the right girl you could do them back). I spent many hours and dollars in that place.

Around the early 80’s, I started visiting the Adult Theater son a regular basis. At first I would go in looking for single women, but as we know, it’s a rare occurrence.  There were dozens of theaters through out the 5 boroughs, and I visited many of them.There were a couple of very seedy theaters in the 14th street area, which, as Screw Magazine described them, “had husky hookers of undetermined gender.” It was in The Variety theater on 3rd Avenue between 13th & 14th street where I encountered my first single woman in this thing of ours. She was a wearing a plaid skirt & white blouse. She sat down, drew a crowd rather quickly, and for the next couple of hours she was mauled by dozens of men. I couldn’t get close, but watched the goings on in rapt attention.

Variety Theatre
New York, NY
It was in a theater on either 2nd or 1st Avenue near the 59th Street Bridge, that I discovered the joys of watching couples playing, and finding out that sometimes they let men participate. This quickly came to be my favorite place to go, and was the first place I played with a couple. Probably the most interesting thing I saw there was an Asian man watching the movie surrounded by 6 or 7 Asian women. They were all dressed in business clothes (suits and dresses), and while they didn’t play in the theater, I watch them leave and pile into 2 taxi cabs.

In the early 80’s, I would visit the adult theaters all 4 boroughs (there were none in Staten Island) and had many voyeuristic experiences. I was still somewhat timid at that time,and probably missed out on some interactive playtime because of that. In the mid 80’s, I moved to Hartford, CT, and started visiting the adult theaters in the area. Around that time I bought my first car, which gave me the ability to visit all the theaters in CT, including a couple of drive-in theaters that showed adult movies. (That’s a story for another time).  I also started traveling more on my own, and would always try to visit the adult theaters wherever I went.

My first “home run” experience in an adult theater happened in 1987 or 1988 in Daytona Beach, FL. I had traveled to Florida for a business conference, and after it was over, drove from the Miami area to Orlando, deciding to make a side trip and spend the night in Daytona. I checked into my hotel, and then drove around the area. I traveled away from the beach over the inter coastal waterway, and on one of the north-south main streets, I found an adult theater.

I don’t remember the name of the theater (ed. note: It was probably The Capri Theatre at 715 N. Ridgeview Ave.), but it was an older one with a balcony. It was early evening on a Tuesday or Wednesday, so I didn’t hold out much hope for seeing any couples. I went into the darkened theater& waited for my eyes to adjust. I looked around the orchestra and didn’t see anyone sitting there. I walked over to one side of the balcony (it was separated by a wall that housed the projection booth), and saw a middle aged man walking down the stairs. After he passed by, I started up the stairs. On the side closest to the projection booth there were rows with 2 seats, and on the other side of the aisle, the rows had maybe 10 seats. About half way up, I struck gold.

On the side with more seats, there was a couple. The first seat in that row was empty. The lady sat in the second seat, and her gentleman next to her. She was white, petite, and looked to be either in her 30’s or 40’s, with short dark hair. She was wearing a dress that had a tube top—it didn’t have any straps that held it over her shoulders. I excitedly took a seat in the same row, but across from them on the side with the 2 seats. I looked over nervously, hoping not to scare them off. I saw the man lean over and whisper into the woman’s ear. She then looked at me, pulled down the tube top exposing a small set of breasts, and then turned towards her man and started to actively rest her head in his lap. I watched for a few minutes, and then took out my cock and started to stroke. The man reached over and pulled up the woman’s skirt, exposing her ass & pussy.I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

After a few minutes, the woman sits up, looks over at me, and gives me the come over gesture with her finger. I almost fall flat on may face, crossing the aisle to sit next to her. We say hello to each other, and since I still had my cock out, she reached over and started stroking it. I leaned over and played with some nice long nipples attached to some very small breasts. She the leaned over and whispered in my ear, “do you want me to jack you off or do you want to fuck me in the chair.”  As she said that, she pointed towards the top of the balcony, where there was a chair with red vinyl cushions and a metal frame.

Still not believing what was happening, I said that I wanted to fuck her in the chair. So she grabbed my hand and led me towards the top of the balcony. She sat down in the chair, hiked up her skirt, and raised up her legs. I moved forward and she guided my cock into her pussy. It was soft and warm, and it felt like I had just put my dick into something that was lined in velvet. I started to pump away, and it didn’t take long before I shot loads of cum into her. We stood up, fixed our clothes, and started down the stairs. It old her I wish I could have lasted longer, and she said that it was OK. She sat down next to her gentleman, and I proceeded down the stairs to go to themen’s room.

I cleaned myself up, and looked around the lobby at the videos for sale, still not believing what had just happened. I went back into the theater and headed back into the balcony. At the top of the stairs, the lady was now being pounded in the chair by a tall & muscular African American man. I sat down and looked up at the action. It wasn’t long before they finished. The man walked down the stairs and out of the theater. The woman sat down next to her gentleman, and then a few minutes later they got up and left. I walked out and watched them walk down the street, hand in hand, the lady with a happy little bounce in her step. I never got her name or saw her again, but I’ll always remember that experience.

Chauncey Gardener


Doc here again...Thanks again to Chauncey Gardiner and his terrific first report.  Look for his second report, a Flash Report on the Art Cinema in Hartford, a little later in the week.

I will have more First Time reports this week, as The Good Doctor catches up.  So if you have sent one in, don't worry... It will be up soon.


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Field Report: Brown Bag Video in Ottawa IL by "D"

Doc here with a quick Field Report on an ABS that gets a decent amount of traffic through it's doors: Brown Bag Video, in Ottawa, IL.

Here is "D" with his quick review...


Hi Doctor,

I see you need a report for Brown Bag Video. It is located right off the interstate at 3042 N State Route 71 # 1, Ottawa, IL . It does not have a theater. It is an adult store and next door is the Silver Slipper Saloon strip joint. Clientele are straight, bi, gay and this is a popular spot for TS/CD girls.

There are two rows of booths that have a TV showing one video. Approximately 10-12 per side (two aisles). The near side upon entering show gay movies in the booths and the far side is various porn. There is a long bench seat in each booth (not made for comfort). I would recommend you check it out if you are driving by. They are open 24/7. Hope this helps you out.

Merry Christmas.


Thanks "D"... I will update the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database with this new information.  Keep the Field Reports coming in folks!


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Coming Attraction! Want To Spend New Year's Eve With Gloryhole Nancy? (w/ 2 BRAND NEW Pics!)

Doc here with an announcement from the super-hot Gloryhole Nancy... Doing anything exciting for New Year's Eve?  I bet it won't be as exciting as what Nancy has in mind... And if you don't believe me, I have included two brand new Gloryhole Nancy pics to convince you of what a good idea it is to spend part of NYE with her.

Here is T and Nancy to explain what they have planned for NYE...


Hi there Doc,

Just wanted to send a few teaser pics your way. Been very busy with our families these last 2 days but I hope to get a new report to you by tomorrow evening.  In the meantime here are a couple pics of Nancy doing her thing:) 

We are planning on hosting a gloryhole party on New Years Eve at our hotel, as we have a "travel" gloryhole that we can set up in a doorway. It's wood and of good quality, and Nancy will be waiting behind the hole when you walk in and all you have to do is stick it through and let her work her magic with her mouth (LOL).

Of course, we'll be taking pics/video, now all we need are the cocks......if you know of any hung studs in the Detroit area who want to experience Nancy in a non-rushed and private location, send them our way!  Have a good one Doc, get back to you soon with the details of our last bookstore adventure.

T & N


Doc here again... Make sure you check out Gloryhole Nancy's Yahoo Group (the link is located on the right hand side of The Journal under "Link-O-Rama").  So kids, if you are in the Detroit area on New Year's Eve, hop over to the Yahoo Group and shoot them a message.

Party hats and noisemakers are optional.


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Couple's Flash Report! Alex and Lauren Hit Theataire X in Clarksville, IN

Doc here with a fantastic way to start the post-holiday week: A Couple's Flash Report from friends of The Good Doctor, Alex and Lauren.  Alex and Lauren formerly ran an excellent website, "1PlayfulCouple", which chronicled their experiences in this thing of ours. Since the site has been shuttered, Alex and Lauren have been kind enough to send along both new and archived reports for The Journal to publish.

This recent Flash Report is another candidate for report of the year... Keep reading and you will see why.

Here is Alex and Lauren and their recent exploits at Theataire X in Clarksville, IN (address info in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database)


Happy Holidays Doc,

I hope you are enjoying the holidays and here's hoping you can find a nice warm chimney to slide into!

Now, on to the long-promised recent exploits...

We hit the Theataire X in Clarksville Indiana while passing through that part of the country. It gave us a great chance to play out a little fantasy that has been simmering for a long time. We have talked about going to a theater "separately", as though we didn't know one another. We had worked out a variety of possible outcomes, based on the crowd and the circumstances. We may get to play out another of those scenarios in the future, but we can safely say that at least one of them can be checked off the list!

Lauren was dressed fairly conservatively in a knee-length pencil skirt with a slit up one thigh. Not too high mind you, just enough to show some leg. On the top she wore a fitted blouse, unbuttoned to show a little more cleavage than a girl can get away with in the office, but not enough to create a real scandal. As always, she was in heels and thigh highs.

We took our time pulling in, making sure there was no one else in the lot. I jumped out of the car and she pulled away circling around the area for 5 or 10 minutes. As I browsed in the store, my heart was about to pound through my chest. Yes, we have played for a long time but, like I said, this was something new and a fantasy that ran all kinds of ways in my mind.
The Real Lauren

When she finally walked in, only a couple of guys seemed to notice. The longer she browsed, however, the more attention she got; particularly as she lingered in the dildo aisle! By the time she worked her way to the DVD's the boys were getting a bit more bold, moving closer, making eye contact. She returned the smile of one of the younger guys in the room. That told me where things would be headed.

Eventually she struck up a little conversation with him. Claiming to be a little ignorant, she wondered what movies he might recommend. He stammered and stuttered something incomprehensible, but she just smiled and kept chatting. The others in the room were now beginning to join in as well, but she focused her attention on the younger guy. I knew the fact that he was nervous was a turn on for her.

Finally, she mentioned the theater, suggesting that if she could see a little of a movie it might give her a better idea in making her choice. He nodded. But, she said, she was a little apprehensive about going in alone. He seemed nice, she pointed out, and wondered if perhaps he would mind escorting her inside?

By now I - and four other guys - were in line to pay for the theater. As we went in, most of them hung toward the back or the aisle, waiting to see where the couple might place themselves. I went straight to the front row and sat in the seat on the far left, pretty sure I was going to get a good view.

Theataire X
Clerksville, IN
A minute or two later they walked in and Lauren inconspicuously led him to the row right behind me. He took the aisle, she took the first seat in. As you might expect, a couple of guys joined me on the front row, a few others sat behind them and one guy sat two seats over from Lauren in the same row. They settled in to watch the movie for a bit.

As they did, a couple of the guys had their dicks out, grabbing quick peeks to see if Lauren was up to anything. She asked her "date" about that, wondering if they weren't going to get into trouble. He told her that most guys did that in porn theaters. I heard her ask him if that is what he did when he came in. More incomprehensible speech. As I turned to look from time to time, I could see that she was watching both the movie and the guys jerking off. This, of course, encouraged the boys and soon every dick in the place was exposed, except for her date's.

"This is starting to get to me", I heard her say. I turned around to see her beginning to squeeze her legs together while her hand pressed toward her crotch. Then she smiled at her young friend and moved her hand to his lap. He jumped. She had picked well.

"Do you mind?"

"Uh uh."

"Your hard. Why don't you take it out?"

It only took a little coaxing for this college-aged kid to pull his dick out so that my wife could stroke it for him. She turned toward him, leaning close and opening another button on her blouse. He took the hint and began to play with her tits while she continued a nice, slow rhythm on his cock.

While she jerked him, the guy in her row moved down, taking the seat next to her. She didn't blink. She sat straight in her chair again and took his cock in her other hand. Being older, he was more bold than her young friend. He began to open her blouse to get better access to her tits. Clearly, she didn't mind. She stopped stroking long enough to pull her shirt and bra off.

That was all the signal the other guys needed. Hands moved in from everywhere. She slid lower in her seat, spreading her legs, giving them access. I watched as guys squeezed her tits and ran their hands up her thighs. She spread her legs, letting them see her smooth panty-less pussy. I could see that she was wet, enjoying the show she was putting on.

At some point, she bent over her young friend and began to lick his balls and shaft, stroking faster, coaxing his load out onto her tits. Soon she was leaning the other way, draining that second cock. A guy asked if he could taste her. She agreed, but told him he could only eat her.

She was so hot that she came almost as soon as his tongue hit her clit. Not a huge orgasm, but one of those "quick, I have to have it" releases. The second guy took her further.

I watched as she stroked 7 guys to completion, then declared that she needed something more. She pointed at me and asked if I had a condom. I nodded.

"Then put it on and come over here and fuck me - if you want." I wanted. She bent over the seat and I slid in from behind, banging her doggie style while she entertained yet another guy with her mouth.
After a few minutes she was cumming too hard to concentrate on a second cock. I blew my load into the condom and we both collapsed. She kissed me, thanked me and said she needed to clean up.  She kissed her young friend and thanked him for a great time. Then we all watched as she left the theater with her blouse loosely wrapped around her.

I asked the guys how often she came in. None of them had ever seen her before (of course), but they all hoped that she would be back soon and that they would get to fuck her next time.
Who knows... that may be sooner than they think!

Alex (and Lauren)


Doc here again... Thank you to Alex and Lauren for a terrific report from Theataire X.  Leave it to Alex and Lauren to take their theater play to the next level with some hardcore role playing.  I hope some of the guys who were there that night read this and have one of those "a-ha" moments.

Keep the reports coming in A & L!

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  Just e-mail Drippy the Elf The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will edit, format, and drop in a pic or two.  You supply the raw report and a pen name (if you have not submitted before).


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A Video Christmas Video Teaser from Gloryhole Nancy!

Doc here with a special Christmas stocking stuffer for you, the good readers of The Journal.  An e-mail popped into The Good Doctor's in-box last night, and it was from Gloryhole Nancy and her guy, T.  Attached to the e-mail was a little Christmas present for you...

Along with the video, was this message from Gloryhole Nancy and T:

Hi Doc,

I'll be sure to get a report to with pics/vid clips possibly as soon as I get time. I have a number of pics of Nancy draining a fan who was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time LOL.  Please let your readers know we're always looking for stunt cocks for her, just read our Yahoo Group homepage on how to "apply." While we're on the subject, you can also let them know we'll be at the gloryholes tonight (Friday) in Toledo around 10 pm or so. 

Have a good holiday and we're looking forward to having a LOT of fun this year coming up...

Gloryhole Nancy and T

Looks like 2012 is going to be a VERY good year!


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A Birthday Greeting From The Good Doctor

Happy Birthday to one of The Good Doctor's favorite reporters (as well as naughty girl who frequents 15th Avenue Adult Books & Theater in Melrose Park, IL), the lovely F.  Rumor had it that she was given a birthday spanking or two last Saturday night in advance of her big day. Her main squeeze, P, independently confirmed this rumor.

So on behalf of the team (OK, me) here in The Valley near the small women's liberals arts college...



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A Quick Holiday Note From Gloryhole Nancy and T

Doc here with a Holiday Message from our good friends, Gloryhole Nancy and her guy T.  And the news is good...


Hi there Doc,

Hope all is well!  Just wanted to tell you that the bookstore that replaced the Westwood Art Theater (address info in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database) in Toledo is now up and running.  They do have a video booth area, with quality video booths and 3 large couples booths. The downside is no gloryholes, although they are couple friendly.  Nancy and I stopped in so she could suck me off, in order to break the place in (so to speak, LOL). 

I'll keep you posted to any changes/progress, as it has potential.  I'll keep in touch, as rumor has it I might be taking Nancy back to the holes again....

T & N


Doc here again... That is truly good news from Gloryhole Nancy and T.  The Westwood's ABS being open, but more importantly, Nancy's return to gloryholes.  I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting Nancy and T in person, and so say Nancy is hot is an understatement.  A better way to describe her is "exotic".  If you ever get the chance to spend some quality time with her (she is picky, so don't be disappointed if she takes a pass on you), it will be a game-changer for you.


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Flash Report! JaxBchBum Covers The Tampa Scene Like A Christmas Sweater

Doc here with a detail-packed Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, JaxBchBum.  JBB has submitted an action packed report from Tampa, and it's a doozy folks.  Take notes, because I'm sure some of the info contained in the article will come in handy some day.  JaxBchBum also provided some new info for Tampa theaters, so Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database will be updated post haste.

FYI, I have included a few pics of the inside of Deja Vu in Tampa, as well as their marquee.

So sit down with a tall glass of egg nogg, put on Marilyn Chambers McCoo's Christmas Hits on the 8-Track, and enjoy JaxBchBum's report.



Some reports from a recent trip to Tampa as I have not had anything really of note to report from some recent visits to my local spots - Adult Superstore in Palatka and Pure Pleasures in Orange Heights, although I have to admit that my visits were in the late afternoon and early evening so not prime couple's playtime.  I had a business trip over to the Tampa area the other week for 3 days and had a chance to visit some of the old places as well as check out a new one or two with some success, so here goes.

Appears that the Candlelight Theatre over in Largo/Clearwater has gone out of business, as when I called their phone number to check on their status, I got a recording that the line was disconnected.  It was a small, family operated adult store and theatre that seemed to attract some couple's action and I filed a report from earlier visit this year.  While not surprising, always hate to see one of the venues catering to this thing we enjoy so much fold up the tent.  Happily, the Tampa area still has a lot of other choices.

While a bit leery of Fantasyland II due to its higher profile and the busts that occurred there earlier this year, this place has always been a pot of golf for me especially going back to its former ownership.  Although located only a couple of blocks away from many of the other adult theatres in the Drew Park area, back when this place was simply named the Adult Video Store, it didn't have the herds of guys that often frequented Fantasyland I, Playhouse, Hot Flixx, etc.  and many couples seemed to like the smaller setting.  That and the fact that the theatre was always very clean and comfortable with a dedicated couples section and always was showing high quality porn. 
Fantasyland II, Tampa, FL

Anyway, I visited on a Thursday evening about 11pm.  No longer is there an option only for a theatre admission charge - it is a flat $19 for single guys which provides access to the theatre, pool room and outside deck with in/out privileges for 12 hours.  There is also a "couples" room with about 7 couches/futons and several monitors playing different porn that apparently anyone paying can also enter. 

When I arrived, there was a young (mid-30s) couple in the pool room.  From the discussion, he was born in the US but of Cuban parents.  She was an Anglo and had a very nice body clothed in a brown knit dress.  She had a lovely face with long brown hair.  She got a little thick around the hips and her thighs, but she carried it well.  I was hoping for some flashes while she played pool, but her dress was not that short so none were forthcoming.  I figured they might be waiting to hook up with another couple so after a while I ventured over to the theatre. 

Theatre has been rearranged a little bit but still consists mainly of couches with four "private" rooms on the right side with lockable doors.  Each room has a couch or futon and a small screen monitor playing porn.  Theatre was empty so I sat down to relax a bit remembering that in the past, many couples (especially on the weekend nights) didn't arrive before midnight.

I was sitting there enjoying the porn and I heard the door open and a set of footsteps.  I was sitting on the aisle of a couch on the second row.  I glanced around as I heard the footsteps behind me and it was the couple from the pool room and they sat on the couch on the back row in the far corner.  Promising development I thought and I was not to be disappointed. 

Within 5 minutes he stood up unzipped his jeans and let them fall to the floor and he stood in front of her while she leaned forward and started sucking on his cock.  After getting him hard, he sat down and she leaned over and kept up her oral skills with an occasional sound as the suction was broken.  She must have sucked on him for 15 minutes and he was enjoying every minute of it.  At one point, another guy came in and sat down on the adjacent couch to watch and they didn't break their stride.  Although the lighting was not the best in the back corner, at one point she sat up and he pulled down the front of her dress and began playing and sucking her nice full-sized tits.  She leaned back and he continued his efforts while also starting to run his hand up under her dress.  He evidently quickly found the pleasure spot as she opened her legs wider for better access.  

The guy sitting next to them stood up and was jacking off and quickly shot his load and left.  Seeing that they didn't mind having another guy so close, I moved over to the couch on the side wall running at a 90 degree angle to theirs and sat down for a closer look.  He took that opportunity to stand back up and she began sucking him again.  After a few minutes, he pulled her to the edge of the couch and began fucking her.  He was quite the stud and she was quite the recipient as they went on for 10-15 minutes trying various positions from doggy to traditional.  They ended their session with her legs held up way in the air by his shoulders for maximum penetration as he pounded away.  Quite the show!

I hung around for a little bit.  Several other couples came in the store (couples are always free) but there was no other public playing.  Very nice staff and facility, but not inexpensive.  I was told that if you show your ticket/receipt over at the other Fantasyland, they will let you in for $10 instead of the full price.

My other experiences were at two theatres that I had never visited before.  The first on a Wednesday night was at Xtreme Video located at 1212 Fowler Avenue on the north side of Tampa just east of I-275.  Phone number is 813-558-0112 and store is open 7/24.  Big selection of novelties, DVDs, lotions, etc.   Theatre admission for single guy is $10 for an 8-hour time period.  Was told that couples get in free but sign by door says "Discount for couples" but doesn't provide any specifics and I forgot to ask.

The clerk gives you a little card showing your arrival and ending time that is good for in/out privileges.  They also have an arcade where the clerk told me I could access both for $15, but I declined.  Theatre is accessed off the store by the main counter and opens almost directly into the theatre although there is about a 5' wall that creates a small hallway but not much notice when someone enters.  Theatre is laid out so it is very spacious.  There is a center aisle with a total of six 3-person couches.  Theatre was clean and my only negative was that the music in the store was so loud with a deep bass that it would sometimes come through the walls. 

I was there for 3 hours with only 1 other guy coming it.  Seems like a great set-up for couples as there is plenty of room for play.  Theatre may have been a recent addition and that might explain the lack of ANY activity.  There is unisex bathroom at the back of the theatre through a dark alcove behind a curtain.

Having had luck at the Deja Vu - Industrial theatre in Las Vegas on previous trips to LV that I had written about, I was excited to see that there was now a Deja Vu in Tampa down in the Brandon / South Tampa Port area and visited on a Friday evening.  For the database, the address is 6805 Adamo Drive Tampa and the phone number is (813) 664-8784.  Unlike the LV set-up, this has no retail store, just the showgirl bar (girs are nude so no alcohol) and the theatre/arcade. 

Set-up is a bit different.  Enter through a door and greeted by a hostess.  Showgirl bar is through doors to the left and the theatre/arcade is to the right. $10 admission to the theatre area.  Walk through the doors and enter a small lounge area with vending machines and couches but also video cameras.  One door is marked "Theatre" and the other "Arcade" but they both open up into the same area. There are two theatres - one showing straight porn (Theatre 1) and the other gay porn (Theatre 2).   Weird thing is that to get into either theatre you have to insert a dollar bill into the acceptor to unlock the door.  This does have a benefit of keeping people from constantly going back and forth, but since the restroom is out in the common area it will cost you a $1 to get back in.

Anyway, layout in theatre #1 (I didn't visit #2) is also pretty spacious.  There area couple of 2 and 3 person couches at the back of the theatre and a half-oval couch towards the front that could easily seat 3 couples and two other couches up front on the side wall.  Large 60" LED HD monitor on the wall.

I had arrived about 10:30 pm on a Friday evening after a business dinner.  They have a valet parking set-up but I told the guy I would self-park and he gave me no argument.  Parked in the back of the building and there were about a dozen other vehicles there.  Paid my admission (no receipt so don't know if there are any in/out privileges) and once I figured out the theatre system, entered the #1 theatre and was the only one there. 

The theatre was immaculate with paneling on the walls, a first-class appearance.  Sank down in one of the couches and was hoping there would be some action more in keeping with what I had seen the previous night at F2 than the bust at Xtreme Video on Wednesday.  I had been there about an hour and was about to give up all hope when I heard the common area door open and close.  I heard a bit of giggling as money was placed in the bill acceptor and in walks a guy with TWO beautiful young ladies dressed for party-time! 

They were all in the mid-20s from their appearance.  He was in slacks, yellow dress shirt and blazer.  Girl #1 was in a clingy, short black dress and had a wonderful looking body.  Girl #2 was in a dark green, sparkly dress.  The guy nodded to me acknowledging my presence and the three of them went to sit down on the oval front couch, the guy in the middle and one of the ladies on each side after the guy had taken off his sports coat and laid it on the back of the couch.  The ladies cozied right up to him and there was some talking and laughing going on.  Every now and then one of the ladies would look back my way and give a little smile as it seemed they were trying to decide if it was OK to play.   I would give a little rub to the pole starting to rise in my pants and that seemed to reassure them. 

They started into some kissing of the guy with him alternating back and forth between them.  From some of the comments made, it seems he was out celebrating his 28th birthday.  It was unclear to me if the two ladies were friends, lovers or paid escorts; but then does it really matter?  Anyway, after a period of the kissing (and I couldn't see what any of their hands were doing) the lady in the green dress stood up and lifted the dress off.  She was bra less and her nice little perky B-cup breasts radiated in the light coming off the screen  She was wearing dark green bikini style panties. 

She sat up on her knees next to the guy and he started rubbing and sucking on her breasts and nipples.  Not to be outdone, the other girl stood up and took off her dress and she was wearing  no undergarments.  She had a smooth pussy except for a small square trimmed patch.    She sat back down and her head disappeared so I assumed that she was giving him head.  As the girls were otherwise engaged and the guy had sunk lower in the couch, I used the opportunity to stand up and slowly move over and stand over by one of the side couches so I had a full view without invading their personal space. 

Sure enough, girl #2 was bobbing up and down on his cock while he ran his hands over the breasts of each girl.  The guy noticed that I had moved and I read his glance and slight shake of his head to say "Watch all you want but don't get any closer."  For the next 30 minutes, there were a variety of positions taken by the three of them after the guy stood up and dropped his pants while the girls unbuttoned his shirt and Girl #1 lost her panties showing off a completely smooth pussy. 

At one point, he was on his knees while the two of them sat side by side and he was eating one out while fingering the other.  Then he would take a seat and the girls would take turns sucking and stroking his cock. One of the girls sat down on his cock facing him and started riding his cock.  The other girl was feeding him her breasts and running her hands all over.  Then the girls would switch positions. 

As they were riding him, the girls would look my way so I began stroking for them to show my delight in their activities (any possibly hoping for an invitation?).  This went on for about another 15 minutes and then the guy announced he was going to come.  He had the girl get off him and then the two girls laid back beside one another.  He straddled each of their legs and let a stream of jism run over both their lower bellies.  I have to admit that my cock also spurted, but alas, into a handkerchief and not on the skin of one of these beautiful young ladies.  He sat back down between the two ladies and they began to chat and laugh before they got dressed and left. 

I figured that since no one else had come in when they were there and it was now approaching 12:30am, the likelihood of a repeat experience with another couple was remote, so I headed back to my hotel for a good nights rest and ready for the trip back to Jacksonville in the morning.

All in all, Tampa remains one of the best areas for this thing of ours.  However, with the Republican National Convention coming to Tampa next summer, I expect the local authorities are going to crack down on the theatres and nude bars like they did back several years ago when the city hosted the Super Bowl.  While the adult entertainment areas are away from the downtown convention center where the RNC activities will be concentrated, I am sure the City fathers will be trying to promote a "clean" city to all the delegates and media. 



Yes Virginia, there is life in Tampa's adult theaters.  It's just a little more out of the way, and in areas one may not tend to look first.  But as always, be careful exploring the Drew Park theaters.

Thanks again to JaxBchBum for his usual outstanding work setting the scene and describing the action.  If you are looking for a template to submit your own adult theater report, look no further than JBB's.  He does it right!


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Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Holiday Report for 12/17/11

Good Morning Ladies and Elves, Doc here with this week's Holiday Edition of Cruising the Coast With Bob in Biloxi.  The stocking have been hung by the chimney with care, but did Bob fill anyone's stocking this weekend?

Here is Bob's tale of the tape...


Hi Doc,

Well the Christmas season seems to be putting playtime on a back burner. A grand total of only six couples showed during a 12 hr period Saturday at the Gulf Coast Adult Theater. Of those six, two played - one was the German Couple. The other was a black couple that came in around 10pm. From about 8pm to 12am three more couples came in, one lady was pleasuring her man on the front couch when one guy stuck his finger in her rear, she turned around and told him that will be twenty bucks to play in that area. He removed his finger and shortly thereafter they left.

Bob in Biloxi
One other couple was present during this time, she was a nice looking lady that other patrons present Friday said she played. Not the case last night. She was sure dressed for it, nice looking polka dotted blouse with stretch pants and boots, but she only played pocket pool with her man. Around 11pm another couple came in and sat on the same row, she was nice looking as well (rumor had it that they wanted to get together), but no movement from the polka dotted lady. The new lady was trying to get her attention, her man was playing in her blouse and blue jeans, but to no avail.

At closing time, polka dotted lady and her man scooted toward the door and never looked back. Guess there was no chemistry there. Later one guy who talked to blue jean lady and her man was told that it was her first time. Having said that I still don’t think there was much interest on the polka dotted lady side. The last couple told my scout she thought that one of the black guys standing up staring at them was a security guard! Never stops, does it Doc? Idiocy at its best.

Zero couples again at the ABS, however a foursome of lesbians showed up rubber dick shopping. It was obvious who the females of the foursome were, and they were dressed to the nines in the very best fuck me outfits with all the curves and bumps in the right place. At one time, it was speculated they may go in the back for some real cock, that didn’t happen. In fact it appeared they may go down on each other in the DVD aisle, but they soon left.

Slim to no pickings on our beautiful Gulf Coast this weekend. I sure hope that Christmas spirit spills over to my side next weekend.



Doc here again... In recapping this week's action across the country, it was feast or famine.  Some locations it was hopping (15th Ave in Chicago, The Paris Friday night/Saturday afternoon), but at other locations it was very slow.  It's to be expected this time of year. 

I wonder how Boxing Day will be? (Velvet Skye, your opinion?)


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Blast From The Past! Jim & Chris @ Stars Theater in Houston (with HOT PICS!)

Doc here with what may be my favorite report of 2011, and an early Christmas present for you, the good readers of The Journal... Jim & Chris, now senior reporters here at The Journal, are legendary in the adult theater scene, and have been for many years.  You have probably seen Chris' pics on the internet, in Yahoo Groups, or elsewhere where adult theater pics have been hosted. 

What makes this report so cool is that Jim is now giving us context for the pics, and a location they were taken: The former Stars Theater in Houston, in the early 1990's.  The theater was demolished in 2007, and I have pics of it when it was a XXX house, and during it's demolition (that Jim alludes to in the report).  I will drop the demolition pics in at the end of the report.

Fasten your seat belts for this report... Here is Jim and Chris and their Blast From The Past, plus their pics from this actual event (click to ENLARGE them)!!!


These picture were taken around 20 years ago at the Stars Theater in Houston, TX on Telephone Rd. before it was closed and torn down. I've shared these pictures with others through the years but never told the story behind them. 

Stars Theater
Houston, TX c. 1983
My wife and I used to go there a few times a year when we were there from out of town.  We loved it there.  The theater had a balcony that seemed to be alot of fun and a bit more private even though it was open to anyone, couples and singles.  

This particular time with these photos, we'd gotten there and sat down, with several guys quickly crowding around us.  I always got her partly undressed if not naked and she always dressed for easy access and/or quick disrobing. The dress she had on pulled down exposing her tits and she could lift it up to her waist too.  As the guys sat all around us, they started touching her and feeling her and soon found out that I wasn't going to stop it and she wasn't either.

After many minutes of everyone feeling her up, she want to the balcony restroom and walked with her dress off below her tits and the skirt up around her waist.  I loved her flaunting her nakedness and showing off.  A few of the guys stayed in their seats while others followed her up to the back area.   I waited a few minutes and then went to make sure she was ok.  

I met her just as she was coming out of the restroom and one guy followed her out.  I asked her what had happened and she said he just followed her in and didn't encroach on her, just wanted to watch her, she left the stall door open and just let him watch.  At the back, there was a half wall behind the last row of chairs and we just stood behind it and watched the movie and the other guys for a while. 

It wasn't long before everyone knew we hadn't sat back down and were just standing in the back and every one started milling around her again.  She soon had guys feeling her, sucking her nipples and eating her pussy as she stood.   After several minutes of playing there, she wanted to sit and she told a black guy to come with her as she found him appealing. 

After sitting and letting him play with her and feel her up, another guy came to her and asked to eat her pussy. She was so horny that she told him to sit and she took off her dress completely and sat on his lap and laid back to suck the black guy.   It wasn't long til she was humping the guys face and cumming, being very vocal and making everyone in the whole theater aware that she was getting off.

When she was done, the guy eating her said something and left. She kept sucking and licking the black guy and he soon was cumming, shooting on her tits.  He told her thanks and left.  We had many other fun times there and we'll relate them later.

Jim & Chris


Doc here again... When we look at adult theater sex pics from past and present, we never really know what the story was behind the pics.  Was it something the couples did every weekend night?  Was this a once in a lifetime event?

With what Jim & Chris have given us, which is peak inside their approach to theater sex, as well as documenting the evening, is something special.  This is the kind of thing that really can't happen anymore (except at the Art Cinema in Hartford & Cinema L'Amour in Montreal), which is balcony fun at a classic old school theater.

A HUGE thank you to Jim & Chris for yet another peak inside the carnal adventures of one of the most famous adult theater women on the internet.

I promised you a glimpse of what happened to the Stars Theater in Houston after it closed.  First, a pic of the abandoned theater interior and what remained of the balcony where Jim & Chris played...

And then the actual demolition of Stars Theater in 2007...

And as typical with old adult theaters, nothing replaced the building.  Google Street View shows an empty lot with weeds growing in it.  Just think of the many theaters we have played in or watched others play in throughout the years.  I bet many ended up like Stars Theater, a ruin that represented a much more liberal time in all of our lives.


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