In Memoriam: The Candlelight Theater, Largo, FL

Doc here with a Quick Note... I received an e-mail from reader RB who sadly converyed the following information about the closing of an adult theater in Florida:


"FYI - Candlelight Theater in Largo, FL is closed.  Went yesterday and they're gone.  Too bad.  Place was my favorite jack shack - low key, never crowded, decent couples action."

The Candlelight Adult Theater


To get an idea of what The Candlelight Theater was all about, check out this Flash Report from senior Journal scribe JaxBchBum from one year ago HERE.

Add your comments about The Candlelight Theater in the comments section below.  I will take the best of them and give them their own follow-up report.

The Candlelight Theater... We hardly knew ye.


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Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi Strikes Back (and Forth) for 4/21/12 (with 16 Pics!)

Doc here with a whopper of a Flash Report from our good friend, Bob in Biloxi.  Last week, he waived off a trip to Biloxi (reasons below), in order to get ready for this weekend.

Well played my friend. Well played.

Bob also supplied 5 pics from Saturday night to illustrate his report!  That's what makes Bob in Biloxi a rock star here at The Journal... Consistent reports, lots of detail, and now a bunch of pics of the event (click on the pics to enlarge them).  A legitimate triple threat report.

Sit back and enjoy Bob's most excellent Saturday night...


Hey Doc,

Last night saw some incredible events take place on our beautiful Gulf Coast. Sorry for not filing a report last weekend, since it was Black Spring Break and nothing moved on the Coast - A total waste of gas and time for me.

Mid-week I got a text from our resident red headed goddess’s husband advising me they were stepping out on Saturday. As you may remember, this shy and timid acting lady has unbelievable talents when it comes to "this thing of ours". Once the door closes to the booth she is occupying, she becomes a full fledged sexual dynamo capable of bringing mere moral men to their knees. She leaves them grasping for breath and wishing they had more hours experiencing her incredible skills.

Scout Running Interference
I asked him to text me when they got close so myself and some of the scouts could procure a set of booths for playtime. At our ABS (and probably most of them across the country), we have a lot of confused folks and downright nasty guys that seem to want to either block a couple (the woman) from having fun. Or they simply don’t care who they get to suck or fuck them or vice versa. Some of these, as I’ve reported on in the past, are carrying some of the more undesirable social illnesses.

Most everyone knows who these people are and they tend to either avoid them all together or simply reject them on the spot. But for some of the unknowing new patrons this can be a pretty dangerous proposition if proper protection methods aren’t adhered too.

That said, months of exchanging emails along with assurances that both parties are squeaky clean and free of any social ills, the red headed goddess and I have been having glory hole relations the natural way. She and only one other are in a very exclusive group as both are very clean and disease free.

Bob's Reward
When I got a text that they were close, one of the scouts volunteered to occupy a booth next to me so that some of the regular cock blockers wouldn’t set up residence and effectively blocking the couple(first pic, scout running interference).

The plan was that they (the couple) would proceed to booth 3 (I was in 4) and the scout would vacate 3 upon them knocking on the door. It was a great plan and it worked. One of the confused/nasty guys was on the outside talking extremely loud, and I almost yelled over the wall for him to tone that shit down, but didn’t. Still kicking myself this morning for not doing that... Some people have no class, no manners and no sense, and he fits that bill perfectly.

Now onto the incredible part. Our red-headed goddess was dressed in a very conservative aqua green dress and high heels (like a dinner date), and as she entered her booth she promptly shed that nice garment and hung it on one of the newly installed coat hooks yours truly put up just for that purpose.

Once she was nude and free she began paying attention to her husband who was seated. Slowly I reached through the hole and began caressing her beautiful ass, and I was rewarded by her backing completely up to our now sizable opening in the wall (Pic 2).

Now I began to lick and caress her lovely treasure, stopping only to stroke her with my fingers very gently. Our goddess is completely shaved smooth with a small tuft of her sunshine colored hair above her clit, a very pretty sight! I love it when the more you stroke and lick a woman the wetter and hotter she gets, and in this regard our red-headed goddess excels!! She is not only extremely wet, she’s as tight as a vice!

After a few minutes of this (I wish it were a few hours) I couldn’t stand it any longer and fed my cock through the hole, as is her way, she gently took my member and started working her magic, her wet hot mouth feels like heaven should be, she takes her time and seems to enjoy pleasing a cock, she’s an expert at that too!

After a few minutes of pleasing Bob’s buddy, she proceeded to impale herself on my shaft. She had a momentary problem both aligning herself and forcing my shaft into her honey cavern (she’s a very tight fit), and she began to slowly take it all inside. The other thing I love about these new glory holes is I got to feel some of her lovely ass against me as she pushed back to the wall. Shortly we got into a rhythm both of us taking turns at moving - she would stop for a second and let me pump her, then I would stop and let her slam that beautiful ass against me.
I don’t think it lasted long enough for either of us, but it was heaven while it lasted. When I finally came deep inside her, my knees went to shit, my legs were shaking like it was 40 below outside, my spine seemed to have a mind of its own and all the fluid that keeps a human being alive she now processed. (see pics)

It was now time to document the event and she’s a lovely subject anyway, so she allowed this reporter to snap some proof of our engagement, (again see pics). They did not stay long afterward, as I warned them of the confused folk/nasty guys. We need to work out a system of who’s who for “this thing of ours” he suggested a card system, and that may have some merit. I think that may turn into a work in progress, as I would hate to see such a lovely woman come down with an aliment of sorts.

And then the plot thickens...

Later on that night, three lovely ladies (no more than 30 years old, probably in their mid-twenties?) came in rubber dick shopping at the ABS. As usual when slightly intoxicated women get together, there is a lot of giggling and laughing. One woman who I suspect has been inside one of these establishments before in a different capacity was urging the group to go into the arcade area. They finally did and as luck would have it this reporter was able to secure the booth next to this group.

Of course there was more giggling and laughing coming from their side once inside and the door locked. A few seconds later an female eyeball appeared at the hole, then another, then one more, then one reappeared and stayed. What the hell I thought, out came “Stanley” and through the hole he dove.

That was rewarded first by screams and laughter, followed by dares! Sure enough, a hand was felt griping the poor boy, followed by stroking, followed by another dare. I kept hearing “suck it, Tara”.  So I guess it was “Tara” that was sucking my cock very noisily as flashes from cell phones when off, and the chanting began, “suck it slut”! I love women! 

Tara sure must have enjoyed the red-headed goddesses scent on my cock, because I could feel and hear her moaning as she slurped on my cock. This was NOT the first time “Tara” has sucked cock, after several more determined minutes she received the last bit of Bob’s baby batter. She must have showed the results to her group because more laughter and applause erupted, followed by “I can’t believe you just swallowed that guys load”. 

I think “Tara” will have slightly curly hair in the morning !! It’s said that is the result of from ingesting male semen ?? I have no clue if that’s true or not. They were out the door and in their car before I had time to pull up my pants and say “thank you Tara, you were great!!!"

One other couple showed at the theater, she was young and dressed to play, but didn’t. Later they came to the ABS and bought a few items and left. She appeared to be slightly intoxicated, so I don’t know if that was a warm up for future visits or a one time deal.

That’s the whole story from our beautiful Gulf Coast doc. An amazing weekend thanks to our red-headed goddess and a few drunk women. Beats TV any night of the week.

Breaking News!  More pics from the other side of the gloryhole (and a Bob in Biloxi cameo!):


Doc here again... Some nights, it all falls into place for you at an adult theater.  A solid plan, good teamwork, and 3 drunk young woman.  It doesn't get much better than this, does it?

Thanks again to B in B for his yeoman's work this past weekend. 

As you were...


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New Polls! New Questions!

Doc here with 2 brand new polls for you, the good readers of The Journal, to participate in.  The polls are self-explanatory, in that all I'm asking you is your age range, and your sex (and no, "Yes, please" is not an option for the sex poll). 

I am trying to get a fix on who the readers of The Journal represent. Armed with that info I can make The Journal a better place for you to visit and satisfy your thrist for this thing of ours.

Please participate if possible... It is completely anonymous, and to the best of my knowledge, sugar free.

Thanks again from the staff here at The Journal of Adult Theaters.


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Flash Report! Brent in Portland "Smilestones"

Doc here with a fantastic report from my good friend and colleague, Brent in Portland.  Brent is ther #1 rated adult theater report according to you, the good readers of The Journal.

This report is a great reason why Brent is #1.  So sit back, put on your smoking jacket, crack open a Clamato, and enjoy the latest from Portlandia.


It's been a never ending story at The Paris Theatre in Portland, OR recently, with pleasant surprises at every turn of the page.

What was your favorite, or most interesting scene at The Paris this past weekend? Was it the beautiful woman who looks a lot  like Rosie Perez , Rachael Ray or Natalie Wood ? She was celebrating her birthday at the theater, Saturday, by fucking and sucking a group of lucky men on The Exam Table. She was so loud when she climaxed, I wasn't sure if she was in pain or ecstasy. She accepted all her lovers with class and passion. When The Big Chef finger fucked her she almost levitated off the exam table. Her sexual energy was like rocket fuel. Later on her husband fucked her in the couples section while a beautiful couple sat nearby. The man reached up and played with Rosie's breasts while she and her husband were going at it.. It was great to see them again.

Was it the small, oddly shaped  woman who played in The Annex alongside Rosie? What did you think of her daring sexual escapades? The Paris was a very democratic place this weekend.
How about the thin lady with the curly brown hair and glasses who was naked on The Arena table, early Friday evening? The boys called her "Baby Doll". She wore a short plaid skirt and top. She came in with her talkative Jimmy Buffet pirate type  husband and she took on anybody and every body. She sucked and fucked and they filled her up. Then she stood outside in front of The Paris and the side walk go wet.

Did you enjoy some of the other, energetic, sexually insatiable, women that came to The Paris and played with the members' members? There was Plaid Shirt Lady who needs a new name. How about "Short Haired Lady Who Fucks and Sucks Guys By The Chain Where They Aren't Supposed To Stand, Lady?" She was there, this weekend, pleasantly fucking and sucking the night away. "CB" was also there, her athletic body arched, taking cocks into her mouth and pussy. The first time she came in, there weren't  many volunteers, but when she came back later, she drew a much larger crowd.

And did you enjoy the raw energy of Bend Over Girl, aka Silver Girl, with her long beautiful hair
and sturdy legs, getting fucked on The Arena Table? I've never seen that lady get tired of fucking. Then there was B or Condom In Mouth Lady. She and her man came to The Paris this weekend and she also fucked and sucked a whole train load of happy fellows. If a guy had enough stamina and/or dick hardening drugs he could have fucked or gotten sucked by at least 9 different women at The Paris, this weekend and I might be leaving some out.

How about some of the beautiful ladies who watched the action but did not participate? There was a blond with big firm breasts who cuddled with her man. There was a threesome who watched the action in the all male theater. There was a tall, cover girl with long brown hair who watched Rosie getting fucked on the exam table and then watched a dancer-thin young girl with body tattoos, fucking and sucking guys at the front of the theater while her big, long haired boy friend, encouraged and protected her. She was a crowd favorite. She was  the youngest and most scantily dressed of all the girls that played. I'm not sure how many players she fucked and sucked but there was seldom a moment that she didn't have a dick in her mouth and one in her tight wet pussy.

Remember the Diane Keaton look a like who was there around 3am on Sunday? She and her man weren't really dressed to play (jeans etc) but, after watching the tiny woman in The Annex getting fucked and fingered by some of the boys of The Paris, she got so turned on, she took off all her clothes.Her old man ate and fingered her pussy. Then they invited a  guy into The Oasis to join them. By that time they were the only couple there so it was okay. I didn't see much of the action because I was busy looking for my car key so I could go home. I hope it turns up. My dad always told me that losing your keys is an indication that you subconsciously wish to avoid responsibility. I think it fell out of my pocket when I was pulling out my cell phone on my way out to the lobby to read a text message. So I was being responsible. I just wasn't being careful.

Were you amazed at the incredibly erotic 6 way, Friday? It was Gabby The Pirate and Baby Doll, a newbie couple,  the lady looked like a beautiful young Linda Ronstadt and the man looked like one of the singers in Los Lobos, as they were joined by the beautiful lady with the long strawberry blond hair and her man. They are experienced theater players and they know how to get the action started. I doubt if Linda and her man would have played Friday, if not for them.

Baby Doll got her wet pussy eaten and returned the favor to Strawberry Blond. Linda sucked off SB's man. Then Baby Doll's man, the talkative pirate got off all over Strawberry's soft smooth skin. He was happy, Strawberry was shining and sticky and a well fucked Baby Doll was ready to go home. So they gathered up their stuff, found their driver, exchanged numbers etc and said good bye to the crowd. Did you enjoy their visit and their extreme brand of theater sex?

Did your jaw drop and your  dick get hard when Strawberry Blond and Linda  came down to The Arena Table?  SB was naked , getting fucked by her man while guys stood around her. She would graciously take a cock into her mouth and suck until the guy busted a load. Then she would dribble the come onto her fabulous breasts and rub it in. She loved it when guys shot their loads directly on her.

Meanwhile, Linda had her top off and guys were playing with her magnificent maracas , sucking them and pinching them. They were also feeling between her legs. She picked a guy from the crowd and lay down on the arena table opposite Strawberry Blond who was busy on the other end. Linda's pants were off , her tits were out she had a penis in each hand and a stranger was eating her pussy and making her come like Christmas. Not bad for a beautiful MILF, experiencing The Paris and adult theater sex for the first time. Later she sucked fucked a few guys on The Arena Bed.

I didn't  see much of that particular action because I was busy watching Rosie aka Rachael Ray playing in The Oasis. She has such magnificent legs that taper up to such a shapely and super fuckable ass. Friday she got naked and fucked her husband in The Oasis. She also sucked off at least two gentleman who were standing by the rail. They had delicately and expertly finger fucked her earlier and she was showing them her appreciation. Her amazing visit Friday was a prelude to her amazing visit Saturday.

What did you think of the action at The Paris this past weekend? If you weren't there does reading about all the great adult theater sex that went on in there make you want to visit the place and experience it for yourself?


Doc here again... After a one week abberation, Portlandia is back on top with the #1 position in The Good Doctor's Adult Theater Power Rankings. Two great theaters, very different from each other, and some great looking couples who visit both of them.  That's Portland, and that's why it's the #1 destination for this thing of ours.

Thanks again to Brent, the poet laureate of our little slice of society.


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Flash Report! Professor 7x6 Visits Tulsa's Mid-Town Adult Theater

Doc here with another terrific report from the educated fingertips of Professor 7x6. The Good Professor has visited Tulsa's Mid-Town Adult Theater, and Tulsa-timed his report to The Good Doctor.

Here we go!


Greetings, Doc...

In this particular field of journalism, no news is not good news. But in case any readers get stuck in fly-over country and wind up in Tulsa, I can offer a quickie scouting report on the only game in town.

I last visited the Tulsa scene about a decade ago, and it was a surreal experience.  The VHS tapes were all soft core porn and the magazines were  no stronger than Playboy.  Them Okies have got them some morals, when they aren't fighting their game birds (I didn't use the term cockfighting in this forum because of the potential confusion) or gambling in Indian casinos.  I was unaware of theater sex prospects as the golden age missed us in the Bible belt completely.

Mid-Town Adult Theater
Tulsa, OK
The Mid-Town Theater  (address in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database) is in a business district with wide, safe streets.  There are FIVE theater areas inside, all with separate admission fees of $8.  The locals seem to know to spend the first octobuck in Theater 3.  They have a 30 dollar all theater pass, but the helpful clerk on Monday night said he sells all-theater passes for 21 bucks, which is high, but fair enough.

I just had time for a quick Monday evening cameo appearance.  Each theater area has 3 different viewing rooms, all very clean-ish, good seats, decent monitors.  Theater 1 has a single large screen and seems to be the one for newbie couples and a conventional dirty movie experience.  It might be fun on weekends if any Okies are on board with our thing.

I plunged into Theater 3, and the center room had about 4-5 guys and was showing some lesbo movies.  I figured on the usual sausage fest but was happy to see a couple of dicks out stroking.  It's a real buzz kill when everybody has to be paranoid of every new entrant because of possible LE activity.

Lo and behold the left theater had a young Hispanic couple and only one gent sitting in the row ahead of them.  He wasn't the least bit engaged and I wondered if they had asked the penis galleries to give them space. 

She was against the wall and leaning against him like she might lean in and start sucking his cock.  She was a small BBW, maybe mid-20's, and a low cut tee shirt with a nice cleavage shot of massive mams.  He had a nice cock out stroking it, but it didn't seem like I'd interrupted any action yet. 

My gaydar detected a potential bi-MMF situation, which I am good with and I got my tool out and worked up for their consideration. There was an empty seat next to him and I asked/gestured if I could sit there and he waved me off but it was a maybe later body language, not a get the fuck out of here vibe.

I kept showing my boner for them (it did not seem to offend, and to mildly interest them), and changed walls after a few minutes.  He had been whispering to her off and on, and obviously wanted some participation from her, and potentially an audience member (pick me, pick me!).  After a bit, she abruptly got up, spit on the floor (and it wasn't fresh man-juice), and walked out of the theater.  He stayed behind a few seconds, did the math, and got up and caught up with her in the hallway.  Some chattering was to be heard, and they vanished.

I suspect it was the first step in the initiation process, and hopefully they will be back.  By and large, it is a good venue and if the Oklahoma Gestapo can stay out of the way we might get a redneck Okie scene going down in T-town.

My Phoenix/Scottsdale report will be mid-May and I might even have a Wichita cameo before then. 

Thanks for the good work, Doctor.



Doc here again... A big thank you goes out once again to Professor 7x6 for another detailed filled report from this thing of ours.  I have driven by this theater/ABS, and the place is HUGE.  If you find yourself in OK, then a trip to Oklahoma's only adult theater is in order.

The Good Doctor needs your adult theater reports!  Just send me your report at  I will edit, format, and drop in a pic or two.  The Professor did it... Why can't you?


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Flash Report! Brent's "Something About Mary" Report from Portlandia

Doc here with a quick report from our good friend and poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent in Portland.

This report came out late Sunday evening, 4/15, from The Paris Theatre in downtown Portlandia.  It was a crazy weekend for adult theater sex in The Rose City, and this was a fitting finale to the weekend.

So sit back, pop open a Yoohoo, and enjoy Brent at the top of his game.


They were on a first date. She was a tall dark haired beauty with a great body. She was wearing a short black dress with heels. They made out for a while. She showed a lot of leg. She got on her knees and she sucked his cock. He made sure we could all see her face while she was sucking him. When he came it flew into her face and her hair.

Afterwards she said "At least now you can buy me a drink or one of these gentlemen will." I imagined them sitting in a bar with a glop of his jizz in her hair.

She said it was her best first date ever. I expect we'll all get wedding invitations.


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Flash! Gloryhole Nancy's Call For Cocks (and 5 New Pics!)

Doc here... I know you enjoyed last night's teaser report and pics from the very naughty Gloryhole Nancy (and her guy, T).  Pageviews were through the roof, even though the report went up at 10pm CDT.

Ready for more?

Make sure you read the request from Gloryhole Nancy, and please follow it to the T.  If you can follow directions, and are in the right place at the right time, you just might have the lovely Nancy on the business end of your weeny.

Never say that The Good Doctor doesn't have your best interests at heart... Here is Nancy and her guy T with their "Call for Cocks".


Hi again Doc,

Nancy is looking for big cocks to suck and fuck, and we'd like to get the message out via your blog.

We like to find guys in Toledo, but Detroit seems to work better for us.  Thanks for the help! Nancy will not play with a cock smaller than 7", and usually plays with 8" plus only.  Please remind "applicants" to send a cock pic that shows it being measured by an actual ruler, stats, location, and when they are available.  The better the picture, the better your chance, as all she cares about is how big the cock is.  Those who are shaved completely smooth have a better chance too. Sorry if she sounds picky but she is a gorgeous babe offering you the time of your life, so your damned right she has the right to be picky lol!  She also likes to back her pussy up to the hole, so applicants better be able to fuck her pussy right!

  1. Be in the Detroit area
  2. Find a ruler, and take pic with your hard cock next to the ruler
  3. E-mail the pic(s) to Gloryhole Nancy at
  4. Cross your fingers
If you pass this screening, here is a taste of what you'll get in return (click on the pics to ENLARGE them):

Enjoy everyone, and remember to reach out to Gloryhole Nancy!


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Teaser! A Small Taste of Gloryhole Nancy (w/Pics!)

Doc here with a teaser report from our good friends, Gloryhole Nancy and her guy, T.

No one draws pageviews here at The Journal of Adult Theaters more than the lovely Nancy.  Her pics are rumored to have launched a thousand ships (and by a thousand ships, I mean a thousand orgasms). By the way, make sure you check out their own Yahoo Group HERE. You won't be disappointed.

And, believe it or not kids, the photos of Gloryhole Nancy do not do her justice.  In person, she is stunning, with a gorgeous face, sexy eyes, and a body that just oozes sex.

Here is a quick note, teasing their full report/request Tuesday at The Journal, and two brand new pics of Nancy handling a huge cock.



Glad to hear you're back, being on the road sucks LOL.  We've been hosting at our private hole but even that is difficult to find hung guys to come get sucked and/or fuck Nancy when she sticks her ass up to the hole (big square, actually lol.)  We have a group of guys who are regulars but are looking for more hung studs to come give Nancy something to drain...

I'll send more pics later, here are a few in the meantime....

T & N


Doc here again... Check out The Journal Tuesday morning for the full report and a bunch of brand new Gloryhole Nancy pics at their homemade gloryhole setup.


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Flash Report! The Shadow Visits The Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here... Last week was a great one for first time reporters, with solid reports on some intense fun at some familiar adult theaters.

This week starts off with a bang, with another first-timer here  at The Journal: The Shadow.  The Shadow visited The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT, and he has quite the story to share.

The Art Cinema has catapulted into #2 in The Good Doctor's Adult Theater Power Rankings this week, due to it's growing reputation as a great place for couples to play, and by the # of couples actually playing.  Plus, having the only US adult theater balcony, gives The Art Cinema a "Lizardo Landmark Designation".

Please welcome, The Shadow...

 What evil lurks, in the hearts of men, The Shadow knows...


Weekend at The Art Cinema

Hello Doc!

First report for me, but thank you for alerting me to the great goings on right under my nose!  Have been a semi regular at The Art Cinema since Laney from Texas caught my attention last summer. Don't have a "nom be guerre", but have always been a fan of the Shadow, so that's me for now! Have spent a few Wednesdays viewing, but rarely get to frequent a weekend night.  All that changed oddly enough on Friday the 13th.  The real fun however was the following night, the 14th.

The Art Cinema
Hartford, CT
 I arrived just before 8pm, so the sun was still out here in sunny CT.  I was optimistic as parking was a nightmare.  I sat in the back row and let my eyes adjust and noticed a collection of shadows in the front rows on the left and a few scattered figures throughout the seats on the right.  I moved down to see a couple in the front row apparently discussing their next move. The men kept a respectable distance and he kept his arm around her except when he would leave for a few minutes.  I am happy to say no one pounced on her when she was seated alone.  Then they decided to leave, for the balcony I presumed. I was wrong. 

After pacing around the foyer for a bit they returned to the front row and the fun began.  She was an older woman, late 40's, thick but not BBW, full breasts and hard nipples that she happily exposed to the grateful audience.  The honor of fucking her went to the husband, but the rest of us were treated to both hands and her mouth for pleasure, and if her moans were any indication, the pleasure was mutual all around.  The crowd gathered and those of not treated to her personal touch were happily practicing self gratification while watching.  All except the few being treated to apparently BBBJ from 2 guys there happy to fill in! 

When I looked up  from her tasty nipple I saw a BBW/TV enjoying the show, said hello, and returned for the lady's lovely oral skills.  She partied for about 30 minutes and then decided to leave.  Then changed their minds.  There at the top of the aisle there was indecision.  She was happily surrounded by fully dressed guys massaging, kneading, and exploring various body parts as he was circling around groping her and encouraging her to either go back to the front, have a seat in the rear, or just drop to her knees where she was.  I suspect alcohol impaired their decision making skills and ultimately they went up to the balcony to clean up and go.  It was still only 8:45pm.

There was a lull downstairs, the CD was generating a good deal of attention in the back, and a few were straining to watch the couples in the balcony when the unheard of happened;  solo female struts in and takes a seat down front.  She was instantly naked and surrounded.  All I can confirm is that she was blowing and stroking all that could get close enough, but one lucky patron was able to keep her attention and after 20 to 30 minutes, and at least 2 facials, the two of them adjourned to the balcony. 

And then there was the flashlight!

This was a first for me.  The hottest woman I had seen so far was seated by the emergency exit being tended to by her ?husband. She was brunette, dressed in black, A-cup with standing nipples, shaved, and moaning.  I can attest to her description because her man, bless his heart, had a flashlight on her to spotlight the action.  The circle jerk was in full force, but from what I could glean, only he was allowed to touch her.  That could have been the highlight, but there was more.

Somewhere in all of this another couple waltzed down the aisle.  They may have been upstairs, don't know, but there were here now.  Age and full tits give her a slight edge on the brunette.  By the time I was close enough to see, the 20something blond wife had stunning D cups out while hubby was handling them from behind, and she was giving a world class BJ the the luckiest guy in the room.  Not sure how long that went on but she signaled it was time to go and they left.

By now it was 10 and I was pretty exhausted, so a Snickers bar and I was out.  I heard there were 11 couples in that day, not sure if that included the solo lady.  There were still about 4 guys and another larger CD in the theater when I left, so the fun may have gone on til closing!

I would not expect this every weekend, but I will be back this week to see!

Peace out,

The Shadow knows!


Doc here again... The Art Cinema has been receiving some steady Flash Reports for several months now, and it seems that this classic adult theater is the go-to place in the Northeast US for this thing of ours.  And The Good Doctor will be doing what it takes to hit The Art Cinema this summer. 

Thanks again to The Shadow for a great first time report, and we are looking forward to many more.

Well, just like Public TV, it's time for the Good Doctor to beg for more Flash, Field, or Blast From The Past Reports.  Instead of asking you to pick up the phone to make a pledge, I'm asking you to put fingers to keyboard and relate your recent adult theater experience.  I will edit, format, drop in a pic or two, and best of all, you get the credit and the byline.  Just send what you have to me at I'll do the rest...


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Flash Report! Professor 7x6 Reports on Fantasyland I in Tampa

Doc here with a fantastic Flash Report from adult theater veteran, Professor 7x6. The Prof has ventured down to the Sunshine State, and even had an opportunity to peek up Cinderella's dress before hitting Tampa.

This is his story.  And it's all sorts of awesome. Enjoy Professor 7x6's report!


Hello Doc,

Sorry your gymnast career didn't work out.  This is kind of long-ish for a single vagina sighting...

The Professor was traveling to Orlando with co-workers and managed to get off the clock for a day of R&R.  First thing on the agenda is to leave the pretend Disneyland and head to the real Happiest Place on Earth, the porn theaters of Tampa. I only had Thursday evening and Good Friday (April 5-6) before my flight.

The first couple of passes through Fantasyland I were vagina free.  I  explored other venues, like Thee Love Shack and Adult World with the expected non-results. The professor could never be a nature photographer because I don't have the superpower to stand around for eternity like the species "homo trollus", frequently seen at all arcades and theaters.

I had not even checked the last of the small rooms when a couple came in and plopped on the couch, with the lady leaning against hubby.  It was so sudden there were only three members of the penis    brigade following her in.  They must have just walked straight into the theater from the parking lot.

Fantasyland I
Tamps, FL

She was wearing a low cut red mini-dress and heels, kind of had brunette poodle hair, and appeared to be mid-50's and in denial. She was well sculpted, but not petite.  If it's  possible to say this in a good way, she looked like Nancy Pelosi, without the helmet hair.  A classy woman out indulging her dirty secret life.

She was masturbating herself before she hit the couch, and began a show.  After a minute when it became evident that this was spontaneous, and that pussy wasn't going to fuck itself, I asked hubby if I could help.  He said it's up to her and I looked for consent and started touching and soon eating her pussy.  She was wet, which belies her age as a post-menopausal slut, so she was really into it.  She limited touching of her boobs, which were perfect, plastic C-cups.

Going first isn't my thing, but nobody else was measuring up, so I gloved up and started toward the entrance.  Hubby hit us with a spotlight, which is great for me.  I always make sure to lean back and make sure everybody can see the action.  My shirt is off and shorts out of the way for maximum vision and I hold her leg out of the way.  I had a nice solid stiff one and I held her legs and fucked missionary for about 5 minutes.

She fucked and moaned good, but it was actually a better show than a fuck.  Some of her bucking and heaving made it harder to stay on target, but she had a nice body and it felt nice to have balls    against buns.  One problem was her thong which stayed on and was in the way often.

I started to sag a little and also didn't want to cock block, so I dismounted and asked to tap out.  A young black guy stepped up and fucked about 5 minutes.  He barely unzipped his pants and his    shirttail covered everything, so we don't even know if he was in her.  It was like the old softcore porn flicks we used to have to watch before the internet. 

A tall guy came up and groped on her and talked dirty about her bending over.  She played with his cock some, but it never rose and he walked away.  She was drunk or something because she kept yelling at him to come fuck her from behind.   Since he couldn't, I rubbered back up and I did.  We fucked standing up for a few minutes with her bucking and making it really hard to stay inside.

After losing connection and realizing she wasn't going to bend over soon, I stepped back and she started working on a young guy with a covered BJ.  She kept on that poor bastard ten minutes and he couldn't get wood in the condom and she didn't seem to realize you can't fuck with a softie.  I felt I had done my time and left for a few minutes to get food.

When I came back about 20 minutes later, she was riding some guy from ZZ Top in the theater seats.  A guy leaving had seen me fuck her and said he gave up on her.  She wouldn't let you nut on her and she wouldn't remove the thong.  Still, she was pretty hot and obviously worked at remaining sexy. 

I only managed a drive by on Friday and was told I just missed a couple at 2 PM.  No actual confirmation they played, and the couple I saw leave wasn't dressed to play.

The Professor's next road trip will likely be in Phoenix.  Hoping to see some advance scouting reports from the Doctor's field reporters!



Doc here again... Tampa, once the home of the top-rated adult theaters in the country, is now a one or two note song in this thing of ours.  Play there has to be calculated, and discreet.  But if exercised properly, can be an awful lot of fun.

A huge thank you to the Good Professor for his report, and we look forward to his next report from Phoenix. 

The Good Doctor still needs adult theater reports...In a bad way.  Just e-mail me what you have to  I will edit, format, drop in a pic or two, and best of all you get the byline.

Let's see what you got!


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Flash Report! Cinema 1 in Chattanooga, TN by Traveling Man

Doc here with another first time reporter, taking his initial shot at reporting on this thing of ours. I'd like to introduce you to Traveling Man.

TM has filed a report on Cinema 1 in good old Chattanooga, TN (address info available in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).  This theater is a classic, but we don't hear much from inside it's walls.  Let's hope that changes sometime soon, and in a big way.

So without further ado, here is Traveling Man and his first Flash Report...


Hi Doc,

Went to Cinema 1 in Chattanooga, TN on Saturday April 7th.  Excellent location!!  There is a large theater with a smaller couples only theater.  They also have video booth area.  I mostly stayed in the large theater. 

Cinema 1
Chattanooga, TN
There were 6 couples came through while I was there.  Some of them only sat around a few minutes then left.  There were 2 couples that played around together, with others in the theater allowed to sit near them and watch.  However, there was one couple who really made the night awesome. 

She was an absolute stunner.  Very short dress and completely naked under it and she didn't mind showing that she was naked under it.  She started playing around and a crowed gathered around her to watch.  She seemed to prefer black men and started to play around with them.  Ended up totally naked in the seat and having sex with both of the black guys she was playing with.  Got the feeling that if there had been more black guys there, she would have taken them also.  Can only hope that she will show up there again.  Rare to fine a female as sexy as her at an adult theater.           



Doc here again... A big thank you to Traveling Man for his fine first report on Cinema 1.  This theater is one of the few I have not been into nationally, but has been on my radar for over 11 years.  One of these days...

I need reports folks... Flash Reports, Blasts from the Past, or Field Reports.  Please send them into me at, and I'll do the rest.  Just ask Traveling Man...


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Flash Report! Fantasy Unlimited in Seattle by Work 2 Much

Doc here with a first time report from new contributor, Work 2 Much. W2M's report focuses on Fantasy Unlimited in Seattle, WA (address information located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).

Aside from the Blast from the Past reports from Nina the Bakery Slut, we have heard next to nothing about this venue lately. Well, that is about to change folks, since W2M is here to save the day (with a tip of the cap to Underdog).

Here is Work 2 Much and his Flash Report...


Hi Doc,

I came across the Journal a few months ago and I’ve been enjoying all the reports so I figure it’s my turn to share some information.

Fantasy Unlimited
Seattle, WA
I’m spending a few days in Seattle and checking your database I saw Fantasy Unlimited (2027 Westlake Ave, Seattle WA) was near my hotel and needed an update. Fantasy is located above Little Darlings a gentleman’s club and a lingerie store. They are currently remodeling and when finished will have a theatre, video booths and peep show. I went on a Wednesday night from 8:30 – 10:00 and cover was $10 for the theater. The main theatre has 6 love seats, a few chairs and a 60” screen. There are a few smaller theaters with smaller screens, 3 – 4 chairs and a curtain that can be closed. The video booths had partial doors and it looked like normal drywall walls between them, I checked a few and didn’t see any gloryholes.

I spent a little time in the main theater and was a little uncomfortable, there was plenty of seating but a few men standing on the side of the room and kept looking over at me.

On my way out I stopped and had a short conversation with the man behind the counter, I got the impression that it’s mostly a place for men but he did say they get women every once in a while and they put on a good “show”. When I asked about the peep show he said when construction is done they’ll be open but until then I should go down stairs to Little Darlings.

I hope this helps.    

Work 2 Much


Thanks again to W2M for his first report here at The Journal.  Keep the reports coming, sir.

Speaking of reports, I need your reports desperately. If you have been witness to some adult theater monkey business worth reporting on, or would like to submit a profile of a theater you have been to, then I am your Dr.  Send the reports to I will edit, format, drop in a pic or two, and best of all you get the byline.

Fun? Yes.  Rewarding?  You bet.


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PSA: April Special @ The Twin Cinemas @ Buford Highway in Doraville, GA

Doc here with a Public Service Announcement from the owners of the Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway  (address information in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database) in suburban Atlanta (Doraville to be exact).  Looks like April has a special at TC at BH...


Hello Everyone !

We wanted to let you know about our special THANK YOU during the month of April.
During the month of April on Tuesdays admission will be $10.00 all day!

This gives us an opportunity to THANK EVERYONE for your business!
We hope to do more things in the future.

Also, we have put a suggestion box in the lobby for anyone to offer comments
related to our operation.

Thank You
TC at BH .............

The TC at BH is a classic adult theater, and you should consider it your civic duty to visit there and check out what the new ownership has done with the place.

Have fun and play safe!


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Flash Report! ontheroad Rolls Into The 15th Ave Adult Theater In The Chicago Burbs

Doc here with another terrific Flash Report from our newest contributor, ontheroad. This time, he visits the 15th Avenue Adult Theater (& Spa) in the western suburbs of Chicago, and his report is very different and awesome.  You'll see why...

Also, pay attention to the moral of this story.  I have been preaching this one thing over and over again...

Here is ontheroad and his Flash Report.


"Wednesday Night at the 15th Ave Theater"  (or how a young lady restored my faith in the ABS gods.)

The Road has not brought me back to Chicago for almost 4 years. I used to be a regular at 15th Ave. I have had dozens of sexy women there, so I was glad to back after all that time.

15th Avenue Adult Theater (& Spa)
Melrose Park, IL
First- the changes. The gloryholes are gone. The gyno tables, couches, and sex swing are gone.
It seems that serious play has moved from the theater to the spa area. What hasn't changed- It is still the cleanest and most couple friendly theater that I have been to. The spa area is great to take a shower and sit in the sauna.

I was there from 5-6. The theater and booths were completely empty. I went into the sauna. There was a group of gays going at it. I watched and enjoyed the sauna. It felt great to sweat for a while. The guys invited me to play and were respectful when I declined. Since nothing was going on, I left for dinner and a movie.

I returned around 9 and went back to the sauna. A Mexican BBW was playing with her man, but they didn't invite others over. They finished and I lurked for 2 hours all around the facility. 2 black couples came in, but left after only 3 minuted in the theater. Both women were clearly uncomfortable.

It was after 11 and I was thinking of leaving when I remembered the good Doctor Emilio's advice about patience in 'this thing of ours'. Time spent in an ABS waiting for couples is not time wasted - it is time invested.

So, I went into the parking lot to have a smoke and my fortunes took a sharp turn for the better.
There was a cute-as-a-button little Latina girl IN HER PAJAMAS walking up. A few guys and I started talking to her. She was staying with a relative in the area and she was walking to the drugstore a few blocks up. She wanted to see inside, but the staff wouldn't let her because she didn't have her ID and there is a 21 and up requirement to get in.

We chatted with her for a while. It was surreal because she was SO cute. It is a tribute to the guys who hang at 15th Ave that this shy and embarrassed girl was made to feel comfortable and titillated without feeling pushed. They were all charming. She said that she was going to go home and get her ID. We all rolled our eyes and didn't think she really would. But 10 minutes later she was back with her ID. She had turned 21 only a few days before!!!!

A small group of us took her on a tour. Again, the guys were gentle and before too long she was telling us her sexual fantasies and what she likes.

Another guy and I decided to take matters into our own hands. We hustled her into a booth and sat her down. She was still shy, but she started stroking both of us. The other guy spermed in no time. She said she wanted to see more cocks, so I brought another guy in. She ended up stroking off 5 guys- one after the other. (side note- I had lube in my pocket that very much came in handy. I never leave home without it)

She was clearly into it. By most ABS standards, she was pretty tame. She flashed us a few times, but was not ready for more hardcore play. The fun was bringing this young thing into the world of 15th Ave. She said that next time she will do more. For my part, when she looked at me with her big brown eyes while she stroked me and said in a little voice, "am I doing it right?", I sprayed farther than I have in a long time!

Until next time, I'll be ontheroad.


Doc here again... A big thank you goes out to ontheroad and his second terrific report.  See what happens when you exercise some patience?  You may have a 21 year old wander through your zipper.

The Good Doctor needs your reports is a bad way... Send in your reports to  I will edit, format, drop in a pic or two, and best of all you get the byline.

Try it.


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A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio: "Back To Business"

When we last left The Good Doctor, his acrobatic dreams had been shattered. He was loaded onto a commercial flight, his tights and codpiece removed from his bag, and he was sent packing back to The Valley near the giant super highway.Yet, he forged ahead…

“This should be agony. I should be a mass of aching muscle — broken, spent, unable to move. And, were I an older man, I surely would... But I'm a man of 30 — of 20 again. The rain on my chest is a baptism. I'm born again.”

Good day to you, and to all the ships at sea.  The Good Doctor is here, right where belongs, bringing you the latest from “this thing of ours”. My white suit is pressed, my stethoscope is at the ready, and it’s time to light this candle.

Let’s get started, shall we?

In the 7+ weeks I was away from the news desk @ The Journal, I tried my best to keep up with the incoming reports from this thing of ours. In my darkened room adjacent to the “Academie de Groin”, I was able to get a weak internet connection.  If the planets aligned, and the woman next door to me didn’t turn on her toaster, I could crank out the stray Flash Report.  But that was about it.  Flash forward to now… I’m back in my luxury office, my trusty dog (Barky Lizardo) at my feet, and I’m ready to push The Journal to new heights.
First of all, I am reviewing all the incoming reports received since late February.  All unpublished reports are now being edited, and will be up within the next 7 days.  If you have submitted a report, and have not seen it on The Journal yet, drop a quick e-mail to I will confirm with you that I have it or not.

A big thank you goes out to you, the loyal readers of The Journal for hanging in there during my bout of self-indulgence.  But fear not, a lesson was learned: Middle-aged paesans should never be in the acrobat business.


  • One of the more pleasant surprises in this thing of ours in 2012 is the reimagining of The Colony Adult Theater (& Cocktails) in East St. Louis, IL. The home turf of my esteemed colleague, MajorVoyeur, he knows as well as anyone that The Colony almost went the way of the do do bird and Tiger Woods’ game (on the course).  However, in stepped a couple involved in the adult scene in St. Louis, and they have injected some new life into marketing this throwback adult theater to make it even more couples friendly.  Theme nights are now common at The Colony. Check out this recent Flash Report for a few details on this new era of this thing of ours at The Colony.  The Colony is on The Good Doctor’s must visit list for this summer.

  • Portlandia is still the go-to place for this thing of ours, but there continue to be reports of the overly aggressive guys at The Paris Theatre (and to a lesser degree, The Oregon Theater across town).  Brent in Portland has a nice report on this, and I myself have seen this in person more than a few times.  Last weekend’s actions by aggressive younger guys at The Paris (as reported by both Brent and a couple’s own report) resulted in Portland dropping to #2 in this week’s Power Rankings. 

  • 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL continues to do well on both weekdays and weekend nights.  Their “Couples, Females, and T-Gurls Free” weeks at the beginning of each month create a lot of traffic on all sides of the fence.  Adding to the scene there, their huge party room gets opened during select major sporting events.  This provides a nice warm-up arena prior to hitting the theater, video booths, or the ever popular spa/steam room.

  • The Art Cinema in Hartford is right on top for The Good Doctor as a place to visit in 2012.  A look back at reports from M&S, a regular couple that attends The Art will show that its balcony is still the focal point of much fun and frolic. 

  • Comments are OPEN! The Good Doctor has opened up the “Comments” section with each new report on The Journal.  You can post anonymously or use a name, your call.  Comments will be moderated, but only for spam or flaming.  The rest flies

Call For Reports
The Good Doctor needs you!  Since all of this acrobat crap is over, we need to get to the task at hand: Adult theater reports.  And this is where you can and will shine.
Regular readers know we have 3 major varieties of reports:
  • Flash Reports – An accounting of an adult theater scene within the last few days or weeks.
  • Field Reports – A review of an adult theater itself, with a description of the layout, seating, video area, whether it’s couples friendly, etc.
  • Blasts From The Past – A report of a past classic experience at an adult theater.  Moaning Lisa had a great one recently about an adult theater experience in Hawaii many years ago.
The lifeblood of The Journal of Adult Theaters are your reports, and I need them pronto.  The public is hungry, and you have the ingredients to make dinner.

Send your Flash, Field, or Blast reports to me at I will edit, format, drop in the photos, and make you look like a champ.  Oh, and you get the byline.  If you have a photo or two of the outside of the theater you visit, that would be great!  I need new pics from this thing of ours to illustrate your (and future) articles at The Journal.  New reporters, this is for you… Please provide a pen name you wish to use for your reports moving forward.  Be creative. And remember, with your 2nd report submission, I will design a custom logo for your reports. Cool, eh?

Coming Soon!

  • A slightly revised layout to the web version of The Journal
  • New calls for special reports (like the “Top Adult Theater Woman” essays from two years ago)
  • More polls
  • More updates from adult theaters across the globe
  • And more photos of The Good Doctor in a public place
It’s good to be back folks…Thank you to the dozens of e-mails I received from readers welcoming me back to the fold.
Be safe out there.


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