Flash Report! The Black Hat Returns to the Berlin News Agency

Doc here with a Flash Report from senior reporter The Black Hat. He's back at The Berlin News Agency, and has another good tale to tell.
Friday 11/16, Berlin News Agency, Berlin NJ.  

The Black Hat made a quick stop at both Red Barn and BNA.  Red Barn is typically a manfest but was hoping a couple finally considered trying out the Barn for some more intimate shenanigans without the wolfpack all over them, no luck so off to BNA.  BNA was well populated with maybe 20 to 25 guys wandering around.  I hung out for a bit and within 30 minutes a woman that I will call "The Librarian" walked in alone!
She was 40ish, slim, good rack, nice ass and a few tats.  Shoulder length brownish hair and glasses (hence The Librarian).  She did a thorough walk around of the theater, got everybody's attention and then gave the rules as she spread a towel down on one of the quadrant risers.  She would suck and fuck (condoms only) and you could come on her tits.
The crowd closed in making the small space heat up very quickly.  Two guys moved in with cocks in hand and met her welcoming mouth.  She alternated between the two until one shot and then the next, two more guys stepped up and the Librarian called out, "Nobody wants to fuck?"  A willing participant stepped up, suited up and started a slow grind, after about 5 minutes his pace quickened, shot and stepped back with another taking over.  It was quite a scrum with at least 15 to 20 guys huddled around stroking, getting sucked and fucking.  All well behaved.  As "The Black Hat" was on a schedule I had to leave but really enjoyed seeing the very confidant woman take charge of the BNA all by herself and kudos to the wolfpack for playing by the rules.  
Until then, I remain, The Black Hat.
Doc here again... Many thanks to The Black Hat for another solid report!  Keep them coming, sir.

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Flash Report! Darknight at The Barnett Superstore Theater in San Diego

Doc here with a great report from left coast senior reporter Darknight. he's back in San Diego, and his quest took him to the Barnett Avenue Superstore Theater.

Take it away, Darknight!


Hi Doc,

Happy Holidays!

So let me get right to it... With the closing of Ontario Dejavu, I have to travel to San Diego for theatre play. I have a few days off, so I fueled up the Knight Rider and headed south after visiting friends and dinner. I stopped at the Barnett Adult Superstore about 9pm, and parking lot was full. I paid my $10 bucks and entered...

Checked the first theatre, and about 4 dudes then the next and noticed a huddle in the back and moaning went back to take a look and what appeared to look like a blond female blowing a guy and getting banged hard by another. Turned out to be a chick with a dick - one of the regulars said the T Gurl slipped the adams apple pass him and a couple of regular players earlier till they caught on (Funny story for another time).

I took a seat in the first theatre and 20 minutes passed, when in came the 2nd couple of the night: a Ellen Barkin lookalike and her hubby (reminded me of Jessie James). I'm told they are regulars - she wore a black mini skirt and white button up blouse and black sweater with white heels. They sat against the wall in the center row of seats with Jessie against the wall.

Ellen sat next to a guy that was already in the middle. I was at the end of the row... The guy said something to Ellen, and reached in with his right hand a rubbed her thigh. She immediately spread her legs as he started finger banging her and she started moaning. Of course this brought the guys, so I got closer by one seat. Ellen then told the dude to take his dick out so he stood up and complied at this instant I took the seat next to her and unleashed. She immediately reached over and took hold and started stroking me to full attention, so I stood up and she started musical dick sucking us both.

Ellen then said she wanted to get fucked at this point, so I reached for a condom. The dude started fucking her immediately without one by kneeling and her sliding down in her chair. At this time I fed her my cock while other guys reached in for tit feels and such. This dude was banging her forever it seems and not coming up for air so I stepped away and allowed someone else to get some head for a bit after dude #1 was spent.

No one moved in after 2 other guys came in her mouth, so I went back in and fed Ellen my cock. She smiled and said "I hoped you would come back I want that black cock" so I suited up and lifted her legs and buried it in her cunt till she came, then pulled out, ripped my condom off, stuck it in her mouth. She gives great head in no time I was filling her mouth and throat.

Afterwards, they packed up and left. I did not notice but Jose Conseco from my Jolar episode came in during all this without me noticing. I will continue with part 2 about the rest of the evening.

Doc got to go check out of the Marriott and stop by the Jolar on the way home so till next time...



Doc here... Thanks again to Darknight for another outstanding report from the front lines.  The Barnett Superstore has a great vibe when a couple is playing there... Theater is small enough to be intimate, but large enough not to be feel crowded. 

Nicely done, sir.


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New Poll! "Who Are You?"

Doc here with an updated poll here at The Journal of Adult Theaters...

6 months ago, The Journal ran a poll asking the question "Who Are You?". I asked whether you were a couple, a single male, or a single female.

Since I ran that poll, readership has doubled (THANK YOU!), and being the curious sort, I am interested if the demographic has shifted during our growth spurt.

So please fulfill your civic duty, and vote in the poll on the right hand side of the homepage. This info will help me craft the web site to the needs of you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.


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Flash Report! The Falcon @ Berlin News Agency

Doc here with a great report from senior correspondent, The Falcon. Once again, the Berlin News Agency is our port of call, and once again, it was a home run for the writer.

Here we go...


The Falcon fulfilled one of the lines on his bucket list a couple of Saturday's ago.  It was the Saturday before Thanksgiving and I was in eastern PA and made the trip to the Berlin News Agency.  When I got there the parking lot was stuffed, not a clear parking place to be had.  I moved around and found a spot that I could manage to shoe horn the Phantom into.

I entered the book store and the folk behind the counter told me that the place to go was in the theater.  I got some change and inserted the ten spot in the reader.  The crowd was great, lots of guys wondering around and the sounds of some serious play coming from the back rooms.  I wondered around the rooms and in the back a lady was taking on all cocks in either her pussy or mouth.  Her man was filming on his camera the action and there was plenty of it.  She  had at least two guys all the time and sometime more were being jerked while she was sucking and fucking two other guys.  The penis gallery was standing by with a new cock when one wore out.  I found out later when talking to the couple that she was the fab Michele and that she was a regular.

Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
Meantime in another room there was another woman taking on several guys at a time.  Both these ladies were regulars and both were really good at pleasing all the cocks in the room.  I could not get close to either one as it was late when I got there.

I went back into the theater where a lovely lady and her man were watching the movie and doing a little playing.  She was a real good looking younger lady and had on a halter dress without anything else.  She had nice thigh high stockings and was playing with her pussy and letting all the guys enjoy the sight.  He played with her tits a little and they were good looking more than a hand full.  I spoke to them and they replied but did not invite me to join in.

In the meantime the action in the back had come to a rest spot and the ladies went outside for a break.  One of the folk in the theater told the couple in the theater that the tables were free, but they did not move.

The lady in the earlier room left and the wonderful Michele came back and took a position on another table and started taking all the folk that were ready.  Another couple came in and went to one of the back rooms and she quickly started sucking his cock.  He had some implants on his tool and she really loved it.  They played with each other only for a little while then went into the room with Michele and her man.  They were standing watching when she asked her man if he wanted a blow job and dropped down on her knees and sucked him again.  Michele must have known them because they started talking about her sucking the new guy which she gladly did.  When he had been sucked for some time his lady said "fuck me with that cock" and laid down on the table with Michele and fucked her guy well.

The couple from the theater than came back and sat and watched the action with both the women getting well fucked.  He did get her tits out and played a little but they did not join in.  They soon got up and left the building.

Michele took another break that is when I talked to them and told them I would write this report.

I hear another sound from one of the back rooms sounds like some good fucking and ventured back again and another couple I did not know were there were working out on one of the tables.  She was a younger well build girl with great tits and a pretty clean pussy.

They were really getting it on and others were allowed to join in.  I did and got off right quickly as I knew I would.  The time was getting on to the wee hours and I had to be active the next day so I left about 2:30 AM

I must say that I had heard lots about the BNA and I was not disappointed it was a great night and one of the most active I have ever enjoyed.

Respectfully submitted



Doc here again...It's reports like this one that make the Berlin News Agency one of the top adult theaters in the country.  Thanks again to the Falcon for his terrific report!


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Coming Attraction! Sophie X at Fantasy Video Cinema in Islington, UK

Doc here with a little international flair for you, the good readers of The Journal. Please allow me to introduce Sophie X from the UK to you.  And how about a few pics of her for good measure?

Take it away, Sophie X!


Dear Good Doctor!

I just wanted to say hello, I've been working the London dogging and swinging scene for a few years and I was looking for a new challenge - anyway, thanks to you I found the Fantasy Video Cinema in Islington UK, and it was definitely the challenge I was looking for! I sucked and fucked my way through almost the entire audience - and even had the guy working on the front desk bend me over the table too :) :).  I'm going again on Saturday night, and I'm hoping to get every bit as sore as I did last time!

I've attached a few photos from my (now defunct) SDC.com profile - but I just wanted to say thank you - I am a polite British girl afterall hehe.

lots of love

Sophie X


Doc here again... At The Journal, I do what I can to assist in international relations.  I feel pretty good about this relationship already.  Thanks to Sophie X and her report, and best of luck on Saturday at Fantasy Video Cinema.


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Flash Report! The Black Hat Hits BNA in Berlin, NJ

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from senior correspondent  The Black Hat.

Here's a quick report that I forgot to file some weeks back.  I was in NJ pre-Sandy back at the end of September on a Sunday afternoon and stopped in Berlin NJ.  I did a drive by of both Berlin News Agency and Red Barn Books and while BNA had a moderately full parking lot Red Barn was jammed. Now, regular readers may know that BNA is known for a steady and consistent level of activity in "this thing of ours" but not so for Red Barn.  My experience has been that the Barn is mostly older dudes and "confused" guys (which is fine, everybody needs to have fun!).
That said, I could not resist checking out what might be going on with so many cars there.  The theater was host to quite a show that day.  A late 20's African American gal who was curvy in all the right places was on all fours on the theaters center pedestal getting banged from behind bareback by an early thirties white dude.  She was also giving an older gentleman a world class cocksucking while throwing her significant ass into every stroke 30's guy took.  It was physical, it was loud, it was wet, it was awesome.  There were about ten of us circled about watching the proceedings and when the older guy shot, surprisingly, no one stepped up to take his place.  The fucking went on for another 30 minutes with 30's dude switching from pussy to mouth to ass and back around again.  All of this bareback which might explain,why no one else was jumping in.  Regardless, it was a hell of a show and I'm glad I stopped in.
I will comment that I have had success with three couples at Red Barn over the past several years.  I would highly recommend Red Barn for couples who may be dipping their toes in the water on theater fun for the first time.  You can go there and watch, you can get into by yourselves and be watched without the massive swarm you might encounter at BNA, and if you want to invite others in, you can do so selectively and retreat to one of 3 semi private viewing rooms within the theater.  
Be patient and be cool, until then, I remain The Black Hat.
Doc here again, with many thanks to The Black Hat.  Great report sir, and please keep them coming!

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Flash Report! Westwood Boy at The Westwood Theatre of the Arts on 11/23/12

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from the Westwood Theatre of the Arts in Toledo, OH by Westwood Boy.

Couples traffic is picking up nicely at the great renovated theater.  This report supports that claim, and then some.

So without further delay, here is Westwood Boy and his report!


I went to the Westwood Theatre again last Friday night. It started out pretty slow, with maybe 15-20 guys there. Then walked in 2 couples. 1 was an older couple, and the other an older man with a 20 something girl!

The older couple sat in the back of the couples section while the May/June couple sat in the front of the couples section. I thought well this could lead to something and it did. She started by sucking her older male friend, then they left the couple section and headed to the middle of the theater. After that half of the theater followed them. She sat down, and then went and jacked off anybody who stood in front of her.

Wow that was something to see and to feel! Until next time...



Doc here again... Thanks to Westwood Boy for his report on some couples action at The Westwood Theatre of the Arts in Toledo.


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Flash Report! SixFoot4 at the Berlin News Agency

Doc here with a terrific Flash report from senior reporter, Sixfoot4.  He ventured to The Berlin News Agency, and this is his report.

Take it away, sir...



A quick, down and dirty flash report for you this evening. I was traveling in the den of iniquity, south Jersey, on Friday....heading back to the homeland for the weekend. My GPS told me I wasn't going to make it until the wee hours of the morning, so I decided to stay the night somewhere in Maryland. I figured what the hell, it's Friday night, something has to be jumping at Berlin News Agency, right? Well, it was....sorta.

I decided if it was good, I could stay as long as I wanted....otherwise I'd limit myself to about an hour or so. Unfortunately, it was the latter.
Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ

On a side note, I did pass the Red Barn on my way, and the parking lot looked full. I haven't seen or experienced any reports on RB, but knew my odds at BNA were probably better, so I skipped RB despite a promising parking lot.

I pulled into the parking lot at BNA, and, lo and behold, it was jammed packed. If I were a newbie at this, I might get my hopes up....but I knew better. You just never know with this thing of ours.

Shuffled in, change for a 20, and decided to pay a dollar to check out the booths first. It was full of guys wandering around. Damn, I was hoping for a little service (from a woman mind you) while watching a grainy porn flick. No such luck.

The door to the theater gladly sucked up my 10 spot, and in I went. Holy shit. I see a crowd of swords big enough to fill Giants stadium during a Rolling Stone concert...and all of them packed into the first "table section" of the 4 section play area. I nudge my way through the crowd and find One (1) woman on the table taking on anything that would come near, on, or in her. Now, to be true to the slut....she had a great body. Probably 45 years old, fake tits, flat stomach, some tattoos, and long brown hair. I heard she came in alone. She took on any guy with wood, multiple positions, and was constantly asking guys to cum in her mouth. I watched for a while, ran my hand across her ass, because it was fucking tight, and I love a woman's skin as much as her holes...but I wasn't about to be #15, or 16, or whatever on the night.
Given my short attention span, I started counting heads (the kind with hair on them, not around them).... And at one point I counted 43 guys in the vicinity of the slut. Anyone seen a fire Marshall? And only 2 tits in the room. Makes a guy wanna cry.

At one point the clerk brought in a couple on a tour...showed them the theater, and then moved several guys away so they could view the slut getting hammered doggy style with another guy in her mouth....and 7 other guys jerking hard, waiting their turn. I watched the woman's face as she was exposed to this carnival, and she couldn't get out of their fast enough. 30 seconds maybe? I hope they weren't scared away forever, cause she was good looking, and had tall boots on and a flashers coat...a hopeful combination.

And that was it. I waited around for a while and then decided the drive was calling me so I could get some semblance of sleep before the remainder of my drive on Sat morning. Not as spectacular a night as I've ever had at BNA, but my streak is clear....there is ALWAYS a woman there ready to play. If anyone else was there later than 11:30pm, I'd love to know if the action changed....

Happy Holidays to you and yours!




Doc here again... Many thanks to Sixfoot4 and this, his latest report.  Keep up the great work, sir!


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The Captain Hits Both Portland and Spokane With A Vengence

Doc here with the second installment of his Portland/Spokane trip from The Captain.  Cappy has a flair for being in the right place at the right time. and this report is no different.
Take it away, Cappy!
Ahoy Doc,
After a terrific first evening at the Paris Theater Thursday night, my plan was to return later Friday night (11/9). I acquired my admission for the early in the day when a red flag flew about 2pm and chatted with a few locals to see what the best times would be to attend. from midnight on was strongly suggested.
As I entered the theater there was a rubensque woman in her 30's laying on her side on the padded bench along the penis gallery railing blowing her much younger male companion. It was a scene from a Renascence period painting and I now can better appreciate my fine art class from the days at the merchant marine academy. The younger male companion brought her down to a red couch and two hand picked gentleman joined them. She blew one while the other fingered her to a squirting orgasm.
The Wally Power Yacht
The one getting blown switched places with the woman's companion and  vigorously practiced the Heimlich maneuver to his orgasm, the couch actually slid a few inches while he was in motion, a yeoman's effort indeed. After this performance, they departed, the rubensque woman embarrassed about having left a wet spot flipped the couch cushion. Note to squirters: check with the clerk on duty for towels, it appeared to me they are available. Perhaps Brent can shed some light?. 

My plan to return went a bit awry when I failed to ensure the battery backup on the Wally's computer system was functioning and I slept right through the witching hour. I awoke at 2:30 am and checked Brent's Yahoo Group, sure enough red flags had flown; a total of 7 I believe. Not being able to be in ship shape by the time the last flag flew shortly after 3am the Captain resigned himself to ready the Wally Power Yacht to head up the Columbia River to Spokane.
Paris Theatre
Portlandia, USA
After a proper systems check, my theater instincts were tingling and I checked Brent's group about 5am and sure enough there was a 4:25am red flag. Having the Wally berthed not far from the Paris I was able to get there by 5:15 and see a  blonde BBW and a very fit gentleman in action in the couples area with another guy. The man was being orally serviced by her and the extra stunt cock was pounding her from behind. I took position at the railing to watch the show.
There were two other gentleman in the theater watching the movie instead of the real show. After the extra gentleman finished, he offered me up and the man waved me up. I showed him my "gold card" (magnum condom) and was allowed into the couples area. I had about a 10 min adventure with the couple and had to depart. 5am fun at the adult theater makes me miss the old days at the Cine Art in Troy (RIP) when that theater commanded respect before being closed.

I fired up the Wally's twin turbo diesels with a low rumble and slipped away from the berth in the dark heading to Spokane for a short side trip. My research in Spokane area turned up Hollywood Erotic Boutique (address in in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database). An adult bookstore and head shop with a 5-room theater upstairs.  
Iarrived about 10:30pm and paid my $12 admission. Not sure if couples are 2 for 1. The
theater" is a typical small office sized rooms, each with a fabric curtain over the doorway, a 24" TV shwing a DVD, and some plastic garden/lawn furniture for seating/  The seats bwere spread across the room... Not the most appealing of theaters, but when in Spokane.
One room is a gay flick, one is transgender and the other 3 are straight. I checked out all 5 rooms, pausing with hope in the middle room only to discover a cross=dresser in a fur coat and heels when my eyes adjusted to the darkness.
I waited in the back room, figuring that being the one farthest from the front door would be the most likely spot for a couple to have some fun. There were about 6 guys wandering from room to room with anticipation, when to my surprise a couple did come in. They checked out the three straight rooms and picked the one closest to the front of the store (go figure). They stood near the doorway and I took a seat and unzipped to prepare my party Popsicle for whatever might happen.
The Captain Is Welcomed To The Pacific Northwest
She was a very pretty blonde, about 5'7" and maybe 125 lbs, B-cups pierced (hidden under her winter coat)  and jeans. About 30 seconds after my party Popsicle made it's appearance she quickly sat down two seats away from me, I smiled and she asked what I was doing. I replied just trying to stroke to this up, to which she replied to my disbelief "Do you want some help?" - I think my chair was spring loaded I stood up so fast, I think her chair may have collapsed the way she hit the floor on her knees.
She quickly took my half melted popsicle in her mouth and made it fully hard quickly. The two other gentlemen in the room moved closer to see her in action. She was very passionate about her work and after about 5mins I started to unload in her her mouth (letting her know before I did) and she took the first squirt in her mouth pushing it out with her tongue and aiming the rest at her lips and chin.
She smiled at her male companion and the next guy whipped it out and she went to work on him. He finished on her face and she reached for the hand towel she brought and wiped some goo from her hand and brought it near her face, her gentleman barked her name and told her to not wipe her face and she looked up apologetically and went right to work on the next gentleman taking her time with him and finishing him off on her face. She slid to the other side of the small room where her gentleman was watching and began to suck him off with her face dripping in go from the bottom of her eyes down to her chin. She swallowed his load and smiled happily and was allowed to wipe her face. We chatted for a few minutes expressing our appreciation for her efforts, trading a few stories about thing of ours and we all departed the "theater".

Finally Monday I made it back to the Paris in time to catch the 11:30 flag -  borrowing from a recent post in Brent's group - "she 22 yrs old, blonde spiked hair, huge natural boob;, he 27, a very frequent patron with staying power par excellence. They were still there at 2:30 when I left, determined to stay until about 4. She had six orgasms, the first being a real wet one, between 11:30 and 2:30 as he screwed her ass off 6 times, with breaks in between."

The great thing about this thing of ours is you just never know what can happen at any given moment!

Safe travels!

Doc here again...Needless to say, a great report from an out of the way theater by a great man: The Captain. There may be some great captains in the annals of history: Ahab, Nemo, Kirk, Crunch... But for my money, I will take our's...The Captain. Keep the reports coming sir!


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Couple's Flash Report! The Bayou Boudreaux at Biloxi's Gulf Coast Theater w/16 PICS!

Doc here with a report that will start your week off at a hundred miles an hour...

Senior reporter The Bayou Boudreaux is back, and with a vengeance.  This is an awesome Couple's Flash Report, and complete with... Wait for it... 16 pics of the actual event at Biloxi's Gulf Coast Theater. The Bayou Boudreaux's last report was extremely popular, and this one is even more extensive.

I hope you ate your Wheaties this morning, because you will need it to absorb this great report.  Plus, remember to click on the pics to ENLARGE them...

Take it away, Bayou Boudreaux...


Hello Doc,
Bayou Boudreaux here with the latest report from the Gulf Coast Theater (address in the database) in Biloxi, MS. As I write this, my legs are still shaky, my knees weak and I still have a slight fog on the brain.
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
Doc, we were concerned there wouldn’t be much action, this being the Thanksgiving weekend and all.  Boy did I miss that one!  All was about average when we arrived (7:30 pm or so).  About 15 people in the theater as we eased in and found a comfortable place to sit.  We relaxed a bit, let the atmosphere take hold before we started playing. 

The first cock was a regular at the theater and usually good for multiple cum shots.  The lil slut slurped and sucked his cock and in just a few minutes was guzzling the first load of cum for the evening.  The line had already formed and one after another cocks popped up and were sucked down by the lil slut.  Load after load of cum, moans of pleasure and her little giggle after she swallows a load.  What a slut!
Two nice sized black cocks, one a heavy cummer, a very thick latino cock, numerous of the ‘run of the mill’ cocks.  One after another the lil slut worked her magic.  Somewhere around ten loads swallowed someone finally wanted to fuck her.  As usual, the lil slut jumped up, bent over and offered her sweet, tight ass to the large black cock.  It took a little work, but soon he was plowing her ass as she reached for a cock to suck.  The first of three anal/oral DP’s of the night.
"Lil Slut" @ The Gulf Coast Theater
The Latino came back for more, stuffing her ass full of hard cock and deep stroking her til she was weak in the knees.  She took a quick break while three guys took turns eating her cunt and back on the cock she went.  The big latino cock was orally attacked and she slurped his load down like the good little cum eater she is. A few return customers, one the regular I mentioned earlier.  He is almost always good for three loads for the lil slut.
The BBC came back and fed the lil slut another load of hot cum and like the trooper she is, she drank it down and worked all the cum out of his cock.  A fellow with a PA (ed. note: Pierced Albert), lil sluts first pierced cock experience, came up to bat and his bat was worked over for her reward of sticky cum.  He would come back later and fuck her ass.  What a trooper!

 Doc, this all happened in about two hours, the lil slut said her jaw hurt from so much cock as she looked for more to suck.  The theater was almost empty so she rested, got her pussy eaten a little more and relaxed.
I have found at this theater, there is two distinct shifts.  The gang that is there early, and the gang that shows up later in the evening. The second shift came in about 10 PM and a rested lil slut started reaching for cock.  Some were repeats from the earlier shift but most were new cummers.  And she guzzled their cum as fast as she could get it out of their cocks. 

Then it happened! 
In a period of about fifteen minutes, about five couples came in, all separate.  I introduced myself to three of them and next thing I know, lil slut is between the legs of one woman, she’s stroking my cock, another is sucking someone else’s cock, there’s fingers, cocks, mouths all over.  Doc, I lost count who was doing what to who, but is sure was fun.  One of the females was sucking my cock as lil slut was sucking her boyfriend’s cock and fingering her pussy.  Then lil slut would pounce on the wet pussy and stroke the cock.  She was rewarded with cock and cunt cum and she loved it!  I blew my load, my sight grew dim, my knees were weak, I had to sit down!  That was a toe curler cum shot.

Doc, I can’t say what the final tally was.  At least eighteen loads of cum for the lil slut to gobble down, four cocks up her ass, three DP’s and that doesn’t count the mini orgy we had with the other couples.
Doc, I dropped your name and website to a few that wanted to follow the action.  I also know there are at least two couples that weren’t there Saturday that read your reports.  Doc, we will be back next Saturday, Dec 1 for more of the cum eating adventures of the lil slut.

Doc, that is it for this reporter.  I am going to take a vitamin and try to regain my strength.  Hopefully next weekend will be as fun as this one.
Bayou Boudreaux

The Gallery (click images to ENLARGE)



Doc here again... Once again, the Bayou Boudreaux hits it out of the park with a Couple's Flash Report!  Thank you sir, and as always, keep up the great work!


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Couple's Flash Report! R&C @ 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a first time report (and visit for that matter) from R&C.  I was speaking to the male half of this couple last week, and gave them some advice and hints to make their visit pleasurable.

Their first visit was to 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL, and they visited during Black Friday...

It looks like they took some of my advice!

So please welcome to The Journal of Adult Theaters, R&C


Hey Doc,

I wrote you the other day about going to 15th Ave, and you gave us some guidance as to when to go and what to expect.

Well the wife and I got there about 11:30am,  paid our admission, used the restroom and headed into the theater. We sat in the second row... I calmed her nerves a little, then instructed her to take her pants off, so she did.

By this time, there is already a crowd forming,  so I went down on her while she quickly started to deep throat the man right next to us.  She took his load in her mouth, then we moved to front row so we had more room.

I rubbed her ass as she switched between 4 men, sucking and taking there loads in her mouth (which she spit out). Next she is now getting fucked from behind and sucking dick and has two in her hands! After two more guys fuck her as she blows me, another man came in her mouth. Another man cums in his condom, then she blew a new man as I fingered her sopping wet pussy.

When she was done blowing him, he bent her over and fucked her good as I watched.  She then started blowing another cock to completion, then starts deep thoating my cock as she is getting plowed from behind. He finishes and we finally leave.

All and all good time... She didn't want the loads in her mouth (that was my fault for not mentioning that), as she thought they would give her notice so she could finish them with her hand.

Now we know.



Thanks again to R&C as they begin their first steps into this thing of ours.


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Readers Poll: Who Are The Readers Of The Journal?

Doc here with an updated poll here at The Journal of Adult Theaters...

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The Roving Eyeballer Hits Fantasyland for a Day/Night Double-Header

Doc here with a fantastic first time report from new contributor, The Roving Eyeballer.  His report on a day/night double-header at Tampa's Fantasyland I is a terrific one...
Take it away, The Roving Eyeballer!
Hello Doc, and thanks for your excellent blog. 

I live in right on the buckle of the bible belt, and adult entertainment venues are few and far between.  Thanks to you, I now know of several good theaters within a few hours drive and have had some very nice, very dirty fun. I haven’t seen a report from Tampa’s thriving theater scene for a while so I thought I’d contribute my first report from my trip to Fantasyland this past weekend. 

I was in town for business and carefully planned my schedule so that I could get in a few hours at the theater both before and after my work obligations on Saturday.  I hit the theater at about 4:30pm and wasn’t overly optimistic since there were only a few cars scattered around the lot.  “What the hell” I thought. “Even if I don’t get lucky now I’ll watch some porn and stroke off in the dark by myself  and least get horned up for my second visit later in the evening.” 

Fantasyland I
Tampa, FL

I got my ticket from a very cute young blond (what’s a cute girl like that working in a place like that?) and plunged into the darkness of the theater hallway.  I made a quick scouting trip of the private rooms and, finding no activity, went into the theater for some solo fun.  I was only in for a few minutes when the first couple of the day walked in. 

They were somewhere in their forties, him tall and gray haired, her short, cute and curvy with auburn curls and a nice set of tits.  They settled in and I strategically positioned myself on a nearby couch with a good view if there was any action.  It was dark to begin with and the shadows thrown by the couch in front made both of them practically invisible from the waists down.  Even though I couldn’t really see, I soon heard him breathing heavily and making other sounds of pleasure so I knew she was jacking him off.  As my eyes adjusted to the dark I could make out more of what they were doing and I knew this was going to be a good show.  He had lowered his shorts all the way down and she had his erect dick in her hand and her legs spread so her skirt rode to just below her pussy area. 

After a few minutes she bobbed her head down and took his penis in her hot little mouth, which really started him moaning. As hot as this was, I still couldn’t see much so I edged into the couch next to them to get a better view of her cocksucking skills.  In the dim light I could see that her hand was working under her skirt playing with her cunt as she sucked him off.

Fantasyland I
Another couple came in and went directly to the back private room and I heard the guy in the first couple say to his wife “We’re going to go back there and you are going to suck my cock while we stand next to them.”  They got up to head to the private room and I though “well, that’s it - show’s over”.  Boy was I wrong.  I guess things didn’t go according to plan because as soon as they entered the back room the second couple came out and left the theater area.  A few seconds later couple #1 came back, obviously arguing about something.  Again, not a good sign.  

After ten minutes of discussion, though, they seemed to make up and soon after I heard the familiar sounds of a really good stroke job.  I took my seat again and watched as she jacked him some more and slowly inched her skirt up until her cunt was fully exposed.  He took off his shorts and underwear and stood in front of her completely naked from the waist down and she attacked his erect cock with her mouth. I eased over onto the arm of their couch to get a close up, trying to be as considerate as possible.  A few other guys joined and one by one we pulled our throbbing dicks out and began stroking.  She had spread her legs and put her feet on the couch completely exposing her cunt and asshole but it was still too dark to get a good view. 

One of the other guys asked if he could shine a light and was given the go ahead so he used his phone to illuminate her face as her man fucked her mouth.  I took out my phone to the lower level and used it to shine some light between her spread thighs to show a really nice, trimmed little pussy.  He pulled out of her mouth and sat next to her to jerk off and finger her pussy for the audience.  I slid in closer, leaned back on the couch in front of them, pulled my pants down to my ankles and my positioned my hard on just a foot or two from her face.  Her cunt was open and very wet and her man was alternately rubbing her clit and dipping his fingers deep in her pink velvety hole. 

I squatted down in front of her so I could shine some light on the action better.  I’m now down between the couches, pants at my ankles, my throbbing purple-helmeted cock at full mast, leaning in so my face is just inches from this lovely spread pussy.  She is laying back with her thighs open, feet on the couch on either side of her, and her cunt is literally dripping.  Seriously, I can see her wetness seep out of her shell-pink lips and roll down her ass crack.  Her man noticed too and used his fingers to spread the wetness to her exposed butt hole and then to finger said hole as we all watch.  Watching her take a finger in her ass had my cock throbbing and dribbling pre-cum while I jerked off furiously as did the half dozen other men around us.  Somewhere in there she had pulled her tits out and was playing with her lovely brown nipples as her guy paid digital attention to her open holes.

Someone asked if they could touch her and he adamantly said “NO”, so we all politely held our distance and, let me tell you it was torture! I was squatting down with my knees open and she was spreading on the couch so her foot started to brush against my knee. I’m not a foot guy but she had really nice small feet and I gently pressed my advantage, leaning into her and pushing my thigh against her bare and very pretty foot.  Not only did she not mind, she reciprocated, rubbing my leg softly with her delicious little toes.  After a minute of this I reached out and began rubbing her foot, then pulled it towards me, sliding it along my open leg til it made contact with my enflamed penis.  I rubbed the tip of my cock along the sole of her foot leaving a slick trail of pre cum, then eased her foot under my sac and let her rub my balls and ass with her toes.

In the meantime, she had taken a small gold vibe out of her purse and was buzzing it on her naked clit with one hand while playing with her own tits with the other and moaning softly.  She had her head back and her eyes closed in pure pleasure, opening them occasionally to look me in the eye, then glance down to my raging hard on.  Watching her face was almost as hot as watching her pussy. She started to fuck herself with the vibe, sliding it in and out, then back to her little clit for a few moments, then back in between her sweet lower lips.  My face was now only inches from her heated cunt and guessing that both of them were beyond caring I asked if I could lick her vagina.  Her man nodded slightly and I leaned in to make mouth to cunt contact while sliding a finger into her slick hole and feverishly jacking with my other hand. 

The rest of the penis gallery gave me encouragement as I sucked her tiny clit gently between my lips and buried my face in the soft, trimmed curls of her mound.  Let me tall you Doc, she had a delicious pussy - clean and very tight and just a hint of pussy musk to it.  I looked up to see her holding another guys dick a few inches from her face and he was obviously leaning in hoping she would take it in her mouth but she never did.  I think she didn’t have permission to suck because she certainly looked like she would have, given the choice.  Instead she lightly jerked the guy off next to her face but never took him in her mouth.   After about twenty minutes of squatting my thighs were trembling so I backed off to recover and let others have a close up look.  Soon after, I had to book it to my business meeting but was definitely coming back later….

Part 2

I managed to break out of my meeting (wow, was I not concentrating on the business at hand) and get back to Fantasyland by about 11pm and this time the lot was full to capacity.  I re-entered the theater and immediately saw a couple sitting on one of the middle couches talking with another guy.  I kept my eye on them for a while but they seemed more interested in talking than fucking so I wandered off to explore other area. 

By the time I circled back there was another couple in – a shady looking redneck guy and his girl.  This girl was tiny and looked really young (like not yet twenty young) but she was pretty cute and she eventually took this old guy into the fishbowl (ed. note: the couple's theater with a window). 

The penis gallery quickly swarmed the window and everyone waited for the action to begin.  While we were waiting the woman from the talking group wanders over, pushing through the crowd and saying “I’m a woman - I want to see, dammit!”  She slid in front of me and I got my first real look at her; a nice- looking blonde in her forties wearing black spandex leggings and matching top that showed a pretty hot figure.  She was looking through the window, talking about the young girl and I felt her ass brushing my cock through my pants.  I don’t think she did it on purpose but I got hard and decided to try my luck.
I slowly and gently placed my hand on her spandex clad ass and, getting no resistance, began massaging it with both my hand and my dick. She never really acknowledged me except the slightest pushback but she certainly didn’t seem to mind so I eased my hand between her legs and cupped her clothed cunt from behind, resting my palm against her mound.  Again, not much reaction but I could tell she was into it.  Her plump pussy lips strained against the fabric of her leggings  and was making me crazy hard. I knew the seam of those leggings was working its way into her crease and was probably rubbing against her aroused little clit.  I finally got bold and reached around to snake my hand into her pants. I was rewarded by her widening her legs and allowing me my first feel of the hot outer lips of her baby-smooth cunt.  I eased my fingers up and down her velvety lips and gently rubbed her clit. We stayed that way for a few minutes with my hand down her pants while she talked with the guys about the other couple. 

Everyone was so intent on watching the other girl through the window that I don’t think any of them noticed the show that was going on right in font of them.  The blonde in whose pussy my fingers resided tried to encourage the younger girl to get naked by pulling out her own tits which were instantly covered by multiple hands.  I felt the crowd getting a little too tight so I backed off and went elsewhere but several times over the course of the next hour or so I would finger the same woman in the hall as she talked to other patrons.  She and her BF eventually took another guy into a private room and disappeared for the rest of the night for a hard, loud fuck session.

In the meantime there was a thin blonde in one of the private rooms on her hands and knees, her naked cunny and asshole pointed to the crowd in the hall as she sucked a guys balls.  I didn’t stay too long but did wander back several times to watch her work her magic. 

Now here’s the heartbreaker: About 1AM this gorgeous, and I mean GORGEOUS young brunette comes in with a guy.  She’s tall and thin and wearing a tiny black dress that barely covers her ass.  She and her BF are standing just inside the entrance to the theater so I sit in the couch directly in front of them to see what they would do.  For a while they stood there talking and laughing , at ease and not in any hurry.  Having learned that patience is a virtue, I turned my attentions to the onscreen entertainment to let them get adjusted and comfortable. 

The next time I look she is sitting alone on one of very back couches, just behind me.  She has her legs crossed and her skirt has ridden up the backs of her smooth thighs enough to see that she is panty-less.  We make eye contact and she smiles a shy little smile and I ask if I can sit with her.  She says yes and I ask where her BF is.  She says he’s in the bathroom and I know the whole thing is a ploy to see who will approach her while he’s not around.  We chat for a while, talking about her experiences at Fantasyland and at some swingers clubs.  I can’t BELIEVE that I am talking to this beautiful young hotty about her swinging experiences! 

Meanwhile the original couple from my afternoon visit have returned and she is busy sucking his cock for a crowd of happy jackers.  This is turning my brunette friend on so I ask if I can touch her legs.  With her permission I run my hands up the softest smoothest pair of thighs I have felt in years, slowly inching her hemline further towards her bellybutton and further from her vagina.  She still has her legs crossed but not as tightly and I eventually work my hand to her hips, then graze my fingertip over the top part of her shaved pussy.  She is slowly opening those perfect legs to let my fingers into the crease of her inner thighs and vulva when her BF walks out of the bathroom to see her being fingered by a perfect stranger.  She giggles and says “Hi Honey” and opens her thighs a little more. 

He seems like a cool young guy and definitely likes that I am fingering his girl in front of him so I eased her legs apart a little more and began massaging her tight opening and pressing her clit with my palm.  My penis is on fire, about to either cum or rip a hole in my jeans and all I can think of is the slippery soft netherlips of this little goddess on my fingers and how I’m going to take her and her BF into a private room and fuck her silly.  I pull her legs all the way apart, pushing her skirt up to her waist and finally exposing that perfect open cunt to the whole room as I slide two fingers up her hole.  Now here’s where it all falls apart:  the second her cunt is exposed, the penis gallery forms a human wall around us so fast that I didn’t even see them coming.  This freaks the BF out totally and he yanks her up (I can feel him actually pull her vagina off my fingers-fucking hot!) and they make a bee line for the exit.  Sonovabitch!!! It was going so well!!  

Guys-a little patience goes a loooong way!

I wound up jerking to completion a little later in the theater since by then all the couples had left and it was getting time to hit the road.  Not the fantastic ending I had hoped for but a very fun day nonetheless.  I’d love to hear from some Tampa readers where they prefer to go for theater play in the area.   Thanks again, Doc - I hopethis isn’t too long.
The Roving Eyeballer
Doc here... Thanks to The Roving Eyeballer for a great first report from the legendary Fantasyland I in Tampa, FL.  Keep up the fine work, sir.
Speaking of fine work, The Good Doctor is once again in need of reports. All you need to do is e-mail me direct with your reports at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and The Good Doctor will do the rest. I will edit, format, and even drop in a pic or two. First time reporters, please remember to include a pen name you'd like to use for your reports.

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