Flash Report! Knight at Fantasyland I in Tampa 3/6 and 3/7

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, Knight. There are many stories coming from Tampa lately, and here is a recent Flash Report from 3 weeks ago from Fantasyland I.

Enjoy this straight to the point report!


Hey Doc.. been a while but I'm still here..

I'll be giving you an amazing story about The Summit in Warren soon.. but.. I was just at Fantasyland 1 on March 6th and 7th. It was open and couples were playing in the main theater as well as gloryholes..

I met 4 couples over those 2 days and got 2 blowjobs and 2 fucks. The only negative was some one who wanted to cockblock everyone by standing in the doorway of a private room with a gloryhole then waiting to see if a couple went into the adjacent room.I took care of the situation.. He left and we all had fun at the hole with an awesome couple with and older man and (very) young girl..seemed to be her first time at the hole (he taught her well).

I spent some time talking to the desk clerks and there was no indication of any changes.



Doc here again... Great job Knight, and we will be waiting anxiously for your Summit Theater report.

Remember, comments are open.  Leave your comments by clicking the "comments" link at the end of the report.

Keep up the great work Knight!


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Blast From The Past! Moaning Lisa and the 50th State

Doc here... Here is a GREAT Blast From The Past from my good friend, Moaning Lisa.  Lisa has been recovering from surgery over the last few weeks, and was kind enough to shoot The Good Doctor an awesome report from the early 1990's.  The cool thing about this report is that it happens in Honolulu, Hawaii.  That is a first for The Journal, and another notch in our bedpost of cities profiled in this thing of ours.

I encourage you to put on your lei, drop a little Don Ho on your turntable, and sip on a cocktail inside a pineapple.  Here is Moaning Lisa and her words of wisdom...


Aloha Doc-

No, I'm not in Hawaii (wish I was)...I'm still recuperating from surgery.  Since I have a little time on my hands, I thought the good readers of The Journal might enjoy this  Blast From the Past report.  So travel with J and I to Honolulu in 1990...

We stayed in a hotel that was a couple of blocks from Waikiki Beach. Our balcony overlooked Kuhio Ave, which was a fairly busy street with restaurants, shops,  bars and nightclubs (both gay & straight).  At night the street was an eclectic mix of locals, tourists, business men, hookers, couples and T-girls. 

Before we left for our trip, I bought a few special dresses for evenings out. And by special, I mean very skimpy, revealing dresses with low cut tops and very short hemlines.  I would always dress extra sexy on vacation, under the guise of anonymity. 

The Swingers Theater (current day), and no longer an
adult theater.
Honolulu, HI  circa 2011
One late afternoon, we decided to go to a ABS/theater called Swingers in the Chinatown area.  Ok, not the safest part of town, but the allure of experiencing  something naughty was very compelling.  The bookstore  portion of Swingers was downstairs.  It was a medium-sized store that carried a typical selection of movies, toys and magazines.  They had a great selection of magazines featuring hot Hawaiian men & women, which was fun. They also carried red t-shirts with the word Swinger in gold letters... Still kicking myself for not buying one!

The theater portion of Swingers was upstairs.  When we walked into the theater, we were a little taken back at the seating arrangements.  Up until this point, the adult theaters we had visited were large, and had multiple rows of theater seats.  This theater looked kind of... well, like the basement of a Frat house. It had an assortment of couches, recliners, loveseats and chairs in every color and style imaginable. The screen was large, and bright enough to reveal that the patrons were all guys, no couples. The guys were a pretty good mix of age and locals/tourists. 

J & I settled down in recliners which were next to each other, close to the screen.  Very shortly, a good-looking local guy in his early twenties came and sat next to me.  He was tan, clean shaven, with jet black hair and a lean surfer's body.  He introduced  himself as Leonard.  His eyes kept darting from the screen to me.  I had worn a jade green sleeveless dress, with a very plunging neckline, and no bra.   Leonard tentatively touched my thigh.  I smiled at him, letting him know that his touch was welcome. 

Almost immediately, he was on his knees, asking if he could taste me.  I was a bit surprised by his boldness, but felt very turned on by the idea.  I nodded, and pulled up my skirt.  I had a G-string on, which Leonard quickly pulled aside as he dove in.  I don't know how much experience he had for his age, but if he lacked any, he made up for it in enthusiasm!  For about 10 minutes, Leonard licked and sucked my pussy like there was no tomorrow.  I tried to keep my moans quiet (I have since learned better, as many 15th Avenue patrons can attest) but his tongue was driving me crazy.  We had plenty of onlookers, but everyone kept their distance during the "show".

As Leonard came up for air, he suggested that we go somewhere more private.  J & I  decided to meet him back at our hotel room.  Off we went, feeling a bit nervous, but excited and hopeful.  When we arrived at the hotel, the first thing Leonard did was asked to use the shower, to make sure he was very clean (note to guys: this goes a long way with a woman...at least this woman).  When he came out of the shower, we picked up exactly where we had left off at the theater:  with Leonard's face buried deep in my pussy, and J suckling my tits and kissing me.  I began to suck J's cock which was already rock hard. I was so wet, and really wanted to have his prick deep inside of me. 

I asked J to lie down on his back, so I could top ride him.  Leonard positioned himself between J's legs.  As I leaned forward, Leonard tongued my pussy and ass, and was licking my juices off J's shaft.  This was really my first full- on threesome with 2 men, and I was totally loving it.  After a few minutes,   I turned around, to a reverse cowgirl position.  This  time I leaned backward, so Leonard could lick my clit as J continued to thrust deeply into me.

Then Leonard did something totally unexpected:  he stood up on the bed, bracing his hands against the ceiling, so his cock was right in front of my face.  He was about 6-7" long, very straight and uncut.  The skin on his cock was shiny and taut. I could not resist, and took him into my mouth, with one hand cradling his balls and the other gripping his tight ass.  I licked and sucked his cock with the same enthusiasm he had given me earlier.  As I pleasured him, he asked, no, he BEGGED  me to  finger fuck his ass. 

I raised myself off of J's cock, and got up to grab some lube.  At this point, Leonard was standing on the floor, next to the bed.  His leg was up on the bed, giving me easy access to his ass.  I laid down on the bed, propping my head up with my left arm, allowing my well lubricated hand to explore him...I eased in  one finger, then two, and began to piston them in and out.  Leonard was pumping his cock furiously and moaning loudly:  Yes...yes...yes!  And he exploded all over my tits.  NEVER had I seen a guy cum so hard or so much... The cum was everywhere... Hot creamy stickiness covered me from my throat to my waist.  I just sat there, dumbfounded,  in pure amazement.  Leonard composed himself, and brought me a warm towel to clean up.  He had to leave, but wanted to get together again.  We tried,  but the timing never worked out. 

One of the more amusing anecdotes about this story:  Leonard told me right before he left, that he "always wanted to be with an older woman"... Funny thing was, I was only 27 at the time...

If only he could see me now!! 

Mahalo for reading,

Moaning Lisa


Doc here again... Now that was a great Blast From The Past!  Many many thanks to the lovely Moaning Lisa for another great report.  She is a real trooper for submitting this report while recovering, and the staff here at The Journal is thankful she is a-ok and on the mend.

With my audition with Cirque du Soleil coming to an unpleasant end, The Good Doctor will be doing his best to catch up on reports in the next week.  If you have sent a report in, and have not seen it up yet, please resend the report to me and let me know what a knucklehead I am for not publishing it. 


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Mon Dieu! An Acrobat No More

Doc here with a quick note... As many of you have noticed, The Good Doctor has not been updating The Journal with any kind of regularity over the last several weeks.  Sure, you got a report here and there, but not in true Lizardo style.

Regular readers will remember that I left a few weeks ago to pursue a dream. A dream of performing with Cirque du Soleil as an acrobat.  Yes, a somewhat chubby MD with a dream was trying something out of the box and on a trapeze.

Well, over several accidents and mishaps (and a near-death experience with a French guy in a swan outfit), I have walked away from that dream and I'm heading back to The Park near the giant interstate highway. Full time, and guns blazing.

I have plenty to catch up on back at the office (namely, the reports submitted to me but due to the time constraints never were edited and posted).  So please bear with me while I get acclimated to the altitude change and stronger Bloody Marys.

If you submitted a report to me, and I have not published it yet, please re-send the report to The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.  This will allow me to get to it without digging through hundreds of e-mails which declared me the winner of a Nigerian lottery to get to your report.  My apologies in advance. I suck.

Another thing I'm apparently not very good at is reporting.  I was smoked by everyone in the poll of your favorite adult theater reporters, thus I will stick to editing and Photoshopping myself into photos of circus people.  The tribe has spoken.

Tomorrow at noon I will have a great Blast from the Past report from my good friend, Moaning Lisa.  It's a hot one folks, and full of tiny bubbles.

Lastly, and against my better judgement, I am opening up comments again on The Journal.  They will be moderated, so be patient while I approve the comments. If you post a link to your crappy website selling crappy consumer electronics, rest assured I won't approve your comment. Otherwise, have at it and play nice.

So from the airport near the landfill, I'm on my way back to The Park near the giant super highway...


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Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's St. Patty's Day

Doc here with a catch-up report from our good friend, Bob in Biloxi, from St. Patty's Day weekend. The Good Doctor is still playing catch up with the reports, and this one slipped through the cracks.  Many apologies to Bob... It won't happen again.

Here is the painting O' the Green with Bob...


Hey Doc,
This weekend (St. Patty's Day) gobs of couples were out and dressed to play at the Gulf Coast Theater in Biloxi.  One such couple had been a regular, but I’ve not seen them in over a year. Their modus operandi is to troll the theater and ABS looking for a suitable cock for her. She’s about 5’4 dark hair, medium size boobs, and a very nice ass.  Last night she was wearing a brown wrap         around dress and flashed me her ass as we talked.

Bob in Biloxi

I’ve been with her numerous times, and while she has pretty good talent and really gets into it, she’s somewhat flaky. With her, everything has to be just so, and she has to be in the right position, her heels have to on, her hair has to be right, etc. etc. They left the ABS and word has it they picked up some lucky guy and went back to his place (an RV!, which reminds me I have to get mine ready for this summer). I didn’t see them after that as I had to leave early to be back on the Coast by 10 am.        

As you know, I and many others have been complaining about the difficulty with the glory holes at our little ABS. I and others have been beating on the owner for almost a year to let us renovate the openings. He finally relented and gave us the go ahead, so I along with a helper did our best version of “This Old Porn House”,  and the results rival Mr. Peeps in the Portland! Very proud of that job!!

But that was Sunday, later on after the brunette left trolling for cock, our English Professor lady arrived dressed up in a flowing earthy type dress. The type that’s easy to get out of quickly and she did too! As soon as she saw me, she pointed to a larger booth with no holes. As soon as the door shut, she was out of her dress and seated in the chair sucking me. She gives great head, not as good as the red headed goddess of course, but well enough that when I blasted off it went clear into her mouth and out her nose! She was gagging, laughing and had tears running down her cheeks all at the same time.

After she cleared her sinuses she looked up at me and said “Wow! That was a lot of cum!" I said my thank you and cleared out for the drive home.

Later on my helper and scout told me a beautiful young girl (part of a couple) showed up at the theater dressed in a short mini and loose fitting blouse, of course the assemble was capped off with a pair of ass jacker high heels. They hadn’t sat down long when the first couple I told you about came back to the theater and picked them up too! They left to play elsewhere as well. Maybe they worked out a deal with the RV guy?

Several other couples showed up and the theater, but I think for the new ones it was more a less a recon mission to get the feel of things. All total for the theater Saturday night was 8 couples, the ABS had 5 couples total. So things are getting back in the groove!

My hope is that once word gets out about the convenience features at the ABS, more ladies will frequent the place and start having fun. We even installed coat hooks so ladies can hang their purse or their clothes on to keep them off the floor! Classy huh?

Until next weekend Doc, wishing all your faithful readers have a good week and better weekend!!



Thanks again to Bob for another all-star submission to The Journal. We are now officially caught up on his reports... Now onto the other reports.


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Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report for 3/24/12

Doc here with this week's installment of "Cruising The Coast with Bob in Biloxi."  Enjoy kids...


Hi Doc,

Boring, that was the word for last night on our beautiful Gulf Coast. Three couples in attendance in the Gulf Coast Adult Theater. No one played, nor would this author give it consideration. One female who was a weekend regular for years decided on a whim she needed to get compensated for services from here on out. It’s not working for her, and she got drunk instead.

The next woman was stoic as her man played with her tits, and he finally pulled his cock out. She stroked about four times and he came all over his shirt. After staying in the same seats for over 4hrs they left.  The third couple I won’t describe, because if I can’t say anything nice, I won’t say anything at all.

Yes it was that bad.

Meanwhile down at our newly renovated ABS, zero couples showed until 11:30pm. The male part of the couple went inside. I thought it would be a great time to announce the blue light special, so with an elevated voice (so he could hear me) I asked the clerk if any couples had tried out the new and much improved glory holes. It worked, he paid his fee and went back to check it out. He must have liked what he saw because he exited the building and jumped in his vehicle and they started talking. They talked too long and the place closed. They left.

Nice cool weather last night, gas prices are making trips to play difficult for some people, and let’s hope some will be able to budget play time incursions in the near future. I’m dying to try out the new openings!

Until next weekend Doc...



Thanks again to Bob in Biloxi for another timely and acute report!


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Flash Report! floyd Returns To The Paris Theatre In Portland

Doc here with a long overdue Flash Report from senior reporter, floyd.  floyd, as you remember from your childhood civics lessons, is the daytime reporter covering The Paris Theatre in Portlandia. The Ying to Brent's Yang, no one does the daytime scene there better than floyd.

Here he is...From parts unknown.  floyd...


You Just Never Know…

One of the things you learn as you get more experienced in this thing of ours is to never be surprised by action, or the utter lack of it, in a theater at any time.  Yesterday brought that home for your loyal Paris Theater of Portland daytime correspondent, big time.

I was engaged in some work at my south Portland office when I saw the first flags fly: two orange flags indicating two single ladies in the theater.  The time was about12:25pm, and there was little chance I could break free, as we were all having lunch at the office prior to most employees heading out at two for a going-away party.  I kept an eye on Brent’sYahoo group in any case, because I figured that if there was hot single gal action going on someone would post about it.  When I saw nothing by 1:30pm, I was pretty sure they were“tourists” who stopped in after visiting Voodoo Donuts next door.  (This actually turned out to be true.)

Paris Theatre
Portland, OR c. 2011
Since the office shut down early around 2:00pm, and having no interest in the going-away party, I jumped the streetcar over to Burnside and headed down to the Paris instead of heading straight home.  The theater was mostly empty, with a half-dozen or so guys mainly cruising in and out of the small gay theater, and no sign whatsoever of the single ladies.  I sat down near the back and watched the movie.  After the wild afternoons with the Canadian Couple detailed in my report last week, my expectations were very low.

After just a few minutes, at 2:25pm a couple entered the theater and went into the couples’ area at the back.  She was a forty-something bombshell wearing tight jeans and knit top that did little to conceal her big tits.  She was full-figured but far from fat, with a pretty face that reminded me of a fleshed-out Selma Hayek.  He was over six feet and carrying a few extra pounds.  They wasted no time in getting busy making out, and from my position on the bench right in front of the railing I had the perfect spot to observe.

After a bit of kissing and hugging she pulled off her top and quickly unhooked her bra from the front exposing an absolutely awesome pair of tits, at least 38D’s with big silver-dollar nipples.  This correspondent was duly impressed,and her guy went to work on them right away with mouth and hands.  She took a break to shed her jeans, a process that revealed she was commando style underneath: no panties!  He started stroking and fingering her shaved snatch while sucking her tits. He took a break to retrieve a small bottle of lube, greased her up, and really started rubbing her clit and fingering that cunt.  This went on for almost ten minutes until he stood up and started stripping. At this point most of the bi or gay dudes had wandered off, and it was just me and one other guy watching them.

Naked, her guy stood in front of where she sat on the bench and fed her his cock.  Once again I found myself in the perfect position to witness her vigorous oral efforts.  As soon as he was good and hard and had his fill of her mouth, he produced a condom and gloved up.  She turned around and bent over with one foot on the floor and the other side kneeling on the bench, an action that gave me a perfect view of her round, tramp-stamped ass.  After a little trouble achieving a workable angle, it was clear that he was in her, and he commenced banging her quite hard from the rear.  As his tempo increased I realized what was missing: neither he nor she had made a single sound since they started, no moans groans, screams, or dirty talk.  Nothing.  Now, back in floyd’s swinging days, one of the hottest things Mrs. Floyd and I enjoyed at the swing club was the sounds of sex, particularly the lusty ladies vocalizing their pleasure.  So that was missed.

In point of fact, it was a pretty straightforward screw and far from the hottest scene I have witnessed at the Paris, but, hey, live and in person sex is pretty awesome at its worst, and this was hot enough, what with her ass up and those huge jugs swaying and flapping as he pounded her. He finished after a few minutes of straight doggie, and they both quickly cleaned up and dressed, with her giving me another great look at those impressive tits before she covered them up.  They left the theater together without a word passing between them.

I was expecting a quiet Tuesday afternoon, but You Just Never Know!



Doc here again... A great report from floyd and the daytime scene at The Paris.  Thank you sir!


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Civic Events: Own An Adult Theater Sign Of Your Own

Preservation salvation at old Paris Cinema
Au revoir to dubious sign of past

WORCESTER, MA — It might be the perfect accent piece for a home bar, a game room or a basement recreation center.

But buyer beware.

You're going to need a lot of space.

The Paris Cinema sign that sits above the former marquee space at the long-vacant downtown movie house has been donated to Preservation Worcester and the nonprofit hopes to sell it at the organization's annual salvage event.

Deborah Packard, Preservation Worcester's executive director, said officials at the Mayo Group, which owns the Paris Cinema building on Franklin Street, offered the sign free of charge at a recent corporate breakfast that was sponsored by Preservation Worcester.

Ms. Packard said she's not sure what the sign is worth, but it might be of enough interest to a niche collector, who could find some use for it as an aesthetic piece.

Such items are often sold at antique and collectibles shows.

The market for the sign, however, might be narrow, given its size.
The sign actually comes in seven pieces, which now spread at least 30 feet across the second floor of the building's white painted, metal façade.

One piece showcases the word “Paris” in cursive blue lettering, with a red star serving as a dot to the “i.” The six other pieces — each about 6 feet high — are the letters that spell the word “CINEMA.”

Ms. Packard said she was told the sign will come down in about two weeks and it will be stored at the architectural garage on Harrison Street, where the salvage event will be held sometime in the fall.

Preservation Worcester officials didn't know how much was specifically raised at last year's event, which featured items such as doorknobs, mantels, old wood doors, stained glass and furniture. But they said it was between $5,000 and $8,000.

The Paris Cinema has been listed on Preservation Worcester's Most Endangered Structures List.

For years, the Paris maintained a seedy reputation because of its X-rated screening rooms and racy bookstore and video shop.

But before it became an adult entertainment center, the Paris, built as the Capitol Theater in 1925, was considered to be one of the so-called “palace theaters” that were designed by big theater chains to make the everyday person feel like royalty.

The theaters, for example, had elaborate lounges, imposing lobbies, and lavish interiors that were very often adorned with European antiquities.

The Capitol's inside, for example, was designed to resemble an open-air Spanish amphitheater.


Doc here... Wouldn't this sign make a great addition to your man cave.  Right next to your Schlitz neon bar sign, could be The Paris.

Thanks to Tomkat (on the prowl) for the article, which was published in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette on March 16th, 2012.

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I-Team: What is Going on at Fantasyland I and II in Tampa?

Doc here with a 48 Hours Mystery on my hands.  It seems that I turned my back for the last 4 weeks while in circus training (which is going well I might add), and when I poke my head back up from the trapeze station there may be something going on at Fantasyland I and II in Tampa (address info in the adult theater database).

I received an e-mail from a reader, stating that their website was now dead and that there was a "change of hands" at FL.  Ownership?  Website? Both? Neither?

UPDATE 3/18/12 @ 11:20 CDT: Website is active.

This is where I need your help.  I have reached out to my Florida reporters, but I also want to hear from you if you have some info on the status of Fantasyland I and II.  Please e-mail me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com with "Fantasyland Update" in the subject line.

I-Team deploy!


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Flash Report! Crusing the Coast with Bob in Biloxi for 3/10/12

Doc here with this week's Cruising the Coast with Bob in Biloxi. Sounds like things are heating up as we head into spring break season, and our man on the ground has the story - Fair and Balanced.

Here's Bob...


Hi Doc,

Very active on our beautiful Gulf Coast this weekend !! We had 6 couples that showed at our tGulf Coast Adult Theater, and two down the street at the ABS. Weather was perfect in the 60’s and the all the ladies were dressed to play.

Around 6:15pm a young looking brunette showed at the theater. She was about 5’4, 110lbs sporting a blue jean mini skirt and black pullover blouse with high heel - a real good looking girl. They sat down in the middle left of the theater with her against the wall. Almost immediately they started playing. She hiked her skirt up and her man started rubbing her button, this of course drew a crowd from the confused folks and straight guys. With most of the straight guys giving them room to breathe, she had 3 guys standing behind her, one of which reached over and start rubbing her tits. After a few minutes of this she pulled her top down and that started a full blown grab fest then.

One confused fellow was sitting next to her man, evidently he had tried to rub the guys leg once earlier and was rebuked, he then tried to reach over him to paw the girl and was sternly rebuked then. I almost laughed out loud, but only snickered! One guy standing behind her was fingering her pussy, you could hear her wetness as he banged her with at least two fingers. It sounded like she got off too!! Abruptly they straightened themselves up and left.

Can you guess where they went? Yep, straight down the street to the ABS. I was unable to get next to this young lass, but one of the confused folks did.  Then a true scout did, and both said she gave them blow jobs and both said she had the talent. Not sure I believe either one.

The scout was just not in there long enough before they came out. While the confused fellow was inside there is light that shines under the door from the video and when someone is at the hole that light is blocked. You can plainly see it from standing outside the booth. Also I could hear her man slapping her ass while he fucked her, if he was doing that, then its impossible (in those booths) for her to suck cock at the hole at the same time. How’s that for a little CSI?

Later a blonde and her man came in the ABS, she sucked one guy and both of them left. She’s only into a certain kind, so once and done for her. At the same time there was a skinny looking blonde that came in with a black guy and they went to a booth with no holes. I think she was a working girl because later I saw her with a different black guy. So I don’t think that counts as attendees. In my book, if you’re not there to have fun at the holes, you don’t get counted. My story, my rule.

Meanwhile back at the theater, two couples showed up.  One was a well build blonde wearing a silver (look at me dress) with high heels, the other was a BBW brunette wearing black stretch pants and heels (the brunette was also on clutches, which that’s a first for me anywhere in the country).

They took the front couch and the girls began playing. Soon the blonde just stood up and striped off leaving nothing but her heels on, she then dove into the brunette’s pussy. The two guys they were with wound up having high heels in their face as the girls were muff diving each other. One guy couldn’t take any longer and stabbed his dick into the brunette and fucked her while the blonde was kissing and sucking the brunette’s tits. These two ladies were very vocal and were soon drowning out the theater sound system.

At one point the blonde raised her ass up off the couch in a direct line of fire with yours truly. I had been stroking my cock with the rest of the crowd, I looked at her man and asked if he minded if I hit that. He got up off the couch and said it’s all yours! Nice guy huh?

I suited up and entered what I thought was a vice - man she was tight! After hitting bottom she really let out a moan and started pushing her ass back toward me. I pounded her while the onlookers stroked and maneuvered to get to a mouth, any mouth really, blonde or brunette. I was quickly replaced by another guy and both girls took on everyone that needed/wanted to be taken care of. One of the scouts told me the brunette gave excellent head, but I will take the pussy any day over head (that’s just me). The duo stayed a couple of hours, then they left. One scout talked to them in the lot and girls told him they were looking for more pussy to lick - can’t blame them on that point.

Around 11pm another couple showed, but they were into watching guys. I was tried so I left (with time change and all -at least that’s what I’m blaming it on this week)! The two ladies put on the best show of the year so far, so I hope they come back! 

That’s the high lights from the Gulf Coast Doc.  Still not a damn thing on TV Saturday nights, and this sure beats the shit out of sitting in a recliner!

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Flash Report! Lustman Al's Visit to 15th Ave in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a quick two-night report from 15th Ave Adult Theater and Books in Melrose, Park, IL.

Here is Lustman Al and his run down.


Hello Good Doctor,

Here is a report from my visit to the 15th Ave Bookstore in Melrose Park, IL on Feb. 8th and 9th:

Feb. 8th
Had heard such good things about the goings on at this establishment I was horny as all get out.
Paid for both the Theater and Spa.  Only one playing African American Couple put on a show. She was attractive and then went back from Spa to Private room quite a bit. The lady danced for all us guys but no sex so we all wanked off to her. I waited for other hoping to please some lady but alas no one arrived. By 1:30am I gave up and wanked off to the lovely lady too.

Feb 9th
Busted my ass and all the speed limits to make it before 6pm in order to get the $20 combo special. One BBW couple was there around 7pm then another average attractive couple showed up. I was still holding out for a really Hot to Trot couple(s).  About 10pm a 30 to 40ish White Executive looking gent and his partner a really attractive Asian gal showed up. He wore long black overcoat and she a long trench coat with beige 3 to 4" Fuck me Pumps. They sat in the couples section of the theater for 45 minutes or better then got video and private room and spent an hour or more making some really hot but strange moans and groans.

A few of us waited patiently hoping the door would open so we could join the fun or at least view. It never materialized. The couple finished, came out and left. My what a shame of such a HOT lady to not share her. Hope to be back in Chi Town in fall and wish some of the fine lady readers would take me under her wings there.

In future emails I will tell of my experiences in Detroit at such fine theaters such as the Highland Twin, Sassy Cat, Guild, etc. One thing to ask the readers if anyone remembers "Toledo Couple" from the Sassy Cat days. Besides Very Naughty Robin the lady of this couple was the finest woman I ever laid eyes on.
Lustfully yours,
Lustman Al


Doc here again.... Thanks to Lustman Al and his due diligence reporting from 15th Ave in the western burbs of Chicago.


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Flash Report! "Oh Canada" by floyd in Portland

Doc here with the return of our good friend, floyd.  floyd has his niche, and it's reporting on the daytime scene at the Paris Theatre in downtown Portlandia.

floyd was on hand to report on the phenomenon that is Handy Pete and his girl who gave The Journal advance warning of their visit to Portland.  It sounds from all reports that they have set The Rose City on fire with their visits.  And lucky for us, we have floyd to report on this event.

So grab your popcorn and your Big Gulps... It's time to stand for the Canadian Natonal Anthem, and voiced by senior reporter, floyd.

Oh, Canada!

It’s been ages since I’ve filed a report.  There just hasn’t been a lot of daytime action at Portland’s famous Paris Theater lately, and I’ve been out of town on business quite a bit too.  So, lest you think I blew a fuse and joined the Rick Santorum campaign, I figured I’d contribute to your “First Time in an Adult Theater” series in lieu of any recent Paris stories.  So,naturally, I had scarcely put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) when I noticed the Red Flag indicating a couple in the theater.  Postponing my literary exploits, I quickly jumped the streetcar and made the short trip to the Paris.

Once again, like so many times recently, it was obviously a false alarm.  Oh, I’m sure that there had been a couple, but they could not have stayed more than the 15minutes it had taken me to get there. There were only about four guys in the whole place, but I was already there so I sat down and watched the movie.  About 15 minutes later a couple entered and retired to the back benches of the couples area. She was gorgeous: about 5’ 8” and slim, with a cute round face, small breast, and a very nice little ass clad in nice jeans.  He was about 5’ 10”, slim and fit looking.  The appeared to be early thirties, but she looked very fresh and young.  After a bit of slow necking he took out his dick, was impressively hard.  She stroked him for a while and then stated sucking him slowly.

This went on for quite a while, and they were clearly in no hurry, nor were they bothered by the four men at the rail watching.  He started putting his hand down the back of her jeans while she sucked him off, and within minutes she had pulled them down, exposing a truly beautiful little round ass.  He moved around so his head was behind her and ate her pussy from the rear. Some soft moans began escaping her mouth as he tongue-lashed her clit. 

They took a quick break to shed their clothes, and I got a good look at her completely nude. This girl was amazing, with perfect little tits capped with hard, pointy nipples.  He put her on her back and got in between her legs and ate her pussy from the front for a long time,alternately fingering and licking her. This went on for a long time as well. 

He finally turned her sideways on the bench and spread her legs wide, drawing a collective gasp from the penis gallery as we got a full-on view of her shaved pussy and glistening wet clit.  It was becoming obvious that this was a very experienced theater-sex duo!  He walked he over to the padded benches adjacent to the railing and positioned her ass-up with her arms leaning right on the rail, not three inches from me, and entered her doggie style standing on the floor. He read my mind and said “Sure, you can touch her.”  In seconds she had several hands rubbing her tits, pulling her nips, and stroking her shoulders and back.  I had her left titty all to myself and it was wonderful.  Her skin was so soft and smooth, and her body looked incredible as he fucked her slowly.

One of the daytime regulars (actually the same Regular Guy who fucked the 19-year old with me from one of my previous reports) entered the theater and joined them in the couples area.  I’m not sure if he knew them or if he was just taking a chance they wouldn’t throw him out, but he was touching her and jacking off next to her.  Her guy pulled out and let Regular eat her from the back for a few minutes, then slipped it back in her. 

After fucking her like that for ages, he signaled for Regular to get ready.  He sheathed his rod and took over, giving her a vigorous fucking.  Her bf took over again and did her mish while we stroked her tits, then Regular did her mish as well while her bf fucked her mouth. Regular came soon after and cleaned up as bf continued to fuck her mouth, saying “Go ahead, baby, you can make yourself cum now.”

She wasted no time getting her fingers going on her big swollen clit, while slowly fucking herself with a bottle of lube.  When she pulled it out, the guy next tome stuck two fingers in her cunt while she vigorously beat her clit with her fingers.  I saw an opportunity and squeezed some of the lube on my index finger and carefully pushed it up her ass.  She obviously loved it and was squirming around, with her bf talking dirty about how he was going to jack a big load right into her mouth. She stared having little orgasms every 15 or 20 seconds.  Her asshole would spasm and grip my finger really hard, then when it would relax it would literally suck another inch in.  Extremely hot!  Her bf eventually gave her a mouthful and they lay there panting. 

I realized it was after 4:00pm and I had been there for two hours, so I headed back to the office.  I learned later from Brent that she is Canadian and they are here on vacation.  They actually came back later that night and swapped with another couple. I am hoping that the Red Flag that just popped up here is them!  I’m on my way….



Doc here again... The reports are coming in on this series of visits by Handy Pete and his girl, and I will have them up at The Journal as quickly as I can.

Portland in the springtime... Can't think of any place I'd rather be.


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Blast From The Past! 2nd Time @ an Adult Theater by Lustman Al

Doc here with the 2nd report from Lustman Al.  His first entry was solid, and this one doesn't disappoint.

Here is Lustman Al and his 2nd time at an adult theater...


Dear Good Doctor:

Pursuant to my last email about my first time, I wanted to describe what really got me hooked on Adult Theaters.

As previously mentioned in my first outing in Cleveland, I wanted to go back and explore the other adult theater in town and go to one where no body might see me venture in.  I had wanted to visit the Heights Art Theater in Cleveland Heights as they were showing "Insatiable" staring Marilyn Chambers (oh we miss her)  but I didn't have the kahunas to go venture there as it was in a very populated residential district.
Paris Art Theatre
Cleveland, OH c.1974
What I did settle on was to go the the Paris Art Theater on West 25th in Cleveland.  Think it was evening time as I paid the man in the booth out front the fee and went inside.  The theater had a main foyer and then you went either to the right or left as that is where the entrance ways to the theater were.  The theater had a main center row section and right an left side sections.  It was a fairly large theater and could seat quite a lot of people. 

I took a seat about 6 rows from the back in the middle and watched the porn movies playing.  Can't say I remember what was on but I do recall hearing voices behind me in the last row.  Turning to look there was a couple sitting back there.  He was 50 ish, medium build, graying hair, business suit dressed.  Beside him was this absolutely, drop dead gorgeous blond who was wearing (I saw later) a black mini skirt, black Fuck Me Pumps and black hose.  Several men had gathered around them and they played, she gave him head and after a while they got up and walked out. I quickly followed and being the stupid, naive kid I was asked her if she was an escort to which she said not we are just a couple.

Well that's all it took from then on out.  This "thing of ours" had me hooked and I no longer went to the theaters every chance I got to watch the pornos but rather to view and hopefully hook up with the couples that went there.

Lustman Al.


Thanks to Lustman Al for another glimpse from the golden days of adult theaters.  His next report, chronicles his visit to 15th Ave. Adult Theater and Bookstore in Melrose Park, IL.


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Doc here with a Bob in Biloxi Two-fer!  No coupons accepted.  Prior sales excluded.

Here we go...


Hi Doc,

I had the opportunity to attend both Friday and Saturday nights at our quaint little theater and ABS in Biloxi this weekend.

On Friday I was to meet with the Red Headed Angel from previous reports, the King’s of Leon sing a song about her “Your sex is on fire”, she’s a petite little red head. I described her as favoring Christina Hendricks, and last night she was dressed in thigh high boots, a blue skirt and a pullover beige top.
Bob in Biloxi
We keep in touch via text; my mission was to secure a booth so the cock blockers and confused folks wouldn’t interfere with her pleasure. So I went in 20 mins ahead of time and simply went to a booth and leaned the chair against the wall and waited. It happened that while the back of the chair was against the wall, my shoulder was even with the hole. There must have been 6 or 7 “curious” folks that poked my shoulder with their finger (yes it was a finger). I would respond by slamming the wall with my elbow. This seemed to deter anyone from using that booth, because “Red and Hub” were able to walk right in and close the door to the booth next to me. I think that’s a novel idea, instead of playing musical booths and dodge ball with the CB and CF. (cockblockers/confused folks).At any rate I also was able to procure a “coke crate” was mentioned before she is a petite lady, think of it as a booster seat for aligning her sweet spot to the hole!

She started out undressing... she reminds me of those classic fairy tale nymphs that rule the forest, very feminine, soft, sexy and curvy, and did I mention she also has the cutest little bubble butt? I took a chance and stuck my hand through the hole and just left it there, seconds later I was greeted by that bubble butt, she had backed that ass up on my hand, and then I was able to explore her more thoroughly. I have to say Doc, her pussy is soft, clean shaven (no stubble) I also discovered our little red head has a pierced clit!, as she let me explore until the blood was cut off from my arm due to the hole. That was very nice of her! I just hope she enjoyed the attention as much as I did.

I then replaced my arm with my cock; her tiny soft hands started coaxing the lucky guy, followed by her hot wet mouth. When she envelopes a cock with her mouth, you either have to be hanging on to something, or sitting down, because it will make your knees buckle, she’s just that talented. After several minutes of her oral circus I heard the sound of that “coke crate” sliding on the floor, this could only mean one thing! I was about to be rewarded with sheer paradise!

She aligned herself with my cock and slowly slid it into the hottest tightest, wet sock of velvet I’ve ever experienced. Kings of Leon were playing in my head, and I began to hear that old wall creak and moan as she assaulted it with her more than sculptured ass. She started out slow and became faster and faster, like she was on a mission, this went on for several more minutes. I’m trying to think of baseball scores, football plays, anything that will make this last longer, she had other ideas and in the end I was at her mercy.

I blasted at least five gallons of Bob’s pent up baby batter into her heavenly well, I tried to remain at least heavy as she kept pounding the wall, nature had other ideas and soon the poor soldier was limp and had to retreat out of paradise and back to the real world. At least he had a vacation early this year! I soon recovered enough to speak and said my thank you ma’am, I later learned confused folks came in after me and they soon left. Doc, this lady belongs in the record books as soon as you can find them. Please file under Mega-talent.

I later found out as I was coming into the ABS a couple was leaving out the front door, one scout told me they had been in and was servicing all comers. I never saw them so I can only describe what he told me, she was a slender blonde, wearing a striped dress and high heels. About it, but I think they came back several hours after the red-headed goddess left, but they were with another couple and played between the holes with each other. Then they were joining up in a booth and playing, this left one booth vacant and one of the semi scouts as able to enter, but didn’t receive any attention.
Down at the theater a couple came in, but not Bob’s deal, so it seems all the action was at the ABS.

Saturday was a totally different story, and not in a good way. 6 couples showed up at our Theater during the time I was there. The sad part is no one played. Only one was dressed to play. Two couples came into together, but they were the giggle and text type. The lady that was dressed up to play, sat on the back row shaking like a mouse being starred at by a herd of cats.

Later after I left one of my scouts talked to them, they told him they were just too scared to do anything because: 1. A group of lurkers were standing along the wall starring at them. 2. The guy in the baseball cap who barged over everyone else to sit next to them looked like a cop. 3. Guys would come in look at them and leave. 4. The black guy dressed in white looked he was giving signals to the baseball cap guy sitting next to them. Not a conductive atmosphere for couples last night at our theater. Management knows about the problems and has promised to “fix” them, however last night they were so busy up front in the retail section I don’t think they had a chance to take a peek. The remaining couples just watched the show. At one point the theater was so packed with confused folks and happy fella’s there was no place to sit.

Down at the ABS, the parking lot was overfull, but alas all were confused folks and happy fella’s, not one couple came through the door when I was there, total contrast from Friday night. I would say at least one third of the vehicles parked in the lot were happy fella’s car pooling with at least two per vehicle. Some cars had more!

That’s it for the Coast report Doc. I fear unless behavior is modified at our theater, it may be a long time before couples start to venture in and have a good time. I think that’s a problem nationwide and not indicative of just our theater. Good manners and common sense can go a long way, it was on vacation this last Saturday however.

Until next week Doc, everyone have a great week!



Thanks Bob for your usual stellar effort sir.  At least Friday night made the weekend a memorable one.


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Flash! New Gloryhole Nancy Videos!

Doc here with the best news you have received all day...  The totally awesome Gloryhole Nancy and her guy T have shot over two new videos of Nancy doing her thing to a huge cock at their portable gloryhole, as well as a quick update.

Here is the insatiable Gloryhole Nancy...


Hi Doc!

Just wanted to let you know we're still alive and kicking LOL. 

We're still playing at our private gloryhole, but are still staying away from the bookstores here in Toledo. It's not worth the risk. We'll be in Columbus this weekend, hosting at our hotel room with our travel gloryhole so please feel free to let your readers know if they are in Columbus this weekend and could use a suck job from Nancy to get a hold of us! 

Take care Doc and we'll be sending pics soon....
p.s. A couple teaser vids of Nancy at our private hole...

Nancy and T


Doc here again... I am a couple of days late getting this report up, due to my time away from the office.  I hope they had a long stream a cocks to service in Columbus, and a large number of pics and videos to share with us.

Thanks again to the rockstar that is Gloryhole Nancy (and her guy T)!


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A Quick Note/Update From The Good Doctor

Doc here with a quick note on my weekend break from the Cirque du Soleil auditions.  I'm now a finalist, and with one more week of trials ahead of me, I'm feeling pretty good about my chances.  My ace in the hole?  My patented "Provolone Triple Split" manuever from the rafters of the auditorium.

Wish me luck.

Onto this thing of ours... The Good Doctor has had limited time to keep up with all the incoming reports to The Journal.  I got caught up a bit this weekend, and you will find the following reports in the pipeline:
  • A Gloryhole Nancy update with 2 NEW VIDEOS going up Monday morning at 9am (CST).
  • Lustman Al's two most recent reports, going up Monday night and Tuesday Night.
  • floyd returns with a GREAT Paris Theatre update starring Handy Pete and his girl running the table on SW 3rd Street in Portlandia.
  • Bob in Biloxi's Two for One weekly report Monday Night.
  • Darknight's latest from San Diego's Jolar Cinema on Wednesday morning.
Keep the reports coming in... There was great stuff hitting the inbox this past week.  If you have a report, just e-mail me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.

Thanks for your patience during this period.  I am this close to realizing my dream as an acrobat.


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Couple's Flash Report: M&S at The Art Cinema in Hartford (with New Pics!)

Doc here with another HOT report from M&S, our reporters in Hartford, CT. Their venue of choice, The Art Cinema in Hartford, is now recognized as a Top 5 adult theater in the power rankings.

Here is another action packed report from M&S, along with some terrific pics.



Hello Dr.,

Another great night at the Art.

Wife and I got there about 7:45pm on Friday, and were the first couples in the balcony.Within a 1/2 hr., 4 more couples showed up.These couples were there to put on a show too. By 8:30 all 5 of us couples were sucking and fucking.

One couple was M&M, the couple we had met at the Art months ago, they had submitted an article to you back last August 2011,and took pics for us. Another couple we met at  a party about 6 yrs ago -he is hung like a horse and she is drop dead gorgeous. He had his wife and another guys wife both sucking and stroking his cock at the same time.

By 9:30pm we were alone except for an older very drunk couple. He was playing with her pussy under her dress and she was talking very loud. Not much to watch LOL.

Then another couple came in and sat right next to us, and they wasted no time in getting naked. They took turns going down on each other and fucking. She was a thinner girl nicely shaved, and he bent her over and fucked her hard. I have never seen a girl fucked so hard and ask for it harder and faster (even in the movies). I thought his cock was going to poke out the other end! At one point he bent her over and she was facing my wife who sitting as I fingered her.My wife is not bi mind you.The girl reached over and started to rub my wife's leg and pussy. My wife never moved as she rubbed her.I about blew my load as I watched!

The girl then asked if she liked girls and wanted to go down on my wife but wife said this was a good start, so maybe next time.We asked about taking some pics of the 2 ladies, but other girl said she would rather not.

When we left them they were still going strong and another couple had come in and sat down front but were just watching the movie so I saw no playing.

Here is a couple of pics of (S) from last night and a few from the past, doing that thing we do. Hopefully more pics next time.        



Doc here again... The Art Cinema right now is the go-to adult theater in the northeast US. Nothing but rave reviews, and the legend continues to grow.

Keep your reports coming in.  Just e-mail The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will format and edit your report, and you get the glory and the byline.


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