Updated! Freeze Frame: Introducing ToyLovingMilf w/3 PICS!

Doc here, your humble sea bass, with the second of our new series, Freeze Frame.

Tomorrow, you will read the latest report from 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago's western suburbs from West Man. Well, as it so happens, one of the couples described in tomorrow's report are friends with The Good Doctor.  This would be Couple #4 in that report.

The drove to 15th Avenue in their El Tostador Diablo, and had a great time at one of the best adult theaters in the country.

Ladies and gentlemen of this thing of ours, and to all the ships at sea, I would like to introduce you to ToyLovingMilf and her main guy, D.  Not only is TLM not a stranger to adult theaters and adult book stores, she is also a camgirl on Live Jasmine.  In other words, don't let her pretty face fool you... She can be a very naughty girl!

Here is the first of I hope many photo galleries of the lovely ToyLovingMilf to grace the pages of The Journal:

(Click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)

Doc here again... FYI, the second pic was taken at Exotic Video in Roselle, IL. Would you like to see even more of my friend ToyLovingMilf?  Visit her at her Live Jasmine link at HERE , and you will get a show you will remember for a long time.  Remember to tell her Doc sent you!

Thanks again to TLM and D for allowing me to share their info!  Keep the pics and reports coming!


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