Flash Report! Gloryhole Nancy's Latest Toledo Adventure (w/5 NEW PICS!)

Doc here with a dynamite report from our good friends, Gloryhole Nancy and her guy, T.

This time, they hit both an ABS and Toledo's newly refurbished Westwood Theatre of the Arts., where she broke some new ground for those in attendance.

Here we go!


How goes it Doc?

Sorry for this report being delayed but sometimes real life has to come first...but not always, as was the case last week. Nancy and I decided to hit Woodville News on the east side of Toledo. It's a nice establishment with very friendly staff and a decent sized booth section, complete with 2 gloryholes and a lot of privacy.

We checked the vids and magazines before we went back to the booth section, and as always the clickety clack of Nancy's CFM wedge heels on the floor attracted a group of guys looking to get their cocks sucked dry. We picked a booth and of course within a minute a cock was sticking through for Nancy to work over, and work it over she did. He lasted approx 10 minutes before blasting a load all over the floor as she jerked him to completion.

The next cock was big and black (Nancy's favorite lol) and she sucked it like it was the last cock on earth. He took about 30 minutes to blow his load so after that one she was done for the night, as her jaw was sore as hell at that point. She can suck like a pro but even she has a breaking point lol!

Of course a couple guys begged us to stay but I told them to enjoy the view as Nancy gave them a quick peek of her 38 DD's. Maybe next time guys! She clickety clacked her way out of the store with every guy checking her out; I think the skin tight jeans, low cut top, and CFM heels had something to do with it  ;)

Nancy's really having fun out there, so be sure to look for us if you make it out in our area.

P.S. We stopped by the Westwood tonight and had a great time! Nancy put on a show for the first time in the theater and something tells me it won't be her last...

T & N

Gallery (Click Images to ENLARGE)


Doc here again....Thanks again to Gloryhole Nancy and T for sharing yet another adventure with us!

Happy Holidays T&N!

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