Dark Angel Diaries: Theater X in Hawthorne, FL from 10/29/11

Doc here with the next installment of Darkangel Digest. This week, they visit Theater X, one of the regular stops on JaxBchBum's paper route. 

So sit back, and enjoy Darkangel's report from this past weekend...


Hubby and I arrived at Theater X, 6802 NE US Highway 301 Hawthorne FL around 8:30PM Saturday October 29th.  The parking lot was full as was the theater - all couches taken except one in front. As we walked up. we noticed two couples sitting along the back row. One was a brunette (Valerie Bertinelli look-a-like). Her and hubby looked to be in late 40s and she had nice C titties.  Couldn't see her kitty, as she was wearing a long lightweight skirt, The other couple (a blonde and her hubby) looked to be in their 60s.

Theater X, Hawthorne, FL
(more details in the Dr. Emilio Adult Theater Database)
After M and I took our seats, we turned around to check things out. There where six men standing around “ Valerie” and her hubby was standing and she was sucking his cock. The men were half circled around them watching and stroking their cocks, and it turned me on!

M pulled my tank top down to expose my titties and started playing with my nipples. Everyone heard the door open (signaling someone was coming in), and we all dispersed and covered up. It just an older man on a scooter. He sat towards the front on a side chair, and after just a minute everyone started playing again. A man left the alcove seat to come sit in a chair next to us, so I lowered my top & M started playing again.

Then M asked me if I would want to move back to the alcove row, so we did as to get a better view of the couples playing. A man came and sat on the couch next to us (at my side) to get a better look at M sucking my nipples. The couples were enjoying activities alone with their own partners, and the singles were watching whomever interested them. We all were just enjoying what we were doing (we'll call first guy Al). Al came and sat in the alcove chairs again. He asked if he had bothered us by sitting next to us, and M told him no and explained why we moved was to better our view of the couples.
The Real Darkangel

Shortly after M invited the man on the couch, next to my side, (Aisle side ~man 2) to suck & fondle my titties which he was very happy to join in. I enjoy having multiple lips sucking and teasing me. All the while Val and her man were at it hot and heavy going from fingering her to eating her to pulling on her nipples and she was moaning louder all the while. Couple number 2 were playing a little and she did start to suck her man. M was now fingering my wet pussy and man 2 was sucking my nipple and running his hand up my leg to my thigh. An excited shiver ran up my spine as two more of the single men were now standing in front of me and stroking their hard cocks.

We hear a moan from the back row from couple2 as she had drained her husbands cock and they got up and left. Val's man was fingering her and she had a wonderful orgasm with all in the theater hearing her sighs and moans and she again was sucking his cock. It only took a couple of minutes and she received his load in her mouth while not missing a drop. They caught their breath and got up and left.

It was now 10:30 and there were 5 single men, hubby and I left in the theater. Hubby and man2 were playing with my tits and rubbing my clit and lips fingering my wet love hole. I had to have M's cock in my mouth and I sucked him deep and hard until I got my reward and his sweet cum ran down the back of my throat and man2 got a handful of my love juice over his hand. Three of the men shot their loads on the floor. It was now a little after 11,and we still needed to get a room for the night, as it's not often we get to play on weekends. What a night!

Needless to say, of all the weekends he chooses to go play and its the Georgia - Florida game in Gainesville just 12 miles west. Every room in the area is taken and we ended up driving back home 3 ½ hours. We got home a little after 2am worn out but excited that there were other couples in the theater tonite.

JaxBchBum got us hooked into going in hopes of running into couples to play with his wonderful reports. Thanks Jax for the great reports and we will be going back. In fact, on the drive home I asked M if we could return on Sunday as we had saved money by not getting a room and he said "sure". So I drifted off to sleep as he drove home dreaming of fun to cum!!!

Yes we did go back Sunday and found a room that night, so I will be writing another report even more wild than this for Sunday and Monday's visit to Theater X.

Hard Nipple Hugs,


Doc here again... Thanks again to Darkangel and hubby for another great report from south of the Mason-Dixon line.  I'm looking forward to their follow-up report from Sunday!

Do you have an adult theater report?  Good, since I don't post cooking recipes, just adult theater reports.  Just send along your report to Duncan Hines The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and your old resort waiter looking friend will edit, format, and drop in a pic or three.  You get the byline, and the glory.

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