Flash Report! Gloryhole Nancy Is Back On The Prowl (w/4 NEW EXCLUSIVE PICS!)

Doc here with a brand new report and gallery of pics of the force of nature known as Gloryhole Nancy, courtesy of her guy, T.
It's been a little while since we have had a full blown GHN Report, but we can't say that any longer.
So sit back and enjoy the latest from NW Ohio with Gloryhole Nancy.
Hi there Doc,
Hope you're having a good week so far...If not, hopefully a little Nancy will brighten you up LOL.
I took her to the bookstore late last week to satisfy her thirst for cock; due to LE presence we've been laying low but have been venturing out as of late and have had no problems.  We stopped at a bookstore right next to a strip club, but unfortunately we were not planning on stopping in the first place, so we were not dressed for the club:(  (Nancy absolutely LOVES pussy and was disappointed so I figured some gloryhole cock would cheer her up.) 
We went into a booth and waited about 5 minutes before a black cock slid thru for her to suck, and she of course dropped to her knees and sucked him like the pro she is. He was rock hard in seconds and was moaning and very vocal, just like Nancy likes it.  He must have said "thank you so much Nancy" and "suck my black cock Nancy" not to mention "I've been waiting so long to run into you Nancy" about 50 times LOL 
After a good 10 minutes of her expert slurping he came and thanked her for "making his dreams come true." Guess he's been following us online and couldn't believe his luck:)  Let this be an announcement for you hung ( 8"+) guys in the Toledo, OH and Detroit areas: if you want her to suck/fuck you through the gloryhole contact us with measured cock pics and your location. If you got what she likes you are in for the treat of your life lol  Hope you like the pics, because we have another report and more pics (vids?) to come...
Nancy and T
P.S. Thanks again Doc for not giving up on us!  We know were MIA for awhile, but something tells me Nancy is just starting to get that gloryhole hunger again!
Gloryhole Nancy's New Gallery (click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE)

Doc here again... A huge thank you to Gloryhole Nancy and her guy, T, for another great report!  Between these new pics, and the new photo of her facing away from the camera with a bird's eye view of her unreal bottom, Nancy just might break the internet.
Thanks again guys!
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