UPDATE! Velvet Skye @ Fantasyland I in Tampa (with Exclusive Pic!)

Doc here with a positive update from Velvet Skye's GH Xmas Tour.

After the debacle that was Annabelle's in Winston-Salem, NC, Velvet and Mr. V hit the ground running first thing Thursday morning and headed to the warm embrace of Tampa, FL.

For those of you relatively new to this thing of ours, Tampa was once the pinnacle of adult theaters in the US.  With 5 active theaters in close proximity to each other (in the late 90's), it was the go to destination for adult theater visits.

Fast forward to 2012, and the scene has changed quite a bit. The former top spot in Tampa, The Playhouse, is much different place now, catering to a different clientele. However, a location continues and is growing... And that place is Fantasyland I (and it's sister theater/ABS, Fantasyland II).

Velvet was focused on Fantasyland I, and she and Mr. V pulled their "V Machine" into Fantasyland I Thursday night around 9pm.  Their arrival was embraced (unlike yesterday's), and they settled into a booth.  Mr. V e-mailed me a quick note saying that the turnout was great, and Velvet was taking cocks like a champ!

Don't believe me?  How's this for evidence (from last night's visit):

The last note I received from Velvet last night was this direct message, and it's vintage Velvet Skye:

So kids, Velvet had such a good time at Fantasyland I Thursday night that she *may* be back Friday during the day for more. Nothing guaranteed, but if she comes back, I will Tweet it out at https://twitter.com/LizardoJournal .
Thanks again to Fantasyland I for being a gracious host to Velvet Skye and Mr. V (unlike some other adult theater in Winston-Salem).  And of course, thanks to the lovely Velvet Skye.
Stay tuned for more updates on my Twitter.

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