Couple's Flash Report! Cute Couple @ The Westwood Theatre in Toledo

Doc here with a first time Couple's Flash Report from Cute Couple.  In talking with CC, I learned that they had last been to Toledo's Westwood Theatre 2 years ago, prior to it's recent renovation. I encouraged them to give The Westwood a fresh visit, since reports have been positive from the theater.

Now, in this thing of ours, nothing is ever a sure bet, a home run, or even a bloop single to right field. Variables are many and the vibe inside an adult theater can change at the drop of a hat.  From Cute Couple's report, it's hard to say why the vibe was off, but it just was.

I would suggest keeping in mind that The Westwood has only been re-opened a little over three months now, and it's still getting it's land legs underneath itself.  There are big things planned for 2013 for The Westwood Theatre of The Arts involving it's balcony that will make this theater a serious destination for couples.  

The Good Doctor will keep you updated on the progress at The Westwood Theatre.  In the meantime, let's take in Cute Couple's report from two Saturday's ago...

Hello Doctor,
We walked into the Westwood and browsed the store for a few minutes, and after doing that briefly we went into the theater.  
Westwood's Theater Couple's Section
We went into the theater and sat down in the couples section.  The new couches are super nice and really comfortable.  We played around there for a little bit and then went out in the main part of the theater.  She walked down in front of me and as we moved to the main portion everyone in the theater followed us.  We sat down and guys were all around us (30+), and  I could tell this was going to be a mess so we tried something we had really never done before.
I stood her up and the dress she was wearing zipped up the front, so i unzipped the dress completely and pulled it off of her.  At this point she was completely naked since she had no underwear on at all.  The group got tight around her quickly (like a zombie movie lol...).
One guy got behind her and she started jerking guys off.  I couldn't tell how the guy behind her was doing so I just waited it out for a few minutes.  I heard him cum and my wife stood up and said he couldn't really get hard he just jerked off on her.  I told her if it wasn't working we could go back up top.   So we did.
We were followed by everyone to the top and there was a guy there who remembered us from 2 years ago.  I brought him in and he sat down next to her so we were on either side of her.   She was playing with both of us and then started suck his cock.  I told her to fuck him and she did.  She got on top of him and rode him till he came in her.  After he came in her I fucked her on the couch and pushed his cum out with my cock.  I really enjoy fucking her after a few guys unload inside of her.   Any way after I came in her she got dressed and we went home.
The guys were all old, soft dicks and overall were disappointing.  We would have loved to have some hotter hung guys with hard cocks for her.  She surely would have fucked them.
Thanks Doc!
Doc here again... Thanks to Cute Couple for their report on Toledo's Westwood Theatre of the Arts. While The Westwood was a fixture in Toledo's adult scene since the late 60's, the new management of the theater is still fine tuning it's vision for The Westwood.  The management team is dedicated to providing a positive experience to all it's patrons, and in particular, couples. They are off to a great start, and there are cooler things just ahead for The Westwood. Trust me on this.

The Good Doctor is in need or adult theater reports... If you have a report you'd like to share, please e-mail me at Remember, I will edit and format your report for you.  All you need to do is send in the report (warts and all), and if you are a first timer, a pen name.
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