Flash Report! Darknight in San Diego - Part 2: More from Barnett Ave. Superstore

Doc here with Part 2 of Darknight's San Diego adventure at the Barnett Avenue Superstore Theater.

If you thought the first one was hot, wait until you read this chapter...



Hi Doc,

Finally back home from my San Diego weekend adventure. I left off last when Jose Conseco and his brunette Courtney Cox girlfriend in glasses arrived at the Barnett Ave. Superstore. She was wearing a green knee length pleated skirt and black see thru long sleeved top displaying her nice double D cleavage. They went to the farthest theatre and stood by the wall and the whole carnival followed.

This couple then went back to the first theatre and took the same seat in the middle as the last couple, but this time she sat on the wall side. I sat on the end of the row while all the folks filled in all the seats and lined the far wall except the one seat next to Jose. After a little while, his hand was rubbing her left thigh & she uncrossed her legs and scooted down in he chair has he went up between her thighs. He edged up her skirt then exposing her shaved pussy and started playing.

At this time guys were kneeling in their seats in front and watching the action. I also noticed the Madonna look-a-like T-girl in a jeans skirt and her Tito Ortz boyfrend has now joined the crowd along with her black Serena Williams T-friend dressed in a red dress jacking off 2 guys next to her. The room was starting to heat up fast when suddenly this big bearded Sasquatch character in a denim farmer type jumpsuit left his position against the wall with hard cock in hand and stepped past me in the isle while everyone watched in awe or shock as he stopped in front of Courtney. He was jacking in her face uninvited and this pissed off Jose. All I could say was sorry folks as they left and most the other folks except for now maybe 10 people including Madonna, Serena, and Tito.

Barnett Avenue Superstore
San Diego, CA

Serena was now sucking and jacking off all cummers it was now almost 1am and I still had over an hour left on my pass so I went out for some air. A grey van pulled up and a Jimmy Walker looking black guy dressed in black and his partner a tall Beyonce/ Wendy Williams looking lady friend in a flowery red, green and white summer mini dress and heels walked by me as I walked back in the store. Madonna, Serena ,and Tito were leaving as Jimmy and his lady were just stepping away from the counter and heading for the theatre. I waited a few minutes then entered.

They were standing at the end of the lighted entry hallway talking as I went by and said hello I went to the far theatre and took a aisle seat in the middle. They then came in, stood by the wall, then sat in the back. She sat by the wall to my inside, and I had a great view of her over my right shoulder. She had great long legs and had them crossed. She then reached into her purse pulled out a blindfold mask uncrossed her legs, put it onm and reached down between her legs & raised her ass up and pulled off her black thong panties. She was playing with her pussy, and there were now 6 guys and myself left in the place. We all were now stroking but no one made a move.

I was watching her intensely and stroking when Jimmy gave me the 2 finger "come get her" so I stood up walked back. I stood facing her with my cock inches from her mouth he then instructed her to come forward. The head of my now rigid cock hit her lips she reached up stroked it and swallowed the head and taking it as far as it could go in the back of her throat. !t felt glorious! Jimmy then gave the wave to a couple other guys, and one stood to my right the rest gathered behind me peering around or wherever they could get a look at the action. She then asked if I had a condom? " I never travel without them" as it only takes missing out on some great action once to learn that lesson as a player in this thing of ours.

Barnett Superstore - Side Entrance
I reached for my condom, rolled it on, and she sucked a little more before she turned around and bent over. She reached between her legs and guided the head of my now well engorged head between the lips of her pussy and the entry. I moved my hips forward and popped the head inside her -  I heard a ahhh moan from her lips.

At this time the guy to my right took the opportunity to step into her seat and she took his cock in her mouth.  I'm all the way buried and start fucking her slow and deep strokes she the roundest carmel apple ass. I fucked her hard and fast then slow she started riding back into me we were now making loud slapping sounds as she pulled the cock from her mouth to announce she was cumming.

I started getting closer to cumming and was now even more turned on. I could now hear Jimmy encouraging me and muttering something like "fuck that pussy bro". She then must have sensed I was almost there as she turned around, pulled my condom off and swallowed the head of my cock and started sucking and stroking my shaft it was all I could take before exploding in her mouth. As she gulped and swallowed it all I thanked them and staggered back on wobbly legs to give the other guys their turn.

Sometimes patience is our friend in this thing of ours,  as I walked out before driving off into the dark foggy San Diego night.

Doc I will give you  my Jolar update later, as I stopped by there in the afternoon before heading home. Some promising news and details of an afternoon delight couple that stopped by during my brief visit.



Doc here again... Many thanks to Darknight for another 5-star report from this thing of ours.  Keep up the great work, sir!

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