Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Report From Saturday Night 12/8/12

Doc here... Christmas is all about traditions, and here at The Journal, we believe the same holds true. One of the longest standing traditions we had here was Bob in Biloxi's  weekly report from the beautiful Gulf Coast. For over two years, hardly a week went by without a Saturday night recap from Biloxi. 
This tradition was interrupted to a degree, when Bob was struck by an arrow in his derriere, thus taking him out of a Saturday rotation at The Gulf Coast Adult Theater or the ABS down the street. 
But luckily for us, Bob was out and about last night, thus marking the return of "Cruising the Coast with Bob in Biloxi".
Take it away, sir...
Hi Doc,
I was able to have some time last night, my “GF” had surgery this week, so she had to bail for our Saturday  rendezvous. I asked the Red Headed Goddess if she missed me, then after getting an answer of “maybe” I decided instead to go to the ABS and Theater and see what was shaking there.
Bob in Biloxi
From 7pm to 11pm at both places can only be described as an “All Male Revue”  There was only one lady that appeared at the ABS, she was very tall, brown hair, huge killer bubble butt ass. She and her man proceeded to the booths and I was lucky enough to get first dibs in the adjoining booth. Her technique lacked what I enjoy, but after some gentle re-direction she got it down pretty well. She was dressed in blue jeans (which I hate BTW) but had some pierced nipples!!
She started out blowing her man and as she looked over at the hole I fed my cock to her, at first she only stroked (vigorously) I can’t get into that, just makes my cock go numb. (defense reaction?) But after slowing her down and some plodding to go in the other direction. She then applied what I think was sesame seed oil to her hands, that was kind of a treat! She would slowly stroke up and down while occasionally applying her warm mouth to my cock, she seemed to gain some patience and began really performing well.
I could tell her man was filming the affair as a bright camera light was visible both at the hole and the top of the booth. She was performing so well in fact I released a huge amount Bob’s patented Baby Batter into that warm wet mouth. It must have been OK with her, because I did hear some favorable exclamations coming from her side of the wall. I thanked her and bid adieu, I know she took on about six more guys before they left.
Later a petite blond showed up dressed the part, this must have been a planned meet. She talked to one black guy, then minutes later through the “BroNetwork” about ten other black guys showed up. It was kind of funny to be honest.  Inside one of the booths there were five black guys, with the couple in the other side with a black guy in their booth, all the ones in one booth were trying to look through the one hole in the adjoining booth. Kind of reminded me of a Chinese Fire drill.  They didn’t stay long, I was told when they left it looked a funeral caravan following the couple. So they must all have been invited to another location.
Still later, another couple showed at the theater, they left and went to the ABS, she never got out of the car there. So I have no idea what if anything they did.
Real slow night as opposed to the last three weekends there (according to the locals). Oh well, nothing on TV, and it beats sitting at home sometimes.\
Doc here again... It's good to have Bob in Biloxi back for a Sunday post.  Don't be a stranger, sir.
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