Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi Rings Out 2012 With A Whopper (and 18 PICS!)

Doc here... I cannot think of any better way of ringing out 2012 than with The Mother of all Bob in Biloxi Reports. Bob has been the most prolific reporter here at The Journal since it's inception back in 2009, and it's an honor to have him as part of the reporter corps here in The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college.

This report has it all: Patented Bob-isms, lots of details, an editorial or two, pics, and for the first time, VIDEO (to be published later Sunday).  That Bob...What a giver!

So ladies and gentlemen of this thing of ours, I suggest you settle in for a bit as you wade through Bob's written words, photos, and video. You'll be glad you did.

See you after the report...


Season’s Greetings Doc,

I am fortunate enough to know and be friends with “The Redheaded Goddess”. As you know, the shy vixen and I met after one of my posts about the “vulture club” at our local theater. It seems she was the lady I wrote about that was being crowded and downright treated rude by one of the patrons. As a result of my article we (her hubby and I) decided she might feel more at ease working the glory hole at our local ABS. Turns out that was true and since then I’ve even had the pleasure of hooking up with the “Goddess” a couple of times in private at a couple of local hotels (refer to past stories on that).
The Red Headed Goddess

Since then we have remained in touch and converse via text with regularity. The Goddess is a sweet lady, down to earth and knows what she likes. She’s a true woman that has incredible talent and seems to take joy in pleasing a man.

On Monday (12/17) I received a text from her hubby advising me they were meeting another couple at the bookstore (for some glory hole fun) and invited me along for the ride. Later that day the Goddess texted me to confirm I would be coming?  Seriously?  Do you think there would be any way I would “not” make that rendezvous?  I think through our chats (and probably some urging from her hubby) our Goddess wanted to experience the touch from another woman. (Note* this is always a smoking hot thing to do IMO). The meeting was set for Thursday (12/20) at 8:45pm.

Upon arriving at the ABS, I noticed the Goddess was dressed as impeccably as always, she was wearing a flowing print dress, knee high boots and a smile. She never wears underwear (bra or panties), we exchanged pleasantries and I received a big hug from our Goddess. Of course I had to let my hands wonder over that incredible ass of hers, giving it a little hello pat!

We usually have sex the natural way, no condoms needed as we know each other’s status and who we choose to have sex with. But on this occasion she informed me she was close to that “time” so no blasting her love tunnel with “Bob’s Patented Baby Batter”.  The other couple showed up while we were talking, and the lady in this couple was slightly older than us, but she was very pretty and had an incredible set of boobs. She wasn’t really dressed to play, (blue jeans and a sexy T-shirt), but she seemed to have a great attitude.

The ABS was NOT really busy, maybe 4 guys in there when we arrived, so I excused myself to check and see if I could get two booths together. The plan was I would be allowed in the booth with the Goddess and hubby; she wanted to see if she could sit on my lap with her pussy next to the hole and get serviced by the lady on the other side! I thought that would be super cool to try and work the logistics on that little problem. It turns out the Goddess is an extremely flexible woman and we were able to do just that.

 I gave the guys a nod from the arcade, indicating I had indeed found two adjoining booths free and with that the couples proceeded back and soon we had the doors locked. Our shy little red headed Goddess was out of her clothes in a blink of an eye, hanging her dress on the supplied coat hook, stuffing one of her ample breasts in this reporters face for attention.

I have to stop here and advise all our male readers: It pays to be respectful and courteous to couples in “this thing of ours”. At the end of the day, we are all human, and we all like to be treated with respect. Most couples that delve into this thing for the first time can be nervous, maybe even a little scared. Just remember guys how you felt the first time you entered an ABS or theater. Were you nervous when someone started leering, staring or attempting to grope you? I think the answer to that question is yes. Would your experience have been more pleasant if that wouldn’t have happened? Just a little common sense and courtesy can go farther than you know. Crowding, leering, staring gives anyone an unpleasant feeling, so why do you do it?  I digress.

As the other couple closed their door, we peeked through the hole and noticed the male half was seated while the female stood and observed. I motioned for the Goddess to take up her position on my lap with her beautiful pussy aimed at the hole. Soon the guy had his fingers working on her as I cupped her beautiful tits and rolled her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. She was definitely getting all the attention.

After several minutes of this, the Goddess rolled off my lap and proceeded to give yours truly one of her patented blow jobs (it will make your toes curl). During this time the guy on the other side slid his cock through and was rewarded with the same treatment (lucky bastard!) Very soon afterward I moved in behind our Goddess and sunk my cock in her wet little pussy, as she was being double stuffed from the front and back! After that, the Goddess moved her pussy back to the hole and with my hand on her ass holding that fiery mound in place while the female half on the other side had her way with our vixen. Judging from the sounds as well as her legs shaking, I think the Goddess was treated to a special touch from that side!! After that I got to go on the other side, where the couple just vacated for some GH shots and to fuck little red again.

As I stated in the beginning of this report, there were only about 4 guys in the ABS when we arrived. However,when we came out, there must have been at least 20 guys. I have no idea how they got the word out couples were in the ABS, but at least one guy told me that a black guy that had been pulling on the door, climbed up on a chair in another booth and was attempting to either watch or barge his way into our booth by climbing over. It’s this kind of behavior that couples find very annoying and downright scary. My questions are, “what was he thinking”? Or “was he thinking”? And, did he really think that kind of approach would work? I think the answer to all those questions is, he’s stupid! I think there’s a reason he missed those booths have locks on the doors.

With the exception of that, I think all had a fun time; it was great to see our Goddess again, to feel her body, to give and receive pleasure from her. She is a wonderful lady that deserves respect and honor. I feel lucky and privileged to be in her thoughts.

The Red Headed Goddess Gallery (Click on the pics to ENLARGE thumbnail)



Doc here again... A huge thank you to our good friend Bob in Biloxi for his Mayan-dodging late December report from the front lines in Biloxi. Also, a standing O for The Red Headed Goddess, and her performance last Thursday night. Bravo, Miss.

A short video of  this same visit from Bob will go up online later Sunday here at the Journal.

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