Field Report: CVE in Gastonia & Annabelle's in Winston-Salem, NC by Alex and Lauren

Doc here with a quick update from the first couple to ever contribute to The Journal of Adult Theaters, Alex and Lauren.  Their website, 1PlayfulCouple, is a terrific multi-purpose website you need to check out.

Alex and Lauren have provided an update on CVE in Gastonia, NC.  This theater/ABS was one of the busier facilities in the country until some legal shenanigans brought some unwanted light on this theater and forced several changes @ CVE.

Check out Alex and Lauren's update below:


Hi Doc,

Was just perusing your new database. Very informative!  I see you are looking for an update on what is going on at CVE.

The Lovely
We have been by to visit a couple of times over the past several months. While I keep hearing rumors of action there, the place has been pretty quiet when we have visited. Most couple-related activity now takes place in the booths. The crowd has definitely changed over the last year or so, for a variety of reasons. While you used to see as many as 12-15 couples on a Saturday night, you may now see two or three. Play is very limited, since most of the serious players enjoyed the use of the now-defunct couples room and have now moved on to other places for their exhibitionist fun.

CVE, Gastonia, NC
There are more gay and bi guys in the crowd these days, due to another ABS in the area closing down. Many of the couples who still come to play are interested in a guy for both of them. Not all, of course, but there has been an uptick in bi-activity.

Because of the zoning issue, hardcore movies have been replaced with "Hard R" videos.

The store continues to be clean and well-managed, just not the couples haven it used to be. Those who can are now heading north to Annabelle's in Winston-Salem, NC (ed. note: details for Annabelle's located in the new Dr. Emilio Adult Theater Database on the top of the home page).

Annabelle's is great and is fast becoming THE place to play in the Carolinas. It is a pretty good ride for us to get up there often, but for couples who are into theaters (and guys who are into couples who are into theaters) it provides a lot of opportunities. Very clean, well laid out, perfect places to play for those who love to show off, those who love to watch and those who like "group participation", as well as a couple-friendly management.


Doc here again...Thanks to Alex and Lauren for their update on CVE.  This place had the same level of activity as Summit Street in Warren and CTs Adult Theater in Gary prior to the nastiness.  Fingers are crossed they will rise up once again and be a big part of this thing of ours. In the meantime, there is another (and better) option in the Carolinas in Annabelles.

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