Field Report: Fritz the Cat in Triadelphia (Dallas Pike), WV by GentleTongue

Doc here with another great first-time report, this time from GentleTongue.  You will enjoy his writing style, as I did when editing the report.  His profile of legendary Fritz the Cat in Triadelphia, WV is an excellent read (all of the Fritz the Cat details are available in the Dr. Emilio Adult Theater Database).

So sit back, pop open that box of wine in the fridge, drop in a long crazy straw, and enjoy GentleTongue's report:


Dear Dr. Lizardo and fellow followers of this thing of ours,

Let me first update you on 2 recent exploits to Fritz the Cat in Dallas Pike (Triadelphia) WV.  Both visits were solo engagements as my lady friend had to do the other 4 letter thing, WORK.

I know. Lame. It's all I have
of Dallas Pike.
My expectations were kept to a modest level as I had been there many times before with little to no change in the place.  One of the quirks about the place in the past is that if you enter the theater, a mere 7 clams, is that you cannot visit the arcade and return without shelling out another 7 clams.  Now if it were oysters it might contribute to some prolonged success.

Needless the Monday afternoon visit did not appear to present much of anything.  There were some of the typical locals hanging out and maybe a few over the road guys.  The nice surprise was that the younger employees did not enforce the theater to arcade to theater charge.  So it was cum and go as you pleased from both venues.  The oddity of the place was a dancing pole to the front of the theater and if you sat to the right side of the theater it actually obscured your view to the academy performance on the screen.  Hate missing those action scenes.

Another nice and encouraging surprise is that the booths to the left side as you walk back have been all removed and fresh paint was going up on the walls and gets you excited that positive improvements are on the way.  In the back booth area, business as usual for now.  There are the 8 booths with glory holes between pairs of booths.  The holes are big enough to get the largest large mouth bass through them.  Must be summer because I keep going with the references to the waters species.

The action in the theater on Monday afternoon and even Thursday night left nothing to report.  There were plenty of fly fishermen with their hand tied flies in hand and the poles were up.  The absence of the female species did not offer any opportunity for anyone to enjoy the moment.

On Thursday evening and older fisherman was giving the younger one some historical commentary of the place and that there was more action there in the past, in particular couples.  The younger pole holder I don’t believe was fishing for the same catch as the older pole holder.

On a scale of a 10 inches, I would give this one 5 inches of pole, or 2+ squirts of a possible 5 squirts.

GentleTongue’s humble opinion is just that, the G Tongues opinion.  Regardless, amusement was had with a few laughs to boot.



Doc here again...Thanks again to GentleTongue for an outstanding first-time report.  There is another one in the pipeline from him, so stay tuned.

As you could tell from the report, I need a photo or two of Fritz the Cat's exterior for future reports.  I searched everywhere on the net, to no avail.  So, if you have a pic of Fritz the Cat, or you are passing by there, please take some pics for your old buddy, The Good Doctor, and email them to me.  America and the rest of the free world will thank you.

On a related topic, I REALLY REALLY need more adult theater reports.  Why?  Yesterday, for example, had my highest web site traffic to date... The public is hungry, and The Good Doctor needs to feed this monster.  So pretty please... I will take Flash Reports (recent visits), Field Reports (profiles of adult theaters), or Blasts From The Past (great adult theater visits/action from the past).  Please send them to I will edit, format, and drop in the photos... You get the credit.

Thanks again for making The Journal your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.

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  1. I will get ya some pics that place is close to my house. They failed to mention that they sell smoking pipes bongs and wax pens

  2. O love this place, will be back first of Nov. Sucked three, swallowed all, need a dick in my ass though.

    1. How could I meet up with you to have you suck me? Would like to suck you too. You would be my first. Can we meet up??? I want to taste my first load of cum.

  3. A guy rimmed me and put his dick all the way up my ass. I came.

  4. How do you go about being the one who gets the pole in his mouth?? Have never been there.

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