Flash Report! Theater X Near Hawthorne, FL by The Falcon

Doc here with another first time reporter here @ The Journal, The Falcon. His report focuses on Theater X, near Hawthorne, FL (a frequent subject of senior reporter JaxBchBum).

So without further delay, here is The Falcon and his report.


This is my first report, I love your site and used it to find these theaters.  Thanks for what you do for all us "Pervs"!

First thing to say is the theater is not really in Hawthorn but about 3 miles north of the city on US 441.  It is easy to find once you get out of Hawthorn and the staff was quite friendly and accommodating. The attendant would put any type of film you wanted on for us.

Most of the action was boys being boys, but about 10PM a couple came in he was about 40 and she some younger a sexy dress and great tits.  They came in and started to play almost immediately, but one of the over anxious guys sat in the sofa next to them and he was joined by another guy who started to play with the other guy's cock immediately.  This turned the guy with the girl off and after a little show of a nice tit they left the theater to go back into the book store.
I followed them out and talked to them and he told me that was a turn off for both of them, but that they were coming back as soon as she composed herself.

They did come back and sat on the front row right next to me and he started to finger her and she had a great O.  She had on great thigh highs and her titties were out as well as her pussy.  As you could expect the same guy that ran them off the first time dragged a chair up so he could look up the skirt and they covered up and left again.

I followed them out and they said they could not get going due to the aggressiveness of some of the guys there.  They were going over to another theater in the area.  I had to hit the road myself so I could not follow them.

There were two other couples that came in but one couple just stayed in the book store and left the other did come in the theater but just watched the film.

The Falcon


Doc here again... Nice job, sir!  We are looking forward to your next reports from this thing of ours.

Do you have an adult theater report?  Did you say yes?  Good, because I need them... Bad.  Just e-mail Geordi LaForge The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.  I will edit and format your reports, and you get the glory and the byline.

Try it!

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