Flash Report! Richie Rich on Cinema 309 in Wilkes Barre, PA

Doc here with a great Flash Report from 2nd time contributor, Richie Rich. This report takes him to eastern PA and Wilkes-Barre's own Cinema 309.

Doc, as I had mentioned, I traveled alot in the northeast over years past.  I was working on a tip from a fellow friend when I decided to stop in to Cinema 309 in Wilkes Barre PA. Its out near Scranton if my memory serves me correctly.  Off of "highway 309" hence the name, not far from the main drag- behind a Kmart if it is still around.  The theater has been there forever and apparently gets a good crowd on weekends.  Huge front parking lot and a decently clean adult store at the front entrance.  There is a turnstile to get into the theater and before you can enter you have to pay admission which I believe is about 10$.  I am not sure if you are allowed to leave and come back, I am pretty sure you are not allowed so once you are in you are in.

Cinema 309
Wilkes-Barre, PA
Its a huge theater.  Large screen playing straight porn most of the time.  Lots of seats, kind of dark but has patchy areas that you can see what is going on.  The day I showed up was a a Thursday afternoon around 3pm in March.  I noticed a group of people in the front of the theater and noticed there was in fact a woman- in her mid 40's, but in good shape, wearing fuck me heels and spread wide open in a seat sucking a bunch of cocks.  I guess I arrived at the end of their show as within the time of pulling my cock out her hubby was asking if she wanted to go.  She said "yeah I'm all done!"  I followed them up and out to the parking lot to get a better look.  She had a great body and it turns out she was only wearing a trenchcoat with those sexy heels. I complimented her as they entered his truck and she thanked me.  That was all I saw.  I stopped in a few other times and nothing seemed to be doing but never had the opportunity to go during nighttime hours.

I read on voyeurweb and craigslist a few times that they organize couples nights there every couple of months.  Supposedly there were like 35-40 COUPLES there one of the past weekends.  Not sure how much I believe of that but hey if you live in the area or are traveling by, stop in, it the lot looks packed, good chance there will be some action. 

Richie Rich


30-40 Couples?!?!  Who knows in this thing of ours, whether it's fact or fiction.

Keep the reports coming!

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  1. yea, it’s a Fucking hot place.
    beats Vegas.

  2. every Saturday at 6:00 pm through 8:00 pm.
    white guy, 5’11,” 140 lbs, always wear a black top and jeans.
    if i’m not standing at the wall, find me in the first row right seat in the corner, there. will put my blue shirt over the seat in front of me so you can better find me.


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