Darkangel Digest: Personal Preference in Mesa, AZ

Doc here the first of two Couples Reports from regular Journal contributor, Darkangel.  In this report, they hit the road and find themselves in Mesa, AZ, seeking out some adult theater fun.

We join this program in progress...


Hello Dr Lizardo,

I wanted to share our latest adventure with everyone. M and I went west to Phoenix on 5/16/2011 for a short vacation. While there we visited Personal Preference at 9550 E. Main Street in Mesa AZ.  My what an adventure it was.

Personal Preference
Mesa, AZ

We got a later start than we had hoped, as on Tuesday and Saturday night it is couples nite and they reserve one of the two theaters for couples only from 8pm till 11 pm. We arrived at 9:15 as couples are always free. We walked thru the door to find 5 leather couches - 2 along the walls with one at the back in the center. This couch and the two on the left were occupied so we sat in the front right as our eyes adjusted. We saw a couple in the back who were just laying and watching the movie. The next couch had a shapely bbw top down, tits out, sucking her mans cock.

On the couch directly across from us was an MFM trio. They looked to be early 40s... She had long brown hair with a great ass and hips along with DD tits. She had on a six inch set of cfm heels and a smile. Her friend had what looked to be about 8" of hard cock and hubby was wearing slacks and a dress shirt.

As this was our first time in a theater with couples in the theater, I felt a bit out of my league (and perhaps intimidated) as I am used to being the only woman in the theater! As I wasn't sure how long I should look without a break, I would look around intermittently. M although didn't seem to have a problem looking for long periods of time (hmm).  :o)  I think he found his happy spot!!
The Real

M started fondling my tits, and we began making out as we most certainly were aroused. Then M started fingering me as he put his fingers in my pussy, and he could feel how hot & wet I already was! He would look to see if anyone would invite us over. In the meantime the couple at the back left and the other couple were getting busy as she gave her man head, then got up and rode him good! M said it was hot I didn't see as M was making me hotter & alot moister. When that couple was done they left.

As we continued, so did the 3-some. She sucked her man as their friend took a much needed break from his pounding her doggie style hard~and~fast. I had already had my top down around my waist, and we then got up. I took off my short short cutoffs and panties (with pink & blue lace & sequin stars), and M took off his shirt & shorts. We walked to the back of the room were the couches were set in a T shape as I bent over in my heels and placed my hands on the arm. M slid his hard cock into my wet, wet pussy, as we were being watched by the man friend while he stroked his still hard cock.

Mmm, this was so good to be fucking while being watched, as I have begun to enjoy playing in front of an audience! I am usually vocal at home only. But after hearing the dark haired woman tell her friend to fuck her harder and faster (as she sucked her husbands cock just a couple of feet away) it inspired me to also tell M to fuck me harder! I told him when he tagged that special erogenous zone, with all that sexy play going on the smell of sex in the air we came..all down my legs, his legs, and splat ~ on the floor! Oops!

DARN! As we were getting dressed to go, the 3-some invited us to stay for some really fun times with them. As the doors were to open, they told us about 15 men to waiting enter! The woman said she wont stay unless we did, but we had our limit of a non-stop days with the kids and the time difference and had an hour to drive back. We were just too tired this time...

The doors opened and here came the heard of horn dogs all looking at us wondering where we were going as we said our good byes! :(  And off we went.

We said "we will be back and next time, we will make sure we can stay longer."



Doc here again...Thanks to Darkangel for another great Couple's Report.  I am sure my friend and colleague, Old Marine Corps Guy, will have a comment or two about DA's report.

Part 2 of her report, from her 4th trip to Love Stuff in Cordele, GA will be posted in the next day.  Check back often.

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