Flash Report! The Shadow Visits The Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here... Last week was a great one for first time reporters, with solid reports on some intense fun at some familiar adult theaters.

This week starts off with a bang, with another first-timer here  at The Journal: The Shadow.  The Shadow visited The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT, and he has quite the story to share.

The Art Cinema has catapulted into #2 in The Good Doctor's Adult Theater Power Rankings this week, due to it's growing reputation as a great place for couples to play, and by the # of couples actually playing.  Plus, having the only US adult theater balcony, gives The Art Cinema a "Lizardo Landmark Designation".

Please welcome, The Shadow...

 What evil lurks, in the hearts of men, The Shadow knows...


Weekend at The Art Cinema

Hello Doc!

First report for me, but thank you for alerting me to the great goings on right under my nose!  Have been a semi regular at The Art Cinema since Laney from Texas caught my attention last summer. Don't have a "nom be guerre", but have always been a fan of the Shadow, so that's me for now! Have spent a few Wednesdays viewing, but rarely get to frequent a weekend night.  All that changed oddly enough on Friday the 13th.  The real fun however was the following night, the 14th.

The Art Cinema
Hartford, CT
 I arrived just before 8pm, so the sun was still out here in sunny CT.  I was optimistic as parking was a nightmare.  I sat in the back row and let my eyes adjust and noticed a collection of shadows in the front rows on the left and a few scattered figures throughout the seats on the right.  I moved down to see a couple in the front row apparently discussing their next move. The men kept a respectable distance and he kept his arm around her except when he would leave for a few minutes.  I am happy to say no one pounced on her when she was seated alone.  Then they decided to leave, for the balcony I presumed. I was wrong. 

After pacing around the foyer for a bit they returned to the front row and the fun began.  She was an older woman, late 40's, thick but not BBW, full breasts and hard nipples that she happily exposed to the grateful audience.  The honor of fucking her went to the husband, but the rest of us were treated to both hands and her mouth for pleasure, and if her moans were any indication, the pleasure was mutual all around.  The crowd gathered and those of not treated to her personal touch were happily practicing self gratification while watching.  All except the few being treated to apparently BBBJ from 2 guys there happy to fill in! 

When I looked up  from her tasty nipple I saw a BBW/TV enjoying the show, said hello, and returned for the lady's lovely oral skills.  She partied for about 30 minutes and then decided to leave.  Then changed their minds.  There at the top of the aisle there was indecision.  She was happily surrounded by fully dressed guys massaging, kneading, and exploring various body parts as he was circling around groping her and encouraging her to either go back to the front, have a seat in the rear, or just drop to her knees where she was.  I suspect alcohol impaired their decision making skills and ultimately they went up to the balcony to clean up and go.  It was still only 8:45pm.

There was a lull downstairs, the CD was generating a good deal of attention in the back, and a few were straining to watch the couples in the balcony when the unheard of happened;  solo female struts in and takes a seat down front.  She was instantly naked and surrounded.  All I can confirm is that she was blowing and stroking all that could get close enough, but one lucky patron was able to keep her attention and after 20 to 30 minutes, and at least 2 facials, the two of them adjourned to the balcony. 

And then there was the flashlight!

This was a first for me.  The hottest woman I had seen so far was seated by the emergency exit being tended to by her ?husband. She was brunette, dressed in black, A-cup with standing nipples, shaved, and moaning.  I can attest to her description because her man, bless his heart, had a flashlight on her to spotlight the action.  The circle jerk was in full force, but from what I could glean, only he was allowed to touch her.  That could have been the highlight, but there was more.

Somewhere in all of this another couple waltzed down the aisle.  They may have been upstairs, don't know, but there were here now.  Age and full tits give her a slight edge on the brunette.  By the time I was close enough to see, the 20something blond wife had stunning D cups out while hubby was handling them from behind, and she was giving a world class BJ the the luckiest guy in the room.  Not sure how long that went on but she signaled it was time to go and they left.

By now it was 10 and I was pretty exhausted, so a Snickers bar and I was out.  I heard there were 11 couples in that day, not sure if that included the solo lady.  There were still about 4 guys and another larger CD in the theater when I left, so the fun may have gone on til closing!

I would not expect this every weekend, but I will be back this week to see!

Peace out,

The Shadow knows!


Doc here again... The Art Cinema has been receiving some steady Flash Reports for several months now, and it seems that this classic adult theater is the go-to place in the Northeast US for this thing of ours.  And The Good Doctor will be doing what it takes to hit The Art Cinema this summer. 

Thanks again to The Shadow for a great first time report, and we are looking forward to many more.

Well, just like Public TV, it's time for the Good Doctor to beg for more Flash, Field, or Blast From The Past Reports.  Instead of asking you to pick up the phone to make a pledge, I'm asking you to put fingers to keyboard and relate your recent adult theater experience.  I will edit, format, drop in a pic or two, and best of all, you get the credit and the byline.  Just send what you have to me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I'll do the rest...

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