Couple's Flash Report! Xposed - A New Dallas Adult Theater (w/PICS!)

Doc here with great news from Big D!  There is a new, large, clean adult theater in Dallas that is an alternative to The Lido Adult Theater.  It's called Xposed, and reporters S&J have the skinny on the new theater and megastore.  And with this report, I have included several pics from showing the theater layout.
I have added Xposed to the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database with it's address, and as with all new listings, is highlighted in bright green. Make sure you check out the details.
Here is S&J and their report...
Hey Doc,
I hope you are well. I have some great news from Dallas. There is a new adult theater here called Xposed Adult Theater & Megastore.
My wife and I went on a recon mission a week ago, and found the employees to be very couples friendly and helpful. They let us go in just to check it out and I gotta say its pretty nice. They have couples night Friday, and Saturday $18 per couple, and for single men is kinda pricey on those nights.
My wife and I were not there on a couples night, but do plan to attend. Inside the couples theater, they have a set up similar to the Lido in Dallas (but just a tad smaller). They also have a gay theater with arcade on the other side of the building.
Those of you familiar with Dallas, it was formerly known as The Odyssey ABS,  but is now called Xposed. It is right around the corner from the Lido. I am putting a link to the Facebook page with all of their info and pics of the store and theater:
I recommend this place for couples as the employee we talked to was super nice and made us feel welcome. I can't wait to try it out as the Lido can be creepy at times. This theater is one that seems to keep the riff raff out and cater to more of a desirable crowd. I will try and go on a couple's night asap and have something to talk about!
Thanks Doc!

Doc here... This looks like a terrific facility, and reminds me to a degree of 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL (but Xposed looks even nicer).  Hopefully this alternative to The Lido takes off, and becomes a destination in this thing of ours.

If you go to Xposed for a visit, them the staff that "Doc sent me/us".
Many thanks to S&J for their recon mission, and next time hopefully we will have even more good news to report.
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